Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth

Book II:
[15th Edition - Revised 2011]

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Lawrence & Michael Sartorius
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Introduction to the coming Earth Changes
Chapter 10: Earth Changes: Updates from the Galactic Federation and Christ Michael

The end of a Cycle, cleansing, and rebirth.

Just as Nature has its familiar cycles of autumn, winter and spring, dying down, repose and rebirth, so too do planets, planetary systems, and with them, the civilizations which inhabit them. Here too the same cycle prevails, but on a much longer time-scale of some twenty-five thousand years. Our planet Earth is now reaching the end of its cycle and must undergo some major changes involving a complete and thorough cleansing of land, sea, and atmosphere.

For this to take place, Earth's population must be evacuated to safety, some to a higher dimension, others as appropriate to their level of evolution. Plans havelong been in place, to ensure that this major operation can be carried out smoothly and safely.

Those who might fear the prospect, and most of us instinctively fear any kind of change, should be assured that they will at once be encompassed by an all-pervading feeling of peace and trainquility, while at the same time discarding the fear and uncertainty which is our constant earthly companion, together with our environment of poverty, uncertainty and fear.

Indeed, though incidental to the Cycle itself and its own demands, the human activities being acted out on our Planet's surface have dragged our civilization down to new depths of violence, terrorism and repression among individuals, tribal minorities and nations. In addition, we have polluted our Planet, its surface and especially its oceans, to immeasurable and unsustainable levels of pollution and degradation which cannot long continue.

It is thus timely and appropriate that we take a wider view of forthcoming events in order to be informed and prepared, as indeed we are warned and advised to do by many higher sources comunicating through earth-based intermediaries, mediums and visionaries.

We are on the verge of a significant change of Universal Age, and it is important at this time to become fully aware that we are in fact surrounded by millions of other worlds, most of which are vastly more advanced than our own world, living on higher Planes/Dimensions with a higher vibration-rate than Earth's dense-physical "Third Dimension". A large group of these worlds have been closely watching over us since WWII with millions of their Motherships invisibly surrounding us, ready to assist us at any moment to fulfill our Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension on a newly cleansed New Earth. They have also fulfilled an important function in shielding us from any unwarranted intrusions or attacks by those Forces of Darkness that unfortunately still exist within our Galaxy, as well as our own irresponsible use of atomic weapons, though it must be stressed that they have never wished, nor indeed would they be karmaically permitted, to interpose themselves directly on our World.

Those who have volunteered to come to Planet Earth have expressly chosen to partake in a planetary experiment in overcoming and resolving the Duality inherent in our Universe of Good and Evil - the eternal fight between the Forces of Light and Darkness - the Positive versus the Negative. This difficult process has actually been assisted by our being shrouded from contact with all the other Worlds under an externally imposed "Veil" of isolation. Over two-hundred thousand years ago our Planet was placed under "Quarantine", along with 37 other Planets in our Local System of Satania within the Local Universe of Nebadon which were involved in the "Lucifer Rebellion" against the ruling Grand Universe Hierarchy. This has had the effect of cutting us off from direct contact with all the other surrounding Worlds and of any knowledge of their inhabitants. On the other hand this "Veil" has given us a unique opportunity to concentrate, un-influenced by outsiders, on our special Planetary experiment in exploring the ultimate extremes of Duality - the constant struggle between the Forces of Good and Evil. We have undertaken this difficult task in order to develop new answers, not only for our own World, but also for the benefit of many other Worlds at the time of the upcoming new Universal Age in which everyone in our Galaxy is to step up to a higher Plane or Dimension. As a side effect, this "Veil" has at the same time prevented us at any time from opting-out of our self-imposed task and escaping to the peace of the Higher Worlds of Light.

Our Space Brothers from other more advanced worlds have thus been forced to limit our knowledge of their presence, and then only to those Earth Humans who either had a direct connection with them in a previous life or who had over many lives developed an extra-sensory psychic ability to "see" higher Dimensions and to communicate through channeling. Nonetheless, our extraterrestrial visitors have at times tried to communicate directly with either our governments or our media, especially with a wish to warn them of the extreme dangers of our development and use of atomic weapons, particularly the Hydrogen bomb.

There have also been many thousands of unofficial reported "flying-saucer" or UFO sightings as well as quite a few direct contacts made to individuals. Although they became well-known to limited circles of Earth's "Lightworkers", they were always ignored by the mainstream media.

One of the first major "Contactees" was George Adamski, who wrote several books in the mid 1950s detailing his physical contacts with Venusian, Saturnian and Martian Space visitors and of his journeys up in their Scout-ships to their large Motherships overhead. In his second book "Inside the Space Ships", he describes in fascinating detail the interiors of these Motherships and his many conversations with their Commanders and other onboard Spiritual Leaders. A few years later, Dino Kraspedon, a Brazilian, also published a book describing his meeting with the Captain of a 300-foot Flying Saucer Scout, who gave him much useful scientific information about space travel and their methods of propulsion. Among other things, the Captain explained how they can move at enormous speeds through our atmosphere by creating a vacuum around the Scouts by ionizing the air surrounding the craft to prevent atmospheric friction. He was also one of the first to give us information on the approaching "Earth Changes". (For an extended excerpt from the book, see the link in our Bibliography, or click here on: "My Contact with Flying Saucers" by Dino Kraspedon.

Another extraterrestrial phenomenon that has become well-known during the last twenty years has been the thousands of perfectly formed "Crop Circles" which mysteriously appear overnight in fields of cereal crops, especially so in Britain, giving us many beautiful and highly complex patterns which could never have been fashioned by human hand or agency. Photographs of them have been well documented in various books and on the Internet. Likewise, there are also the many photographs on the Internet and books of "flying saucers" or Scoutships. These the Space Visitors have permitted us to see through a lowering of their higher vibration rates down to our 3D level. There are also thousands of huge Motherships stationed invisibly overhead, many of them over hundreds of miles in diameter, and as they mostly operate on the 5th Dimension vibrational level they are masked from our lower 3D physical sight.

crop circle crop circle

Flying Saucer Flying Saucer Flying Saucer

Although our Space Visitors have up to now been limited to a few Earth contacts, they are promising that they will very soon be making their first major appearance as part of a "First Contact" Mission. This will probably be made through a mass sighting of their spacecraft over several of Earth's major cities. They would later follow this with a series of Earth landings in order to provide us with detailed information about themselves and also to provide some useful technology, such as the development of "free energy".

One of the greatest concerns of the Galactic Federation of Light since World War II has been to communicate a warning to our Scientific Community, and also to the major Governments, of the extreme danger of developing nuclear weapons. They were particularly concerned about our developing the Hydrogen Bomb. Hydrogen, they informed us, is a basic "living" element permeating all of our surrounding ethers, and a large scale use of Hydrogen bombs could set off a massive chain-reaction conflagration throughout the Ethers of Space as well as destroying our own Planet. In fact the Galactic Federation has since then been forced to intervene a number of times to stop our setting off various nuclear devices within dangerous situations. They can do this by simply neutralizing them at their point of use.

Another major part of their mission has been to alert us of the impending "End Times" as being part of the end of a Major Universal Age. This they warned is going to result in some major "Earth Changes" on our planetary surface. In fact the ending of this two-hundred million year-long Grand Universal Age, is a time when all our Universes, Galaxies and Solar Systems are collectively destined to move up a step to a higher dimensional plane. This also coincides with our own Solar Ring and Milky Way Galaxy having just completed a long orbit around the Great Central Sun of the Universe, and also is the Zodiacal ending of Earth's own 2000 year-long Piscean Age. The Piscean Age commenced at the Birth of Christ, and ended on the 21st of December 2012 (as in the ancient Mayan Calendar), from which time will commence a new "Aquarian Age". This new Aquarian Age has long been prophesied as bringing Earth into a two thousand year "Golden Age of Peace".

There have been many other prophecies concerning these coming End-Times, such as to be found in the Bible's "Book of Revelations". These are mentioned in the Christian Bible as a "Final Day of Judgement" and the promised "Second Coming of Christ". A similar message has also been given in recent times by the growing number of Esoteric Schools of Higher Spiritual Knowledge, all of which confirm the coming of a "New Age".

Planet Earth, along with the other inhabited worlds of our Solar System, is thus about to make an "Ascension" up to a higher "Dimension" or vibrational plane. We on Earth will be moving up from our present dense physical "Third Dimension" vibrational level to the 5th Dimension, briefly via the Fourth Dimension, whose borders many of us have already reached. The 4th Dimension was also up to recently the vibrational level upon which most of the inhabitants of our neighboring Planets lived. They themselves will also be moving up to the Fifth Dimension alongside us. However, Earth's inhabitants, in jumping up two dimensional vibration levels in virtually one move, is an almost unprecedented event for any other known planetary civilisation.

Most of the advanced "Lightworkers" now working and teaching down on Earth have themselves come down here as "Starseeds" from other Planets and Star Systems. Having already experienced living on higher Dimensions and more advanced worlds, an Ascension up to a higher plane will not be such a big jump for them. On the other hand, many of the younger Souls starting out on their long evolutionary Ascension on this "Seed Planet" may not yet be ready to make such a major evolutionary jump, and will thus be relocated by the Galactic Federation to some of the other Solar Systems still capable of supporting a Third Dimension vibrational level.

Those able to make an Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension will either be returning to Earth following the complete cleansing having been guests on the Galactic Federation Motherships or else have remained on Earth in a deep "sleep mode" induced by the Galactic Federation in a two to four year period of "Stasis" (suspended animation) during the more extreme Earth Changes. There will also be over a 100,000 Lightworkers taken up to the Motherships before the major Earth Changes commence for a planning and training period. They will then be returning to a rejuvenated and cleansed New Earth. From that time onwards the New Earth's Humanity will be co-working with our new Galactic Brothers to additionally clean up and beautify Planet Earth, so as to jointly create a beautiful new green "Garden of Eden" and also to further develop a new social way of life within what will then become a peaceful, compassionate and loving World.

However, before our Planet can fully move up to the 5th Dimensional Plane, it badly needs to undergo a surface cleansing of the worst of the environmental detritus and destructive effects caused by its inhabitants in the past. This will initially be undertaken by the Galactic Federation's Forces whose technology can do this within a period of a couple of years or so. During this much needed major Planetary cleansing period, certain surface areas may need to go through some fairly major upheavals. Those Humans living in those areas and who are ready for an Ascension will be lifted off by the Galactic Federation's Scout Craft before any surface changes commence. Some will be taken up to the overhead Motherships and there will be others who through their own choice, will instead be taken down into the interior hollow "Inner Earth", the home of an existing Fifth-dimensional civilization named "Aghartha". This ancient civilization which has up to now not revealed itself to us surface dwellers, lives an advanced and almost perfect life within the hollow interior and the underside of Earth's 800 mile thick outer planetary crust. Here there is a pristine environment of verdant landscapes, rivers, lakes, crystal cities, all of which are illuminated by its own interior Sun which shines as the high-density crystalline core at the very center of Planet Earth. [More information on the Inner Earth is available at the link to "The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha" in our Bibliography.

Those not at this time ready to make their Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension, will have to be relocated to another Third-dimensional World within another Solar System. There they will have to start on a new round of Third-dimensional physical evolution lasting at least 26,000 years until the new Major Galactic Age commences. Otherwise, those still firmly rooted in the lower Third Dimension vibration whose emotions and focus on their own self-interest at the expense of others, would find themselves unable to tolerate the higher vibrations of the Fifth Dimension. They would experience intolerable discomfort and also not have a proper chance to express their many lower level desires and work out their strong emotions.

Those of us wishing to move up to the Fifth Dimension therefore need to concentrate on changing any fundamental motivations of pure self-interest, especially when undertaken at the expense of others. We need to learn to move away from our physical "survival-mode" of subjective concentration on our own self-interest with its natural tendency towards competitive individualism and the domination of others. We have to embrace a new attitude of unselfish service to others without subjective thoughts of personal gain, moving towards one of giving Unconditional Love to others, along with cooperation, mutual tolerance and the forgiveness of the faults of others.

We will soon be acquiring a "Second Sun" within our Solar System. This will be through the ignition of the Planet Jupiter into a brighter "Nova" of Light. When this new energetic source of Light-energy is allowed to shine forth, it will cause a magnetic Pole Reversal on Earth, during which time Earth will come to a brief stop and reverse its direction of rotation. The Sun will then be rising in the West! This process will cause some fairly major surface changes as well as a possible five degree alteration of the Earth's Polar Axis. This will set in motion some major earthquakes, extremely heavy winds, tidal waves, and floods.

That this has previously happened to Planet Earth in the distant past has been well-documented, with entire continental landmasses either being submerged beneath the oceans, or raised up to become some of today's highest mountain ranges. Seashells and skeletons of fish have been found high up in the Himalayas and the Andes. The great plains of the USA from Mexico to Alaska are known to have been under the sea, and today's Eastern coast of America was the 'shore-line' of what are now the Appalachian Mountains. The North and South Poles have also been shown to have moved rapidly to new positions with evidence of dramatic surface and climatic changes. This aspect was first discovered in 1799, when frozen bodies of mammoths were unearthed in the tundra of Siberia, their stomachs containing freshly eaten grasses and leaves normally belonging to tropical regions thousands of miles to the South. Former tropical coral reefs have also been discovered as far north as Spitzbergen, within what is now the Polar Circle. Coal deposits found in Antarctica indicate that the area was once covered by equatorial forests.

We need also to become aware that Planet Earth/Gaia is herself a highly evolved Spirit ensouling the Planet. She now awaits impatiently for a total cleansing and her long-desired Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension. She has up to now had to maintain a long and painful duty of supporting a lowly evolved combative and turbulent Humanity as part of her Celestial service "Contract". However, before she can Ascend, she needs to cleanse her Planetary Body of all the past pollution, damage and detritus that Humanity has accumulated on her surface. Her Planetary Body has reached such a complete ecological breakdown and disorder that she simply could not, or would not want to, move up to a more Ethereal density until it is thoroughly cleansed. The many areas of interior blasting within her crust and Humanity's increasing extraction of oil has also caused her much physical distress. Oil is in fact the very "life-blood" of her Planetary Body, part of the system that helps to lubricate the tectonic plates and thus help keep them properly locked together. An insufficient quantity of this substance at the intersection of two major continental plates resulted in the massive underwater Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami of December 2004. The Galactic Federation with their advanced technology will be helping Humanity undertake more of this restoration work on our return or awakening from Stasis.

Humanity at this time must now undertake a process of erasing all past negative "Karma" before we can Ascend to the Fifth Dimension. We need to balance out all our past Karmaic debts with those that we have previously harmed and at the same time give to forgiveness to those that we consider may have wronged us in the past. Many of those long repressed emotional hurts and historical grievances which have accumulated over thousands of incarnations, held as deep scars within our structure and our Soul, now need to be brought to the surface, resolved and finally transmuted.

At this time we can indeed see much of this resolving of past Karma going on as a world-wide activity within the many settlings of past historical grievances. This is particularly visible in the present day conflicts within the Middle East, where we see the re-surfacing of the old Christian-Muslim conflict which was first generated, and never properly resolved, during the time of the Crusades.

In conjunction with the ending of the present major Universal Age, there is at this time being enacted by the Celestial Hierarchy a major removal within our Local Universe and Galaxy of all the Forces of Darkness. Most of this darkness came in from a particulary evil outside infestation of darkness originating in a totally corrupted Grand Universe Creation out in the Great Void. It infected the outer regions of our surrounding Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton millions of years ago and spread to our own Local Universe of Nebadon. Now, at last we are coming to an end of over 500 million years of this pervasive darkness which had so subtly infiltrated the outer areas of the Realms of Light. It has left behind a scene of much destruction and damage, which is only now being thoroughly cleansed within our Galaxy by the Galactic Forces of Light. (more information on this at the end of Book I, in Chapter 10).

Since Planet Earth was put in "quarantine" over 200,000 years ago after the Lucifer Rebellion, it has had to undertake the function as a virtual "Prison Planet/Remand Center" for many of the most negative and destructive Beings within our Universe brought here for reform. Also, it had to fulfill its original role as a "Seed Planet" for young Souls starting out on their long Ascension and evolutionary path up from the animal level. They have had learn how to control their as yet undeveloped animalistic emotional responses, which have a tendency to descend into violent conflict when conditions get difficult. By going through many conflicts with each other they are eventually forced to evolve a deeper respect for the "sanctity of life".

Planet Earth was at its creation within our Local Universe of Nebadon, was also given the role of a "Experimental Ecology Planet" in which new life forms and plant life were to be developed. All the diversity of biological life found throughout the Universe has been brought here by the "Life Carriers" who have the job of physically creating new and improved life forms on such a newly birthed experimental Ecology Planet. Also there were many of the original extraterrestrial Human settlers of Planet Earth who were brought here millions of year ago in the Motherships of the Galactic Federation as a specially selected team of volunteer "Celestial Gardeners". They came having made a solemn pledge to help in the development of new and better varieties of plant and animal life for this new Galactic Museum under a long-term "contract" to remain here as Stewards of Earth until a virtual "Garden of Eden" was finally established. Although they were eventually dragged down into lower and lower levels of dense 3rd Dimension physicality mainly caused by the various invasions by the Dark Forces within our Galaxy, they nevertheless maintained a Sacred Pledge to return here repeatedly until their job was finally done. Millions of years later, many are still here as the many ecologists who attempt to carry on the work of developing a yet more beautiful and diverse Planet.

This Planetary role as a Biological Showcase for the Galaxy explains the amazing rich variety of plant and animal life which we now enjoy. Our Planet is even now, despite Man's past destructive activities, considered by the other inhabited Worlds as being one of the most beautiful Green Water-Planets within the Galaxy. The future New Earth on the Fifth Dimension is destined to further develop this great wealth and variety of life to even greater heights, creating a true Celestial "Garden of Eden" not only for our own enjoyment, but for the education and enjoyment of all the other Worlds.

We will also be a great center of learning through the Inner Earth's Great Library of Porthologos which has stored all the Akashic records for our whole Universe. This Library made up of a massive crystal-based records collection was established millions of years ago and will become available not only to the New Earth surface inhabitants, but also to visitors from other worlds (for more information on this see the link to the "Inner Earth" in our Bibliography).

Apart from co-creating with our Galactic colleagues a beautiful green new world, we will also be developing new and improved social systems so as to become an exemplary "Showcase World" of Human Social Development. Having moved on from our inherent natural focus on purely "self-interest" to one of developing a new focus on "serving others" for the benefit of the whole, we shall in future learn to demonstrate a loving and cooperative society which incorporates a deep respect for the integrity and rights of others. We will develop and exemplify a new attitude of mutual respect of others within a future guiding Political Principle which mandates that we avoid intruding into, or causing harm to another Being. This Principle can be encapsulated as: "Do unto others only as you would have them do unto you".

Chapter 1:

Many Biblical predictions have for long told us clearly and graphically of the coming "Final Day of Judgment", the "Second Coming of The Christ" and of our final reward of an Ascension up to the Heavenly realms.

The old Biblical "Final Day of Judgment" was traditionally divided into several different sequences, starting with the "Rapture", in which those who are "just and faithful to the ways of the Lord" are lifted up to the Heavens to avoid the "Tribulation" which follows. Then will the "Wrath of the Lord" descend upon those who have failed their Final Judgment followed by a great cleansing of Earth. A small "Remnant" who repent and learn to change their ways would possibly survive the Tribulation and emerge from their hiding places underground and in caves to commence a glorious new Millennium, a prophesied 1,000-year Golden Age of Peace, to be started off with the Second Coming of The Christ to Earth as the "Prince of Peace, King of Kings and Lord of Lords".

Isaiah describes the Tribulation graphically in the Old Testament:

"Behold the day of the Lord cometh cruel both with wrath and fierce anger to lay the Land desolate: and He shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it. For the stars of Heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the Sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the Moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the World for their evil and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the Terrible. I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man the Golden Wedge of Ophir. Therefore I will shake the Heavens, and the Earth shall remove out of her place". [Isaiah 13: 9-13]

The New Testament gives four major prophecies of the Final Day of Judgment and the Second Coming of The Christ: from the Apostles Mark, Luke and Matthew, and the Book of Revelations by St. John of the Island of Patmos.

In the Gospel according to St Luke, Jesus speaks of the "Signs before the End" and the "Second Coming":

"The days will come, in which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. Nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom: and great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from Heaven.

And there shall be signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and in the stars; and upon the Earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth: for the powers of Heaven shall be shaken.

And then shall they see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh". [Luke 21: 6, 10, 25-28]

Likewise from St Matthew:

"For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the Angels of Heaven, but my Father only". [Matthew 24: 21-22; 29, 36]

In the Book of Revelations, St John the Divine was given a vision in which a High Angel broke seven seals, each containing a revelation, a future vision:

"And I beheld when he had opened the Sixth Seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; and the stars of Heaven fell unto the Earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

And the Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

And when he had opened the Seventh Seal, there was silence in Heaven. And I saw the Seven Angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.

The first Angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the Earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

And the second Angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood; and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

And the third Angel sounded, and there fell a great star from Heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

And the seventh Angel sounded; and there were great voices in Heaven, saying, "The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever". [Revelation 6:12-14; 8:1-2 & 7-11; 11:15]

The Buddhist tradition also foretells the end of the present civilization 2,500 years after the birth of the Buddha, at which time mankind will be redeemed by Maitreya, the future Buddha. The exact birth year of the original Buddha is not known, but the earliest of several dates is 566 BC, thus confirming the timing of the predicted changes to occur after the end of the 20th Century.

In the early 1830s the Church of the Latter Day Saints was founded on the prophecies given to Joseph Smith by an Angelic Being, named Moroni, and on Smith's subsequent discovery, under Moroni's direction, of buried golden tablets of great antiquity inscribed with much ancient wisdom which was to become "The Book of Mormon".

The Mormon teachings repeat the Biblical warnings of great judgments which were coming upon the Earth, with great desolations by famine, sword, and pestilence...

"And when that day shall come they shall be visited of the Lord of Hosts, with thunder and with earthquake, and with a great noise, and with storm, and with tempest, and with the flame of devouring fire".

One of the best known of more recent psychics and clairvoyants, Edgar Cayce, gave between 1901 and 1945 thousands of trance 'readings'. Cayce became well known for his trance diagnoses of illnesses and 'miracle' cures, later to be documented and confirmed by medical science. He also gave many predictions of future events which were to be proved unusually accurate. For the end of the Twentieth Century he predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and catastrophic changes to the Earth's surface:

"The Earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the West Coast of America. There will be open waters appearing in the northern portions of Greenland. There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and dry land will appear. South America shall be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off Tierra del Fuego Land, and a strait with rushing waters..." [3976-15, Jan 19, 1934]

"The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the East coast of America..."[3976-15, Jan 19, 1934]

"There will be upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic that will make for the eruptions of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will then be the shifting of the poles - so that where there have been frigid or semi-tropical areas, these will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow..." (3976-15, Jan 19, 1934)

"In the next few years, lands will appear in the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. And what is the coastline now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean... Portions of the now East coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear... while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia, these will disappear". [1152-11, Aug 13, 1941]

Cayce also refers to ancient records of Atlantis hidden underground in a secret chamber near the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, covering the entire history of mankind from pre-Egypt to the end of the 20th Century - which is, said Cayce, "...that period when there is to be the change in the Earth's position, and the return of the Great Initiate to that and other lands for the folding up of those prophecies that are depicted there". [5748-5]

[From the "Life Readings" by EDGAR CAYCE. Copyright 1971, 1993, 1995 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451, U.S.A. and used by permission.]

As we consider the possibility and the implications of these predicted Earth Changes, we can be quite certain that physical changes of enormous magnitude have already occurred many times during Planet Earth's long history.

Chapter 2:

We tend quite naturally to regard "our Earth" as a stable and unchanging home, a "sure stronghold" which could never be substantially disrupted. Our confidence may from time to time be shaken by major earthquakes and typhoons, but these soon pass over, and we prefer to regard them as minor temporary upsets in an otherwise comfortable and predictable environment. There is however much geological evidence of sudden and major structural changes having taken place on Planet Earth in the past; and it is not unreasonable to consider the possibility that what has happened in the past may well be repeated.

Historical accounts written many centuries ago bear witness to previous planetary disruptions. Immanuel Velikovsky has made a major contribution to research in this area; his "Worlds in Collision", written in 1950, assembles numerous Biblical and ancient historical references to such events, drawing substantially on contemporary accounts from the Middle East and lower Mexico.

He quotes, for example, a long inscription in hieroglyphics on a shrine of black granite found at El-Arish on the border of Egypt and Palestine. It reads: "The land was in great affliction. Evil fell on this earth. There was a great upheaval in the residence. Nobody could leave the palace during nine days, and during these nine days of upheaval there was such a tempest that neither men nor gods could see the faces of those beside them".

This inscription corresponds with the Bible, Exodus 10,22: "And there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days. They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days".

East of Egypt, in Babylonia, the eleventh tablet of the 'Epic of Gilgamesh' refers to the same events:

"From out of the horizon rose a dark cloud and it rushed against the Earth; the land was shriveled by the heat of flames. Desolation stretched to heaven; all that was bright was turned into darkness. Nor could a brother distinguish his brother. (For) six days the hurricane, deluge, and tempest continued sweeping the land, and all humans back to their clay were returned".

The Ancient Egyptian historian Ipuwer witnessed and survived this earthquake, recounting that: "The towns are destroyed, Upper Egypt has become a waste. All is ruin. The residence is overturned in a minute". [Papyrus Ipuwer 2:11, 3:13]

From his research into ancient documents, Velikovsky concludes that the Earth was forced out of its regular motion by the close approach of the body of a Comet: a major shock convulsed the lithosphere, and the area of the earthquake was the entire globe. Terrific hurricanes swept the Earth because of the change or reversal of the angular velocity of rotation and because of the sweeping gases, dust, and cinders of the Comet.

He supports this contention of worldwide disruptions with similar quotations from historical records of Mexican tradition.

The Mexican sacred book "Popol-Vuh", the "Manuscript Cakchiquel", and the "Manuscript Troano" all record how the mountains in every part of the Western Hemisphere simultaneously gushed lava. The volcanoes that opened along the entire chain of the Cordilleras and in other mountain ranges and on flat land vomited fire, vapour, and torrents of lava.

Velikovsky quotes "Manuscript Troano" and other documents of the Mayas which describe a cosmic catastrophe during which the ocean fell upon the continent and a terrible hurricane swept the Earth. These records provide graphic accounts of hurricanes which broke up and carried away all towns and forests. Exploding volcanoes, tides sweeping over mountains, and raging winds threatened to annihilate Humankind, and actually did annihilate many species of animals. The face of the Earth changed, mountains collapsed, other mountains grew and rose over the onrushing cataract of water driven from oceanic spaces, numberless rivers lost their beds, and a wild tornado moved through the debris descending from the sky.

The ancients referred to the physical agent that brought darkness and swept away houses and trees and even rocks and mounds of earth as "Hurakan", from which our present word 'hurricane' is derived. Hurakan, it is recorded, destroyed the major part of the Human Race. In the darkness swept by wind, resinous stuff fell from the sky and participated with fire on water in the destruction of the world. For five days, save for the burning naphtha and burning volcanoes, the World was dark, since the sun did not appear.

In a later book, "Earth in Upheaval", Velikovsky supports Biblical and other historical references with currently visible geological evidence of past upheavals.

He describes, for example, an area in Alaska to the north of Mount McKinley which has a frozen layer of "muck" composed of a jumble of trees and extinct animals, such as the mammoth, mastodon and super-bison. This was analyzed by Professor F.C. Hibben of the University of New Mexico, who concluded:

"There is ample evidence that at least portions of this material were deposited under catastrophic conditions. Mammal remains are for the most part dismembered and dis-articulated, even though some fragments yet retain, in their frozen state, portions of ligaments, skin, hair, and flesh. Twisted and torn trees are piled in splintered masses. At least four considerable layers of volcanic ash may be traced in these deposits, although they are extremely warped and distorted.

"The presence of volcanic ash indicates that a volcanic eruption did take place, and repeatedly, in four consecutive stages of the same epoch; but it is also apparent that the trees could have been uprooted and splintered only by hurricane or flood or a combination of both agencies. The animals could have been dismembered only by a stupendous wave that lifted and carried and smashed and tore and buried millions of bodies and millions of trees. Also, the area of the catastrophe was much greater than the action of a few volcanoes could have covered."

During the late 1830s Hugh Miller made a special study of the Old Red Sandstone in Scotland in which an abundant aquatic fauna is embedded. The animals embedded within it are seen in very 'disturbed' positions. Miller writes: "Some terrible catastrophe involved in sudden destruction the fish of an area at least a hundred miles from boundary to boundary, perhaps more. The same platform in Orkney, as at Cromarty, is strewn thick with remains, which exhibit unequivocally the marks of violent death. The figures are contorted, contracted, curved; the tail in many instances is bent around to the head; the spines stick out; the fins are spread to the full, as in fish that die in convulsions."

In 1901 a quick-frozen mammoth was found in Beresovka, Siberia, so well preserved that its eyeballs were fully intact. It still had buttercups in its mouth and the content of its stomach indicated that it had been eating temperate-zone plants, no longer growing in that area. R.S. Lull, Director of the Peabody Museum at Yale, reports the discovery in his book "Organic Evolution", confirming that: "...a fractured hip and fore limb, a great mass of clotted blood in the chest, and unswallowed grass between the clenched teeth, all point to the violence and suddenness of its passing."

Rock geology shows that there have been major uplifts of land-masses around the globe. The great massif of the Himalayas is estimated to have risen to its present height since the last Ice Age of over 11,000 years ago. Likewise the Andes in South America also show evidence of having been thrust upwards eleven thousand years ago.

Many other researchers have identified evidence of major geological changes during our Planet's long history; indeed, there are many areas in which even a casual observer can see such evidence for him or herself, as for example when erosion shows cross-sections of hillsides miles from the present coastline displaying deposits of seashells.

An interesting example, quoted in "Doomsday 1999 A.D.", by Charles Berlitz, can be found in Bolivia. The stone city of Tiahuanaco is so old that its broken pottery shows pictures of Pleistocene animals. Although Tiahuanaco is now at an altitude of 13,500 feet, too high for a population to live, its docks and quays indicate that it was once a seaport and that it rose with the Andes when they were created 11,000 years ago.

Immanuel Velikovsky summarizes these sudden geological changes:

"Wherever we investigate the geological records of this Earth, we find signs of catastrophes and upheavals, old and recent.

"Mountains sprang from plains, and other mountains were levelled; strata of the terrestrial crust were folded and pressed together and overturned and moved and put on top of other formations. Igneous rock melted and flooded enormous areas of land with miles-thick sheets, and the ocean bed flowed with molten rock. Ashes were showered down and built layers many yards thick on the ground and on the bottom of the oceans in their vast expanse. The shores of ancient lakes were tilted and are no longer horizontal and the seacoasts show subsidence or emergence, in some places, of over one thousand feet.

"Rocks of the Earth are filled with remains of life extinguished in a state of agony. Sedimentary rocks are one vast graveyard, and the granite and basalt, too, have embedded in them numberless living organisms. Shells have closed valves as they do in a living state, so unexpectedly came the entombment. Vast forests were burned and washed away and covered with the waters of the seas and with sand and turned to coal. Animals were swept to the far north and thrown into heaps and were soaked by bituminous outpourings. Broken bones and torn ligaments and the skins of animals, both of living species and of extinct species, were smashed together with splintered forests into huge piles.

"The evidence is overwhelming that the great global catastrophes were either accompanied or caused by the shifting of the terrestrial axis, or by a disturbance in the diurnal and annual motions of the Earth. The shifting of the axis could not have been brought about by internal causes, but only under the impact of external forces. The state of lavas with reversed magnetization, hundreds of times more intense than the inverted terrestrial magnetic field could impart, reveals the nature of the forces that were in action".

['Earth in Upheaval', by Immanuel Velikovsky - 1955 - Buccaneer Books Inc., Cutchogue, NY, USA.]

Set against the wider time-frame of the many dramatic surface changes which have already occurred, current predictions of major physical 'Earth Changes' may now perhaps seem less extreme. There is plenty of evidence that the Planet's very geography has in fact been dramatically changed many times before, and likewise, there is no scientific evidence to support the contention that such changes will not happen yet again.

Human Earth civilizations have also come and gone. Most people today look at the story of Humanity and assume that it has lasted for only six thousand years or so, but there have in fact been many much older civilizations, such as Lemuria (or Mu) in the Pacific Ocean and the legendary Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean.

Chapter 3:

In March 1994, NBC television network broadcast a program entitled "Ancient Prophecies", covering both ancient and contemporary predictions of Earth Changes. It was seen by millions of American and Canadian viewers and prompted over 24,000 enquiries. A major feature was the prediction by Gordon-Michael Scallion of violent and significant geological changes coming to Earth by the end of the Millennium. Although these events have not yet manifested, they still remain a potential possibility for the near future, and therefore their details are worth taking into consideration.

Mr. Scallion had worked in the field of communications and education until 1979, when he experienced a health crisis which left him with the 'gift of prophecy'. Some of his more notable prophecies were the 1992 Californian earthquakes on April 22 and June 28, Hurricane Andrew in Florida, and the Mississippi floods of 1993.

Viewers of the March 1994 program were shown a Future Map of the United States: 1998-2001 which Mr Scallion had visualized through his inner sight. Published by his company Matrix Institute, the map showed major geological changes in the United States occurring in two distinct phases:

A first super-mega California earthquake in the 10-15 magnitude range causes a fracture along a line from Eureka to Bakersfield and southwest to the Gulf of California-Baja. Gaps and fissures occur running the length of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys. Flooding inundates much of the coastal area of California, causing some of the existing land mass to become islands.

In a second major Californian earthquake the Central North American Plate is thrust violently upward on a tilt, causing much of California to go under the sea. Higher elevations remain as islands and become known as the Isles of California. A large part of the land mass west of a line running from Newport Oregon to Tucson Arizona breaks away and sinks within minutes. This line forms the new West Coast of the United States, and with Phoenix, Arizona, becoming a major seaport.

Along the Eastern seaboard, coastlines from Maine to Florida are also pushed inland for many miles. Atlanta Georgia becomes a new seaport. Florida is reduced in size by more than half and all the Florida Keys disappear beneath the sea.

In the center of the American continent, a wide belt of water floods the Mississippi basin, connecting up with the Great Lakes, which themselves rise and expand, cutting off the Eastern part of the United States from the West and effectively creating two separate landmasses.

Mr. Scallion envisaged the Earth's magnetic pole shifting twice to the west: seven degrees at first, and then a further six degrees as a result of magna displacement through a shifting of the Earth's core. As a contributory element he saw a large heavenly body entering our solar system, the "Blue Star", causing a realignment of Earth's position within the system.

We should always bear in mind that although these events have not yet manifested themselves, they are all potentialities that can be seen from higher spiritual planes. Although they have in fact been delayed and greatly modified by the relatively good progress made by Humanity since that time, elements of them will nonetheless still manifest, although probably to a lesser degree, and at the appropriately set Divine time for our final Ascension.

Another 'Future Map' of America was channeled through Lori Adaile Toye, between 1988 and 1991, transmitted jointly by the Ascended Masters Saint Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya, Mother Mary, Sanat Kumara, Sananda, and other Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. It was published as the 'New World Atlas' by Seventh Ray Publishing of Payson Arizona.

This material demonstrated remarkable similarities with the map produced by Mr Scallion. Much of the American West Coast was to be inundated, from Washington State down to southern Oregon, with the ocean covering most of California, Nevada and Utah. This created a new coastline extending from the Rocky Mountains, near Denver, down to Phoenix, Arizona. Similarly the Mississippi River on this map expands into a wide inlet, running up to an enlarged Great Lakes area, with the East Coast partially flooded, and the bottom tip of Florida sinking under the ocean.

Again much of the same outline was prophesied from yet another source:

Hypnotic past-life regression is an established technique in which the patient under hypnosis is able to recall specific episodes from his or her past life or lives. The pioneering past-life and prenatal work of Dr Helen Wambach PhD is reviewed in her two published books Recalling Past Lives (Harper & Row 1978) and Life Before Life (Bantam Books 1979). Having demonstrated this technique to her satisfaction during a series of group workshops, Dr Wambach wondered how it would work when applied to the future. She therefore began giving similar workshops offering participants a chance to look ahead at their possible future lives through hypnotic progression, projection not into the past, but into the future.

Dr Wambach was at that time being assisted in her research and experiments by Dr Chet Snow PhD, who also then himself became her subject for a series of future life projections in 1983. Dr Snow was at that time an historian/archivist working as a civilian employee of the United States Air Force, subsequently obtaining a Hypno-therapy certification and now practising regression therapy. The fascinating record of these future projections under hypnosis is related in Dr Snow's book "Mass Dreams of the Future".

Under hypnosis, Dr Snow described, aloud, visions of his future life at the end of the 20th Century. Here he sees himself living on a remote ranch north of Phoenix Arizona, in a small community which had been set up both as a school for the development of psychic communication skills (mental telepathy) and as a survival base for the foreseen coming 'Earth Changes'.

He recounts that their small community was then busy laying-in stocks of food and other supplies, which were now becoming both expensive and scarce through changing weather patterns. In the world news, the weather was becoming increasingly unpredictable, with freak storms, record heat and cold periods, drought and exceptional rainfall around the globe. The world stock markets and financial systems were also collapsing.

In a time period of a year later, Dr Snow was made aware that a major earthquake had just hit the Pacific Rim area. The coastline areas of southern California had sunk, submerging the once densely built-up coastal areas under the sea. Mount Fuji had erupted, causing much of Japan to sink and triggering a chain of earthquakes and eruptions all around the Pacific 'Ring of Fire', including the West Coast of America right up into Alaska.

By the end of two weeks, television and radio were now telling everyone that "the worst is over". As Dr Snow, still under hypnosis, recounted: "The water is receding slowly and we'll just have to adjust to the new situation. The Federal Government is already setting up temporary relocation centers farther inland and everyone is talking of rebuilding. A lot of cropland has been permanently lost however, not to mention so much of the Southern California coastline."

Moving forward a couple of months, he reports that there followed in Southern California a far more devastating earthquake than the previous one: "It accelerated the sinking of major areas along the West Coast so that the coastline moved up to within a couple of hundred miles of Phoenix Arizona, and only the mountain areas remained above water all the way up to Oregon. In the south, the Gulf of Mexico surged inward over Texas; our part of Arizona was more or less cut off to both the east and west by water."

Moving yet further ahead in time, Dr Snow continues: "At first everything appeared totally black around me. Then I realized that the sky was completely dark now. The weather had also worsened as tons of dust and volcanic ash were thrown into the atmosphere by this second series of eruptions. Although the worst occurred during the first few weeks of havoc, the Sun simply did not return. Most green vegetation in a wide belt of the temperate zone withered and died."

['Mass Dreams of the Future', by Chet B. Snow and Helen Wambach - Deep Forest Press, Crest Park, CA - 1993]

One must bear in mind when considering such predictions, that all timings and sequences of future events can never be entirely accurate, as projection forward in time can only be made up of potential future. In all evolutionary progress, a sequence of real-life "cause-and-effect" events must always first of all take place, constantly being subjected to the changing modifications of individual "free will". Although a fairly accurate view projected forward is possible from higher planes, Humanity's inherent gift of "free will" causes unexpected modifications in any future sequence of events. Also, any future direction these take is always subject to the total progress of Humanity's "Collective Consciousness" during that period. This explains why we our now being informed by "Higher Sources" that much of the severity of the previously predicted "Earth Changes" has since been greatly modified, thanks to the fairly rapid spiritual and evolutionary progress of Humanity in recent years.

And now, approaching predictions of future Earth Changes from a totally different source, there have been since World War II an enormous quantity of channeled communications from Higher Spiritual Realms on the coming Earth Changes. A few selected examples follow:

The Master Hilarion, an Ascended Member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy:

"The cities will become piles of rubble. The beautiful woodland scenes will be flattened by the might of terrible storms. Great earthquakes will rip the mantle of the planet apart in a patchwork of destruction never before seen on the Planet in the entire history of the race.

"Continents sunk thousands of years ago will rear up out of the ocean to show man that his civilization is not the first, and that this is not the first time that his efforts have been crushed by catastrophe.

"The atmospheric storms, which will roar across the surface, will tear down forests of trees at a single swipe, and raise water out of the natural reservoirs of lake and ocean to spread destruction and inundation far inland from the shore. Nothing will remain of the once-vaunted civilization that men have built for themselves.

"During the last portion of the Tribulation, the light of the Sun and the Moon will be shrouded out completely for long periods, and the very air that is breathed will turn to a foul miasma in the lungs."

[HILARION, channeled by Maurice B. Cooke in "The Nature of Reality". Published 1979. Marcus Books, Bradford , Ontario, Canada]

The Master Jesus-Sananda:

"And there shall be a mighty earthquake and it shall split in twain the country of North America, and it shall be as nothing the world has known before, for it shall be that there shall be a great part of the great land of the North Continent go down, and a great sea shall form within her center part from Canada into the Gulf of Mexico.

"And the waters of the Mediterranean shall wash over the land to the North, unto the polar zone, and it shall return unto its place, and the Black Sea and the Mediterranean shall become one sea. And there shall be great changes within the borders of Asia.

"Africa shall be changed - her shoreline shall be broken to the West, and great rivers shall flow within the desert.

"Ye have been told time and time again that the Earth shall shift upon her axis, and so shall she. There shall be a change of climate. That which is now the barren North shall become semi-tropical. Trees shall bear semi-tropical fruit and the fauna shall be that of a new species. And that which is the impassable barrier of the South Pole shall be penetrated and Man shall discover a new continent within."

[JESUS-SANANDA, channeled by Sister Thedra in 'The Prophecies From Other Planets Concerning Our Earth' - The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara, Sedona, Arizona]

Brother Philip, of the Abbey of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays in the Peruvian Andes near Lake Titicaca, gives us transcripts channeled from the 'Great White Brotherhood' in his book "Secret of the Andes". He quotes Sanat Kumara, a highly evolved Master from Venus who assumed the role of 'Planetary Logos of Earth' over 18 million years ago:

"And now we enter this great period of Initiation. The skies of Earth will become fantastic. I say verily that pen has not recorded nor voice uttered that which shall become a great sign and display in the skies of the Earth, for the elements themselves will have control for a short period of time. There will be great rainstorms and floods. You have heard how it rained forty days and nights. That is nothing compared to what it will rain. Perhaps it would be forty months. The entire face of the Earth shall change. It will become unrecognizable.

"Very soon the winds shall howl, sooner than we can realize. It is already upon us, for I have witnessed it on the plane which is just above that of physical expression upon the Earth, and that means that if it descends one more plane it shall find reality."

[The Master SANAT KUMARA, channeled by Brother Philip in "Secret of the Andes" - Leaves of Grass Press, Novato, California.]

Another source of channeled information originates from the Star systems of the Pleiades. The Pleiadians are a planetary Race which has been closely connected with Earth and the Human Race since our early arrival on this Planet; they themselves come from the same Human evolutionary roots in distant pre-Earth times on other planets. They have developed a prosperous and peaceful society within their own Star system, and have always maintained a close watch over Earth's development down through the ages. In the book "The Pleiadian Workbook", channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, the 'Pleiadian Emissaries of Light', speaking through their spokesperson, Ra, give an important insight into the wider context of the coming Earth Changes:

"You and your Planet are undergoing a unique and wondrous transition in your spiritual evolution at this time. You are preparing for a quantum leap unlike any that has ever occurred before. In order to help you understand this more fully, I must first tell you about the orbit of the entire Galaxy around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. Just like your 'Solar Ring' (our term for a 'Solar System') orbits around the Galactic Center, the Galaxy itself moves through space in the form of continual, connecting circles, like a great Cosmic Spiral.

"At the completion point of a multi billion-year single circular orbit around the Great Central Sun, our Galaxy connects diagonally to the next 'ring' on the great Cosmic Spiral. When this diagonal move from one ring of the great Cosmic Spiral to the next takes place, all of the planets, solar systems, and their inhabitants simultaneously take an 'initiatic' step into a new evolutionary cycle. This is occurring now. You are not only at the end of a 26,000-year Earth/Sun/Pleiadian cycle; the entire Pleiadian system, which includes this solar ring, is at the end of a 230,000,000-year orbit around the Galactic Center, and the entire Galaxy is at the completion of its infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun....

"Prior to the end of 2012, Earth will undergo a spiritual and physical house-cleaning, corresponding to what have commonly been called the 'Earth Changes'. These changes, which have already begun, intensify both externally and internally as your Solar Ring moves deeper into the Photon Band, a high-frequency Cosmic emanation from the Galactic Center. You have been in and out of the edges of this Photon Band for a few years now, and, after the year 2000, will start to be completely immersed in this band for the next 2000 years.

"Floods, earthquakes, changes in land masses, volcanic eruptions, and finally a complete pole shift, will all take place within the remaining years prior to the year 2013, at which time the Galactic Solar Initiation of Earth, as a Mystery School and home for the Cities of Light, will finally take place. You who now live on Earth must choose whether or not you are ready to become spiritually responsible Human Beings in order to remain on Earth beyond that time. Those who do not wish to remain on Earth will be taken to another planet in a different part of the Galaxy where karmic lessons and third-dimensional evolution will continue."

[Ra, spokesperson for the collective Pleiadians Emissaries of Light, channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, in "The Pleiadian Workbook", published 1996 by Bear & Company, Santa Fe, NM, USA.]

A more detailed background on the nature of the Photon Band is given to us from another Pleiadian Source, in this case by Satya, Astrologer, Keeper of the Records for the Pleiades and the Central Pleiadian Library of Alcyone. Alcyone not only is the Central Star of the Pleiadian Constellation, but also functions as the Great Central Star within this quadrant of the Milky-Way Galaxy for our own Solar System.

"Your Sun is spinning as the eighth Star of the Pleiadian spiral, and the Pleiades are themselves spiraling within the Galaxy as the whole Galaxy spins on its axis. Your Solar System travels through the Photon Band when Earth precesses the Ages of Leo and Aquarius, and then you orbit through the "Galactic Night" during all the other zodiacal polarities of the Great Ages - Cancer/Capricorn, Gemini/Sagittarius, Taurus/Scorpio, Aries/Libra, and Pices/Virgo. At this time, you are moving into the Photon Band as you are leaving the Age of Pices and moving into the Age of Aquarius.

"Photon Bands are 7th-Dimensional "Donuts of Light" that emanate from the vertical axis of the Galactic Center. They spin around and around through the Galactic Center into the darkness of the Galactic Night. Galactic Centers [a central Galaxy vortex that appears as a "Black Hole"] are of 9th-Dimensional pure darkness, and yet, as they spin on their axes, the astounding power of their vortexes shoots out 9th-Dimensional galactic synchronization beams. These synchronization beams spin out of the Black-Hole Galactic Centers, torqued by the galactic axial spin. These beams, belts, axes, and horizontal planes with Black Hole vortexes in their centers are 8th-Dimension organizational systems of intelligence. In the Milky Way Galaxy, this 8th Dimensional brilliance is part of the Light that belongs to the Galactic Federation, holding the Galaxy in form by means of the "information-highway" Photon Bands. All Stars existing permanently within the several Photon Bands generate spirals that capture other Stars, and these special "Photon Stars", such as Alcyone, then function as Galactic Federation Libraries.

"Your Sun is linked to the Pleiades by means of a spiral of Stellar Light radiating out from Alcyone. Star Light is 5th-Dimensional Light that moves out through the Stars of the Pleiades - out from Alcyone, through the Pleiadian Stars of Merope, Maya, Electra, Taygeta, Coele, and finally via Atlas to your Sun. Thus in your legends, Atlas holds Earth on His shoulders in space. Each Pleiadian Star, except Alcyone, which is located in the Photon Band eternally, travels through the 7th-Dimensional Photon Band for 2000 years of Earth time. Each Star in the system then travels through the Galactic Night for varying lengths of Earth time.

"The Stars close to Alcyone, such as Merope and Maya, are in the Photon Band for more time than they are in the Galactic Night. Your Solar System spends the most time out in the Galactic Night - 11,000 years in the Dark and 2000 years in the Light. What does this mean? Various members of the Solar System become very dense while in the Galactic Night, and this generates experience called "Karma" - feelings in our 4th-Dimensional bodies on the spiritual level that seek expression and then translate as actions down on the Third Dimension physical world. Bodies traveling in the 7th-D Photon Bands become less dense, more multidimensional. As a result, their acquisition of the Photon Light cleanses their emotional bodies and intensifies vibrations in physical bodies.

"The 7th-Dimension "donuts" of Photonic Light coming from the Galactic Center are information highways that stimulate the nature of "curiosity". The desire for union, for twinning, for new expressions of both sides of a Duality, derive from this passion of seeking. This seeking is what causes the rods of 7th-D Photonic Light to curl back on themselves to the Galactic Center, forming them into "donuts". The Galaxy would disintegrate into empty space without the nucleus of gravity in the Central vortex, from which pulses of Photonic Light then shoot out.

"See your own Solar System as a disk with the Sun in the center and all the planets whirling around it. That disk is divided into twelve zones, the Twelve Great Ages of the Zodiac. As the planets move through these zodiacal zones, you can locate where a planet is in relationship to the Sun in these zones with astronomical ephemerides. For now, it is enough for you to know that Earth first entered the Photon Band during the Spring Equinox of 1987 and has been steadily moving into it further - one week more each side of that entry point each year. The border of Photonic Light is currently inching across the disk of your Solar System. Earth was first in the Photon Band from March 16 to 23 in 1987, then for three weeks in 1988. The Photonic slice in the Solar Disk increases by two weeks each year, and precisely half of your Solar System will be immersed when the Photon Band reaches your Sun at the Winter Solstice 1998. Eventually Earth's entire orbital path will be engulfed in this tidal wave of light by the Winter Solstice of 2012. Eventually, the whole Solar System will be totally in the Photon Band. During the next 2000 years, it will be travelling all the way through it."

[Satya, channeled through Barbara Hand Clow, in "The Pleiadian Agenda", published 1996 by Bear & Company, Santa Fe, NM, USA.]

Our forthcoming LIGHT BODY through Mary Mageau

Humanity is experiencing a great awakening as we currently enter this time of transformation. Many of us are searching for deeper meaning in our lives as we change jobs, end old relationships, begin new ones, relocate to new places and dream bold, creative new dreams. All around us we witness to the fact that ordinary people are now asking questions, demanding answers and requesting greater accountability from our governments, churches and large institutions that hold power over us. And what is the driving force behind these world wide events? This scenario for change that is occurring everywhere is being driven by the waves of Light that are continually bombarding our Solar System and the Earth plane. And in the near future all who choose to fully participate in the new raising of consciousness will be transmuted into higher dimensional bodies of Light.

Within a 2,000 year period our Solar System passes through a band of extreme high energy. This band has been referred to as the Menasic Radiation or the Photon Belt. It is a period of intense "Light" that we have now entered and which will bring all life forms within it into a new and higher vibration. This Photon Light-energy has the capacity to lift all of life into a higher frequency dimension. It carries the seeds for the potential enlightenment of all Beings as the atomic structures within the very cells of our bodies, are tuning themselves to match the rising frequencies. We are shifting from a Third-dimensional carbon based body (that is, from one that matches the 3D vibratory rate and direction of atomic spin characterized by the electrons that make up carbon) to a Fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body (that is to one that matches the 5D atomic spin and frequency of crystal). So too the bodies of animals, plant life and all upon and within Earth are making this transition with us, as is our entire Galaxy.

Our Light Bodies are also being activated as these new energies recalibrate our dormant DNA strands that contain the blueprint of ourselves as Divine and fully Conscious Beings. Currently most of Humanity has only two functioning strands of DNA, intertwined into a double helix. This portion of our DNA structure contains information pertaining to our biology - such as our individual features and the genetic information passed on through our family lines, e.g.: a paternal grandfather's tendency toward arthritis, or a mother's genes for musical talent. These two strands also hold the genetic codes for our physical evolution. But there is another part of our DNA structure that has to do with the spiritual component of the Human Being, one that science has not presently considered. If one is persuaded that the Human Being consists of a Soul embedded within a biological body, then it should logically follow that the genetic links within each individual would also contain spiritual information. And if this is so what has become of it?

Many of these spiritual elements were deliberately turned off in our ancient history because there was a struggle to control this aspect of a Human Being. Very Dark-energy Extraterrestrial forces, who were also genetic engineers, desired to keep the development of Humankind firmly under their control. They achieved this through the use of genetic manipulation to produce fear and domination. This event occurred in Atlantis, over 13,000 years ago, when the Human DNA molecule was breached. When these Dark Forces unravelled and reprogrammed our DNA, they were able to shut down and isolate many of its strands and Human DNA was reduced to only a double helix. The disconnection of our original DNA manipulation resulted in a 'Veil' being placed between our five physical senses and our spiritual awareness. However there was a promise given from the Higher Realms. At some time in our future we would be allowed to develop again according to the divine blueprint of the original plan. In the meantime Humanity had to undergo a long and painful period of spiritual development. Those guiding our spiritual heritage have sent representatives to assist us to elevate our thoughts and desires, so as to grow spiritually and regain our lost abilities. These advanced souls include the prophets, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, the Buddha, Archangel Michael and many others.

[Mary Mageau White (Sestriel)]

Chapter 4:

Just as many of us may prefer to view our Planet as timelessly stable and unchanging, closing our minds to past and possible future disruptions, many also have a parallel view of Planet Earth as an inanimate object which we may exploit and abuse at our pleasure.

The 'Higher Wisdom' however gives us a view which is now gaining increasingly wide acceptance on Earth: that Mother Earth/Gaia is a living sentient Being, to whom we owe not just our respect, but the privilege of being permitted to reside and evolve upon Her surface.

Goddess Mother Earth, or Gaia, as she is also known, is a very High Being belonging to an earlier wave of Creative Light Beings. She is correctly referred to in the "female" as she has retained a certain predominantly female characteristic. Having already completed her own first Great Cycle of Evolution and returned to the Godhead in a past Great Universal Age, she was then given further 'Higher Service', a chance to become a "Planetary Being" through "ensouling" the body of Planet Earth. She was later given the assistance of a 'Planetary Logos', usually a highly evolved soul who maintains contact between all the evolving sentient lifeforms within and on the surface of a Planet and its ensouling Being. Up to now this has been the role of Lord Sanat Kumara, who was originally trained for this service on Planet Venus and to where he has now returned. It is he who has provided the vital link between Mother Earth and the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms. However, at this time of the great Changes of Age, he himself will be shortly moving up to even higher service in another area of the Universe.

The Master ZEN TAO: "That Being whom you know as Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia, is a very powerful Being, possessing profound wisdom and power. By the invocation of a single word she can transform the whole nature of her Being. Although she has released partial dominion on her surface to Humanity as Planetary Guardians of the mineral, plant and animal life so that Humanity may learn therefrom, ultimately Gaia controls the Planet and the nature of what manifests on its surface. Nature is her nature.

"This planet is now approaching a time in its evolutionary cycle when it will change dramatically, rather like a snake throwing off its old skin. Every so many thousands of years, no matter whether Humanity is incarnated on Earth or not, this planet goes through a metamorphic change as part of its natural cycle. As our physical bodies replace themselves every seven years, so does the planet's body. This is essential for the planet in order to preserve the creative, the reproductive nature of its being. So at its appointed time the planet goes through a cycle of transformation. This necessarily involves major movement of the planet's landmasses, movement of the waters, and the restructuring of the matter of the Earth."

[The Master ZEN TAO, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

We should recognise, however, that the need for a thorough cleansing of Planet Earth at this time is more than a matter of regular end-of-cycle procedure.

Planet Earth has up to now served as host to many Souls of younger evolution and also of many more aggressive and destructive Souls from other parts of the Universe for a period of over twenty six million years. Earth is well-known within our Milky Way Galaxy as being a "school of hard lessons" for resolving all the aggressive and destructive tendencies that have arisen out of yet undeveloped emotional Heart-centers which yet lack the qualities of caring and love. Many throughout the Universe have chosen, whilst resting on the higher Spiritual Planes between physical incarnations, to come here in order to work out their naturally aggressive and destructive tendencies. This they eventually achieve through the outworkings of the Law of Karma when living within a relatively harsh and backward Physical World filled with conflict.

There are also many millions of young "Ascendant Souls", commencing out on their long evolutionary path of eventually becoming fully Conscious Human Beings, who have been placed on Planet Earth to learn their first elementary lessons after moving up from the Animal Kingdom. Here they have to first learn the social arts of containing conflict between themselves, developing their environment and creating a functioning economic system. And here they have their first chance to learn to discriminate between "good" and "evil", and over time develop a more fundamental respect for the "Sanctity of Life". By living through much painful conflict generated amongst themselves, they will gradually begin to see the advantages of not always resorting to pursuing their own self-interest at the expense of others through harming them. They are forced to learn when life becomes particularly difficult to overcome their initial natural reaction to kill and maim each other in order to get what they want, especially when these actions are rapidly turned back upon themselves by those they have attacked. The poor economic and environmental difficulties they often find themselves in are usually the result of their own inability to properly organize themselves socially and economically. Thus they soon need to become aware of developing, or to be instructed in, the social arts of politics and economics for their future well-being.

From the higher Spiritual Planes there can be seen over Planet Earth a surrounding great black cloud of negative thought that has been developing over a long period within the Ethers surrounding Earth. This great cloud of black negativity is now at last being finally cleansed at this time of the ending of a long Universal Age through Humanity now beginning to resolve and cleanse all its past Karma. However, there still remains a major physical cleansing to be done of all the massive damage, pollution and detritus left on Earth's surface by a hitherto poorly organised Humanity:

SANAT KUMARA: "Before the New Age can begin on Earth, our Planet will be rewarded for its years of service at the lowest level, by undergoing a thorough cleansing of its surface, removing and neutralizing our cumulative environmental damage and the dark cloud of accumulated negative thought which now surrounds us.

"The physical manifestation of this great cleansing will be precipitated by a tilting of the Earth's axis resulting in the Planet being literally 'shaken up'. This will cause an expansion of her molecules to a more tenuous, less dense aggregation, thus allowing a higher vibration rate.

"The cause of the destruction that shall come upon the Earth is from Man's own thinking. The Elements! They are intelligent life! They are part of the Infinite One, and because they are part of the Infinite One they will not respond to Man's negative thinking any longer. And they will rebel, causing great tidal waves and great winds."

[The Master SANAT KUMARA, channeled by Brother Philip in "Secret of the Andes" - Leaves of Grass Press, NOVATO California]

The Master ZEN TAO: "The Mineral Kingdom is under the control of Humanity. Humanity influences the Mineral Kingdom by its own thought-forms, by its own patterns of behaviour. Humanity can, and must, co-operate with that Kingdom if it is to continue on its evolutionary path on the Planet Earth, but for so long has the Mineral Kingdom been abused and vandalized by Humanity in order to serve its own ends, no matter what the cost to the Mineral Kingdom, that this co-operation has broken down. It is because of this that Humanity now approaches a time of planetary transformation, when the minerals of the Planet will move, will vibrate to a different note. If Humanity does not change to that note, does not recognize it, then it will perish.

"So be aware that this moment of rebirth is coming. The timing and the nature of the changes are known only to the Creator. Whilst Humanity can, and will influence these changes, it can not and will not prevent their happening. The test for Humanity lies in its acceptance of the Earth Changes as a natural and necessary happening, as an event which it has chosen to experience."

[The Master ZEN TAO, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

Because Planet Earth has largely performed a role as a 'sacrificial host' to the less evolved and the more aggressive/destructive types of Humanity, she has suffered considerable physical abuse and pollution to her planetary body. Further evidence of Planet Earth's great sacrifice is offered in this beautiful testimony by the Angelic Being, ELOUAI:

"Greetings to you, my Beloveds. I am Elouai and I am a "Builder" of manifested Matter. I am not upon your Human line of evolution, but I am not one of what you call the Nature Forces. I stand with a company of others outside your Planet. I am not a space Being from another planet. My home is within the higher dimensional vibrations of space. I want to communicate to you what we feel about your Earth and your work. My companions and I are among those who dwelt in space and were brought here long ages ago as companions of the Solar Logos who created this particular Solar System.

"We are builders within his Solar Realm. Every planet that is formed is in a dynamic state of life and of growth, drawing to itself the substances of nourishment and releasing that which it cannot assimilate. Thus, there are those forms and manifestations of energy in creation which are the unused, unintegrated, unresolved and untransmuted results of the creative process.

"As in all living systems, until perfection and complete wholeness are achieved, there are in the body of the Solar Logos, which is the Solar System and all its Planets on all their levels of being, those forces and energies which correspond to waste material. These must be transmuted and reintegrated into the cycle of life as raw material for future creativity. In the evolutionary movement forward through time, this residue which is left behind must be gathered up and purified, and then returned to the Creative cycle; it cannot be allowed to accumulate or to express itself within the evolving body as centres of unintegrated and separate energies existing out of timing and out of place, hence becoming sources of evil.

"Please understand that for various reasons, Earth was set aside for the special task of being the 'purifier' for your Solar System for a period of time. Hence, there were attracted to your world those elements which I have mentioned of unresolved, unintegrated matter, energy and life to be harnessed into the denser nature of material form. Left in their exposed state, these energies had the power to impact harmfully upon the sensitive fabric of the Solar Being and upon the other Planets and their life-forms, being like a toxin within the systems of your own bodies.

"However, by being encapsulated into dense matter within the body of Earth, their vibrations could be slowed down and shielded from the body of the whole until these energies could be purified and reintegrated harmoniously and in love into the whole. As this was done, the Purifiers and Redeemers came to Earth as well as those who will yet be Purifiers and Redeemers in destinies yet unperceived and perhaps undreamed of by you. Earth became a schoolhouse in the experiences of confronting and resolving the challenges of primitive creativity and evolution.

"Your Planet became an arena for the interplay of the forces of evolution on many levels and the forces of non-integrated life and energy from many sources, some quite primitive and others more evolved, but all within a sidetrack of evolution that placed these energies outside the communion of the whole. Thus, Earth became analogous to a kidney in the body of the Solar System, regulating and transmuting the energies throughout the system, removing impurities and returning to the body of the whole only what is harmonious and integrated with the progressive evolution of the whole. Beings who had become tainted with energies of retrogressive evolution or devolution would come to Earth to be cleansed and reunited with the whole.

"In this fashion, your Planet has performed a tremendous service to all lifestreams and all planetary systems within the solar family, enabling them to continue their patterns of development with greater ease.

"No Planet or Being is asked to perform such a transmutative and sacrificial task endlessly, nor is it allowed to do so. The time must come when it takes up its own pattern of growth, new service and development. Now Earth seeks and is given Her redemption in a vast initiatory process occurring throughout the total body and life of the Solar Father. We who have associated with Earth since Her inception, now look upon this time as one of beauty without measure, joy without comparison.

"Those forms which still remain within unregenerated aspects of primitive and separative expression will be lovingly removed, with respect for their essential Divine nature, to other areas which have newly taken on the transmutative function. Now a vast work of purification is upon us to cleanse and beautify Earth as one would beautify and enrobe a bride before her marriage; in this fashion we greet Earth in Her time of great joy and accomplishment. This event seeks its expression through your hearts and minds and your dedication.

"Earth will always remain a place of special strength and contribution. Now she must progress with Her own evolution more rapidly than she could do if she remained within the service of transmutation. Because of this, you now see a great flood of population incarnating in order to take this opportunity for purification that they may maintain their link with solar evolution; otherwise they must sleep the long sleep to be reawakened in a future time in a future land."

[ELOUAI, an Angelic Being channeled in "Links With Space", published 1970 by Findhorn Press, Findhorn, Forres, Scotland]

Those who continue to fear the possibility of the coming "Earth Changes", should perhaps consider whether in fact our present civilization, with its sprawling Human development and pollution across the surface, as well as with so much poverty and starvation and constant wars is in fact really so worthy of continuance. On higher levels, the Ascension of Humanity and the rejuvenation of Planet Earth, regarded as one of the most naturally beautiful planets within our Galaxy, is in fact seen as a coming event of great joy.

SANAT KUMARA: "The Earth is a beautiful world, vastly more beautiful than some of its neighbours. I have always loved the Earth beyond all other creations, for I see within it a melody that has not yet escaped into the Ethers. I see it crying as one bound! But it shall not be deprived its Celestial Song much longer."

THE COUNCIL OF NINE (A high level circle of Great Beings whose role is to maintain the energy-balances within the Universe):

"May we explain to you that your Planet Earth is the most beautiful that exists in the Universe. It has a physical variety that no other planet has. It has a varied climate that no other planet has. In all the Universe there is no planet in existence that has the physical characteristics of Planet Earth. It is the rarest of beauties, and it does attract souls which, once they have come, would like to come back again.

"It is of a different nature from any other planet. It has aspects of all planets: it is like a composite of the Universe, with all the positive and all the negative aspects, and all in between, and this is what attracts Souls. It has with it a gravitational pull that is different from other planets, and because of this a Soul begins to feel - for the first time - a physicalness. Souls become adapted to their physical bodies, and they forget the freedom and pleasures they have without it... The Planet is a dense planet, and it in turn then gives a different feeling to the body, but it is actually experienced within the Soul of the individual. It feels pain, it feels pleasure, it feels sorrow, it feels happiness. The physical body has different feelings than in all the other planets and in all the other Souls that exist. In other systems, other galaxies, there are other physical Beings that do not have the density of this Planet. Here the Soul begins to feel in a different way than it had before, and it has the feel of desire. It is pleasure and pain. Yet this has become very important for the evolutionary growth of the Planet, because it was originally the Planet of Balance_"

"The Earth was created to be a paradise. When souls achieve harmony it will become a paradise again. But when we say a paradise we speak of a paradise of creativity, one that brings knowledge, one that brings joy and love; a paradise in which people may heal themselves or may even experience pain, if they wish. It is not a paradise where all challenge, all growth, or all pain will be removed. It will be a paradise where people, through their own experience, may evolve their own understanding of their connection with the Universe, accept their own responsibility for themselves, for their fellows, for Planet Earth, and therefore for the Universe, and may bring all of that, including themselves, into perfection_."

"This your Planet is a planet of Balance, for you to learn to balance between the Physical and Spiritual worlds. Planet Earth is the only one of its kind, the only planet of total free choice/free will in the entire Universe, the only planet created for the balancing of the spiritual with the physical, in other words, the creating of Paradise.

"Humanity has created corruption within, which came about because people became more involved in physicalness than in attempting to balance and understand. But now your Planet Earth is at a point where it may move out of balance quicker than at any other point. This is time for Humanity to begin to understand this, to live on this planet of great beauty with a true balance of spiritual and physical, and to live in unity with the Creator. Your purpose is to live in true balance, in manifestation of love, in connection with the Creator, in that which was created..."

"It is a time of awakening. It is a time to understand that within the self, people hold the key for bringing Planet Earth to its fulfillment; and that free will is never interfered with; and the destruction of Planet Earth is not necessary. This must be understood clearly, for the free will of Humankind can bring fulfillment to Planet Earth.

"Planet Earth is on the threshold of transformation. It is on the threshold of releasing Souls and Beings from bondage, so they may continue to elevate, and purify Planet Earth so the Universe may continue its path_ When the Souls on Earth have finally recognized their reality and understood, they can then be released, and they can provide teachings and understandings for others in other Galaxies and Solar Systems in the Universe. It is a glorious time right now to live on your Planet Earth in physical form."

[The Council of Nine channeled by Tom - "The Only Planet of Choice" compiled by Phyllis V. Schlemmer & Palden Jenkins, published 1993 by Gateway Books, Wellow, BATH, Britain. ISBN 1 85860 004 9]

Chapter 5:

The Planetary Being known as Gaia/Mother Earth, having reached a certain point of major change in her development, now awaits her initiation to the Fifth Dimensional Plane. She is held back only by the slowness of her surface Humanity to raise its own vibration rates and consciousness and thereby undertake a joint 'Ascension'. The resolution of conflict between the various members of Humanity is still a matter in progress.

The Ascended Master, KUT HUMI (Koothumi), a member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy:

"To understand why Earth is in its present turmoil, we must flash back in time to the great civilization of Atlantis. Oh Yes; Atlantis really existed! Not as a figment of science fiction, but as a tangible civilization in Earth's past history.

"Man's purpose in experiencing life anywhere in the Universe is to grow in evolutionary experience and to master each phase in his eternal life. And how do we master the Third-dimensional environment of Earth? First, by getting to truly 'know ourselves' - who we are, what we are, why we are here. Second, by learning to control all aspects of this environment. Third, by understanding Earth and its relationship to what lies beyond the Third- dimensional environment.

"In Atlantis, Man had advanced to a remarkable degree of control and understanding of this Third-dimensional environment, and was at a point where he could have led Earth and its inhabitants into the Fourth-dimensional experience of physical-spiritual growth. Instead, some who possessed advanced knowledge began to abuse and pervert this knowledge by enslaving other men, and by misusing their spiritual powers in various other ways. When this abuse of spiritual power became too widespread, it set into motion certain karmic forces which resulted in the eventual disintegration and destruction of the civilization. This destruction did not occur in one giant cataclysm, as may be commonly supposed. Rather, it occurred as a process of decline that lasted over thousands of years.

"During this period of degeneration, the continent of Atlantis gradually broke apart and yielded its major portions to the Atlantic ocean. Over a period of time, the inhabitants of this once great civilization migrated to various parts of Earth, taking with them the remembered skills and technologies, resulting in the archeological wonders that fascinate us today. Modern archeology is for the most part at a loss to explain such evidences as still exist in Central and South America, in England and Egypt and elsewhere around Earth. Eventually the memory of the glorious civilization that once existed faded entirely, except in the awareness of the Adepts who possessed the Arcanum, and in the subconscious minds of former Atlanteans.

"What has all of this to do with the unfolding Divine Plan? Just this: Atlantis was not the only great civilization that has evolved on Earth. There have been others lost to antiquity, such as Lemuria. Each time that Mankind has advanced to the level of a Lemuria or an Atlantis, it has had within its reach the opportunity to raise Earth's level of consciousness to Fourth-dimensional awareness and it has failed. Each failure was due to the misuse of spiritual powers.

"In the past, this could be condoned because there was still another chance. Now, however, we have reached a point in Earth's history and in Galactic evolution where the transition into Fourth and Fifth-dimensional consciousness must be made.

"Man is now being made aware of certain galactic facts of universal, immortal life. As you know, our Solar System is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Solar System revolves around the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy in an orbit that takes 206 million years, as you calculate time. Let us refer to this revolution of our Solar System around the Galaxy as the Great Cycle Orbit. Our Solar System was created over four and a half billion years ago. This corresponds to 22 Great Cycle Orbits of our Solar System around the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy. In the Will of Divine Mind, as communicated to the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System, this completes the time cycle in which our entire Solar System is to remain in its present state of evolution. As the Aquarian Age dawns, we begin to move into a new orbit around the Great Central Sun, and to move into a new vibration where no expression below the Fifth Dimension can continue to exist on Earth.

"Man first began to experience life in our Solar System 206 million years ago, at the beginning of the present Great Cycle Orbit. The Divine Plan is for all Human life within our Solar System to achieve at least the awareness of Cosmic Consciousness by the end of this orbit, which is reaching its conclusion now with the end of the Piscean Age. This means that Man of Earth must immediately become aware of what Cosmic Consciousness is and take the necessary steps to raise his individual level of consciousness to that state of awareness. Failure to do so will result in temporary self destruction! Man of Earth, in his present state, simply cannot tolerate the new incoming vibration.

"Within this Great Cycle Orbit, there have been a number of lesser cycles. When the Atlantean civilization failed to reach its development potential, this left only the 26,000 year cycle of the Zodiac to complete the Plan. As the present Piscean Age draws to a close, this 26,000 year cycle, concurrently with the Great Cycle Orbit, comes to an end.

"At this moment, Planet Earth is the only planet in our Solar System where Man has not yet reached the Cosmic level of awareness. This level of consciousness must now be rapidly attained in order to fulfill the Divine Plan."

[The Ascended Master KUT HUMI, channeled by Joseph Whitfield in 'The Treasure of El Dorado', published 1977 by Treasure Publications, Roanoke, Virginia, USA. ISBN 0-912119-02-0. ]

[Kuthumi is Earth Chohan (Director) of the Second Ray of the Seven Rays of Service. The Second Ray is the Yellow Ray of Intellect and Science, concerned with Mind and Intelligence in the intellectual understanding of Divine Laws. His previous Earth incarnations were as: Aristotle; John the Beloved; Lao-Tze (China, 6th century B.C.); Theodosius (Emperor of Rome, 4th Century A.D.); St. Columba (known as the Apostle of Caledonia, who helped to convert Scotland to Christianity, 5th century A.D.); St. Francis of Assisi (Italy 12-13th century A.D., founder of the Franciscan Order) and Leonardo da Vinci (Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist, 15-16th century A.D.]

More former Earth Change Prophesies: Although most of these were made well over twenty years ago and at that time represented only a future potential, we continue to include them as some may yet become a future reality.


"Our entire Solar System is now coming into the Great Initiation....The Earth shall be surrounded by a golden corona. It is stepping into a higher rate of vibration. You are going from a Third Density, through the Fourth to a Fifth Density world. This must necessarily take place as you pass through the heart of the great 'Cosmic Cloud' [Photon Belt]. And then shall the prophecies, as recorded by Joel and many of the others come true; when the Sun shall turn blood red and the Moon shall be red as the ruby, and the day shall be gone and it shall be dark upon the Earth for a period of two weeks. There shall be much confusion. And the oxygen will be reduced upon the Earth for a short period, followed by periods of great moisture, baking heat and parched areas alternating with great moisture. Almost everything upon the face of the Earth will be destroyed.

"We are now on the border of this Great Initiation, we are heading closer and closer to its centre and fulfilment. That is why Christ returns to the Earth: because always the great Master of a Solar System incarnates and gives aid to the planet which is lowest in progression in that system.

"Yes, those who say catastrophe comes are true; they speak with truth; but the Earth will not end. It shall become new, as it is written. It does not say the world will end. It says there shall be a New Heaven and a New Earth; not a new Earth through the destruction of the old, but a new Earth - the old made new."

[The Master SANAT KUMARA, channeled by Brother Philip in Secret of the Andes - Leaves of Grass Press, Novato, California]

The incarnation of the Master Sananda as Jesus of Palestine marked a two-thousand year lead up to the Biblical 'Final Day of Judgment' and the 'Second Coming of The Christ'. Jesus-Sananda presently holds Office for the Earth planes as World Teacher. Here is part of his 'Second Coming Announcement' , channeled by Nada-Yolanda on August 17th 1966. Nada during her life channeled the Spiritual Hierarchy as the Founder of the Mark-Age Center, now situated at Elk Valley, Northeastern Tennessee.

"I speak in the name of Jesus, Lord of this World and of all which concerns this Earth sphere. I am he who is known as the Christ, and through this Channel announce my coming unto Earth once more. It is my intention that all who know and believe in this shall see and shall welcome it in the flesh. I have not come again before this present time, for Man was not ready to receive his Lord...

"Our Lord and Master of this Universe, known as Lord Michael [Christ Michael, Sovereign of our Local Universe of Nebadon], and he who is my Master Teacher, Lord Maitreya, are conversant with and in command over all universal laws and material laws physical to those particular dimensions...

"You have been alerted to these days and these times in the last two thousand years, since the resurrection of my body and my personality. In that time and in that consequence I never have ceased to work continuously in the efforts to bring forth this Second-Coming announcement. In the days ahead we prepare all for it; one here and another there, many, crying out the word and the announcement...

"I now enact the role given unto me throughout the ages: to be your Way-shower, to be your Prince, to be the Lord of the World and all that involves the Earth Planet..."

[Channeled by Nada-Yolanda in "MAPP* to Aquarius: Mark Age Period & Program" - Mark-Age, Inc., P.O. Box 10, Pioneer, Tennessee 37847, USA]

Planet Earth is destined by the commencement of the Aquarian 'New Age' at the end of the year 2012 to move up to the Fifth-Dimension. We will then be on the same plane as our neighboring planets within our Solar System, no longer separated from them through the "quarantine" of our present World and with its surrounding "Veil" limiting consciousness of higher worlds. We shall soon regain our Full Consciousness, once again able to view life from a much more objective standpoint. We shall in future not only be able to fully communicate with our neighboring planets and other higher spiritual worlds, but be able to review the experiences of our past lives from the great storehouse of knowledge imprinted on the celestial ethers known as the Akashic Records, as well as being able to see all those future probabilities coming towards us.

The Master RAMALA: "The great Beings who govern matter through their knowledge of Infinite Law are trying to quicken the vibration of the Earth, to bring into operation a quicker and a higher frequency. In so doing there is what appears to Man to be confusion and disruption, for he is held between the sluggishness of his own body, caused by his past behaviour, and the attempt by the Lords of the Planet to bring him into a higher frequency of consciousness.

"These Great Beings are intervening so that Man shall not be destroyed, for within his body there is the great atomic structure of the Cosmos, and in his sluggishness, when that moment arrives, and it will, when the Earth uprights on its axis, if this outer quickening had not been put into motion, then the atomic structure of which Man is built would explode, because the force of the uprighting will bring into operation a great atomic expansion of the Planet.

"I will not go into the molecular structure and describe the behaviour of the atoms at that moment of change, but due to changes in pressure there will be a great transformation of the Earth's structure. There could be great devastation all over the Earth. It has, of course, happened before. You may read in the literature of ancient Man, and in the Bible, of similar occurrences.

"The cataclysm, which you would call a catastrophe, is really not a catastrophe: it is a step forward in the evolution of the Earth. Remember, that to die is not a finality, and that those who do die in the cataclysm to come will experience an increase in their consciousness, for in that moment of death they will learn.

"To you, perhaps, the concept of Armageddon is frightening. It signifies the release of energies beyond the control of Humanity, but if Humanity did but know it, it rarely controls its own environment. Because of its great intellectual progress Humanity has been led into believing that it is the master of its fate, that it is the master of the physical World, that Humanity alone decides the path on which it walks. But those of you who are aware of the God in all things, who recognize that the Divine Plan alone manifests on this Earth, know in your heart that the Cycle which is now beginning was planned aeons of time ago. It has been seen on other levels and has been prophesied by many Beings. It is a necessary path of evolution for this Earth. You are here, therefore, as witnesses to that path of evolution. Within your innermost Being is the knowledge of what is to come. It may not be with you on a conscious level, on a level which you can pull down into everyday physical reality, but within your heart is the knowledge of what is to come and the part that you must play in it."

[The Master RAMALA, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

Chapter 6:

The 'Day of Judgment' is traditionally a time at the end of a particular phase of planetary evolution when an assessment of each and every Soul's attainment is made to determine those who are able to join the move up to a higher plane, and those who must start again elsewhere at the beginning of that phase in order to re-attempt the lessons they have failed to master.

There are practical reasons for this assessment. Those whose vibration rates are below a certain level, reflecting a lack of evolutionary progress, will not be able to make the transition to the higher vibrational dimensions; they would find the intense vibrational light-energy of the Higher Spheres too painful. They would also no longer have the opportunity to express the many lower instincts and emotions which they have not as yet fully mastered, nor would they feel at all at home in such an elevated world of refined sensibilities.

All the Masters and Guides communicating at this time therefore stress the present urgency for us to resolve all our past hates and hurts as soon as possible. This we must do whilst we still have the opportunity left within the remaining testing environment of the dense Earth physical plane. This dense physical plane will soon no longer be a part of Planet Earth, and it is only at this very basic level that we can make rapid progress in resolving and transmuting past karma. By contrast, when we reside on the higher spiritual planes, we live in such a relatively perfect and peaceful environment that many of the more backward characteristics within our Soul do not surface or show up, making it much more difficult to reform or resolve them. If on the other hand, we do manage to tackle and master those tests we set ourselves down on Earth within the short time-frame left before the Earth Changes, we shall have thus made one of the greatest advances in our millions of years of evolutionary development.

For those whose destiny unfortunately hangs in the balance, between Ascension and starting over again on the bottom rung of the ladder of Evolution, an eleventh-hour special effort to reform our inherent faults may yet turn the scales. This time of Tribulation is the traditional 'Dividing of the Ways', the 'sorting of the wheat from the chaff'. Especially on this Planet, endowed as we are with a full expression of free will, every individual has the opportunity to make those significant choices moment by moment. Indeed in this present period of final resolution, the many opportunities will be multiplied and magnified by the increased Light-force energies now being beamed down to Earth by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Master HILARION, an Ascended Master from Planet Earth and a member of Earth's Planetary Hierarchy, makes this comment on the 'Tribulation' and the opportunities for Mankind:

"The Tribulation that has been planned for many thousands of years is descending upon the Earth. It will be recognized early by some who have remained aware of the Higher truths, but most will fail to see that the Last Days are upon them until near the end of the time of trial.

"We have previously spoken of the arrangement for Humanity by which rebirth and karma were to allow individual souls to learn the main spiritual lessons and to settle the debts incurred when that learning process led to the harming of others. It was thought at first that this great Plan would permit virtually all of Mankind to achieve the basic goal, which was to escape by its own efforts from the wheel of rebirth and the karmic necessity.

"But this hope was not realized. The temptation of Man's own base nature and the whisperings of the forces dedicated to his destruction proved, again and again, too strong for many souls whose resolve and whose spiritual sight were not sufficiently developed.

"For this reason a new Plan was devised in order to allow for all those whose steps had faltered, a final chance to gain the goal that had been set for Man. This Plan was laid some twelve thousand years before the present, at about the time that the great continent of Atlantis sank to its final destruction beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. All of the details of the new Plan were carefully worked out at its inception and have not been changed in any important degree since that time.

"One of the most important components of the 'Tribulation' was the necessity that all those who appeared unlikely to have reached the required level by the end of the rebirth arrangement were to be given the chance to make the right choice during the period in question. At the inception of the plan for the Tribulation, it was not known and could not be foreseen exactly how many souls this necessity would apply to. But as the millennia passed and the time draws near, it became clear that a number in excess of four billion souls would require this last desperate chance to succeed where before they had failed.

"Prior to the passage of the Earth through the 'Cloud' [Photon Band] in space, a sign will appear in the sky, to indicate to those who have realized the truth, that the last days have come. This is the sign of the Son of Man spoken of in the Scriptures. Those who fail to understand and heed the meaning of the signs in the Heavens will not be able to escape the final, dreadful weeks and months of the Tribulation by a subsequent change of heart. All of those who earnestly and with the whole heart change their old sinful ways and take up the cross of service and dedication to their fellow man will become entitled to what the Scriptures call the 'Rapture'.

"The Rapture is essentially an escape from the horrors of the Tribulation, to a place of safety where those who have assembled there can work and learn in order to prepare themselves for the great task of reconstruction which will begin literally minutes after the Day of Wrath has terminated."

[The Master HILARION, channeled by Maurice B. Cooke in "The Nature of Reality". First published 1979. Marcus Books, Bradford, Ontario, Canada - ]

This theme is repeated by the Master EFI of Mars:

"Now for this day are they being prepared, when each and every one shall be put into another place, that which is prepared for them. Some shall be freed from all darkness; these shall be free to go and come throughout the Galaxy, and they shall know no barrier. Others shall be put into a place wherein they shall till the soil with their bare hands; they shall have no implements, they shall have no tools, no machines. They shall have no memory of their past, of their science or of their fortune of the past. Such shall be the destiny of them which betray themselves."

[The Master EFI of Mars, channeled by Sister Thedra in "Prophecies for Tiahunaco" -The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara, Sedona, Arizona, USA ]

Those who fail to reach a point of being able to Ascend to a higher plane at this "End Cycle " of Resolution and Self-judgment, will themselves recognise the need to start over again on another Third-Dimensional Planet in some other Solar System which will still have facilities for such living. Particularly heartless and destructive souls may even find that their soul/spirit requires a return to a yet lower level, to start again in a Second-Dimensional world within the Mineral Kingdom. This is not a punishment, it is simply an objective reflection by your Higher Spirit/Soul of the fact that your lower personality-self would not be able to function at the new higher vibration rates. These Souls would find that they need once again to start over again and learn to become less ego-centered, to rise above the narrow view of self-interest and the unbalance of taking from others of that which has not been earned or is rightfully theirs. They have to learn to keep a karmaic balance by giving the same in return as they have received from others. Through keeping a proper balance between giving and receiving, they will come to learn all the joys of living in a peaceful and cooperative world, the great benefits derived from the respecting and caring for others, of learning to express unconditional love to all other life forms.

"Whatever form the healing of the Human world takes during these next few years, know that it is for the good of all. Do not be concerned with the fate of those who reject my Spirit. Their story is far from over. I am caring for each one in the manner of his or her greatest need. The Human world is in good hands. When you and much of Earth's present biological life have been sprinkled throughout the stars, and the oceans have changed places with the land, after the poles have shifted and new mountains have come to look over the plains, then will the truly slow-learners be recalled from the Mineral Realms where they shall slumber, to learn of intelligence again, and to come again to choose between love and fear."

[The CHRIST, channeled by Ken Carey in "Vision" - Harper, San Francisco ]

The time of Tribulation is a Parting of the Ways. Those who choose to do so should make a personal assessment of their conduct towards others. The temptations of pursuing a course of exclusive self-interest have been magnified over the ages by the Forces of Darkness who have constantly wished to delay or prevent our spiritual progress.

The Master ZEN TAO: "It is inevitable, at such a critical time in the Earth's evolution, that the Forces of Darkness should be present just as much as the Forces of Light. The Forces of Darkness would like nothing better at this time than to subvert the path of the Aquarian Cycle, for this Cycle is destined to be the greatest Cycle in Humanity's evolutionary path.

"For every side or opinion that is present there will be another side or opinion to oppose it. This therefore requires that you exercise the great gift of discrimination. It is how you choose, and your motivation for choosing, that in essence represents the sorting of the 'wheat from the chaff'. There will be many who will follow the path of evil, but remember that you can walk to the gates of Hell and still turn back. You follow a path only for as long as you wish to. There will be much suffering in the World but no more than Humanity can bear and understand. Many, for instance, will not be touched by the plagues that are predicted to come."

Clearly one of the predicted 'Plagues' testing Humanity at this time is the disease now known as 'Aids'. It is almost unique in that, with few and rare exceptions, it can either be contracted or avoided by one's own 'conscious' action:

The Master ZEN TAO: "Aids is the first of the seven plagues from which Humanity will suffer. Now you must understand that the purpose of disease is not to punish: it is to bring about transformation. Disease is a great tool of evolution and all disease should be seen in this way. Aids, of course, is a disease which is usually transmitted sexually. The greatest disease of the Human Race today is its abuse of sexuality. With Aids, therefore, you have a disease which demands sexual responsibility. Aids can be likened to a genetic time bomb, because ultimately only the pure in body, mind and spirit will survive it.

"The sexual act should not be regarded as an act of self-centered pleasure, but rather as an act of Cosmic creation. If you live a life of sexual purity you will not be touched by Aids. If you are pure in body, mind and spirit you will not be touched by much of what is to walk the face of this Earth. This is indeed the beginning of the sorting of the 'wheat from the chaff'. It would be true to say that in the New Age it will only be the pure of spirit, the pure of mind and the pure of body that will inherit the Earth."

[The Master ZEN TAO, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

It often seems at this present time that discipline in personal conduct is frowned upon. Yet it is perhaps now, as never before, that we should once again be guided by, and make every attempt to follow, the traditional old-fashioned ideals of 'Right Conduct', not only in treating our own bodies correctly, but of respecting the rights of others and the environment.

"And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be so overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day comes upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole Earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man." Luke 21: 34-36

While 'surfeiting and drunkenness' are clearly to be avoided by those genuinely seeking to follow higher principles of conduct, there are more subtle ways in which we should seek self-improvement. In our 'civilized' world during recent times, the aggression used by those who are self-seekers has become subtler; but it remains aggression nonetheless:

The CHRIST: "Survival into the Third Millennium is reserved for the spiritually fit. The key to survival is not competition, but cooperation. Spiritual fitness is not aggression, it is fitting in with the purposes of the Earth and with the purposes of her Creator as these larger purposes blend in human exchange."

[The CHRIST, channeled by Ken Carey in "Vision" - Harper, San Francisco]

At this important time of self-examination, the Ascended Master St. GERMAIN, a member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, recommends the practice of meditation (or communing within yourself), through which one can develop a mental calm and an openness to communication from one's Higher Self:

"I would like to suggest that meditation is very important for you at this time. Meditation is how you will gain mastery, the self-mastery and the focus that is required to go into your next phase. Meditation is how you will create the space between your limited Ego-Self and your deeper expression. You will put a little bit of distance between you and the Ego so that your reactions will not be so automatic with regard to responding to negativity. All of you are experiencing much of the density of the Earth in your daily life. But, if you can meditate you will not feel the effect of it in the same way. You will have more of an overview, so that when those emanations or impressions come to you, you can choose consciously and wisely in each moment how to respond."

Meditation, however, is not necessarily something that requires a lot of intense training, or sitting for hours in the 'Lotus Position'. The Masters have stressed that there are over a thousand different 'paths' to meditation, and that one can just as easily 'meditate' by simply walking and thinking within the quiet surroundings of Nature. Essentially, one is looking 'inward' in order to contact the inner voice or Higher Self, wherein, it is said, all the wisdom of the Universe is available.

The Master SAINT GERMAIN also stresses the importance of forgiveness. The significance of forgiveness is that in forgiving an insult or an act of aggression, the momentum of the act is thereby nullified; when we fail to forgive we perpetuate the act through a continuing stream of vengeance, so its evil effects are 'passed on', propagated and nurtured. Through forgiveness the totality of evil in the world can be progressively diminished.

"By forgiveness you can avoid the creation of any more negativity. You can 'let the buck stop' where it is, instead of passing it on as so many have done for so long in this world.

"When someone expresses anger towards you, the tendency of the Ego is to respond in the same way. And even if your Ego is not at that moment responding in the same way to that particular person, perhaps it will await a perfect opportunity to respond that way to another, in an attempt to clear itself of these impressions. This is why the negativity on the Earth has become so dense. Humanity has continued to pass it around, to propagate it, so to speak. And the goal of Mastery is, of course, to master this. Master your own creations and emanations so that what comes through you is Love, so that what comes through you is that Divine presence that you are. And that clarity which gives you wisdom to deal with situations, to defuse the reactionary elements of Human life."

[The Master St. GERMAIN, channeled by Eric Klein in "The Inner Door", Vol.2 - Oughten House Publications]

An underlying theme pervading all the warnings of the coming 'Day of Judgment' and the accompanying messages of counsel, emphasizes the need to seek a return to a balance and harmony in our lives, particularly in our relationships with other Humans, with animals, plants and the natural environment as a whole. We must also develop an intunement and sense of balance and harmony in the relationships between our 'two' Selves, our Earthly Self and our Higher Self. We have to live in a manner which causes no conflict with the 'ideal' as seen by our Higher Spiritual Self. This will help us to by-pass the 'Tribulations' to come.

The Master RAMALA: "If you yourself are living in balance and harmony, you can survive any physical challenge. Though you work in a room full of diseased people, you will not be touched by any disease. Though you are shot at by many guns, you will not be hit. Though you are thrown into the sea when a ship sinks and many drown, you will be saved. For those who live in peace, that is, obeying God's Natural Order, there is total protection. Those who follow God's Natural Order will find their own lives in order. For those who trust in their Creator, there can be no fear."

The Master P'TAAH of the Pleiades: "You see, Dear One, if you are not in fear of what is to come, and know that you live in a perfectly safe universe, it is merely to live constantly in the 'moment of joy'. To know that you will, of course, be safe, that you will survive. It is your reality. You create it. If you are living in an area, for instance, which may be subject to a very sudden Earth change, and you are living in joy, and not in fear, then on that day, Beloved, you will be away visiting your Mother. You see, it is you who create the reality."

[The Master P'TAAH of the Pleiades, channeled by Jani King in The P'taah Tapes: Transformation of the Species - Triad Publishers Pty. Ltd., Cairns, Queensland, Australia ]

Chapter 7:

Many unfamiliar with the predictions of Earth Changes may nonetheless be aware of the much reported UFO/'Flying Saucer' activity around Earth. Even though Governments continue to cover-up and deny the existence of UFOs, opinion surveys report that in the USA over half the population believe they exist, and over 10,000 UFO sightings are reported annually around other parts of the world. In addition, in recent decades over 10,000 "Crop Circles" of amazingly intricate designs have mysteriously appeared overnight in fields of cereal crops and been recorded on film.

All of this UFO activity has three main purposes. One is an on-going program by our Space Brothers of monitoring and taking action where necessary to preserve peace and stability within our Solar System. The second is related to the nuclear threat of the post World War II period. The third, and most important of their ongoing programs, relates to preparations for the Ascension of Humanity and the coming "Earth Changes" of the New Age.

Most of these interplanetary visitors are Members of a "Galactic Federation of Light" composed of the various Solar Systems within our Galaxy that all follow the "Path of Light". These followers of the Light have been in constant opposition over millions of years with the "Anchara Alliance", followers of the "Path of Darkness", a dark group of non-loving, negative and destructive Beings dedicated to dominating and controlling others. As a result there have been many major Galactic Wars between our Galactic Forces of Light and the opposing Forces of Darkness. Now that we are approaching the present Universal End-of-Age cycle this situation is changing and we are all being require to step up to a new era of Galactic Peace between worlds. Many of the existing Forces of Darkness, having realised that they are on the losing side of evolution, are now joining up with the Forces of Light. They now see this as their last chance of redemption before being forced to start evolution all over again at the most primitive of levels. Therefore membership of the Galactic Federation of Light has recently increased from 100,000 members to over a total of 200,000 participating worlds.

Beyond our own Galaxy, there is a large organization of worlds who also follow the Path of Light, known as the "Intergalactic Union of Free Worlds". The function of this Organization is to coordinate and peacefully regulate affairs between the various Galaxies, Planets, and Solar Systems, and generally to uphold the Universal Law throughout our whole Local Universe. The Galactic Federation is locally represented within our Solar System by a a local group called "The Interplanetary Federation of Planets'. This local Solar System Interplanetary Council convenes on the Planet Saturn with representatives drawn from all the other inhabited planets of our Solar System. Up to now, Planet Earth has not had its own native-born Third-dimension Earthly Representative, and so until Earth has made its Ascension to the Fifth Dimension and is able to join on a conscious level with the whole of our Solar System Federation, Commander Monka of the Ashtar Space Command has been appointed on our behalf to represent us at their Council Meetings.

Within our Solar System there is an enormous Fleet of interplanetary space craft on station known as the Ashtar Command and whose task is to watch over Earth and to protect us during the Earth Changes and our Ascension. They are answerable directly to the Galactic Federation and to our own Earth Spiritual Hierarchy and are made up of a Fleet personnel of participants from many other Solar Systems within our Galaxy and Universe. The Ashtar Command's foremost responsibility is protecting us from any outside interference or intrusion by Alien spacecraft belonging to the remaining Forces of Darkness within our Galaxy. They will also have the task of assisting the inhabitants of Earth when the great planetary "Changes" finally begin.

This great Interplanetary Fleet is composed of over 100,000 Mother Ships stationed within our Solar System and with over 150-200 million Cosmic personnel keeping a watch over us. They themselves function on the Fifth-dimensional level and are therefore at present not visible to our physical Third-Dimension sight. This Force is led by its Commander, Ashtar, a highly evolved Soul who is well-known throughout the Universe as a staunch protector of freedom. He is described as having a strict and upright military bearing and is an important member of many Universal, Galactic and Intergalactic Councils. His own directly led personnel number about 20 million, and there are also over 4 million Space Beings working down on Earth's surface unobtrusively assisting us.

The Ashtar Command has its Headquarters on one of the large 'City' Motherships, the "Shan Chea". This Mothership is described as being over 100 miles/160km in diameter and 5 miles/8km high, with 12 major deck areas, with further Mezzanines each of 40ft/12m height. One of the middle deck areas is high enough to have its own artificial "sky" and miniature "Sun", with green countryside, lakes and gardens below for relaxation and recreational use. The Mothership is too large to approach us closely, as its great size could adversely affect the magnetic balance of Earth's orbit. This Ship, like the hundreds of other large Motherships (some of up to hundreds of miles in diameter) within the Ashtar Fleet, therefore has many smaller shuttle or "Scout Craft" on board which are able to approach us more closely. These are regularly used to monitor our surface and atmospheric conditions, correct geological imbalances such as potential earthquakes, or else be used to evacuate us during the major physical Earth changes. They are able to make themselves fully visible to our physical eyesight when needed through temporarily lowering their own vibration rates down to our Third-dimensional level. Up to now, they have not been permitted to reveal themselves, and are trying to avoid doing so until Earth's Governments announce their existence. Then they will joyfully make a "First Contact" Mass-landing.

Commander ASHTAR gives this 'overview' of the Ashtar Command and its work:

"There are millions of craft operating in this Solar System at all times and many, many of these belong to the Ashtar Command. Some are stationed far above your Planet and are more or less stationary for long periods of time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoring systems. Others move about, discharging their various duties. We have small Scout Craft doing surveying activities and we have larger craft with extended range that are capable of operating in space and which visit Planets in other Solar Systems.

"We also have what you know as 'Motherships' or 'mother craft', with many smaller craft coming and going from the Mothership. There is thus a great deal of activity in what Earthlings think of as empty space.

"Our purpose is service, and we go where we are needed anywhere in this Sector of the Galaxy. Our Headquarters is on one of the largest of the Mother Craft, and orders and instructions come from this Craft. It is a city in itself. Most of our people are natives of one or another of the Planets within this Solar System, but also we do have those working with us from other Solar Systems. Our workers do visit their Home Planets at various times on what you might call vacations. Most of us have worked together for a very long time; we are a well-knit Confederation and feel that we are an effective one."

[Commander ASHTAR, channeled by Gladys Rodehaver and quoted in "Ashtar: A Tribute" - compiled by Tuella, Guardian Action Publications. The full text of "ASHTAR - A Tribute" can be read from the link at the end of Book II]

We also have to be aware, however, that not all 'Space Ships' making contact with Earth come as Representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light. Commander KORTON of the Ashtar Command, explains:

"There are those who do come, who are not from this Allegiance and who have no part in it. They come as observers and for their own ends. They are often highly scientific geniuses, and their material to their contacts can be highly impressive - indeed, almost always is. But they have come for the purpose of collecting data for their personal ends and not to give of themselves for the good of the Planet. These are not necessarily what you would call the "Dark Forces", which is yet of another deeper allegiance.

"Now the so-called "Dark Forces" (hitherto allowed as a balancing and learning agent in our Local Universe) are those who are still openly opposed to the Brotherhood of Light, its principles and standards and goals for Mankind and the Planet Earth. They would seize the Planet if that were possible, to control it for their own purposes, which would destroy the freedom of Man. Commander Ashtar has been one of the most staunch defenders of the freedom of Man and his inherent right to choose, to decide to fashion his own embodiment, without outside pressures put upon him.

"The bands of renegades that patrol the terrestrial realms are immediately dispatched to their proper level when overtaken in trespassing activities within this Solar System. The Fleets of the Heavenly Commands are prompt to transport such intruders in masterly fashion."

As a further and important example of its work, the Galactic Federation has since the end of World War II been greatly concerned for the safety of Planet Earth, more so from our own internally created threat than an outside one. The development of Earth's experimentation and use of nuclear energy after World War II caused grave concern throughout the Galaxy. This nuclear danger was a major reason why our Planet began to experience so many UFO visitations during the early 1950s. The inhabitants of other Solar Systems were greatly concerned at this new and dangerous development by Planet Earth and came into our orbit to monitor results of our newly acquired destructive capability. If Planet Earth had destroyed itself, at one time a distinct possibility, it would have had grave repercussions not only on all the orbits of our neighboring Planets, but on all of the other nearby Solar Systems and even threatened the stability of the whole Galaxy.

The Galactic Federation was therefore called upon to counteract our numerous experimental Atomic and Hydrogen explosions, both underground and in the atmosphere, with special devices to restore the orbital stability of our planetary orbit. They were also particularly concerned at our use of the Hydrogen Bomb. They consider Hydrogen as a sacred and living substance, the destructive use of which could have set alight the Ethers of our entire Solar System, spreading to adjacent Solar Systems and possibly a large part of the Galaxy. Already, as a result of our past experimental Atomic and Hydrogen explosions, Earth has experienced some minor deviations from her axis and is in constant danger of prematurely tilting her axis.

Space Commander ALIZANTIL:

"In the days when men were testing all their nuclear devices in the atmosphere and oceans, underground and on the surface, throwing caution to the wild winds, throwing Nature into chaos, very few who walk the Earth-plane at this hour, and at this moment, would have lived to read this message, had the Brotherhood not acted without fear or hesitation, with no recognition for the work that was secretly accomplished. Know that billions of your atoms which were thrown into violent discord in the atmosphere around each of the points of great explosion/repulsion, caused an activated build-up of great danger to your peoples, to your animal and plant life.

"From strategic places many small controlled devices (in the form of small remote-controlled discs and spheres) were dispatched upon their mission to the swirling clouds of discord billowing outwards as the atoms fought and jostled, each repelling the other in the great release of power uncontrolled by Man, whose folly exceeded all expectations.

"These small controlled devices (small implosion discs) drew unto themselves the atoms now discordant to your System and to the harmony of Nature; drew them inward, as a magnet from the atmosphere around them, to the point of saturation, whence they were withdrawn and treated, then to be decontaminated."

[Space Commander Alizantil, channeled by Frank Howard in "Journey in Space with Alizantil" -The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara, Sedona, Arizona, USA]

However it is now being confirmed from higher sources that the need for protection against the dangers both of Earth nuclear activity and the "Forces of Darkness" is greatly reduced, since both these dangers have now been substantially neutralized by our Space Brethren. Currently the main focus of spacecraft activity is on assisting and participating with us in Humanity's Ascension to the Fifth Dimension. From the end of the Second World War and up to twenty years ago, they were here mainly as a possible Evacuation Force if and when major surface changes commenced on Planet Earth. However, twenty years ago the original Plan for a major Pole shift and total evacuation of Humanity was changed since the Mass Consciousness of Man now demanded to go consciously through the Ascension process alongside Mother Earth, so they largely remain in that function in case of emergencies, as well as to lift off certain Lightworkers during the changeover process. In this respect, several Comanders of the Ashtar Space Command have clarified the emergency lift-off procedure that would be needed in those areas affected (through channeling by Tuella):


"A major evacuation could possibly come upon the world very suddenly. The flash of emergency events would be as the lightening that flashes in the sky. So sudden and so quick in its happening that it is over almost before you are aware of its presence. And so it could be if the events that warrant this action come to the Planet. It at this time is not possible to describe what these events might be, but it is possible to instill at this time into the hearts of Humanity the hope and the knowledge of our vigilance and emergency actions on their behalf.

"Our rescue ships will be able to come in close enough in the twinkling of an eye to set the lifting beams in operation in a moment. And all over the globe where events warrant it, this would be the method of evacuation. Mankind will be lifted, levitated shall we say, by the beams from our smaller ships, due to possible planetary turbulence at the time with only limited surface landings. These smaller craft would in turn transport the persons to the larger Motherships overhead, higher in the atmosphere, where there is ample space and quarters and supplies for millions of people.

"It has been explained to you in the past that there is a certain amount of preparedness necessary because of exposure to this powerful levitation beam which will be operating in these circumstances. The frequency of it will be higher than most of your known electrical Earthly exposures.

"Those of extreme density and extreme selfish dispositions, especially at the expense of others or causing suffering to others, would find great physical difficulty in surviving in the frequency of our beams.

"This is why our messages have been broadcast to Mankind over the centuries to lift his own emanations and vibrations to a status of love and selflessness so that in so doing, a compatibility of forcefields will make his rescue possible.

"Those who have lived closely aligned to the Father's Will in their lives and have let the love of the Father flow through them, would have no problem with the frequency of the evacuation rays. For a high state of love in the Human heart reacts upon the Human forcefield surrounding the physical form, giving it an electrical sheath of protection and a blending with the incoming vibrations between now and that time. Indeed, if enough Souls could experience perfect love, there could very well be no need for a removal of Humanity.

"There is nothing to be feared in coming into our midst. We are loving, normal persons, as yourselves, with the attitude of good neighbors and helpers in a time of crisis. We are prepared with clothing, and your foods, and the needs to which you have accustomed yourselves. We would not be guards, but friends, and you will enjoy your time with us.

"There could be a period of time to be spent with us, for your beautiful Earth must be healed in its cleansing, and given time to return to its true glory. Then those who have been lifted in the body will be returned to reconstruct a New World and a New Order of things. As you tarry with us, you will be given the opportunity to attend classes and training for the work which will need to be done. You will be given our constant help in doing this; our advice and our technology will be at the disposal of these returning ones. Many others who have been lifted through natural transition will be returned in new bodies to participate in the new awakening.

"Those who could not participate in a lifting-off rescue will be transported, following their natural transition, to locations with a vibration and frequency equal to their own, where they may grow and learn at a pace slower than the new vibration of Planet Earth. For the Earth will be in an accelerated and very high frequency as it finds expression in the Aquarian Age."

[ANDROMEDA REX of the Ashtar Command, channeled by Tuella in "Project: World Evacuation" - Guardian Action Publications. The full text of the Ashtar Command "Project: World Evacuation" can be read or downloaded from the link at the end of Book II]

Also, on the same theme, another view, this time from Commander YEORGOS:

"We of space have millions of space ships stationed in the skies above your Planet, ready to instantly lift you off at the first warning of a planetary tilting on its axis. If this happens, we would have only a very short period of time in which to lift you from the surface before such as great tidal waves lashing your coastlines - possibly five miles or more high!

"Such tidal waves could unleash great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and cause some of your continents to split and sink in places and cause others to rise.

"We are very experienced in the evacuation of populations of planets! This is nothing new for the Galactic Fleet! We could expect to complete the evacuation on Earth of the Souls of Light in fifteen minutes - even when they are of a tremendous number.

"We should rescue the Souls of Light first. On our great Galactic Computers we have stored every thought, every act you have done in this and previous lifetimes. At the first indication of need to evacuate, our Computers would lock onto the location of the Souls of Light where they are at that instant!

"After the Souls of Light have been evacuated, then all the Children would be lifted off. Since children are not old enough to be accountable for their Earth actions, so they will all be evacuated to special Motherships to be cared for until they can be reunited with their parents. There will be people specially trained to handle their trauma. Many may be put to sleep temporarily, to help them overcome their fear and anxiety. Our computers are so sophisticated - far beyond anything on Earth in this Age - and can locate Mothers and Fathers of children wherever they are and notify them of their safety. Make no mistake - your Children shall be lifted to safety during any evacuation.

"After the evacuation of the Children from the area in question, the invitation will be extended to all remaining Souls in that location to join us. However, this will be for many only a short time although there is no question of not having enough space on board the Ships for you. The atmosphere, by this time, could possibly be full of fire, flying debris, poisonous smoke, and because the magnetic field of your Planet may be disturbed, we might have to leave your atmosphere very quickly or we, along with our spacecraft, could perish.

"Therefore, he who steps into our Levitation Beams first will be lifted first. Any hesitation on your part would mean the end of your Third-dimensional existence you call the physical body.

"Which brings us to the most serious and difficult part of an evacuation: As mentioned earlier, Souls of Light have a higher vibration frequency than those who are more closely 'tied' to the Earth and its ways.

"Since our Levitation Beams, which will be lifting you off the surface of the Planet, are very close to the same thing as your electrical charges, those of low vibrational frequency may not be able to withstand the high frequency of the Levitation Beams without departing their Third-dimensional bodies. If this happens, then your Soul will be released to join our God, the Father. "In His House are many Mansions."

"If you do not decide to step into the Levitation Beams to be lifted up, you might be one of those who survive a cleansing of your area of the Planet for the New Golden Age. However, during this period of cleansing, there could be great changes in climate, changes in land-masses, as the Poles of the Planet may have a new orientation.

"The most important point for you to remember is this: Any show of fear lowers your frequency of vibration, thus making you less compatible with our Levitation Beams!! Therefore: Above all else, remain calm and do not panic. Know that you are in expert hands, hands which have extensive experience in evacuation of entire Planets! We cannot overemphasize this: remain calm! Relax! Do not panic when you step into our Levitation Beams. Above all else, maintain your faith!

"What is to happen to you if you survive the lift off? First you will be taxied to our 'Motherships' anchored high above the Planet where you will be taken care of during your great trauma. Some of you may need medical attention. Our expert Medical Staff will be there to treat you with our highly advanced medical equipment. You will be fed and housed until such time as transfer elsewhere is advisable.

"Some of you may be taken to cities on other Planets to be trained in our advanced technology before being returned to the Planet Earth to start the New Age.

"Your beautiful Planet Earth is destined to be the most beautiful Star in the Universe. A Planet of Light! Here, you will rejoin the remainder of the Universe in brotherly love and fellowship with God the Father."

[Channeled through Glenda Stocks, 1994, in "Sipapu Odyssey", Phoenix Source Distributors , Las Vegas, Nevada]

Commander ALEVA of the Spaceship Rrmada, part of the Ashtar Space Command:

"All of you have been encoded. We have monitored many of you so that we would be familiar with your patterns and life styles to be of help where possible. We are sending our Love to you for we understand and know what you may be going through. Most of the coded Light Servers have already been temporarily brought aboard our ships in their sleep-state. When you finally arrive through our Lifting Beams, you will be awakened to this knowledge that you possess and then you will not feel so strange in these new surroundings.

"There will be changes in your lives as you all have Missions, and according to these Missions your training will continue so that you can carry them out with a minimum of adjustment. There are even facilities for your special pets. Yes, we care for pets just as you do. They are helping us to harmonize with all life forms and as you have discovered, I am sure, that harmonizing with nature is such a pleasure, and to attune to other life forms is so rewarding.

"There are many of us from distant Planets that have volunteered for this service, and I am sure you might be curious to know where we are all from. We volunteered to help those of you on the Earth plane in your time of crisis. We have studied to be able to communicate with you, studied your Earth life and hope to be of some help. Many of us have come from far distant Galaxies. As the word went out for volunteers, you would be astonished at the response. There were very few who, for reasons of family commitments and such, did not respond. Mostly all were anxious to be of service.

"You will not need any garments other than what we provide. We will probably not be able to give you much warning when the time comes for 'Beaming'. As you know, Love is the Key in the beam and everywhere else, so keep it flowing."

[Commander ALEVA of The Ashtar Command, channeled by Shalie, May 1988, Cosmic Light Foundation, Snohomish, WA.]

A further viewpoint is given by Commander HATONN, [Later to be revealed as Christ Michael ATON] on the Pleiadian "Phoenix" Mothership within the Ashtar Command Fleet:

"Each one of your names is written down on the records held in our great data banks. Your Sectors are carefully assigned to certain Fleets and Commanders who oversee the needs of your Sector. We know you are there and exactly where you are. Each one of you will without fail receive definite instructions at the crisis moment so that you will know where to be at a given time. No one will be missed or overlooked, and your participation is sure. Units of families, separated in the possible exodus, will be brought together again on our Ships as soon as events make this possible. Do not harbor fear of any kind, but think only in an attitude of thankfulness to our Father.

"There will be some you know and whom you love who will be remaining behind for reasons built into their own Being. You must release them into the hands of the Father, who will receive their Spiritual Being into His House where there are many Mansions. They will be escorted to a place their inner thoughts and life patterns have created for them, to begin again their upward spiral. You must accept that their personal choices have created their personal destiny.

"There will be a natural missing of accustomed environment, but a brief time with us will bring a forgetfulness, as you settle into the new routines and surrounding atmosphere. Our Ships are beautiful places to be, and the atmosphere within them is joy and love and concern for one another. There will be those of your own people, already trained to assist you in your adjustment to your new environment. We will have trained these beforehand for the work they are to do.

"You will recognize and know these Earth Teachers as special representatives of our Mission, even before a crisis has come. Follow them and heed their instructions, that all may go smoothly for you at any time of great confusion.

"I am Hatonn, and I shall personally greet all of you when you are lifted into our midst to remain with us for a little while. When the area of your Planet has been healed, you will be returned to it and all of your needs for reconstruction will be given. Higher Intelligences shall walk with you to assist you in a speedy reclaiming of the Earth in Universal Love. I am grateful for your consideration of my words."

[HATONN, channeled by Tuella in "Project: World Evacuation" - Guardian Action Publications. The full text of the above book can be read from the link at the end of Book II.]

Chapter 8:

Welcome aboard! These will be the words, and this the spirit, which will greet those who have chosen to be 'beamed up' to the Mother Ships if and when there are great upheavals.

The first task of our Space Brothers will be to repair the mental and physical damage, to soothe and comfort those who are in shock, to reassure, and as a matter of practicality, to bring together those who have been separated.

Next comes the gentle process of healing, and of continually raising our vibration rates. Indeed these two processes work together, for as our vibratory rates are raised, so any injuries or imperfections in our bodies will heal themselves to their perfect Etheric pattern, though in a few cases specific treatments may be necessary. This means that all our old disabilities, the damaged foot from childhood, the results of an internal operation, the scars of an accident, the internal wounds of some past sorrow... all these will be healed, returning our bodies to their truly 'natural' state, their 'higher' perfect pattern as it exists on the Etheric level.

ANDROMEDA REX of the Ashtar Command: "Those beamed up in physical form will be accelerated and quickened within that physical form to a more spiritual essence within the body, into what has been termed 'Light Bodies'. The physical form will remain the same in appearance to most, but that higher blending of the Etheric with the Physical will bring about change, and eliminate sickness and physical disharmony among you."

Our 'Collective Being' must also be healed, and there will be time to review the past Akashic Records of our Planetary History, much as individuals review their own history on the Higher Planes following the process we know as physical 'death'. We will at this time have the opportunity to see the entire span of Human Evolution on Earth, learning in the process from our successes and our failures. We will see the wars and devastation, the slavery, the inhuman treatment of Man by fellow Man, the mass slaughter of animals. And we will be able to review the true damage done to our Planet's environment as we comprehend the full extent of Human pollution and the havoc wrought by nuclear explosions, and as we also view for the first time the dense 'black cloud of negative thought' which has surrounded our world in the past.

But we will also see through looking into the Akashic Records, all the positive aspect of the caring, the charity, the ideals of reform, the service, the good we have done to one another. And we will see "holographically" our former art, hear the music, watch the great theatrical dramas, 'tour' the historic gardens of great houses and castles of yesteryear, follow intrepid explorers of yore into uncharted territory as they withstand extremes of climate and face great dangers in order to push forward the frontiers of Human knowledge. And we will be able to watch the past brainstorming of scientists as they explored the sky and stars, the phenomena of time and gravity, as they discovered and learnt to harness the power of electricity, as they developed methods of capturing music then broadcasted it on the airwaves or encapsulated it on magical silver discs, or as they invented and perfected tiny electronic chips with memories and calculating power far beyond our previous Human capacity. We will be watching on the viewing screens, in 3D "virtual reality", the entire History of our Planet: "This is Your Life" spanning over thirty million years!

There will be time, too, set aside for individual personal development, for learning new artistic and intellectual skills, for studying ourselves so that we may know ourselves better.

Nor will we be denied entertainment and enjoyment! We will share relaxation and games, drama and music with one another and with our Space Friends; we will enjoy the extensive recreational parks created within the Mother Ships in which to walk, relax and meditate. There will be no shortage of pleasurable activity.

Commander ALEVA of the Ashtar Command: "We have recreation areas, great Lecture Halls and we have school-type rooms where you will receive instruction in this new environment and new life style so that you will feel right at home in a very short time. We have entertainment and we have tried to gather foods that would please you."

There must also be site orientation of course; conducted tours around the Mother Ship which is to be 'home' for the time whilst Earth is being cleansed and replanted.

When we think of 'Spaceships' we will probably visualize their size as corresponding to perhaps one of our largest ocean-going Cruise Ships. The actual reality, when we come to confront it, will require a major effort of comprehension!

Tuella gives us her own personal description from one of her Astral-body visits up to the Command Mothership of the Intergalactic Fleet, the Shan Chea, Headquarters of the Ashtar Command, which even now stands ready to receive its Earth guests:

"Make no mistake about it, the Inns of Heaven are ready, awaiting their guests. Nothing is crowded in these self contained, phenomenally organized, incredibly spacious floating Etheric worlds. Seven of these great Pearly White Space Cities are at present [c.1987] said to be in readiness, which vary in size from ten miles in diameter to one of the largest, which houses the Headquarters of Lord Jesus Sananda, Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command. It is over one hundred miles in diameter.

The Great Space Cities have twelve levels (in most cases) and it has occurred to me that you would enjoy a tour to inspect one of the largest, the Headquarters of The Ashtar Command. Approaching, we first see the underneath level One, which is the great entry and exit portal for trafficking craft. It consists of disembarking platforms, parking docks, garages for incoming visiting craft, maintenance departments, and storage areas for the thousands of small scout ships cleverly stacked one over the other.

The Second level might be termed a colossal stockroom. This is the Quartermaster Deck, containing all manner of supplies and inventories for the varied needs of all levels. It is like a city of warehouses, but immaculately clean of course.

The Third level is as a vast zoo. It is the level set aside for animal husbandry research, and birdland. Every manner of creature from many worlds has a habitat here. It is rather a noisy level, but the air there is nevertheless pure and pleasant.

Above it, level Four is designated for Agricultural research. It is like a vast farmland of well kept vegetable and botanical gardens, fruit orchards and sample specimens brought on board from various worlds for reseeding on new worlds, and activity of that nature.

The Fifth level is a housing center for all those technicians and persons who serve on the four levels beneath.

Directly above Five, at Level Six is the breathtakingly beautiful Recreational level and lushly landscaped park areas, where a relaxing stroll is sheer joy. All manner of recreational activities are located here for access by all residents of all ages.

Strategically located, level Seven is the sprawling Medical Complex. Awesome in size, many information centers are needed to guide one. It contains all comprehensive patient facilities and quarters for all medical personnel. Dental care areas, biological research centers, and the Ship's laboratories; all elaborated with the finest technology Space has to offer.

The Eighth level is the housing prepared for Earth's visiting Lightworkers and Evacuees. It contains staterooms for individuals and apartments for families as far as the eye can see. These areas are dotted with countless joint dining areas, social halls, nursery care sections, laundry facilities and of course information offices. Gradually the ship's guests are introduced to the technologies of these various areas, an exciting experience.

Level Nine is their prized University Compound. The Halls of Wisdom: vast Libraries scattered everywhere, endless Concert Halls and cultural interests from throughout the Galaxy. Halls of Learning house classes with curricula for all ages. Very young children's classrooms are filled with individualized computer systems. Rooms are decorated with domed ceilings colorful in their display of planets and worlds as they progress across the pathless sky, each at a different pace. Elementary astronomy is taught to the very young and they quickly learn to identify and name the various planets and sections of the Universe. Vibrant vitality shines in their faces as they have conversations with their computers.

Musical talent blossoms in outer space because of the Music Rooms in the great Craft. There one can play upon an instrument, in a soundproof room, along with a full orchestration background on a wide choice of selections by merely pressing the correct buttons on a computer panel. Any category of music, with thousands of selections, is available at the fingertips of the lone but aspiring soloist.

On level Ten, these Innkeepers of the Galaxy, house their visiting dignitaries from all Dimensions, in special apartments. This tenth level is also primarily the living quarters for our Space Brothers, containing staterooms and apartments with multiple scattered conference rooms and beautiful sprawling dining and lounge areas.

The home area for the Ashtar Command Headquarters is located on level Eleven, also the Great Rotunda Meeting Hall. Summoned by a soft electronic tone in their quarters, Earth visitors are brought to this Great Hall for any necessary group gatherings. Its striking circular wall displays many tremendous viewing screens, where guests are permitted to view Cosmic panorama as well as their own world and things to come as well as things passed.

The Great Hall is also used for auspicious social occasions, like welcoming and meeting with visiting dignitaries or other festivities from any level. This level also houses the Viewing Room, Map Room and Soul-Panel Boards, and finally the enormous Command Communications Center, where all Earth contacts are precipitated or monitored, recorded, or whatever, as well as Inter-Command communication.

Level Twelve is the uppermost portion of the craft and is referred to as "The Dome". It is the officers' Observation Deck and Pilot Control Center. Earth visitors are permitted here in groups, by appointment. The total surrounding circumference is furnished with comfortable chairs for relaxing and observation. Question-and-answer sessions with Crew Members are a part of the experience there.

Directly down through the center of the great Mothership, all levels share a circular shaft or center core, which is a power reactor throughout the craft. However, one must remember that the activating source of power comes from the Universe itself, this is but its channel to proper sources. The power center core is roughly 200 feet or so in diameter. Its outer shell contains several primary elevators for inter-level transportation. A few larger elevators are restricted for Quartermaster and maintenance use. At each level, the power center is surrounded by a spacious lounge area, beautifully furnished and shared by all divisions of that level.

Generally speaking, the Mothership's furnishings are simple and sharp in design. White is the predominant color, contrasted with stirring tones of orange or reds or blues, and much yellow. The colors are all pure, not muddied or muted. In Earth terms, the decor would be described as ultra modern, with its gleaming use of a glass-like substance.

Commander Lord Ashtar once described Shan Chea as the largest of the Father's great orbiting cities that encircle this Solar System and primarily this Planet. It orbits (in the Etheric dimension) from 500 to 1500 miles away from Earth, varying this elevation from time to time. It remains fixed in certain holding patterns when circumstances require. It is one of the slower moving bodies because of its size and because of its monitoring of the overall area as well as its monitoring of Earth's inhabitants. It has been in orbit since long before the coming of the Christ Child. Its orbit is not given to any certain pathway for it goes wherever it is led by needs and situations. It is the Great White City upon which Commander Ashtar abides most of the time and from which he projects all of his Energies to the system. Many times it hovers at the Portal of this Universe when great Inter-Universal Councils take place.

["On Earth Assignment" by Tuella - Guardian Action Publications - 1988. Full texts of two of the Ashtar Command Books through Tuella can be read from the links at the end of Book II]

A further description of our possible arrival and familiarization with a Mothership is given by several Members of the Ashtar Command:

SARNA: "Greetings in the Light of the Radiant One. I am Sarna, one that is in a Spaceship assigned to this channel".

"I will take you at this time, with your permission, on a mental voyage. First I would ask you that you mentally visualize a Scout-ship that has just landed in front of your dwelling place. Know that ours will be of an oval shape. As it is seated on either large balls or tripods, there is a stairway that automatically descends to your level. You are invited to enter. All of you are invited to enter.

"I stand at the top of the stairway and I greet each of you individually. You will notice that this particular room is semi-circular and there are comfortable seating arrangements for each of you. I invite you to sit. Now, if you will excuse me, as I have closed the door, I shall now take the controls.

"You will notice that the large screen panel that is before me is one that appears to have a computer-like system with varying monitors. Now, as you grow accustomed to where you are seated within the Scoutship, you become aware that your seat moves so that you may gaze out. Slowly our craft rises and you see the Earth as we leave it.

"Within this particular vessel, you feel no movement, but it would seem that the Earth is slipping away from you rather than you are leaving its ethers. Then, as you continue to gaze about, you see the night-time sky. One of you notices that we are heading towards a very bright light that contains a strong intensity, and indeed, the light grows brighter as we approach.

"As we get closer, you notice a form, a shape. It is much larger than you had anticipated it being. One of you might ask of this and I would assure you that this is one of the Motherships, if you would care to use that term. For this particular voyage of discovery we are taking you aboard this vessel.

"We dock in a portion underneath the Mothership. Slowly, again as I press the button, our stairway descends, and I ask that you would follow me out into the entry area. We then step upon what you would call a moving sidewalk. One of you notices immediately, the fragrance that is in the air. For indeed, the air is clear and clean, and there is a sweet fragrance to it in its purity.

"As we reach the end of this particular moving sidewalk the door slides open and we step into an entry foyer-like waiting area. It is in a pale color and has indirect lighting. And one of you is quite surprised to see that there is green foliage about.

"Here, I will leave you briefly, and another will continue some of your experiences aboard the Mothership."

Aleva: "Hello, I am Aleva. I am coming in my capacity of the Official Greeter, and I would greet each of you most humbly in the Light of the Radiant One. I would bid you welcome, for it is my joy and my pleasure to act as your official Hostess as you would go about the ship.

"But now, before you go any farther, I know you must be weary and you would be much more comfortable in some other more suitable clothing. So I would suggest to you that perhaps you might go to your designated rooms. There is no need to stand uncertain and be concerned - simply go in the direction that you feel is "right". Some of you will turn to the right and some to the left and continue until you see a certain inscription upon a door. A "knowing within" will tell you that this is your room. I would suggest that you would enter. Now, please set off on your visit, and I shall continue a telepathic description to you individually, even as you have entered your room.

"You will notice going down the corridors, that as you approach your room the door slides quietly open so that you might step into that which is your particular space. Some of you are quite surprised to see that you have a particular favorite green plant in your room, or perhaps there is your favorite chair. Of course this is a replica of that which you have had on Earth. For you see, we have monitored you quite closely and it is our desire that this space, this area you would call your own, would be an area that would be quite comfortable for you, so we have brought in various favorite articles for your convenience.

"Some of you notice that there is a clothes closet, that there are chairs, and you notice that your bed does not have legs, but rather it is a projection out from the wall. Now, may I suggest to you at this time that you exchange the garment that you have on for one of the one-piece jump suits, as you shall find this more comfortable. And yes, you will notice that you have a specific color for that which you wear.

"Now that you are about to change, if you would like to first freshen-up by washing your face, you might like to touch that large button over there on the wall and you will find that the necessary concealed fixtures will make themselves available to you. Once you have donned your particular suit, may I suggest to you that you recline upon your couch or your bed, whichever term you prefer to use. There now, I trust you now feel quite comfortable.

"Please do not be concerned that two persons will now ask permission to enter your room. They have come to assist you in balancing out and in attuning to the vibrational frequency of the ship. Yes, notice that they do not actually touch your body, but rather, they work through that which is your auric field. There now, you can already feel that they have discovered a particular area of your aura where there has been an unbalance within you, and they are now working to smooth out that unbalance.

"I can now sense that each of you is feeling much more comfortable, much more relaxed. No, these two Ones do not speak to you in words as you do, but your gratitude is conveyed to them through your thoughts. Perhaps you might choose to recline here for a few moments after they have completed the balancing process and just relish the delightful feeling that you have.

"Now, if you are ready, we would ask that you would again come into the central foyer that I might have the opportunity, indeed the privilege, of taking you on a tour of this particular vessel. Now, is everyone with us? Let me see. Yes, you are all here.

"We shall continue down this particular corridor, for I would welcome the opportunity to show you the portion of the ship that you would call the 'piloting area'. As we go past some of these doorways or some of these areas, you will notice that there is that which has the resemblance of great banks of computers. These are not computers in your terms of the word, but rather they are a storage system. This particular vessel is powered by crystalline energy and is guided in most ways by thought. These computer-like banks that you observe are memory banks for various activities that take place within the ship.

"Now, we have approached that which is the 'Command' section. As we step through the door, you will note that there are several individuals that are quite familiar to you. Indeed, some of you will be now having your own individual reunions with them.

"Again, you will note the large computer-like wall screens in this area. You will notice the energy patterns or waves that are being displayed. This is how we are able to know you, by your particular set of energy patterns. If I were to touch this particular switching device, you will notice that I do not actually touch it, but rather, I move my hand before it, and now our screen shows a combination of energy patterns that are melding into one specific pattern. This is a representation of who you are. Your individual patterns have now formed into one energy pattern that represents the group. You will note that there is now shown a particular ratio of various colors.

"That particular seat over there is one that is occupied only by the Lord Sananda, or else Commander Ashtar. There are no specific regulations regarding who can sit in it, it's just that the rest of us do not feel that we have evolved sufficiently to do so."

Commander Jon-Ton: "Greetings. May the peace of the Infinite One abide within you in all ways, manifesting the beauty that is that which is given through you.

"I do not usually communicate directly through channels on your Planet, but rather, I am one that is met here on the Star Ship by those Earth persons that come aboard in their sleep-state. My assignment here, if you will, is to 'run' the Star Ship, which is the 'moving world' known to you as the 'Star of Bethlehem'. It would be considered by you as a small-sized world, such as your Moon, though somewhat smaller. This ship is used as the central focus of the many specific energies which are shared with the Earth plane. Often it is stationed invisibly near to your equator, but usually several hundred-thousands of miles above.

"Even as the other Commanders have specific assignments of concentration, my primary responsibility is to assure the safety and the secure management of the ship. This is no easy task, I assure you! But it is one that brings to me a great challenge and sense of purpose. I cannot begin to give you specific numbers as to how many there are of us here. The numbers fluctuate according to the number of ships out on station and those that have returned to their home planets. However, you could say that at any one time there are at least several hundreds of thousands of ships.

"Many of the small Scout-ships stationed on this Mother Ship, more than one hundred and fifty thousand of them, are manned by from one, to two, three and up to five crew members. Of course, there is also room in each of them to hold more than twice that number if need be, such as in the event that the moment comes for you of Earth to leave quickly.

"Even as your World has many divisional responsibilities, this small world to which I am entrusted, is divided into one in which each person has specific duties or responsibilities, such as for the 'housekeeping' or cleanliness of our surroundings; others who provide food, ones who maintain the structure of the ship, ones who maintain the gardens and plant growth areas, as well as those who are responsible for our garments, housing and the environment.

"Those, for instance, who maintain the environment, are responsible for the quality of the air, its correct mixture for our well-being, the amount of light and its intensity, hue and color, and for the level of moisture available to us. They are entrusted with maintaining the in-ship environment that is most conducive to the well-being and upliftment of the ship's inhabitants. To those of us from different spheres as well as galaxies, we have found that there is a universal air mixture, but in the private quarters of each individual, an exact mixture is provided which is likened to their home area. Thus there is always the opportunity to balance out. As you on Earth come to this ship, these specialists will, and have learned, how to adjust to the total environment of your area, so as to achieve a minimum adjustment shock for each of you.

"Our Ship could be likened to a large city which is planned for the total benefit of its inhabitants. One aspect that you might find of interest, is the fact that we have no litter or refuse. We have the ability to recycle or reuse all that is with us. Thus we are self-sufficient and perpetuating. Families are also assigned to this Ship, so that we may have the experience of children or small ones coming forth to enrich our lives. In fact, we have a 'birthing' chamber, even as we have a chamber for releasing ones who have achieved their highest development within this particular sphere.

"We have accepted this assignment with great joy and anticipation. We are a movable world, which has the capacity to invite and accept many more.

"As you are aware, these Motherships are made by us through thought and application. This particular Ship does not itself have a consciousness, but it does have a sensitivity. Those that work most closely with her know of that sensitivity and how she expresses such. She does have the ability in some situations to repair herself, but she still must be patrolled by the engineers who are responsible for her well-being.

"Should we be exposed to a small meteor bombardment, the Ship has the ability to seal any and all encroachments up to twenty feet in diameter that have escaped the Ship's repulsion beams. These would not necessitate the involvement of one of the engineers. However, should there be damage greater than that diameter, then a crew of several engineers from one of the sectors would be dispatched to examine the damage and determine the method of repair. In these instances the engineers shoot crisscrossing threads across the damaged area. The Ship then has the ability to repair itself, using these filaments as the foundation for its own regeneration. Also recognize that there is a measure of elasticity to the Ship's covering material.

"We have also, at all times, a crew on station in the 'Control' chamber. This area can be visualized as a dome above the major portion of the Ship. These ones do not usually need to themselves control the Ship, but rather leave this to instruments that are similar to your computers, except at those times when we must use 'conscious thought' to determine the navigational route. Even then, the information we require is held within the computers for us to determine which is the best route.

"Recognize that we travel much on what you would call 'Ley Lines', which are spread throughout the Cosmos. These energy lines go in all directions, so there is no limitation to our direction of travel. The only limitation we experience is one of needing to make a vibrational adjustment when we enter a Dimension of denseness greater than the one which we normally experience in our routine work. Even then, we are advised of the anticipated adjustment by our computer equipment. The 'thought' is then shared and received by all to make the necessary adjustment. The skin or covering of the Ship, if you will, is thickened to compensate for the additional stress placed upon it.

"Concerning the great distance we are in orbit from you. We could not be closer because to do so would set up a vibrational pull between your Earth, our Ship, and your Moon, to such an extent that it would be quite detrimental. It would destroy your Moon, or rather, destroy the attraction holding your Moon, causing it to spin off and disintegrate. It would also bring your Earth to rest attached to our Mother Ship or vice-versa! Such an arrangement would not be conducive to travel! This attached connection could also unfortunately destroy your Earth, should we ever needed at short notice to remove ourselves from your attachment and position within your Solar System.

"On board our Mother Ship, the growing process for our foods is one that is greatly different from yours on Earth. We do not have or need large fields of soil in which to plant seeds to produce food. Our diets are relatively simple, but suited to the background of each of us. Nutrients are produced in what you would consider to be a laboratory setting. Your hydroponics are quite similar. It has been determined that a greater yield for a longer period can be produced in this manner. We do not eat the flesh of others, but rather eat that which you would determine as fruits and vegetables, grains and seeds. Our intake of foods is not as great as yours, so it is not necessary to produce vast amounts of food.

"Those that prepare these 'Gifts of Nature' are ones who have a great love and involvement with the act of preparation. To use your terms, they are quite creative. I believe you would like some of their recipes. We do not put in long hours of preparation, for much of what is consumed by us on a routine basis is consumed in its natural raw state. Perhaps, a liquid combining the nutrients and flavors of two or more foods might be made, but that is all. On those days which are feast days or special occasions, then there is a great activity in the area of food preparation.

"There are several of our largest Mother Ships stationed near to the Earth plane. We can come to within two thousand miles of your planet without immediate harm to you or us. We will do this in the event of a lift-off evacuation. We, aboard this particular craft, can easily hold most of the population of your North American Continent, although we would not in fact need to do this, since many of your Continent are also assigned to various other vessels for their debriefing and various assignments."

[Channeled through Tuieta in "Letters From Home, Vol. II", published in 1992 by Portals of Light, Inc., 1186E 700N, MARION, IN 46952.]

In this and similar Motherships there will be much work to be done. Those brought up to them will be looking forward to their ultimate return to a rejuvenated and cleansed Fifth Dimensional Planet Earth, with a new life ahead of them, but now there be time for training and preparation for the tasks ahead for co-creating with the help of the Galactic Federation Forces back down on the New Earth.

Chapter 9:

Those who have been lifted up for training and preparation to the large Motherships hovering high in our atmosphere, will be given ample time and all the necessary support needed to overcome the change of location. They will be welcomed as honored guests, and all the spaceships' great wealth of facilities, for learning, recreation and relaxation as well as personal refreshment and reflection will be placed at their disposal. But they will also need to confront the challenge of a return to a cleansed and in some areas an unrecognizable Planet. The reality of this event will focus attention on the mundane need to formulate new social and commercial rules, to assist in the planning of future resources-use for urban living, agriculture and leisure.

Aware of the importance of this task, our Space Brothers will provide the opportunities and facilities on the Motherships for the necessary Planning Convocations.

The co-creation of a rejuvenated Earth on a higher dimension is an event of considerable importance even in Galactic terms, and we will be greatly assisted at these planning convocations with advice and encouragement from our Space Brothers and participating visitors from more developed worlds throughout the Universe. But they would not dictate our future plans, only help and advise us, for if they did otherwise they would be inter-positioning themselves between us and our own Karma, which would be improper and a violation of Universal Law. We must all learn through our own efforts, our own successes and our own mistakes, and this applies equally to a collective planetary civilization, just as it does to the destiny of individuals.

We of Earth will need to consider and formulate for ourselves the basic social-political rules and structure that will govern our new society; the basic rules of social conduct which will reflect our new attitudes and aspirations towards one another and towards the new and uplifted Planet Earth.

Man's development on Earth, from the times of primitive cave-dwelling to the relatively sophisticated lifestyles presently enjoyed by us, has up to now been largely concerned with the provision of physical needs of food, clothing and shelter. In the New Age this will no longer be Mankind's major preoccupation, thanks largely to a lower population and new technologies as yet unknown on Earth.

Nor will the new Mankind be plagued by wars, slavery, poverty, revolution and social injustices; for the higher vibratory rate on which Humanity is to operate will ensure that the basic attitude of selfishness, which has in the past pervaded Man's relationships with fellow Man and hampered the true development of civilization, will not prevail. Indeed, cooperation and mutual assistance will be the natural inclination in the New Age, leading to peace and prosperity.

In a world where there is an abundance of physical needs, in a world where peace and cooperation are the natural order, Mankind will now have time to devote to intellectual and spiritual development, and this will then become our major preoccupation in the New Age.

Yet politics must nevertheless play a vital role, for even when there is unqualified goodwill between all people, an absence of planning can result in the same urban chaos we experience today; and even with the best will in the world, people still need 'Laws' as standards of guidance in preserving personal liberty, in the correct behaviour towards others and in ensuring fair commercial trade.

Many of Earth's people on the great spaceships will undoubtedly approach the very subject of politics with reluctance, recalling only too vividly the inefficiency, corruption and costly mal-administration which characterized the 'Democratic' process of government over which the 'People' had little or no control. How can the old evils of politics be avoided? What sort of politics will serve the New Age?

Fortunately these problems will not in our future Ascended World give undue concern. The 'right answer' has always been with Humanity since its most primitive days, but self-centeredness blinded us to its virtues and prevented us from embracing it. In the light of a higher vibration rate and a New Age, the right answer will be clear to everyone of us, and it will consist of one simple but vital rule, which will give all the needed guidance in our correct relationship with others:

In the New Age there can be no imposition upon one living Being by another, no interference in the life and evolution of one by another. Whatever we may choose to do, we should do nothing which is harmful to, or interferes directly in the personal evolutionary path of others.

Grow without diminishing others; prosper without impoverishing others; respect others, as you would have others respect you. This is the basis of Universal Law and in which a single "Principle of Liberty" reflects this and guides the social behaviour on most of the higher Worlds and which will indeed become the guiding Political/Constitutional/Social rule of conduct on the new Fifth-dimensional Earth.

With this one overriding Principle as the supreme element within the Planet's Constitution, Mankind will share resources fairly whilst at the same time observing the rights of Mother Earth and of Nature's environment; we will respect the peace, privacy and property of one Human over another; and trade will be honest and fair, as each seeks to serve, not exploit others; giving fairly for goods and services received, asking a fair price for goods and services rendered.

Thus the task of formulating Political institutions and Laws will simply become one of interpretation: of applying to our everyday lives and events the central rule of "not harming another and interfering in their path of evolution" which forms the basis of the "Principle of Liberty" and which also forms the core of Universal Law governing our Grand Universe.

The purpose of Government in the New Earth will be defined as one of "interpreting" the governing Constitutional "Principle" in terms of day-to-day events to produce Laws. Government will have no arbitrary power or authority. Its interpretations have authority only insofar as they correctly reflect the enshrined Constitutional "Principle".

Turning then to physical planning, the major and very essential task of Humanity in preparation for the return to the New Earth, there will be the planning of communities, transport, and other uses of land and natural resources in such a way that needs of agriculture and recreation are fairly provided for, residential neighborhoods, towns and cities are convenient and pleasant, and the needs of the Planet herself are rigorously respected.

In fact the planning process will be one of enjoyable creation in which everyone can and will participate. With guidance from a high and just social Principle, the assistance of colleagues from other worlds, a respect for Planet Earth herself, and a pervading spirit of goodwill resulting from the higher vibratory rate, rapid and productive progress can be made. And with the multi-dimensional 'virtual reality' planning facilities which will be placed at our disposal on the Motherships, in which cities, shops, workplaces, neighborhoods, homes, even rooms and gardens can be planned, visualized and 'experienced' as if they already existed before they are built, planning the 'New Earth' will be the fun, exciting, creative experience it should be.

Our Space Brothers will provide accurate, multi-dimensional maps covering the areas of the restructured New Earth's surface, showing in detail those new topography of seas, lakes, rivers and mountains, the mineral deposits and the best agricultural land, as well as the Planet's natural 'Power Centers' or Planetary Chakras which channel and diffuse higher spiritual forces.

During our sojourn on the Motherships, the Space Brothers' Ecosystem Teams will meanwhile be working and cooperating with Nature down on the newly-cleansed Planet Earth to repopulate damaged areas with trees, plants, flowers and vegetation, for the benefit and beautification of the Planet and to provide Humans and animals with food in a rich and varied choice of fruits, nuts and grains. Trees and vegetation in these areas will not be seeded where centers of habitation and other surface features, such as transport lines, are planned to be located - another important reason for detailed advance planning.

But even before re-seeding and re-planting can take place, the task of Earth's purification must be undertaken by those of 'Higher' spiritual evolution qualified in such work. This is more complex than we could ever imagine, involving sciences unknown to us. The pollution and damage to our Planet presently visible to us is only the 'tip of the iceberg', as Tuella explains:

"I am told by our Space Brothers that it will take some years for Planet Earth to heal over the scars of her past damage. Panoramic pastures of flowers and lush greenery will be set aside to replenish in beauty, areas where polluted cities once stood and wars were fought.

"The many combined Fleets of the Ashtar Command will be occupied balancing the Magnetic Grid System to restore it to a positive and accurate balance once again. Evacuees from Earth will be observing this from viewing screens on the great Mother Craft, as space ships beyond number of all colors, tints, shapes and sizes, some just as balls of radiant light, travel at incredible speeds along every line of the Grid System, moving in beautiful precision.

"They will anchor the Earth within its own forcefield and reopen the Planetary Chakras where new beautiful cities will be built. They will also clear the Dimensional Portals for the later entry of the immense, city-sized Motherships, which will return their precious cargo to the Planet. This will come after Earth's glorious restoration when all things will be made new."

["On Earth Assignment", by Tuella - Guardian Action Publications - 1988. Full texts of two of the Ashtar Command Books through Tuella can be read from the links at the end of Book II]

Just as so many intrepid souls crossed the Atlantic from the Old World to a new continent, so the time will come when Earth's people will begin their return to their 'New' Planet, now largely cleansed, refreshed and replanted. They will bring with them their previously agreed plans for new towns and cities, neighborhoods and homes, and begin work on the pioneering task of rebuilding the new society.

It will be a time of great challenge, for those first years will set the tone for the New Age and the new Aquarian Millennium. But it will also be a time of relief, of joy and thanksgiving for our return 'Home' to a higher dimension. The joy of return will mirror in reverse the trauma in which we left; and in our return we will be accompanied by, and share our joy with the great Masters in whose charge Planet Earth is given.

Tuella relates her experience she viewed on a visit to the Higher Planes of a return of Humanity to the 'New Earth':

"During an 'out of body excursion', I was privileged to visit with Commander Soltec on his Mother Ship, the 'Phoenix'.

"On the ship, I was courteously seated before three very large viewing screens in his Office and Laboratory Rotunda. The center screen presented a sweeping panorama of Earth's landscape; beautiful snow scenes, then tropical areas, majestic green mountains, colorful oceans, like a travelogue on a tremendous scale and utterly beautiful. It seemed somewhat strange to me that in this broad viewing, I saw no housing of any description or evidence of commercial or city life; in fact I saw no Human life at all. Soltec was evidently reading my thoughts. He commented:

"You are now viewing an area of the Planet as it will be when it is cleansed and new in its glory and beauty. This is the new growth, the new covering that will bloom upon the Planet when these people of Light return. Notice how much more beautiful is the greenery of the vegetation and the spreading trees, the deep blue of the firmament, the clear cleanliness of the water, for all pollution is now removed from the atmosphere. The air is pure and clean."

"He zoomed in on a tremendous pasture of wild flowers. The colorful splash was breathtaking. He smiled and told me, "On that very panorama, a large polluting dirty city formally stood." I would never have recognized the terrain, though I knew I had once lived in that city. He further stated: "Many areas on the beautiful Planet Earth that have suffered degradation at the hands of Mankind, will be left to rest."

"The screen to the left was then activated and revealed a desirable landscape of sloping hills, lavishly covered with trees of that heavenly green, with many beautiful broad open areas in its midst. There were creeks, and slowly flowing rivers. I could see the rocks at the bottom through the clear water, even from our distant vantage point.

"Suddenly, high above these vast central planes I saw the gleaming bright light of an enormous Spacecraft, very brilliant, glowing as it lowered and settled down silently and gently on the miles of greenery. It was a beautiful ship of indescribable size. I can only say it was extremely spacious, shiningly beautiful, dominating the screen as we watched.

"Many openings suddenly appeared all around the Spacecraft, with wide stairways dropping down, efficiently and quickly. Upon each one were crowds of people; youths, tots perched on adult shoulders or clutching the hands of parents, whilst hugging all of their young pets the Space friends had given them. All began to descend at once in a run, shouting with joy or in prayer, but happiness and smiles everywhere. The high emotion of the moment was contagious and I found myself feeling exhilarated along with them and smiling broadly as well. I looked at the Commander, and he also was smiling and laughing with great joy.

"What's happening here?" I asked.

"This is a landing of persons and Lightworkers returning to the new Earth."

"I caught my breath as I marveled at their happiness. As far as you could see the children were running all over the beautiful hills, whilst the very young children were busily occupied with petting their little animal friends to make them feel at home. These children from the great Mothership were facing a new life that would share fellowship with these beautiful souls from other worlds. There were many infants also; being carried as the throng continued to pour forth by the hundreds, until finally I calculated there must be several thousands disembarking.

"Finally the moment came when the activity had stilled and a hush of reverence swept across the masses. Every eye was turned toward the massive center portal, which seemed to glow in an invisible light. Suddenly three beautiful Beings appeared atop the stairs and paused. As I sat with Soltec viewing the scene, I intuitively knew they were Lord Jesus Sananda, Lord Kuthumi, and Lord Saint Germain. The shortest of the three was draped in a violet colored cape. Lord Jesus wore a simple white robe girded at the center, and Lord Kuthumi was clothed in a golden colored metallic robe. Together, they descended where the assembled crowd stood waiting. They clasped as many outstretched hands as possible and embraced many. I realized then that these 'Beloved Ones' and our Space Friends would be remaining with us for a considerable time."

[ "On Earth Assignment", by Tuella - Guardian Action Publications - 1988.]

Chapter 10:
Earth Changes: Updates from the Galactic Federation & Christ Michael

Over the period since 1996 we have been given a considerable amount of channeled information from the Galactic Federation of Light on the progress of Earth's Ascension and the coming Earth Changes. The "Galactic Federation of Light" is made up of a Galaxy-wide membership of Galactic Star Systems which follow the positive path of "Light" as opposed to the negative path of the Dark. This Federation of Light has, until recently, been bitterly opposed within this Galaxy by the negatively inclined, and equally powerful, "Forces of Darkness", also known as the "Anchara Alliance". As a result, during the last 500 million years, there have been numerous and devastating Galactic Wars throughout our Galaxy. Only now, at the coming end of the present "Great Universal Cycle", Prime Creator has at last instituted a final elimination of those Forces of Darkness which infiltrated our area of Creation from an earlier less-developed Creation out in the Great Void (see Book I, Chapter 10 for more on this). This dark infiltration mis-led and converted many Worlds and Beings of Light to fall for their false entrancements.

As a result of the recent Universe-wide cleansings now being made in conjunction with the commencement of a New Universal Age, many Members of the Anchara Alliance have finally seen the wisdom of changing sides over to the Galactic Federation of Light in order to ensure their own continued survival. Thus, recent Galactic Membership of the "Federation of Light" has risen from 100,000 to over 200,000 Star Nations. Many of the Members of the former Dark "Anchara Alliance" belonged to the "Reptillian Races" (bipedal Reptile Beings, also known on Earth as the "Dragon Race"), came from a disbanded nearby Universe when it was amalgamated with our own. They generally tend to be of a more mental and sometimes aggressive nature, more cold-blooded with a less emotional Love response than the Human Race. They came to our Galaxy with the profound belief that they had a Creator-given "Mandate" to inherit dominance over all the other Races, especially the then newly developing Human Race. They brought with them a more mental ability to develop advanced technological, giving them an initial advantage over all the other less developed Human Races.

With regard to our own Planet's End-of-Age "Earth Changes", the Council of the Galactic Federation based on Sirius B, who are our local Representatives within this quadrant of the Galaxy, were the first to warn us of our Solar System's forthcoming entrance to an approaching "Photon Belt", a huge doughnut-shaped cloud of Photon Light particles emanating originally from the Galactic Center. They informed us that this intense area of Celestial Light-force would be a major agent in the predicted Earth Changes and in raising our consciousness level up to the Fifth Dimension. They pointed out that the Photon Light particles would also change our present magnetic-based electrical systems over to one of Photon-based energy, requiring totally new technology for our future survival. They promised they would help us with this once they had been permitted to make a "First Contact" with us to act as our advisers on future technology after having made a major landing on Earth of their spacecraft.

However there have since then been repeated delays in our Human and Planetary Ascension, as it was deemed by the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy that Earth Humanity's "Collective Consciousness" was not quite yet ready for the move upwards to a higher "Dimension". This was further complicated by the Dark Cabal/Illuminati's continued strong secret control over certain major Governments and our global Financial system. Therefore Divine Intervention has repeatedly been enacted to postpone the imminent physical Earth Changes and Cleansing. In the meantime this has allowed Earth's Humans more preparation time for their Ascension and made it possible to include a greater number of as-yet unprepared Souls to progress towards Ascension. However, now that our Solar System is already well advanced into the Photon-Light Belt, and is now acquiring a "Second Sun" in the form of an "ignition" of Planet Jupiter, major physical changes to Planet Earth can no longer be much delayed.

Gaia/Mother Earth has herself been very anxious to proceed as soon as possible with her surface cleansing in preparation for her and Humanity's Ascension up to the Fifth-dimension. She has in the meantime been quietly progressing with her own program of initiating the Earth Changes and Cleansing. A few years ago she started with the raising of hot magma from deep in her interior to just beneath the ocean crusts to enable her at the correct time to proceed with her major surface cleansing through earthquakes and the raising and lowering of the Tectonic Plates. These hot pools of Magma under the ocean beds are also a major factor in the recent global warming of Earth, the "El Nino effect", bringing forth many unusual surface weather patterns. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs or Solar Flares) from the Sun are also a recent major factor in the increasing unusual weather patterns and severe storms.

The Galactic Federation has also had to stave off the various efforts of the Forces of Darkness Cabal/Illuminati secretly ruling our Planet through our financial and political systems in order to delay our whole Ascension process. This they have been doing through their many incitements of wars, particularly in the Middle East, always fuelled by their ultimate secret plans for total control of Earth, and for the eventual control of the whole Galaxy. This Earthly Dark Cabal which has largely been inspired and directed by Forces of Darkness from outside of our Solar System, carried out their undercover control through a behind-the-scenes ruling Elite known as the "Secret Government" or "Illuminati". This group was originally set up following the destruction of Atlantis and the Great Flood 12,500 years ago by the extraterrestrial "Anunnaki", who were powerful "Gods" from the Battle Planet Nibiru originating from within the Pleiadian Constellation. These self-seeking 4th Dimensional Niburians needed to mine Earth's natural resources of gold to help repair the surrounding atmospheric envelope of their Planet Nibiru, badly damaged through their heavy involvement in the many Galactic Wars. They genetically modified the DNA of the remaining native Earth Humans who were left after the "Flood" and destruction of Atlantis, in order that they would become their compliant slaves in their gold mines in Africa. They also later established the Sumerian Civilization and in much more recent times have continued as the behind-the-scenes controlling influence in our modern world through the powerful Banking and Political families.

Many of original Galactic Federation "Earth Changes" Messages (1997-2007) came from their Regional Representative Council within our Quadrant of the Galaxy, channeled through Sheldan Nidle (most of these are available as a separate "Galactic Federation Earth Changes Archive" - see Link below). In recent years there have also been many other Earth Changes messages originating from other Members of the Galactic Federation. However, a new and even more significant source of messages has recently been made available. These are now coming through Christ Michael, who as Sovereign Ruler of our local Universe of Nebadon in which Planet Earth is situated is the ultimate controller of the Galactic Federation. Two thousand years ago he jointly shared with Esu/Jesus an incarnation on Earth as part of his seventh and final "Planetary Bestowal Mission" to one of his most backward planets. When this Seventh Bestowal experience was finally concluded on the Cross, the first such dramatic and terrible ending within a Local Universe, it then gave him the right, as one of the Father-Creator's "Creator Sons", to finally assume the title of "Sovereign of the Universe of Nebadon." [More information on Christ Michael and of our Creation's entire Hierarchy, Universes and Worlds forms part of the first two Chapters of Book I]

In the following Messages, the Reader may become aware that there is a somewhat different program for the coming Earth Changes as outlined by the Galactic Federation and by Christ Michael, the Sovereign of our Local Universe of Nebadon. Whereas Christ Michael emphasises the coming "Stasis Event" (a period of suspended animation for all Humans and Higher Animal Forms for up to 2 years) following the emergence of Planet Jupiter as a Second Sun, which will also precipitate a "Pole Reversal", the Galactic Federation, on the other hand, concentrates more on the "First Contact" event of Mass Landings of Spacecraft following the uncovering of the UFO Cover-up and the announcement of their existence by world Governments. It would seem that the Galactic Federation have been restrained from announcing the coming "Stasis Event" at this point in time; presumably as this remains the sole prerogative of Christ Michael. The Galactic Federation's "First Contact" would therefore probably follow the completion of the Stasis period when all Humans remaining will have had their vibration levels upgraded to the 5th Dimension and existing Earth Governments changed and re-ordered.

12 February 2009 - Christ Michael: We Have Our Glorious New Sun! - Through Candace

My Dearly Beloveds, we have at last today a most glorious new SUN in the form of Jupiter's Ignition! It has been quite a challenge for the Team from central Paradise who does these things. This was a very difficult situation, but one needed to Ascend Planet Earth and also the Solar System into "Eternal Life".

We could not have done this last year, because the Jupiter "implosion" process could have gone terribly badly and we would have had a great risk of creating a Black Hole, or a ball of matter so tightly compressed that the Planet would have exploded into bits and pieces instead of flaring into a second Sun.

It is beautiful. [It is presently being kept "hidden" behind our Sun until it is considered safe for it to emerge and when it could cause serious surface disturbances to Planet Earth. For the time being a "Replica" Jupiter made up of a large planetary-type Mothership will be seen in its normal orbital placement in order to prevent panic by Earth's inhabitants]. I wish I could send a digital picture, but you shall see it soon enough, but mostly likely after the period of "Stasis" [a period of "suspended animation" for all Humans and higher animals remaining on Earth during the Earth Changes and Cleansing], which will still seem soon enough! A digital photo would not do it justice anyway. We are not sure of its ultimate size, the growth process will continue for quite a bit of time. It will become a brilliant beautiful white high-energy Sun! It of course is not to be a large Sun, but enough to stimulate the necessary changes for a Solar System to enter the final state of "Light and Life".

This little Sun will reenergize your existing larger Sun. And the larger Sun will reenergize the little Sun - a back and forth process Your entire Solar System is gradually being towed to a new location closer to Alcyone [Central Sun of the Pleiades and of our local quadrant of Solar Systems] and also into a new "Energy River" at some point which will also further sustain this Solar System.

Right now the Photon Belt adds a great deal of energy and will be adding energy to this new Solar System over the time you are in it. This new little Sun is gobbling up energy like a new baby does, and it is a new baby! As it gobbles up the food it needs to grow bigger, as all babies do, until it reaches its adult size.

Now, we have to discuss the issue of there having been no big Proton blast as yet. Well, we initiated this Sun on Thursday January 29th. It took about six days for the process to bloom, which occurred in your time, late February 4th. A bit late, like all premature babies who are not fully developed in some way. I say premature, simply because this little Sun was made of really compacted matter typical of this dark Solar System, and thus was not a fully mature baby as are normal gas Planets being made into Suns. This was not a full term baby, and actually would never have been.

This has been a long and arduous process for all. I chose not to put out that we were having problems delivering our "Baby" last year. I also chose that course to allow for the existence of the Dark Ones, and also we chose to announce it a year early to allow for more preparation time. There is in fact a reason for my apparent "madness" in this and I ask your forgiveness simply because you do not sit where I am sitting.

If we had never attempted to make Jupiter a Sun, this Solar System would have continued to deteriorate and become eventually a type of Black Hole of compressed matter that would then eventually simply explode into a new creation. There are reasons for this not being the desired outcome.

Now the folks that build Solar Systems are a special group of Descending Sons from Paradise, which are mentioned in the Urantia Book. This work is not in the domain of the Creator Sons and their Sons. This level of creation is beyond the capabilities of almost anyone that lives in the Central Universe, except for this special group.

Now, because of difficulties encountered within this Universe, little of the greater Creation is as "dark" as it is here, Dear Ones. There were thus several possibilities which we have already covered above and repeat here. We could have had an explosion of Jupiter into many bits and pieces through an "implosion" that would have produced a Black Hole that would have sucked the Solar System into it over time, or else a small Sun. WE HAVE OUR SUN. Be in Joy!

Now, because this process did not follow the normal circumstances of a more mature "baby", its process of evolution into a Sun did not go normally either. It was more gradual and did not produce the big blast of Protons that was expected. It did not scream the lusty new scream of a big newborn. It made lots of little fusses and whimpers, putting out little puffs of Protons and other subatomic particles.

And it will continue for a time to send little puffs of them in your direction. You have so far avoided some difficulties, such as having your satellites destroyed and the like. But the pressures will continue to build and start to disturb Earth and her people. There are already plenty of effects now in the growing storms, winds and bad weather. Earthquakes will come forth, and there is a continuous increasing measure of "static electricity" that will further increase, making people miserable. And shortly the new Sun will become more and more obvious.

Of course we are still going into Stasis, and we have some other ideas to explore since we didn't have the expected Proton blast that would have convinced people something was terribly wrong in their Solar System. We are reconfiguring dates on this a bit, because I still desire for Earth's residents to realize something of the End Times is coming. I do think we may have to go into Stasis before Jupiter emerges as a new Morning Star apparent to all, because there are going to be lots of weather problems. You have this already in the fires in Australia and the winds in America and other places.

We still do not expect to be able to make any public statements, but if enough people start fleeing, perhaps we may have to do something when the opportunity arises, unless there is satellite damage. And it could be that the Dark Cabal will do us a favor anyway by whatever game they might play and we can always make use of that. They have to play something! We will play with them as necessary. And the game will likely be secret without updates unless I want to give them some clues as part of the game.

So Dear Ones, we are definitely on the "Red Road" to Ascension of the Solar System.

Namaste, Christ Michael, Sovereign of Nebadon

18 March 2009 - Christ Michael: Impending Magnetic Pole Reversal - Candace

Christ Michael: Dearly beloveds, the Planet Earth will be going into Magnetic Pole Reversal and we have made the decision to not prevent it, but merely keep it slowed down.

Now this is a Magnetic Pole Reversal, not a flip or Axis change. This means the Sun will continue to slow down, maybe be more erratic in this for up to perhaps a day at a time, perhaps sooner, perhaps a bit longer. This means the Planet is preparing to slow her rotation. Then it will stop for a period of time, a few hours at most, and followed by the Sun beginning to move backwards to set again in the East, or will not rise at all for some of you who happen to be on the dark side of the Earth at the time. This would be a period of 3 days of darkness as the Planet gradually stops, reverses and keeps up the reversal until the Sun rises in the West.

This is the "Day of Judgment" in your religious books, as many will not survive, and the Earth Changes greatly pick up, but not to the degree they do from an large Earth Axis change. We will keep the change very slow, to last approximately a couple weeks which will also slow down the Earth Changes. We do not wish to have massive loss of life from carbon dioxide in the air.

Now, once this becomes unmistakeably obvious to Earth residents, we will start the "Stasis Process", which will take about 4 hours. I desire Earth Residents that are to survive this, and who are to fianlly awaken out of Stasis, to see this. This is in part the result of Jupiter, and why we have kept its progress greatly slowed, so we have more control. Those of you who think you are watching Jupiter are watching "Star Ship Jupiter" as Candace likes to call it, and "Star Ship Venus" too, Dear Ones, which for the last year at least has been dancing in the sky periodically.

You on Earth are not waking up much to the realisation of this with Venus and the other Starships twinkling at night. But so be it. You will shortly awaken rapidly and many Religions to be made known of what Pole Reversals represent. If it is not known by that name, the 3 days of darkness will soon get attention, and particularly when the Sun begins to move backwards.

The Plan otherwise changes not. There will not be a general evacuation, since most people would not be boarding ship anyway because we will go into Stasis and then to proceed as expected. However, although we have not said this before, this was originally going to occur during Stasis anyway, and the people would have awoken to a Western sunrise.

We have already suggested there would be significant Earth Changes during Stasis, and this is one method of accomplishing that. We have done all we can do in terms of awakening a sleeping people and it has not been successful. Yes, some, but not enough. So we will allow Mother Earth her freedom at this time to Ascend. The pollution is huge, the Dark have already installed most of the New World Order excepting Russia and China, and there could have been awful things coming your way. Since enough of Earth Residents have asked for intervention, even if they don't know what they are asking for, that is why we have gone with this new Plan of the last several years.

The length of Stasis is not determined, as it is based on observation, time, and fixing of issues with the necessary Earth Changes and the like. Two years is but a simple estimate. We will be putting most of the life on the Planet into Stasis, until the Earth movements are stabilized and the air cleansed enough of carbon dioxide to awaken the animal life. Plants will benefit from the higher levels of carbon dioxide and this is useful, and needed in fact. Some life forms will be evacuated during the early parts of the physical changes which affect their area, and all of those who are continuing the Ascension on Earth will be evacuated during Stasis to areas of safety IF they are in harms way. A build-up of carbon dioxide and other chemicals do not affect physical bodies when in Stasis. This is why a more general Stasis has been planned, even though it has not released as an action for some time yet.

Namaste, Christ Michael of Nebadon

22 March 2009 - Esu/Jesus Comments on Magnetic Pole Reversal - Jess Anthony

Esu: Let's speak of what is to come. Earth is becoming erratic in its rotation. The axis position is moving constantly, causing what you have termed a "wobble" in its rotation. Celestial bodies are appearing in different places than they were scheduled to be, and their positions are shifted because of the position of Earth's tilt in relation to them. The more serious problem, in your terms, is the need to reverse the direction of the Earth's rotation. This is necessary to re-spin the "top", as it were, and keep Earth rotating at a fresh and stable angle. This action is not a unique event in terms of planetary movements; it happens to all planets as they reach the end of one cycle and need to begin another. This action was always planned to happen during the period you will be calling "Stasis". That action in itself was the anomaly. Planets normally reverse their course naturally to begin the process of restructuring themselves with no assistance or extra consideration of the life forms that exist there at that time.

People on Earth have developed an awareness of the need for change, although most don't understand what that literally entails. The awareness has caused a decision to be made to assist the inhabitants to undertake the process of shifting to a new phase of existence. This was not the sole decision of Christ Michael Aton. This was the decision of a Council representing those who create Universes as an expression of the intent of the Creator Source. The construction of all Local Universes such as Nebadon is overseen by the special Creator Beings that design the elements that make a Universe possible. In creating Nebadon, Christ Michael acted in accordance with their guidance, although he initiated the idea for the unique structure his Universe took. His idea was approved by the Father Creator Source, and his plans were coordinated by those who physically make Universes possible.

To put the creation of Nebadon into more context, the Overseers in the Central Universe of Havona that manifested the creation of the Seventh Superuniverse of Orvonton as a representation of the three-person Trinity, set in motion the process that allowed Christ Michael Aton to explore the issues of choice and co-creation that characterize the nature of our Local Universe of Nebadon. The Universe Builders shaped this concept into a physical form that would embody the concept. Earth was developed as a Seed Planet within the periphery of the organized systems and energy sources. It was intended to be a special Laboratory for trial and experimentation that would benefit the rest of the Nebadon Universe structure. Earth was not created as the first planet, but it was developed later as the need for more complex experimentation became manifest.

Earth was taken over by Lucifer's co-conspirators during the Lucifer Rebellion and then put into quarantine by the Local Universe Fathers. The direct nourishment that alignment with universal truth would have brought was stopped to allow these new issues of rejection to work themselves out. These ideas were at odds with the most direct progression Earth would normally have taken. By that I mean Earth had to compromise her natural tendencies to accommodate ideas that were imposed from beyond her Local System. Earth was flexible to a remarkable extent, but the strength of the resistance to Christ Michael's concept exhausted her resources and brought her to the shape she is in today. Much as a physical person would be in your experience, she is unwilling to continue to accommodate the foreign elements and seeks to throw them off in the only way she can naturally. This process has been monitored and assisted for several years, always attempting to accommodate the needs of the inhabitants at the same time Earth's most crucial needs were addressed. The resources of Earth are used up, at this point, and a change is mandatory to continue to preserve the Planet. This limit has been known and has been a consideration in all the sequence of deadlines and delays that have been decided. The last decision was to interfere with Earth's progression no longer and allow her to take the traditional course for change by reversing the Magnetic Polarity caused by the Sun's interaction with Earth's rotation.

This reversal is typically caused by a slowing down of the speed of the rotation, which allows the direction of the polarity to be drawn into another direction. Stopping the rotation leads to a pause in the Sun's apparent movement that is caused by the stopped rotation. The Earth is a ball, of sorts, and stopping it from spinning while it orbits around the Sun will cause one part to be dark and one part to be in the light until it begins rotating again. This resumption of spinning in a reverse direction will reverse Earth's magnetic orientation to the Sun. The geographic North Pole of the Earth's axis will remain positioned as it is, but the direction of the magnetic current will flow towards the South Pole.

This shift and magnetic reversal was always scheduled to happen during the period you call "Stasis" [a period of suspended animation]. This is part of the assistance we are giving you to allow Earth to make her transition with her inhabitants intact, for the most part. This assistance will set the stage for the transformations you hear described in other channelings. It will clear the playing field to allow you to build communities that are sustainable, with resources that are more compatible with a more direct spiritual connection to the Universe you are part of. Earth's fear of access and contact with Galactic Forces will be replaced with verified awareness and a certainty of beneficial assistance. The Planet will house a more sustainable level of inhabitants. There is no way to ignore the fact, however, that the Earth's revitalized resources would be strained in the future by the excess of demands placed on her at the present time. Those who have served their purpose by incarnating here will leave. Those who have chosen to Ascend with the Planet will stay to help with the process.

The time of Stasis is here. Its beginning will be timed by the schedule Earth takes in her transition. When the Sun stops moving, it will be time to prepare for Stasis being set in motion. Christ Michael Aton wants to delay its start until Earth's inhabitants see physical evidence that is beyond the scope of Man to contrive. Only then will they be convinced and open to guidance to new interpretations. No other method has worked up to this point. The deadline given at the beginning of this year was the confirmation that told the Universe Builders to let Mother Earth go her own needed way.

Sananda Esu Immanuel

10 April 2009 - Update by Esu/Jesus on the impending Pole Reversal - Candace

Dearly Beloveds, I gather many of you are wondering where is this impending Pole Reversal. It is still impending. We are doing some adjustments so that it doesn't occur suddenly and we can have more control over it. Christ Michael desires, after a review with this Advisors, to keep the Planet stable a tad longer as best possible, for this cannot be held-over for forever; the tension is building up too much and must be released at some point.

SOON, Beloveds, that is the essence of the message. We must control the Pole Reversal and many discussions have also been taking place over where Man is at this time vs. the changes ahead of us. Sadly, again, few come forth in your world, except the alert ones, on this issue with Obama and his crowd. Since when is it OK to cut back in Iraq and expand to Afghanistan is an appropriate question to ask. While all Souls made their final decision, on Spiritual levels, by last December 31 whether to continue with Earth or not, there is still an issue as to where else some of them may be able to carry onto and this final decision could affect the overall balance of those remaining.

We have a decision always ready and of that you will always be told, unless of course Nature suddenly modifies it for us too. We have slowed the Pole Reversal a bit, because it is not desired for the Planet to keep speeding up and then applying her brakes, or the work of the Resurrection of the Planet would be null and void for quite a long time, and the joint venture of Man and God to keep a civilization on this Earth throughout the Ascension period would also be null and void. This is not your desire, is it?? - No, I thought not.

All we are doing at this time is quieting the Earth Changes a bit, so that the external rotation and internal rotation of the Planet are synchronous with that which allows a slow and graceful stop of her rotation. This is close now and we shall all dance to this with grace and perfect steps!

As the Earth gradually draws to a stop, you may start to notice. She will not slam on her breaks, but the Sun will move ever gradually to a halt, likely to be over a period of a few days. Man, if not yet into Stasis, could not but help to begin to notice this unless he is completely blind. The sunrises will start later, the sunsets earlier, as if Fall and Winter are coming on, but much more rapidly. Your Sun now is rising and setting rather North for this time of year.

You are currently in a Coronal-hole Wind Stream and actually this is useful at this time, in helping to slow the Planet gradually. We will go into Stasis just as soon as a lot of people begin to notice the slowing down, as we do want to get some of the work done quickly, such as in the evacuation of those needing it in areas of danger, and in gathering various food supplies and equipment to be stored for use later after all return from Stasis.

We were ourselves pretty worried that our plans were being made more difficult. It was decided not to wait until full Pole Reversal stoppage for the Stasis Event, as the fear engendered by the stoppage is not needed and this also gives us time to retrieve goods and people before we ourselves are no longer able to enter the atmosphere for a time. There will be huge volcanic actions and electric changes that will keep our Spacecraft out too, so it was important to place some new plans with the various Groups, since things are now more tightly coordinated. We are pleased to note that Mother Earth is so far doing fine, and so please live your lives in the meantime to the fullest possible extent.

Namaste, Esu

28 April 2009: Galactic Federation Council of Sirius - Sheldan Nidle

Inner Earth and its Agarthan nation await you! The Agarthan people have lovingly constructed a whole series of special Crystal Cities for all those of you who need to be moved from areas of sudden change on the outer Earth. Now we would like to give you more details about Agartha and your Crystal-City residences. To begin with, Inner Earth is a place filled with wonders. Inside your Earth is a Fifth-dimensional realm created with Light technology, which turns Inner Earth into a paradise beyond compare. When you enter, you notice the gentler, diffuse glow of Earth's Central Sun. Surrounding you are lush fields; great mountains; broad, dense forests; and stunning, luminous crystal cities, radiating with ever-changing colors. These clusters of immense, glowing crystals house a society of fully conscious Humans whose customs and ceremonies mirror those of other Galactic Humans throughout the Galaxy. Other things that strike you are the wide-open sky and the wonderfully pure scent of the air.

When you enter a Crystal City, you will feel a great calmness and a sense of coming home. You will marvel at the miles-high dome overhead and at the magic of the holography that makes the inside resemble the outside. The people are very friendly and are as curious as children about who you are and are eager to help you. Their homes are at once spacious and intimate due to the same holographic technology that combines their own superb abilities with the capabilities of their unique brand of organic computers. The environment conforms perfectly to the wants and creativity of each inhabitant. Daily ceremonies consist of dance, music, songs, and special ceremonies, and the different colored clothing of each group of participants adds to the overall delight of these special gatherings. Life here is a collage of work, family, and sacred duties, interspersed with daily interaction with Galactic Federation personnel.

There can be no doubt that the occasion of the "First Contact" is vitally important to the Agarthans. Everything they do reflects this focus. An example of their dedication to this cause is the Crystal Cities that they have built to house those when the time comes to morph, like a butterfly, into a Fully Conscious Human. Alongside your own appartment is your individual Light chamber, calibrated to your specific needs. To accomplish your metamorphosis the Galactic Federation has asked all its medical teams to compile a meticulous, daily medical dossier on each of you to enable this unbelievably complex process to be carried out with seamless precision. You are to be changed back into Full Consciousness at the same time. Normally such a process takes centuries to achieve, but Heaven has decreed that you are to take this final step all together, in one fell swoop, followed by training in Full-Consciousness etiquette. Earth's surface, too, is to undergo a vast reconfiguration. Her new Biosphere is to resemble that of Inner Earth so that, for the first time since the Lemurian catastrophe, Inner and Surface Earth can be linked, as they are designed to be.

Naturally, while this is happening many of you in likely areas of danger need to be elsewhere: in the safe haven of Inner Earth. At the same time, we will evacuate from the same areas all animals and plants which your local Spiritual Hierarchy deem compatible with the new reality. This means no ticks or mosquitoes! Under their direction, a new surface topography is to emerge that will strongly resemble the one during the time of Lemuria, and when you awaken from your morphing-slumber this new world will be ready for its new Guardians: You! In your fully conscious state the ways of other Galactic Humans will quickly become clear to you, including the reasons for some to live inside their Planet, not on her surface. All Planets are hollow, and many of their Fully Conscious Guardians live in the inside. Surface expeditions are undertaken mainly to conduct sacred ceremonies designed to sustain and support the Planet and her beautiful, diverse ecology. Mars and Venus, too, will be terraformed and ready to receive those of you who choose to move there.

Among the many changes to Mother Earth will be some magnetic and electric ones. This means that many electro-magnetic Beings, such as yourselves, will be much more comfortable in Inner Earth where the Earth forces are properly aligned with you. All creatures returning to the new surface will need to undergo a Divine change that makes it possible for them to exist on the surface. Some of Earth's flora and fauna will be temporarily lifted off the Planet during the time of her reconfiguration. Here, it helps to remember that many of you are originally from other Worlds. You are invited Guests to Earth, with a special Mission to perform. Your task is not to impose on the surface ecology but to sustain and foster its well-being. As Earth Guardians you are here to ensure the thriving health of a most glorious Electrogravitic Being, Mother Earth.

28 May 2009 - Esu/Jesus: An Update on the Magnetosphere - Jess Anthony

Let's speak of the upcoming events - for they truly are happening. The timeframe we are following is the one that is formed by the shifts in Earth's energy through its Magnetosphere. This connecting "skin," to use that image, is frayed and unraveling, as we communicate. I honestly don't see this lasting for more than several months, your time. I don't like to make "predictions," but this seems on the verge of happening. We are guiding it as best we can, with bursts of power to sustain a slower release of existing polarity. This allows Earth to put on additional brakes as it lets go of previous magnetic connections. The speed of this letting go is slowed down by Galactic Federation assistance, although the stages of its progress are determined solely by the Earth system it expresses.

The timing of what is to come is what you have heard these last few years: we intend to wait now until the Magnetosphere lets go completely. Normally this would trigger massive upheavals and a prolonged period of reversal of polarity. The Planet's geophysical system has to remove the built up stress at faults and land-masses. These stresses, unfortunately, are located at some of the most densely populated centers. This is within the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and the places in the Atlantic Caribbean that lie closest to the Atlantic Ridge. The danger there is the tsunami effects that can occur on the East Coast. We are trying to moderate these slippages and prevent the worst disasters from happening by evening out the stress levels through magnetic manipulation and energy input into buffer zones.

The letting go of the Magnetic Poles will result in climactic changes and disorientation as to the flow of Solar Energy. Existing electric circuitry will short circuit and cease to function as the inhabitants would expect. There will still be polarity once it reverses, but there will be a massive need to reorient all operations based on new magnetic forces and newly assumed polarity.

The "Stasis Event" will be the time to sort out our needs and make plans on how this will function. I anticipate you are right to think that Earth will be less problematic than now, even though still not fully understanding what is happening. We are helping the most negatively influential and disruptive inhabitants to leave. This will create a more positive perception of the Universal Laws that will be integrated into cultural thinking. The political chaos and financial machinations will be stopped and replaced with workable examples of sustainable communities. These individual pockets of culture will determine the ways the larger groups react on a national and international scale.

Esu [Jesus Christ/Sananda].

7 August 2009: Esu on the upcoming Stasis Period Jess Anthony

It is time to speak of your concerns on the coming "Stasis period" [a period of suspended animation for all life-forms] and to explain the current thinking regarding its use and imposition. Stasis is a device that occurs whenever a Planet that is inhabited must undergo some sort of upheaval - be it galactic or geophysical. This allows the Planet's system to stop and reorganize itself to adapt to the next level of vibrational intensity its surroundings demand. This presumes the evolution of its surroundings are linked to the evolutionary process the Planet itself is undergoing. The Planet's evolution does or does not only take its Ecosystem into account. If it is beyond any sort of salvaging, then its environment and life-forms are removed and the system is begun again at a new level of Universal interaction. The problems and imbalances are not continued, even in an adapted form.

The system with Earth is unique. Christ Michael wishes to maintain the remnants of the existence that has become established in accordance with his own vision, in order for it to evolve into the higher frequency [Fifth-dimensional] that the Planet itself is moving into. In order for this to take place, the Planet has to be adapted to suit the evolvement of the inhabitants that are staying, and vice versa. This involves changing the inhabitants and the existing ecosystem to accommodate the new frequencies. This change is most easily accomplished by a period of Stasis on the Planet. Existence as it is presently will pause and be reacclimatized to a new vibration in a higher dimensional status. Man is nothing but a series of vibrational interactions that appear to be chemical in nature. Change his vibrational pattern and he will morph into a new vibrational sequence. This is the same process as entraining two frequencies vibrating at different speeds. The higher and faster one prevails and the two merge into one frequency, becoming two strings of the one.

Man's vibrational pattern will change and adapt to the new frequency for Earth. This requires a strong and resilient physical body and a mental awareness that doesn't challenge spiritual perception or experiential discoveries. Only a percentage of the Earth's current population will be able to adapt. This requires a physical body that is connected to spiritual awareness. Spiritual insight automatically shapes the physical and mental bodies that function on this Earthly plane. Only lately has Man's understanding of this relationship been nourished enough to allow comprehension. Now is the time for Man to move ahead into his next evolutionary phase. This evolutionary status will involve a symbiosis with the evolution of the Earth. Man will interact with his environment on a much more conscious level and will realize the importance of spiritual dialogue with his surroundings.

I will speak of the timeline as it is proposed at present. We are looking to the appearance of Jupiter as a new second Sun to provide sufficient shock and disruption to established scientific and religious belief systems to enable enough awareness of a difference to trigger a conscious desire for action. We don't expect much will happen as a result of any Earthly action or crisis. People are too passive and ineffectual to galvanize much rethinking because of just another political or environmental crisis.

We expect to move into Stasis mode very soon after Jupiter finally is allowed to reveal itself. The process of starting this mode has been tremendously streamlined since the earlier descriptions that have come through. The length of time it will take should be two hours or less, still moving around the global time zones as described previously. Enough Spaceships are available to beam working energy to Earth to interact with existing vibrational motion and cause it to "pause". This is not a process of going to sleep - this is putting existence totally on hold. Nothing is planned to age, because time will seem to stop. Time, you realize, is only a perception on Earth to systematize the relationship between two people or two incidents.

The Plan of the Stasis Process involves sending a beam of energy to Earth that is of such a frequency that it causes the basic speed of energy transfer to pause in its movement. When energy is not moving there is no sequence of interactions that characterize life on your Planet. This is different from what you regard as Death. That involves the Spirit leaving the physical shell and reuniting with its Family Soul assemblage. The physical shell continues to interact with its environment and energy exchange is still going on. Stasis stops this energy movement for a period of time. There is no aging as a result, and time seems to be halted in your perception. With time stopped, there is no perception by you, in fact, because observations or evaluations are based on your measurements of your physical context.

Our perception of time is different and our physical embodiment is not dependant on the attributes you require. We are able to interact with your Energy Grid work on many levels of complexity and redirect those pathways that are out of balance with a higher frequency of energy movement unaffected by your perceptions. We are able to retool your design, as it were, and produce a more efficient structure that is more integrated with the ascending universal manifestation.

Those of you who intend to stay and work after the Stasis period will be redesigned and refashioned to accommodate the changes that Earth will be going through. The symbiosis with your environment will need to be much more exact. It will require a more intuitive understanding of Community needs and an accepted awareness of the necessity of considering your fellow inhabitants in the context of your Community.

Many will choose not to stay to work with Earth's Ascension. Cleaning your environment involves supporting a population that is suited to the available resources necessary for balance and harmony. A maximum number of about a tenth of your current population is appropriate for the landmass that will be most beneficial for the Planet's Ascension. Parts of the current geography will be removed and new land will emerge from the existing oceans. This was part of the surface that was flooded when Lemuria and Atlantis submerged. This will happen when the Earth shifts its Axis tilt. The water will cover different portions of the existing landmass. There will also be earthquakes to remove built up tectonic stress, and these too will change the shape of the current landforms.

These events will occur during the Stasis Period because they are connected with a larger system of energy exchange that does not depend on interaction with the ecosystem developed around Earth's inhabitants. The inhabitants are an extension of their surroundings, but they do not themselves cause the surroundings to change to the extent that will be necessary to cleanse and refashion Earth. The Earth changes are linked to geophysical shifts and redirected energy from the Sun and Solar System. The energy changes coming to Earth affect the Magnetosphere's operation and alter the system of planetary rotation. These changes are necessary to re-circuit the grid pattern the Earth is operating in. This restructuring will provide the new environment for Earth's inhabitants.

I cannot say at this point how long this will take. Your measurement of the length of time will occur after you emerge from the Stasis Period. I suspect your perception of the length of time it takes will be different from what you presume now. You will not see it as it occurs and you will be surprised when you awake from it.

The plan is not to physically remove all of Earth's inhabitants and take you to Motherships or the Inner Earth cities. Most of those staying will remain here and be transformed along with the Earth. Many others will choose to leave or will not be spiritually able to adapt to the higher dimensional frequency that will be necessary for Earth's evolution. This change must be viewed as a necessary step in the Ascension. No Soul is destroyed unless he or she chooses that option; when someone ends existence on Earth, that Soul moves into another form in its progression. The inevitable grief you will experience here must be tempered by awareness and a realization of the larger picture of a Soul's evolution.

There will be a large group of inhabitants that will be assembled in Retreat Centers to continue their education. These are Members of the group that have been called Lightworkers, meaning those who have had awareness of the true nature of what is happening on Earth and have held out some form of insight to others. This group of teachers and workers will make up the large body of facilitators who have chosen to help others accommodate their new forms to the new environment. These will be leaders, artists, educators, healers, and workers who have committed themselves to building a sustainable society. They have special talents suited to the tasks that lie ahead and have incarnated at this time to take on those roles. They will be brought out of Stasis at the time that is necessary for their training to begin.

I think this is sufficient to say at this time. Look for the signs that will be appearing in the skies. This will be happening in sequence from now on. Much of the harvest is being stored, and events will happen when you least expect them. The Sun will move and Jupiter will appear as it actually is. Then you will know that Stasis is ready to begin.

Esu, Planetary Prince in Physical form.

13 September 2009: Esu Comments on the Conclave and Earth Changes - Jess Anthony

Pre-note from Candace - 10 September 2009: There has been a Conclave going aboard the Phoenix Mothership for several days. Really "big wigs" were in personal attendance from our Superuniverse of Orvonton. I was asked to attend part of it 3 nights ago. The purpose of my attendance was much to do with interviewing me and also asking questions around AbundantHope and my postings on my work. There was lots of chatting. This was an honor for me. I was aboard for 5 hours. Esu came around the next morning full of hugs for me, he thought I did well, on such short notice. There seemed to be about 30 folks there. I didn't count them, I was in quite a state of surprise much of the time. I had no idea I was going there, except Christ Michael contacted about 2 hours before and said to prepare, so I did, meaning taking a shower, and going to bed to prepare for the "beam-me-up-Scotty" process. All I knew before I went is I would be gone longer than previous times and I was not to set the alarm to get up the next morning, because I was going to be exhausted.

Esu-Jesus: Much is happening and has been decided and determined. The Conclave on the Phoenix Mothership was a discussion of where things stand in terms of where our Local Universe stands in relation to the 7th Superuniverse of Orvonton. The concept that Christ Michael is exploring is unique, and the Hierarchy of the larger Galactic groups and Orders is carefully observing the outcome of his experiment. It is working surprising well in their estimation. They were cognizant of the potential of his idea, but they are fascinated to see it working itself out in terms of physicality and ascending evolution. The notion of duality and antagonism becoming balanced and unified is new and exciting to see.

This has happened because the Spirit-Souls that have incarnated on Earth over the centuries have played a collaborative role in shaping this transformation. It is still not completed, but the shift towards greater Light and Unity has begun in the lives of those that will continue to complete this transformation.

Others of a dark nature will be leaving this planetary scenario, their roles completed here. They served as obstacles and problems to be overcome. Their pathway called for that role and they provided that force of resistance that others needed to overcome in their pathways.

Earth is a living progression, just as each of you are working out your own pathway for personal growth. The changes that must come are outcomes of the choices Earth has made previously to allow her inhabitants to explore their systems of interaction. Their choices involved her physical nature, and she has allowed herself to be damaged for an object lesson to others. It is now time for Earth to begin to heal. The lessons learned through damage and destruction by Man-made forces are at an end. The slate is about to be wiped clean, as it were.

I can speak more about the Conclave. The participants, as Candace indicated, were "bigwigs" from Orvonton and the surrounding major universe systems that interact with the direction Earth and its Solar System is pursuing. The great Seventh Superuniverse of Orvonton is interrelated in all its vast components, and all must be considered whenever a major shift or change is initiated. This involves Consultants and Coordinators who speak on the potential for growth and interaction the changes suggest.

Many representatives from the Governing Council of Orvonton were there, including Lord Siraya, whom you [Jess Anthony] have spoken to on several occasions. His input was in terms of rethinking that which will occur as a result of the shift in feelings and sensations that will come with a raised frequency of energy activation. Man's perceptions and awareness will be reoriented, and this will affect the way he interacts with each other and with his plane of existence on Earth. This energy shift will have an impact much beyond the perimeters of your limited solar system. Universes within universes will readjust and Orvonton will change over the course of time, as you consider it. Evolution is continual and ascension is a part of it.

I'll speak briefly about the activation of the embedded Crystals within Earth. There is not such a formal programme being made at this time as has been envisioned by some Messengers and Lightworkers. The concept is good and useful in terms of energy activation through the crystal deposits that are strewn throughout Earth, but the time frame involved with the collapse of the Magnetosphere and the upcoming Stasis Period precludes any projected schedule of future crystal activations. The sequence is perfectly workable if the time is available to carry it out, but I fear it will not be followed through as anticipated. This is not to say that the crystal deposits won't be activated in the Stasis Period. They are prime agents for the energy vortexes that are necessary to enliven the Earth's energy circuits.

The 9-9-9 [9 September 2009] ceremonies were good as a focus of spiritual attention and additional awareness of the need to connect with Earth's resources in a symbiotic way. Man's attention was drawn to this interconnection through such festivals. This is good.

The Conclave did decide to let the Earth's magnetosphere follow its own process of collapse without much artificial propping up. It seems time now for this to happen. Timewise, this is still geared to the seasonal cycle of the USA. This is not to slight the other parts of the globe, but to provide the most workable cushion for the Lightworkers to fall back when the Country's governmental and financial structure fall apart. And they will. This seems almost on the verge of happening. This again is an example of a projected potential, rather than an actual prediction. No one can say what events will transpire in trying to reach a closure of the events put in motion earlier. Signs seem full of potential, however.

My suggestion to you is to continue with what you are doing in your work and in your preparation. I don't see the need for many more messages to be transcribed. We will give a specific update through Candace when there is the need for one, in terms of general awareness of what is to occur. You should remain balanced and aware of changes occurring. Try to be non-judgmental; only observe what is presented and release any anger or fear that the observation may occasion in your thinking.

Esu [Jesus-Sananda].

3 October 2009: ESU update on Stasis and the Evacuation procedure from danger areas - Candace

ESU: By now most of you are aware of the increasing earthquakes in the South East Asia regions. This is a direct response to the constant flipping back and forth of Gaia/Earth. She is soon to find the balance point and move into the Pole Reversal process. There is going to be more of this and California is also "ripe" for Earth changes at this time.

Now we have taken a new course of action. The Planet Earth is really in a difficult physical struggle and we must carefully control the change-over rate of the Pole Reversal, as mentioned in past messages. The Dark Cabal has increasing plans for discord and wishes to solve it's financial issues by, of course, still attacking several cities in the US and again provoking more agitating in Iran and Afghanistan. This itself could cause the Pole-reversal and then some, and Mother Earth/Gaia cannot handle this. To address your dark plans, Dark Ones, we will simply, if necessary, be forced to proceed directly into Stasis. Our Spaceships have long been placed in readiness to control everything and you will be left to "dissolve" and no longer be. This will be your final end during the Stasis period. I advise you think twice about your dark games, because in pulling off such a game you will have signed your own Death Certificate. And that is a permanent, eternal Death Certificate.

Now, for you Readers, if an evacuation option becomes necessary, many of you living in areas of danger will be promptly evacuated. Some of you can be directly beamed up, but others must board our Scoutships by the Levitation Beam. The Scout-craft will come down low overhead and you must then step into the beam area outlined on the ground. Most of these Scout-craft will be circular in shape. Usually they will be showing green and red lights, but there is also assistance being given by others to the Ashtar Command, so the lights may vary. Step into the beam, one at a time, and it simply carries you safely up and it will feel a bit like riding an elevator.

If you find yourselves confronted by a beam presenting itself, PLEASE, Dear Ones, step into it. You will have no time to dither. Do not worry, just do it. If it is to be at night, you will be awakened and taken outside to board. All Scoutships are staffed by Galactic Federation folks and they will have the Trilateral Insignia* of some sort, although it varies a little in type. A Staff person will come down the beam and give instructions. They have a list and will ask names if necessary, because you will have a built-in invisible priority boarding "Pass". Others will be taken depending on timing. There are some situations where there is a set period of time to pick up folks, but in others, such as where the ocean waves are already coming in and affecting coastal areas, just get on that craft. Extremely high gale winds would be another reason for evacuation. The Stasis Process does take a couple of hours to complete and we do have many craft ready for this purpose.

The need for this would arise if Mother Earth suddenly begins the Pole Reversal process, which could be "jerky" in effect so to speak. Also during your present waiting period of going into Stasis, those of you who already have an invisible "Boarding Pass" and happen to be in harms-way of a quake, volcanic eruption, or any other dire situation, you will be immediately lifted. We recently lifted a number of you in South East Asia and we will be lifting you if you live in California or any other dangerous area. All those of you who are either staying with Earth or are going to the alternative new Planet being prepared for you, or for that matter anywhere else through remaining in your Physical Body, will be lifted as needed when an emergency occurs.

If your spiritual Soul-self, as opposed to your physical body, is destined to be leaving Earth for elsewhere, there is less need for a physical evacuation, and we will not endanger our evacuation process in attempting to come into situations where it is either physically too late, or we must get our craft out quickly. Some of you have relatives nearby who do not necessarily need to go in their physical body, but we will lift these ones anyway to reduce the stress on you or them, but only if we are able to do so. Some areas will face more evacuation requirements than others. We normally will take pets, except in rapidly deteriorating situations. The person assisting from the Scoutcraft will advise you.

If you are told to board NOW, board now, and do not look back. Your beloved animals will always have a chance to reincarnate, and animals are much more tolerant of this change process than the rest of you. Also animals dematerialize much more easily through not entertaining mental thoughts of doubt as to its possibility. If they are to be rescued, they will be brought up by the "Beam-me-up-Scotty" teleporting method.

Some evacuations will be very specific as to who goes and who does not, and you must accept this. There are some destined to not continue with Earth and while it might be painful to watch, they simply will not be returning. Your "passport" is your special chip that was etherically implanted at birth and you are in the computer on the Ashtar Command Mothership, the "New Jerusalem", and it locates you constantly, and the Scout spacecraft covering the area where you live have that information. If you have family with you, they will go. But others may not be boarding. So just prepare yourself for the fact that some in the neighborhood may not be removed. There are areas where there are huge populations and many will be offered to go and if we do pick up unworthy people, these will be sorted out and dispatched elsewhere later.

Now after pickup obviously you will be going up to the Motherships, and the onboard Staff are well experienced in this process. You will be asked to calm yourself, and if can't you will be put into a sleep state. Do not worry about your children if they are not with you. We will get everybody sorted and children are usually put into a sleep state, unless they are obviously fine with the situation and wish to help. Many Starseed children will immediately realize what is going on and pitch in. You also will no doubt be pitching in where and when asked.

All the folks picking you up will be fully Human in appearance. We don't use other Races during evacuation that are unknown to the Races on the Planet. Now those of you during the massive emergency pick-ups who were originally intending to sleep on Earth during the Stasis period, may find yourself in Stasis for a short time aboard the Mothership. When some of the major Earth Changes have passed over, you may be returned to safe havens in the Inner Earth, or within the outer surface crust, all of which have been built to accommodate the various national cultures. There you will awaken gradually and to then begin living and socializing within those environments. You will enjoy this when it happens during the cleansing and alteration work being carried out on Earth's surface. The others remaining on Earth during the Stasis period in safe areas will just sleep on unaffected by the Earth cleansing and changes going on around them.

It may be at any time that we initiate the Stasis process so that we can have full control over the Pole-reversal process. It is possible that Planet Jupiter will not be allowed to emerge completely from behind the Sun for a short while yet, since Planet Earth, as you can now see, is already having increased weather and earthquake difficulties. If we can work it out to happen a day or so before the Stasis process commences, Jupiter will be allowed to be directly seen [a large spacecraft "look-alike" is presently covering its position in the Heavens], so that those that believe in the "Great Light in the East" becoming visible can have that belief satisfied. And I, Esu, will of course NOT be coming across the sky riding a white horse!

At present we are already removing some people here and there before the Stasis Period begins, so there will be some people going through an apparent "Rapture" disappearance, as those in certain Churches believe will happen. However, these Ones will be brought up either by Levitation Beam or Teleporting with whatever they are wearing, or not wearing, and there will be no neatly folded clothes left behind. If these events are actually to be seen by some people, you may find that there are then some vivid "Rapture" stories circulating.

If you are to be brought up from the special danger-areas, your mate and children will come up with you, so no one is to be left behind to be in fear about where the others have gone. For those who know of Christians with a belief in the "Rapture", if word does get around, seek to correct them as you see best at this point. For instance, if another major quake comes when some may disappear and Scout craft are seen, just suggest that the "Angels of the Lord" are removing people from the harm of natural forces. Or use something else that seems appropriate in your communication. Keep it simple. There are many Beloveds already missing in the recent earthquakes and tsunamis that are not going to be found because they are already with us, so simply expect more of what may make the News, or at least the Internet.

We do not know at this point the exact timing of the Stasis Event. It all depends on Mother Earth and our observations of her needs within the overall situation. We have considerably less than some months left, so it appears it will come soon. Please keep adequate food and cash around. Stay a little ahead. There is always the possibility of damaged electric cables from storms coming before the Stasis event, or even of your Dark "Controllers" calling a Bank holiday-closing or carrying out something else nasty in the meantime. Have some CASH. And keep your tank full. Automated-teller cash machines will not be able to produce cash for you without electricity. It would be wise to take adequate money out of the Bank for at least a few weeks' spending.


*Trilateral Insignia: Usually a triangle with 3 equal sides, but most exhibiting different colors and schemes. The majority of Space Commands use this type of insignia. Many are going to be glowing, of higher vibration, and this is most useful because they are seen as "Angels" on this world. They will always identify themselves.
Dematerialization: This is the "Beam-me-up-Scotty" teleporting method (as opposed to the Levitation Beam). Your physical make-up of atoms is disassembled and then re-assembled on the Mothership. Candace in her many beamings up to the Mothership has safely been through this many times.
Levitation Beam: This is like the little cartoons you see a lot of nowadays. You stand in the circle of the beam outlined on the ground, and you are then gently elevated up, without any loss of balance, into the craft. Don't freak out, it isn't any harder than riding an elevator. You cannot fall out of the beam. Be brave and show the way for others watching.

6 October 2009: Galactic Federation Council on Sirius - Sheldan Nidle

The plans to move several major global governments into their transitional modes are currently being implemented. Of these, the "American Corporation", run by the Dark Cabal, constitutes the primary stumbling block to profound global change, but this impediment will quite shortly be unblocked. Then a range of transformative measures will immediately go into effect worldwide. These include: the new pro-Basil III Banking System, a new hard currency system, a number of new Central Banks, and global debt forgiveness. All this will come under the rubric of a new multinational financial system which forms a much-needed stopgap between the present financial morass and a new comprehensive system of abundance. Eventually this abundance is to outgrow the need for money as a survival mechanism because new 'miracle' technologies will give each household the ability to provide its own food, clothing, and furniture. This eliminates the need for much of the farms, factories, and other staples of your present economy.

A slosh of wonderful new technologies is to transform how your society operates. Your cities and suburbs will be rebuilt. Vast greenbelts will replace your farms and factories, giving a miraculous face-lift to your environment! This will be the prelude to the announcements that end the cover-up of our benevolent existence. The first step of this process addresses the UFO cover-up and introduces the public to the amazing technologies developed over the past six decades by your major Governments. We shall request that these devices, long in use in many of their covert Bases, be disclosed. These disclosures form a preamble to the formal broadcast about the "First Contact Mission". Over the past few decades we have groomed a number of individuals and Governments to proclaim our presence. Then, at the right time, the Galactic Federation and this mission in particular are to be made known to you. The disclosure that you are not alone and that a great deal of secret technology exists needs to be revealed in digestible bites.

1 November 2009: Christ Michael Update - Candace

Dearly Beloveds, Christ Michael here to speak a bit after a rather long absence it would seem. First, let's cover just a bit on what I have been doing. I recently posted through Daniel Raphael that I have turned over more day to day management of Earth to Machiventa Melchizedek and Paradise Son Monjoronson. There are some other Planets that are part of the Lucifer Rebellion requiring a bit of my personal attention right now, in this body that I am using.

One planet is particularly having troubles, and this is in Orion. We are currently removing the last of the Reptilian Race also from that place, as we did within the caverns of the crust of your world a couple years ago or so. I am doing much there similarly to here. I am often visiting this other world for a few days at a time, and though it is not quite as troublesome as your world, it is farther away from a state of "Light and Life". It is not in a Solar System yet facing Ascension, but in time, it will also come in the Galactic Ecliptic and experience what your world has been now experiencing for 3 years. It has yet to rotate directly in line. Your world actually entered a little earlier because we are towing you to a new energy stream, meaning your whole Solar System is being towed, not just Planet Earth.

As regards the "towing", Candace collects a lot of silly comment over this, as if we have little tow trucks or something. We have only to tow "Planet X" and the whole Solar System comes with it. Every Solar System has its "Planet X", and it is through these bodies that whole Solar Systems travel around their Central Stars. Your Central Star is Alcyone in the Pleiades. And in time, in your new energy stream, you will be much closer to Alcyone, and thus not in the long dark period [outside of the Photon Belt of Light] you have been in previously, of 11,000 years at a time. You will be "in the Light" all of the time, based on both the energy stream, and the effects of your 3 Suns, as Saturn will also be ignited in due time.

Regards being in that Milky Way galactic ecliptic, you should be noticing some of the rather rapid effects regards your Ascension syndromes, and that of your animals. Most of you who are around animals should be noticing they are getting smarter too. The God Particles remodel everything!!!! There will be a great surge in evolution upon your plane.

Now, let's get into the not so nice stuff. Despite the now 3 years of work with the energy particles coming through to you, your Dark Ones just aren't getting a hint yet and it doesn't appear they will at all. We did hope some would awaken a bit, with their Reptilian and Anunnaki Controllers now out of the way, but sadly, the difficulties remain huge.

Out of concern for Earth's peoples in general, we have prevented a large array of 9-11 type attacks. Russia has been most helpful in this endeavor since they have so many Cosmospheres and have come into alignment with the Divine Plan. That allows for easier following of the rules of intervention on a planet. These rules however on this one, MY Seed Planet, are different.

We are going directly into Stasis fairly soon. We do not believe bringing out Jupiter will be of any help, but nevertheless, we may or may not. It is placed as far out as possible in the Sun's Corona from time to time and even has been exposed for short periods. It continues to upset the balance on Earth more than we would like. We wish to have that very slow Pole Reversal, so going into Stasis first will bring that completely under our control. We have continued to keep a quiet Sun for this reason.

Your Scientists think that these few new Sun-spots are of the next cycle, but they do not understand that the Sun is also going to be completely monopolar and it will not thusly experience cycles. This is a slow transition into that state for this World's Sun.

We are placing Spaceships so folks can see them at sunrise and sunset. This is not very effective either, because so many never even notice sunrise and sunset, which in normal societies are a time of wonderment and prayer each day. You have lost all of any Holy cycles and the knowledge contained therein.

The Magnetosphere is truly ready to flop. Flop it does, the vortexes will collapse on each other. We will be going into Stasis BEFORE this happens, again, so that we can control this, which is probably why we will likely not bring out Jupiter. We will continue with showing ourselves at night, sunrise, and sunset, until Stasis.

I am back here to stay until the Planet Earth is in Stasis, whilst the issues with the other Planet in Orion and my need to be there are resolved at this time. I needed to personally attend the issues with the Reptilians there. Beloveds, the Reptilian form has not been successful. These ones are still very cold blooded. Those who did develop worthy souls will continue on in other forms but basically the Reptilian form is being gradually removed from existence. They develop on climatically hostile planets, and that hostility seems to be difficult to overcome. Some of you who read here are preparing for various difficult jobs ahead, and thus I am giving this little detail. Such is the nature of overseeing the Creation and all that develops from it.

Now, I have something to share with you. This has been a very long and very difficult process for myself. My Local Universe became infested with a source of Darkness. Some of this infestation was from other Universes; some of it developed in front of my own eyes. I have mentioned before, we must get a handle on this strange, not-seen-before Darkness that has infested the Lighted Creations. It is very intelligent. Your movie on Artificial Intelligence, touched on this. Some of it is artificial. Some comes from machines learning to think, which have no sense of Right or Wrong, no God-sense and which are not being handled properly by those that control those machines. Certain Races also have stolen DNA and then in the laboratory downgraded it to make slaves, who themselves also have no God sense of Right and Wrong.

Creation is old. These problems however did not exist in the first 6 Superuniverses. It is in the Seventh Superuniverse, Orvonton, that they manifested. And this must be solved. I am a very "open" Creator Son to finding ways to deal with this. It was my purpose in fact before I came to create and direct the Local Universe of Nebadon. I have long studied this, and we planned ways, actually to attract some of this to Nebadon, and concentrate it there, in order to try and get rid of it. And many of you who read this material are volunteers unto that Service. This darkness must be stopped.

It is not easy for me emotionally, myself. I do not enjoy having to uncreate something. All Local Universes do face problems of this nature however, there are some life forms that develop that are not always satisfactory. But what was a most difficult situation, was my own Angels that "went south" to use your Human phraseology. These are my personal creations, and it is not easy to walk from family. Do not your own selves face difficulties with children who seem to not turn out so well? Thus the story of the Prodigal Son, conveyed by me in my incarnation as Jesus Christ. I have let my Ones to go out and err, in the hope that they would come "Home" with new wisdom, and that worked fairly well with my Angels and most of Nebadonia's [my Divine Spirit partner]other created Worlds.

Some failed. Lucifer failed, and when welcomed back, that was his failure: he would not undergo any further rehabilitation to relearn and instead chose his uncreation, and that was heartbreaking. He was not the evil Satanist suggested on your Planet, but awfully misguided, and he did let his ego get the best of him. He did want to be his own God, and you still see remnants of this in the New Age teachings. You have to come into alignment with the whole of Creation, if you wish to climb that big ladder ahead. He made many Management errors. So we let him have Earth, my Seed Planet, for a time, along with the Dark Ones, and he did realize eventually that he had bitten off more than he could chew and that he could no longer attempt to be "God" of his Local Regional System of Satania [of which he was the System Ruler up until his Lucifer Rebellion - Satania is the "Regional System" within Christ Michael's Local Universe of Nebadon wherein Planet Earth is situated] in the manner he had hoped.

We still have a great deal of work ahead. I have shed many tears myself, yes, the Spirit Form of mine, while it doesn't shed literal tears, nevertheless I have cried. And so has my Partner, Mother Nebadonia. This was not an easy journey. The plan of placing the Dark Ones together was not altogether successful. These warring groups just don't seem to get the message, and they have been repeatedly "welcomed home" or rather the offer made, and it doesn't take. This is my Universe, and I am going to have to do some more un-creating. We are all learning from this, and I know we will in future be "nipping the problems in the bud" much sooner.

So we have to develop ways yet, to foresee these sooner. We cannot in future allow quite so much Freedom-of-will in developing young Worlds. Often these Worlds have been given technology, as yours was recently, that they are not ready for, so tough new guidelines are going up regarding the evolutionary and lower "Heaven" Worlds.

The Higher Councils of the Seventh Superuniverse of Orvonton have "seen the Light", so to speak, and know there must be some toughness, otherwise, much will be swallowed up into the Black Holes. Black Holes are not understood by your Scientists. They are the "garbage dumps". There are too many. This is an enigma too. What does happen to them, in time, is they become Suns once again, since the material matter as it is compressed gets quite hot, and thus explodes. Nothing is ever lost, but we sometimes also get Suns where we don't want them yet!

This is because the Black Holes are the densest that Matter can become, and they aren't "moveable." No "tug boats" have been designed yet that work. We sometimes have to move some formations out of the way instead. When these explode, huge amounts of material matter are released for re-use. They do not "suck" in additional Matter as some of your Scientists suggest. But they are imploded Matter where a Creation went wrong, and the "Like-attracts-Like" rule functions.

In summary, we are going into "Stasis" at my command. I have been back and forth dealing with the other planetary issue in Orion that was necessary, but I must also be here personally for the initiation of Stasis. "We have thrown in the rag". The Earth is crying some more and the pollution continues to worsen, and the lives of other classes of Beings on this world are to be taken into consideration, as this is a Seed Planet, and it is going back to it's original purpose. The DNA forms that are not in alignment will be removed by the process of the Magnetic Pole Reversal, more so than we have covered to date. And then we start over. Understand, I said DNA forms, NOT Souls, which include that Soul/Spirit in plants and animals. Soul on Earth will mature in healed forms.

Namaste, Christ Michael of Nebadon.

20 November 2009: Lady Master NADA at the Solar Tribunal on Saturn - Beth Trutwin

Beth Trutwin: Beth & Mark received and accepted an invitation to visit the Solar Tribunal on Saturn where Lady Master Nada was to speak to us. We joined with our TwinFlames [SunStar4] and the King-Of-Swords [KOS] and Ashtar to go to Saturn in a shuttle craft piloted by KOS.

When we got to Saturn we saw the rings around the Planet. We flew to within the Pole with our craft and up through the diamond tetrahedron crystalline core. We ignited into Light forms, cleansing and purifying our Beings before proceeding.

Now we proceed to the Solar Tribunal. This building has a white dome on top. The architecture of the Solar Tribunal echoes the styles of ancient Greece and Egypt with the Corinthian columns and white polished marble interior. The dome lets in a flood of sunlight onto the white surfaces and grand hallway. This leads us up to a very modern, sentient-computer designed holographic Meeting Room. This room has Galactic technology with viewing screens, automatic translations and stadium style seating around a central Council. On this day the Council floor was empty.

Lady Master Nada then takes us to one of the smaller meeting rooms off the main Council floor. This room offers comfortable seating in an intimate atmosphere for smaller discussions concurrent within the period of the larger meetings. There are communication and information technologies in this room. We then sit at the conference table.

Lady Master Nada Speaks: I wanted to give you a tour of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. I am President of this Body. We are made up of Representatives of Star Nations from this Galaxy. We join here to formulate Unified Missions for our Galaxy. We also set Guidelines in which to work together on joint interests. Some examples of this are such as travel, exchange, law, and exploration. The Tribunal is a legislation branch of this Solar System and which hears and tries cases which are relevant to Universal Law. Our Mission is to see that we progress with the Highest Good of All enforced. By doing this we remain in a State of Peace. Only by keeping Peace are we able to evolve freely unencumbered as a co-creative consensus. We now welcome Earth to the Galactic Round Table.

I am the Twin Flame of the King of Swords (KOS) He is the physical template of Admiral Sananda on Earth. We are Galactic Humans. St Germain and I are the architects of a whole new planetary economic and legal revitalization to prepare us for Earth Ascension's reunification with Source.

In this role me and my Twin Flame work with millions of Galactic Humans in government as well as millions of members of the Galactic Federation to bring about all necessary changes needed to put the Master Plan, as it is known, into place.

This will effect all political, financial, military, medical, educational and industrial concerns on the Planet. When the Federal Reserve is finally dissolved and the Bank of St. Germain in place, as well as the Dark Ones removed from the Planet, we will be free to begin self governance.

After the Mass Landings when we reunite with you our families, you can revisit the Stars where you came from, and when you have become acclimatized and trained to the new technology and new way of life, we will be ready to move more together.

When all inhabitants on Earth have their basic needs met and they remember who they are, and open their minds and hearts to Higher Truths, we will be ready to form a co-consensus reality together with our whole Galactic Family.

It will be at this time, some months after the Mass Landings - 18-24 months later - we will begin to meet to develop our self governance. There are legal provisions we have developed that will go into place at the time of the Announcements. This is called The Reformation Act. As soon as it is announced, there will be immediate provisions that will go into effect.

As we carry out the New Law, other provisions will be put into place, such as re-indexing all goods and services, which will guarantee equitable treatment for all. There will be a restructuring of the financial institutions on Earth and new Laws which will govern them. These Laws will be enforced Worldwide and there is to be a 16 million Man Galactic and a 4 million Earth Militia in place, headed up by Sananda, with the Mission of maintaining World Peace.

Shortly after the "Landings", and the changes it brings, we will begin to work together for Earth's Ascension and Reunification with Source. Earth will be required to establish Laws which work in harmony with Universal Law and the Cosmic Laws. Earth will at that time be invited back into the Galactic Arena as a full participant. Earth will have Representative Votes at the Galactic Council Meetings with the other Planetary Representatives. Earth will then be able to evolve and expand its Galactic Role for the first time in millions of years. We invite all of you to be aware of these changes as they happen. Become cognizant of the expanding role of Planet Earth.

We will walk together through the legal revitalization. We will make a Government body which will include all Nations equally and meet the concerns for all involved, fairly. We will be committed to harmony and balance in all countries around the globe. We will accept nothing less than World Peace. We will rebuild the infrastructure of our Government so that is works to enhance growth and evolution of Earth in the Galactic Governance. As all other Planets in this local group, Earth will be her own Sovereign Being with her own peoples, diversity, cultures and needs. These will be respected and maintained through the new legal system which will be in harmony with Source. There will be a reestablishment of Higher Mind working with Love to solve problems and move the Earth forward in her evolution.

In the past, Earth has functioned as disembodied parts with no cohesive connection to Universal Mind. Earth also had a disconnect from feminine and masculine balance. In this duality setting, the financial and legal systems functioned in imbalanced ways.

Earth is being formed as "Terra Nova", connected to Source, with love consciousness, and acting as One Being.As we return Humanity to the One Race, which includes all Galactic species of hybrid, living in harmony together, we will govern as a cohesive intelligent group from love. We will design our legal system to make room for inclusiveness and fairness to all.

As we write the new Laws, governing as "One", we come into the freedom that we have long missed. It is then we will experience this Galaxy multi-dimensionally and we are restored to our former selves. It is then we are reunited with Source as One with All That Is. Earth will be free again to experience Cosmic Ascension in harmony with all in our Galaxy.

Lady Nada

28 November 2009: Lady Master Nada on President Obama - Beth Trutwin and Mark

Lady Master Nada speaks: We have brought you to the Council of Nine to give you more information about President Obama. He is also known as The Sirian Commander and he is a Member on The Council of Nine on Sirius. Barack Obama is a Galactic Human, as are many of those living on the Earth at this time of Change Point. He has adept skills and abilities and spent the last 1000 lifetimes preparing for this life.

The Great White Brotherhood have represented the Christed Galactics, or those working through the Office of The Christ. The Blue Lodge is located on Sirius and is a part of the Great White Brotherhood. The six Kumaras use six Color Rays with St Germain, the Blue logos, synthesising all rays with the seventh violet/white Ray. Here, at the Council of Nine, President Obama is the ninth Council Member.

This Council works together with the Galactic Federation. The Council of Nine represent the Solar System here in the Milky Way Galaxy. This is a collective consciousness of the Solar System. President Obama is the Representative for what is known as Gaia Collective Consciousness.

Then there are about 12 Galaxies circling around the Milky Way Galaxy, and this includes Andromeda, and these Galaxies together form another Collective Consciousness to which there is another Council.

This is an energy matrix to which each one of us belong. We are intrinsically connected, in all our aspects, to the Planetary, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Councils.

Sananda, Lady Master Nada, and Barack Obama are working together in support roles. I am the President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, and we enforce the Universal Law and Cosmic Laws at the Solar Tribunal. My Twin Flame, Sananda [Esu/Jesus], works with the Secret Forces of the Galactic Federation and is closely involved with the Hall of Records at Shamballa.

All those living on Earth give their Divine Spark into the Gaia Collective Consciousness. This can be seen as a fractal of conscious energy, circling in and spiraling out to other Galaxies and beyond our Universe. We have experienced this year that more than 51% of those in Gaia Collective Consciousness have asked for change of some type. This is called a "critical mass". Consciousness is the Force moving through each one of us. It is the Creative Energy from Source combined with Love.

We are at a critical mass with this and now we may take the necessary steps to change Planet Earth, as the Gaia Collective Conscious has commanded.

We will announce Galactic Presence and thereby reinstate Earth as a Member on the Galactic Councils. The main role of the Council of Nine at Sirius is to monitor and assist with Galactic Ascension. Earth has been left out of Galactic Councils and other governing bodies for millions of years.

It is time to for Gaia/Earth to move forward in their Ascension. As Earth becomes a World of Peace, it profoundly effects everything in the Solar System. It opens up new avenues for growth for all the other citizens of the Galaxy. The Master Plan is greatly supported by our surrounding Star Nations and nothing can stop the changes from happening now.

Lady Master Nada - Beth Tutwin and Mark -

5 December 2009: Commander Ashtar - Mark and Beth

Ashtar: I want everyone to see this aspect of the Galactic Federation. I want everyone to know that beaming your Light and being in your joy is going to be the most important thing you can do right now. Giving up hope is just what the Dark Forces want. We are going to stand in our joy knowing the changes we seek are happening. Every thought and every action effects everything else.

It is time to understand that there has been a war within the Illuminati to control Planet Earth for themselves and also other Planets as well. This is why the Gaia/Earth Conscious Collective called the Galactic Federation with the Secret Forces headed by Christ Michael and Sananda are working with Korton from Mars. The Planet needed intergalactic help to overcome the threat. Earth has been made into a place where all the finances are hedged on bad paper and the population at large are slaves. The Annunaki [Nibiruans of the Battle Planet Nibiru, founders of Earth's Sumerian Empire and until recently the controlling influence behind the Dark Cabals] were working, up to 8/8/09, hand in hand with Politicians and Bankers around the World, as well as the Biomedical Military Industrial Complex to control everyone. You are now in the process of watching this dissolve. These Annunaki still have Ships in Earth's orbit. Last week a very large Ship of negative ETs was taken out of the Planet's orbit and will not have access to come back. The Earth's vibration will be 5D or above and their Ships will vibrationally not be able to penetrate the field of the atmosphere.

It is the Galactic Federation which has kept the U.S., the Germans, and the French and Russians from unearthing the Iranian "Intergalactic Star Gate". The International forces on Earth, are guarding the "Star Gates". The Annunaki have had control of certain Star Gates. They have been bringing their Mother Ships in and out of these Star Gates on Earth, the ones originally set by the Master Builders. They used these to travel to other Worlds as well as to Inner Earth. They kept secret facilities below ground and had scientists working to manipulate every aspect of Human life.

There are those who are Galactic Humans working in the Pentagon who are Double Agents for the Forces of Light. They are running things behind the scenes and are in place and waiting for a signal from the Galactic Federation. Until that signal is given, they must act as if they are continuing to run the war machine. They must carry on doing this in order to hold their positions of rank and be reasdy in place to make the changes for Peace when the signal is given.

President Obama has met with the 1st World and 2nd World Leaders in closed door meetings. This is his part of the preparation for World Peace. They have been informed of their future roles. If they do not want to participate in the Master Plan, they have been given their pink slip. They will be removed from their positions and have the corrective action that is right for them, their day in Court, and in some cases, removal from the Planet.

Not only did we have to arrest and remove any and all working with the Annunaki, we also had to remove the Annunaki Ships. They have been all but hindered from using the Star Gates. They have run out of places to hide. We have used teams from all Star Nations in the local Galaxy and you have met one such Team today. This Colony from Arcadia has been stationed at Sirius B and working with the Galactic Federation Teams doing surveillance and helping the delegation Teams as well as gathering intelligence to move the Master Plan forward. There has been much going on that has not been reported to you before.

When the Star Gates are clear, there will be a mass influx of Ships after the announcements of their existence are made by your Governments. There are only certain ones willing to work in Earth's atmosphere with these renegade Ships still here. All the other Member Nations of the Intergalactic Galactic Federation will be free to come and go when we give the All Clear.

This day is fast approaching. We ask you to be alert, be in joy, and continue to beam love and light as we finish the final steps in the Master Plan.

Salut! Ashtar. - Mark and Beth -

26 December 2009: Esu-Jesus Speaks on the Coming New World - Jess Anthony

This is a time for truth, as you say, and a time for moving into a new recognition of the purpose of your existence on Earth. You are incarnated here to learn to be co-creators with God, as you perceive him. His purpose in creating this Planet and guiding it through all its history of turmoil and role as the seventh and final "Bestowal Planet" of Christ Michael was to provide a laboratory for his unique creations to grow and learn. This Planet has a distinctive purpose, and you all are here as his physical representatives to experience this dimensional paradigm. This experience is exacting, but you would not have volunteered to come here and experience it if you had had any qualms as to its power to overwhelm you ultimately. You knew it would be difficult, but you also knew that the lessons you would learn would be unlike anything you could experience anywhere else.

I will now speak more specifically about certain issues and topics. The banking situation as it now appears is tenuous and built on an unreal foundation. There is no currency backing up the mountains of printed "fiat dollar-bills" that are substituted for real monetary exchanges. This happened at the instigation of the Federal Reserve System through the Federal Reserve Bank in America. The metal-based assets that were constitutionally determined to be the fiscal foundation of your Republic have long since been spent or traded away for hidden agendas. The creation of the paper Reserve Note was planned to be a believable substitute for what was no longer available. The fiscal exchange system with its loans and credit packages was all a subterfuge to trick the general public into paying more than it owed.

The only legitimate system of physical assets and metal based deposits is the vast collection amassed by the Office of International Treasury Control [OITC - A Bureau within the UN]. This sovereign entity is structured so that it can manage what truly is the bulk of global resources without governmental interference. This organization has only recently realized the need to have more efficient supervision of the management of its assets; an earlier, looser organizational structure allowed certain countries to manipulate OITC assets illegally. The money accrued through these fraudulent transactions has been confiscated and returned to the legitimate owners of the assets, the OITC. The governments, as a result, have been desperately trying to find substitute funds to continue programs they started with illegal investments. The amount of these illegal investments is extremely large and the amount of money now owed in exchange is beyond what is available for payment.

The global economy and financial system based on American dollars is ready to collapse at any moment. This is known in many international circles, and all aware of this crisis are taking steps to preserve what they can of their own resources. Without the underpinnings of an assumed financial foundation, many who have depended on their paper assets will be forced to rethink what their purpose in the face of new circumstances.

Warnings of this potential collapse have been consistently ignored. The only way to extricate many from the system will be for it to break up. Many are working with misgivings, and feel trapped in a system they did not design. These are ones that can have an invaluable role to play in a reorganized economic system based on fair exchange. Their contribution will take place as soon as the ground rules for a new system of payment have been established.

The idea of the "Stasis Event" is still in operation. The concept of pausing your linear time sequence to allow changes to be made beyond the scope of your current capabilities is the only alternative that will allow Earth to continue her Ascension processes without complete geophysical restructuring. We are not intervening to solve your cultural problems, but are assisting Earth to Ascend with you intact. You are part of the parameters that we are considering in determining when and how this assistance will be most helpful. Your benefit will be a higher frequency of energy to connect with your new Fifth-dimensional physical environment. You will automatically function more efficiently and your clarity of assessment of your situation will be greatly intensified. You will be aware of the unity of Mankind. You will see the necessity of developing sustainable communities that work in symbiosis with the environment and with cultural organizations. You will understand how your personal identity fits into the larger picture and will seek to find ways to align yourself with this vision.

You physical environment is so critically endangered at present that the assistance of the Galactic Federation Forces during the Stasis period will only address the most serious problems. Others issues will be left for Mankind to tackle, although with the continued advice and guidance of spiritual counselors. This interaction will be part of the redirection of Man's approach to recreating his existence on a transformed Earth. Old patterns will not work as effectively, and the need for spiritual collaboration will suggest new approaches that involve group decision making. Cultural structures will form the core of large associations. Representatives of the core structures will speak for the community in large associated groups.

Esu Immanuel Kumara [Jesus Christ/Sananda]

29 December 2009: Galactic Federation Council on Sirius - Sheldan Nidle

In previous messages we briefly delineated the make-up of our Earth Allies and of the last Dark Cabal. The latter is a predominantly American entity with associates spread across the globe. This group is heir to the policy of skullduggery and deceit that the "Illuminati" perpetrated under the command of your former off-world masters, the Anunnaki [Nibiruans of the Battle Planet Nibiru]. This set-up changed when the Anunnaki decided to make peace with the Galactic Federation in mid 1994, drastically altering the distribution of power on your Planet and sparking a deeply entrenched internecine war between the Dark Cabals that remained, leading up to only one dominant Dark Cabal continuing to this day. It is important for you now to have more background on this conflict so that you can better comprehend what is happening in your world. Until the Anunnaki switched sides, they monitored the discords among their minions very closely to ensure that one side dominated, but not to the extent of outright supremacy. This point of power was retained by the Anunnaki in order to keep ultimate control over their ever-squabbling henchmen.

Once the Anunnaki left, the Illuminati factions engaged in a pitched battle to acquire the decisive dominance that was previously impossible to obtain. The American corporate-led Cabal was the first to make its move by physically imposing its control through a series of political, military, and financial moves. This strategy was meant to peak shortly after 'winning' the Election of 2000. A base for sweeping political and military moves was created by taking more direct control of the United States Government. The first of these acts involved illegally seizing a large amount of money from the US government and using it to conduct a massive worldwide assault on the other Illuminati factions. This led to the 9/11 attacks, the subsequent 'announced' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a number of 'undeclared' wars in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The fulcrum for these actions was the great American Banks centered on the privately held US Federal Reserve banking system. In the first years of this strategy a number of initial successes were realized.

But a basic financial weakness was there from the start: The American economy was undermined by a number of conservative regimes, which allowed their corporate cronies' greed to run amok. This weak point was countered by a special Government Fund that was part of the Illuminati Trusts reorganized and set up after the conclusion of WW II. Taking control of this USA Trust was one of the prime objectives of the American Dark Cabal. Another essential element was the UFO cover-up, which is in many ways the core issue for this Cabal. Now armed with growing control of the USA corporate government, this faction is determined not only to defeat those who oppose it but also to keep at bay the ongoing UFO presence. The other Illuminati factions understand full well the changes happening to you and the destined "First Contact" with us. They cooperate with us and a structure for formal liaisons is in full swing between us. Meetings are held daily to determine the timing and dates of the UFO disclosure conferences.

The first task is to take down the American Dark Cabal. It has plundered Mother Earth for decades and caused a widespread ecological extinction process to begin, leading to the death of entire species of trees, plants, and animals. This is a harbinger for the massive changes to be wrought by Mother Nature when the time comes for her to return to "Full Consciousness". As we watch these changes, we see your Planet as well as the Solar System sounding the alarm for a great turn toward the Light. The merciless Dark faction refuses to accede to this urgency and to permit a wholesale realignment of the Anunnaki's former minions. It remains obdurate in maintaining the past as a way to control the future, a most unwise proposition given the circumstances. You are embarked upon a period of huge change which is to intensify. If this transition is to be smooth, a global distribution of power needs to be reestablished, in which one rogue faction is unable to hold the rest hostage as is the case at present.

What this amounts to is the need for a new economic, financial, and political system. Basic agreements between nations and various organizations are in place and can produce the required results. These accords began with the Agreements of 1998 between our Earth Allies and us. Since then a number of items were added which clarified issues and established new governmental structures. The overall thrust concerns global abundance, peace, and universal individual and national sovereignty. We wish to make it clear that this is not about setting up a new Global Congress to rule your world, but about paving the way for "First Contact", which remains the ultimate objective. A transitional reality is to facilitate a whole host of events that are to prepare you completely for contact. We continue to monitor your reactions to us and these indicate a level of fear in you that still needs to be fully addressed.

When we took on this Mission we fully understood what we were getting into. You have been manipulated by fear for eons and are deeply xenophobic toward anything slightly different from you. Except for a small minority, you are very resistant to change. Heaven knew all this and set about to transform those factors which control you. The first was to encourage the Electronic Age and the next was to raise your consciousness. These prerequisites were carried out between 1960 and the present. The advent of your Atomic Age in the 1940s brought both the Light and also members of the Dark Anchara Alliance to your shores to observe how your primitive technology was being used. Then came the encounters between your governments and the dark Anchara Alliance in the early 1950s. Our overtures at the time were ignored but we knew that this hostile milieu was set to change during the ensuing decades.

The present period is about the secret battle raging between this American Dark Corporate Cabal with its many global partners and those seeking to turn around this unfair and unsound set-up. This conflict has brought most of your world to its knees, and worse is to follow in the beginning of your next Gregorian year! We therefore deem it essential to have our Earth Allies quickly resolve whatever is preventing the next steps from immediately manifesting. Your suffering over the last year, as the last Dark Cabal wreaks its final havoc upon you, is intolerable to us. Our liaison teams are reaching a point where we both feel that an even greater degree of intervention is called for so that the immediate period can be used to achieve our pre-contact goals. It is definitely time to move this entire scenario forward to victory!

Our momentum toward contact cannot be stalled much longer. "First Contact" is needed if only to level the playing field and give the Light on your world a means to end the deadlock of the previous decade and a half of waiting for the right time to act. We understand your xenophobia and know it is often hard to reverse long-standing erroneous beliefs. However, we know intuitively that you need a game-changer moment to allow you to move swiftly to your victory. We ask you to come together now and courageously acknowledge what it may take to move forward. Many things are to break loose to ensure that what we both want occurs. This is no time to expect anything less than a miracle! So, prepare yourself for success! The time is Now!

30 December 2009: SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey

There is an air of expectation as you move through the last days of this year on to 2010. You are finding that many sources agree that it will be one of completion. What started many years ago and promised major changes within your civilization, is bearing fruit. No longer is it a question of whether they will take place but when, and 2010 will quickly see the first of many changes. Our Allies are fully prepared to carry out their part, and are primed as to their role in the coming months. There are whole sequences of events that will gradually fulfill the plan for your upliftment. Changes within your Universe are as ever moving ahead with Ascension in mind, and on an energy level will also continue to affect your Earth. You will understand Dear Ones, that changes of such a magnitude cannot be delayed by the actions of Man.

As you look back at the events of 2009, it may be difficult to highlight many positive ones. However, for us the election of Barack Obama as President of U.S. was a major victory for the Light. His influences and desires for world peace are bringing in important changes, but the path is by no means easy. There are many who oppose his authority, and a difficult job is being made even harder. No President has served his term without contact from us and we are delighted to work with Obama, who is one of the few that have put world peace at the front of their agenda. Everything revolves around this issue, and eventually other countries will work together to forge a united plan that achieves success. Currently there are too many people in places of influence, that are making progress painfully slow. That will be changed in the near future, and you will see a great outflow of energy that will galvanize many groups into action.

Fortunately everything is being held in balance by the forces of Light, and thus your victory over the Dark Ones is assured. Already there is confusion and infighting amongst their ranks, and this will add to their demise. As always we carefully monitor what is happening on and off Earth. We control the extent to which adverse conditions are created, whether by deliberate intent or through natural causes. We have to allow changes that are necessary for Mother Earth's cleansing, but again we can direct energies in such away as to avoid massive destruction. It is also our responsibility to minimize the extent of personal injury and loss of life. We do not however have a total free hand, as there are many factors involving karma and the greater plan for Mankind. We serve those who oversee the Creator's Plan for your Universe. Upliftment is to take place with the end of this cycle, and it will occur quite naturally and in accordance with Universal Law.

Meantime we see that so many of you have awakened, and are opening your consciousness to new levels of understanding. This coming year will enable even greater advances, as the incoming energies are rapidly increasing in their levels of power. It will give everyone the opportunity to join in Ascension if they so desire. It is your choice and your freewill is respected and honored as always. Life is infinite and the soul indestructible, so there is no necessity to force the issue. Your evolution will progress at a pace that suits you, and you can extend your experience in the 3rd Dimension if that is what you wish. However, as the existing Earth is to ascend it would be on another planet prepared for such experiences.

Soon the event of "UFO Disclosure" will start a series of revelations, that will inform everyone of the truth as to what has been carried out in their name. There will be no hiding place for those who have deliberately mislead the people, and their deeds will be uncovered. The truth will come out in such a way that it will be impossible for it to be manipulated or distorted, to protect those who have deceived you. Irrefutable evidence already exists that will be produced to substantiate all charges, that are for treasonable acts against the people. As we have explained previously and will repeat again, our intent is not to punish them. Our purpose is but to establish where criminal acts have taken place, for higher authorities to handle. We carry no hatred or desire vengeance, and in fact we see all souls as Ones carrying the Light. We know that given time even the most godless souls will return to the Source, and it simply has to be that way. Souls may be re-absorbed but in no way are they destroyed, as some believe. Consider Dear Ones, would the Creator destroy his own creations, that are part of the Creator's Love and Light. We of the Galactic Federation have a love for all life, and uphold its right to live out its planned evolution.

24 January 2010: Esu/Jesus on Earth Changes and Man's Responsibility - Jess Anthony

Much has happened to the Earth itself since last we spoke formally. The physical structure of the Planet is moving into a new configuration, and an increase in unexpected activity is the result. Generally all of these occurrences are the result of natural causes. The crustal movement of the continental plates causing the earthquakes is being triggered by both inner and outer energy forces. The instability of the inner core is a reflection of the lessening influence of the weakening magnetosphere and a lateral displacement of historical magnetic axes. The poles are moving quickly, and the Earth's natural alignments that so much of its society depends on are out of balance.

This instability is coupled with increased energy input coming from the Earth's current position inside the Photon Belt, as well as from the ever brighter exposure the Earth is experiencing as Jupiter emerges slowly from behind the Sun. The amount of exposure to these new rays is carefully monitored by the Galactic overseers who are gauging Earth's reaction to the extra energy. Too much too soon could be disastrous to the anticipated forward progression of Man's Ascension in conjunction with the Earth's. The effect of too much exposure would cause more change than Man could assimilate.

The geographical upheaval that occurred in Haiti was one example of the type of Earth movement you can expect in greater numbers as the input of photon energy increases. This form of energy carries additional information encoded within its frequency. Earth and its elements vibrate at a different level of structural energy as the photon energy surrounding it increases. Photon energy is carried in what you term light waves. The energy coming from Jupiter is a new source that is coming into play as the Planet is moved from behind the Sun.

This light from Jupiter will seem to you as if there were a distant Sun shining in addition to your regular Sun. This is because the Planet now has the means to generate energy waves on its own. The position of Jupiter has been carefully monitored since the "ignition" last year in order to prevent a premature exposure to Earth. The precarious nature of Earth's geophysical structure has necessitated keeping the Planet Jupiter positioned behind your system's Sun to block the force of its strengthened rays. This manipulating of the Planet's position has necessarily been kept secret because it was decided the time was not right to show this transformation. The diversion took the form of a hologram that was projected from a Spaceship positioned at the location Jupiter typically would be located. The images taken of Planet Jupiter are, in fact images of the projection of the Planet. The real orb had been moved behind the Sun to shield its energy force.

I want to speak more on the earthquakes. There will most likely be several more that are of high magnitude. The most pending disaster is the California coastline, although your own New Madrid fault line is undependable. Others will probably take place in locations that are already receiving shocks. This includes the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim countries. This is not news; those watching earthquake formation have long said these quakes are dangerously near. I'm saying that their happening is almost probable. Haiti is once again experiencing rumbles, and Yellowstone is tangential to the California situation.

There will be enough warning to make better preparations than occurred in Haiti. Scientists knew the plates were moving and predicted earthquake damage pretty early on. This news didn't fit in with your Government's idea to use the devastated country as a distraction to prevent people from hearing news of financial wrongdoings that might become public. Look for discrepancies. Use the Internet information to bypass the mainstream media, and rely on the details posted there. Be careful what you accept, however. Always check to see if the report is valid. We can tell you this easily, if you ask us.

Political turmoil is to be expected, as well. The financial chaos is so widespread that no solution beyond a crash and new beginning can "fix" it. There are no means to uproot so well entrenched a financial network. The dependence on American dollars is being rejected. The Global Debt is astronomical and there is not enough money available to pay it. Printing trillions more will not save a system that has no hard currency reserve to back up its legal tender.

The work of the Office of the International Treasury Control (OITC) is helping to break up some of this financial log jam, but its mandated system of operations does not give the organization much assistance in breaking away from the operational system that caused its problems in the first place. It must interact with other governments that control a portion of its deposits as another sovereign state. Legal protocols must be observed on OITC's part even in situations where the other government has not done so.

The time is coming when the change Earth needs to continue to ascend will require substantially more galactic energy than Man is at present capable of assimilating. The state spoken of as "Stasis" will occur to pause Man's existence at one energy level while his environment makes the changes it needs to make at another. This is not total suspended animation in the sense that only Man is sleeping; this is interrupting his energy movement at one point while the energy that surrounds him speeds up. There is no awareness of time or physical change because Man is not interacting with the frequency of what is happening on Earth. It is like circles of energy moving around each other at different speeds but not connecting. When the environment is safe for Man to resume interacting, he will, and will have no sense of an interruption. The physical evidence will be there to require an assimilation, however, and Man will have to reconcile this with his own sense of no time being lost. This will be the point where teaching and a new understanding will begin. I think this is sufficient for today. Look to the Heavens for signs that Earth is ready to begin her next phase. Her environment also must change in order for her body to be renewed.

Esu [Jesus/Sananda]

1 February 2010 - Esu on the 5 years with AbundantHope - Candace

This has a been a tough 5 years for some of us on this side. The Dark have really joined forces, with like mind and the battle between those groups who would own the Planet, is great at this time and most of this battle is through financial avenues and the destructions of corporations and businesses.

We have accomplished much. Do not be concerned by what you may perceive as lack of progress. There is great progress, and this program has grown in scope considerably. Before AbundantHope, we would have simply cleansed the Planet and walked away for a time. By "cleanse", I mean allowed the Pole Reversal and Axis Changes, and then provided assistance for a time, to allow life to reestablish itself sooner so the Planet could be populated with spiritual God Conscious Man in 500 years or so, instead of several thousand that is usual, and which is occurring with many planets now in rest mode in other parts of this war torn region of Nebadon. There are 496 planets in rest mode right now, so great has the darkness been.

This is the Seed Planet, it is Christ Michael's Bestowal World, so the plan is a bit different for this World. It is not desired for the benefits of those elsewhere in this Universe and others who are watching, to wait too long on the Bestowal and Seed Planet. Thus we are going to give this plan developed the last few years a try, that of the Stasis and returning the more evolved Souls to the Planet after the full cleansing of pollutants and negativity.

Now it is important to understand, that the world, while lovely and clean will be a harsher place to live for some time afterwards, but you will have our partnership this time, which was offered so many years ago and rejected by most of the people of Earth, mostly thru religion, but of course the Governments themselves, the "Elites' as they call themselves, still refuse to come into any sort of cooperation.

The plan is more thorough than we have declared at this point, but we will not cover that so publicly yet at this time. You who are attending the teaching and planning sessions, those roughly 100,000 Lightworkers selected, actually I can give you the exact number, it is 99,278 people, are the only ones who will be "awake." The count is final. These ones of course are from every culture and location on the Planet and some of them will not be returning to their native lands due to whatever Earth Changes occur during this time.

Some of you who will be amongst those who are staying with the Planet, but as evacuated ones, will be placed into a variety of underground areas before being awakened. These ones will be awakened and allowed to come into their new reality and then, as places are made possible, return to the surface of the Planet.

Now, we have not been fully forthcoming on the numbers that might remain, and the estimate at this time is about 1 billion. The 'shell shock' will be great. The reduction for the Planet's sake really should be more, but it was felt these ones would benefit greatly from staying, and many unconsciously of course, want to stay. We will be about having to get the best of technology moving as rapidly as possible, as this is the most the Planet can handle with the best of technology and spirituality and much spirituality will still be missing, but assisted by our teams and the shock of the situation....

Christ Michael will himself have a Headquarters area on the Planet and it will also be in Colorado, but separate from the International Planetary Prince Headquarters. However, that will not be in place on the awakening, it will be built by the people when the time is right some years later.

We had a hope of getting the Planet into "Light and Life" within 80 years. But I doubt this, as does Monjoronson [the Avonal Paradise Son] who originally suggested that idea. The building and other activities must so change, in addition to the issue of establishing true sustainability. There will also shorter periods of Stasis, in the coming years, and the public will know and be prepared, to allow for some of the continuing and necessary rearrangement of the lands. We have stated the land masses must be in reasonable balance as part of the "Monopolarity", when your Planet will stand upright without a tilt.

As you are aware, most of the land masses are above the current equator, but you will, even after Stasis, have a new equator with the Axis Shift that will occur fairly soon after the Magnetic Reversal. You are not going to live in a great deal of comfort over many, many years. But this method does considerably shorten the waiting of 500 or more years to merely reintroduce Man to the Planet. The whole of the Seventh Superunivese of Orvonton will be watching this Grand Experiment.

Remember, also that no Creator Son or Avonal Son performing the Bestowals similar to the Creator Son, have returned before to actually further involve themselves with a Bestowal Planet so directly. Your planet is thus UNIQUE in the Grand Creation. Christ Michael will actually walk this Planet again with you, when the energies are a bit higher and he will have an accessible retreat area that all will attend that desire so, at least once in their lifetimes. As we have said before, you will return with an intact Internet, Television and Radio communications. The Cell Phone Network will be heavily damaged however, and may not be operating at all. There are better methods than your cell phones anyway, and it would be better to move in the direction of better innvovations.

Now, it has been noticed that there seem to be large Spaceships around the Sun and this is so. There are some also considerably closer to you than the Sun, but we are adjusting the Sun at this point. We have the large Evacuation Ships much closer in, and also many other Mother craft have moved closer in. We will of course, be evacuating folks at various times just before and after Stasis, and many going in body to other places will be removed then, and also later. We must remove those who are to survive, quickly from certain areas that will experience tsunami's and the like. The energy of these waves can be harmful to even the form in Stasis. Not the Soul, but the physical form.

The "New Planet" of which we have previously spoken has now at this time about 300,000 Earth folks living on it. This explains some disappearances of people. These ones have laid the way. During the Stasis Period, people choosing this growth experience will be taken in small groups, rather than having masses of people plopped on the place. When normal planets have some problems and need to move, they usually have at least some of their own transportation and awareness, but so is not the case with Earth. We will thus add gradually to the population of that newly set-up secondary Planet. At the end of Stasis, it's population should be a few million, which is still a huge adjustment, but there is great help there for the process. Absolutely no criminal element will be going there. Nor staying with Planet Earth.

You are NOT all going en-masse into Inner Earth "Crystal Cities" as some have put out. Those staying with the Earth will be in a condition of Stasis, except those that are on the Lightworkers' Planning Committee. All those staying however, since the Soul does not itself sleep, will be receiving more education during the Stasis process which will assist their awakening to the New World with less shock, let us say. Suggestions that all folks will go into Inner Earth - well Beloveds, they can't handle over 7 billion of you there.....

Namaste, Esu [Jesus/Sananda/Immanuel].

2 March 2010: Galactic Federation Council on Sirius - Sheldan Nidle

Mother Earth continues to be in her active state, busy making those adjustments that are required for the immense surface changes that lie ahead of her. The most important step is the process of stabilizing the borders of her tectonic plates in anticipation of fusing these currently moveable surface plates. This operation has produced some sizeable earthquakes in various places over the past year, and you may expect more of these in the coming months. Mother Earth is giving our Earth Allies a definite heads-up about what lies ahead for Humanity, and it is incumbent on all of you to accelerate what needs to happen before we can land. Meanwhile, we are fully prepared to come before you if the quickening Earth movements become too much for your global society. We monitor what is going on beneath us most carefully. Mother Earth needs to finish what she so patiently put on hold to give you time to realize your contributions to the changes. The changes are tied to broadcasts that can assist us if sudden landings become necessary.

Your economic difficulties are only just beginning. The amount of hidden debt is much larger than has been acknowledged and is reaching a point where it can utterly swamp your remaining financial assets. What is not known is that huge wealth held in sequestered trust funds and in a vast mountain of gold can easily reverse this dire state of affairs. Our Earth Allies have full possession of these assets and are ready to use them once the myriad Government changes become public. From our vantage point we have seen many attempts by the Dark Cabal to heist these assets from our Earth Allies, but these sorties all flopped. The Agarthans of Inner Earth and the Earth Allies together established levels of security and surveillance more than equal to any dastardly plots devised by the Dark. In a very short while, the Dark will be forced to admit what has long been obvious: the jig is definitely up! And the time to let go and accept the consequences is at hand. Then this great logjam that has been slowing things up can be swept aside and the longed-for changes can at last roll out!

Holistically, your reality sits at the very fulcrum of change. Your world is at the point where she must now merge her two aspects. Below Earth's outer crust is the Agarthan Civilization and its 5-D realm, while around you is the visible 3-D realm. This dichotomy has existed for nearly 13 millennia. This was allowed under the auspices of Heaven, and now she is following the Divine Decrees which explicitly state that this schism is to unite into one realm. This is something we gladly undertake. You have a potential as a people that is really quite astounding. Each of you represents the best of the fifty Star-Nations that originally colonized Lemuria. Some of you are to return with us to your respective home worlds, but most are to stay and colonize the other water worlds that make up this Solar System. The resultant new Star-Nation is to be one of the more important members of our Galactic Federation, and your tasks are to take you far beyond this Galaxy and to affect positively most of physicality. It is for this reason that we have come with a fleet of many millions of ships!

This huge Fleet is literally packed tight within your Solar System. Each day, different contingents of ships depart and arrive. We have had to set up a special liaison department to run the logistics of the myriad comings and goings of the Fleet; however, such an operation is something that this particular Science & Exploration Fleet is quite used to. We have often acted as the primary Fleet for welcoming new members to the Galactic Federation and establishing the protocols for the new Star-Nation to interact with the different fleets that make up our Galactic Federation registries. The daily interaction between our Liaison Group and the newest members to our Fleet is easily handled by us, and we have used this expertise to make arrangements for your future visits to our Motherships. These field trips are to be joyful occasions! We look forward to sharing our space homes with you, as we know that you will enjoy what you see, feel, and experience while aboard.

We plan to share our ships and our technology with you. Until then, there are technologies presently hidden away from you by your Governments that can help you better understand what we possess. Together, all these technologies can help Mother Earth in her transition to her new wholeness. It is this new reality that you are to reside in. Right now, Mars possesses vast underground technical facilities that are to be used to "terraform" Mars into a Water World similar in general appearance to Mother Earth. Earth's near twin, Venus, is also being readied to transform into a Water World of the same elegant beauty as Earth. These three worlds will form the initial core of your new Star-Nation. Many of you are to travel to these two worlds once you are fully conscious. The Moons of Mars, each around a quarter the size of your moon, are to be rehabilitated once the terraforming project is completed.

Venus was stripped of her two Moons by the same attack that ravaged Mars. The Galactic Federation is working with the Elohim to return her Moons from their present location in the Moon fields of Saturn. All this is part of creating a more equable setup for the Planets and Moons of the new Solar System. Earth is to be uprighted to 0 degrees of declination and Uranus moved by nearly 90 degrees to its former pre-attack position. In this new mode the thin, incandescent rings of Uranus can become more noticeable and take on a beauty not seen for nearly a million years. The breathtaking nature of your Solar System is a glorious gift from the Divine! The next miracle is the reconstituting of the long-destroyed Water World [Maldek] that we choose to call Pax, or Goddess of Peace. This world is to be three and a half times the size of Mother Earth!

Your changing Solar System is to become the center for a great deal of galactic and intergalactic activity. Your new Star-Nation is to play host to vital conferences that will integrate the forces of the Light and help to spread a great Joy to every part of physicality. We have watched the Dark pull out all the stops to prevent the advent of your new reality, but these tired old stratagems are almost at an end. Your Planet has a destiny of abundance, peace, and cooperation. You can sense in your heart that this reality we speak of is materializing. The old limited conscious realm is giving way to the new, and you can see this beginning to happen as one world leader after another decries the present conditions and boldly advocates the need for new forms of governance and a more equitable global economic system.

13 April 2010 - More Galactic Forces coming towards Earth -Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship

We are very happy to make an announcement, that is sure to make all of you tireless workers of the Light very happy. With the clear intention to increase the number of safety and defense mechanisms against the opposing Forces of the Dark, the Galactic Federation of Light has decided to increase the number of Mother Ships and vessels of medium and small size, which will be added to those that were already orbiting the Earth or in fixed positions and dormant at some point in space. The number of orbiting and dormant spacecraft will be increased to a number equivalent to 10% more than those already available for protection, purification and upliftment of all fauna, flora and humanity of your beautiful blue Planet.

To do this, in the next few hours we will begin the preparations so that the Mother Ships, medium and small, who were fulfilling their respective missions elsewhere in the Galaxy, can temporarily leave their activities and immediately join our forces of Light already present in this quadrant of the Milky Way.

This decision was taken by the Council of the Intergalactic Confederation and transferred to the Galactic Federation of Light in order to become effective, who addresses this Milky Way Galaxy in particular.

So, you can receive this news with great joy and satisfaction, since this can mean an advancement in time towards "First Contact", which will result in an unquestionable acceleration of the process of Ascension for Humanity on Planet Earth, as well as all of your related Kingdoms: the Devic, Elemental, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms. It is a matter worthy of celebration, that all souls will finally see their elevation to higher levels (as a tangible fact) even earlier than expected!

We would also like to inform you that the efforts of all those who are working towards the upliftment and awakening of all your brothers and sisters, amongst the Humans on the Planet who we are proud to consider our Allies, have had much to do with this decision taken by the Elders Council. Your momentum and faithful dedication has successfully convinced its wisest members that the outside help you have been receiving is well deserved, as is the increase in the number of forces concerned.

So congratulations, because this increase in our Forces of Light is due entirely to the hard work and the dedication of all of you, dear Lightworkers of peace, love, and justice. You have managed to convince the finest minds of the local Universe that the timing for your Existential Upliftment, through your own merits, be advanced forward, which will more quickly sentence the fall of hegemony and control of the opposing forces of darkness upon you.

For the unstoppable advancing of the Light against the diminishing and regressive forces of Planet Earth! For our victory will be achieved after the combined efforts of you and us!

Peace, Love and Light. Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship - Channel: Kris-Won

3 May 2010: Esu Update - Jess Anthony

Political and religious upheavals will be exacerbated by the upheavals that are increasing at pressure points all over Earth's surface. Additional energy from the Sun is causing a surge of new earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in places that are ripe for shifting. These disasters will almost certainly take place in California and other troublesome areas located on the so-called Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. The land there has to move to allow the rise of what was once Lemuria. Its remnants are seen now in isolated groups of islands, most notably the Hawaiian Islands.

It is time to watch closely what happens with Gaia, or Mother Earth. This is a careful balancing act that weighs necessary release with an effort, still, to prevent any worse calamities for Man than are possible. Man has brought Gaia to brink of her tolerance, but Gaia wishes to protect him, even so. The oil spill in the Gulf is basically unstoppable. Man's greed and lack of precaution have produced a situation that is unthinkable in its ramifications and the extent of its potential damage. Other sites will have similar problems, and this hazard will spread far beyond the area that contains it now. The economic impact of this carelessness will be devastating.

The only alternative Man has is to begin looking at this spill as Gaia breaking away from Man's control. Man will need to start viewing this as physical evidence of change happening on Earth. Man's inadequacies are being overpowered by Natural Law. The overwhelming strength of change is clearly obvious, even though Man generally views the results as loss. This will change.

Other situations have similar potential for chaos and disaster by Man's current thinking. Major land shifting is inevitable at some point on the California coastline. This may be at any time, or it could be postponed until Earth changes its axis when Jupiter is finally revealed. Jupiter has become a smaller Sun, but its force of additional energy is being shielded behind your Solar System's Central Sun. Christ Michael Aton is attempting to ease into Gaia's ascension without destroying those who will be continuing with her in her higher energy frequency. This means increments of higher vibrations to allow all to adapt who have chosen to do so.

These increments are coming in bursts from the Sun's corona, and are particularly affecting the Earth's core. This is causing the rapidly increasing events happening on the surface. Earthquakes are being felt in unlikely places, as well as major stress areas giving way. Volcanoes are erupting unexpectedly. Weather is unpredictable and much more violent. These are all symptoms of Gaia reacting to the new energy she feels. Unaccustomed strength produces reactions beyond what has typically been anticipated.

This is the beginning of Earth's ascension, and Man should welcome it. The process will be violent and unimaginable to allow her to remove the eons of restraints and damage that Man has inflicted upon her. Only then can she being to heal and rebuild her body in a higher spiritual vibration. Man caused much of her problems, but ironically Man is also the reason she is willing to Ascend in a calculated manner to protect his existence. View these changes and collapses you are experiencing as the painful new steps of learning to walk again in a new way. Man and his attempts to ignore Christ Michael Aton's truth must break down and be removed before he can follow his Mother Earth in a new direction.

Esu, Planetary Prince of Earth/Urantia

3 August 2010 - Update by the Galactic Federation Council on Sirius - Sheldan Nidle

At present, you are in a kind of 'settling' period. The remnants of the Dark's power are fading, and as a result your realm wallows in a sort of limbo. Our Earth Allies are not yet finished with the process that is to bring on the downfall of the Dark Cabalists, but be assured that they cannot stop what is now well underway. Once these historic momentums have reached their goal, the announcements and deliveries will proceed immediately. Pursuant to this, we have alerted our liaisons and our flight crews to watch closely and assist this stage to its forgone conclusion. We are also asking our crews to help Mother Earth as she prepares for the next phase of her transformation from a limited-conscious state back to her original 5-D one, so be prepared for another increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Two of her major tectonic plates are already in virtual 'locked in' mode, with more of such preparatory measures to follow imminently. Your atmosphere is likewise preparing for a huge increase in oxygen content, in anticipation of the needs of her new ecosystem.

The new ecosystem will be a far cry from your present one: during the Great Dying of the late Permian and early Triassic periods, Earth's ecosystem changed from one which supported countless reptiles and amphibians to one that saw the dinosaurs rise to dominance. The upcoming change will be similar in degree and will be about consciousness. Wild animals will become able to interact directly with Mother Earth, which is the state of play prevailing in Inner Earth. The atmosphere is to be purified and a much more life enhancing one will form out of the cleansing violence that will accompany the surface reconfiguration. The new realm will contain new types of trees, plants, and animals, and Mother Earth is to evolve new, higher-level colors, sounds, and smells. These heightened qualities generate Love, and are designed to create an environment that breeds happiness and secures an ample abundance for all the flora, fauna, and Beings that are to inhabit this new ecosystem.

The new Earth is a magical place! The ancient myths of the Pacific islanders talk about Lemuria as a place where picked fruit grew back swiftly, and where animals and people could be described as belonging more to the realms of 'spirit' than stuck in the purely physical state as they are at present. Endless tales are handed down of miraculous deeds and of the strange and beauteous world they inhabited. This is once again to be the future of Mother Earth. It is to be a place of exquisite beauty, where colors, scents, and even the 'taste' of the air will be like Heaven. The same will be true for Inner Earth. Eons ago, this magnificent planet took on a mantle of deep shadow to facilitate the establishment of an environment that resembled that of the Dark Empires that surrounded your Solar System. A chronicle of events was to be played out which is now coming to its natural conclusion, in which you fell into limited consciousness by shutting down most of your RNA/DNA. This strange saga is now in reverse mode, and you and Mother Earth are returning to your natural, pre-fall states.

6 October 2010 - SaLuSa of Sirius on Looking Forward to the Future - Michael Quinsey

Great times are approaching and as you near the end of this year, you have every right to at last expect some action. All of the time our Allies have been setting the scene for the awaited announcement, and it appears to be almost ready to go ahead. We are as excited and relieved as you are about the immediate period of time. It has been a long time coming, and we go back thousands of years monitoring your evolution and caring for Mother Earth. It has been a labor of our love for Mankind, and a service in the name of the Creator. For obvious reasons you are at present the focus of our attention, but we are on call to any civilization throughout the Universe. Our lives are extremely interesting and rewarding, and we have experienced so many surprises as we explore the far away areas of Space.

The future is so bright for you, and what a contrast it will be to what you have been used to. It is somewhat like the higher Astral dimensions of Earth, and freedom from all of the bothersome drudgery of being a Human in the 3rd Dimension. You have not really experienced such a level of freedom, happiness and joy except for brief moments in your life. Can you imagine the relief of removing your worries of how to survive, provide your sustenance and shelter? What it would be like to be totally healthy and without any form of disability, well Dear Ones that is just part of what you have to look forward to in the higher dimensions. No worrying problems about money, as it is unnecessary when all of your needs are freely provided for. We cannot do justice with words to what you are about to experience, but the word paradise comes to mind. Remember these things if the going gets tough, as it will all prove worthwhile in the end.

You have so much to look forward to so do not waste your energy on the mundane matters of daily life. Know that the Dark Ones will have their last fling in desperation, but let it go over your head. The truth will safely come through and deception will be seen for what it is, as you are of an enhanced level of consciousness and are more alert to such attempts to fool you. The good, bad and the ugly are all in the same pot for now, but shortly there will begin a great clearing out of anything that cannot stand in the Light. The vibrations are speeding up, and can only carry with them souls who are of a like vibration. If you know or consider your self to be of the Light, you really should not be concerned about anything of the lower vibrations. It will in time transmute or disintegrate, as a point will be reached when it cannot remain any longer.

26 October 2010 - Galactic Federation Update on forthcoming Earth Allies intervention - Sheldan Nidle

Over the past few weeks, the last Dark Cabal has been forced to make a number of concessions. These open the way to new monetary policies, a new financial system, and a much-needed series of regime changes. At present, we are working in step with our Earth Allies to manifest what has been agreed to by the dark cabalists, who continue to squabble amongst themselves which further fractures what little unity remains within their ranks. As a result, we can report that the process of transforming your world is once more back on track, and we are expecting the appearance of those events that have taken so long to come about. Our Earth Allies are in the process of assembling the various individuals who are to head the numerous departments of the new US government and are putting the final touches to the long-awaited announcements. Barring sudden delays, we expect the changes to begin at any moment and have consequently increased the number of our ships presently flying over several capital cities. The reason for this is to secure these areas from rogue craft belonging to the Secret Government. We are on full alert status and have put cloaked defense ships on constant patrol above their bases. So far, our units' patrol schedule has been undisturbed. The last thing we want is for any 'incidents' to mar the smooth procession of the announcements that are to be made by the new caretaker governments. These new regimes have enough to do without contending with a premature display of any of the new technologies that are weeks away from being formally presented to the world. Our role is to keep the lid on any preemptive use of esoteric devices before they are unveiled. These formal unveilings are to include the range of technologies that we wish to provide you with. Until then, our Earth Allies wish to concentrate on the more immediate global issues: introducing the new hard currencies; debt forgiveness; abolishing income tax and disbursing income-tax refunds; the reformation of the banking industry and related financial services; and the restructuring of all corporations.

Then there is the introduction of Common Law and, in most cases, reestablishing true de jure constitutional government. These diverse operations are expected to be among the first matters to be tackled by the new governments. Also at the top of the agenda are the cessation of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and the signing of agreements enabling the return of armies to their respective homelands. The restoration of many foreign military bases to their original owners also comes under this heading. This is a time to emphasize global peace and cooperation, and in pursuance of this, a full-blown nuclear disarmament is expected of all nations. Once this is in place, we intend to neutralize all nuclear weapons and reactors. This will dovetail with the deployment and activation of regional zero-point energy generators which will replace all nuclear reactors currently serving electrical power grids. In a matter of months you are to move along your path to full consciousness in a series of great leaps!

27 October 2010 - SaLuSa of Sirius on the Changes nearly upon us - Michael Quinsey

We see the wavering levels of consciousness that change from one second to another. Those who are aware of the changes that are soon to manifest, are more focused on the future and know that all will turn out well. However, there are still a large percentage of people who lack direction, and tossed about like ships in a storm. For some it causes utter despair, as they cannot see how humankind can overcome the problems it faces. That indeed is the point of our presence, as we are fully prepared to go into action once we are officially introduced to you. Unfortunately we cannot move before that time, but will always be keeping an eye on what is happening on Earth. We can certainly take preventative action if matters get out of hand, and our Allies are well aware of their part in protecting you. We are anxious to get on with the cleansing programs, and tending to the pollution of the seas that are a danger to life, and that is a priority. You may tire of hearing us tell you, that matters are so close to bringing you relief from the adversity you presently experience. However, for those who closely follow our activities, it is clearly evident that a major announcement is near, and we are ready.

29 October 2010 - Christ Michael on the coming Stasis Period - Candace

Christ Michael: With regard to the limited Axis Shift we are undertaking, the Gulf of Mexico situation is at present interfering with this. The Axis shifting is not causing the Gulf of Mexico situation, which itself is simply a matter of pressures building again after a temporary period of relative stability. The major problem is that most of the Gulf of Mexico sea-floor is rising, a subject which we have not chosen to cover before, and this is not involving more than the areas close to shore where the fault/fracture system is. We truly have a mess there now, and this accumulating ground swelling is advancing up underneath the whole of the southern Mississippi Basin and marching somewhat Westward as evidenced by the recent quakes in Arkansas.

Yesterday we attempted to move the Axis a bit more, because the situation in the Gulf seemed to have temporarily quieted. But shortly after we applied the necessary energies, the swirling increased and we stopped and went into a session of meetings, which have just concluded. We did succeed in a small amount of Axis Shift since the last report of 0.9 degrees, it is now about 1.05 degrees [out of a hoped-for total of 2.0 degrees].

It appears we are going to have to go into the "Mini Stasis" (a period of "suspended animation") and finish the Axis Shift during that time. We have many craft down observing the Gulf situation. I haven't decided yet whether to wait a short time more or just go straight into the Mini Stasis and get it over with. Now, just because we are "vacuuming up" the oil and methane coming forth, does not prevent any of the quakes or resultant tsunami's.

Because of the wide area of ocean floor swelling, the quaking will in fact become worse and the massive resulting earthquakes will do quite enough to initiate some of the other fracture zones around this World, just as much as the fault line we sealed off after the Gulf of Mexico situation made itself clear. (Candace: Late in May we made it known that there was a large unknown fault line west of the Tonga Trench which was threatening California with a major Tsunami and which could cause a resultant submergence of the Western Californian coastline. This fault-line was then sealed and prevented from happening when the Gulf of Mexico blowout first became known.)

We could have gone into the gulf of Mexico after the Dark Ones began their schemes and at least interfered with some of their plans, but they and those that support the Oil business must learn some tough lessons, so we did not interfere, nor did we "seal" anything on the Gulf of Mexico floor. Sealing was not the solution there anyway, there is so much oil now making it's way up and it's not just about the blowout that occurred, that whole area is weak and the Earth Changes to date, are moving forward anyway in that area.

We are ready to institute as we have covered before, the Mini Stasis the minute the Gulf of Mexico starts to fully erupt. We will of course be down there working immediately even if the people are not fully in a state of "stasis", but do not worry about that one. The Mini Stasis may have to last up to week as we will have a lot of cleaning to do. All life will be in "stasis", as the plants will not do well either with the massive methane that will be rising up.

There will be really widespread destruction. Now, depending on the extent of the widespread destruction, we may choose to simply keep the Planet in an ongoing "Stasis" and do without any pre-announcements for the following major Stasis at all. There is a big "depends" going on here. Some of the expected plate movements may also release massive amounts of methane and other chemicals of various sorts in other parts of the world. There are three undersea volcanoes we are watching and also there are a couple more on the surface that are ready to erupt. The Icelandic volcanoes are showing increased underground movement, as well at the volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest, primarily Mt. Helena and Mt. Rainier at this time. There is a volcano that erupted also today in Kamchatka, Russia.

Now, there are some people that we wish to evacuate whilst the Planet is going into the Mini Stasis, or even possibly a bit before. We will evacuate also everyone in the danger zone around the Gulf of Mexico that will be staying with the Planet or needs their physical body elsewhere, before or as soon as the "Mini Stasis" starts. We do not need to have everyone involved within the Mini Stasis.

What I am saying here, is that some of you and your families, or people you know, are those who belong to a certain group who are going to be lifted to an alternative specially prepared "New Planet" in their physical body. So IF we do have an interlude between the "Mini Stasis", and the "Major Stasis", these Ones are already going to be gone and please don't assume they were part of the Dark Ones that were being removed.

There are about 1 million people who will eventually be populating that newly designated "New Planet", in addition to those 300,000 Earth Folk already placed there. Not all 1 million of these ones will be taken immediately to that New Planet, but they will live aboard the evacuation Motherships and then be placed on the New Planet as soon as it is ready to accept them. They will know however, they are going there when it is explained to them following the lift-off. There are also some others going to other planets and these will be lifted also, but their numbers are less than those going to the special new world being prepared.

Now, many of you have been curious about this "New Planet". It is in fact Venus, Dear Ones. I have thrown some hints of this in the early Phoenix Journals. We still keep it out of sight and it's in a somewhat different orbit. Well, it is time for me to "spill-the-beans" here: the actual real planetary body of Venus is in approximately the same orbit as Earth beloveds, but we have just kept it on the other side of the Sun - this is sometimes the cause of those "Nibiru" stories you hear.

We have said before that the Venus you all see, is in fact "Star Ship Venus". Just as Jupiter's revolution is kept so that it stays out of view behind the Sun, so it is with Venus. Actually you have not witnessed the real Venus for a long time, as "terraforming" of the present 3-D physical surface is not an instant process. And the Planet was too close to the Sun for it's full "terraforming". [This does not include the existing 4-5D Venusian civilisation living upon the surrounding higher-dimensional Planes of the Planet].

Now, Earth and Venus will continue to share the orbit for a long time. At some point in the future the orbits will be separated somewhat, as Earth will actually need to be a bit further out from the Sun. Mercury is being rotated out gradually more to the former orbit of Venus, as there will be "terraforming" started there eventually also. There is a small Inner Planet that I believe we have mentioned before and your scientists know of it, that will be gradually moved into Mercury's orbit.

All the orbits of your Solar System's Planets, right through to Mars, will be adjusted over time. It is totally possible for life-bearing Planets to share the same orbit or nearly so. If you have read any of the Urantia Book about the "Architectural Spheres", you know that this occurs with them. Of course those ones don't have Suns like you do in the "Evolutionary Solar Systems", but nevertheless, planets can follow each other in the same or close orbit. It's easily done. In fact in Solar Systems with several planets with life on them, it has to be that way, so they have the same energies. Mars, will also eventually be in approximately the same orbit with Earth and Venus. They can be staggered a bit according to the needs of the Planet and it's size. But they will not be so widely separated as the current orbits are.

There will be other periods of Stasis in the more distant future, both for continued remodeling of Earth, but also the Solar System, because life has to be protected when we "tug" another planet into the same orbit. These periods of Stasis involved with the "tugging of Planets", will be much shorter however, than the upcoming "Major Stasis" of 4 or more years.

We are remodeling this entire Solar System into an "Eternal" System, and as Man becomes more Human than he currently is, he will need some more living room, since poor little Planet Earth cannot by herself handle all these people.

Another reason I am talking here about the removal of those who need to remain in their present physical form, before the Mini Stasis or at the beginning of the Mini Stasis, is that not all of you have chosen to stay with Planet Earth. Some of you will find yourselves definitely aboard a Mothership, rather soon now, and don't pack anything as we have everything you need!

Those that can be dematerialized, will be, others have to step into the beam, so if a lot of small Scout-craft show up, board ship immediately. If you wish for their identification first, just ask, but if you have a sky full of craft, you can safely assume this is what is truly going on. However, if you accidentally board ship and you are staying with Planet Earth, have no worry. Because actually some other folks staying with the Planet are going to be removed early on too, which brings me to this final topic of the night.

All of you staying with Planet Earth after "Stasis" will in fact be removed at some point, all one billion of you. But we are taking the Ones going to other places first, and then the other of the Earth's future one billion will be brought to the Motherships at intervals during the Major Stasis period, and they must awaken onboard ship, due to the conditions on the Planet at that time. Everyone who is staying is going to get a personal "education" during the Stasis period, before they return to Earth. When we do the wakeup on the Planet from the Major Stasis period, these ones will not necessarily be waking up wherever they dropped off to sleep, and of course, those who live where the damage will be huge can't return to their homes anyway.

The "Survivors" will already KNOW what happened and that THEY are the winners. This will help insure our further progress. On the other hand, those of the nearly 100,000 Lightworkers will be removed much sooner, as soon as we have everything stable and are ready. Initially the Fleet will be very busy. Those that are likely to become Regional Directors and other higher levels will obviously be removed even earlier.

Surprise!!!!! We made that decision on the above some time ago actually, but chose not to cover it before today. The 1 billion survivors will return to the Planet quite consciously and many actually will for a time probably be housed in the underground and Inner Earth areas first. The surface housing remaining may not be in very good shape. This means that those of you "attending upon" the Stasis as Lightworkers, will actually be doing some planning with the other "Survivors" near the latter part of the Stasis period. Most of the one billion "Returnees", will likely be removed from the "sleep" of Stasis to a Mothership in the last year or so, but some others will be awakened possibly earlier, those that have some "Leadership" potential.

Now, Beloveds, those that must remain in their physical body, will all be removed at some point before the Magnetic Pole Reversal occurs [which will also change the direction of planetary spin]. There are many, however, that will have to stay in the state of continued "stasis" until it's time to awaken them after arriving on the Mothership.

During the Magnetic Pole Reversal, those life forms not of God, will cease to exist on Earth, as a result of both the coming to a stop of Earth's revolution, plus the incoming Solar Rays that are to cleanse the Planet. Remember during the Magnetic Pole Reversal the Magnetosphere will also be "collapsed." And to that end, those animals and plants that are to remain will be put into a very special vibratory state of stasis, in which they are "untouchable" and unharmed. But we will be removing physically all surviving Humans who need their current bodies to the Motherships. The "Non-survivors", such as the Robot-humans and other such life-forms, must simply perish as they will be in a different vibratory rate, one not of God, but they also must not suffer in the process.

Everything "Of God", has a higher vibratory rate. The animals, insects and plants that are destructive to the planet will all be gone during that phase. While some will worry about the X-Rays , Gamma Rays and the like, it is more the vast amount of Photon Light particles coming in during the Magnetic Pole Reversal that will remove that which is not of God. Photons ARE of God. God IS Light, in that instance.

Now, IF we have the Mini Stasis, followed by a short period of announcements before the Major Stasis, we will be removing the Dark Ones of this world, as we have said before, by simply removing them. Some are going to other "Prison Worlds" or the "Void Planet". We will pick them up in the Levitation Beams, during the Mini Stasis. Their bodies will not survive that process. They are too much of the Darkness. It's that simple, and they are each known to us, every one of them. Their Souls, however, will be picked up and taken to wherever they are going, which in most cases will be by incarnating by birth as cavemen within the beginnings of a new primitive civilization on a specially prepared 3D planet for them.

This routine is typical of a world under the End Times of the current cycle, the Judgement, as it were. There is always a Magnetic Pole Reversal, and those not of God simply cease to exist and it matters not if they are "Man," insect, plant or other animal. The Stasis period is always used before the reversal so that there is NO suffering. The malformed "Spirits" associated with these not of God, simply disassociate.

20 November 2010 - Christ Michael: The Final Time has arrived. The World will turn upside down and inside out - Candace

Dearly Beloveds, recently thru Kibo I said I would turn the world upside down and inside out by the end of the year. We are well into that process and it is "on time." We made some changes that slowed the Earth Changes temporarily, which is why there is not so much going on in that regard - we needed the extra time. Your Sun for example is now very quiet again and we had to adjust its energies coming towards Earth.

We want to make the media "Announcements" within a short time and this is nearly now in place. We have stated there would be the walking on your surface of our actual Fleet personnel. They are now on Earth. We have also stated we will have "cloned" replacements for many on your world, so that they will be alignment with us. These are more than to be just "cloned" outside Beings - they are to be indwelled by members of our Fleet. We have just today finished with that effort and all is ready in this regard.

We have been sending out official warnings to many of your Dark Cabal members, who are not to necessarily be replaced, but whom have received some rather strong "Marching Orders."

Just prior to the "Media Announcements" we will be having the "Mini Stasis" period, so the rest of those Dark Ones in the way can then be removed permanently during that time. Today we are preparing now to increase the process of the Earth Changes, and many of you who are sensitive to this will now be feeling this.

Candace will shortly be joining us, just prior to the start of the Mini Stasis, so that she can be given preparation in order to make the TV Announcements. Everything is very nearly totally in place.

You will NOT be seeing the coming of the New Year. It is as I said before through Kibo. Steady yourselves, because there will be change very shortly. This is all I wish to cover for the time being. We will not risk our Lightworkers with the Dark Ones through giving more details now than are necessary.

As you can see, all the proposed plans of the Dark that were circulated on the Net by the Alternative News sources [i.e: "false Flag" missile attacks on Iran] for early November did not manifest. They were all prevented from manifesting, and that alone should be good evidence of our ongoing actions for you Ones who are in doubt. Be in Peace, PLEASE, Beloveds. WE ARE IN CHARGE and the intervention is in place. Even others are posting about this on the Internet. Many do know. Show thy Love to a World that is greatly in need. I am Christ Michael/Aton. Ye who read here are blessed.

29 November 2010 - Christ Michael's further Updating - Steve

Candace: This is thru Steve on the AbundantHope Forum. We had hoped to have things wrapped up enough to start the Mini Stasis late last week. We aren't that far off now. Anyway, don't worry about the Mini-Stasis: all of you who were on Planet Earth in 1992 already have done a Mini Stasis of about a week long!

CM: This is to be just a quick message. Mini-Stasis will be within weeks at the latest. Some of you may be kept conscious and taken aboard a Mothership during the Mini-Stasis so we can give you a heads-up on what will happen during the following "Announcement Period" and how to handle it within the particular communities that you work in.

The Announcement period will last somewhere between a week and ten days. As Candace as has mentioned, there is some impressive stuff planned. There will be appearances on TV by a number of us that you are already familiar with. We plan to keep your communications infrastructure intact so that everything that happens can be discussed on the Internet, and those of you who read here and are already expecting this can help out by reassuring your online friends and communities that this is real.

Stasis proper will commence past the middle of the month [December]. When I said you would may not see the New Year, I meant it, and your own intuition that this could all be wrapped up by Christmas (excuse the pun) was also not far off the mark.

You may have been worried on behalf of your friends and family, but as Candace has told you, you should not be. They are responsible for their own lives and decisions, and this is particularly true of those that you have informed about the possible timetable for the End Times, but who have not accepted any of it. Many of you have specific missions to be performed in these last few days and you must not let the incidental attachments you have formed during this lifetime interfere with those activities.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

22 December 2010 - Christ Michael and Jesus/Esu: A Change of Plan. Through Candace

Christ Michael: We are now expecting to be able to dispense with the mini-stasis completely. Instead there will be an "Announcement" period which will be several weeks long. We expect to become very visible both on TV and on the ground during this time, and will also intervene where it is necessary, and safe to do so, where there are to be Earth changes, disruptions of civil infrastructure, or other problems.

We are making HUGE progress Beloveds, do not be impatient. You are going to much like the show that is coming. We ARE able to now skip the Mini Stasis, unless the Gulf of Mexico should blow big time. There will likely be some major quakes during the Long "Announcement" period, but that's OK.

We have removed many Dark Ones. We made major removals for their re-education and sadly and as expected, I guess, many of those did not wish to switch direction. We had however some that did, and they are already back on Earth, but most of the rest could not alter their programming, even after all the wondrous evidence and even some personal appearances by several of us.

We are hoping to take the "Announcement Period" from about now to last over a few weeks of time. We have a huge TV Show planned of wondrous materials of Truth. This will cover how the Dark Ones took over through their secret control of Earth, of all the wars your soldiers fought not knowing that they were merely serving the interests of the controlling Corporation and not their Country. Initially the Announcements are to cover the present political and monetary situation and then we will carefully move into full disclosure of our Mission's purpose. As part of this there will be live TV crews aboard even my own Spacecraft and of several others, to provide a real picture of us.

Eventually, if time allows, in addition to nightly displays, we will offer visits to and from the craft so that can people can get a handle on the higher energies. Physical people need to experience physical ships, but we will also be making an effort to give a real idea of a typical Lightship that traverses the Higher Heavens, that is the Local Universe of Nebadon and the 7th SuperUniverse of Orvonton.

As Candace did report to those of you on the AbundantHope Forum, we were over Denver for actually 8 days in a row. We are only there now and then at this time. The importance of that area is related to our direct takeover of the underground areas [underground Bases formerly used by the Secret Government] some several years ago now and it will also serve our needs after the Long Stasis until we have set up our own properties on the surface in the Denver area. As some of you know, our International headquarters are to be based there. I will now pass you over to Esu.

Esu/Jesus: Let me start with the topic of the underground Base under Denver. This was originally built to be the "New World Order" Headquarters of the Secret Government/Illuminati. The Denver Metro area, in fact all of Colorado, was experiencing rapid growth in real estate there for this reason. Many of these jobs coming were inside the massive underground Secret Government Base built up over many years. It runs from near Pueblo in the South, up to North of Fort Collins, underneath the mountains. Denver International Airport is a major entry hub into this large complex. Candace in fact lives nearly over some tunnels running West from there and knows well the "Taos hum" produced by the nuclear tunneling machines during the construction of that Airport.

AbundantHope's and also my International Headquarters will be in this region. We have already made some important purchases of facilities, but these may be damaged by some of the Earth Changes and at any rate will not be complete by the end of the Long Stasis period. So we will in the meantime be using a lot of this underground Base as needed for a period of time. I actually now have "Offices" underground there. We have also brought at lot of the Dark "detainees" through there.

There are extensive tunnel systems from this area to other major underground Bases the Dark Ones were so kind to construct for us throughout North America. They were building them for themselves for these End Times. We had always hoped not to have to fully evacuate the Planet, but if we had needed to do so, these areas would have been especially useful for our use. China and Russia have also built large underground bunkers for their population for these End Times, but in the Western countries they were built only for the continuation of the Dark "Elite".

Those underground areas all over the globe ARE part of our plans for this future World. It is after all the "Bestowal Planet" of Christ Michael and it will become a marvelous Jewel, as well as being restored as a new type of Seed Planet for Higher Minds. In the meantime, another new Seed Planet has been developed elsewhere to provide for the creation and learning experiences of further new seed Souls. There always has to be provision for one or more Seed Planets for the creation of new Souls per major Sector of a Local Universe.

Your Earth animals, as part of the Milky Way Ecliptic, will be making their own sudden growth over the next 1000 years and many will indeed acquire the ability to stand up and walk. Your beloved pets are therefore to become FUTURE Humans, Dear Ones, and do not forget that they are also your younger Brothers. Treat them with the respect they deserve - they are not just soulless "animals."

They too are on a journey of Ascension. Many will even receive their own Thought Adjusters [Higher Selves endowed with an element of the Trinity Father's consciousness]. Some already have such, and the classes created for these younger Brothers on your "Other Side" [the after-life Spiritual Planes] are growing. Candace herself has two former family members (cats) in attendance over there after their passings from this Plane who have received Thought Adjusters. That is because they had learned to think consciously and thus solve problems, all that which is of "God Mind", so the Thought Adjusters were able to come to them. Many more animals will over time also be moved into Human form.

Now, we will over time be building a large International Headquarters on the surface above Denver and we have already purchased land for that reason, about 10,000 acres. There we will be developing a large University System that will have a global outreach to all the other Regions of the World, each under a Regional Director. We expect there to be between 50 and 75 World "Regions", depending on the Earth Changes and the amount of population to be surviving.

Many of you who belong to areas of the Planet likely to be disrupted are possibly to remain underground for a period after the general awakening from the Long Stasis. We have already said that they will be awakened early, before the end of the Stasis period, and this will be possible because they will be placed underground, though some others may instead be housed up on the Motherships. However, all of those who are returning to Planet Earth after the Long Stasis will collectively have had an experience of living on, or visiting, the Motherships.

Besides the slow and careful Magnetic Pole Reversal being undertaken during the Long Stasis period there will also be several later Axis Shifts, as we will need to at times to further remodel the surface. Man is over a long time going to get quite an experience, as there will be yet more short Stasis periods during which he may have to return underground for a period of time during any further Earth changes, but these will be less dramatic than during the coming Long Stasis period. During some of those subsequent Earth Changes perhaps Stasis may not even be needed, but there will be some who nevertheless may have to be moved down underground for their safety.

This is ALL very experimental, Dear Ones. This whole project has never been done anywhere before, ANYWHERE. And the whole of the Grand Creation is itself pretty large. And I do not just mean anywhere else in our Local Universe of Nebadon, or in the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton. I mean NO WHERE else at all. And those of you in training here for those coming Management jobs to be exercised in the future with Planets, Solar Systems, Local System Headquarters, Constellation Headquarters and even within those distant new Creations forming out in the Great Void, are going to get an awfully lot of experience during these next few thousand years of bringing this Planet into its full glory as Creator Son Michael's "Bestowal Planet", as it always will continue to be.


25 December 2010 - Achieving a greater Harvest of Souls - Archangel Michael thru Candace

Dearly Beloveds, I AM the Archangel of the Resurrection, and so Archangel Michael is properly my title. The Archangel of Resurrection on any planet at the End Time and Resurrection always comes under the name of the Bestowal Son in such cases. Thus since Michael of Nebadon is your Bestowal Son, I am the Archangel of the Resurrection and I therefore go by the name of "Michael."

Now, as background information, a normal Evolutionary Planet undergoes many cleansings when it becomes overpopulated or at one of the various End Time periods. After evolutionary life has been given a period of time to develop on an Evolutionary Planet, Seed Planet or otherwise, and following the normal coming of a Paradise-based Avonal Son or its Local Universe Creator Son, there is at the End Time of a Major Age a "Final Judgement" of all the Souls who have worked through that Age on a Planet, prior to its entry into a final Age leading up to a perfected state of "Light and Life".

At the time of this Final Judgement period, before its entry into a New Age, only those Souls of a higher nature may incarnate into a Planet at the last stages. It is no longer a suitable time for the entrance of young Souls starting out on their long evolutionary path. As such, it thereafter becomes a higher grade of school.

For Mother Earth (GAIA/Urantia) now is that time. Already, in fact, only 5th Dimensional or Higher Level Souls, may incarnate into this Planet at this particular time and thus there have been no Dark Beings incarnating into this Planet since 1995. Only the higher Sons of God may come in to repeat earlier incarnations, if it is appropriate for them to have another life on Earth.

Now, during the upcoming weeks, there will appear in many areas of your Planet a number of Perfected or nearly perfected Beings. These are the "Volunteers" we have previously spoken of who are coming into cloned look-alike forms replacing those Dark Ones of high positions who are being removed. Most of these Volunteers are already in action, but we are even now putting a few more into place as we finalize everything.

Watch your News programmes and see how the familiar faces now look younger and refreshed, then perhaps it should become obvious to you. As we take over the Airwaves those new "Walk-ins" are mostly those of higher rank whom you on the Planet are now going to see, and the shining Light behind the eyes will be very obvious, even on Television. They will be seen to be setting a higher example over their predecessors.

They are here on a very short-term basis, until at least the start of the Long Stasis, at which point they may be leaving, if they so wish. Not only are they to be in the Media and the Government, there are to be many others in various corporations, businesses and the like, including also some replaced religious Leaders. During the upcoming "Announcement/Teaching" period when there will also be some parallel physical "Earth Changes" going on, we shall be needing those higher Sons of God on the Planet as replacements for the Dark Ones.

Now is the time of the "Resurrection", of both all the Earth Souls and of Lady Gaia herself. As we have previously informed you, there will be around 1 billion Souls returning to the 5th Dimensional New Earth. However, there are also many of those who have barely earned the right to Ascend with Gaia/Earth. As a Seed Planet intended for the creation of new starter-Souls, many of these young Souls have not yet grown to their full stature and are therefore not strictly entitled to move up with Gaia at these End Times. However, they are nonetheless to be given this right, and for only one reason: we are allowing them to Ascend with Planet Earth in order to increase the final "Harvest" of Souls which otherwise would be far too small.

There are also many others who cannot Resurrect/Ascend yet, and most of these will be travelling to other worlds, to pursue their Ascension at a slower pace more suited to their current progress or lack thereof.

We originally considered removing most of them as they passed over to the Other Side and of admitting a lot more 5th Dimensional souls, but decided instead to allow what you could call the "51 Percenters" [degree of consideration of others as opposed to self-centeredness] to stay and be given a further opportunity to grow. This responsibility, of deciding who is, or is not to be "Resurrected", is the particular function of my Mission.

Now as you have previously been taught, during the Magnetic Pole Reversal everything that is not of God, disappears off the Planet. Even if in Stasis. We are also going to have to remove a lot of people before the Pole Reversal commences, only to return them after the period of the Long Stasis and the Earth Changes.

As part of the "Announcement/Teaching" process coming up, we plan to have people informed of the Star Fleets' main purpose for being here, and also that this is part of the long prophesized "Second Coming". We will do our best to help them understand it all.

During the "Announcement/Teaching" period there will be many who will not be of a sufficiently high vibration rate to be taken up to the Spacecraft through the process of "dematerialization" during their Stasis sleep, then to be re-materialized on the Mothership. Actually, none of those who are too borderline will be able to and there will also be many who will not even be able to board by the "Levitation Beam" of the Scoutcraft - their bodies would be consumed in the process. We will instead have to have them board the Scoutcraft by stairs, or else small antigravity platforms. This requires landing or hovering a bit above the surface. This is time-consuming and not so practical, but those within any danger areas from the Earth Changes may have to be physically lifted off before the Stasis period starts. We have not fully covered this before because of the constant changing of our plans and the many discussions being made up here.

It will be a role for some of you to help to convince those people where you live to board the Scoutcraft by whatever means. There will likely be some significant Earth Changes coincident with the "Announcement/Teaching" period and it is our wish that the many who need to see these Changes for their advancement, should indeed experience them. We will nevertheless also be lifting people out of areas that are facing extreme danger. We may not be successful in getting all of them to board, but without us all attempting some teaching and trying to make people feel comfortable, those that would board ship would otherwise be very few. It is also desired by us that these Ones should get the additional experience of the Earth Changes IN body, even if they will not be returning to the Planet after the Stasis period.

Now, those 1 billion persons who are to be staying with the Planet, will still have to be off the planet themselves at some point during the Earth Changes over the Long Stasis period. Initially, we will be starting the Magnetic Pole Reversal process shortly before the Long Stasis period starts. The Pole Reversal will be made to occur slowly in order to prevent too much change within the landscape, and at that time we will also be picking up those people in danger areas before the Planet "stills" herself prior to her change in direction of rotation. We do not yet know the exact timing of the "pickup" times, because inevitably something unexpected always happens - even in "Heaven" things happen according to their own timings and through other possible disruptions. All of you must by now appreciate that, after your long and extended wait for the coming Earth Changes.

At the time of the "Announcement/Teaching" period, when we shall begin to show ourselves to you, those of you who are "in the know" about these coming events MUST at that time put aside your own worries about how you will yourself be reacting. You must support us and explain to others about your long preparation for this event. The "Announcement/Teaching" process will have another benefit, because those who formerly knew nothing of us Higher Forces, or were even in denial of us, will then be able to undertake waking up other sleeping Starseeds to join up with this service also. Some of your family members will also by then be finally able to "get it." Some may refuse to, and if they continue to do so after a reasonable attempt, use your time elsewhere. If on the other hand they are not to be amongst those staying on here after Stasis, it matters not. Do not keep trying to give "pearls to people" who want only stones. It is after all, to be the Final Sorting - well almost, as there will continue to be a sorting after the Stasis when people will be passing on elsewhere, as some are not going to be able to earn their Ascension.

Normally at the End Times of a smoothly evolving Planet, the Young Souls of the Planet are by then mostly ready for "fusion" with their Thought Adjusters [a Higher-Self linked with the Trinity Father], which is generally at the achievement of a 6th Dimensional consciousness. This does not always happen, as some can be a little earlier, or some a little later, but that is a generalized statement. Those Ones on Earth who belong to the marginal,"51% groups" have at this point generally reached a 4th Dimensional consciousness level, and so they will have a chance to achieve 5D consciousness, at least with this Planet. When they have done so, they may then wish to make other choices available to them for their further evolutionary growth. On the other hand there are some who may, or may not, "fuse" with their Though Adjusters in their new life or even after further births into this Planet. All is up to the individual through the Universal Right of "Free Will".

At this point we do not know exactly how long the "Announcement/Teaching" period will be. Much depends on the state of the people and the Planet. We have done some things to delay the Earth Changes, including the Gulf of Mexico situation, to gain further time. With the Gulf of Mexico, we have pushed the problem area "back in time", so to speak - a de-aging as it were. This restores the physical matter in the affected leak area back to its previous condition for a limited time. It is as if you are, say age 60, and now have become as you were at the age of 25 - moved back in time. This moving back in time causes its own pressures however, and as we lead into the Announcement/Teaching process, we will move those stressed areas once again forward to the present time, as there has to be a natural counter-balancing action. However, the Gulf of Mexico stress situation cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely.

I hope the above Update will be helpful to the many of you waiting in your impatience, hoping for a "magic wand" to be somehow waved. This whole new Earth Changes process has been created only within the last one and a half to two years and the timing and balance is a very complex process. This is a totally new and experimental situation and thus we have had to evolve new parameters for everything. You will be in awe as you see it unfold. We have here in this sense, a delay in the normal "Resurrection" process for this type of evolutionary End Time and that is our gift (and recompense), in a way, for the many failures on this Planet that have given rise to a people not yet ready to Ascend.

Gaia/Earth is ready to move on, but the "Harvest" is at this point far too low, and thus we have had to create this new type of solution. Everyone who is anyone in the Higher Realms will be watching this drama on Planet Earth and talking about it for a very long time, especially if it works! We will have walked entirely new waters. We hope this will be so. Good evening and Merry Christmas. I am Archangel Michael of the Resurrection, acting on behalf of the Creator Son Michael's Bestowal and Seed Planet, Gaia/Earth.

30 December 2010 Commander Ashtar on the Coming Earth Changes - Thru Leonette with comments and explanations by Candace of AbundantHope.

Leonette: Am I receiving Commander Ashtar?

Ashtar: Just Ashtar will suffice. I come to you under the command of Gabriel, Commander in charge of the Celestial Forces that are a part of this rendezvous. We are in place to facilitate the process of removals. There will be a number of scenarios that will take place. I wish to update on some specifics. (Candace: for Urantia Book Readers, this is THE GABRIEL who is the CHIEF executive of Nebadon, first created Son of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. He is NOT an Archangel. There is no Archangel Gabriel acting on Earth at this time, just to counter other stories. This same Gabriel IS however the one that appeared so long ago to Mary, and also to Mohammed. )

1. As has been told before there will be removal to specially designated spacecraft for purposes of sleep, adjustments and preparation for re-occupation of the land masses. (Candace: these are in general the 1 billion we have spoken of that are returning to Earth after the Stasis period who have earned that right by at least cleaning 51% of their karma.)

2. There will be removals to special places within the interior of the physical Earth plane which have been specially prepared to hold hundreds of thousands securely and safely. (Candace: Some of the Ones there are the inhabitants of Inner Earth, whose areas may face destruction in some parts from the surface Earth Changes and also there are many underground areas those 1 billion will use after Stasis, while the surface is rebuilt for and by them and made habitable again.)

3. There will be removals to the Motherships for those who will be moving unto other Way- stations in the Galaxy for purposes of returning to their original substantive abodes. (Candace: This means the Ones who are going "home" who are finished with their work here.)

4. There will be removals that will be for purposes of bringing such removals to the Grand Courts of Nebadon for purposes of adjudication. (Candace: The Seventh SuperUniverse has Legal Courts that are the only place allowed for a "Final Judgement" on a Soul's "uncreation" to be may be made and carried out. There are many Dark Ones on Earth who will be facing such, and their very survival of their Souls will be a big topic of discussion at that time. These Courts are under the higher supervision of the Ancients of Days staff of Orvonton, the Seventh SuperUniverse within which our Local Universe belongs, especially in the cases where the outcome may be the final "uncreation" of the Being.)

5. There will be removals of an ' unphysical' nature...primarily for purposes of harnessing disintegrated essences for purposes of cleansing, renewal and re-absorption.. (Candace: these are thought forms, the many energy forms that are not whole, or are damaged, and so forth. These are generally cleansed of their dark programming and put into the universal creation pool for eventual new creation. Electrons and Protons store a lot of data of those fragmented "Beings". These cleansed particles become the basis in part of new evolutionary systems. God recycles everything!)

6. There will be removals to places that are unknown to your current awareness. These places are to facilitate the development of the less than criminal elements amongst, what you may call your "Robotic" population. (Candace: the decision was made to allow these Soulless Ones, which we have covered from time to time, another opportunity, at least the best of them.)

7. There will be removals of those who have chosen to be released from a 3D physical existence and journey to the higher evolution-training Mansion Worlds. (Candace: Urantia Book readers should recognize the Mansion Worlds. These are entry level Training Worlds for Ascending Beings to undertake a long Ascension journey up to the Central Universe of Havona and even possibly on up to the ultimate Central Universe of the Paradise Isle, home of the Trinity Father, Trinity Son and Infinite Spirit.)

8. There will removals of life forms such as viruses, pests and bacteria (biological, manmade, intra-terrestrial and extra-terrestrial and various other pathogens) which are inimical to the best interests of the newly Axis-righted Planet and its population. (Candace: we have extra diseases here because of contaminations from space during the periods of Seeding of the Earth that are one reason for conditions, such as cancer, presenting itself in hereditary DNA patterns.)

9. There will be the removal of the thought energies that populate the Neural Net that informs the current behaviours of the planetary population. (Candace: Leonette did a piece or two with Thoth on the Neural Net. These are also called "thought forms", and the neural net essentially contains energy patterns that are involved in minded organisms which can be very informative, or pretty awful. You can use the term for the time being as "the genetic mind" of GAIA, and it is contaminated and needs cleansing. All planetary genetic minds require this during various End Time scenarios. This Planet has way in excess of normal, particularly contributed by the intense warring on this place. The Dark Ones are really contaminating the Neural Net right now, as they rage from being "cornered" in these Final Days. )

10. There will be a removal of the space junk, digital and computerised hardware, some of which you know as satellite stations, ballistic platforms, trajectory and propulsion oriented combat craft stationed in the atmosphere that surrounds the Planet.

11. There will be a disabling of Terra/Earth connection to Satellite transmission beams, radio signals, microwave frequencies for purposes of ensuring that emissions from our craft to appointed receiver modules (Ground crew communication devices) are tamper free. (Candace: This is going to be untaken shortly in fact. We cannot have clean Teaching without doing this, as much of the Announcements/Teaching is going to come from the Spacecraft and there are other wondrous activities planned. There are going to be live TV broadcasts for example.)

12. There will be dis-armament of flight range controls (automatic and override) to prevent the launch of craft attempting to leave Earth/Terra either from Sea or Land.

13. The Celestial and Galactic forces are in charge of the space Portals. We determine what leaves and what enters your 3D dimension on Earth.

I have presented a minuscule portion of what is intended. As the Project advances you will be informed of the other plans as appropriate to the success of this Mission.

Be at Peace and Adieu. Ashtar.

1 January 2011 - A Three Months Announcing/Teaching Period - Christ Michael - thru Candace

The work goes on. The issues are not fully finished on our to-do list, but when this goes live, it will be close to perfect. Perfect cannot always happen, but we have to at least lessen the problems. We have been doing a lot of replacements of the Dark Ones all over the globe in various political offices, and also in the media. We have to this point replaced 8,923 people. There will likely be more. We keep discovering new Dark Ones that must be replaced, and making a clone replacement for them to continue in their high public position takes 36 hours plus about another 36 hours of programming after the new Soul inhabits them. So 3 days are needed before this person can walk the Earth plane. That is the main reason for the further delays to the coming Earth Changes.

The Announcement/Teaching period will, if we can, now run for about 3 months. It is to be a glorious, but difficult time for all.

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