Creator Son Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon
ATON/Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon

Earth Changes & Ascension Plan for Planet Earth: 2005 – 2013

An Archive of Messages channelled through Candace Frieze and Jess Anthony and others - www.AbundantHope.Net

18 November 2005 - The Many Hats of Christ MICHAEL, Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon - Channeled by Candace Frieze

Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: Back during the "First Coming", when I embarked on a joint-incarnation with Jesus/Esu-Sananda, I did indeed experience the sorrow of the peoples of this Planet, very first hand, experientially. When I left that incarnation, on the Cross, I not only took my required rapid Ascension journey, as described in The Urantia Book to sit at the Right Hand of the Father, I stayed in the Central Universe for a time to review what I had observed in person. In my good conscience I could not let this Planet go, nor could I put its care into the hands of another, and delegate the work.

I knew I would return to make right of the wrongs, personally. So we thought, considered, stewed as you do, about the problems and what must be done. We have the ability to draw up scenarios a bit faster and we drew up many. Then we chose from what seemed like the best to choose from. We created in thought, but it was necessary to return and do the work within the realm, in "3D," in life.

So I am here again, in life, in a body on a Command Mothership overhead. We were also going to handle the end of the Galactic Wars, so I did choose to wear the hat of a Commander of a Star Fleet, of a portion of the mighty Ashtar Command. I desired to have this experience also. Creator Sons don't tend to command Star Fleets. And it was a perfect way to handle the situation of my return.

It provided a method of returning but not identifying myself as who I am, thus the "Hatonn" Space Commander image [initially taking on a temporary title as "Commander Hatonn" of the "Phoenix" Motherhship] . We do have to use stealth, in this work. Had I come as Christ Michael, I would have been a far greater threat, and the ruling "Dark Cabal" would have harmed all of you, in a serious way, those who have come to participate with me, and made this much more difficult. Obviously to be born a babe was not going to work, they would have killed most of the Human Race trying to kill me, remember the story of Herod?

I did not plan the "Phoenix Journals" [published as a regular Newsletter in the 1990s to subscribers] before I came, that occurred later. We made the decision to publish many materials as part of the teaching mission. The "Conversation with God" books are an example, by Buddha, through Neale Donald Walsch. There are many other teaching methods of course also.

There was much nonsense going on to confuse the Lightworkers, as you have experienced. The Medical establishment was not doing the right thing either. I chose to write the Phoenix Journals, with the help of others in this project, to get correct teaching about the Khazars [Zionists] out, correct teaching of the political scene behind your backs, correct teaching relating to medicine, science and a huge variety of other topics.

Had I taught as Christ Michael in these works, the first one would have not ever even gotten printed. The disguise was very important. A Space Commander is less threatening to them. They figured, with their hiding of the presence of the "Star People" [E.T.s] from the populace that people would simply not read the books. And that happened to a significant degree.

I experienced the writing of many people who wrote to us, that I was myself the "Antichrist". Some of these were the Dark Ones trying to discredit the works, others people in confusion and unknowing. I was eventually "run out of the country", I stopped the Phoenix Journals, for the protection of you. Times were heating up, in the war against good ole Hatonn. You know that some of the Phoenix Journals were at that time banned.

I will add a comment, that as you journey, you also make known any more unknowns to the Father, through your experiences. And today, even in the dealing with Candace's issues [Founder of the AbundantHope website], intertwined with the games of the CIA, you are all both having what is known by the Father made known to you, and in this extremely rare experiment in the Universes of Space and Time, you are making known to the Father, something that has been unknown, by this very different method of "coming out of a box", by a Creator Son.

You have all agreed to come to the Planet, any one of you reading this, or you are a more experienced Earth Soul, choosing this time to be part of this extremely unusual journey with me. We are all working together, Two or More in My Name, to mend this Planet, and restore through my "Correcting Time", where she ought more to be at this point in her history. We are not only Correcting the Times, through this joint experience, we all are together, even myself, the Creator Son, greatly adding to our combined experience, learning on a bigger learning curve, making known the unknown.

At the conclusion of this mighty project, together we will have made greater progress in our knowledge, our experiential learning than had we adjudicated the Rebellion of Lucifer with massive arrests, and rapidly putting an end to it. I chose to let it to go through to a natural end. Despite that some might disagree with this, to this end, we together are making known the unknown to the Father, and as I look back at my 300 Billion years in this Local Universe of Nebadon as its Creator Son and eventual Full Sovereign, and my theorem I set out to test, I would do it all over again. It is no longer a theorem, it is now known.

Now, that comment having been made, lets return. Some of you in the Teaching Mission have been pondering "Sananda," and wondering if Sananda was the personalized Thought Adjuster that I came to the Planet with. The answer is no, Sananda is an Ascending Son of God, with a long history in Nebadon. He is a "Kumara", a group of Beings originating long ago in Lyra Star System, and who successfully got themselves out of a matrix that had kept them there with "Weapons of Mass Destruction", besides the mind control methods used to control a Planetary People by enslaving Races.

And they did it, without assistance such as Earth is receiving now, and without heavy weaponry. I will not use the time here to teach that, because Sananda is to do that himself, having experienced it personally. Sananda is Immanuel Esu Kumara, originally born of Gabriel and of more recent times, the only son of Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara was Planetary Logos until around 20 years ago, and returned to Venus, where his offices are, and his home, as he became Solar Logos, of your Solar System. He was replaced by Lord Buddha, the same Buddha that came around 500 years before I did, and who is the author of the "Conversation of God" Books, with Neale Donald Walsch.

Now to those of the Christ Michael Global Spiritual Network forum, my incarnation was a double incarnation with Sananda, together we were Joshua (or Yeshua to some) ben Joseph. Now it is true as The Urantia Book describes, that when a Creator Son completes his final Bestowal, he goes alone, without the many that usually accompany assorted Descending Son missions to the Planets, whether Bestowal or Avonal/Magisterial.

Hence, there are many here in support to the Avonal Paradise Son Monjoronson, and the Magisterial Mission. There are also Trinity Teacher Sons on the Planet, who will walk it more later, when the Correcting Time makes it possible for the Trinity Teacher Son Mission to be public. Monjoronson was to have the Magisterial Mission announced by this time, had my Second Coming Event not be delayed.

I desired, in my experience 2000 years ago, to also not only handle my own Bestowal and use it to terminate the Lucifer Rebellion, but to double dip of sorts, and handle also the Anunnaki/Nibiruan influence on the Planet. To understand that situation better, because I had never personally experienced the Galactic Warring problem in Nebadon, I came together with one very highly experienced in this arena, Immanuel Esu Kumara [Jesus/Sananda].

He had quite a few previous incarnations on the Planet; the most notable one was as King David. Be not put back by what is said in Urantia about how the Higher Realms were not particularly pleased with King David. It was a way of protecting his descendants. The King David mission was a great one, and that is why it stood out. Immanuel is a highly experienced warrior my friends, yes Sananda is indeed a warrior!

Now, to those who know me through The Urantia Book, I have been the stand in for the Planetary Prince, Caligastia who was "fired" when I was here. I delegated that to Machiventa Melchizedek, as recorded in Urantia, and according to your current knowledge. Some people think that "Jesus" was Melchizedek, and Adam, and David, and on and on. Not so. Machiventa was Machiventa, one trip bestowing himself to Urantia, and working with Abraham, as is told in The Urantia Book.

Now with the “Second Coming” Event, Sananda Immanuel does become the "Planetary Prince of Urantia". I have a couple of other Ascending Sons in similar positions in my Local Universe of Nebadon, and an Ascending Son also in a position of System Sovereign. These jobs, in my local Universe, do not have to be held by the Descending Sons, and in the Rebellion Worlds, I have learned that the Ascending Sons, with their vast experiential learning, better understand those Worlds that have rebelled. So be it, with Sananda.

Your World has set itself aside, made itself different, decided on a different box, so it can have a different leadership. Lucifer was not all wrong, he thought he had a better way, but his Ego was a huge problem with him, his Ego remained so strong, that at the end, at his trial, he chose to be "uncreated", rather than come out of his box, and try on a different hat.

For the time being, Jesus/Esu Sananda Immanuel has adopted Urantia, Earth Shan, as his home, for his future experiencing as a Planetary Prince. He is one of you, who understands who you are, and what you want, because he has been there and done that. I chose not to squelch the "Lucifer Rebellion", because I created my Universe to be in a different box, rather not in a box, and the sad part is, that Lucifer did not understand that.

In his quest to do his own thing, he created a very limiting box, and this is what is behind the rebellion of Lucifer in the first place. He was not happy with how I ran my Local Universe; he felt his system needed to be more within the box. It needed more rules. He felt with his ideas, he could actually speed up evolution, but instead he set it back. So we now have "The Correcting Time".

Jesus Sananda Immanuel does not desire to remain the Planetary Prince forever, nor should he be. He will, as he stated in one of the messages through Candace, vacate the position when you are all grown up, and elect your own. In the Lucifer Rebellion, this is what some people did want, to run their own affairs, and you know what, all he had to do was ask of me, and present a viable plan, not carry out an insurrection. I am very open to testing a theorem, providing the parameters are well thought out.

Many of you are amongst the "Fallen" Angels. You are now Ascending Sons, because that is what you desired and I gave you that gift. I will not hold you hostage, that is not how I go about my business. I have given this to many in my Realm.

Some "Descending Sons" [of the Paradise and Havona Central Worlds] chose to take an incarnational journey, to experience in various realms, including 3D, to understand their jobs, as "Descending Sons", of raising up the newly created "Ascending Sons" of the lower evolutionary Worlds. Most chose to return again to Planet Earth as Descending Sons, continue the job for which they were originallly created on the higher Paradise Worlds. Some find they do not want to continue in that job description for which they were originally created, and would rather start over again as "Ascending Sons", and this I grant also 100% of the time, if the wish is true and desired, and the long incarnational journey of study understood.

I have occasionally granted it, to those who are simply on their big soapbox, and do not truly understand what they desire. They usually make a mess of things in the process, but they do learn. Some I allow to return to the [Central] Paradise Universal Realms of which the "Descending Sons" originated, others I do not, because they must lie in the bed of errors they made for themselves, and fully experience their error. They thus newly become Ascending Sons, only when they wake up, and attract a "Thought Adjuster/Higher Self" to guide them on a new and correct path back to the Center, that is their only choice.

Now back to that double incarnation with Sananda. I suggested he is a "Warrior". I needed, in my special mission, someone to help. Coming unattended by a Celestial Staff is the rule, but in my unusual case I needed one other, someone who understood this Planet Earth, by his experience on it, and long understanding not only the Planet, but also the invading Anunnaki/Nibiruans of the mobile Planet Nibiru. So we agreed to journey together.

This combined Mission of myself and Sananda is not taught in "The Urantia Book", for our protection from the Dark Forces required of our joint Mission. There was also the failure of the Adam and Eve mission to inject the "Violet DNA" into Earth's peoples. Also the Anunnaki/Nibiruans severely messed with the DNA of Earth's peoples after the Fall of Atlantis, reducing it from 12 strands down to only two strands.

To repair this, I came into the world with DNA from Gabriel, if fact very "high" DNA. The reason The Urantia Book does not cover this, and as a protection tells instead a slightly different story, that is because our "Dark Ones" hunt down those with the higher celestial DNA and exterminate any carriers of it.

I did indeed leave this "Double Incarnation" at the time of the Cross, and Sananda was healed, actually the special 3D body healed, and then Sananda carried the genetics to India where he married and fathered 5 children. He and Mary Magdalene also brought a female child, SaRa [Sarah] into the world, in Europe. Mary Magdalene was the incarnate Lady Nada, Sananda Immanuel's Twin Soul. Mary Magdalene, as well as Mother Mary carried some improved DNA also. The recent novel by Dan Brown, “The DaVinci Code”, discussed and did teaching about preserving the DNA from SaRa, and the conspiracies to kill off the carriers of the Holy DNA.

Since 2000 years ago, many E.T.s have come, bringing in the superior DNA from other Planets, raising up the DNA of this world. The Urantia Book [in 1934] could not discuss this, also it did not mention Reincarnation, because of the need to protect the "Star People" from the Dark Ones whilst they were incarnating on Earth to work for me, as well as bringing some additional DNA along with them. They also, while incarnated repaired some of the existing DNA, and the Karma it carries, taking on the Karma of others and releasing the new patterns into the DNA early in their lives before they were able to reproduce, thus healing the Karma of this Planet in this manner. And now you are aware of this, watching what are called the Indigo/Crystal children being born into the Planet over these past few years.

I am in fact having a "Second Coming Event" through Sananda, and for two reasons; the first as a "Wake Up Call", and helps Christians who are expecting an "Event", often with the "Rapture" as part of it. The other reason is that during the Event, the Earth will be cleansed of the negative thought forms, all Lower Astral Worlds and entities who are up to no good and causing much harm and mischief. The worst and totally uncurable of those may well go into the "Sacred Fire" that uncreates/annihilates them; they shall be no more. 3D Earth will not see this visually. In a way, this is the "Hell Fire", for all Eternity that is taught on Earth, but totally misunderstood. No one will see flames, and it is for a virtual eternity, because if you no longer exist, you can't return here. This is what is called the "Second Death", from which there is no apparent return, but from which elements of of their Soul personality will in fact be recycled to start over again.

I AM a Master Creator Son, and can initiate this, but the final sentence has to be made at the Seventh SuperUniverse level [the Seventh SuperUniverse of "Orvonton" within our Grand Universe]. I do this with great sorrow, but out of necessity. The Race called the "Animus", as has been told of (at are an artificial Race, they do not have the intelligence of the Ascending Sons, and are predatory in nature. They do want a body, but do not want the responsibility of the Ascending Journey. It is time to end their reign of terror.

Those "Negative thought forms" are not real entities, and they can't take the journey. Mankind does not know how to rid themselves of them, so I will do so. Some of the other lower Astral, and negative 4D entities will be removed to the Void Planet. The rest will face extinction of personality. This is the "Adjudication of the Age", and much of this is handled by the Magisterial Creator Son, Monjoronson.

14 November 2006 - Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Earth's Unique Role

These Times that are spoken of are troublesome and unpredictable. The "Dark Forces", as you call them, are primed for a last gasp stand off with us/me, and our best efforts to convince them otherwise are to no avail. This will come down to a "show-down", I'm afraid. You ask me why this has to happen since I am God/Creator Son of this Local Universe. It is because I gave you the opportunity to create this resistance to my Will. This is a grand experiment on so many levels you still can't comprehend. The Dark was allowed to take over in this segment of my Local Universe because I and your Cosmic Creator wanted to see how you as the "Explorer/Creator Race" would learn to cope with it. It had never happened before in this type of scenario, and I convinced you all to come here to battle against this reversal of my original intentions.

That is a dichotomy in itself. My intention was not to have the Dark take over, but once it did, I felt that the future of creation would be better served by allowing you to figure out how to deal with this threat. There are no more Creator Sons being created and it is my plan to have the best "Ascending Sons" train here to become worthy new "Creator Sons" of the new Universes at present being formed out in the Gread Void.

You all are exceeding my expectations. The Galaxies throughout the Multiverses are paying close attention to your struggles and your successes. You are learning about situations that are unique, and your solutions are providing vast new archives of information that others can use in similar situations if something of this magnitude happens again. It is unlikely that anything similar will ever take place again, however, because you have explored the parameters in this situation with such depth that there is not much more to be learned from it. That is why I say you are wonderful "Ascending Sons". You have dealt with a particularly troublesome issue and come through the dark with patience and insight. Patience gives you breadth of thought, and insight comes from thinking broadly.

Mother Earth is going ahead with her letting loose with the "Changes". She has withheld her "Earth Changes" for almost too long to help you all get to the point you have reached. Now that you are home again with us, she is free to change as she sees fit. Once again I tell you that these "Changes" are such that the geography of the Earth will change. There is no way the physical embodiment of Mother Earth's consciousness can continue the way it is when she herself is bursting through to a new awareness and understanding of her role in the Ascension process.  She has determined to take you with her, and this in itself is a remarkable decision for her to make. She is being as careful as she can to preserve your comfort zones and the places you are drawn to for your own work.

30 December 2006: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - Candace

I have never said since the days of the "Phoenix Journals" that Earth would need an Evacuation. Your - that is, Mankind's - progression in awareness and willingness to accept the Light we are shining on you and Earth in ever increasing amounts has made this "Plan" a non-issue at this time. You have proved that you can weather the storms that must inevitably come as Mother Earth Gaia re-shapes herself to make her own guise able to accommodate the Changes she eagerly anticipates. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able to go with her. That is true. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able or willing to adjust to the increasingly higher frequencies of Light and energy that are bombarding Earth from your Sun and from the Central Sun of your System and Universe. The alignment is occurring on a Galactic scale, and the changes that will come from this are incomprehensible to your present understanding. This will be, however, a marvellous and miraculous undertaking that will take Earth with it as the glowing jewel I had always intended her to be. I use the feminine gender because she is the receiver of all the glory and power I wish to send her. She nurtures Man and all that is on her. She is the Mother of all that are connected with her.

This timeframe that everyone bandies about is fluid. It is all contingent on how Man and all the players in this scenario choose to shape the movement towards the "Light and Life" that have been determined to be the outcome. This end result is the outcome that everything is moving towards. There is no one way to get there. There are millions of possible outcomes that can be used as links in the chain of movement towards the final goal of Ascension and realization of your true self and complete purpose. You are here on Earth as a test and an experiment to learn much that others will never have the opportunity to learn. This is a unique situation that will be the breeding ground for many new Creator Sons who will in turn shape other Universes to explore their own ideas of relationship with the Creator Source. That was my purpose in creating Nebadon. I wanted to explore the relationship that Duality proposes. I wanted to see how Beings could be separate from their Source and find their way back.  What a significant progress has been made, although the route here has never been mapped out beforehand.

The time now is for "closure" on the past and a moving into a new phase of your existence. Yet, this shift will not be an instant change. I want to see how you resolve your issues. I want to see how you take our help and create your own methods. I want to see you be Co-creators with me. I have created many of you Ascending Sons, and now I want you to learn to "create" as well. There will be nothing more that I will be able to guide you to. This may take what seems an infinitely long time to you, but it will be only a minute in Eternity.

The method we will use is this: there will be an announcement soon. The Banking debacle is almost resolved. It can go no further. There are no more alternatives. The Government changes are in place and ready to go once the existing Government relinquishes its ill-gotten grasp on control. This scenario has been complicated beyond your wildest imagining, and the results we now have accomplished have been global and complete. The first has become last, because of the delays they have contrived, and America will emerge from its dream of unawareness as the last step in the process.

Once this is accomplished, the door will open to the Galaxy. Visitors from everywhere will come to see what has happened and offer their help in making the changes that must occur on the physical Planet. The Tectonic Plates must stabilise, and volcanic eruptions will take place. We see no purpose at this point in delaying this occurrence. Earth must adjust herself in the way she can. She has accommodated Man longer than she had a right to, and now Man must accommodate her. We will do whatever we can to ameliorate these major upheavals, but there is no way to prevent them. There will be a time of "chaos and disaster", to your way of thinking, before the way is clear for true Ascension to "Light and Love". We will warn you of these events, but there will be many who disregard our warnings. Many will choose to leave Earth. Many will choose to stay to help. This is all determined by your individual life path. I will stress, however, that those who choose to stay will find ways to do so, and the rewards they find will be an accurate compensation for their decision to invest their life purpose in this unfolding

13 April 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon Confirms Jupiter Sun Event - Jess Anthony

The Announcement period, as you call it, is scheduled at this point to last for two weeks. This should give ample opportunity for people around the globe to become acquainted with the changes we are instituting with your assistance. This presentation will take the form of televised programming that explains the history of your Planet and the new direction you will be taking in resolving many of the obstacles you have placed on Mother Earth in the past.

Once this series of panels is completed, it will be time to prepare for the "Big Sleep" [Stasis Period - suspended animation for all life-forms], as it has come to be called. This will not be an immediate transition, primarily to allow many of those less believing to have a chance to change their opinions. We are planning to illustrate everything that will be going on as part of the television programming. This will not cause chaos, and the results we expect from it are minor cosmetic alterations of Mother Earth's visage. We are projecting this step to occur before the Jupiter ["Ignition"] flaring up as your "Second Sun". We will do everything we know to do to find the most practical way to prepare for this major Earth-changing event.

The new Sun will rearrange the base alignment of the Planet, and will cause the seasons to begin to merge into one restful, calm extension of ever-ripening food. The most dreadful consequences will be for the Pacific Rim. The fault lines and the overlapping Tectonic Plates will cause unbelievable chaos and trouble. The increased Photon energy will indeed play havoc with many of the time frames that will be presented. Many inhabitants can't tolerate the level that will be shining on them. Much of the world is slipping its Tectonic Plates. The Government Changes are scheduled to allow the citizens this modicum of trying to prepare, although nothing like this has ever really been done before.

I spoke of the timeframe for the Solar Occurrence with Jupiter. The timeframe is when Jupiter is behind the Sun in regards to Earth's orbit. This could fall in the period between December 2007 and January 2008. This transforming of the Planet will be aided by our Technicians when it is most covered in relation to Earth. This will protect Earth from the fullest intensity of its flares. This will be a cataclysmic event that will be recorded and preserved in Earth's Archives.

We are expecting to correlate the activities during the "Stasis Period" shortly after the final flyover event during the announcement period. We expect this to take place in May, at this point. This is determined by the progress in implementing the announcement process. It is ready to go. I am waiting for the most powerful time for this to occur. The shifts in commitment and intent are stabilizing, I will say, and they should be at their peak in a number of days.

There is some confusion that has cropped up about the timing of the return of the Members of the Galactic Federation, the Angelic Hosts and the Ascended Masters. There will be a vast array of different types of Spirits and entities that start to make an appearance visibly. However, they have determined that they prefer to have you on Earth raise your level of energy vibration to a dimension that is closer to the one they are most comfortable with in meeting you. They would have to lower their energy embodiment to a level that has some limitations for them if they approached all the way to your current level. This is the reason the "Second Coming" in the traditional sense has been postponed until you have acclimated yourselves to the initial influx of energy after the "Big Sleep" [Stasis Period]. The time I have called the Transition Period is the logical time frame for this to happen. They will be introduced in concept as you undergo the intensive education period after the announcement, and their role in the “Big Sleep” will be described.

The Transition Period will also be a time to familiarise the people with the fact that a wide range of different physical types of Beings exist. People will be intellectually prepared as they are physically re-tuned. This will be happening in increments all during this Transition Period. It will start during the "Big Sleep" and it will continue through the whole time of house cleaning that will occur during the several months before the Jupiter "Nova/Ignition". Their role in protecting Earth and helping to condition the inhabitants will also be outlined in detail. It will actually be more feasible for them to appear visibly at that point to assist with the catastrophes that will ensue from the new Jupiter Sun. Some landings will occur in various places and the concept will become more acceptable to the majority of people.

I see the arrival of the Galactic Forces and the Ascended Masters as happening in stages all during that time, and there will be a grand celebration after we have dealt with the disasters that are looming as a result of the Jupiter transformation.

This transformation has been developing for many years, and we have known its potential for occurring, but we felt that it would happen a little later in your time. The output of new energy from Earth has begun this transformation process sooner than we had predicted. The re-establishing of the Energy Grid around Earth and the every increasing power of your own energy usage has amplified the level of energy in the Solar System and tipped the process in Jupiter to a new level of action.  

Everything in this process of change and initial stages of what will be the "Ascension of Earth" has interacted with everything else. It is a living process, and a change in one area forces a reaction in all the others that are connected with the one that changed. The balance of the energy shown throughout the World indicated that the earlier projections were not happening as predicted, and the decision was made to shift the direction of the change to a more global template. The schedule of when events would occur was also modified to reflect the rates of progress in various sectors of Earth. America was not moving ahead as fast as had been expected, so the decision was made to reverse the order and accomplish the last events first. Everything would be in place and ready to begin operations once the official American strangle-hold on free will choice was circumvented. We keep modifying the order as the facts of a change in the American Government continue to be delayed.

The timing of these events was also impacted to a certain extent by the natural transformations that were going on in other Planets near you. This was all part of grander scheme of "Ascension", and Earth had to tailor the schedule for its change to the larger Solar System picture. The time scale of these events is flexible enough to allow for us to keep delaying the start of the Ascension process to allow as many inhabitants as possible to awaken to the reality they were facing. The more involved the better, and more have returned to my Universal Oneness.

Let's speak of now. The events are ready; the characters are in place or on standby waiting my determination. I am ready to move ahead, but I wait for just a few more variables to be in place that satisfy my concept of a Planet ready to start a shift in its thinking. The Bank deposits are not the triggers some suggest, but their completion will be a stimulus to prevent others from taking over the process they are ultimately financing.

Christ MICHAEL, ATON of Nebadon.

11 October 2007: Esu Sananda describes the "Stasis Process"Jess Anthony

Let's speak of the Stasis Event, as you called it. These events will be the beaming of energy rays of a certain frequency towards the Earth that will cause certain frequencies of vibrations to stop their motion. This is not analogous to death, because in death circumstances the energy continues to move. It is reshaped into another form that is not representative of the physical body that it used previously. In this instance, the energy pauses its vibration. The power of the beaming vibration causes the other to mirror or entrain is own vibrational frequency to that of the new frequency. This only synchronises with a certain range of frequencies and these are the ones that pause.  

In terms of your bodies, this is the energy "glue" that holds the parts of the atoms together. This is what is connected to the Universal energy that links Man with his Creative Sun. This energy has intelligence, and it creates the concept of Love that joins waves and pulses of energy into a coherent form. Love is the force that “convinces” random waves of energy to coalesce into a structure and become a unified force that materialises ultimately as a mental idea that takes a physical form.

The Stasis energy causes the glue to be stationary. It understands the purpose of this Stasis and it wants the energy forms it holds together to experience the new environment it will find when the Stasis is finished. This will be a fresh template with an open willingness to accept a fuller range of information being sent to Earth by the Creator Sun and the Photon Belt. The analogy with sleep is appropriate to some extent. Just as your body assimilates new information and physical challenges as it sleeps, so will the paused energy be re-tooled to accept a much more intense and faster vibrating experience.

This will be brought on during sleep and it will end as Earth's inhabitants wake up the next morning of what seems to be the next day. Because all energy vibration in the body has paused, the body doesn't experience any sense of time passing. The Earth is not pausing, however, and she will be continuing on with her Ascendancy with our help. There will be a new sense of environment when people wake up, much cleaner and more balanced and peaceful.

26 July 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Taking control of the Planet Jess Anthony

Beloveds, It is I, Aton/Christ Michael come to update you a bit more on the process going on at this time. Esu Sananda has stated that the newly chosen Leaders would have to guarantee their integrity. What is being required of all those chosen at this time, Earth Citizens, in the Banking Industry, the Media, and the Government Leadership roles, is that they sign an actual Contract of Service, and agree to be supervised by individual Star Fleet personal. If the Contract is voided by lack of cooperation and any under handed activity that does not suit the established goals, they are to be removed from the Planet immediately upon discovery of same.

Now this does not mean these ones will perform as robots to us, but rather it allows the discussion and creation process, as long as the discussion and what is deemed appropriate fit the higher vision, according to those who are the Supervisors. These Supervisors not only supervise, they engage the entities in the genuine process of co-creation.

The signing process is going well, and in fact is very much liked by the Ones who are signing these Contracts, and they are finding "safety" in this. Only a few have backed away, and thus have exposed themselves in that manner. It is expected this process will be fully finished this weekend.

In the meantime, we are selecting replacements for those that did not take of the opportunity offered. As has been mentioned before, in the case of no Earth Citizen being available for various roles, Star Fleet personnel will take the positions. Star Fleet personal, both supervisors and those filling direct positions also have to sign a Statement of Agreement to serve my vision in this process.

The Banking Industry is getting the most supervision and has, considering the numbers, required a high percentage of Star Fleet personnel already in position, as it is absolutely required because of the nature of global trading in place to have this control and make for a smooth transition.

Of course, at this time, it is not appropriate to name names. Even those who had been previously chosen for the USA are required to apply the same signatures, and I will not at this time for safety, reveal who signed and who might not have signed. We did have a very interesting situation crop up during this process.

Now, it is circulating on the Internet that the earthquakes in Japan were caused by Man, striking back at Japan in punishment over the Chinese Secret Society plans. This is not so, these were natural earthquakes. However, the nuclear power plants were struck around this time, and the story told that the earthquakes were the cause, and it is not so. We have control over the technology developed on Earth, and no earthquakes are being intentionally caused at this time. All of them are natural events. We do continue at times to release pressures to stave off some events until the Planet is better prepared. We are trying in particular to prevent the occurrences that would lead at this time to LA going into the sea. But most likely it will go into the sea during the Jupiter Event, for the deep ground structures are so unstable, that it can't be prevented.

Although we must operate in some secrecy right now, after the Stasis Event we will report all that is occurring in a full open easy to understand manner, and the Media will be sufficiently controlled to allow it to be truly a free press. That does sound odd doesn't it, control it to be free, but that is exactly what will happen. It is controlled reversely now.

To assist this process, citizens of Earth will have Internet contact with Star Fleet Mother Ships in service. Particular Motherships will establish Websites in their service areas, and there will be e-mail capabilities for the common Citizen of Planet Earth to interact. Of course, as safety permits and fear resolves there will be many interactions on the ground with Star Fleet, via offices set up, and also via Shuttlecraft visitations for the Public. More Star Fleet personnel will openly walk the Planet. There will be massive flyovers during the second half of the educational project.

In addition to the two weeks coverage, much material is being prepared and has been prepared over the past year, that will be shown to the Public, and replace some of those particularly controlling and dumbing-down Shows that are watched now.

The success of this massive take over of the Planet, and yes, we are taking over the Planet in this sense, of course depends upon the Citizens of Planet Earth and their Leaders who have stepped into place and those that will come. In the previous several years we were working on obtaining the free will cooperation and this did not occur, but was required under Universal Law to attempt this first. The only free will now at this time, will be that which serves within established parameters.

What we are providing in those parameters is the allowance for your co-creation within them. We will not do all the work; we are providing the stability required for you to do this, in cooperation with the Divine Plan.

9 August 2007 - Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on Future Events - Jess Anthony

The Government transition is ready to go. Congress has once again proved itself ineffectual, despite the mandate we helped hand it with the last Elections. They have once again ignored their constituencies and have sold out to the highest bidders still pulling their economic and biased political strings. They have lost their initial chance to make good on the voters wishes, and their political role at this point is little different than it was before the sweep. On occasions it does manage to pull itself into a position of resistance that has a beneficial effect, but generally it is lacking in initiative and any willingness to move in the direction it has been elected to pursue.

Shall we speak of the time line further? The Stasis events will set the scene for the Government sweep what is necessary and allow the Banking system to be reborn. The time in suspension will also be used to clean up such major catastrophes as the mass of plastic containers floating in the ocean, referred to as the size of Texas. The ecological disasters that are increasingly evident as a result of pollution and dumping of garbage and waste products into the landfills and the water supplies will also be tackled in some measure. Much of the manageable cleanup will be saved for you to do later, however.

This period of cleanup will be followed by at least two weeks of educational programming to explain what is happening on Earth. This will point out the reasons for the actions taken during the Stasis Period and will also serve as a forum to introduce new methods of government and new financial systems. The Government in the United States will be based on its original Constitutional intentions, and the Representative method of a true Republic will be put into action. Local groups will select Representatives who, in turn, will present their Electorate's positions in a Group Forum much like the current Congress. The votes, however, must be exclusively representative of the People's wishes that sent the Representatives in the first place. Any decision outside the will of the People will be disavowed and the Representative will be removed and sent home.

The geophysical catastrophes that are looming will begin to happen with increased frequency during the Fall period before the Jupiter Event is brought off in December/January when the Planet is behind the Sun and not directly in line with Earth. California and the Pacific Rim countries are most in danger of earthquake and flooding. The exact scenario is not known, but risks are high and should be considered in planning your future. Everyone must determine how they wish to deal with the throes Mother Earth will go through to break out of her current limited form. This will cause the water to be redistributed in places, cause parts of the sunken Earth landmass to be brought to the surface again, and make presently uninhabitable areas temperate and capable of being inhabited again. The time frame for this is again not certain, and the nature of the projected catastrophes is not certain, nor is the extent of disaster they will bring. It will be whatever the people of Earth determine will be in the best interests of the pursuits of their individual life streams. This may be unconscious in part, but these actions will always be determined by the individual's Higher Self. Each person will choose the path it takes and will determine the extent of involvement with the transition period.

We have spoken of the "Jupiter Event" in passing and this will be covered much more in depth as the time approaches nearer. However, the delay in action that has necessitated the decision of the Conclave has shortened the amount of time that will be available to prepare for this situation. It is crucial that the Government be in place first, with a stable Banking System that responds accurately on a global basis. Money and help will be shifted as needed throughout the countries most damaged. There will be no tolerance for anything less than compassion and a complete willingness to act as a global unit. This sounds harsh, but the times will require a controlled method of provided assistance world-wide. There will not be time for debate or unwillingness to act.

What will be the outcome of this, you ask? You will have a period of testing and struggle initially that will give way to an unimaginable period of peace and regeneration that will begin to take you to the already determined period of Light and Universal Love. This will not be an overnight rapture, but will be a global project that you will pursue to achieve this Ascension yourself. Ascension means taking yourself to a higher level. We can only show you the way. You must find the path there yourself. Part of that involves finding closure on aspects of your lifetimes you have started but not finished. There is no room for incompleteness or unsatisfied attempts of selfish endeavours for personal gratification at the expense of someone else's wishes.

Esu Immanuel Kumara/Jesus SANANDA and Planetary Prince of Urantia

9 September 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA speaks on Financial Changes - Jess Anthony

I will speak of the choices people on Earth can make in terms of their money situations and their living conditions. The Banks will be undergoing a transition, as has been described. Cash will not be readily available for a period of a few days. This will start as soon as we begin the announcement period probably 12 hours after everyone wakes up from the "Stasis Period". The initial surprise and bewilderment of many will be sinking in to a rational view of what has happened. News will be curtailed in many cases and explanations will be kept to a minimum. The uninformed conclusions will serve no positive purpose. This is controlling, yes, but ultimately practical. I must point out that the change is global, not just in America with its fifty States. The discussion here is almost exclusively on what will happen in this country, when in actuality every country on every continent will undergo a form of change. That is an enormous proposition, and one that has required this time to prepare and set in motion.

Everyone on Earth has agreed to their life plan before they came. Everyone's Higher Self knows what they have determined is their agenda. The choices of how to achieve this agenda are the variables you find as you live on Earth. There are many options you can choose that are determined by your personal discernment and preconditioning memories. These choices affect how your life is shaped. You each select a life pattern that allows you to explore your individual purpose in whatever way seems most appropriate for you alone. Your birth and your death pattern are selected as the most instructive method for your incarnation.

I say all of this because your perception of life after Stasis will be different. You will begin to see this bigger picture of Universal Truth with ever-increasing clarity. You will see why people are no longer here. You will see why you have remained, and you will see what your purpose is in staying. This Planet is going through a tremendous renewal and restoration. You are staying here because you have agreed to help with this process. This process demands cooperation and ingenuity. This is the talent and power you have - those of you who are here. You know more about living in this type of creation than anyone. Your job is to use this knowledge.

This involves finding ways to live that are more in tune with Earth. This involves finding means of rational cooperation with each other. If scarcity of resources or money becomes an issue, then determine what you personally can do about it. You have chosen to be in the situation you are in because you want to experience it. How will you do that and what will you discover and learn? Life is about learning and experiencing. Pleasure comes from experience that brings satisfaction and a sense of personal balance. You are happy because you are happy. Not because someone tells you that you are happy.

25 September 2007: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Current Progress into Stasis Jess Anthony

You ask me to explain this situation further for the Readers. "Stasis" is an event that will occur as the beginning of our formal intervention. We have been guiding you on Earth up to this point, through discussions and teachings, and also with the assistance of numerous Allies who are working on the surface in professions that directly impact the decisions that will produce the outcome that must be achieved. Make no mistake: the outcome will be achieved. This is the Decree of Heaven and the Creator Source of all. My responsibility and guardianship oversees this taking place. I have created this Local Universe of Nebadon and Earth is my prize Creation. I will not see this fail.

However, I also created the existence on Earth to explore the experience of Duality and Separation from the Source. This has been a more extraordinary lesson than anyone could have projected at the time. This is because there were no previous examples to look to and no hints of the outcomes that might be possible. I offered the opportunity for Masters and Angels to come to Earth and experience this new sense of "separation". It was a risk, and I knew it was necessary to have inhabitants with skills and previous experience with shaping a Planet in times of distress. This ability was locked inside of each of the people who incarnated. For a while they remembered this as part of their connection to the Universe. But with the coming of the Dark, they were made to forget this link and become unthinking servants to others with an awareness of control and manipulation.

This led to the catastrophes of Lemuria and Atlantis, and survivors sank even further into their forgetfulness. Others with some remembrance of their positions as Overlords created another world of the "Elite" and the "Controlled". This recreation of the worst of Atlantis has continued up to the present day. My "Planetary Bestowal" to Earth in the agency of Jesus Christ was the beginning of the shift in thinking that would lead to the awareness that is burgeoning out today.

I have been guiding you with my Ministers and Teachers for the whole of your existence. This has been a form of intervention from the beginning of your History. The intervention you seek now asks for more specific assistance in the face of greater threats than you have ever been aware of. We have listened to your requests and have granted you more.

The "Great Conclave" you have recently heard spoken of was a meeting I called with Representatives from all over the SuperUniverse of Orvonton [The 7th Super-Universe within our Grand Universe] and Havona [The "Central Universe" surrounding the Paradise Isle]. This was a meeting unlike any you have heard of. The Representatives deal with the directions Universes as a whole take in ascending and recreating themselves. They determine how Universes are constructed and what reality they will embody as their components are developed. This is work on a greater scale than you are capable of imagining. Think how vast your own Local Universe of Nebadon is and imagine that to be an insignificant piece of an immense group of similar Universes [a total of over 700,000 Local Universes within our Grand Universe with its center point of the Paradise Isle and surrounding Havona Central Universe]. The Attendees at the Meeting I called were the Overseers of these vast assemblages of Planets and Stars. Spiritual Beings on a high level of Light and connection with the energy of the Creator Source.

They all had opinions on what to do with Planet Earth, this small piece of the Grand Universe. It was a long and contested discussion. The end result was that I was given the right to do what I wished to do with my Local Universe Creation. The Plan is totally mine and the decisions I make are totally for the best interests of my “Jewel of Creation”.

I have chosen to allow you still to work out your resolution as best you can - with our assistance - to the cycle of choices that were initiated after the demise of Atlantis. This has been over 12,000 years of your struggling and experiencing, with stages of awakening and periods of falling back into forgetfulness. We have always been guiding your explorations and always providing suggestions for you to discover as to your own awareness. Your core connection to me has been constant even as you were oblivious to its presence. This is why you have always looked for something - a solution, a better way, a "Saviour". This search has always taken such a form.

Now you are here with an awareness that is ready to experience our full "Disclosure". This readiness is still threatened by those who wish this awakening not to occur. These are the controlling Dark Elite who manipulate your actions and your thinking to make you support them through your acceptance of Laws and procedures that are not in your own individual best interest. This is being changed completely, with actions that are progressing carefully and delicately through minefields that reach to all levels of your global society. The game plan in operation is enormously complicated and operating on several levels of reality at once. Your conscious perception is but one level of the activity that is ongoing. You sense the progress in all these levels, but your conscious awareness is still fixated on the conditioning information still being fed to you by the Dark-controlled Media sources.

This disjunction of levels of perception is the source of your discomfort and frustration. You have a sense that good is pervading much of your awareness, but you reject that assurance in the face of measured and quantified proof that seems to fall short of your expectations.

The question of time is a tricky one. Time and space are constants that we accept as well, but the measurements you use are not those of the Seventh Super-Universe of Orvonton that we are a part of. Our measurements coincide with yours on occasions, and are not congruent on others. Our working plan is what we must make our decisions by, just as you are tied to your calendar measurements and your time segments. We have certain plans that we work under, and these projections are the dates that are given out in messages and so-called predictions. These dates are approximations to our time. They can't be looked at as the determinants for Galactic actions that are timed to another Galactic System. We say in all cases that a projected date is contingent on all factors being in place. This understanding is a truth that will not be changed. Any prediction that states a definite date is always conditional, even if the Channeler or Seer doesn't include that fact.

28 November 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the Stasis Event Jess Anthony

There will be a return of Christ Michael ATON himself in a form that is acceptable for the energy level you will have. We have split our merged form of 2,000 years ago and now are returning individually and as a Christed Consciousness. This will happen when the energy allows this to be accomplished. The Dimensional level has been gradually raised during the last year or so, and the God Event also triggered the molecular changes necessary for the raising energy to begin its changes in the physical embodiments you have adapted on Earth.

I will repeat this is not a "Rapture". This is leveling the playing field of Earth so Man can have a fair chance once he wakes up again to re-build as he has been told he will need to do. This is not waving a "magic wand". This is saving the Earth from the type of destruction what would have mandated an evacuation of sorts. The thing not spoken of is that the "Total Evacuation of Earth" would have allowed only about ten percent of the existing population to be lifted up successfully to the Motherships if this were to have happened. The scenario we spoke of in the original "Phoenix Journals" is no longer viable. The population has increased too much, for one thing, and the teleportation methods we use are not suited to the dense 3D physical construct the Earth inhabitants still continue to have. The only viable method we have now to preserve the Earth's inhabitants as Mother Earth and Christ Michael intend is to engineer a "Stasis Event", or suspension of time for certain energy levels comprising most of the mammal population, and intervene within the paused Stasis to re-engineer other levels of energy manifestations. This will have the effect of removing the worst environmental hazards Man has created with the help of their Off-world Advisors - hazards that Man is not capable of removing in time to prevent Mother Earth from taking events into her own hands and bypassing her Plan to save her inhabitants.

24 December 2007: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the Jupiter Event - Jess Anthony

The time for the Jupiter Event is near. It is an event on a grander scale than you imagine on Earth, and its ignition will trigger changes that affect the whole Solar System and the part of the Universe of Nebadon that Earth is situated in. It is not just for the benefit of Earth's inhabitants, although you will be the important recipients of much of its new energy and information. Yes, I say information because ideas and concepts are nothing but energy that is received and transformed into physical chemistry and manifested reality. The Jupiter Ignition will transform much that you think and accept. This event will be part of the "Photon Belt" wave of energy that is coming through this part of the Local Universe and washing over Earth to clean the debris you have created in your Three-Dimensional limitations.

The date is not set because it is dependent on Jupiter's readiness to move into its next phase. But the time is near and we are paused waiting for this to manifest.  It is very similar to someone on Earth having to make a difficult decision. The determination is postponed until the last possible second to avoid the imagined consequences. Jupiter, or the Spirit manifested as Jupiter, understands the benefits of this transformation but remains hesitant to take the step. Continuing this metaphor, we can say that encouragement and the additional sustenance of extra energy are convincing the Planet's Spirit to assume a new form that suits the new Galactic Scenario.

I can also speak more scientifically in your terms. The energy that triggers the “Ignition” comes from outside the Planet's gaseous physical form. The amount necessary has been supplied and the process of connecting all the interior linkages is proceeding exponentially. Think of a string of atoms lining up and sending their combined energy at a specific target that will explode when too much energy is provided for its physical structure. The structure becomes a new structure as it transforms its existing reality to suit the new one. Creation results from an idea connecting with energy that connects with other existing energy to produce a new combination of energy aggregates with a different purpose and different configuration. All conditions must be right. The ingredients, so to speak, must be all assembled and ready to be mixed before this transformation can take place.

16 October 2008: Candace, a Channeler of Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon gives a summary of the Stasis & Jupiter Events

For our new Readers, I will summarize what we have taught in the Journals of AbundantHope over a couple years now regarding the Stasis and the Jupiter Events.

We plan to go into Stasis a few weeks prior to when Jupiter is on the other side of the Sun from Earth which is late January, into early February [2009]. This will be fairly destructive and will likely cause the Axis of Earth to move 5-10 degrees, meaning we will have a new North and South Pole, and it's not known for sure which direction they will move. This is necessary because otherwise the damage to Earth would be beyond coping with. The Sun standing between us and Jupiter will dilute a lot of that energy.

The people and the higher mammals will be "paused", sort of like pausing a DVD for a period of a year or more. The body molecules are slowed down a great deal in this process, and thus the body "sleeps" without need for nourishment. Higher mammals are included and people's pets. The cycles of biological Life otherwise will continue normally on the Planet, and so will the weather. The Soul doesn't "sleep" during this period, just the body and can still keep in touch with the Higher Realms. Do not worry about this process, as anyone living on the Planet around 1992 went through a week of mild Stasis as we first encountered the Photon Belt. We were then not prepared for the several days of disruption and Light so bright it would blind many people.

During this time, Jupiter will also be "Ignited" into becoming our Second Sun, and though it will be a lot smaller than our current Sun, it will continue it's yearly journey around our Sun and thus be visible at night, as it is right now, but will cast more light, making nightime when it's in our night sky dusky, not completely dark. This is a normal way older Solar Systems grow, and this combined with our Planet entering "Light and Life", and also being in a new energy circuit will cause our Solar System to become an Eternal Creation. Our current Sun will thus not burn out. At some distant point, Saturn may also become a Sun. I come from a Planet with three Suns myself, a large one (Merope of Pleiades), and 2 much smaller Suns, which came into being much as this Solar System will experience.

In this condition of more Solar Energies, the "Dark Souls" can't incarnate on the Planet, it moves our Planet and in fact our entire Solar System into a higher vibration. Eventually our Planet will also not be tilted anymore, and when this occurs our magnetics will change also, and prior to that time we have to develop new energy systems that will function in what is called "Mono-polarity." Our current electrical systems will not work within the new Photon Energy system.

This whole process is the "Ascension of our Planet" and also the whole Solar System into what is called the "Fifth Dimension". When Jupiter ignites into a Sun, it will enter its Fifth Dimension, and this will help bring the rest of the Solar System also into the Fifth Dimension. The highest Dimension on evolutionary Planets like Earth with organic life on them is the Ninth Dimension and we will gradually move into increasingly higher Dimensions over a long period of time. Our present Third-Dimension Plane of Planet Earth that we have been experiencing, will move temporarily up to the Fourth Dimension, before finally joining up with all the other Planets within our Solar System at the Fifth Dimension.

Right now, we are on the edge of the Fourth Dimension, which is the "get off the fence" Dimension, meaning people have to choose to move forward in their individual evolution and become Service to Others, or remain in Service to Self. Those choosing to continue to experience in the Dimensions below the Fourth will move on to other Planets and realms, and will not be participating in the "Ascension of the Planet". Many will leave during the "Stasis Period", and many more over the coming five years or thereabouts. The Planet's population may reduce as much as two-thirds. It is unknown at this time what will be the final figure.

There will be many who leave also, simply because they have finished their work here and it's time to return to their previous realms, or move higher. Many Starseeds are from other higher Planets, and will return home if that is their wish. So not everyone leaving is of the "Dark."

I am personally staying on the 4D New Earth for about 1000 years or whatever is needed, and have undergone a process where my body now regenerates as needed, rather than ageing. As I type this tonight, my body, since I am relaxed is regenerating. This occurs anywhere from once to several times a day. I can feel it taking place. A number of people will be offered this opportunity in the future.

We continue in this country [USA] to not see what we are doing to the environment either. During the "Stasis Period" a lot of oil wells will be closed. The Pacific Rim will face a great deal of destruction. Life will not be the same and many people will be gone. Life will certainly change hugely and through this people will learn to come together again. The Galactic Federation Star Fleet will provide a goodly deal of gifted assistance for a time, as the idea is not to allow an "Armageddon" situation. There will be adequate food, and assistance with transportation of certain types and lots and lots of public teaching and support. Many Starseeds/Lightworkers will attend classes during the Stasis Period aboard the Motherships or go to Inner Earth, but probably most to the Motherships, and return to help keep the World's survivors stable and help lead them into co-creative solutions to the new problems facing the Planet. We will build a durable sustainable global society that is necessary before we can finally enter "Light and Life" as a perfected world.

As has been covered, many Masters and Avatars will be returning at some point to assist. Many will walk this plane. Jesus/Esu Sananda will walk this plane, but not until a bit later, when things are stable and he can thusly be here safely, and we have the International Headquarters started up, where he will reside. We will not give further on this at this moment, except this will possibly be in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. Christ Michael will also possibly have a Center in Colorado at some future date.

There will be "Regional" areas [Countries] covering all of the Planet when we return, I hope anyway. The rest of the needed Regional Directors will be found during the Stasis Period out of those who will be aboard the Motherships. Esu has a number in mind that have no idea he has them in mind, consciously anyway.

During Stasis, if the LA Basin doesn't go down by itself, it will need to be sunk due to the dangerous instability of its underground caverns near the coast. Stasis under any timing or circumstances will last at least one year length, and possibly up to 2 years. There is a great deal of work to do. There will be much cleansing of the environment, and the destruction resulting from sinking LA and the Jupiter event will require some repair, because when we come back, the Internet will be working, utilites will be working and the like. It is NOT desired to return Man to the Caveman stage.

Candace of the AbundantHope Organisation.

15 March 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on the Stasis Event & Jupiter Event Candace

I will not give a firm date, but Jupiter is ready and can be given its final "Ignition" at any time, and it's a very fast process, once the involution and other changes are complete. I am still watching the actions on your Globe. I advise you to put aside small supplies in case there are issues with delivery of goods to you, before or after the Stasis Event. The Galactic Federation Star Fleet will assist greatly after Stasis.

The Earth will be extensively depopulated during the Jupiter Event. You who have chosen to stay the course and serve the process will be protected no matter where you live, so do not be in fear. But do understand that many you know may not make this choice, or can't make this choice because either they are not ready for a move up to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions or they are those of the Soul-less Robotoid makeup.

Many of you have noticed the increased energies for 6 months now, and this has prepared, along with the assistance of your Higher Self and your Guides, for your bodies to survive this Event. All those who are not thus prepared are subject to possible removal, or not surviving. We can't totally predict the degree of Polar Axis change, and we can't totally predict the volcanic action.

The Planet will be experiencing the additional energies of the "Jupiter Ignition" and this will cause many at a Soul-level to leave. We expect at least a third, perhaps more, to leave their physical based on these incoming energies. All leaving will be "assessed" and placed where they belong. Regarding the Robotoids, we do have a marvellous program for them, to help them expand their minds enough that they might choose the possibility of taking the Eternal Journey. That is, the Robotoids who are good and kindly, but those that have tended towards evil, will not be given consideration. We do not totally know exactly what the population percentage that is left will be, but it could total as much as fifty percent from all causes, including also the Dear Ones who will return to whence they came, who have finished their gift to this Planet.

Esu Sananda is usually aboard the New Jerusalem Mothership, in which the Records of all Ensouled Beings are stored. Because this is a "Partial Cleansing" of the Planet, there will be chaos afterwards, and he, with some assistance, has been viewing the Records, quite literally, of the population in every town and city upon this Earth, to find those advanced enough to help. These will be lifted at appropriate times during the Stasis Period and brought to a Mothership or to Inner Earth for training, so they can assist the reduction of chaos when the Planet is taken out of Stasis.

The Stasis Event will last as long as necessary. It could begin before the final Ignition of Jupiter. After the Planet is in Stasis, we will be picking up all stored goods, food, and heavy equipment and the like in areas expected to have heavy devastation, for redistribution after Stasis. It is still the Pacific Rim that will suffer the most. Most will remain asleep during the whole process, except of course we must lift those in areas expected to be hit hard that have chosen survival.

Many of these in the devastated and sunken areas will be sent either to the Inner Earth or to other Planets, as is the rule when a Planet is evacuated. We possibly need to intentionally sink LA, and a variety of other areas so they will not be an issue later on. This is the "Big Event" that was long promised. A Planet is never allowed to experience the starvation and diseases that mark its Ending Times when Man has gone awry. Always are the Planetary Poles reversed and the Ensouled individuals evacuated.

After the Ensouled individuals are evacuated, then those remaining, first children and then others, are offered assistance to leave as long as there is time left. These evacuations are always effected as a Planet begins a process of Pole Reversal [change of rotation direction], before the winds get so high that the Star Fleet cannot get in to do this. Often the Evacuation is actually begun a few weeks before we reverse the Poles. Once in awhile, the Planet's Poles will reverse totally without our assistance, and this almost happened after WW2.

There is exactly one reason why we did not allow that then and stabilised the Planet. It was because this Planet is my "Bestowal Planet", and I have a different plan for it. Otherwise you would not be incarnated here now, and the Planet would be in its resting and regenerative stage. All of this Planet's People since 30 years ago, as they came to God and expressed the desire to grow their minds, have been assisted in the changing of their bodies so that they can if necessary tolerate the Light Beams of the Levitation Ships. Few on any Planet needing an evacuation possess sufficient body changes for dematerialisation on a rapid emergency basis. We must be able to get the Beam Ships close to the ground to evacuate, so the timing always allows this.

So, to you who read this material, fear not, for if you are to stay, you will stay, and be removed, if necessary, to be part of our Teaching Team later if you were chosen for that. We will not remove everyone to the Motherships or Inner Earth during this time, only those chosen to assist the issues of chaos afterwards. Those of you not attending this training will sleep peacefully in your protected dwellings, or if the dwellings are to be lost you will be moved to a safer location.

Those on the Pacific Rim, as I believe I stated above, that are not to stay with the Planet, but those who at a Soul level are suitable to be placed elsewhere and their body will tolerate the Levitation Beam, will be allowed to emigrate elsewhere.

When "Stasis" is over and we are through the initial chaos, then there will be an offer for more to voluntarily emigrate to other Planets, and perhaps also the underground cave-shelters (not Inner Earth) created by your Dark Elite for themselves. Russia and China thought way ahead and cared for their peoples and made adequate shelters for long-term survival. These could well be used for a time also. At this time we have not made that decision, we will await and see the results of the "Jupiter Ignition Event" and make those determinations later.

While this may seem rather extreme to many of you, those that are not to survive at all will pass on peacefully as they sleep. These ones, many of them the Soul-less Robotoids are not responsible for their condition. However, these ones will be placed in Morontia form into various locations, including the "Mansion Worlds" [Training Planets for Ascendant Souls - see the "Urantia Book"] and aboard some of the Evacuation Ships, and given further assistance at growing their minds.

The Morontia form is a physical form, especially at the lower levels, and the Life carriers and their assistants will create this form for them. This form is a nice one, there is no bodily elimination, as the nutrients required are absorbed fully. This is a bit of an experiment, because Planets do not normally have the Soul-less Robotoid concentration [mainly working in the underground Dark Bases] you do on this Planet, but we will give them this chance, and see how it works out on such a massive basis.

You must understand that our planning has been intense during the last year since we went ahead and announced the "Jupiter Event". I did not want Jupiter to begin its Ignition process before its time, but we have successfully got it through that and have been able to control it until the time is right. We did not want it to go prematurely, and so create a massive amount of destruction.

5 Nov. 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on Future Events - Jess Anthony

I am concerned with moving Earth into the position where Man's work can begin in earnest. I coordinate the process this uses. This is a very complex game plan and the variables at play are beyond your comprehension in terms of their complexity. The financial debacle is but one aspect of this tangle of created ideas. The defence posture is another, with Man's culturally ingrained fear of the unknown and his emotional preference for violence and attack. The political structure is a means to allow these concepts to flourish, and this governmental system is controlled by only a few with access to the one thing that drives all of Earth's decisions - its money. These elements are what must be changed and removed in order for Man to realize his place within the universal body that is connected with the Earth. He has been prevented from recognizing his true identity and hearing the guidance I provide to allow him to exist in harmony with his surroundings. Man must be able to do this to Ascend with Earth.

To that end, I have determined a sequence of events that will take place. As Man begins to assimilate the concept of changes he has triggered, he must be conscious of how this starts to be structured. He must exercise his awakened ability to discern his own path and actively seek to implement these ideas for change. He cannot again fall asleep, or his intention will not be realised.

This groundwork is the necessary foundation Man can provide to assist with the events that will be taking place on Earth and with the help of Earth. His intention for change brings him into alignment with Earth's desire to change. In order for Earth to change, however, there has to be a physical reshaping and a massive cleaning and raising of its natural vibrational frequency to synchronise with what is happening in the Solar System and in the Galaxy. Earth is already being bombarded by energy from the Photon Belt and from increased energy reflected through the Sun. This is raising Earth's frequency by increments, but it is being obstructed by the lower level of energy vibration created by the manifested ideas that have attempted to counter alignment with universal frequency. These heavier energies caused the events and physical realisations that have shaped your past history. These must now be removed to allow Earth to progress with Ascension.

This was the reason a Stasis Event was determined. This pause in Man's activities will raise the energy level of Earth enough to allow the Galactic Workers to resolve some of the major problems quickly. Those continuing with Earth's Ascension will be taken to other sites for training and reconditioning. This will not be just a “Big Sleep” but a change in internal vibrational frequency. It will start with a group of Ships circling the Earth and beaming energy at a particular vibrational level that causes higher-level mammals to pause in their organic cycle by retuning their natural frequency. This causes Earth inhabitants to be outside of the progression of time as they know it in a form of physical stasis. While this is happening, Earth will be allowed to undergo geophysical changes that must happen to renew the Planet's structure. Those Ascending inhabitants in Stasis in those areas will be taken to safety.

The other major event that has been spoken of is turning Jupiter into a second Sun. This will indeed happen during the Stasis Event. The ignition of the Planet will cause havoc on Earth if it happens without some barrier preventing much of its burst of energy from reaching this Planet. This is planned to happen when Jupiter is behind the Sun in January.

The reason for this ignition is to provide the additional energy needed to continue to raise Earth's vibrational level to bring it up to that of the other Planets in this Solar System. The others are already functioning at a higher frequency of energy circuitry than Earth, and in order for Earth to move to that level quickly, additional energy must be sent from a second small Sun. This also sets up a higher frequency of energy interaction within the whole Solar System that allows it to synchronise with the higher energy frequency being introduced by the Photon Belt and other surrounding Star Systems. The simple idea of two different energy frequencies synchronising to the faster one is at the core of all these changes.

I have waited for a year to set these events in motion to see how Man would cope with the financial revelations and the political realities that have been presented. The warning last year was in part politically motivated to spur on change faster. It didn't work as successfully as it could have done. Man's desire for change was not triggered sufficiently to cause the cultural shift to take place in their ideas and intentions. The results of the recent USA Election and the revelations of the fiscal upheaval are indications that Man is ready to take the next steps in his progress of Ascension.

Christ MICHAEL, Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon

21 Nov. 2008: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon – We are Preparing YOUR Way - through Candace

Dearly Beloveds, it is time for an update from myself. This has been a tumultuous month for all, including my Fleet. Many of you who read this are undergoing intense bodywork at night, in preparation for two purposes. One is so you can be dematerialized to the spacecraft rather than having to be stood in a levitation beam. The other is that many of you will during Stasis be gifted with new restructured bodies, looking exactly like you, based on your current DNA but improved as to what many of you label "Psychic" skills. This new body will vibrate considerably higher and thus be in better resonance with the Planet when you return. You will be free of disease and in many cases looking a bit younger, depending on your current age.

Before you can assume the restructured body, current aberrations in your DNA must be cleared, both from genetic damage and whatever you contributed through stress that you do not wish to carry to the new form. Many of you are exhausted and confused as the result of the bodywork. Many of you have also downloaded during this month, if not before your Higher Self, either your Monad or your Morontial Soul [see the Urantia Book]] depending on your status at this moment.

Those of you who are Angels or Ascending Sons within Nebadon have a Morontia Soul. Those Angels from realms beyond Nebadon, and those Ascending graduates of Nebadon or other Universes have a Monad [Higher Self]. Not to worry so much about what is what here, you will understand more during Stasis and we will have appropriate teaching after Stasis for the Planet around these topics.

Candace, for example, has a Monad [Higher Self/Thought Adjuster]. She downloaded this years ago, she can place the date. [May 2002 - Candace] She is an "Ascending Soul" and a graduate of The Isle of Paradise, becoming the role of a "Mighty Messenger". The entire AbundantHope Team is a mixture of Ascending and Descending Souls from Havona [the Central Universe of the Grand Universe and which surrounds the Paradise Isle]. Some of you may be also, but it matters not, it only matters to the future Service to Others. What matters also is that you are embodying your Soul, regardless of the original source of your Soul. This simply means that your body has been prepared to accept your Soul living within it.

Your Soul will affect your current DNA patterns, remodelling them and this is important to be finished before you enter your new restructured body, if that is what you will be doing. Some of you who are 40 or younger may have "come in" with already improved DNA and assuming a totally restructured body if you are otherwise healthy, may not be necessary. You can be remodelled a bit if necessary. Most of you 40 and older, even if you brought in some higher DNA are probably going to be offered a restructured body.

Most of the Lightworkers have chosen to be "Stay Behinds" [ongoing inhabitants of Planet Earth]. "Stay Behinds" chose this with intent to serve after Stasis. Those of you living in dangerous areas will be removed to a Mothership or underground for your safety. You might initially "sleep" there until it is time for you to awaken for the training that will begin during Stasis.

If you live in a safe area you will be brought aboard wherever your Angels and Guides have determined for you in advance, when the time is appropriate to do so. During the above events and the clean-up afterwards, some of the Lightworkers whom are still to be selected, will prepare the Plans and the Teaching.

Those of you to have restructured bodies will continue to be prepared for that during your sleeping during the early part of Stasis and even after you are lifted. It will vary for each individual when the time is right to enter the new form. Those of you who do not need a new form will continue your "remodelling" which is in the hands of your Guardian Angels. I thought it appropriate at this time to let you know of this idea so you can ponder on it.

The Stasis period may last as long as two years. It will last what it takes, and this is related to the clean up and some massive Earth Changes that will occur during it. Rather than putting Mankind through a lot of different episodes of Earth Changes over say the next 100 years, we will do at least that much during Stasis. The Earth needs this to prepare for the eventual entry into "Monopolarity".

There must be considerably more changes other than will be made during the Stasis period, but this will spread over at least 25 years, during which Man may properly prepare for in advance. This thus allows also 25 years to get new technologies and the like in place that are necessary to the final Ascension when it occurs. By the final Ascension in this case, I refer to going into the state of Monopolarity, which we estimate may take up to 50 years, but that is highly flexible. It would be best to have had enough Axis Changes and lands rising up and sinking to balance the landmasses around the equator before Monopolarity, but that is not a necessity. The greater necessity is the state of mind on the Planet, and also the technologies consistent with Monopolarity.

While Esu and Commander Ashtar identified about 1 million really advanced Souls capable of participating in the Stasis training period and returning to lead afterwards, 1 million is actually too many, so the cream of the crop will be around 100,000 selected from this group. Those not attending "Stasis Planning" will work however at the Soul level and will have a sense of serving when all is said and done, but these ones will generally be working at a lower level of responsibility.

We still do not know how many will be left on the Planet after the Stasis period is over, as that is solely determined by individual Soul choices and the effects of the increased energy activity on both the people and the higher animals, as to whether the physical form survives or not. Actually, all Life Forms on the Planet will be affected by the enhanced [4D] vibration-rate, and the removal of the Ozone layer.

There is at this time a consideration being made of whether there should be, just prior to going into Stasis, of a large "Show and Tell" of Spacecraft and subsequent media information, but this is NOT guaranteed. As regards Stasis, I will take the Planet into Stasis in relation to the current plan for the Jupiter "Ignition". I could let this "Ignition" happen, as we proposed last year, to occur prior to the Stasis event. People MUST wake up to what is going to happen. But the Planet is terribly polluted and we must first of all be about the business of healing the Planet, and this cannot be done at the present state of Humanity's awareness and tendency towards fear, right in front of the people.

21-22 January 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon's Update on the Stasis Event – Through Candace

Dearly Beloveds, It is I Michael of Nebadon. This will be a brief courtesy update as we have suddenly become engaged in a separate serious issue that is not of concern to this Project, but something else.

I can say that the recent downing of the aircraft in the Hudson was our terminating a "False Flag" attack [a "staged" 9/11 style terrorist attack by the Dark Cabal behind the Bush Administration in order to introduce Emergency Martial Laws, abrogating the Obama Inauguration], but while certain investigating is going on by Earth authorities, I will not reveal details. We did tractor-beam the aircraft into the Hudson River and get assistance to it by sending code to the operators of the surrounding riverboats. I simply advise you to observe the varying games at this point in the news and learn from that.

Candace has been getting questions about the Stasis Event and what to expect after a longer period. A large question is about whether those Human bodies who have passed-over will be removed or not. In many cases, Yes, and in others, Nature will do what Nature does. The people of Earth need to realize immediately that this was not a "Rapture", as missing bodies may well cause some to believe it was the Rapture. Where Celestial Guides are available to assess individual situations, people will not wake up to sharing their beds with a skeleton either. We will not be cutting the weeds and also altering what happens to food and the like; it will be whatever is left as leftovers after two years time. People will not awaken to neatly trimmed lawns.

I remind you, every ensouled person, whether in a child's body or not, has made their decision as to whether they wish to continue their journey here on Earth or not, and all ensouled people have Angelic Guardians who oversee this process.

We do also have at our disposal a separate 3rd-Dimension "New Planet", and individuals and whole families who have been chosen this option will go in body to this new Planet. They will be awakened from Stasis in succeeding intervals, as we do not want too many arriving en-mass. Those going to the New Planet in their physical body from the areas around the Pacific Rim will go first to that Planet. You already have 200,000 living people from Earth now on that new World. No criminals are to be allowed on this new Planet. Neither will Robotoids be going to that Planet because it is being started only by somewhat more advanced Souls who have the durability to begin a new 3rd-dimension journey. At the end of the Stasis Event, there will be perhaps 2-3 million people on this Alternative Physical-level Planet.

Leave the children in our hands and do not worry. Also do not forget that we will be on the Television and Radio immediately the Planet comes out of Stasis [the "Deep Sleep"] to provide all the necessary education. All has been provided for that is necessary. Communications, heat, lighting will be functioning. There will be adequate food in storage and will be delivered promptly to stores. In some areas we will "drop" the necessary supplies until the people can resume themselves. You will NOT be left behind without preparation and care until you can properly function again. But function you will quickly and don't forget that at least the 100,000 Earth Lightworkers will be returning from the Motherships to provide local help and direction around the Earth Globe.

Namaste, Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon.

January 22, 2009 (continued): Now another commentary on the pending "Ignition Event" of Jupiter. That Planet is not at present matching your scientific profiles and computer programs. Neither was it last year, and it has not for a period of time now. Your Scientists manipulate the data to keep people in a state of not-knowing. Some have also asked a question about the Moon, when you were in a brief Stasis during the entry into the Photon Belt years ago [c. 1992].  Most of you should know by now that your Moon is artificial, created elsewhere and was originally "towed" to this World. Consider that we can also tow the Moon so it matches the expected time cycles. Whether we have already done so or not, I will leave you to ponder on. We can also tow Jupiter or retard its progress to "buy time" for the effect it will have on Earth. Besides the length of your year changing, there are many other possibilities to consider in the broader game.

You will find in your "Urantia Book" that long ago another Solar System came close to your Sun and drew off pieces of it that became some of your Planets. Solar Systems are built, Dear Ones, they are not necessarily "natural." Another System was towed close to your Sun to cause chunks of it to separate. And you have Planets which are not from your Sun. Venus is one example. It was a wandering dead chunk of an old Sun that was called "The Destroyer" when it visited your World periodically. It was placed in orbit long ago, as part of stabilizing this Solar System, and has since become a Planet expressing the powers of Love.

You must have a balanced Solar System to achieve the ultimate state of "Light and Life". This includes the outer "Gas" Planets [derived from condensing gasses] which are becoming Suns, and this helps keep the balance of energies. Your whole Solar System is being slowly "towed" into a different Celestial location, from which you will thus benefit from an eternal energy stream. In a sense it will be sort of like being forever in a Photon Belt, but without the full cleansing force of a Photon Belt that your World has experienced in previous cycles.

Are some of you old enough to notice the Stars are not quite where they used to be? Lots of Natives, Indigenous Peoples have noticed. In fact many of your Stars are not really Stars, they are simply "placemats" made up of giant Motherships, so that your sky doesn't appear to change too much at this particular time.  You can't tell from your back-yard telescopes what is a Mothership and what is a Star. If it changes colour and/or twinkles a lot, it is likely a Mothership, Dear Ones, look skyward. Most of you have no idea what is in your sky at night, except for perhaps the famous Big Dipper. And your "Seven Sisters" [7 Stars of the Pleiades] are in fact really Motherships, for the time being, too. Your Solar System will remain circling Alcyone [Central Star of the Pleiades and the Central Sun for our Local Quadrant of Star Systems], but the "real" Seven Sisters have been moved considerably at the present time from your Earth vantage point.

We can and have retarded Jupiter's location. It "buys time". We could have just as well moved it forwards, had I decided on Stasis earlier last year. You ones on the Earth Planet who consider yourselves "modern" rarely even know what is in your skies.

Christ Michael Aton.

February 12, 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - We Have Our Glorious new Baby Sun!Candace

Oh MY, my Dearly Beloveds, we have a most bodacious glorious new SUN! It has been quite a challenge for the special Team from the central Paradise Isle who does these things. This was a very difficult situation, but one needed to Ascend Planet Earth and also the Solar System into "Eternal Light and Life".

We could not have done this last year, because the Jupiter "implosion" process went terribly bad and we had great risk of creating a Black Hole, or a ball of matter so tightly compressed that the Planet would have exploded into bits and pieces instead of flaring into a Second Sun.

It is beautiful. I wish I could send you a digital picture, but you shall see it soon enough, but mostly likely after Stasis, which will still seem soon enough! A digital photo would not do it justice anyway. We are not sure of its ultimate size, the growth process will continue for quite a bit of time. It will become a brilliant beautiful white high-energy Sun! It of course is not to be a large Sun, but enough to stimulate the necessary changes for a Solar System to enter the final state of "Light and Life".

This little Sun will reenergise your existing larger Sun. And the larger Sun will re-energise the little Sun - a back and forth process. Your entire Solar System is gradually being towed to a new location and also into a new "River of Celestial Energy" at some point which will also further sustain this Solar System.

Right now the "Photon Belt" adds a great deal of energy and will be adding energy to this new Solar System over the time you are in it. This new little Sun is gobbling up energy like a new baby does, and it is a new baby!  It gobbles up the energy food it needs to grow bigger, as all babies do, until it reaches its adult size.

Now, we have to discuss the issue of there having been no big Proton blast as yet. Well, we initiated this Sun on Thursday January 29th. It took about six days for the process to bloom, which occurred on Candace's time, late February 4th. A bit late, like all premature babies who are not fully developed in some way. I say premature, simply because this little Sun was made of really compacted matter typical of this dark Solar System, and thus was not a fully mature baby as are normal "Gas-derived Planets" being made into Suns. This was not a full term baby, and actually would never have been.

This has been a long and arduous process for all. I chose not to put out that we were having problems delivering our "Baby" last year. I also chose that course to allow for the existence of the Dark Ones, and also we chose to announce it a year early to allow for more preparation time. There is in fact a reason for my apparent "madness" in this and I ask your forgiveness simply because you do not sit where I am sitting.

If we had never attempted to make Jupiter a Sun, this Solar System would have continued to deteriorate and become eventually a type of "Black Hole" of compressed matter that would then eventually simply explode into a new creation. There are reasons for this not being the desired outcome.

Now the folks that build Solar Systems are a special group of "Descending Sons" from the Paradise Isle, which are mentioned in the Urantia Book. This work is not in the domain of the Trinity Creator Sons and their Sons. This level of creation is beyond the capabilities of almost anyone that lives in your Grand Universe [incorporating the 7 SuperUniverses and their local Universes], except for this special group of Sun and Planetary Creators.

Now, because of difficulties encountered within this Local Universe of Nebadon, little of the greater Grand Universe is as “dark” as it is here, Dear Ones. There were thus several possibilities which we have already covered above and repeat here. We could have had an explosion of Jupiter into many bits and pieces through an "implosion" that would have produced a Black Hole that would have sucked the Solar System into it over time, or else a small Sun. WE HAVE OUR SUN. Be in Joy!

Now, because this process did not follow the normal circumstances of a more mature "baby", its process of evolution into a Sun did not go normally either. It was more gradual and did not produce the big blast of Protons that was expected. It did not scream the lusty new scream of a big newborn. It made lots of little fusses and whimpers, putting out little puffs of Protons and other subatomic particles.

And it will continue for a time to send little puffs of them in your direction. You have so far avoided some difficulties, such as having your orbiting satellites destroyed and the like. But the pressures will continue to build and start to disturb Earth and her people. There are already plenty of effects now in the growing storms, winds and bad weather. Earthquakes will come forth, and there is a continuous increasing measure of “static electricity” that will further increase, making people feel miserable. And in time the new Sun may possibly become more obvious in your Morning skies, once we have removed the large shielding "look-alike" Spacecraft.

Of course we will eventually go into Stasis for the much needed Earth Changes and Cleansing. We do have some other ideas to explore since we didn't have the expected Proton blast that would have convinced people something was terribly wrong in their Solar System. We are reconfiguring dates on this, because I still desire for Earth's residents to have a "Wake-up Call" in order realize something of the "End Times" is coming.

Namaste, Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon.

Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on Lucifer, Anu, and Personal Responsibility - Jess Anthony8 March 2009

This is Esu Immanual Kumara, a Sananda and the future visible Planetary Prince of Earth. At least I will be when the energy vibrations on this Planet are raised enough to allow me to interact with it comfortably.

You ask for a history lesson. I will explain how you got here and how your experience was impacted by foreign agents. Earth was a "Seed Planet", which means that Christ Michael was using this environment to condition and train Souls that would be moving ultimately to become "Creator Gods", a position such as he has occupied in his Local Universe creation of Nebadon. All Local Universes have areas that allow those energy manifestations unique to their configuration to explore the ramifications of that type of incarnation. Not all Local Universes are alike, you know, and no two types of universal inhabitants have the same combination of structural elements. They may be similar, but they remain distinct.

Christ Michael intended for Planet Earth to be a unique place for learning. That is why he allowed levels of "free will" and choice that are not typical in other Local Universes. The surrounding systems would be part of a grand structure of choice and individual experiences of creation. This was unique in the development of Local Universes.

The Souls that chose to incarnate here were special combinations of experience and experimentation in Universe building. Many had been involved with the creation of Nebadon, and these Souls sensed their purpose to be an extension of those experiences. The Souls incarnating into the initial environment of exploration and positive experience were to be unspoiled by contact with outside influences. This was a laboratory setting that gave full rein to a wide range of possibilities, in exploring the interaction between Positive and Negative elements . Much of what you experience now was the result of initial experiments in either successful or unsuccessful learning decisions.

Into this potentially idyllic existence came E.T. interlopers from outside this Galaxy System. They were not interested in the type of experiential existence that was occurring, but were, instead, looking for elements their own incarnational structure lacked as a result of poor choices they had made earlier. The many stories of the Anunnaki arriving on their Planet Nibiru are approximately correct. They intersected your orbit and decided to take control over Earth's unsuspecting culture for their own selfish purposes.

The stage for this take over had been set before, however, as Earth's inhabitants had learned elements of obedience from its Planetary Prince Caligastia and his overseers during what has become known as the "Lucifer Rebellion". Christ Michael's determination to explore choice and self-initiation had opened the door for Lucifer to propose that the inhabitants of Nebadon were fully independent by virtue of their creation. His argument was that once created with self-determination, inhabitants no longer had to follow the dictates of someone outside themselves. This ignored the fact that all of the Creation in Nebadon was connected to Christ Michael's concept — even the decision to be separate was an experience Christ Michael was learning from through being a part of. Even though he had set the configuration in motion, he still did not have the complete experiential awareness he would after his period of "Seven Bestowals" downwards through his Local Universe. He had to experience his Creation fully as a part of all of it in order to completely understand how his concepts were manifested.  He still did not have the complete power to make decisions on issues that dealt with concepts beyond the limits of Nebadon.

Lucifer's arguments were attacking the permission granted Christ Michael to design and objectify his vision for constructing a Local Universe. This permission came from the Creator Source and was beyond the scope of what Christ Michael could determine at that point in the history of Nebadon.  He could do nothing but allow this concept to play out, once it had been set in motion, but he decided to quarantine those followers to the areas where they had been most persuasive. His original "Seed Planet" of Earth became a Laboratory to examine the working out of Lucifer's concepts. Its Planetary Prince Caligastia was one of Lucifer's followers, and he had already begun the shift in thinking that produced a fertile environment for Lucifer's ideas to develop more fully.

Earth became a microcosm of the Universe, but directed against the original designs of Christ Michael. It was oriented to the interests of Lucifer and Caligastia, and the Planet's original connection with Christ Michael's enlightened concepts of self-determination became spiritually detached and unaware. Man on Earth fell into a lowered dimensional existence oriented around the spiritual levels of its new interloping "Gods". Elements of Christ Michael remained, but they were forgotten as the thinking process of Man shifted.

Once this lowering of the spiritual dimension had happened, it was easy for others to take advantage of the naiveté of those incarnated on Earth. This was what happened with the arrival of Nibiru's Leader, Anu and his family. They recognized what Earth could provide, especially its sources of gold needed to replenish the damaged atmosphere around his mobile Planet Nibiru from E.T. nucleur attacks on it. And so they set about exploiting it to their advantage. This involved interacting with the inhabitants in order to breed simple easily controlled workers.  Those on Earth looked to Anu and his family as physical incarnations of the "Gods" of their limited spiritual memories. Hybridisation improved the DNA stock of the workers they began to control. As part of their improved physical abilities, the workers mental perception also unexpectedly began changing.  To capitalise on this, spiritual advisers from the Higher Dimensions took advantage of this to begin influencing the virtual-slave workers' understanding of themselves and their situation. This began the first stages of their spiritual re-awakening.

This struggle between those wanting selfish control of others and those teaching individual awakening and a reconnection with Christ Michael's vision has continued to today. However, it entered a new phase once Christ Michael had completed his "Last Bestowal" [out of seven other "Planetary Bestowals" on a series of descending Dimensional-frequency levels] on Earth was thus able to finally assume the position of full Creator Sovereign of Nebadon. His last Bestowal initiated the process for removing the dark influences of those in opposition to his vision. Influenced by Christ Michael's vision of Free Will/Choice and Co-creation, this process was designed to work through the inhabitants involved and was a continuation of his notion of self-determination within an awareness of the unified whole. The last vestiges of this integral process are playing out now.

Esu [Jesus] Immanual Kumara

March 18, 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - Possible early Magnetic Pole Reversal - Candace

Christ Michael: Dearly Beloveds, the Planet Earth will eventually be going into a Magnetic Pole Reversal, either as part of the Planet's eventual full entry into the Photon Belt, or as a more immediate event and which we have made the decision to not prevent, but merely keep it slowed down.

Now this is a Magnetic Pole Reversal, not a flip or Axis Change. This means the Sun will continue to slow down, maybe be more erratic in this process for up to perhaps a day, perhaps a bit longer.  The Planet is already beginning a process of preparing to slow down her rotation. Then it will stop for a period of time, a few hours at most, and then the Sun will begin moving backwards to set again in the East, or nor rise at all for some of you. This would bring in the period known as "The Three Days of Darkness", in which the Planet gradually stops, reverses and keeps up the reversal until the Sun rises in the West.  

This would be the "Day of Judgement" in your religious books, as many may not survive, and the "Earth Changes" greatly pick up, but not to the degree they would from a large "Axis Change". We would need to keep the change very slow, lasting approximately a couple of weeks which will slow down the physical Earth Changes. We do not also wish to have massive loss of life from carbon dioxide in the air.

Now, once this becomes flagrantly obvious to Earth residents, we would start the Stasis Process, which will take about 4 hours. I greatly desire Earth residents that are to survive this and awaken out of Stasis to see and experience this event. This would in part be the result of Jupiter's Ignition, and why we have kept its progress greatly slowed, so we have more control. Those of you who think you are watching the Planet Jupiter are in fact watching "Star Ship Jupiter" as Candace likes to call it, and for that matter, "Star Ship Venus" too Dear Ones, which for the last year at least has been dancing in the sky periodically.

You on Earth are not waking up much to this with the masking Venus and other Starships dancing at night. But so be it. You will awaken rapidly shortly and many religions know of what Pole Reversals are. If not by that name, the "Three Days of Darkness" will get attention, when the Sun begins to move backwards.

The Plans otherwise change not. There will not be a general evacuation, since most people would not board ship anyway, and also because we will go into Stasis and proceed as expected. However, we have not said this before, this was going to occur during the Stasis/Earth Changes period anyway, and the people would awaken from their "Deep Sleep" to a new Western sunrise.

We have previously suggested there would be significant Earth Changes during the Stasis Event, and this is one method of accomplishing that. We have done all we can do in terms of awakening an unawares people and it has not been very successful. Yes, some, but not enough. So we allow the Mother Earth her freedom at this time. The pollution is huge, the Dark have already installed most of the New World Order excepting Russia and China, and there are potentially awful things coming your way. Since enough of Earth residents have asked for intervention even if they don't know what they are asking for, that is why we have gone with this other Plan for the last several years.

The length of Stasis is not at this point fully determined, as it is based on observation at the time, and fixing of other issues, the necessary Earth Changes and the like. Two years is but a simple estimate. We will be putting most of the life on the Planet into Stasis, until the Earth movements are stabilised and the air cleansed enough of carbon dioxide to awaken the animal life. Plants will benefit from the higher levels of carbon dioxide and this is useful and in fact needed. Some life forms will be evacuated during the early parts, and all who are continuing the Ascension will be evacuated after Stasis is commenced to areas of safety, only IF they are in harms way. Build-up of carbon dioxide and other chemicals will not affect bodies in Stasis.

Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon

22 March 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Comments on the Magnetic Pole Reversal

Esu: Let's speak of what is to come. Earth is becoming erratic in its rotation. The axis position is moving constantly, causing what you have termed a "wobble" in its rotation. Celestial bodies can appear in different places than they are scheduled to be, and their positions are thus shifted because of the position of Earth's tilt in relation to them. The more serious problem, in your terms, is the need to reverse the direction of the Earth's rotation. This is necessary to re-spin the top, as it were, and keep Earth rotating at a fresh and stable angle. This action is not a unique event in terms of planetary movements; it happens to all Planets as they reach the end of one cycle and need to begin another. This action was always planned to happen during the period of Stasis. That action in itself is the difference. Planets normally reverse their course naturally and to begin the process of restructuring themselves with no assistance or extra consideration of the Life Forms that exist there at that time.

People on Earth have developed an awareness of the need for change, although most don't understand what that literally entails. The awareness has caused a decision to be made to assist the inhabitants to undertake the process of shifting to a new phase of existence. This was not the sole decision of Christ Michael Aton. This was the decision of a Council representing those who physically create Universes as an expression of the intent of the Creator Source. The construction of all Local Universes such as Nebadon is overseen by the special pre-Grand Universe Beings that design the physical elements that make a structural Universe possible. In creating Nebadon, Christ Michael acted in accordance with their guidance, although he initiated the idea for the unique and particular structure that his Universe took. His idea was approved as an extension of the Creator Source, and his plans were coordinated by those who make the Universes physically possible as a structural creation.

To put the creation of the local Universe of Nebadon into more context, the Overseers in the Central Universe of Havona that manifested the creation of the Seventh Superuniverse of Orvonton as a representation of the three-person Trinity, set in motion the process that allowed Christ Michael ATON to explore the issues of choice and co-creation that characterise the nature of our Local Universe of Nebadon. The Universe Builders shaped this concept into a physical form that would embody the concept. Earth was developed as a "Seed Planet" [of newly created "Ascending Souls" as well as other new forms of life] within the periphery of the organised systems and energy sources. It was intended to be a special laboratory for trial and experimentation that would benefit the rest of the Nebadon Universe structure.  Earth was not created first, but it developed later as the need for more complex experimentation became manifest.

Earth was taken over during the Lucifer Rebellion and then put into "quarantine". The direct nourishment that alignment with Universal Truth normally brings was stopped to allow these new issues of rejection to work themselves out. These ideas were at odds with the most direct progression Earth would normally take. By that, I mean Earth had to compromise her natural tendencies to accommodate ideas that were imposed from beyond her System. Earth was flexible to a remarkable extent, but the strength of the resistance to Christ Michael's concept exhausted her resources and brought her to the shape she is in today. Much as a physical person would be in your experience, she is unwilling to continue to accommodate the foreign elements and seeks to throw them off in the only way she can naturally. This process has been monitored and assisted for several years, always attempting to accommodate the needs of the inhabitants at the same time as Earth's most crucial needs were addressed. The resources of Earth are used up at this point, and a change is mandatory to continue to preserve the Planet. This limit has been known and has been a consideration in all the sequence of deadlines and delays that have been decided. A recent decision was taken to interfere with Earth's progression no longer and allow her to take the traditional course for change by reversing the Magnetic Polarity caused by the Sun's interaction with Earth's rotation.

This reversal is typically caused by a slowing down of the speed of the rotation, which allows the direction of the polarity to be drawn in another direction. Stopping the rotation leads to a pause in the Sun's apparent movement. The Earth is a ball, of sorts, and stopping it from spinning while it orbits around the Sun will cause one part to be dark and one part to be in the light until it begins rotating again. This resumption of spinning in a reverse direction will reverse Earth's magnetic orientation to the Sun. The geographic North Pole of the Earth's axis will remain positioned as it is, but the direction of the magnetic current will flow towards the South Pole.

This shift and magnetic reversal was always scheduled to happen during the period of Earth Changes and Stasis. This is part of the assistance we are giving you to allow Earth to make her transition with her inhabitants intact, for the most part. This assistance will set the stage for the transformations you hear described in other channellings. It will clear the playing field to allow you to build communities that are sustainable, with resources that are more compatible with a more direct spiritual connection to the Universe you are part of. Earth's fear of access and contact with Galactic Forces will be replaced with verified awareness and a certainty of beneficial assistance. The Planet will house a more sustainable level of inhabitants. There is no way to ignore the fact, however, that the Earth's revitalised resources would be strained in the future by the excess of demands placed on her at the present time. Those who have served their purpose by incarnating here will leave. Those who have chosen to Ascend with the Planet will stay to help with the process.

The time of Stasis is nearly here, it is safe to say. Its beginning will be timed by the schedule Earth takes in her "Transition" up to a higher Dimensional level [4D]. When the Sun stops moving, it will be time to prepare for Stasis being set in motion. Christ Michael wants to delay its start until Earth's inhabitants see physical evidence that is beyond the scope of Man to contrive. Only then will they be convinced and open to guidance to new interpretations. No other method has worked up to this point. The deadline given at the first of this year was the confirmation that told the Universe Builders to let Earth go her own way.

Sananda Esu Immanual  

9 March 2009: Esu Speaks further on Earth Changes - Jess Anthony

Esu: Let's speak of the physical journey Earth is taking. The havoc of the devastation that has been brought to Mother Earth is ever an irritant and obstacle in remaking her image. The scars that have been placed upon her are difficult to remove. Her pristine condition has long deteriorated into what you see now, yet you still see remnants of what is truly glorious. This is not a new realisation, but one that can never be pointed out enough.

Realigning the magnetic field will reorient Earth's relationship to the Solar System. The existing polarity arrangement serves the purpose of holding the Planet in position, but it also prevents it from setting up an independent energetic grid that establishes a prototype of the Monopolarity it will need to move higher in energetic connection with the Universal ideals. It is a continuation of the bipolar duality that characterises the Planet at present. Let me be clearer on this: switching the magnetic poles will not usher in Monopolarity or Ascension to a higher dimensional construct, but it will set the stage for that happening in conjunction with the spiritual awakening that Man is undergoing. Man and Earth are one energetic package that must operate in parallel ways to move higher spiritually.

Slowing down the speed of the rotation is part of the process that prepares for this to happen. This planetary physical state is common but Man has no concept of this occurring. Rotation is caused by the pull of the dynamic currents generating the magnetic field. The attraction of the magnetic pull causes the Planet to move in a circular fashion. The orientation of the North and South polarities in opposition to the geographic poles creates the spin direction you call counterclockwise. Reversing the Magnetic Poles causes a reverse direction of magnetic pull — the rotation moves clockwise, with the Sun coming up in the West, as you describe it. Your Planet will now be rotating towards the Sun in a reverse way from what it has been.

In order for this to happen, the current rotation process has to stop. This is complicated by the "wobble" in the geographic axis that is occurring because of weakening magnetic currents. The Earth's magnetic counter force is out of balance with the charged polarity on the physical surface, and the tautly pulled energetic resistance normally in place with the Planet's geographic axis begins to loosen and cause the angle of alignment of move around. This has been occurring for several years, but it now is intensifying.

There are a number of factors at work here. The spin of the Inner Core is affected by various outside contributors, each of which is influenced the others in a geometrically intensifying sequence. Solar flares influence the atmosphere's electricity, which influences the weather, which impacts the Earth's geography, which causes plate movements, which cause earthquakes, tsunamies, and volcanic eruptions, which are absorbed by the liquid Outer Core as unbalanced energy bursts, which causes imbalance with the Inner Core rotation system, which affects the dynamo effect, which weakens the Magnetic Grid, which affects the rotation pattern, which allows more solar influence and pressure on the Magnetosphere, etc. You see the increasing weather problems, the significant number of earthquakes, and the rotation problems. You see some signs of solar flares and increased pressure on the Magnetosphere. You don't see the increase in energy being imposed on Earth from Jupiter as it is filtered through the Sun. You don't see the weakening of the Magnetic Grid because of the range of impacts hammering away at it.

This is happening now because we are standing back at letting the cycle on Earth play out for the eventual benefit it will have on Earth's physical structure. This is complicated by the need to preserve Man's place. The wholesale reconstruction that would typically take place cannot be allowed to happen as it does traditionally. This is why the Galactic Forces have been monitoring Earth for years, and why they even now are still providing some guidance for the process. The analogy of braking a car is perfectly apt. You know that in hazardous driving conditions you have to pump the brake pedal rather than slam it down. That is the only way to prevent it locking up and becoming useless on wet or icy driving surfaces. Short pumps will slow the car down more gradually, but in a controlled way so that you can determine better how it stops. If Earth is allowed to slam on her brakes and create a sudden stop, it will cause tremendous upheaval and geographic destruction because of the force of the energy being stopped from moving forward. The direction of the momentum will continue and use the Earth's surface to brake its motion.

This physical process will take place, and much sooner than the published experts believe. This sequence is also playing into the intentions of those still trying to control the direction of Earth's inhabitants. We had hoped enough inhabitants would "wise up" to what was going on to cause some "braking" of this political and economic momentum, but it seems this is headed for a similar crash. This process is one that the Galactic Forces have less control over, because it is a manifestation of the people's desires and intentions. This is a co-created scenario that must be changed by those who have created it. The odds of this happening now are almost zero. Christ Michael has waited so long because he hoped it would manifest as it was envisioned in a positive way.

It seems that a clean slate is best at this point. There is not much more relevant to be examined by continuing this stumbling in the dark in light of the mandatory changes that must be made to Earth in connection with her place in the changing Solar System.

30 March 2009: Christ MICHAEL comments on a "Clean Slate" for EarthEvelyn Kümmerle

Evelyn: Christ Michael, some people think you will "abandon" Earth, after they read Esu's Message through Jess Anthony when the expression “clean slate” was used. Can you please comment on that?

Eve, this is Christ Michael speaking. Nobody will ever “abandon” Earth. People are tired of waiting and any day longer increases the tiredness around. We are very well aware of that. Tired people have the tendency to see the world in "darker colours".

Any paradigm that we took into serious consideration has so far turned out to take longer than expected. Many do not really believe in this “game over” scenario. The Planet has been tightened into a seat belt, so to say, and we decided to give more slack to that seat belt. We could still operate a bit via Jupiter, but were also questioning how about to go on and let Jupiter go the normal orbit, normal speed. It turned out that letting Jupiter go would quickly bring you what Esu calls a “clean slate”. It would cause a lot of discomfort. But as you are pondering this – you guys walking the Planet have discomfort anyway.

You have discomfort as you feel the suffering of Mother Earth and you have discomfort looking at what the "New World Order" [put forward by the Dark Cabal] initiates to enslave you.

We have discomfort seeing your situation down there, so the big question is: What could ease this discomfort quickly and efficiently. A big exodus [total evacuation] has been discussed already several decades ago – see the material of Tuella - but this is actually not what we would like it to be. We do not want a big turnover to happen. This is not what our many "Brave Ones" [Lightworkers] have been trusting in and working for. One thing must be clear: whatever happens, we will look after our "Faithful Ones" and care for the "Soul Carriers". You have been up here [to our Mothership] recently and so have been others and you know already what has been spoken of. All of you, including Candace, pleaded for a solution which is going to lessen as quickly as possibly the discomfort on all sides. We have been sitting here, discussing all kinds of scenarios and the biggest actual benefit to be gained does not always turn out to be that road of easy solution most at hand. So far we have prevented much in order to keep it smoothest for most of you. Most of you perceive this as a normal state of matters, but this is not the case. On the other hand it is not a solution to let the Dark Ones destroy the Planet. And for sure there is no “Order” that has come from Havona [the Central Universe] to end this by a final and total exodus, and I want to emphasize that I'm fully Sovereign in my Universe, so the final decision is mine. This does not mean that we would not be given advice by Havona, but you don't need to worry that some important figures from there would show up here with an order to let the final curtain fall. So, now, how does the solution look at present?

What we wish for is a “win-win” situation. The solution is a “dance” with Mother Earth, leading her the course that though leading to the Pole Reversal most quickly will cause the least possible havoc. Under the headline of “do it right the first time”, you would not really like to see this ending in a mess just because we tried to do it too quickly.

Evelyn: Couldn't you let the Planet Jupiter come out from behind the Sun's Corona just a little bit, just as far as you need to allow his effect of making the physical Earth Changes?

This is what you already suggested when you were up here recently. Measures taken will always depend on the steps taken by Mother Earth, with a little pushing from our side to move her in the right direction. All of you have wonderful plans for Mother Earth and for building up a new civilization - a “clean slate” [Earth cleansing] scenario is not intended, and would only happen as a result of any unforeseen escalation of events. And even in this case we remain ready to act with an emergency plan.

I told you that “igniting” Jupiter was a very tricky and delicate issue and this Magnetic Pole Reversal is also tricky. If it does take longer, it will take longer mainly for your benefit, so as to keep things as smooth as possible for you. There are, in addition, always chances in this added time and blessed are the ones who use this time wisely to strengthen themselves, to strengthen others and to remain firm in their belief, as a role model to them.

You the Ground Crew Members are not here by accident. You are all very experienced specialists and when you are with us beyond your Earthly consciousness you are at peace with the issue of waiting. You experience the grace to be there in your Mission and to know what is going on. You are about to witness a Magnetic Pole Reversal in full awareness, with open eyes. Believe me, this does not happen too often and you are in for that ride. So be it, dear ones.

Always at your service, Christ Michael. 

10 April 2009: Esu/Jesus: Further Update Regarding the Impending Pole Reversal - Candace

Dearly Beloveds, I gather many of you are wondering where is this impending Pole Reversal. It is still impending. We are doing some adjustments so that it doesn't occur suddenly and that we can have more control over it. Christ Michael desires, on reviewing the situation with this advisers, to keep the Planet stable a tad longer, as best as we can, for it is not possible to do so forever, with the internal geophysical tension building and needing to be released at some point.

SOON, Beloveds, that is the essence of the message. We must control the reversal and many discussions have taken place over where Man is at this time versus the changes ahead of us. Sadly, again, few come forth, except the alert ones, on this issue with the Obama Administration or the rest of the world. Since when is it OK to cut back in Iraq and then expand to Afghanistan, is an appropriate question to ask. While all Souls have already made their decision by December 31st last year whether to continue on with Earth or not, where they are to continue onto is still an issue to be fully resolved and part of the overall consideration.

We have long ago made a decision that you will always be told what is about to happen, and this still applies, unless of course Mother Nature modifies it for us too. We have slowed the Pole Reversal a bit, because it is not desired that the Planet should keep speeding up and then applying her brakes, otherwise the resurrection work of the Planet herself would become null and void for quite a long time. This joint venture of Man and God to keep a civilisation on Earth throughout the Ascension would also become null and void. This is not your desire is it?? - I thought not.

All we are doing at this time is quieting the change a bit, so that the external rotation and internal rotation of the planet are synchronous which allows a slow and graceful stop of the rotation. This is close now. We shall dance this all with grace and perfect steps!

As the Earth graciously draws to a stop, you will start to notice. She will not slam on her brakes, but instead the Sun will move ever gradually to a halt, possibly over a few days time. Man will then begin to notice this, unless he is completely blind!  The sunrises will start later, the sunsets earlier as if Fall and Winter are coming on, but much more rapidly. Your Sun now is rising and setting rather North for this time of year.

You are currently in a "Coronal Hole" wind stream and actually this is useful at this time, in helping slow the Planet gradually. We will go into Stasis just as soon as a lot of people begin to notice the slow down, as we do want to get some work done quickly, such as in evacuation of those needing it in areas of danger, and gathering various supplies and equipment to be stored for use later after we return from Stasis.

We were ourselves pretty worried that our plans were being made more difficult. It was recently decided not to wait until the full rotation stoppage before commencing the Stasis period, as fear amongst Humans is not needed, and this also gives us time to retrieve goods and people before we can no longer enter the atmosphere for a period of time. There would also be huge volcanic actions and electric changes that would keep our craft out too. So it was important to draw up some new plans with the various Galactic Forces since things are now more tightly coordinated. Mother Earth is doing fine, we are pleased to note, and please live your lives in the meantime to the fullest possible.

Namaste, Esu

24 May 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: The Magnetosphere will collapse - through Candace

Christ Michael: Dearly Beloveds, it has seemingly been some time since I have issued an "Update". We have been most busy.  We are setting it up (again) so that Iran may not be attacked, nothing new there, just to let you know this has still been the Game Plan of the USA and Israel. Russian troops will be able to fully assist if anything occurs, as these are your battles to be handled on the ground, but we do provide various kinds of assistance.

The funds for NESARA are long gone. These will not manifest. In regards to who has the best current truth on these matters on the Internet, that would be "Whistleblower" on the Internet, who describes how the World itself is kept funded with the Collateral Accounts, and it is these funds which runs the world and they are not anything at all related to NESARA and GESARA. The NESARA idea was built up over 200 years by St Germaine, but it did not manifest since your World was not really ready for it, unless we could have had the international attention required as part of the Second Coming Mission. There was some hope in 2004, and 2005, and a little more after that of manifesting this whole program. When I said we would go global as in GESARA, for ease of understanding, I am referring to that which comes prior to the achievement of "Light and Life" status on a world. We do need a Global Banking System and it is not manifesting in any shape or form right now because of the squabbling. A totally new Banking System will manifest after the "Stasis Event".

Back in 2005 we put 25,000 E.T. "Star People" in bodies on the ground to help in a large number of areas. Some have had some success in furthering ideas, such as in the area of sustainability and you are now seeing the results of this. They were moderately successful in setting up some of the Banking Rules behind Banking you might say, but not at all successful with the masterful Dark "Thugs" behind the Banking Empire. We have lost quite a few to bullets. We are now very careful as to how and what is done.

We placed 5000 people into the various Religious Organisations as "Members." This was a complete failure by all accounts. The failure within Christianity and Islam was complete, and we made NO progress whatsoever and pulled our people back out. While these ones didn't suffer murder, you can imagine what they did suffer from bad mouthing, and the worst coming from within Christianity.

There is no real hope left of getting any more Earth "Projects" done. We are letting the Planet, as you know, go into its partial "Cleansing". We did not wish for an excessive "Cleansing", and so we are controlling the rate of the collapse of the Magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere will indeed collapse and this process is exponential, which means the faster it goes, the faster it goes; it is not linear, for those with a math background. The collapse is getting close, but we cannot predict as to the exact hour. When the Magnetosphere collapses you will be flooded with a lot of radiation of several types. Thus we will move you into "Stasis" very rapidly whilst it is about to collapse.

Jupiter is back out within the Sun's outer Corona again, to assist the Earth Changes process "naturally." There are other "natural" processes also going on, which include large Gamma Ray blasts that are coming from INSIDE your Solar System and not from distant Creations, although of course the whole of Creation is always growing, and these events do occur.

Your Wind Stream, the "Solar Wind" as you label it has been very low for some time now.  Your Sun is very quiet, but your Solar Wind was getting lower long before the last intense Solar Cycle. It will take little to finish the collapse of the Magnetosphere. A large Coronal Mass Ejection [Solar Flare] should do it.

Until the Magnetosphere collapses, there will be other signs. A few more quakes, and increased Gamma Rays for those of you who are sensitive on picking them up, and the like, as well as huge weather-changes. Most crops are now planted, and some of them will be harvested and stored. It remains now to harvest the People. Who of you will be amongst them?  As was reported by Archangel Michael through Candace, more than we originally expected but still less than we had always hoped for.  

To get to Heaven you must have a sense of "Goodness". "Good", is God with an extra O in English. What is "good" about the wars the Christians want to bring on in the name of Christ? Christ does not come back to settle down on Worlds engaged in war - only those engaged in Goodness. Why are you in America still allowing this new President in Office to continue the wars?  He stated he would march right into Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is it not so?

I noticed there was not any real action from the World towards Israel when it attacked little Gaza. That said, some of the Gazaians are by Soul intent really akin to "Jews" and since Israel was going to carry out their New World Order, some Palestinians in Gaza did need to experience the other side of the coin. Those were the "Slaughterers" in their previous lives - many of them had a hand in the genocide of your Red Brothers. That doesn't however make it "Right", as the lesson was more for the Americans and Europeans who continue to ignore what is of God and allow slaughter. Nobody incarnated specially to punish the Gazaians, that is not how God does things, they suffered at the hands of their own kind, in fact from their "own hands" in that sense.

We move forward still with the new Plans. I remain saddened that "things" did not work out better. Mother Earth/GAIA has had enough, we have helped with cleansing of the pollution in the best way that can be done behind the scenes, until we can work more openly. Now it is time.

Namaste, Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon, ATON of Nebadon.

28 May 2009: Esu [Jesus Christ/Sananda] – An Update on the Magnetosphere - Jess Anthony

Let's speak of the upcoming events - for they truly are happening. The timeframe we are following is the one that is formed by the shifts in Earth's energy through its Magnetosphere. This connecting "skin," to use that image, is frayed and unravelling, as we communicate. I honestly don't see this lasting for more than several months, your time. I don't like to make "predictions," but this seems on the verge of happening. We are guiding it as best we can, with bursts of power to sustain a slower release of existing polarity. This allows Earth to put on additional brakes as it lets go of previous magnetic connections. The speed of this letting go is slowed down by Galactic Federation assistance, although the stages of its progress are determined solely by the Earth system it expresses.

The timing of what is to come is what you have heard these last few years: we intend to wait now until the Magnetosphere lets go completely. Normally this would trigger massive upheavals and a prolonged period of reversal of polarity. The Planet's geophysical system has to remove the built up stress at faults and lands masses. These stresses, unfortunately, are located at some of the most densely populated centres. This is within the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and the places in the Atlantic Caribbean that lie closest to the Atlantic Ridge. The danger there is the tsunami effects that can occur on the East Coast. We are trying to moderate these slippages and prevent the worst disasters from happening by evening-out the stress levels through magnetic manipulation and energy input into buffer zones.

The letting go of the Magnetic Poles will result in climactic changes and disorientation as to the flow of Solar Energy. Existing electric circuitry will short circuit and cease to function as the inhabitants would expect. There will still be polarity once it reverses, but there will be a massive need to reorient all operations based on new magnetic forces and newly assumed polarity.

The "Stasis Event" will be the time to sort out our needs and make plans on how this will function. I anticipate you are right to think that Earth will be less problematic than now, even though still not fully understanding what is happening. We are helping the most negatively influential and disruptive inhabitants to leave. This will create a more positive perception of the Universal Laws that will be integrated into cultural thinking. The political chaos and financial machinations will be stopped and replaced with workable examples of sustainable communities. These individual pockets of culture will determine the ways the larger groups react on a national and international scale.

Esu [Jesus Christ/Sananda].

28 May 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: Things are Getting Interesting… - Candace

We energised the Magnetic Field last night, it was deteriorating quickly and it is not yet quite the time, as we assist the releasing of pressures massively first. Our plan is complete now, completely complete, to perfection, and there is not a thing you of of the Black Cabal can do about it, so how about the Military getting the troops back from the Middle East very quickly so that they can be placed where they can actually be of service?

We must relieve some pressure building in the Atlantic Rift. We must also release some pressure in the Pacific Rim along the Oriental countries. Speaking of those countries, that was no nuclear testing that happened in North Korea. You Dark Ones "took advantage" of a release of energy, and built a lie to cover up for the other impending games.  North Korea does not have a single fully functioning nuclear device, friends, and for that matter, neither do you anyway, that is, ones that will be allowed to "function".

You of the geology professions must have noticed an intense increase in the super little Micro Quakes in California recently.  These once averaged 25 or so a week, and now average 300 or so a week. This is NOT our doing, however, in terms of releasing energy. These are wholly natural, and the Western coastline of the California State is crumbling generally, from the rifts forming underneath. Any underground Races left living in those great caverns at this time were advised to leave recently, as they are not safe. There are many who are not of the Reptilian Race living down there. The ocean waters are working their way in, and this goes beyond the suggested borders given out a couple years ago or more to be around LA. This is happening further inland and further North. (Candace: Many of those underground Reptilian Races were removed two and a half years ago for sorting to elsewhere. Most are not suitable for Ascension on this Planet.)

The Planet each day is not staying in its former set course because of the weakening magnetic field. Indeed the Sun is rising too far North and is continuing that course. Do you realise if we did NOT control this process, your Planet could actually roll over by mid Summer? Because of the field condition at this time, you could possibly not experience another "Solstice" in which the Sun would begin to journey South again. Ditto the opposite for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now I did not say above "tilt" on it's axis, I said ROLL OVER, and this is a different procedure from a Magnetic Reversal [as previously outlined]. This "Roll Over" will not happen however, but your Scientists are more than worried about this possibility looming on the horizon from their own studies. We will not be coming back in thousands of years to start over again. It will instead be a Magnetic Pole Reversal, and there is nothing you can do to affect that either. That is why some War Games will not be allowed to happen, which could further upset the delicate magnetic balance.

Now, you of the Dark Cabal are advised however to step down and allow us to do some preparations. In fact, we might even just remove you out of the way. That idea is still being discussed and not firm as we have not made the decision yet whether to commandeer the airwaves and inform the People of your misdeeds, or just let things go on as Nature intends.

Don't forget, we will assist Mother Nature. The Planet is going to "Ascend", along with the rest of the Solar System. In fact much of the Solar System already has. The reason Mars does not seem to have a Magnetosphere is because it Ascended quite some time ago and has no need of one. And if you could better study Jupiter right now which remains "hidden" within the Sun's Corona, you would know it is no longer bi-polar, having made its own Ascension up to a higher vibration rate.

When the "Magnetic Pole Reversal" starts, the "Stasis Event" will commence in order to protect the life forms. There will be two basic phases of Stasis, an initial total Stasis for all Life Forms, while we take the Planet through the Magnetic Pole Reversal, and then some of the Life Forms will be awakened once the polarity is re-established in the opposite direction.

And put away your calendars, because this is not a situation that can be dated. We have an estimate of perhaps months, but it could just be 6 weeks. Our scientists constantly now assess the situation and determine when we should release pressure. It is the INTERNAL pressures building up that actually damage the Magnetic Field, so to speak.

The Mother Earth Planet wants to reverse the Magnetic Polarity in these times, and continues to want to do so. And thus we will prevent certain war activities, which is why the Dark Brothers are themselves "revving up" both because of the exacerbation of problem behaviours and because of their desire to somehow beat "God at the Game".  This war behaviour is hoped to cause more destruction. This is what destructive people do. It is hoped by them since they cannot "win", that they can instead win by harming the Planet. These Ones support Evil down to the last straw, in their thinking they honour their own Satanic version of God.

Be calm and in trust. Calm those around you as you can. And do not add to this condition by your own fears of war mongering.  I think shortly, there will enough weather and quakes to consume the Dark's interest. Those of you attending "Stasis", or otherwise going to continue in body, will be removed if a natural disaster comes in your direction during this period.

Namaste, Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon.

2 June 2009: Esu/Jesus on Energy Changes and the coming Stasis - Jess Anthony

The timeframe of the events to come is still uncertain, some decisions still have not been finalised at this point. It is now contingent on the Earth's cycle of letting go the Magnetic Structure and our causing a system of buffers to moderate the effects of this letting go.

Once it is decided it is time to move into "Stasis", the scenarios you have heard of will begin, with the exception, that now the initial phase will be a total Stasis. Everything will pause its natural living cycle to allow us to restructure the energy parameters you expect to determine your existence. The Magnetic Polarity will collapse and then reverse its Magnetic Poles to refresh the direction of energy circuitry. North becomes South and expectations will be changed.

Everything will pause for a few months. This will not seem like any time has passed to those continuing with the Shift to a Higher Dimensionality. Stasis is not a sleep, it is a limbo stage where nothing progresses in the sense you have been conditioned to expect. Stasis will be introduced quickly to avoid mass confusion. The Spaceships triggering this energy frequency are already stationed around the globe and are ready to begin moderating the energy levels associated with paused frequency. This shift in frequency will initially cause functions to seem to stop, although this pause is not final. The movement of energy currents that make up the Magnetic Field will appear to be at a standstill. This is so that the "Pole Reversal" can happen and the currents can begin to flow in the opposite direction. This realignment is not something you should experience consciously. This Shift can be dealt with more easily within a lack of consciousness.

The collapse of the Magnetic Field will have unpredictable effects on the delicate balance holding together the existing geophysical system of faults and internal pressure points. The pressure of the Solar Wind will be immense without the mitigating effects of the Magnetic Grid. Pressure pockets will be pushed beyond their balanced state and will erupt in earthquakes and volcanic explosions.

Because the Solar and Galactic pressure will be great, we are at this time easing some of the most catastrophic fault stresses to allow an easier transition. The Honduran earthquake released pressure in that area of the Atlantic and the continued quakes in the Eastern portions of the Pacific are similarly releasing built up pressure in those areas. We are doing this by sending "pulses" of energy into the Magnetic Field. This has the effect, also, of prolonging the collapse of the Magnetic Field connected to the existing polar structure.  This has a wave effect with the increased Solar pressure triggering renewed magnetic activity, which then spreads throughout the existing Magnetic Field, transmitting the extra energy to existing magnetic connections and disrupting electrical circuitry that is designed to work with a less extreme burst of energy.

In addition to existing electrical circuitry, the burst of Solar energy also disrupts physical balance and well-being, both of which are extensions of the electrical network that surrounds each person living here. The physical body you see is a product of electrical inactivity. The lower dimensional environment it inhabits on Earth demands a physiological structure that appears to be solid and individualised to reflect the unique personality each inhabitant possesses. This solidity is an accepted fiction of the lower dimensional inhabitant, who has agreed to forget the energy structure that informs the creation of the illusion. When the familiar energy grid is disrupted or forced to absorb an unusual amount of additional energy, the physical body changes to reflect the new energy input it is experiencing. The material is an extension of the Etheric and reflects the imprinting an individual's energy body receives.

These bursts are preparations for the intensive changes that will manifest during the "Stasis Period". Most of Earth's inhabitants will be sheltered and overseen. They will be kept safe from upheavals that may happen on the Earth's surface, and they will be assisted in transforming their physical Beings to accommodate the increased energy that will be coming to Earth.  They will come out of the Stasis period to face a new world with a new and much higher energy frequency.

Those inhabitants agreeing to work with transforming the world will find an Energy Grid of a new polarity. They will need to transform their environment and its technical inventions into a system that functions with reversed poles. They will do this with a new awareness of social unity and cooperation that will ease the friction that would traditionally have developed. There will be awareness and understanding of the reasons for the change and the roles they have to take in creating a sustainable global community.

Other inhabitants following the Path of Darkness will not continue with the transformation. There are various reasons why they will not. You have heard many of these decisions explained and have already a sense of why they are leaving and where they will go to continue their path. Their decisions will no longer involve the Earth. They will no longer control the economic and financial straight jacket they have brought to the majority of Earth's inhabitants. Their personal wishes will no longer be the determinant in cultural issues or matters of personal growth. Man will be able to choose the best path he can take.

Esu [Jesus Christ/Sananda]

21 June 2009: Esu - Update on Earth's Progress - Jess Anthony

I give you a brief update about the Earth's situation. We are stabilising the shift in magnetic polarity so that it doesn't fall apart prematurely. We have a timetable we are working with, but the variables are such that we are weighing in the collapse of the Banking System, the rate of Ascension in the Solar System, the level of individual awareness and realisation that the visible chaos is separate from them as Eternal Spirits, the physical stress that Earth is experiencing, the level of empowerment Man is able to achieve in fighting against the familiar expectations of his past conditioning, and the recognition of Man's connection to Christ Michael and each other.

I will leave you with this "prediction," to use that word. Summer will not be over before there will be a political and financial upheaval that forces the globe's inhabitants into two camps of objective and subjective reactions. We see this playing out now, unless Mother Earth can't hold out even with the assistance we are providing. This is still a matter of choice, and the support system is told not to make the decision for Earth. Either catastrophe could happen at any time, to be truthful about the situation, but both seem to be cushioned a bit to allow the appearance of incremental steps to a resolution. This scenario is not being "controlled" by the Galactic Forces. It is watched carefully, but it is not determined by them.

Esu [Jesus Christ/ Sananda]

26 July 2009: Showdown Time - Esu & Christ Michael Candace

  Esu: Now, you all have probably heard of strange things going in the Solar System, a large "impact" red spot on Jupiter, a white spot on Venus, and other possibilities. This has seen by you on our holograms placed in front of the Planets, but is nothing you should be directly concerned about, but it has its own purposes.  We are preparing all of you for the possible showing of the real Jupiter, and the populace will be most confused with the stories that may be presented via the Media.  

Jupiter has been seen peaking out in the edge of the Sun's Corona here and there all Summer and you have a rash of photos on the Internet with some thinking it is that mysterious Planet X/Nibiru finally showing up. It is not. We have been preparing Earth for Jupiter's Coming-out party with the CME's [Coronal Mass Ejections or Solar Flare/Sunspots].  Plus we are also conditioning change in Earth's Tectonic Plates, as we have stated, to reduce the stresses.

  Jupiter is now carefully out in the Sun's Corona all of the time and we will still tug and play a bit and watch the results, so I can't give you a final date of the "unveiling" yet.  But to the Ones of the Dark Cabal, we suggest you be getting yourselves together ready for this.

This will cause some religious upheaval, political upheaval, and upheaval of the Planet herself. It will provide a reasonable measure of  "let it rip." We have in part been waiting for the timing also to be when Jupiter is visible at bedtime, and it is now rising generally, for many, a little before 10pm. It would be thus good to have it coming up at around 9:30 so that it is seen by 10pm more easily.

There exists in most religions the idea of a "Bright Light" coming in the East, and this would have been from various causes. In the current scenario, it will be Jupiter. A comment: this is an "Ascended" Sun of sorts and is brilliantly white, being helium dominated like your Main Sun is now. We do expect that the "unveiling" will bring about Earth tilt and rotation issues that will become much more noticeable than it was in late February and March. Calmness needed will be the rule, Beloveds, with those around you. Now the other reason there would have been a need in the past for the appearance of a Great White Light in the East was to signal a Mass Evacuation of Earth - and of course that is not now the Game Plan.

The bringing out of Jupiter will be most uncomfortable for you on your Planet, and will very much increase issues to do with the Magnetosphere. There will continue to be CME's, as this is the only way to get your Scientists' attention.  They do not understand the cause of these since the Sun is still so inactive.  You have now, the same Sunspot, No.1024, that was last viewable about a month ago, and we have kept it active for viewing again to fulfil the "Prophesy" in the Crop Circles that some saw in them. We haven't decided whether to enhance it further or not at this point.  It's on a day-to-day decision basis.

There is another CME that has been formed, and we await its arrival on your shores. These can't be totally predicted to you on their arrival date, because space conditions vary constantly. We have been waiting in our planning because of the current Coronal Hole/Small Ejection scenario that is now ending. This has seemed longer than the normal Coronal Hole resolution, and so it has been, and there were little sputterings that also arrived in the same time frame. We initiated a small CME that more or less sputtered out as it arrived.  This next one will be more obvious. Space conditions are now better.

Now I expect of all of you, once that Jupiter is brought out from behind the Sun's Corona for a "Show and Tell", that you of course explain to others what has been going on, but please NOT before. How and when it shows depends on everything that it depends on - multiple variables as always. We will tow it further out of the Sun's Corona to test the results, and some of you are going to see hints on your cameras in a few days or so, and you might have fun looking for a small bulge that can come and go.  Once we are ready, and we will NOT give notice, it will be towed out rapidly and seem suddenly there.  And "Starship Jupiter", covering for the real Planet, will be "laid to rest" from its duties.

We will not give the purpose just yet of that strange white spot on "Star Ship" Venus. But there is a reason.

Now, some of your Scientists are a bit worried about other things that are being sensed and actually looked at. There is what they call a "Brown Dwarf". It orbits your Sun in a large oval, not a circular orbit. It balances the energies of this Solar System. It's not really a "Brown Dwarf", but that is what your Scientists call it. It is NOT Planet X (Nibiru) either. But currently at this time, it is closer in its orbit to the Sun and is about to max out on that closeness.  It does exert minor forces, but nothing of major consequence will happen, so put aside any and all stories your Dark Elite put out on the thing.  It does not have a tail that will affect your Planet. But you may relax, as this "Brown Dwarf" that counterbalances your Solar System is no big deal to you personally at this time.

All right, I pass the torch on to Christ Michael. Namaste, Esu [Christ Jesus Sananda].

Christ Michael: Yes, indeed Dear Readers, we have been most busy. We continue to interfere in the "Money Games", the "Swine Flu Games", and the rest of it. We continue to prevent a full scale attack on Iran and we continue not to allow the release of the stolen [Nesara] funds. They can't be released! They are effectively gone as we have mentioned before, and the special precious metals that will back the new system are kept safely guarded.

It continues to be that when Earth's Magnetic Field collapses we shall go into "Stasis". The Magnetic Field continues to go down when it must. At present it continues to weaken, and so we continue to stabilise it as needed, for the time being, as the Plans carry forward in their final development.  As we have reported, those planning to "Ascend" are more than we expected, but not as numerous as we had originally hoped for. But so it goes, and there are many of the Dark that will face the consequences of final obliteration of their Being by those in charge of the Seventh SuperUniverse, who form the ultimate determining Courts within this type of action. These Dark Ones will not be allowed to further infest the whole of our Creation.

Now a message directed to the "Dark Ones":  It is time to vacate, Dark Brothers. It is also time to begin telling the truth. We shall see how you Ones play with this Jupiter Story we are making known. We have our plans made and some of you suspect what they are in fact within this final showdown before Stasis begins. We wish you to vacate your positions. We have some "Stand-ins" waiting to begin the spilling of the truth of your misdeeds.  You can now leave. We will let you leave, in fact. You can go to some of your "hidey-holes" you have made, freely and easily. You have nevertheless sealed your fate. Some have become quite nervous, like the resigning Sarah Palin. This is not a Lighted Soul and she is "freaked out". Time for the rest of you to exit graciously in the same manner.

Now, when we are in "Stasis", as we have suggested before, every living thing on the Planet goes into the pausing of energies [suspended animation]. This protects them from the incoming radiation. The whole of the Pole Reversal will take a few weeks, on our time frame, and of course, no one in Stasis will be awake to that. The Planet is going to be rotated very slowly in the opposite direction. Even the slow-down is going to be further slowed down to decrease the possible destruction and there will be more and more anomalies of all sorts from this, primarily seen in the movement of the Sun through the sky, and also in many storms of strange nature and the like.

In the meantime, the weather and earthquakes will continue to increase and this will be noticed by all, as the weather cannot be hidden from people.  You will be forced to notice, Dear Ones, and this is how it will be done. The coming "Earth Changes" will start when the Sun begins to rise or set a half hour off or more, and this will be noticed by many and the word will quickly spread.  There will be many sudden and severe storms. Candace's area recently received one of these, on the 21st of July, and it was partly because of the CME/Solar Flare that made it so very strong. And this one was minor compared to what will happen.

Now time-wise, it depends. We want the Fall crops to mature, so they can be harvested. But this is not a priority. It goes as it goes. You can expect that red hole on the surface of Jupiter to enlarge. The Media is covering it. There will be other strange wonders in the Heavens, like auroras further South which have been occurring, but they may be seen all the way to the Equator and you folks in the Southern portions may see some emanating also from the Southern Pole. There will be more and more showings of our Spacecraft, but many will not realise they are in fact Spacecraft. If you are around anybody noticing, make sure to let them know that these are Spacecraft. Go out and familiarise yourself with your current night sky, so you yourself know which Stars belong there or not. Venus will also be behaving strangely in the mornings, which will only get noticed by Early-birds at this point.

You might wish to pay some attention to the Big Dipper, because we are considering some changes in it too. We may turn the lights off and on, that is, on our Spaceships which are currently forming it. No stars in the sky should not get the attention of some! Most of the Stars are in fact our Spaceships covering the real arrangement of the Stars, Dear Ones. We have considered turning them off for a couple days at a time, and turning them back on again. Hopefully your News Channels will have very busy incoming lines. We have some other games to play too, but I will refrain from describing them, but some of you should begin to notice. This concludes my portion and so Be in Peace, and enjoy the upcoming "Shows".

I AM THAT I AM, the Sovereign of your Local Universe of Nebadon, Christ MICHAEL.

7 August 2009: Esu/Jesus speaks further on the upcoming Stasis Period - Jess Anthony

It is time to speak of your concerns on the coming "Stasis Period" and to explain the current thinking regarding its use and imposition. "Stasis" is a device that occurs whenever a Planet that is inhabited must undergo some sort of upheaval - be it galactic or geophysical. This allows the Planet's Systems and its peoples to stop and reorganise themselves to adapt to the next level of vibrational intensity its surroundings demand. This presumes the evolution of its surroundings are linked to the evolutionary process the Body of the Planet itself is undergoing. The Planet's evolution does or does not only take its Ecosystem into account. If it is beyond any sort of salvaging, then its environment and life-forms are removed and the system is begun again at a new level of Universal interaction. The problems and imbalances are not continued, even in an adapted form.

The system with Earth is unique. Christ Michael wishes to maintain the remnants of the existence that has become established in accordance with his own vision, in order for it to evolve into the higher frequency [Fourth and subsequent Fifth Dimension] that the Planet itself is moving into. In order for this to take place, the Planet has to be adapted to suit the evolvement of the inhabitants that are staying, and vice-versa. This involves changing the inhabitants and the existing ecosystem to accommodate the new frequencies. This change is most easily accomplished by a period of "Stasis" on the Planet. Existence as it is presently will be paused and be re-acclimatised to a new vibration in a higher dimensional status.  Man is nothing but a series of vibrational interactions that appear to be chemical in nature. Change his vibrational pattern and he will morph into a new vibrational sequence. This is the same process as entraining two frequencies vibrating at different speeds. The higher and faster one prevails and the two merge into one frequency, becoming two strings of the one.

Man's vibrational pattern will change and adapt to the new 4D frequency for Earth. This requires a strong and resilient physical body and a mental awareness that doesn't challenge spiritual perception or experiential discoveries. Only a percentage of the Earth's current population will be able to adapt. This requires a physical body that is connected to "Spiritual Awareness". Spiritual insight automatically shapes the Physical and Mental bodies that function on this Earthly Plane. Only lately has Man's understanding of this relationship been nourished enough to allow comprehension. Now is the time for Man to move ahead into his next evolutionary phase. This evolutionary status will involve a symbiosis with the evolution of the Earth. Man will interact with his environment on a much more "Conscious" level and will realise the importance of spiritual dialogue with his surroundings.

I will speak of the timeline as it is proposed at present. We are looking to the appearance of Jupiter as a new Second Sun to provide sufficient shock and disruption to established scientific and religious belief systems to enable enough awareness of a difference to trigger a conscious desire for action. We don't expect much will happen as a result of any normal Earthly action or crisis. People are too passive and ineffectual to galvanise much rethinking because of just another political or environmental crisis.

We expect to move into "Stasis" mode very soon after Jupiter finally is allowed to reveal itself. The process of starting this mode has been tremendously streamlined since the earlier descriptions that have come through. The length of time it will take should be two hours or less, still moving around the global time zones as described previously. Enough Spaceships are available to beam working energy to Earth to interact with existing vibrational motion and cause it to "pause". This is not a process of going to sleep - this is putting existence totally on hold. Nothing is planned to age, because time will seem to stop. Linear Time, you realise, is only created on Earth as a perception to systematise the relationship between two people or two sequential incidents.

The Plan of the "Stasis Process" involves sending a beam of energy to Earth that is of such a frequency that it causes the basic speed of energy transfer to pause in its movement. When energy is not moving there is no sequence of interactions that characterise life on your Planet. This is different from what you regard as Death. That involves the Spirit leaving the physical shell and reuniting with its Family Soul assemblage. The physical shell continues to interact with its environment and energy exchange is still going on. Stasis stops this energy movement for a period of time. There is no ageing as a result, and time seems to be halted in your perception. With time stopped, there is no perception by you, in fact, because observations or evaluations are based on your measurements of your physical context.

Our perception of time is different and our physical embodiment is not dependent on the attributes you require. We are able to interact with your Energy Grid work on many levels of complexity and redirect those pathways that are out of balance with a higher frequency of energy movement unaffected by your perceptions. We are able to retool your design, as it were, and produce a more efficient structure that is more integrated with the Ascending Universal Manifestation.

Those of you who intend to stay and work after the "Stasis Period" will be uplifted in vibration level and thereby redesigned and refashioned to accommodate the changes that the New 4D Earth will be going through. The symbiosis with your environment will need to be much more exact. It will require a more intuitive understanding of "Community Needs" and an accepted awareness of the necessity of considering your fellow inhabitants in the context of your Community.

Many will choose not to stay to work with Earth's Ascension. Cleaning your environment involves supporting a correct size of population that is suited to the available resources necessary for balance and harmony. A maximum number of about a tenth of your current population is appropriate for the landmass that will be most beneficial for the Planet's 4D Ascension. Parts of the current geography will be removed and new land will emerge from the existing oceans. This was part of the surface that was flooded when Lemuria and Atlantis submerged. This will happen when the Earth shifts its axis tilt. The water will cover different portions of the existing landmass. There will also be earthquakes to remove built up tectonic stress, and these too will change the shape of the current landforms.

These events will occur during the "Stasis Period" because they are connected with a larger system of energy exchange that does not depend on interaction with the ecosystem developed around Earth's inhabitants. The inhabitants are an extension of their surroundings, but they do not themselves cause the surroundings to change to the extent that will be necessary to cleanse and refashion Earth. The Earth changes are linked to geophysical shifts and redirected energy from the Sun and Solar System. The Energy Changes coming to Earth will affect the Magnetosphere's operation and alter the system of Planetary rotation. These changes are necessary to re-circuit the grid pattern the Earth is operating in. This restructuring will provide the new environment for Earth's inhabitants.

I cannot say at this point how long this will take. Your measurement of the length of time will occur after you emerge from the Stasis Period. I suspect your perception of the length of time it takes will be different from what you presume now. You will not see it as it occurs and you will be surprised when you awake from it.

The plan is not to physically remove all of Earth's inhabitants and take you to Motherships or the Inner Earth cities. Most of those staying will remain here and be transformed along with the Earth. Many others will choose to leave or will not be spiritually able to adapt to the higher dimensional frequency that will be necessary for Earth's evolution. This change must be viewed as a necessary step in the Ascension. No Soul is destroyed unless he or she chooses that option; when someone ends existence on Earth, that Soul moves into another form in its progression. The inevitable grief you will experience here must be tempered by awareness and a realisation of the larger picture of a Soul's evolution.

There will be a large group of inhabitants that will be assembled in "Retreat Centres" to continue their education. These are Members of the group that have been called "Lightworkers", meaning those who have had awareness of the true nature of what is happening on Earth and have held out some form of insight to others. This group of Teachers and Workers will make up the large body of Facilitators who have chosen to help others accommodate their new forms to the new environment. These will be Leaders, Artists, Educators, Healers, and Workers who have committed themselves to building a sustainable society. They have special talents suited to the tasks that lie ahead and have incarnated at this time to take on those roles. They will be brought out of "Stasis" at the time that is necessary for their training to begin.

I think this is sufficient to say at this time. Look for the "signs" that will be appearing in the skies. This will be happening in sequence from now on. Much of the harvest is being stored, and events will happen when you least expect them. The Sun will move and Jupiter will appear as it actually is. Then you will know that "Stasis" is ready to begin.

Esu, Earth's designated "Planetary Prince" in Physical form.

13 September 2009: Esu/Jesus Comments on the "Conclave" on the Pleiadian Phoenix Mothership - Jess Anthony

Pre-note from Candace – 10 September 2009: There has been a "Conclave" going on aboard the Phoenix Mothership for several days. Really "Big Wigs" were in personal attendance from our SuperUniverse of Orvonton.  I was asked to attend part of it 3 nights ago.  The purpose of my attendance was much to do with interviewing me and also asking questions around my AbundantHope Website and my postings on my work. There was lots of chatting. This was an honour. I was aboard for 5 hours. Esu came around the next morning full of hugs for me, and thought I had done well on such short notice. There seemed to be about 30 folks there. I didn't count them, I was in quite a state of surprise much of the time. I had no idea that I was to be going, except Christ Michael contacted me about 2 hours before and said to "prepare", so I did, meaning taking a shower, and going to bed to prepare for the "Beam-Me-Up Scotty" process. All I knew before I went is I would be gone longer than previous times and I was not to set the alarm to get up the next morning, because I was going to be exhausted.

Esu/Jesus: Much is happening and has been decided and determined. The "Conclave" on the Phoenix Mothership was a discussion of where things are in terms of where our Local Universe of Nebadon stands in relation to the ruling Seventh SuperUniverse, Orvonton. The "Concept" that Christ Michael is exploring is unique, and the Hierarchy of the larger Galactic groups and Orders is carefully observing the outcome of this "Experiment" made through him on behalf of the Creator of this whole Grand Universe. It is working surprising well in their estimation. They were cognizant of the potential of the idea, but they are fascinated to see it working itself out in terms of physicality and Ascending evolution. The notion of "Duality" and antagonism becoming balanced and unified is new and exciting to see.

This has happened because the Spirit-Souls that have incarnated on Earth over the centuries have played a collaborative role in shaping this transformation. It is still not completed, but the shift towards greater "Light and Unity" has begun in the lives of those that will continue to complete this transformation.

Others of a Dark nature will be leaving this Planetary scenario, their roles completed here. They served as obstacles and problems to be overcome. Their pathway called for that role and they provided that force of resistance that others needed to overcome in their pathways.

Earth is a living progression, just as each of you are working out your own pathway for personal growth. The changes that must come are outcomes of the choices Earth has made previously to allow her inhabitants to explore their systems of interaction. Their choices involved her physical nature, and Mother Earth has allowed herself to be damaged for an object lesson to others. It is now time for Planet Earth to begin to heal. The lessons learned through damage and destruction by manmade forces are at an end. The slate is about to be wiped clean, as it were.

I can speak more about the "Conclave". The participants, as Candace indicated, were "Bigwigs" from our ruling SuperUniverse of Orvonton and also the other 7 surrounding Major Universe Systems that interact with the direction Earth and its Solar System is pursuing. The great Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton in which the Local Universe of Nebadon resides is interrelated in all its vast components, and all must be considered whenever a major shift or change is initiated. This involves Consultants and Coordinators who speak on the potential for growth and interaction the changes suggest.

Many Representatives from the Governing Council of Orvonton were there, including its Leader, Lord Siraya [who is also "Spokesperson" for the Trinity Father of the Paradise Isle], who has spoken to you on several occasions. His input was in terms of rethinking that which will occur as a result of the shift in feelings and sensations that will come with a raised frequency of energy activation. Man's perceptions and awareness will be reoriented, and this will affect the way he interacts with each other and with his plane of existence on Earth. This "Energy Shift" will have an impact much beyond the perimeters of your limited Solar System. Universes within Universes will readjust and even the 7th SuperUniverse of Orvonton itself will change over the course of time, as you consider it. Evolution is continual and Ascension is a part of it.

I will speak briefly about the activation of the "embedded" Crystals within Earth. There is not such a formal programme being made at this time as has been envisioned by some Messengers and Lightworkers. The concept is good and useful in terms of energy activation through the Crystal deposits that are strewn throughout Earth, but the time frame involved with the collapse of the Magnetosphere and the upcoming Stasis Period precludes any projected schedule of future Crystal activations. The sequence is perfectly workable if the time is available to carry it out, but I fear it will not be followed through as anticipated. This is not to say that the Crystal deposits won't be activated in the Stasis Period. They are prime agents for the energy vortexes that are necessary to enliven the Earth's energy circuits.

The 9-9-9 ceremonies were good as a focus of spiritual attention and additional awareness of the need to connect with Earth's resources in a symbiotic way. Man's attention was drawn to this interconnection through such festivals. This is good.

The Conclave did decide to let the Earth's Magnetosphere follow its own process of collapse without much artificial propping up. It seems time now for this to happen. Time-wise, this is still geared to the seasonal cycle of the US. This is not to slight the other parts of the globe, but to provide the most workable cushion for the Lightworkers to fall back when the country's governmental and financial structures fall apart. And they will. This seems almost on the verge of happening. This again is an example of a projected potential, rather than an actual prediction. No one can say what events will transpire in trying to reach a closure of the events put in motion earlier. Signs seem full of potential, however.

My suggestion to you is to continue with what you are doing in your work and in your preparation. I don't see the need for any more immediate messages to be transcribed. We will give a specific update through Candace when there is the need for one, in terms of general awareness of what is to occur. You should remain balanced and aware of changes occurring. Try to be non-judgmental; only observe what is presented and release any anger or fear that the observation may occasion in your thinking.

Esu [Jesus-Sananda].

13 September 2009 - Christ Michael & Monjoronson – "Correcting Time" - Stage 2Given to the Northern Colorado Students Team, #110, Loveland, Colorado.

CHRIST MICHAEL: This is an auspicious occasion, one that we have been preparing for, for a good deal of time. The space, or interim, or hiatus of energy and activity that you have felt in the last number of months is now at a close. All the preparations have been made and the plans and orders have been executed, now for them to become fulfilled.

This time, now, ends the first phase of the "Correcting Time" Program. This phase had to do with developing awareness, educational programs, and raising the consciousness of spirit-filled individuals, to develop a following, a cadre of heart-felt, minded individuals, who are committed to the "Correcting Time" Plan and the co-creative healing of this Planet. These Plans have been under my direct supervision and management, with Machiventa Melchizedek [as provisional Planetary Prince], and recently with the addition of Monjoronson [an Avonal Paradise Son*].  

During this interim time where you felt little activity, we were concluding the plans for the following segment of the "Correcting Time" program. The variables on your Planet, an "Experimental" and experiential Planet — as are the other ones that were in "Quarantine" — offers tremendous variability for the future. The almost sure predictability of what will happen on a Planet that has not been in "Quarantine" [since the "Lucifer Rebellion"] is far more assured than what has been with these Planets, and Urantia/Earth has been particularly difficult to predict, as there are so many strong personalities, political interests and war-like mentalities that are involved in the development of local events on this Planet.

Although I am Sovereign of Nebadon, the future on Planets such as this one, is known far, far in advance, but the process, the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year process of achieving that is a piece of art — it is artful management, artful execution of Divine and Sacred Plans, so that your Celestial Teachers can bring you along with us, to contribute to the Healing of your Planet. I have signed the Executive Orders for the completion of this phase. This also declares that I would not be the exacting Executive, moment-by-moment, but have given way, on a temporary basis, for the more direct influence and management and execution of these plans by Machiventa and Monjoronson. Do not interpret this as a withdrawal on my part; it is simply Managerial; it is simply Executive in function to have these two individuals begin the process of more direct participation in the events of your world, as they unfold during this iterim period.

I am here, available for you, as always. I now can devote more time to the other group of Planets [also involved in the "Lucifer Rebellion"] that have been in "Quarantine". I can devote more time with you, individually. Call upon me! You will find me there with you, beside you. I am available as your Counsellor, as your Teacher, as your Way-shower, just as I have always been. This development is, and has been, a known factor and a part of the plans for healing this Planet and the other "Quarantine Planets". It was known long ago that there would in some time, in some way, be an Avonal Son*, who would come to this world and to the other Quarantined Worlds. The "when" of that was not clearly known, but the Divine developments from the Paradise Isle brought Monjoronson here [in the 1100s AD] in a timely manner. Now he and Machiventa Melchizedek, as they have been functioning since Monjoronson's arrival, will continue to directly participate and manage on a provisional basis the execution of the "Correcting Time" plans.

*[Avonal Son: An Avonal Son, also known as a Magisterial Son, is a "Paradise Son" derived from the Trinity Eternal Father & Son of the central Paradise Isle. This second Order of Paradise Sons are often assigned upgrading missions on any Planet that may benefit from their undertaking as a "Bestowal" incarnation. Planet Earth awaits the impending appointment of Esu/Jesus Sananda as Planetary Prince before his "Second Coming" down on Planet Earth. There will also be a partnership with the Paradise Avonal Son Monjoronson, who will be involved with Spiritual Teaching on Earth.]

Candace: There are some problems in particular with one of the other "Quarantine Planets" that were part of the Lucifer Rebellion, and Christ Michael feels some personal attention is necessary to be given to them also for a time. He will come and go between them all as needed, and I have had several discussions with him on this. He wishes to have an even more personal involvement with those others also. But he will always be only an "earshot" away.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson. For us, this change of Executive Management has come swiftly in relative terms of the last 2,000 years from Christ Michael's "Bestowal Incarnation" on your Planet. My arrival several years ago [having already once incarnated on Earth over 900 years ago] was also seen as coming here rapidly.  These events have all been orchestrated from Uversa [Capital and Headquarters of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton], with the support and agreement from Havona [The Major Central Universe surrounding the Isle of Paradise]. There is not a withdrawal of Executive talent by the change of roles of Christ Michael, for he is the Sovereign of Nebadon; he is here, a permanent, dynamic ingredient to this wonderful Local Universe [Our "Milky Way" Galaxy].

You will see a change in the development of events of this phase of the "Correcting Time Plan". Already, we have begun the increase of spiritual pressure on your Planet that some of you felt in June, July and in August, and this will continue each month into the future. This is - for you and for your world - a "sweet and sour" situation, for spiritual pressure beckons, engenders individuals to aspire to a higher level of consciousness, and to engage the Divine at the level to which they are capable. People who had not thought about God, now are yearning to know God; they go to church to say affirmations, say prayers, ask for forgiveness and so on. This is all evidence of increased Spirit pressure on your world.

Many are now coming to appreciate the charismatic side of their religions, to understand and feel the presence of God, and to know God personally, intimately. This, as you were told some years ago and repeatedly, is causing a separation between those who believe, and those who do not; those who are great in Heart-energy, and those who are solely of the Mind Energy, those who aspire to the material gratifications of material existence. You will continue to see this separating, this shredding between individuals, families, cultures, communities and nations. This is part of the increase of Spirit pressure.

This comes at a time in the history and the future of this Planet, as it undergoes tremendous change — through physical change, social change — and social change of all stripes and degrees, with its political, economic and commerce, or whether it is in family dynamics, or community enterprises. This social fabric of your world, will increase, improve, develop and mature. It is undergoing an evolution that you contribute to with your consciousness. We — meaning "us," meaning "you" — together have brought your World almost to the position that we call the "Quorum of Consciousness", where there is a Quorum of Strength, of Energy, of Consciousness sufficient to then sway the whole Planet forward and upward.

The second part of what I have to say today is that you will see a "quickening" in the development of events around you. Historically, since the Teaching Mission began, you have seen a slow rise and fall of events that have progressed through time. A large number of people have come in, and a large number have left. Always has there been a sifting. This sifting has been of great assistance to us. We knew that this would occur, for the sifting has given us those individuals who now can be entrusted with greater responsibilities for the conduct — the mortal co-creative conduct — of our joint programs and efforts. Social change will continue at the same pace and increase, but the pace at which the spiritual developments occur around you, those programs in which you can participate, will also develop very rapidly.

Lastly, my relationship with Machiventa is as it has been since I arrived. We have up to now been, so-to-speak, two parts of a Tripartite Leadership, Management, and Executive function of Urantia/Earth. Christ Michael is one-third, I am one-third, Machiventa is one-third, and with Christ Michael delegating his executive powers to myself and to Machiventa, we become the balanced and empowered partnership of the future. Always we check with Christ Michael, and with the Edentia [Constellation] Leaders, and Uversa [Orvonton SuperUniverse] Leaders for direction and guidance in what we are doing. We want to move forward; this is our desire, and this is the time to do so. These are auspicious and incredibly instrumental and pivotal times and events that are occurring during this year and next year. They will be instrumental and influential to set the course and the effectiveness of our actions, well into the future. That is why this action by Christ Michael has been taken now.

Machiventa Melchizedek has up to now , as an interim measure, been the acting Planetary Managing Prince, and Executive of this Planet. He has been responsible for its care-taking, or its stewardship, for its management and its development. I am here to manage and execute decisions and actions and energies for the, generally speaking, the "Spiritual" development of your world. This is the Head and Heart, the Heart-mind of the Planet, between myself and Machiventa. We have worked closely together and our decisions were inseparable. We have taken a course of action, a play of action that has been published within the Local Universe of Nebadon, particularly in this region of the Planets that were in "Quarantine". All have been in support of this and we are further moving forward. You can anticipate very rapid events coming into the forefront of the future, very soon.

Paradise Avonal Son MONJORONSON.

3 October 2009: ESU/Jesus SANANDA update on Stasis and the Evacuation procedure from danger areas - Candace

ESU: By now most of you are aware of the increasing earthquakes in the South East Asia regions. This is a direct response to the constant flipping back and forth of Gaia/Earth. She is soon to find the balance point and move into the Pole Reversal process. There is going to be more of this and California is also "ripe" for Earth Changes at this time.

Now we have taken a new course of action. The Planet Earth is really in a difficult physical struggle and we must carefully control the "change-over" rate of the Pole Reversal, as mentioned in past messages. The Dark Cabal has increasing plans for discord and wishes to solve it's financial issues by, of course, still attacking several cities in the US and again provoking more agitating in Iran and Afghanistan. This itself could cause the Pole Reversal and then some, and Mother Earth/Gaia cannot handle this. To address your dark plans, Dark Ones, we will simply, if necessary, be forced to proceed directly into "Stasis". Our Spaceships have long be placed in readiness to control everything and you will be left to "dissolve" and no longer be. This will be your Final End during the Stasis Period. I advise you think twice about your "Dark Games", because in pulling off such a game you will have signed your own Death Certificate. And that is a permanent, eternal Death Certificate.

Now, for you Readers, if an evacuation option becomes necessary, many of you living in areas of danger will be promptly evacuated. Some of you can be directly "beamed up", but others must board our Scoutships by the overhead "Levitation Beam". The Scoutcraft will come down low overhead and you must then step into the beam area outlined on the ground. Most of these Scoutcraft will be circular in shape. Usually they will be showing green and red lights, but there is also assistance being given by others to the Ashtar Command, so the lights may vary. Step into the "Beam", one at a time, and it simply carries you safely up and it will feel a bit like riding an elevator.

If you find yourselves confronted by a beam presenting itself, PLEASE, Dear Ones, step into it. You will have no time to dither. Do not worry, just do it. If it is to be at night, you will be awakened and taken outside to board. All Scoutcraft are staffed by Galactic Federation folks and they will have the Trilateral Insignia* of some sort on their uniforms, although it varies a little in type. A Staff person will come down the "Beam" and give instructions. They have a list and will ask names if necessary, because you will have a built-in invisible priority "Boarding Pass". Others will be taken depending on timing. There are some situations where there is a set period of time to pick up folks, but in others, such as where the ocean waves are already coming in and affecting coastal areas, just get on that craft. Extremely high gale winds would be another reason for evacuation. The "Stasis Process" does take a couple of hours to complete and we do have many craft ready for this purpose.

The need for this would arise if Mother Earth suddenly begins the Pole Reversal process, which could be "jerky" in effect so to speak. Also during your present waiting period of going into "Stasis", those of you who already have an invisible "Boarding Pass" and happen to be in harms-way of a quake, volcanic eruption, or any other dire situation, you will be immediately lifted. We recently lifted a number of you in South East Asia and we will be lifting you if you live in California or any other dangerous area. All those of you who are either staying with Earth or are going to the alternative new Planet being prepared for you, or for that matter anywhere else through remaining in your Physical Body, will be lifted as needed when an emergency occurs.

If your spiritual Soul-Self, as opposed to your physical body, is destined to be leaving Earth for elsewhere, there is less need for a physical evacuation, and we will not endanger our evacuation process in attempting to come into situations where it is either physically too late, or we must get our craft out quickly.  Some of you have relatives nearby who do not necessarily need to go in their physical body, but we will lift these ones anyway to reduce the stress on you or them, but only if we are able to do so.  Some areas will face more evacuation requirements than others. We normally will take pets, except in rapidly deteriorating situations. The person assisting from the Scoutcraft will advise you.  

If you are told to board NOW, board now, and do not look back. Your beloved animals will always have a chance to reincarnate, and animals are much more tolerant of this change process than the rest of you. Also animals dematerialise much more easily through not entertaining mental thoughts of doubt as to its possibility. If they are to be rescued, they will be brought up by the "Beam-Me-Up-Scotty" teleporting method.

Some evacuations will be very specific as to who goes and who does not, and you must accept this. There are some destined to not continue with Earth and while it might be painful to watch, they simply will not be returning. Your "Passport" is your special chip that was Etherically implanted at birth and you are in the computer on the Ashtar Command Mothership, the "New Jerusalem", and it locates you constantly, and the Scout spacecraft covering the area where you live have that information. If you have family with you, they will go. But others may not be boarding. So just prepare yourself for the fact that some in the neighbourhood may not be removed. There are areas where there are huge populations and many will be offered to go and if we do pick up unworthy people, these will be sorted out and dispatched elsewhere later.

Now after pickup obviously you will be going up to the Motherships, and the onboard Staff are well experienced in this process. You will be asked to calm yourself, and if can't you will be put into a "sleep state". Do not worry about your children if they are not with you. We will get everybody sorted and children are usually put into a "sleep state", unless they are obviously fine with the situation and wish to help. Many Starseed children will immediately realise what is going on and pitch in. You also will no doubt be pitching in where and when asked.

  All the folks picking you up will be fully "Human" in appearance. We don't use other Races during evacuation that are unknown to the Races on the Planet. Now those of you during the massive emergency pick-ups who were originally intending to sleep on Earth during the Stasis Period, may find yourself in Stasis for a short time aboard the Mothership. When some of the major Earth Changes have passed over, you may be returned to safe havens in the Inner Earth, or within the outer surface crust, all of which have been built to accommodate the various national cultures. There you will awaken gradually and to then begin living and socialising within those environments. You will enjoy this when it happens during the cleansing and alteration work being carried out on Earth's surface. The others remaining on Earth during the Stasis period in safe areas will just sleep on unaffected by the Earth cleansing and changes going on around them.

It may be at any time that we initiate the "Stasis" process so that we can have full control over the "Pole Reversal" process. It is possible that Planet Jupiter will not be allowed to emerge completely from behind the Sun for a short while yet, since Planet Earth, as you can now see, is already having increased weather and earthquake difficulties. If we can work it out to happen a day or so before the Stasis process commences, Jupiter will be allowed to be directly seen [a large spacecraft "look-alike" is presently covering its position in the Heavens], so that those that believe in the "Great Light in the East" becoming visible can have that belief satisfied. And I, Esu, will of course NOT be coming across the sky riding a White Horse!

At present we are already removing some people here and there before the Stasis Period begins, so there will be some people going through an apparent "Rapture" disappearance, as those in certain Churches believe will happen. However, these Ones will be brought up either by Levitation Beam or Teleporting with whatever they are wearing, or not wearing, and there will no neatly folded clothes left behind. If these events are actually to be seen, you may find that there are then some vivid "Rapture" stories circulating.

  If you are to be brought up from the special danger-areas, your mate and children will come up with you, so no one is to be left behind to be in fear about where the others have gone. For those who know of Christians with a belief in the "Rapture", if word does get around, seek to correct them as you see best at this point.  For instance, if another major quake comes when some may disappear and Scout craft are seen, just suggest that the "Angels of the Lord" are removing people from the harm of natural forces. Or use something else that seems appropriate in your communication. Keep it simple. There are many Beloveds already missing in the recent earthquakes and tsunamis that are not going to be found because they are already with us, so simply expect more of what may make the News, or at least the Internet.

We do not know at this point the exact timing of the "Stasis Event". It all depends on Mother Earth and our observations of her needs within the overall situation. We have considerably less than one month left, so it appears it will come soon. Please keep adequate food and cash around. Stay a little ahead. There is always the possibility of damaged electric cables from storms coming before the Stasis event, or even of your Dark "Controllers" calling a Bank holiday-closing or carrying out something else nasty in the meantime. Have some CASH. And keep your tank full. Automated-teller cash machines will not be able to produce cash for you without electricity. It would be wise to take adequate money out of the Bank for at least a few weeks' spending.

Esu/Jesus SANANDA.

*Trilateral Insignia: Usually a triangle with 3 equal sides, but most exhibiting different colours and schemes. The majority of Space Commands use this type of insignia. Many are going to be glowing, of higher vibration, and this is most useful because they are seen as "Angels" on this world. They will always identify themselves.

Dematerialization: This is the "Beam-me-up-Scotty" teleporting method (as opposed to the Levitation Beam). Your physical make-up of atoms is disassembled and then re-assembled on the Mothership. Candace in her many beamings up to the Mothership has safely been through this many times.

Levitation Beam. This is like the little cartoons you see a lot of nowadays. You stand in the circle of the beam outlined on the ground, and you are then gently elevated up, without any loss of balance, into the craft. Don't freak out, it isn't any harder than riding an elevator. You cannot fall out of the beam. Be brave and show the way for others watching.

1 November 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon Update – Candace

Dearly Beloveds, Christ Michael here to speak a bit after a rather long absence it would seem. First, let's cover just a bit on what I have been doing. I recently posted through Daniel Raphael that I have turned over more day to day management of Earth to Machiventa Melchizedek and Paradise Son Monjoronson. There are some other Planets that are part of the "Lucifer Rebellion" requiring a bit of my personal attention right now, in this body that I am using.

One Planet is particularly having troubles, and this is in Orion. We are currently removing the last of the Reptilian Race also from that place, as we did on your world a couple years ago or so. I am doing much there similarly to here. I am often visiting this other world for a few days at a time, and though it is not quite as troublesome as your world, it is farther away from a state of "Light and Life". It is not in a Solar System yet facing Ascension, but in time, it will also come in the Galactic Ecliptic and experience what your world has been now experiencing for 3 years. It has yet to rotate directly in line. Your world actually entered a little earlier because we are towing you to a new energy stream, meaning your whole Solar System is being towed, not just Planet Earth.

As regards the "towing", Candace collects a lot of silly comment over this, as if we have little tow trucks or something. We have only to tow "Planet X" and the whole Solar System comes with it. Every Solar System has its "Planet X", and it is through these bodies that whole Solar Systems travel around their Central Stars. Your Central Star is Alcyone in the Pleiades. And in time, in your new energy stream, you will be much closer to Alcyone, and thus not in the long dark period [outside of the Photon Belt of Light] you have been in previously, of 11,000 years at a time. You will be "in the Light" all of the time, based on both the energy stream, and the effects of your three Suns, as Saturn will also be ignited in due time.

Regards being in that Milky Way galactic ecliptic, you should be noticing some of the rather rapid effects regarding your Ascension syndromes, and that of your animals. Most of you who are around animals should be noticing they are getting smarter too. The God Particles remodel everything!!!! There will be a great surge in evolution upon your plane.

Now, let's get into the not so nice stuff. Despite the now three years of work with the energy particles coming through to you, your Dark Ones just aren't getting a "hint" yet and it doesn't appear they will at all. We did hope some would awaken a bit, with their Reptilian and Anunnaki Controllers now out of the way, but sadly, the difficulties remain huge.

Out of concern for Earth's peoples in general, we have prevented the Dark from embarking on a large array of 9-11 type attacks. Russia has been most helpful in this endeavor since they have so many Cosmospheres and have come into alignment with the Divine Plan. That allows for easier following of the rules of intervention on a planet. These rules however on this one, MY Planet, are different.

We are going directly into Stasis fairly soon. We do not believe bringing out Jupiter from behind the Sun will be of any help, but nevertheless, we may or may not. It is placed as far out as possible in the Sun's Corona from time to time and even has been exposed for short periods. It continues to upset the balance on Earth more than we would like. We wish to have that very slow Pole Reversal, so going into Stasis first will bring that completely under our control. We have continued to keep the Sun quiet for this reason.

Your scientists think that these few new Sun spots are of the next Cycle, but they do not understand that the Sun is also going to be completely Monopolar and it will not thusly experience cycles. There is to instead be a slow transition into that state for your Sun.

We are placing Spaceships so folks can see them at sunrise and sunset. This is not always very effective either, because so many never even notice sunrise and sunset, which in normal societies are a time of wonderment and prayer each day. You have lost all of any Holy cycles and the knowledge contained therein.

The Magnetosphere is truly ready to flop. Flop it does, the vortexes will collapse on each other. We will be going into Stasis BEFORE this happens, again, so that we can control this, which is probably why we will likely not bring out Jupiter. We will continue with showing ourselves at night, sunrise, and sunset, until Stasis. Your world, as above, is so out of sync and the rumours of what makes up the appearance of God at the time of cleansing, is all over the place, and we are sorry, but Jesus still isn't going to gallop across the sky on a White Horse to gather the Saints, er.... Christians.

There are many at this time leaving for the Mansion Worlds [Training Worlds for the development of Souls for those Ascendant Beings working upwards in evolution towards the Isles of Paradise], and you thus have excess amounts of deaths. There are also, as Esu mentioned in his last piece, the beginning of people becoming ill from the Dark's released customized Virus-Flu illness, and more than the Ukraine are in great fear right now. That news just doesn't reach the United States, and you have in increase in this in the United States and it's being labelled Swine Flu, and it is not. You do have some better health care there, so it's less noticeable.

China faced a severe time during the "Bird Flu" days. This was a direct attack on them, and they did place several areas under extreme quarantine, and even removed several small towns of people entirely from the face of the Earth to stop the spread. We did intervene with some help in that scenario.

As to the Swine Flu vaccine, we have been going into the labs and disabling the virus that is contained therein. This is only to keep what little peace remains on the Planet in it's final days. Many have petitioned to not allow the Planet to go into complete chaos and prayers were answered. But this cannot continue Beloveds, because of the pollution to the Planet. We cleansed as many places as we could, and also we left some of it to remain visible, so that you would all learn, but you did not.

We will be studying for a long time just why the people of this Planet have not learnt their lesson over the aeons. We will also be studying for some time, just why the Starseeds did not awaken in greater numbers. In fact, the Starseeds have been some of the problem. They have become incredibly blind. Their Higher Selves, to use that term, have been unsuccessful in finding an opportunity to download Monads into the bodies being used. This is a perplexing condition.

The "Higher Self" knows, but the lower self personality of the incarnation has been most resistant to hearing "from Above". Yea ones are not fully incarnated into the body, your energies are too high, and the communications that go through the "Silver Cord" [the connecting link from the Physical body to the Spiritual body], so to speak, develop "shorts", and the message is not received. Usually the Ascension process of the DNA makes the communications more accessible, but this has not happened for many.

I am back here to stay until the Planet Earth is in Stasis, whilst the issues with the other planet in Orion and my need to be there are resolved at this time. I needed to personally attend the issues with the Reptilians there. Beloveds, the Reptilian form has not been successful. These ones are still very cold blooded. Those who did develop worthy souls will continue on in other forms but basically the Reptilian form is being gradually removed from existence. They develop on climatically hostile planets, and that hostility seems to be difficult to overcome. Some of you who read here are preparing for various difficult jobs ahead, and thus I am giving this little detail. Such is the nature of overseeing the Creation and all that develops from it.

I will ask many of you to lay back. Do not continue to attempt to educate those around you in these last days. As the energies "churn" more, the Dark are getting very nasty. And the Dark includes family members who are not awakened for some of you. It is not necessary for you all be faced with the increasing intolerance and insults. Just be quiet and look the other way.

It can be deadly to upset some people in these times. Just do the "Yes Sir" or "Ma'am", when faced with ridiculous requests and surround yourselves in your protective Light. Do NOT frequent Bars and the like right now. Those who get drunk are going to act out even more, and as fear spreads from the rumours of illness and the like, people are going to drink more, use drugs more, and become more dangerous. Do not intervene if you see any sort of disagreements in public, and even at home, if there is danger. Walk away. Your lives may be at stake.

Now, I have something to share with you. This has been a very long and very difficult process for myself. My Local Universe became infested with a source of Darkness. Some of this infestation was from other Universes; some of it developed in front of my own eyes. I have mentioned before, we must get a handle on this strange, not-seen-before Darkness that has infested the Lighted Creations. It is very intelligent. Your movie on Artificial Intelligence, touched on this. Some of it is artificial. Some comes from machines learning to think, which have no sense of Right or Wrong, no God-sense and which are not being handled properly by those that control those machines. Certain Races also have stolen DNA and then in the laboratory downgraded it to make slaves, who themselves also have no God sense of Right and Wrong.

Creation is old. These problems however did not exist in the first 6 SuperUniverses. It is in the Seventh SuperUniverse, Orvonton, that they manifested. And this must be solved. I am a very "open" Creator Son to finding ways to deal with this. It was my purpose in fact before I came to create and direct the Local Universe of Nebadon. I have long studied this, and we planned ways actually to attract some of this to Nebadon, and concentrate it here, in order to try and get rid of it. And many of you who read this material are volunteers unto that Service. This darkness must be stopped.

It is not easy for me emotionally, myself. I do not enjoy having to "uncreate" something. All Local Universes do face problems of this nature however, there are some life forms that develop that are not always satisfactory. But what was a most difficult situation, was my own Angels that "went south" to use your Human phraseology. These are my personal creations, and it is not easy to walk from Family. Do not your own selves face difficulties with children who seem to not turn out so well? Thus the story of the Prodigal Son, conveyed by me in my incarnation as Jesus Christ. I have let my Ones to go out and err, in the hope that they would come "Home" with new wisdom, and that has worked fairly well with my Angels and most of Nebadonia's other created Worlds.

Some failed. Lucifer failed, and when welcomed back, that was his failure: he would not undergo any further rehabilitation to relearn and instead chose his "uncreation", and that was heartbreaking. He was not the evil Satanist suggested on your Planet, but awfully misguided, and he did let his ego get the best of him. He did want to be his own God, and you still see remnants of this in the New Age teachings. You have to come into alignment with the whole of Creation, if you wish to climb that big ladder ahead. He made many Management errors. So we let him have Earth, my Seed Planet, for a time, along with the Dark Ones, and he did realise eventually that he had bitten off more than he could chew and that he could no longer attempt to be "God" of his Local Regional System of Satania [of which he was the System Ruler up until the Lucifer Rebellion – Satania being the local "Regional System" within Nebadon and in which Planet Earth is situated] in the manner he had hoped for.

We still have a great deal of work ahead. I have shed many tears myself, yes, the Spirit Form of mine, while it doesn't shed literal tears, nevertheless I have cried. And so has my Partner, Mother Nebadonia. This was not an easy journey. The plan of placing the Dark Ones together to sort things out between themselves was not altogether successful. These warring groups just don't seem to get the message, and they have been repeatedly "welcomed home" or rather the offer made, and it doesn't take. This is my "Local Universe" [Galaxy], and I am going to have to do some more un-creating. We are all learning from this, and I know we will in future be "nipping the problems in the bud" much sooner.

We so have to develop ways yet, to foresee these sooner. We have to not allow quite so much "freedom-of-will" in developing young Worlds. Often these Worlds have been given, as yours was recently, technology they are not ready for by outsiders, so tough new guidelines are going up regarding the evolutionary and lower "Heaven" Worlds.

The Higher Councils of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton have also "Seen the Light", so to speak, and know that in future there must be some greater toughness, otherwise, much could be swallowed up into the Black Holes. Black Holes are not understood by your Scientists. They are the "garbage dumps" of the Universes. There are too many. There is an enigma here too, as what does happen to them in time is they transmute back into becoming Suns once again, since the compressed material matter gets very hot, and thus explodes. Nothing is ever lost, but we sometimes also get Suns where we do not want them yet!

This is because the Black Holes are the densest form that Matter can become, and they aren't "movable." No "tug boats" have yet been designed that can work on this. We sometimes have to remove some formations totally out of the way instead. When these explode, huge amounts of material matter are released for re-use. They do not "suck" in additional Matter as some of your Scientists suggest. But they are imploded Matter where a Creation went wrong, and the "like-attracts-like" rule functions.

In summary, we are going into Stasis only at my command. I have been back and forth dealing with that other planetary issue in Orion previously mentioned, but I must also be here personally for the initiation of Stasis on Earth. "We have thrown in the rag". The Earth is crying some more and the pollution continues to worsen, and we have to take into consideration the lives of other classes of Beings on this world as this is a Seed Planet, and it is going to be taken back to it's original purpose. The DNA forms that are not in alignment will be removed by the process of the Magnetic Pole Reversal, more so than we have covered to date. And then we start over. Understand, I said DNA forms, NOT Souls, which include those Soul/Spirits in the plants and animals. Souls on Earth will then be able to move into healed forms.

Namaste, Christ Michael of Nebadon.

26 December 2009: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Speaks on the Coming New World - Jess Anthony

This is a time for truth, as you say, and a time for moving into a new recognition of the purpose of your existence on Earth. You are incarnated here to learn to be Co-creators with your Cosmic Creator, or "God", as you perceive Him. His purpose in creating this Planet and guiding it through all its history of turmoil and role as the Seventh and final "Bestowal Planet" of Christ Michael was to provide a laboratory for his unique creations to grow and learn. This Planet has a distinctive purpose, and you all are here as his physical representatives to experience this dimensional paradigm. This experience is exacting, but you would not have volunteered to come here and experience it if you had had any qualms as to its power to overwhelm you ultimately. You knew it would be difficult, but you also knew that the lessons you would learn would be unlike anything you could experience anywhere else.

I will now speak more specifically about certain issues and topics. The Banking situation as it now appears is tenuous and built on an unreal foundation. There is no currency backing up the mountains of printed "fiat Dollar-bills" that are substituted for real monetary exchanges. This happened at the instigation of the Federal Reserve System through the Federal Reserve Bank in America. The metal-based assets that were constitutionally determined to be the fiscal foundation of your Republic have long since been spent or traded away for hidden agendas. The creation of the paper Reserve Note was planned to be a believable substitute for what was no longer available. The fiscal exchange system with its loans and credit packages was all a subterfuge to trick the general public into paying more than it owed.

The only legitimate system of physical assets and metal based deposits is the vast collection amassed by the Office of International Treasury Control [OITC - A Bureau within the UN]. This sovereign entity is structured so that it can manage what truly is the bulk of global resources without governmental interference. This Organisation has only recently realized the need to have more efficient supervision of the management of its assets; an earlier, looser organisational structure allowed certain countries to manipulate OITC assets illegally. The money accrued through these fraudulent transactions has been confiscated and returned to the legitimate owners of the assets, the OITC. The Governments, as a result, have been desperately trying to find substitute funds to continue programs they started with illegal investments. The amount of these illegal investments is extremely large and the amount of money now owed in exchange is beyond what is available for payment.

The global economy and financial system based on American Dollars is ready to collapse at any moment. This is known in many international circles, and all aware of this crisis are taking steps to preserve what they can of their own resources. Without the underpinnings of an assumed financial foundation, many who have depended on their paper assets will be forced to rethink what their purpose is in the face of new circumstances.

Warnings of this potential collapse have been consistently ignored. The only way to extricate many from the system will be for it to break up. Many are working with misgivings, and feel trapped in a system they did not design. These are ones that can have an invaluable role to play in a reorganised economic system based on Fair Exchange. Their contribution will take place as soon as the ground rules for a new system of payment have been established.

The idea of the "Stasis Event" is still in operation. The concept of pausing your linear time sequence to allow changes to be made beyond the scope of your current capabilities is the only alternative that will allow Earth to continue her "Ascension processes" without complete geophysical restructuring. We are not intervening to solve your cultural problems, but are assisting Earth to Ascend with you intact. You are part of the parameters that we are considering in determining when and how this assistance will be most helpful. Your benefit will be a higher frequency of energy to connect with your new Fourth-Fifth Dimensional physical environment. You will automatically function more efficiently and your clarity of assessment of your situation will be greatly intensified. You will be aware of the unity of Mankind. You will see the necessity of developing sustainable communities that work in symbiosis with the environment and with cultural organisations. You will understand how your personal identity fits into the larger picture and will seek to find ways to align yourself with this vision.

Your physical environment is so critically endangered at present that the assistance of the Galactic Federation Forces during the Stasis period will only address the most serious problems. Others issues will be left for Mankind to tackle, although with the continued advice and guidance of Spiritual Counsellors. This interaction will be part of the redirection of Man's approach to recreating his existence on a transformed Earth. Old patterns will not work as effectively, and the need for spiritual collaboration will suggest new approaches that involve group decision making. Cultural structures will form the core of large associations. Representatives of the core structures will speak for the community in large associated groups.

Esu Immanuel Kumara [Jesus Christ/Sananda]

29 December 2009: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon: Jupiter is preparing the unveiling!- Candace

Hello Beloveds, my temper, as best my temper can be described is growing very short and I know some of you are happy to hear that comment. Jupiter has been placed so that it will shortly be viewable. Understand Beloved's to keep it behind the Sun, it has to go faster than Earth, so it has made nearly a 12 year cycle now, 9 years or so since last Winter. We have merely paused it's progress and it will now appear naturally as Earth makes her own rotation around the Sun, and thus it will show first in the early mornings as you would normally expect it to do so after its normal period of being behind the Sun.

To the Dark Ones, you are being very naughty and your time draws nigh. If any more serious activities occur, I could take the option of bringing Stasis sooner, but my preference is to have Jupiter visible first, and let people begin to notice more and more the earthquakes and the like that will result from the increasing energy. Data on your Earth recordings from the Satellites should be changing as the energy begins to reach Earth. We have begun letting the Sun also "wake up."

Dark Ones, those of you with Souls, it is not going to be pretty for you if I must take the Planet into Stasis before the appearance of Jupiter, and I suggest you be finding your honesty before then, because as all the Earth's traditions suggest, at the End of the Cycle, the Great Light in the East will appear. And so it shall. That is enough for now.

Namaste, Christ MICHAEL.

24 January 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on Earth Changes and Man's Responsibility - Jess Anthony

Much has happened to the Earth itself since last we spoke formally. The physical structure of the Planet is moving into a new configuration, and an increase in unexpected activity is the result. Generally all of these occurrences are the result of natural causes. The crustal movement of the continental plates causing the earthquakes is being triggered by both inner and outer energy forces. The instability of the inner core is a reflection of the lessening influence of the weakening magnetosphere and a lateral displacement of historical magnetic axes. The poles are moving quickly, and the Earth's natural alignments that so much of its society depends on are out of balance.

This instability is coupled with increased energy input coming from the Earth's current position inside the Photon Belt, as well as from the ever brighter exposure the Earth is experiencing as Jupiter emerges slowly from behind the Sun. The amount of exposure to these new rays is carefully monitored by the Galactic Overseers who are gauging Earth's reaction to the extra energy. Too much too soon could be disastrous to the anticipated forward progression of Man's Ascension in conjunction with the Earth's. The effect of too much exposure would cause more change than Man could assimilate.

The geographical upheaval that occurred in Haiti was one example of the type of Earth movement you can expect in greater numbers as the input of Photon Energy increases. This form of energy carries additional information encoded within its frequency. Earth and its elements vibrate at a different level of structural energy as the photon energy surrounding it increases. Photon energy is carried in what you term Light Waves. The energy coming from Jupiter is a new source that is coming into play as the Planet is moved from behind the Sun.

This light from Jupiter will seem to you as if there were a distant Sun shining in addition to your regular Sun. This is because the Planet now has the means to generate energy waves on its own. The position of Jupiter has been carefully monitored since the "Ignition" last year in order to prevent a premature exposure to Earth. The precarious nature of Earth's geophysical structure has necessitated keeping the Planet Jupiter positioned behind your Sun to block the force of its strengthened rays. This manipulating of the Planet's position has necessarily been kept secret because it was decided the time was not right to show this transformation. The diversion took the form of a hologram that was projected from a Spaceship positioned at the location Jupiter typically would be located. The images taken of Planet Jupiter are, in fact images of the projection of the Planet. The real orb had been moved behind the Sun to shield its energy force.

I want to speak more on the earthquakes. There will most likely be several more that are of high magnitude. The most pending disaster is the California coastline, although your own New Madrid fault line [leading up to the Great Lakes] is undependable. Others will probably take place in locations that are already receiving shocks. This includes the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim countries. This is not news as those watching the earthquake formations have long said these quakes are dangerously near. I'm saying that their happening is almost probable. Haiti is once again experiencing rumbles, and Yellowstone is tangential to the California situation.

There will be enough warning to make better preparations than occurred in Haiti. Scientists knew the plates were moving and predicted earthquake damage pretty early on. This news didn't fit in with your Government's idea to use the devastated country as a distraction to prevent people from hearing news of financial wrongdoings that might become public. Look for discrepancies. Use the Internet information to bypass the mainstream media, and rely on the details posted there. Be careful of what you accept, however. Always check to see if the report is valid. We can tell you this easily, if you ask us.

Political turmoil is to be expected, as well. The financial chaos is so widespread that no solution beyond a crash and a new beginning can fix it. There are no easy means to uproot so well entrenched a financial network. The dependence on American Dollars is being rejected. The Global Debt is astronomical and there is not enough money available to pay for it. Printing trillions more will not save a system that has no hard currency reserve to back up its legal tender.

The work of the Office of the International Treasury Control (OITC) is helping to break up some of this financial log jam, but its mandated system of operations does not give the Organisation much assistance in breaking away from the operational system that caused its problems in the first place. It must interact with other Governments that control a portion of its deposits as another Sovereign State. Legal protocols must be observed on OITC's part even in situations where the other Government has not done so.

The time is coming when the "Changes" that Earth needs in order to continue to Ascend will require substantially more Galactic energy than Man is at present capable of assimilating. The state spoken of as "Stasis" will occur to pause Man's existence at one energy level while his environment makes the changes it needs to make at another. This is not total suspended animation in the sense that only Man is sleeping; this is interrupting his energy movement at one point while the energy that surrounds him speeds up. There will be no awareness of time or physical change because Man will not be directly interacting with the frequency change that is taking place on Earth. It is like circles of energy moving around each other at different speeds but not connecting. When the environment becomes safe for Man to resume interacting, he will, and will have no sense of an interruption. The physical evidence will be there requiring an assimilation, however, and Man will have to reconcile this with his own sense of no time being lost. This will be the point where we bring in our teaching and a new understanding will begin. I think this is sufficient for today. Look to the Heavens for signs that Earth is ready to begin her next phase. Her environment must change in order for her body to be renewed to accomodate a higher frequency range.

Esu [Jesus SANANDA]

1 February 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on 5 years with AbundantHope - Candace

Esu: Good Day Beloveds, my how 5 years of the AbundantHope Website goes by so rapidly doesn't it? We did not intend at first with Candace to do this sort of public project, but the "Phoenix Journal" project was terribly destroyed, then the Spectrum project also went sour, and others were not doing well. Candace had passed a previous test of getting herself onto the Internet after a time, we decided since she was eager to share, to take up the journey again on our behalf.

This had been a bit of difficult journey, as the resistance had grown, and we made a decision since a great deal of material was now circulating on the Internet to not do the "Daily News" as we did in those other projects. The goal this time was to build AbundantHope, a Team with others on the ground, and the protection of all these ones has become a considerable task. A major reason we have not selected more Regional Directors is for this very reason, as the bigger coalitions become, the more risk to our players on Earth. And of course, there are many who will serve after "Stasis" that have never heard of AbundantHope and we will select the remaining directors thus during the Stasis period out of the large pool of those that might be interested. We do still have some idea with some who have come thru AH for some of these positions, but right now, it is better to wait before announcing them.

This has a been a tough 5 years for some of us on this side. The Dark have really joined forces, with like mind and the battle between those groups who would own the Planet, is great at this time and most of this battle is through financial avenues and the destruction of corporations and businesses.

We have lost many who walked the Earth these last years despite the protection offered. Some have just needed to leave and take the opportunity when it arises, not protecting themselves. Some are here in cloned forms and we have lost many cloned forms! When a person has a clone of themselves, they can take greater risk and have done so. Similarly many of us only use "Holograms" on the ground.

We have accomplished much. Do not be concerned by what you may perceive as lack of progress. There is great progress, and this program has grown in scope considerably. Before the advent of such avenues of communication as the AbundantHope Website, we would have simply cleansed the Planet and walked away for a time. By Cleanse, I mean allowed the Pole Reversal and Axis Changes, and then provided assistance for a time, to allow life to reestablish itself sooner so the Planet could be populated with spiritual "God Conscious" Man in 500 years or so, instead of several thousand that is usual, and which is occurring with many Planets now in "Rest Mode" in other parts of this war torn region of the local Universe of Nebadon. There are 496 Planets in "Rest Mode" right now, so great has the Darkness been.

This is a "Seed Planet" for the birth of new Evolving/Ascending Souls, it also happens to be Christ Michael's "Final Bestowal World", so the Plan is a bit different for this World. It is not desired for the benefits of those elsewhere in this Universe and others who are watching, to wait too long on the Bestowal and Seed Planet. Thus we are going to give this Plan developed over the last few years a try, that of the "Stasis" and returning the more evolved Souls to the Planet after the full cleansing of pollutants and negativity.

Now it is important to understand, that the World, while lovely and clean will be a harsher place to live for a short period afterwards, but you will have our partnership this time, which was offered so many years ago and rejected by most of the people of Earth, mostly through religion, but of course the Governments themselves, the "Elites" as they call themselves still refuse to come into any sort of cooperation.

The Plan is more thorough than we have declared at this point, but we will not cover that so publicly yet at this time. You of the Lightworkers who will be attending the teaching and planning sessions on the Motherships, those roughly 100,000 people selected, actually I can give you the exact number, it is 99,278 people, are the only ones who will be consciously "Awake" during the Stasis Period. The count is final. These Ones of course are from every culture and location on the Planet and some of them will not be able to return to their native lands due to whatever Earth Changes occur in those areas during this time.

Some of you, those amongst peoples who are intending to stay with the Planet, but not necessarily originally of this Planet, these Evacuated Ones will be placed into a variety of underground areas before being awakened. These Ones will be awakened and allowed to come into their new reality and then as places are made possible, return to the surface of the Planet.

Now, we have not been fully forthcoming in the numbers that might remain, and the estimate at this time is about 1 billion. The 'shell shock' will be great. The reduction for the Planet's sake really should be more, but it was felt these Ones would benefit greatly from staying, and many unconsciously of course, want to stay. We will be busy getting the best of technology moving as rapidly as possible, as this is the most the Planet can comfortably handle, even with the best of technology and spirituality. Much spirituality will still be missing, but the assistance by our teams and the shock of the situation will be mitigated.

CHRIST MICHAEL will himself have a Headquarters area on the Planet and it may well be in Colorado, but separate from the International "Planetary Prince" Headquarters of Jesus SANANDA. However, that will not be in place on the "Awakening" from Stasis, but will be built by the People of the New Earth when the time is right some years later.

We had a hope of getting the Planet into a final state of "Light and Life" within 80 years. But I doubt this, as does Monjoronson [Paradise Son of the Isle of Paradise] who originally suggested that idea. The building and other activities must so change, in addition to the issue of establishing a true and prolonged sustainability. There may also be some shorter periods of Stasis in the coming years, and the public will know and be prepared for it, and it will be to allow for some of the continuing and necessary rearrangement of the land masses. We have stated the land masses must be in reasonable balance as part of the "Monopolarity" of the Planet, when your Planet Earth will stand upright on its axis without a tilt.

As you are aware, most of the land masses are above the current Equator, but you will even after Stasis have a new Equator with the Axis Shift that will occur fairly soon after the "Magnetic Reversal". You are not always going to live in total comfort for many years during which these necessary events occur. But this method does considerably shorten the waiting of 500 or more years to merely reintroduce Humans to the Planet. The whole of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton of which our Local Universe of Nebadon belongs, will be watching this "Grand Experiment".

Remember, also that no Paradise Isle Creator Son, or even an Paradise Avonal Son performing the Bestowals similar to the Creator Son, have ever returned before to actually further involve themselves with a "Bestowal Planet" so directly. I suggest if you have not read our Message of long ago, of April 25th of 2005 [see the first message of this Christ Michael Archive], that you do so. Your Planet is thus UNIQUE in the whole of this Creation. Christ Michael will actually walk this Planet again with you, when the energies are a bit higher and he will have an accessible "Retreat Area" that all can attend who desire to do so, or at least once in their lifetimes. As we have said before, we will return with an intact Internet, Television and Radio communications. The Cell/Mobile Phone Network will be heavily damaged however, and may not be operating at all. There are better methods than your Mobile/Cell Phones anyway, and to move in the direction of better innovations.

Now, it has been noticed that there seem to be large Spaceships around the Sun and this is so. There are some also considerably closer to you than the Sun, but we are adjusting the Sun at this point. We have the large "Evacuation Motherships" much closer in, and also many other Motherships have moved closer in. We will of course, be evacuating folks at various times just before and after "Stasis", and many going in body to other places will be removed then, and also later. We must remove those who are to survive, quickly from certain areas that will experience Tsunami's and the like. The energy of these waves can be harmful to even a body form in Stasis. Not the Soul, but the physical form.

The special "New Planet" [which is the newly "terraformed" Third Dimensional level of Planet Venus, as opposed to the surrounding upper 5th Dimensional level which presently is inhabited by a more advanced Civilisation] of which we have spoken has now at this time about 300,000 Earth folks living on it. This explains some disappearances of people. These ones have laid the way. During the "Stasis Period", people choosing this growth experience will be taken in small groups, rather than having masses of people dumped on the place. When "normal more-developed" Planets have some problems and need to move their population, they usually have at least some of their own transportation and the needed "Awareness", but this is not the case with Earth. We will thus add gradually to the population of that new "Alternative Planet". At the end of "Stasis", it's population should be a few million, which is still a huge adjustment, but there is great help there for the process. Absolutely no criminal element will be going there. Nor staying with the newly restructured 4D New Earth.

Even the Argathian population in the "Inner Earth" are going to have to vacate some areas that will be upset. Despite the false information put out, they do not live in dimensions [5D] that would not be affected. The actual physical/material Body of Earth itself is made up of 2nd Dimension/Density material [rocks, minerals, etc.] and that does not change, ever, even with the "Ascension". Land masses will move in many locations. If in fact we were to be evacuating the whole Planet, most of these Inner Earth folks would have to move for a time, except for the several civilizations that are able to manufacture their own breathing air.

You are not all going into Inner Earth "Crystal Cities" as some have put out. Most of those staying with the Planet Earth will be in a condition of "Stasis", except those on active duty on the large Planning Committees, part of the "144,000 Lightworkers" going up to the Motherships as well as others. All those staying in "Stasis", however, since the Soul does not itself sleep, will be receiving more education during the Stasis process which will assist their "Awakening" to the New Earth to occur with less shock. Suggestions made that all folks will go into Inner Earth - well Beloveds, they can't handle over 7 billion of you there.

So, Beloveds, that is mostly enough, this is after all our 5th Anniversary, but you have also been wishing for an "Update". The Anniversary is glorious Beloveds and we are celebrating it in these Realms, for a "Great Plan" has been birthed. Be not impatient because "Great Plans" take time to form. This was NOT our original plan, ever. But we did hope that the Dark Forces would come into some sort of cooperation in those early days with the vision we presented at the time, and they did not.

We would have liked that vision to manifest. However, it is doubtful that most embroiled in Religion would have adequately accepted it, as many were going to have to migrate anyway to other places, and there was much fear. Few would have accepted my own appearance on your television sets. Many on our Social Teams did not feel the Planetary Peoples would adjust and the Non-Soul "Robotic" Beings [those working in the underground E.T. Bases] are a huge problem in this arena. They are mind-controlled of course to the extreme, and would not have adapted.

The newly "Ascending Beings" who did eventually get the Trinity Father's "Thought Adjusters" [Higher-Selves] as their Inner Guides will awaken at some point on the "Mansion Worlds" [Training Worlds for Ascending Souls] as they have room to accept them. There are some borderline ones that other Planets may accept them, but many of these Planets are of lower vibration and there is the risk of enslavement. We have still not finalized the plans for some of them. Some will survive the desolation that occurs naturally during the magnetic changes of the "Pole Reversal". There is enough "Spirit" in them. The better forms of animals will also survive the desolation, so not to worry about them.

So Dear Ones, pause and celebrate for a time, for it is worthy to do so. The five years of "waiting' has been so much more productive than some of you impatient ones are aware of. Drop your impatience over your problems and go with the flow more. It is not for us to rush a project of this magnitude just to relieve you of your discomforts. Some of you know what I am speaking about here!

Be in great joy, for even the Father in Heaven in Paradise is overjoyed by the prospect of what has been developed for this World. This has been, personally for myself, the most productive years in my very long existence, even beyond those of fleeing the clutches of the Dark in Lyra so long ago now, because we have done more than flee, we have created a new option to explore.

Namaste, Esu [Jesus SANANDA].

20 April 2010 - Siraya Speaks on Earth's Unique Place in the Universe - Jess Anthony

Siraya [Chief Executive of the SuperUniverse of Orvonton and a Spokesperson for the Trinity Father of our Grand Universe]:

I am speaking to you as the Representative of the Trinity Father of the Paradise Isle. My work is as the voice for His ideas in what you call the SuperUniverse of Orvonton. I am the expression of the Trinity Father's intent and observations in this configuration of the Trinity. My words are His words, as a rule, although I am capable of voicing my own observations and guidance. I am the conduit for His energy to be expressed in this Seventh SuperUniverse manifestation.

I say all this to you to clarify my position as Spokesman, although my gender is more balanced and neutral than your word indicates. I am a link with The Trinity Father and His various Paradise Creator Sons that have formed Local Universes within this SuperUniverse. Your Christ Michael, ATON/Sovereign, is the Creator of this Local Universe of Nebadon [our "Milky Way" Galaxy], of which your Earth is a small but very significant part. Your Creator Son Michael argued the merits of his concept of Creation before the Hierarchy overseeing the growth of Orvonton, and he was granted permission to proceed. I spoke the words for the Trinity Father who represents our Cosmic Creator Source thus giving them Divine approval.

Part of this concept was the creation of Earth as a proving ground to train new Creator Sons [as part of our Cosmic Creator's "Explorer/Creator Race on Planet Earth]. No more "Descending" Paradise Sons will be created to function as they were originally envisioned, and your Creator Son Michael persuaded his overseers to allow him to develop a Planet where "Ascending Sons" could begin training to assume that role sometime in the distant future. This was to be done by giving them free will to make their own choices in a situation purposefully separated from most Divine guidance. This experience, with only a minimal point of contact [through the "veil" of our quarantined World], would prepare them for any sort of contingency they might face. They would already have solved the problem, in effect, by acting as a Co-creator.

The lessons of this experiment have been learned through an existence that has been much more demanding than was ever imagined at the outset. The Lucifer Rebellion and the subsequent "quarantine" took separation and its possibilities to an unprecedented but logical level. Ultimately, being disconnected from God would make you think you were "God" with the ability to create your own existence.  This was an illusion, but it created the upheaval you are aware of. It was allowed to play out its life cycle, however horrendous it may seem. Once it was set in motion, it couldn't be stopped short of uncreation of the whole Universe it was connected to. It was allowed to wind down to a manageable level of turmoil, although always with the presumption it would be reclaimed and put back on the course it had been destined for.

The worst betrayers of the truth of Christ Michael's Local Universe have been placed on Planet Earth to work through their sequences of choices in the hope they would return to a life of Ascendancy. Many others have incarnated with them to be Guides and examples, as they too have opted to struggle with the sense of separation from Divine Truth. This interaction has culminated in the spiritual stalemate that you have been experiencing the last few years. Although fewer have returned than Christ Michael ATON hoped, he has salvaged a large enough percentage to persuade him to rethink the total "closure" that seemed inevitable.

The end is inevitable because of the coming "Changes" to the Universe that Earth is part of. There is an immense clockwork of Galactic interactions that trigger changes and reactions that are all part of the "Grand Design of Growth and Ascendancy" that was built into Nebadon's creation. To continue as part of its Universal cog, Earth and its surroundings must change in sync with all the other parts. A natural process of growth and change would have resulted in Earth refashioning itself by total "geophysical" changes as well as a "Reversal" of Polar direction. This would have removed any elements that were blocking the Planet's "Shift", including anything living or created thing that was an obstacle to this change.

Typically a Planet would refashion itself with no regard for the existence that had developed on its surface. This was the fate that was expected for Earth. The frequency of its natural vibration had slowed to such a low level that it seemed counterproductive for those who had incarnated here to help awaken a spiritual awareness to persuade the misguided inhabitants to change.

Because Earth was Christ Michael's Seventh Bestowal Planet, and because his incarnation here earned him the right to be truly considered the "Sovereign of Nebadon" and final authority in determining its development, he decided to attempt its Ascension without the chaos that normally would ensue. Plans were drawn up to evacuate those who had reconnected with Christ Michael's vision of what the next phase of the Planet's existence would be.

This plan was reconsidered with the wave of victims and the out-swelling of support that that sprung up as a result of the 9/11 attack. For the first time, a sufficient portion of Earth's "Mass Consciousness" was unified and focused with healing compassion on a higher level of spiritual understanding. This "Unity of Awareness" convinced Christ Michael that the previous Plan for Earth's Ascension could be modified to account for those inhabitants that looked for a higher purpose and resolution. The Plan became one of allowing Man to Ascend on Earth along with the Planet. This concept meant a drastic re-thinking of the process to allow Man to reach a level of awareness sufficient for his physical incarnation to be able to adapt to the higher frequency of energy that would be necessary to allow Earth to be renewed.

The last ten years have been a series of preparations and disappointments as the entrenched resistance on Earth proved more difficult to deal with than expected. Ultimatums have been ignored and the number of inhabitants waking up has been less than hoped. Earth has graciously held off a little longer to allow Man to catch up. This has reached a point in the Cosmic synchronization where delay is impossible for Earth and Man.

Christ Michael ATON has begun the series of events that will lead to "Closure" of this phase of Earth's existence. No resistance will be forth-coming to natural geophysical changes, and they may occur as they are necessary. Man has chosen either to stay and work for the Planet's Ascension, or leave and continue elsewhere. Evidence of this sequence of events is becoming impossible to hide.

Look for the collapse of civilization as you know it and be prepared for upheavals on Earth that are unprecedented in known history. Many will leave and much of the Earth's surface will be changed. This is the necessary "Closure" that is required to shift the direction and frequency of your existence.

Know that the events you will experience have a Universal "Purpose", and that you who are staying here have chosen to take part in this unique development. You will be guided and supported by your Galactic family. You will be protected and relocated when necessary. You will be taught and be made aware of your History. You will see your place and recognize your purpose within the Cycle of Ascendency you are part of.

This is my explanation and my comfort in these Last Days.

Siraya, Spokesperson of The Trinity Father, and Chief Executive of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton.

3 May 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA Update - Jess Anthony

Political and religious upheavals will be exacerbated by the upheavals that are increasing at pressure points all over Earth's surface. Additional energy from the Sun is causing a surge of new earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in places that are ripe for shifting. These disasters will almost certainly take place in California and other troublesome areas located on the so-called "Ring of Fire" around the Pacific Ocean. The land there has to move to allow the rise of what was once Lemuria. The former Continent of Lemuria's remnants are seen now in isolated groups of islands, most notably the Hawaiian Islands.

It is time to watch closely what happens with Gaia/Mother Earth. This is a careful balancing act that weighs necessary release with an effort, still, to prevent any worse calamities for Man than are possible. Mankind has brought Mother Earth/Gaia to a brink of her tolerance, but Gaia wishes to protect them, even so. The oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico are basically unstoppable. Man's greed and lack of precaution have produced a situation that is unthinkable in its ramifications and the extent of its potential damage. Other sites will have similar problems, and this hazard could well spread far beyond the area that contains it now. The economic impact of this carelessness could be devastating.

The only alternative Man has is to begin looking at this spill as Gaia breaking away from Mankind's control. Mankind will need to start viewing this as physical evidence of change happening on Earth. Mankind's inadequacies are being overpowered by Natural Law. The overwhelming strength of change is clearly obvious, even though Mankind generally views the results as loss. This will change.

Other situations have similar potential for chaos and disaster by Mankind's current thinking. Major land shifting is inevitable at some point on the California coastline. This may be at any time, or it could be postponed until Earth changes its axis when Jupiter is finally revealed. Jupiter has become a smaller Sun, but its force of additional energy is being shielded behind your Solar System's Central Sun. Christ Michael ATON is attempting to ease into Gaia's "Ascension" without destroying those who will be continuing with her in her higher energy frequency. This means increments of higher vibrations to allow all to adapt who have chosen to do so.

These increments are coming in bursts from the Sun's "Corona", and are particularly affecting the Earth's core. This is causing the rapidly increasing events happening on the surface. Earthquakes are being felt in unlikely places, as well as major stress areas giving way. Volcanoes are erupting unexpectedly. Weather is unpredictable and much more violent. These are all symptoms of Gaia reacting to the new energy she feels. Unaccustomed strength produces reactions beyond what has typically been anticipated.

This is the beginning of Earth's "Ascension", and Mankind should welcome it. The process may at times be violent and unimaginable to allow her to remove the eons of restraints and damage that Mankind has inflicted upon her. Only then can She being to heal and rebuild her body in a higher spiritual vibration. Mankind caused much of her problems, but ironically Mankind is also the reason she is willing to "Ascend" in a calculated manner to protect their existence. View these changes and collapses you are experiencing as the painful new steps of "Learning to Walk Again in a New Way". Mankind and their attempts to ignore Christ Michael Aton's "Truth" must break down and be removed before they can follow Mother Earth in a new direction.

Esu SANANDA, Planetary Prince of Earth/Urantia

29 October 2010: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on the coming "Stasis Period" - Candace

Christ Michael: With regard to the limited Earth Axis Shift we are undertaking, the Gulf of Mexico situation is at present interfering with this. The Axis shifting is not causing the Gulf of Mexico situation, which itself is simply a matter of pressures building again after a temporary period of relative stability. The major problem is that most of the Gulf of Mexico sea-floor is rising, a subject which we have not chosen to cover before, and this is not involving more than the areas close to shore where the fault/fracture system is. We truly have a mess there now, and this accumulating ground swelling is advancing up underneath the whole of the southern Mississippi Basin and marching somewhat Westward as evidenced by the recent quakes in Arkansas.

Yesterday we attempted to move the Earth Axis a bit more, because the situation in the Gulf seemed to have temporarily quieted. But shortly after we applied the necessary energies, the swirling increased and we stopped and went into a session of Meetings, which have just concluded. We did succeed in a small amount of Axis shift since the last report of 0.9 degrees, it is now about 1.05 degrees [out of a hoped-for total of 2.0 degrees].

It appears we might be going to have to go into the "Mini Stasis" (a period of "suspended animation") and finish the Axis Shift during that time. We have many craft down observing the Gulf situation. I haven't decided yet whether to wait a short time more or just go straight into the Mini Stasis and get it over with. Now, just because we are "vacuuming up" the oil and methane coming forth, does not prevent any of the quakes or resultant tsunami's.

Because of the wide area of ocean floor swelling, the quaking could in fact become worse and the massive resulting earthquakes could do quite enough to initiate some of the other fracture zones around this World, just as much as the Fault Line we sealed off after the Gulf of Mexico situation made itself clear. (Candace: Late in May we made it known that there was a large unknown Fault Line west of the Tonga Trench which was threatening California with a major Tsunami and which could cause a resultant submergence of the Western Californian coastline. This Fault-Line was then sealed and prevented from happening when the Gulf of Mexico blowout first became known.)

We could have gone into the Gulf of Mexico after the Dark Ones began their schemes and at least interfered with some of their plans, but they and those that support the Oil Business must learn some tough lessons, so we did not interfere, nor did we "seal" anything on the Gulf of Mexico floor. Sealing was not the solution there anyway, there is so much oil now making it's way up and it's not just about the blowout that occurred, that whole area is weak and the "Earth Changes" to date, are moving forward anyway in that area.

We are ready to institute as we have covered before, the "Mini Stasis" if and when the Gulf of Mexico starts to fully erupt. We will of course be down working immediately even if the people are not fully in a state of Stasis, but do not worry about that one. The Mini Stasis may last up to week at this point, because we would have a lot of cleaning to do. All life would be in "stasis", as the plants will not do well either with the massive methane that will be rising up.

There could be really widespread destruction. Now, depending on the extent of the widespread destruction, we may choose to simply keep the Planet in an ongoing "Stasis" and do without any pre-announcements for the "Major Stasis" at all. There is a big "depends" going on here. Some of the expected plate movements may also release massive amounts of methane and other chemicals of various sorts in other parts of the world. There are three undersea volcanoes we are watching and also there are a couple more on the surface that are ready to erupt. The Icelandic volcanoes are showing increased underground movement, as well at the volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest, primarily Mt. Helena and Mt. Rainier at this time. There is a volcano that erupted also today in Kamchatka, Russia.

Now, there are some people that we may wish to evacuate if the Planet is going into the Mini Stasis, or even possibly a bit before. We would evacuate also everyone in the danger zone around the Gulf of Mexico that will be staying with the Planet or needs their physical body elsewhere, before or as soon as the "Mini Stasis" is started. We would not need to have everyone involved within the Mini Stasis.

What I am saying here, is that some of you and your families, or people you know, are those who belong to a certain group who are going to be lifted to an alternative specially prepared "New Planet" in their physical body. So IF we do have an interlude between the "Mini Stasis", and the "Major Stasis", these Ones are already going to be gone and please don't assume they were part of the Dark Ones that were being removed.

A possible Stasis Period Scenario for 2013 onwards:

There are about one million people who will eventually be populating that newly designated "New Planet" [newly "terraformed" lower Dimensional 3D area of Venus], in addition to those 300,000 Earth Folk already placed there. Not all one million of these Ones will be taken immediately to that "New Planet", but they will live aboard the evacuation Motherships and then be placed on the "New Planet" as soon as it is ready to accept them. They will know however, they are going there when it is explained to them following the Lift-off. There are also some others going to other Planets and these will be lifted also, but their numbers are less than those going to the special "New World" being prepared especially for their lower Dimensional capabilities.

Now, many of you have been curious about this "New Planet". It is in fact Venus, Dear Ones. I have thrown some hints of this in the early Phoenix Journals. We still keep it out of sight and it's in a somewhat different orbit. Well, it is time for me to "spill-the-beans" here: the actual real planetary body of Venus is in approximately the same orbit as Earth, Beloveds, but we have just kept it on the other side of the Sun - this is sometimes the cause of those Planet Nibiru stories you hear.

We have said before that the Venus you all see, is in fact "Star Ship Venus". Just as Jupiter's revolution is kept so it stays out of view behind the Sun, so it is with Venus. Actually you have not witnessed the real Venus for a long time, as "terraforming" of the present 3-D physical surface is not an instant process. And the Planet was too close to the Sun for it's full "terraforming". [This does not include or affect the existing Venusian civilisation or its inhabitants living upon the surrounding Higher-Dimensional 4 and 5D Planet Venus].

Now, Earth and Venus will continue to share the orbit for a long time. At some point in the future the orbits will be separated somewhat, as Earth will actually need to be a bit further out from the Sun. Mercury is being rotated out gradually more to the former orbit of Venus, as there will also be "terraforming" of the 3D Dimension of the Planet. There is also a small Higher Dimensional "Inner Planet" that will be gradually moved into Mercury's present orbit.

All the orbits of your Solar System's Planets, right through to Mars, will be adjusted over time. It is totally possible for Life-bearing Planets to share the same orbit or nearly so. If you have read any of "The Urantia Book" about the artificially constructed Architectural Spheres, you know that this occurs with them also. Of course those ones don't have Suns like you do in the "Evolutionary Solar Systems", but nevertheless, Planets can follow each other in the same or close orbit. It's easily done. In fact within Solar Systems with several Planets with life on them, it has to be that way, so they have the same energies. Mars, will also eventually be in approximately the same orbit with Earth and Venus. They can be staggered a bit according to the needs of the Planet and it's size. But they will not be so widely separated as the current orbits are.

There will be other periods of "Stasis" in the more distant future, both for continued remodelling of Earth, but also the Solar System, because all Life has to be protected when we "tug" another Planet into the same orbit. These periods of Stasis involved with the "tugging of Planets", will be much shorter however, than the upcoming "Major Stasis" of 4 or more years.

We are remodelling this entire Solar System into an "Eternal" System, and as Man becomes more Human than he currently is, he will need some more living room, since poor little Planet Earth cannot by herself handle all these people.

Another reason I am talking here about the removal of those who need to remain in their present physical form, before the Mini Stasis or at the beginning of the Mini Stasis, is that not all of you have chosen to stay with Planet Earth. Some of you will find yourselves definitely aboard a Mothership, rather soon now, and don't pack anything as we have everything you need!

Those that can be dematerialized ["Teleported"], will be - others will have to step into the beam, so if a lot of small Scout-craft show up, board ship immediately. If you wish for their identification first, just ask, but if you have a sky full of craft, you can safely assume this is what is truly going on. However, if you accidentally board ship but are planning to stay with Planet Earth, have no worry. Because actually some other folks staying with the Planet are going to be removed early on too, which brings me to this final topic:

All of you who are staying with Planet Earth after the "Stasis Event" will in fact still be removed at some point, all one billion of you. But we are taking those Ones going to other Planets first. Then the other of the Earth's future one billion will be brought up to the Motherships at different intervals during the Major Stasis period, and they must awaken onboard ship, due to the conditions on the Planet at that time. Everyone who is staying with the New Earth is going to get a personal "re-education" during the Stasis period, before they return to Earth. When we do the "Wake-up" on the Planet from the Major Stasis period, these ones will not necessarily be waking up wherever they dropped off to sleep, and of course, those who live where the damage will be huge can't return to their homes anyway.

The Earth "Survivors" will already KNOW what happened and that THEY are the winners. This will help insure our further progress. On the other hand, those of the nearly 100,000 Lightworkers will be removed much sooner, as soon as we have everything stable and are ready. Initially the Fleet will be very busy. Those that are likely to become "Regional Directors" and other higher levels will obviously be removed even earlier.

We made the decision on all the above some time ago, however, we have chosen not to fully reveal it until today. The one billion "Survivors" will return to the Planet quite consciously and many actually will for a time probably be housed in the underground and Inner Earth areas first. The surface housing remaining may not be in very good shape. This means that those of you "attending upon" the Stasis as Lightworkers, will actually be doing some planning with the other "Survivors" onboard the Motherships near the latter part of the Stasis period. That is, most of the one billion "Returnees" will likely be removed from the "sleep" of the Long Stasis to a Mothership in the last year or so, but some others with "Leadership" potential will be awakened possibly earlier.

Now, Beloveds, those that must remain in their physical body, will all be removed at some point before the Magnetic Pole Reversal occurs [which will also change the direction of planetary spin]. Many of those will have to stay in the state of continued "Stasis" until it's time to awaken them after arriving on the Mothership.

During the Magnetic Pole Reversal, those Life Forms not ready to raise their vibration rates above 3D, will cease to exist on Earth, as a result of both the coming to a stop of Earth's revolution, plus the incoming Solar Rays that are to cleanse the Planet. Remember during the Magnetic Pole Reversal the Magnetosphere will also be "collapsed." And to that end, those animals and plants that are to remain will be put into a very special vibratory state of Stasis, in which they are "untouchable" and unharmed. But we will be removing physically all surviving Humans who need to stay with their current physical bodies to the Motherships. The "Non-Survivors", such as the Robot-Humans and other such life-forms, must simply perish as they will be in a different vibratory rate, but they also must not suffer in the process.

Everything "Of the Nature of the Divine Creator", has a higher vibratory rate. The animals, insects and plants that are destructive to the Planet will all be gone during that phase. While some will worry about the X-Rays , Gamma Rays and the like, it is more the vast amount of Photon Light particles coming in during the Magnetic Pole Reversal that will remove that which is not of the Nature of God. Photons ARE of God. God IS Light, in that instance.

Now, IF we have the Mini Stasis, followed by a short period of announcements before the Major Stasis, we will be removing the Dark Ones of this World, as we have said before, by simply removing them. Some are going to other "Prison Worlds" or the "Void Planet" where they will have to start over in their Evolutionary process from scratch. We will pick them up in the Levitation Beams, during the Mini Stasis. Their bodies will not survive that process. They are too much of the Darkness. It's that simple, and they are each known to us, every one of them. Their Souls, however, will be picked up and taken to wherever they are going, which in most cases will be by incarnating by birth such as cavemen within the beginnings of a new primitive civilization on a specially prepared 3D planet for them.

This routine is typical of a world under the End Times of the current Cycle, the Judgement, as it were. There is always a Magnetic Pole Reversal, and those not of God simply cease to exist and it matters not if they are "Man," insect, plant or other animal. The Stasis is always used before the reversal so there is NO suffering. The malformed "Spirits" associated with these not of God, simply disassociate.

31 October 2010: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on Christ MICHAEL's Update of the 29th October – Jess Anthony

It is time to talk more about what is going to occur. As you surmised, and as we told Candace, the tentative schedule is being modified. At this point it seems as if the Mini Stasis is pointless. There will be little advantage in speaking on the airwaves and waiting a period of time before starting the real Stasis period. We had wanted to have the opportunity to guide people into a perception of what will be taking place, but the results coming from such a massive plan will be generally negligible.

We have been discussing the alternatives at length, and, yes, you have been participating. You have been holding out for "cutting to the chase", as it were. Get on with it, you tell us. You point out that based on what has been chosen previously, very few more would suddenly have an "Epiphany" in the short time remaining. Many things are aligning in the Galaxy and the Solar System, and it is impossible to wait much longer than we have. Christ Michael Aton is correct in saying that we are ahead of the grand schedule, but even that is pressing on his decision.

The plan at this point is to watch what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and move quickly when it does start acting. We have gone back to this likelihood. The Axis Shift is proving more difficult than projected due to the density of Earth at this point. It is not responding well to our efforts to shift the Axis a couple of degrees. We have moved it some, but not as much as is needed to trigger the next phases of Earth Changes. We are watching the Gulf of Mexico as the seabed rises and becomes stretched with the pressure build up. We do not want to set off the chain reaction, so we are being observant at the moment, waiting for Earth to react at a rupture point. This literally could be any time. We wait, but we are ready to move quickly.

We have tamped down other hot spots, knowing that the pressure build up is potentially more disastrous there than at any other spot. You will see build up and increasingly stronger earthquakes, but they are not quite at the point of explosion the Gulf of Mexico is now at.

The time frame is upon us, I am afraid. I seriously think it could happen at any time in the near future.


20 November 2010: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - The Final Time has arrived. The World will turn upside down and inside out - Candace

Dearly Beloveds, recently thru Kibo I said I would turn the world upside down and inside out by the end of the year. We are well into that process and it is "on time." We made some changes that slowed the Earth Changes temporarily, which is why there is not so much going on in that regard - we needed the extra time. Your Sun for example is now very quiet again and we had to adjust its energies coming towards Earth.

We want to make the media "Announcements" within a short time and this is nearly now in place. We have stated there would be the walking on your surface of our actual Fleet personnel.  They are now on Earth. We have also stated we will have "cloned" replacements for many on your world, so that they will be alignment with us. These are more than to be just "cloned" outside Beings - they are to be indwelled by members of our Fleet. We have just today finished with that effort and all is ready in this regard.

We have been sending out official warnings to many of your Dark Cabal members, who are not necessarily to be replaced, but whom have received some rather strong "Marching Orders."

Just prior to the "Media Announcements" we will be having the "Mini Stasis" period, so the rest of those Dark Ones in the way can then be removed permanently during that time. Today we are preparing now to increase the process of the Earth Changes, and many of you who are sensitive to this will now be feeling this.

As you can see, all the proposed plans of the Dark that were circulated on the Net by the Alternative News sources [i.e: "false Flag" missile attacks on Iran] for early November did not manifest.  They were all prevented from manifesting, and that alone should be good evidence of our ongoing actions for you Ones who are in doubt.

Be in Peace, PLEASE, Beloveds. WE ARE IN CHARGE and the intervention is in place. Even others are posting about this on the Internet. Many do know. Show Thy Love to a World that is greatly in need.

I am Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon. Ye who read here are blessed.

22 December 2010 – Christ Michael and Jesus/Esu: A Change of Plan. Through Candace

Christ Michael: We are now expecting to be able to dispense with the Mini-Stasis completely. Instead there will be an "Announcement" period which will be several weeks long. We expect to become very visible both on TV and on the ground during this time, and will also intervene where it is necessary, and safe to do so, where there are to be Earth changes, disruptions of civil infrastructure, or other problems.

We are making HUGE progress Beloveds, do not be impatient. You are going to much like the show that is coming. We ARE able to now skip the Mini Stasis, unless the Gulf of Mexico should blow big time. There will likely be some major quakes during the Long "Announcement" period, but that's OK.

We have removed many Dark Ones. We made major removals for their re-education and sadly and as expected, I guess, many of those did not wish to switch direction. We had however some that did, and they are already back on Earth, but most of the rest could not alter their programming, even after all the wondrous evidence and even some personal appearances by several of us.

We are hoping to take the "Announcement Period" from about now to last over a few weeks of time. We have a huge TV Show planned of wondrous materials of Truth. This will cover how the Dark Ones took over through their secret control of Earth, of all the wars your soldiers fought not knowing that they were merely serving the interests of the controlling "Corporation" and not their Country. Initially the Announcements are to cover the present political and monetary situation and then we will carefully move into full disclosure of our Mission's purpose. As part of this there will be live TV crews aboard even my own Mothership and of several others, to provide a real picture of us.

Eventually, if time allows, in addition to nightly displays, we will offer visits to and from the craft so that people can get a handle on the higher energies.  Physical people need to experience physical ships, but we will also be making an effort to give a real idea of a typical "Lightship/Mothership" that traverses the Higher Heavens, that is the Local Universe/Galaxy of Nebadon and the 7th SuperUniverse of Orvonton.

As Candace did report to those of you on the AbundantHope Forum, we were over Denver for actually 8 days in a row. We are only there now and then at this time. The importance of that area is related to our direct takeover of the underground areas [underground Bases formerly used by the Secret Government] some several years ago now and it will also serve our needs after the "Long Stasis" until we have set up our own properties on the surface in the Denver area. As some of you know, our International Headquarters are to be based there. I will now pass you over to Esu.

Esu/Jesus: Let me start with the topic of the underground Base under Denver. This was originally built to be the "New World Order" Headquarters of the Secret Government/Illuminati of the Dark Forces. The Denver Metro area, in fact all of Colorado, was experiencing rapid growth in real estate there for this reason. Many of these jobs coming were inside the massive underground Secret Government Base built up over many years. It runs from near Pueblo in the South, up to North of Fort Collins, underneath the mountains. Denver International Airport is a major entry hub into this large complex. Candace in fact lives nearly over some tunnels running West from there and knows well the "Taos hum" produced by the nuclear tunneling machines during the construction of that Airport.

My future International Headquarters may well be in this region. We have already made some important purchases of facilities, but these may be damaged by some of the "Earth Changes" and at any rate will not be complete by the end of the Long Stasis period. So we will in the meantime be using a lot of this underground Base as needed for a period of time. I actually now have "Offices" underground there. We have also brought at lot of the Dark "detainees" through there.

There are extensive tunnel systems from this area to other major underground Bases the Dark Ones were so kind to construct for us throughout North America. They were building them for themselves for these "End Times". We had always hoped not to have to fully evacuate the Planet, but if we had needed to do so, these areas would have been especially useful for our own subsequent use. China and Russia have also built large underground bunkers for their population for these "End Times", but in the Western countries they were built only for the continuation of the Dark "Elite".

Those underground areas all over the Globe ARE part of our plans for this future World. It is after all the "Bestowal Planet" of Christ Michael and it will become a marvellous Jewel, as well as being restored as a new type of "Seed Planet" for Higher Minds. In the meantime, another new Seed Planet has been developed elsewhere to provide for the creation and learning experiences of further newly birthed "Seed Souls". There always has to be provision for one or more "Seed Planets" for the creation of new Human Souls per major Sector of a Galaxy/Local Universe.

Your Earth animals, as part of the Milky Way Ecliptic, will be making their own sudden growth over the next 1000 years and many will indeed acquire the ability to stand up and walk. Your beloved pets are therefore to become FUTURE Humans, Dear Ones, and do not forget that they are also your "Younger Brothers". Treat them with the respect they deserve - they are not just soulless "Animals."

They too are on a journey of Ascension. Many will even receive their own Thought Adjusters [Higher Selves endowed with an element of the Trinity Father's consciousness]. Some already have such, and the classes created for these younger Brothers on your "Other Side" [the After-life Spiritual Planes] are growing. Candace herself has two former family members (cats) in attendance over there after their passings from this Plane who have received Thought Adjusters. That is because they had learned to think consciously and thus solve problems, all that which is of "God Mind", so the Thought Adjusters were able to come to them. Many more animals will over time also be moved into Human form.

Now, we will over time be building a large International Headquarters on the surface above Denver and we have already purchased land for that reason, about 10,000 acres. There we will be developing a large University System that will have a global outreach to all the other Regions of the World, each under a Regional Director. We expect there to be between 50 and 75 World "Regions" [i.e. Countries], depending on the Earth Changes and the amount of population to be surviving.

Many of you who belong to areas of the Planet likely to be disrupted are possibly to remain underground for a period after the general awakening from the "Long Stasis". We have already said that they will be awakened early, before the end of the Stasis period, and this will be possible because they will be placed underground, though some others may instead be housed up on the Motherships. However, all of those who are returning to Planet Earth after the Long Stasis will collectively have, at some time, had an experience of living on, or visiting, the Motherships.

Besides the slow and careful Magnetic Pole Reversal being undertaken during the Long Stasis period there will also be several later "Axis Shifts", as we will need to at times to further remodel the surface. Man is over a long time going to get quite an experience, as there will be yet more short Stasis periods at some distant future time during which he may have to return underground for a period of time during any further Earth changes, but these will be less dramatic than during the coming Long Stasis period. During some of those subsequent Earth Changes perhaps Stasis may not even be needed, but there will be some who nevertheless may have to be moved down underground for their safety.

This is ALL very experimental, Dear Ones. This whole project has never been done anywhere before, ANYWHERE. And the whole of the Grand Creation is itself pretty large. And I do not just mean anywhere else in our Local Universe/Galaxy of Nebadon, or in the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton. I mean NO WHERE else at all in our Grand Universe. And those of you in training here for those coming Management jobs to be exercised in the future with Planets, Solar Systems, Local System Headquarters, Constellation Headquarters and even within those distant new Creations forming out in the Great Void, are going to get an awfully lot of experience during these next few thousand years of bringing this Planet into its full glory as a "Way-shower" Planet, as well as being Creator Son Michael's "Final Bestowal Planet", as it always will continue to be.

Esu/Jesus SANANDA.

25 December 2010: ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Achieving a greater Harvest of Souls - through Candace

Dearly Beloveds, I AM the "Archangel of the Resurrection", and so Archangel Michael is properly my title. The Archangel of Resurrection on any Planet at the "End Times" and Resurrection always comes linked in name to the Bestowal Son in such cases. Thus since Michael of Nebadon is your Bestowal Son, I am the Archangel of the Resurrection and I therefore go by the name of "Michael."

Now, as background information, a normal evolutionary Planet undergoes many Cleansings when it becomes overpopulated or at one of the various "End Time" periods. After evolutionary life has been given a period of time to develop on an evolutionary Planet, Seed Planet or otherwise, and following the normal coming of a Paradise-based Avonal Son or its Local Universe Creator Son, there is at the End Time of a Major Age a "Final Judgement" of all the Souls who have worked through that Age on a Planet, prior to its entry into an eventual and final perfected state of "Light and Life".

At the time of this "Final Judgement" period, before the start of a New Age, only those Souls of a higher nature may incarnate into a Planet at the last stages. It is no longer a suitable time for the entrance of "young" Souls starting out on their long evolutionary path. As such, it thereafter becomes a higher grade of school.

For Mother Earth (GAIA/Urantia) now is that time. Already, in fact, only 5th Dimensional or Higher Level Souls, may incarnate into this Planet at this particular time and thus there have been no Dark Beings incarnating into this Planet since 1995. Only the Higher Sons of God may come in to repeat earlier incarnations, if it is appropriate for them to have another life on Earth.

Now, during the upcoming weeks, there will appear in many areas of your Planet a number of Perfected or nearly perfected Beings as "undercover" replacements for present World Leaders. These are the "Volunteers" we have previously spoken of who are coming into cloned look-alike forms replacing those Dark Ones of high positions who are being removed. Most of these Volunteers are already in action, but we are even now putting a few more into place as we finalize everything.

Watch your News programmes and see how the familiar faces now look younger and refreshed, then perhaps it should become obvious to you. As we take over the Airwaves those new "Walk-ins" are mostly those of higher rank whom you on the Planet are now going to see, and the shining Light behind the eyes will be very obvious, even on Television. They will be seen to be setting a higher example over their predecessors.

They are here on a very short-term basis, until at least the start of the "Long Stasis", at which point they may be leaving, if they so wish. Not only are they to be in the Media and the Government, there are to be many others in various corporations, businesses and the like, including also some replaced religious Leaders. During the upcoming "Announcement/Teaching" period when there will also be some parallel physical "Earth Changes" going on, we shall be needing those higher Sons of God on the Planet as replacements for the "Dark Ones".  

Now is the time of the "Resurrection", of both all the Earth Souls and of Lady Gaia herself. As we have previously informed you, there will be around 1 billion Souls returning to the 5th Dimensional New Earth. However, there are also many of those who have barely earned the right to Ascend with Gaia/Earth. As a Seed Planet intended for the creation of new starter-Souls, many of these young Souls have not yet grown to their full stature and are therefore not strictly entitled to move up with Gaia at these End Times. However, they are nonetheless to be given this right, and for only one reason: we are allowing them to Ascend with Planet Earth in order to increase the final "Harvest" of Souls which otherwise would be far too small.

There are also many others who cannot Resurrect/Ascend yet, and most of these will be travelling to other worlds, to pursue their Ascension at a slower pace more suited to their current progress or lack thereof.

We originally considered removing most of them as they passed over to the "Other Side" [in normal physical death] and of admitting a lot more 5th Dimensional Souls, but decided instead to allow what you could call the "51 Percenters" [degree of Consideration for Others as opposed to Self-centeredness] to stay and be given a further opportunity to grow. This responsibility, of deciding who is, or is not to be "Resurrected", is the particular function of my Mission.

Now as you have previously been taught, during the "Magnetic Pole Reversal" everything that is not of God, disappears off the Planet. Even if in Stasis. We are also going to have to remove a lot of people before the Pole Reversal commences, only to return them after the period of the Long Stasis and the Earth Changes.

As part of the "Announcement/Teaching" process coming up, we plan to have people informed of the Star Fleets' main purpose for being here, and also that this is part of the long prophesized "Second Coming of the Christ". We will do our best to help them understand it all.

During the Announcement/Teaching period there will be many who will not be of a sufficiently high vibration rate to be taken up to the Spacecraft through the process of "dematerialization" [Teleporting] during their Stasis sleep, then to be re-materialized on the Mothership. Actually, none of those who are too borderline will be able to do so and there will also be many who will not even be able to board by the "Levitation Beam" of the Scoutcraft – their bodies would be consumed in the process. We will instead have to have them board the Scoutcraft by stairs, or else small antigravity platforms. This requires landing or hovering a bit above the surface. This is time-consuming and not so practical, but those within any danger areas from the "Earth Changes" may have to be physically lifted off before the Stasis period starts. We have not fully covered this before because of the constant re-structuring of our plans and the many discussions being made up here.

It will be a role for some of you to help to convince those people where you live, to board the Scoutcraft by whatever means. There will likely be some significant Earth Changes coincident with the "Announcement/Teaching" period and it is our wish that the many who need to see these "Changes" for their advancement, should indeed experience them. We will nevertheless also be lifting people out of areas that are facing extreme danger. We may not be successful in getting all of them to board, but without us all attempting some teaching and trying to make people feel comfortable, those that would board ship would otherwise be very few. It is also desired by us that these Ones should get the additional experience of the Earth Changes IN body, even if they will not be returning to the Planet after the Stasis period.

Now, those one billion persons who are to be staying with the Planet, will still have to be off the Planet themselves at some point during the Earth Changes over the Long Stasis period. Initially, we will be starting the Magnetic Pole Reversal process shortly before the Long Stasis period starts. The Pole Reversal will be made to occur slowly in order to prevent too much change within the landscape, and at that time we will also be picking up those people in danger areas before the Planet "stills" herself prior to her change in direction of rotation. We do not yet know the exact timing of the "pickup" times, because inevitably something unexpected always happens – even in "Heaven" things happen according to their own timings and through other possible disruptions. All of you must by now appreciate that after your long and extended wait for the coming "Earth Changes".

At the time of the "Announcement/Teaching Period", when we shall begin to show ourselves to you, those of you who are "in the know" about these coming events, MUST at that time put aside your own worries about how you will yourself be reacting. You must support us and explain to others about your long preparation for this event. The "Announcement/Teaching" process will have another benefit, because those who formerly knew nothing of us as the "Higher Forces", or were even in denial of us, will then be able to undertake waking up other sleeping Starseeds to join up with this Service to Others also. Some of your family members will also by then be finally able to "get it." Some may refuse to, and if they continue to do so after a reasonable attempt, use your valuable time elsewhere. If on the other hand they are not to be amongst those staying on here after Stasis, it matters not. Do not keep trying to give "Pearls to People" who want only stones. It is after all, to be the Final Sorting – well almost, as there will continue to be a sorting after the Stasis when people will be passing on elsewhere, as some are not going to be able to earn their "4D Ascension".

Normally at the End Times of a smoothly evolving Planet, the "Young Souls" of the Planet are by then mostly ready for "fusion" with their Thought Adjusters [a Higher-Self linked with the Trinity Father], which is generally at the achievement of a 6th Dimensional consciousness. This does not always happen, as some can be a little earlier, or some a little later, but that is a generalized statement. Those Ones on Earth who belong to the marginal, "51% groups" have at this point generally reached a 4th Dimensional consciousness level, and so they will have a chance to achieve 5D Consciousness, at least with this Planet. When they have done so, they may then wish to make other choices available to them for their further evolutionary growth. On the other hand there are some who may, or may not, "fuse" with their Though Adjusters in their new life or even after further births onto this Planet. All is up to the individual through the Universal Right of "Free Will".

At this point we do not know exactly how long the "Announcement/Teaching Period" will be. Much depends on the state of the People and the Planet. We have done some things to delay the Earth Changes, including the Gulf of Mexico situation, to gain further time. With the Gulf of Mexico, we have pushed the problem area "back in time", so to speak – a de-aging as it were. This restores the physical matter in the affected leak area back to its previous condition for a limited time. It is as if you are, say age 60, and now have become as you were at the age of 25 - moved back in time. This moving back in time causes its own pressures however, and as we lead into the Announcement/Teaching process, we will move those stressed areas once again forward to the present time, as there has to be a natural counter-balancing action. However, the Gulf of Mexico stress situation cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely.

I hope the above Update will be helpful to the many of you waiting in your impatience, hoping for a "magic wand" to be somehow waved. This most recent "Earth Changes" process has been created only within the last one and a half to two years and the timing and balance is a very complex process. This whole process is totally new and experimental and thus we have had to evolve new parameters for everything. You will be in awe as you see it unfold. We have here in this sense, a delay in the normal "Resurrection" process for this type of evolutionary "End Times" and that is our gift (and recompense), in a way, for the many failures on this Planet that have given rise to a People not yet ready to Ascend.

Gaia/Earth is ready to move on, but the "Harvest" is at this point far too low, and thus we have had to create this new type of solution. Everyone who is anyone in the Higher Realms will be watching this drama on Planet Earth and talking about it for a very long time afterwards, especially if it works! We will have walked entirely new waters. We hope this will be so.

Good evening and Merry Christmas. I am Archangel Michael of the Resurrection, acting on behalf of the Creator Son Michael's Bestowal and Seed Planet, Gaia/Earth.

1 January 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - A Possible Three Months Announcing/Teaching Period - through Candace

The work goes on. The issues are not fully finished on our "To-Do List", but when this goes "Live", it will be close to perfect. Perfect cannot always happen, but we have to at least lessen the problems. We have been doing a lot of replacements of the "Dark Ones" all over the Globe in various political offices, and also in the media. We have to this point replaced 8,923 people. There will likely be more. We keep discovering new "Dark Ones" that must be replaced, and making a "Clone" replacement for them to continue in their high public position takes 36 hours plus about another 36 hours of programming after the new Soul inhabits them. So 3 days are needed before this person can walk the Earth Plane. That is one of the main reasons for the immediate further delays to the coming "Earth Changes".

The "Announcement/Teaching Period" will, if we can, now run for about 3 months. It is to be a glorious, but difficult time for all.

15 February 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - Candace

Hello Beloveds, this is Christ Michael. This has been a horrid past several weeks. The "Darkness" is fully on a descent now, and Mother Earth cannot be held back. We made a decision about two weeks ago to go ahead and allow the Sun to now discharge without restraint towards Earth, and as a result you are beginning to see many Sunspots and have a full retinue of Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections to come.

We are now actually backing off our efforts to restrain the collapse from fully happening. We have once said it could all be as sudden as a dark whirlwind tunneling down a drain, or just as you would see water swirling down a drain. It would be as a tornado, in effect.

We do have a "Master Plan" which has long been ready for this time. We hope it will shortly be activated and bring to an end this "Darkness" before we start the "Announcement" process. I will not at this time release the nature of this.

We had hoped to have quite a showing within the various Countries of the World with the "Protests" [the "Arab Spring"] by the People. The Protests were supposed to allow a peaceful demonstration as a Teaching to the World. However, once the Dark Ones watched it work out within Egypt, along with its coverage on TV, they quickly halted their other plans and clamped down behind the scenes. Iran is surely also facing a messy disruption because of those demonstrations.

The "New Madrid Fault Line" [leading up to the USA Great Lakes] is very unstable. We are also releasing our constraint on the latent energy in the Gulf of Mexico, so that it can then proceed as Nature directs. There are also other potential danger areas to be released from their imposed restraints. This will allow that which must happen to happen.

The Western Nations still need to go through experiencing some disruptions as a "Wake-Up Call", and so we will not prevent them occurring. That is necessary in order that they are made ready to accept our help when we do need to "pitch in". The "Announcement/Teaching Period" is still planned, but some of the other events mentioned will now instead be preceding it.

It is not now likely that our Galactic Forces Agent in this process, President Obama, will be making any form of pre-emergency announcement, but an opportunity will be provided for that to happen when the first major catastrophe in the United States occurs. Those of you near the New Madrid Fault area, and around the Gulf of Mexico, again now need to make preparations. We thought California might have had a major event recently but it has settled down a bit for now - however it may yet still occur. You will know when that "whirlpool" of events begins, as it will become very obvious to all when it happens.

This is sufficient Updating for the time being, as there is little we can safely, or even should [because of the danger of the Dark Cabal taking advantage of the plans], release at this time. If it appears to you that we are not doing very much, that may appear be true on the surface, but we are nevertheless working very hard behind the scenes and very quietly, so please do not expect too many further Updates. Simply prepare yourselves!

Namaste, Christ Michael of Nebadon.

14 March 2011 - Esu/Jesus SANANDA on The Japan Earthquake - thru Eve

Esu, can you comment on Japan? Esu: Ok, Eve, short briefing: the Tsunami off Japan is very serious. We are sucking off the most of the radioactivity – we are shift working 24 hours a day. We have taken care of the Souls who were victims of the Tsunami and there is special care for the ones whose bodies were harmed by radioactivity. Japan is an incredible mess of harm and grief.

A catastrophe like that – in a place of such a high population density - is a pure apocalypse. You see the volcanic underground of Japan. This is merely the beginning. We've told you before, how hard Japan could be hit. A chain reaction is likely to follow from this. The whole place is like an open wound right now – and this is in fact unveiled – a drama when Man sees what he has created.

So many of you have signed petitions for stopping the growth of Nuclear Energy. They have not been heard. To build these kinds of Nuclear Plants on volcanic ground makes it even worse. Chernobyl has not been bad enough, so it seems - to turn the tide. "The New World Order" [Secret Government of the Dark Cabal] has been given an inadvertent big "Coup" by this event. Now they are trying to make you believe they had arranged this by HAARP [Ultrasonic Scalar-Wave technology], as a shock and awe scenario. Your Internet is already flooded by rage filled indictions and statements, that HAARP had been used to intentionally make a mess out of this. Not so, Beloveds.

The Japanese in special have long played with fire and now their house is literally burning down. WWII – the nuclear bombs falling upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bad enough to prevent them from building these nuclear reactors. Japan is harvesting the seed that has grown up from this, and unfortunately not only Japan.

On the background information of availability and development of free energy, including Tesla's technology for generating Free Electricity in the first half of the last Century, this whole Nuclear thing comes out to be the crowning point of irresponsibility.

And I'm sorry, folks, this is merely the beginning. You now have Japan as a building ground for such drama and what does Mankind do if further such grounds be added and become manifest?

Hopefully you will cry out for God to help you. I assure you, what we see in Japan is tearing apart our hearts. You have heard about the high number of missing people. It's more, Dear Ones. And it will get worse. Go on joining your prayers and empathy to this location exposed to the Elements of Nature, to Earth taking back her power - keep firmly anchored while things will be adding up furthermore.

Yes, it's true that it wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark". But now the rain has set in and I hope you have finished your preparations. This is the final rundown. Esu.

24 April 2011 - Esu/Jesus - Easter Update - Thru Jess Anthony

I will speak now about what we are working with and how that plays into the projected schedule that has been given you. As you heard, we have been experimenting to see how we might alleviate some of the geophysical stress that would lead unchecked into more catastrophic disasters such as what happened in Japan. The North American West Coast has been reacting significantly to the aftershocks in the Far East, and the most threatening sites have been increasing their activity. This has the potential to be a series of quakes more severe than anything the United States has experienced within memory.

The Galactic Crews are actually straightening out some of the more precarious slippages and reducing the built up pressure by actively moving the landmasses causing the stress. This has been reported as unexplained phenomena by the scientists reporting in the Media. The hope is this will allow less damage to the United States when and if quakes do occur. We hope to save some of the natural areas that remain and stave off some of the worst population disasters by lessening the potential intensity of the quakes. I would like to see more of the truly beautiful portions of the West Coast be protected, if we can work this out.

This lessening takes a space of your time, of course, and the possibility of it being initiated sometimes doesn't present itself until very near the end of a projected timeframe. The new option hadn't previously been considered as a possibility. This means, of course, that timeframes are changed, as a result, and the course of action is a modification for the better. Honestly, what is wrong with that? You just have to be aware that such changes are taking place constantly.

The "worst case scenarios" are hopefully becoming more manageable. We have painted the picture of a difficult outcome to prepare your thinking for such a possibility. You have to be resilient and open to living events. This organism you are a part of that you call Planet Earth is active and changeable. You tend to forget that the Universe is as many-layered as its Creator's thinking. It is a manifestation of his concepts and continues to evolve as his vision progresses.

I have been actively involved with the Events taking place. As the newly appointed "Planetary Prince", I am overseeing what is taking place on Earth. This means going to areas where disasters are pending, as well as coordinating the Galactic Forces' interventions in places where catastrophes have taken place. I am like a Spiritual CEO, and I observe my very good Teams working for me and for Christ Michael ATON. We are helping to alleviate some of the radiation concerns in Japan. We are shifting the land masses on the West Coast to alleviate some of the pressure building up. We are massaging the Gulf to ease some of the toxic build up there.

Other Teams are working with economic and financial situations. We are helping to create a more solid monetary foundation that will benefit all, not just a few. Some groups are also working directly with the political situation to attempt to lessen the potential of further attacks. We have been turning the heat down to prevent the "Hot Spots" from boiling over into full fledged conflicts. This is coming about by changes of attitude among some World Leaders and a shifting of priorities in the face of new circumstances.

Esu/Jesus Sananda

30 May 2011: Esu/Jesus SANANDA talks to Jess Anthony - through Jess Anthony

Jess Anthony: Esu, I would like further conversations on paper. I feel, once again, that the treading water phase has happened. Gaia says she's in labour. We've had more messages warning the Dark Ones not to continue. Has anything changed?

Esu: Much has changed that you can't see. Political upheavals are about ready to occur. I know you don't like to hear such potential pronouncements, but movements are taking place that will bring about changes. This undercurrent of dissatisfaction and rebellion even is gaining momentum all over the world. We are helping this Upset happen. We do this by active involvement and by steering the flow of information that the mass Public is seeing. There is a strong voice of disinformation, that is true, but we are helping to shape the Revelations that are undermining what has been manipulated earlier.

This is one area of where we are intervening in current affairs. We also are actively monitoring the Earth's movements and energy flow. Gaia's physical form is breaking apart, and we are helping to moderate the intensity of what has to happen to relieve the stress. We do this to protect as many inhabitants as we can. We prefer not to have a massive disaster, if we can help it, by shifting some of the pressure points that are most threatening. You can watch the earthquake sites and see the great increase in frequency and intensity that is happening. Helping the pressure move around is what is maintaining some stability.

We haven't talked about the "Wave" [the Photon Belt] much lately. This "Energy from Source" is continuing to reach out to Earth, and the increase in frequency it is causing is having an effect on people's attitudes and actions. This increased Energy is one factor that is causing other issues to happen. People's physical systems have to retune to this higher frequency, and this speeding up is causing them to change. Those who can't adapt to this Higher Energy will collapse. This is similar to what is happening with Earth's crust/shell. The inadaptable physical manifestation is the outworking of flawed energy patterns; the problems that are visible are the products of the imbalances that the system has incorporated. New balances and energy patterns can't exist within the old shapes.

Realize that this process of Closure and Change is complicated and more involved than you can possibly imagine. Think of how difficult your own life is to negotiate, and multiply that by the total population of the world. The population is also integrated with all of Earth's Systems, and it is impossible to focus on one area to the exclusion of the others. All is interrelated, and Christ Michael ATON is overseeing everything within this Galaxy as his particular area of responsibility. We are making continual progress, but the complexity of the project is immense. We actually do have timelines and checklists to work from, and the Creator has established a final point that we are working toward. This progress is not random or sporadic; we have specific parameters we are working within. But it seems that way to you because of the complexity of what we are working with. You on Earth still have a linear perception of a sequence of events leading to an end result. The process we are working with is more like creating a mosaic of thousands of fragments that all have to be in place before the picture is completed.

I won't give you a "Schedule" since the progress is made through a myriad of changes that seemingly aren't related. However, the nearness to the finish is indicated by the ever increasing revelations and physical turmoil. These occurrences are related. The energy released by one affects the stability of the other. The imbalance that results, triggers further shifting in other places or in other ways. Be aware that many levels of concerns are being watched, and many elements of resolution and closure are happening. Prepare for a break-through when you least expect it. As we have told you many times, the End will come "Like a Thief in the Night". You won't know until it happens. Be ready to move into action when you must.

Esu [Jesus/Sananda]

4 July 2011: CHRIST MICHAEL of Nebadon - Jess Anthony

Christ Michael: I am seeking the best resolution possible for ongoing situations that Man has started. These are complicated by steps Gaia must take to move ahead with her "Ascension" to a new level of higher vibration. We are coordinating various levels of incoming Energy that each requires a separate field of operation. The Energies impinging upon Planet Earth that you view with anticipation of disasters is one complicated level. The winding down of struggles in other fields like Banking or Military Control have still a strong energy pattern that must have closure. Man's attempts to keep these initiatives going are preventing a peaceful dying down of the incoming Energy arc. Man's last minute attempts to keep control have continued this sequence beyond the limit of what should have been a "natural ending". Any possible option is tried with little regard for the peripheral consequences.

I am working from a time-frame determined by Galactic and Cosmic Changes that have been planned by Creator Source and His Agents in our ruling SuperUniverse of Orvonton. I am privy to the choices, and my determinations are coloured by these Others at a Higher Level. I am the Supreme Creator and Judge for my Local Universe of Nebadon, but my position is, none the less, in coordination with the decisions of my Overseers. I have my own free will in choices for my Local Universe, but even they must be in alignment with "Directives" from the Tinity Father/Mother of the Paradise Isle and the Central Universe of Havona, all within our own total Grand Universe. Further up the line are the "Divine Directives" coming from our Cosmic CREATOR ruling within His own Creational Area of the Cosmos, of which our Grand Universe is part, and even further up the line is the ultimate authority of the Supreme Source/PRIME-CREATOR.

I am in charge of what is going on in this area, not the powers of the Dark Forces, or the insidious Dark voices telling you how to think or react.  Political unrest and natural disasters are just experiences, not events that will cause me to lose control of my Nebadon Creation. I am not allowing the destruction of anything that will be necessary for Man to "Ascend" with Planet Earth. This is a given. This has already been decided, and all the so-called threats you see are only generating fear to tap into instilled habits that prevent you finding Spiritual Balance and Alignment within the Greater Creation - ignore what is trying to create anger or blame. Resolve your personal issues and try to move towards perfection.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

6 July 2011 - The Creator Source of our Grand Universe Speaks on Closure and Change - Jess Anthony

Jess: Creator Source of our Grand Universe, I ask for comments from you. This may come through Lord Siraya [of the 7th SuperUniverse of Orvonton], or some other voice, but I do remember hearing words to this effect coming to me this morning. They said "You were all around me". Speak to that again, please.

Jess, I am speaking to you again. This is the Creator Source of your Grand Universe, or as "Papa Source" as others would have it.

I am speaking directly. I have no need to go through others, if I choose. I have spoken to you before, and we discussed our long history together. My attention is now focused on Planet Earth, particularly, and its concluding moments before the next phase of its evolution begins.

I spoke of being wrapped in my energy. I sent out the wave of my intentions and it is manifesting as higher frequency vibrations that are affecting all. My comments to you this morning came at a time when you were most receptive to hearing. Now is more of an effort. But your focus is holding my comments together so that I may speak to you and others who may read this.

I told Johann that decisions had been made. Christ Michael ATON as you call him also said to you that there was a timetable based on my wishes. I have a vision of how I intend for Earth to change. Man who has become attuned to her intentions also has a place in the process. This requires awareness and willingness to become part of this movement. Man is a part of Earth and should not be eliminated out of hand.

Earth must let go of what it has held on to for so long. As you know this is difficult. The most difficult step is the first one. The flood of relief that comes once this has been taken is a revelation. Preliminary steps are being taken to test the resilience of her physical system. More and more quakes are recorded, and more extreme weather is being experienced. Her confidence is almost ready for this major shift. It probably won't be mindless, even so. Gaia's care for her inhabitants continues to influence the extent and location of her releases.

I do see July as a month of letting go in many areas. Events will continue, nonetheless, but the long range assumptions are really not going to happen. This is all taking place because my energy is seeping in and raising the normal level of vibration. This part of my idea is re-fashioning itself. My wealth of new experience that has come from Man's embodiment on Earth has allowed me to create the new phase of Earth's Ascension in more detail than was ever possible. I know where I want this Local Universe of Nebadon to go, and Christ Michael has become One with my idea. This refashioning is what will happen. Christ Michael is working out the details of how this is to take place.

He knows that the time is near for this to shift into a higher phase. He, by his very nature, continues to call for more to awaken, even as he draws this phase to a close. Because reality and materialisation are always in flux based on the actualisation that continues to change what had come before, the details necessary to make the decision to close are constantly modifying their arrangement. This fact is part of what has caused an extended closing down beyond the assumed timeframe in Earth's system of measurement.

CREATOR - Source of Your Grand Universe

24 July 2011 - Christ Michael - Jess Anthony

The time is now coming for us to begin the Changes. We have postponed and delayed the final sequence until the time has run out by our calendar. I know you tend not to believe our statements of definite events happening on specific dates. You have had ten years of delays and postponements from the projected Timelines we have given you. However, each instance has had a good reason to be changed. We have always found a better solution to resolve the situation causing the crisis. Everything from our perspective has been measured by the slow movements of Galactic forces. We have allowed postponements and delays because the forces necessary to implement changes on Earth were not all in place.

The Galactic moves are all in place now. The tools we need to effect changes are in position. Your Solar System operates through exchanges of energy. You may imagine the Planets moving in circles and spinning around the Sun, but the purpose of all that movement is to generate energy. This movement provides the energy that runs your physical form. Your Planet and all the creation it houses are fuelled by the Energy of the Universe. Without it nothing can function. The frequency of the Energy Waves determines the form the embodiment takes. Ideas are energy that must be formulated, and your World is the manifestation of the Creator's plan for the Creator-Explorer Race to incarnate into as a tough learning school in order to qualify to become Creators in the future. Earth is a unique place of learning and you Members of the Creator-Explorer Race are especially qualified and privileged to experience its hard-won lessons.

I have said through you and various other Messengers that the "Time is Now". My role is not exactly to push a button to begin the chain reaction. It is more personal, actually. I AM responsible for my Creative area and I have to feel that everything is ready to allow a change to begin. This will transform me, as well, and as is the situation with Gaia - we both have to sense that everything is ready to start. The energy from the Creator Source is surrounding my Universe of Nebadon, and all its elements are reacting because I am ready to receive the force of the coming "Wave" which is part of the Photon Belt.

I have spoken about how each person on Earth is experiencing aspects of the "Dual Incarnation" I had with Esu/Jesus. I pointed out that each Spirit was being housed in a physical body in much the same way. You all chose the form you would need to continue your exploration, and you determined the genetic design you would need by observing the progression of generations leading up to the production of the physical form you assumed. In my case, Esu had done the work and I chose to share the embodiment. His format was the most suitable one for me to use to effect the changes I needed to make to guide my Local Universe Creation back to my original intention. His purpose was my purpose, but it took the power of both our energies to make the shift necessary when we were housed in a lower dimensional form that was designed to be separate from my Universal Truths.

In a similar way, my Local Universe of Nebadon must have the form I need to effect the changes Creator Source wishes. The situation on Earth, while extreme, is not the only element being affected in my Local Universe. I am particularly mindful of what happens here on this my "Final Bestowal Planet" [Planet Earth/Urantia], however, and the circumstances here must be ready in all aspects. This is why I am waiting until the very last minute to say it is "Time", which should also of course be in concordance with our CREATOR Source's own wishes.

You can look at the level of confusion and breakdown that is becoming visible on Planet Earth. These are the initial steps of the process. The "Change" has begun, and will only intensify as more and more Galactic Energy pours in.

All was planned long ago for this coming Time. The Planets and Celestial bodies that surround you have been moved into position much like pieces on a chessboard. They have to be in place to provide the levels of energy Earth was going to need to trigger all the changes that have to occur.

These energies are such that the existing configurations on Earth cannot hold much longer. As you know, physical forms are manifestations of the original ideas. The previous ideas and their embodiment will have to change. Those that cannot will become erratic and fall apart. Thinking, behaviour, and production will all be affected, and the breakdowns in established systems will be obvious and overwhelming to those who cannot adapt.

Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon, ATON of Nebadon

9 August 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - End Times Update - Jess Anthony

This is Christ Michael Aton. I speak to you this evening because my words are most final for what is happening. I am making the final decision, and my perspective is what determines the readiness of my Creation.

The time is almost here. I have said that to you many times, so you may not believe this recent avowal. But the time is fast approaching by your measurements, and events will lead to a point where no alternatives exist that can be pursued.

I will tell you where to look. The Banking Circle is losing its control. The fluctuations in the Stock Markets show that. The printing of more paper money is pointless, and the effect it has on financial uncertainties will be only short-lived. It is no resolution of the situation. What is going to happen is the World will lose confidence in America's ability to counter its debt. The financial resources your country claims are non-existent. There is no way any amount of debt can be repaid. Other countries are in the same situation, but America is the World's leader in financial exchanges, and these transactions are being called into question. This endangers transactions in all other countries.  The fact that China controls the flow of currency is beside the point in terms of visible trade manipulation. The American actions will continue only until they can no longer do so.

Esu has previously told you that the financial collapse could come before the earthquake situation itself escalates into major physical disruptions. The financial situation could then also be given a death blow as a result of a general break down in services and economic networking due to the severe upheaval. The potential for catastrophic damage could make the fragile financial infrastructure unsustainable. As the stress continues to build, the financial House of Cards will begin to fall.

I can't predict which will go first. The decisions are with Gaia/Mother Earth and with the few of the Dark Cabal's men and women still controlling the financial manipulations. The Dark Cabal wish for another war situation, but that possibility has been so weakened that what once was a major source of revenue to them has now become worthless. They have few alternatives left, and a public show of stock fluctuations is one of the last graspable charades they can use to seem in control. They hope that the public reaction will allow them to earn some additional revenue.

The most dangerous physical disruption areas are the ones you have been watching on the Pacific Rim. However, the possibility still does exist for movement in other areas. The USA New Madrid zone [leading up to the Great Lakes region] is risky, particularly since it is connected at a deep level to the Gulf of Mexico, which continues to have stress even though no one talks about it anymore. There is also the potential for a major upheaval in the Canary islands that could send an enormous tsunami to the East Coast. The stresses on Japan and the California and Oregon coastline still seem the most dangerous, however.

I hope you realise that we are monitoring each area constantly, and are ready to spring into action if something happens in any spot. All the imbalances are attached in ways that are related to the Tectonic Plate movements. A release of pressure in one area causes additional movement in another. These quakes will be unlike anything you have experienced before; the amount of movement the Tectonic Plates have to undergo to find a new balance, particularly in the light of the increased vibrational frequency that is being introduced, is unlike anything previously experienced. Earth is shifting its Polar Axis and reversing its Polar magnetic polarity-charges to operate more in alignment with the new level of energy vibration. This means the water placement has to shift and new land masses from under the oceans will be moved into position as new continents.

Man has long built on the coasts, and this shift of Earth's alignment will have a devastating effect on existing population centres. Many inhabitants will leave and much established landscape and infrastructure of architecture and civilised communities will be destroyed. This is inevitable given the reshaping that must take place for Gaia to continue her Ascension.

Lightworkers, as they are called, will be the vanguards of stability and empowerment. Your role is to work with the situation as it is and bring closure as best you can. This call to action is still abstract, however, given the uncertainty of which events will occur first. The impatience you feel is a result of not having a clear mandate.  We can't exactly predict what will happen in what order, so you have to find a way to be ready and focused for a range of possible scenarios.

I guarantee that a state of chaos won't continue long. We are planning to introduce what you have called a "Mini Stasis" to remove the most active antagonists to Earth's Ascension. However, we feel that it is more beneficial to let Earth's inhabitants experience the loss of the traditional society that supports them but also holds them back. The period of chaos and upheaval will make a profound impression, but it will not continue any longer than I feel it has served its purpose as an object lesson.

Once the Mini Stasis is finished - and I expect it will only be a few days - then those inhabitants we have determined are best suited to working with rebuilding a life on Earth/Urantia will be awakened again and introduced to the beginnings of a new thinking through a series of educational broadcasts and examples. This will continue for a period of time, along with an already established core of Earth's Lightworkers outlining what has to happen in the future.

When the lessons have introduced a rethinking of Man's purpose and his relationship to his Universe, we will then enter into a longer period of a Stasis proper [the "Long Stasis"] that will allow our workers to instigate the major changes that have to happen on Earth. This will involve another sorting of Lightworkers, and it will allow Gaia to proceed into the most radical stages of transformation without Man's interference. This will take longer. When these changes have happened, and the Planet's environment is safe for its inhabitants to return, we will then bring Urantia/Earth out of its Stasis period. Man and his Planet will be transformed to the new energy level.

This new era will only be the beginning of the move to what ultimately will be a higher vibrational Dimension. Man will have to work to that, but he will be assisted in the process with a new environment and a higher frequency mental capacity. He will now have a concept of unity and connection with his fellow inhabitants and his Galactic Family that previously was hidden from him. This awareness will shape his new sense of purpose and dedication to his personal evolution.

Christ Michael, ATON of the Local Universe of Nebadon

23 August 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon Speaks to the USA Specifically - Jess Anthony

Christ Michael: Jess Anthony, I am speaking to you clearly this evening. This is a time of troubling potential for your country. Other places in the world are equally in danger, but the United States is poised for serious physical catastrophes. We have spoken of potentials and possibilities many times in the past. I have urged restraint to allow more in America to become aware of what is looming.

This has come to an end. I have told Mother Earth to let go and finish her travail. I have allowed the forces of relief that have strained for resolution to start their process. This will trigger a series of Earth-changing events you have not experienced before in your lives. Just as we have spoken of a series of potential reactions, so have these resolutions begun a sequence that can have wide spread and unforeseen effects.

The Pacific Rim is precarious, and each increasingly large tremor causes other stresses to shift. This is like a bouncing ball that gathers more momentum with each successive point of contact. The energy is rising and the whole area is becoming unstable. The underlying plates are moving against each other and the friction is causing more and more instability. The West Coast in the US is particularly tenuous, due to the fragility of the underground structure. The southern part of the Californian Coast is honeycombed with collapsing areas, and the Northern part is being pushed by renewed volcanic pressure.

The Gulf of Mexico is a potential time bomb. The weather is helping to stabilize the reactions to an extent still, because the catastrophe there could be enormous and would be best dealt with later. The oil is still leaking and the pressure is building up.  As you move into hurricane season, this makes the stability even more difficult to maintain. The force of the storms causes unpredictable reactions in their environment. Aside from the potential land damage that can occur, the level of interaction between the Gulf and the Atlantic and the atmospheric pressure is unknown.

Today's earthquake on the East Coast is another harbinger of unsuspected disaster that is impending. As we have pointed out, these reactions were triggered more by the energy that has been created by Man. This was not a situation where the geophysical stresses were ratcheting up in a sequence that demands release. This was more a reaction by Mother Earth to counter the intensity of the ideas being created by Man so at odds with the notion of ascending to a higher spiritual awareness. The US Government Administration in the East is the most malignant infection with the most impact on the rest of the world's inhabitants. The decisions there prevent Man from moving forward. The irony is that they know they are destroying what they cannot control, yet they continue anyway. You can see their lies and the results of the selfish choices being made. Do not be misled by what you see or read. Ask for guidance and clarity to be able to discern what really is happening.

The East Coast also has a potential for disaster that can come from more typical natural physical reactions. The projected tsunamies and devastation caused by storms from the Atlantic are likely but not certain. The Gulf Stream and the Atlantic currents have been largely shut down by us as a result of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis, and the chain of events this may trigger in regards to the weather and temperature changes are again unknowable. Everything in the Eco system is interrelated, and it will not be in Mother Earth's interest to stop the reactions that have already begun.

I tell you in the United States these possibilities to warn you and to allow you to prepare yourselves for situations you have not imagined. The chaos and devastation could possibly be beyond what you have so far experienced.

Christ MICHAEL, ATON of Nebadon 

19 November 2011: Esu/Jesus SANANDA - Everything is being put on HOLD for the time being - Jess Anthony

Esu: Jess, I am here. It has been busier than you can imagine. I am many things to many people all around the Earth. My role is shaped by people's preconceptions and my attempts to move them away from a limited focus. I am leading many of the initiatives that are in process now. This is a battle on many fronts beyond actual warfare. I am working directly with Christ Michael ATON, and my role is to implement much of what he is envisioning and approving.

The time has come for all things to come to a halt. This is necessary for several reasons:

We can't make the necessary changes any other way at this point. We need to start over on many things and Man is not able to follow through on what has to be changed. The financial world is starting to topple; you can see the shakiness of the investment structure and guess at the magnitude of the shortages that render the "Fiat-money" worthless. This is global. The house of fiscal cards is collapsing and the first steps have been taken.

Political facades are beginning to show how false they are. The candidates are running a rigged race and are mouthing the positions they are paid to say. They all have Pressure Groups shaping their comments.  All make false promises that will be modified by corporate or financial interests.

Preparation can only provide a minimum of protection. There are many possibilities looming and it will be a stopgap, at best, if Man has to resort to these supplies. I will tell you that there is no guarantee we won't go directly into "Stasis", as was indicated at one time. The different options remain possible, but events and situations may become so out of control that Man will have no gradual transition period...


6 December 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon on the upcoming Stasis Event - Kibo

We can assure you all that the whole Earth Changes operation is commencing and has been ongoing since you first were told of it. "Stasis" [suspended animation for all sentient Beings remaining on Earth's surface] will be implemented as soon after the Inner Earth Agarthans have been squared away through their evacuation to the Motherships and we will be removing every Lightworker that has earned the right from the surface of Gaia and transporting them to our Motherships that are best suited for maintaining such a large population.

We will not need to have any concerns for those large numbers of Humans that will be remaining on the Planet's surface for the duration of the "Earth Changes". The decision to keep them in a state of "Stasis" is rightfully considered as the most compassionate action to take.

Your Dark Leaders will be incarcerated in their contained "Holodeck" and the rest of you remaining on the Planet's surface can be awakened if and when the need arises for your interim service. Some of you may well subsequently join us early to fulfil our endeavours to create an enhanced foundation of the world of experience to come, and so, these Ones will be awakened before the main Stasis group. Those that are going to be adjudicated to leave Earth for other lives on other Planets, can just as well be dealt with in their consciousness of spirit, and their bodies will be held in transit and in abeyance until final determination of each individual fate is established.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

11 December 2011: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - A further End Times Update - Johann

Remember the birthing process of Gaia you once saw, Johann, in your meditations? That will be my point of reference: The process ongoing and at hand, your extended wait for the "Long Stasis", can manifest itself any moment, any second. That event, which seems to take far too long for some of you to arrive, is like receiving 1000 visitors into a village of only 50 houses. You know that is not going to work. So either quickly more houses will have to be built, perhaps more Hotels/Motels, perhaps some arrivals will have to be sent to neighboring villages, perhaps some mobile homes will have to brought in. That is what we are completing whilst already hosting the first arrivals. One hundred million from Inner Earth, many many millions from other places within Earth's Crust, but all is going very well. Not only a tremendous amount of preparation is needed, at the same time preparing for the aftermath of such a huge operation must be in place at the same time.

Not only do these visitors need to housed, fed, entertained, instructed, guided, and directed. Moreover, what needs to be done afterwards, must be already in place. This is happening for real, not as a work on paper. This is the work of the "Heavenly Teams" that have to be organised, planned, carried out just like it would be in a very busy large Corporation, where all must fit together to reach its end result or product on time. The dismantling of your Astral Realms, the huge volume of work for the "Mansion Worlds" [Training Planets built to receive Ascendant-Beings], all of that is being heavily organised and taken care of. The job of transporting all those millions to different Motherships and also for different destinations, it would be hard for you to even imagine it all

Even putting everything and everybody into the "Stasis Sleep" and removing all that needs to be removed, cannot be done without the correct crews being in place to take it on. They will be confronting the results of the Higher Frequency Energy [Photon Belt] causing havoc to the extremely fragile body of Mother Earth. Not to mention the monitoring of those Dark Ones who choose to counteract, even destroy far more then the carnage they already caused and left behind. As we do not want everything to fall apart and be utterly destroyed, that aspect on its own needs careful preparation and organisation.

As we need to take care of the tremendous amount of clean up, detoxification, pollution everywhere, apart from the deadly poisons placed by the Dark Ones that were meant to kill you all and destroy what was left of Life on Earth in general, all of that needs to be in place before the "Stasis Event" happens, something which can start at any moment. All of that needs planning and readiness without any failure and then we always have to "expect the unexpected" to occur. Now this is only talking about your precious Mother Earth, without even mentioning what is happening to the rest of you Solar System and beyond. As the Cosmic Clock ticks, we must also be ready for whatever may roll in and then to "roll that over" in a moments notice.

Salu and See you in a while - I AM Christ Michael, your Dedicated Sovereign.

26 December 2011: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on the forthcoming "Stasis Process" - Jess Anthony

We have fully made the preparations for the forthcoming "Stasis Process" [suspended animation], but it is not time to be activated yet. Although that time has not been determined precisely, everything is in position and can move into action when required.

We can now speak about the logistics, because I know all of you are curious about this. The spaceships will be moving into place to cover an arc of 180 degrees. This allows the ships to move in parallel and work their way around the complete circle of the Earth, East to West, following the Sun. The depth of the beam they will use is about a degree of longitude. This focus is not a problem, because they can change positions quickly. It only takes a few minutes to trigger a Stasis condition in one particular place. As was said in other situations, the frequency of the beamed energy causes the vibration that activates the cells to be transformed into a frequency that matches the one being beamed [i.e. 4D]. This new frequency is not compatible with the 3D range of frequencies that make up the present structure of your physical existence. Once this frequency changes, your individual energy frequency moves into a place that has no interaction with the original frequency.

This disconnect from the current existence frequency creates the illusion of you being "paused". Once you are "paused", so to speak, we can manoeuvre your energy with our new range of energy frequencies. We can move you around easily and quickly, if we need to. Energy is fast moving, as you know. We can disassemble and reassemble you with no difficulties.

The notion that you will be beamed up to the Motherships is more of an energy exchange than a physical lifting, as you would have probably imagined it to be. Remember your physical body here is ultimately composed of just an energy force vibrating at a specific range of frequencies. You may have the belief that it is solid, but it actually is just a moving vibrational energy of atoms. This vibrational energy carries information memory-archives [as in packets of digital notation information sent through the Internet, to be reassembled at the other end back into their original form] and these are then used to create your individual identity characteristics. You all have an Etheric template that you build on to experience various interactions with other energy patterns. This makes it appear to you that you are physically in contact with another person. We can control the frequencies of your energy packets, so that your actual appearance is the result of the frequency band in which you have agreed to work within.

The Timeframe is difficult to describe. Once a particular segment of the globe goes into Stasis, time stops at that point. Midnight, for instance, is always midnight because there is no later time to measure it against. In that way, Stasis can be imposed in a way that seems almost instantaneous. The explanation doesn't seem logical, I realise, but remember that "Time" is an artificial measurement you have constructed to gauge your existence linearly.

Jess Anthony:Esu, let's go back to the timing. How long will it take in terms of our time measurements? We were once told it would be 24 hours, starting in the Far East. Is this still valid?

The time frame is slightly different now. We have more precisely focused beams that can move more quickly than about which we told you earlier. We expect to move through the transition in a matter of your minutes within each particular area beamed. That doesn't seem possible you may argue. We can stop your form of Linear Time even before it registers on your perception. The passage of time is flexible and is dependent on the energy involved with the frequency.

I don't have much more to say. This transition will be very quick when it happens. You won't know it is happening until you wake up. We promise you that. There is no way to prepare for it beyond being accepting and at rest.

Once you wake up, you will find many things have changed. You will have been changed to the new prevailing frequency, and many of your global environmental problems will have in the meantime been alleviated. There is no way that Man alone could tackle some of the critical environmental issues that are facing the Planet. We don't want these to reach the point where they could. It would be very difficult to resolve the physical crises that would then result.

This Stasis is an "intervention" of sorts to allow Gaia/Mother Earth to prepare for the new physical configuration that is necessary. As part of that, many of the toxic situations will be removed by us. This will entail physical changes and destruction of many of the structures that Man has previously constructed. That is unavoidable because many of the 3D templates used cannot be acclimated to a higher energy frequency. Stable structures in the Third Dimension are not so reliable in the Fourth or higher. We have to set everything up properly for your true Ascension.

I say "we" but Man is also a part of this restructuring. Just as the initial creation was coordinated by those with an understanding of Human DNA and the physical structures that would be needed to activate this range of energy, so can this re-configuring be started by the Galactic Federation Brothers with the intention of allowing Man to continue with what has been started.  There will be no feelings of condescension from us in acknowledging that knowledge and expertise has to be specialised in different areas. Galactic Federation experts will coordinate and lead others to follow in sure pathways. Education and experience are a constant resource, and new information is always being discovered by all of us.

I suggest that you also read other posts and messages and plan accordingly. Adequate information has been generally provided and Christ Michael ATON's intentions are clear. A Galactic Timetable is working, and the process for Stasis could begin at any moment. There is not more that I can tell you now. You will know when the time is called.

Esu - Jesus SANANDA

12 January 2012: Lord SIRAYA, Ruler of the Orvonton 7th Super-Universe, Speaks on Man's Role in the Grand Universe - Jess Anthony

Jess: Siraya, I would like some additional comments from you. Please explain to me the lines of authority and the extent that Universal decisions can be modified. I have an understanding of the enormity of the process going on, and realize it is more complicated than just "pausing" existence. Speak to that, if you will. Speak to our involvement and our achievements at whatever level the SuperUniverse of Orvonton perceives them to be.

Siraya: Jess, I'm speaking to you from far away, to your way of thinking on Earth, yet we are as close as your thoughts. We are intimately involved with what you do on Earth because we have determined the template of your DNA and your Human attributes as they are manifested in your Local Universe and on your Planet Urantia. You are an extension of us. Your physical frame is a reflection of the concept we gave you. The concept of fully Trinitized form represented in this Orvonton SuperUniverse is passed from us to you as your embodiment.

How could one say we are not intimately involved? You are using the form that is necessary for existence on your Planet in your Local Universe. Your choice to experience these parameters dictated the manifestation your energy would take. We selected the Spirits that would make the attempt to exist on your Planet. Christ Michael ATON created the forms that became your bodies, but we passed the "Spark of Life" to you from Creator Source through Christ Michael's spiritual counterpart, Mother Nebadonia. We are linked to each of you and know intimately how you live our lives here.

The Creator Source has decided Earth will Ascend to a higher level of energy and spiritual alignment. This is definite and the process whereby this is obtained is the only variable. In the case of Urantia/Earth, the paradigm for existence is so threadbare and toxic that assistance is necessary to allow this Planet to meet the natural evolution taking place in other Planets in your immediate Solar System. An unimaginable process of growth and perfecting is at work currently in all the Planets - not just Urantia/Earth. This is necessary to set up the frequency of formal energy that will be able to meet and incorporate the so-called "Wave" [Photon Belt] of Creative Transformational Energy that Creator Source has authorised for this Sector of the Grand Universe. This immense "Wave" of energy is moving into place. In order to accommodate this great Galactic Energy-Beam fully, the Galactic Forces have been moving your Solar System into a better position. This was a calculated move to have fullest "Healing Energy" connect with your ailing Planet.

These decisions were made on a higher level than Nebadon, although Christ Michael ATON was always present at these discussions. He was given the assignment, as it were, of implementing the Trinity Father's choice. Since he is linked to the Trinity Father as his Paradise Son embodiment in Christ Michael ATON's own created Local Universe of Nebadon, the decision can be said also to be Christ Michael ATON's. Within his Local Universe, Christ Michael ATON has free range to select how this process will take place. However, we are not separated from you, and we are similarly experiencing the discoveries that are taking place as situations are explored and then improved. We observe, but also participate. It is an aspect of Creation.

The process of Ascension is vast and all-encompassing for everything that is part of the created form. The scope of what is proceeding is beyond your imagining at this time. Earth's transformation is only one part of the complex picture. Given the complexity shown in the process on Earth, you can sense in a way the immensity of what is occurring in this part of your Universe. This is all being monitored and coordinated by Christ Michael ATON and the Galactic Forces under his immediate command. Your involvement is just as significant for the final result, but it is not the only set of actions that must be carried through.

You asked about your role in this "Ascension". Man's role is crucial at this point because the Trinity Father and Christ Michael have determined that some inhabitants of Urantia will stay and continue working to find greater spiritual truth in their form of incarnation. As has been said before, cleaning a Planet typically involves allowing it to collapse in on itself and rebuild in a slow, coordinated process. Because Urantia was a "Final Bestowal Planet" for your Paradise Son Michael, and because it can restore its function as an "Experimental Laboratory" [for the "Explorer/Creator Race" of future Universe and Cosmic Creators] for its inhabitants, an exception was made. There was enough cry for change - however uninformed - after the events you call "9/11". Enough people were of like mind globally to cause a re-thinking of the previous Plans to evacuate and let the Planet restore itself.

Words and commentaries have been transmitted through various means, but their direct effect was not substantial enough to cause a change in Man's thinking. The unimaginable act that brought down the Twin Towers in the 9/11 event became a trigger to shift the thinking and resolve of enough inhabitants. Man called for change in one voice. The energy of the immediate reaction was sufficient to cause a shift in the attention paid to Man as a Spiritual Being. The possibility of having Man take a fully conscious part in the "Ascension" process was broached, and the decision was made to change the parameters of the reconfiguration of Urantia/Earth to include the full conscious participation of Man.

Man's "Awareness" has grown, and his understanding of the complexity of the Ascension Process has been nurtured through a range of Messengers and by examples of cultural assumptions falling apart. The underpinnings of current lifestyles are being shown to be pointless and not in accord with the Universal Spiritual Truths that have formed the templates and building blocks of your Planet and its Solar System.

Man - at least a satisfactory majority of Urantia's inhabitants - has begun searching for a way out. Established educational and religious preconceptions color the types of Salvation inhabitants are searching for, but they are looking, nonetheless. This is the Lightworkers Corps of Urantia's population that will be returning to rebuild their global civilization once she is ready to receive them again.

Man will remember the past when he returns, but he will also realize he must change his thinking to align his ideas and activities to the fundamentally different spiritual path that will be introduced. The role of Teacher and the task of providing visible examples of spiritual integrity and responsibility will be the function of the so-called "Lightworkers" who have returned. Those with a greater understanding and sense of spiritual alignment with their Cosmic Creator Source and also the Trinity Father/Mother and their Christ Michael Son will lead others to the point of view they have developed. The Teaching will be enlightening, and the end result will be the beginning of the sort of spiritually unified civilization that Urantia/Earth must have to continue her Ascent.

This will be new but also remembered. Urantia's inhabitants have experienced these types of cultural situations in their many previous Civilisations, but their immediate memory has been blocked to allow them as Volunteers to explore and create from their discoveries. Much has gone awry from the original blueprint Christ Michael ATON developed for his Universe of Nebadon. His Seventh Bestowal Planet has become so toxic it is almost too damaged to save. Certainly not with the Source Creator's Planetary "Experiment" and its "Duality" processing that has been ongoing up to now. The long checklist Christ Michael ATON is working from has many unknowns and unpredictable results because of the uniqueness of what he and Source Creator is undertaking. There is a correlation to Man's concept of Time, so that Man is able to make his behaviours correspond to what is in process. Christ Michael ATON is working within the parameters Urantia's inhabitants have developed to measure their existence. But the process remains in flux, even so, always being reshaped to accommodate Man's efforts or challenges. The schedule of events is not written down; the only constant is the fact that Creator Source has determined Ascension will take place on Urantia/Earth with Man as part of its Game Plan.

As so it is near to completion. Most of the checklist items have been resolved or implemented. Much is going on behind the public façade broadcast by the News Agencies. Man should be preparing for this amazing change as best he can - resolving personal issues that block spiritual alignment and providing living examples of the type of compassion and responsibility that will make up new ascension communities.

The process of change is already ongoing, and the final moments of your old style of existence are here. Look for this to be resolved at any moment.

Siraya, Ruler of the 7th SuperUniverse, Orvonton, and Spokesperson for the Trinity Father/Mother.

23 May 2012: Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon - The Three Days of Darkness - "An Ascension Wake-up Call for Humanity" - Candace

The forthcoming "Three Days of Darkness" was planned long ago as part of the full movement of Planet Earth into the "Wave/Photon Belt" at the "End Times". It is also has often been used in the past as a useful time for ridding a Planet of the "Dark Forces". This is often done in conjunction with a period of "Stasis" so that Ones who have elected to go through this event in full consciousness do not have to witness the removals.

A "Stasis Period" [a period of Suspended Animation of all animate life] will be set in motion shortly after the initial few days of the Three Days of Darkness and so the populace will only be aware of them briefly. Many of you Lightworkers may be aboard the Motherships during that time to be briefed. We will commence a "Teaching Period" to fully inform Earth's remaining Humanity as to what is happening in the larger scheme of things after the full Stasis Period.

This has been long prophesied and we have now come to the point, following all other attempts that otherwise have gone without understanding. Everyone on the Planet will of course be forced to notice! This is a Divine Operation in nature, not through the needs of Nature itself, so everyone will know, in whatever beliefs they have of "God", that this is indeed of God. The final timing of this Event will occur on my sole direction, based on the multiple conditions at the time and according to our Source Creator's agreement, and including the the incoming "WAVE" of Photon Light.

It is shame on you Dark Ones that it has had to come to this, and many of you are already judged by the Celestial Courts and will be facing your removal, and in some cases your "uncreation". WE always win Dear Dark Brothers, and you have lost your "Dark Game".

Christ Michael, Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadonia.

14 July 2012: Esu/Jesus SANANDA on Removing the "Dark Ones"

Beloveds, stand in your patience for the coming Changes. I know this is tiring, but put yourself in our shoes, or mine at the moment. I am in charge of a very large military operation that is most necessary at this time. You may see some odd quakes around as we are taking out more Alien Bases and it is useful for us to finish that task,if possible pre the forthcoming "Three Days of Darkness".

There are energies in them that need to be neutralised so as to not effect damage during the Stasis Period that we do not wish. These underground Bases are powered by mostly Nuclear energies and need tactful handling. I am only reporting this to give you some detail. We are puling out the Nuclear Reactors and removing them. Some of these Bases are even "normal" underground installations that run on Nuclear Power which could blow up during the Stasis Period. There is more to occur during the removal of the Dark Ones, and the details of which I cannot give you at this time. Lets just say that the removal process includes removing more than people and let it go at that.

Keep your lives going and stop living in the future that is not here yet! And always have preparations no matter where you live, for temporary discomforts, as there is still to come the likelihood of much extreme weather and perhaps some extreme quakes.

Esu – Jesus SANANDA

The Ascension of Planet Earth on the 21st of December 2012

The original "Three Days of Darkness - Ascension Wake-up Call" Plan (3DD) first announced by Christ Michael during the Summer of 2012 was postponed and has had to be put forward for a much later time. Among the many difficulties on allowing Planet Earth to fully enter the Photon Belt, which the Galactic Federation Forces can in fact delay, was the continued intransigence of the last hold-out Inner circle of the Dark Cabal, who in their desperation at losing control of Earth, repeatedly attempted to promote as many serious disruptions as possible. An example of one of their many recent attempts to disrupt Earth's Ascension was to try and jump-start World War III through engineering a conflict between Iran and Israel. This could have then spread outwards, drawing in neighbouring countries as well as the USA, Europe and Russia. Nevertheless, the Galactic Federation and Christ Michael have constantly monitored their plans, and would have never allowed them to reach fulfilment. Only recently have the major players at last been "contained" and no longer have the power to seriously disrupt things. Another factor in attempting to put the previous 3DD Plan in action were the difficulties of coordinating events within a large Galactic Federation Force, with their Fleets of Motherships (over 13 million spacecraft) being parked within our Solar System for up to twenty years! Naturally some had divided opinions on the best course of action to take, pulling this way and that, resulting in endless discussions taking place aboard those Motherships. There were also some physical difficulties in undertaking certain new untried solar and planetary adjustments. Thus it was that the 3DD Stasis Plan had once again be postponed so as to not disrupt Mother Earth's personal Ascension Plan for the 21st of December 2012.

However, it should also be realised that all of the Galactic Federation and Christ Michael plans will ultimately be sanctioned, and the final timing determined by our own Cosmic Creator, who particularly at this time is taking a very great interest in Planet Earth's Ascension, as well as the ultimate "Prime Source" Creator, responsible for all of the creation undertaken by the appointed "Creator Gods" within this area of the Cosmos. This "Event" in fact forms a vital part of the conclusion of our Cosmic Creator's "Explorer/Creator Race" Experiment on Earth, in which the many Explorer/Creator Race volunteer members are participating in a unique "School of Resolving Sources of Conflict" to assist in the final resolution of the Duality of Light versus the Dark in this Universe. This includes a source of dark evil which infiltrated the outer Galactic regions of our Grand Universe and eventually our own Milky Way Galaxy, also known as the Local Universe of Nebadon (more on this in Chapter 10, Book I).

Our small Planet has been chosen to be the final focus point for the resolution of all the evil which has bedevilled our Galaxy and caused numerous internal Galactic Wars. Thus all of the other Universes are watching this significant event with very great interest. From their learning experience the Explorer/Creator Race Members will later use their newly developed skills and strengths to fan out throughout the Universe to assist any Planets who might in future need their help or prevent any situations that might further develop into new sources of Darkness. Many of the Explorer Race Members, as a result of their extensive experiences and training in this task may well have by then become qualified to be future Cosmic Creators themselves.

Our Creator of this Grand Universe, at this crucial time has stepped in to take a more direct control of the Galactic Federation Council's Plans. These "Divine Orders" are first of all agreed with Christ MICHAEL as Sovereign of Nebadon and then relayed to the Galactic Federation Forces through its local Fleet Commander, Ashtar, as well as through Jesus-Sananda and Archangel Michael. However, we on Earth, along with the Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael, must therefore wait upon our Creator of this Grand Universe for His determination of when He considers the time of the final implementation of the Ascension Process should be enacted.

12 October 2013: CHRIST MICHAEL of Nebadon - The Mass Consciousness of Humanity is now at 51 percent! – through Kibo

Christ Michael: As of now over 51% of the Consciousnesses of the Ensouled Human Beings on Gaia are at last standing within the "Light". Even more are as yet striving for greater Light. Whatever these numbers may fluctuate to in the future, it will have no impact insofar as the foundational majority of the Mass Consciousness is now more in "Light" than in Darkness. It is now established that it will never again go below 51%.

This means that over half the population of Human Beings on Earth desire to live within the "Light" and are willing to act upon that. They now recognise who and what the problem is and wish for that problem to be solved. They are now able to recognise that Global Banking has been the core fuel that runs the machinery and mechanisms of oppression that they have hitherto experienced. They also recognise, more and more, the manipulations of the media, education and organised religions, as they are all operated by this Dark system of Control. They want real change and they are no longer willing to place faith in the persons of the Control systems that they have endured under their former Leadership. They are willing to effect change without those persons and in spite of them.

Now WE have at last what we have been waiting for: Prime Creator SOURCE has finally given the "Green Light" to begin OUR operations. It may take some time to manifest the full Ascension process, but it is to commence from now onwards and increase gradually, as our influence is shown to become more and more obvious and the final breakaway from the influence of the "shadow-mind" of the Dark becomes more and more absolute.

When the "Changes" begin, you will know what to do and when and where to do it - have no fear! This Event exists on myriad levels and placements of energies and Beings and circumstances. The design of the Plan is fulfilled and wound up to go - and now it has been set loose to do what it was designed to do. Thus is the Ascension of your World moving into the beginning stages leading to the final evolutionary state of "Light and Life". All of this comes from the Infinite Heart of Prime Source's Eternal Energy of Love sent out throughout Creation.

Be joyful for what is coming upon you, for it is a time and moment of Glory unmatched and unequalled in the Brightness and Beauty of created Light, and which will now be further added to. That Light of Source Creator's Love is to become your Light. That Light is also Gaia's Light. That Light coming from the Creator Source is also the Light of the Paradise-Isle Father-Mother-Son Trinity, the Light of The Seven SuperUniverse Master Spirits and the Trinity-Michael Sons and Daughters. It is also the Light of your Celestial "Thought Adjusters" [our Guides and Higher Selves]. It is the Light of The Melchizedeks and The Elohim. It is the Light of the Archangels and the Angelic Kingdom. It is also the Light of the Ascended Earth Masters and also of all the Masters who have Ascended throughout our Grand Universe and the total Cosmic Creation of other Grand Universes. It is all part of the One, and it is all here and now - helping, supporting and cheering us on!

Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon

Since the above Message from Christ MICHAEL of Nebadon, he appears to have decided to cease further direct Messages during the ensuing interlude until our Final Ascension Process is finally concluded.

You can learn about the amazing background to our whole Grand Universe situated within the Cosmic Creator's surrounding Cosmos, ranging from the Trinity of the First Father Creator, His Son and the Holy Spirit Mother, their abode on the central Paradise Island, of its surrounding Central Universe of Havona. This central core of the Grand Universe is further surrounded by Seven SuperUniverses, and of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton in which our local Universe of Nebadon resides. This later follows on to the creation and early history of our own Planet of Urantia (the original name for Planet Earth). This is all outlined in some considerable detail in the online version of:

The URANTIA BOOK was first given to Earth by Celestial Messengers in 1934 and is of over 2000 pages in length. The final part of the Book gives us a true and detailed Life and Teachings of the final Bestowal Incarnation on our Planet of the Creator Son Michael of Nebadon shared jointly with Jesus/Esu/Sananda as Jesus the Christ in Palestine.

The New Earth - Book II