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Mark-Age, Inc. is a nonprofit spiritual-educational organization founded in 1960. Our teachings are based upon the interdimensional communications of Nada-Yolanda, a prophet for the New Age and the Second Coming. Coexecutive directors are Phillel (Philip J. Jacobs) and Robert H. Knapp, M.D. International headquarters are in Pioneer, Tennessee, USA.

The primary purpose of Mark-Age is to externalize on Earth the Hierarchal Board (spiritual government of our solar system) in preparation for the Second Coming in its dual meaning:

  • Second coming of each one's I Am Self, expressed through the mortal personality;
  • Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus the Christ, Prince of Earth, in his resurrected, light body early in 21st century.

We are in the prophesied Latter Days. This is the harvest time, the transition cycle between the ending of the old, materialistic age and the New Age of Aquarius, now dawning. This symbolic forty-year period (1960-2000, and beyond) also is known as the Mark Age, or age of marks and signs when all on Earth know we are entering a new spiritual dimension of love, peace and brotherhood.

Mark-Age has been commissioned by the Hierarchal Board to implant a prototype of spiritual government on Earth, the I Am Nation. The I Am Nation is a government of, for and by the I Am Selves of all people on Earth, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, nationality or spiritual-group affiliation. It is not a political government, but is a spiritual congregation of all souls who seek to serve God, first and foremost, and the I Am Selves of all people on Earth.

We invite you to download the free booklet
Reappearance of Christ Consciousness on Earth
channeled by Nada-Yolanda.
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Our major textbooks are listed below.

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  • How To Do All Things. New Edition! Your use of divine power. Achieve union with your inner Self & master your life. Demonstrate your true heritage & powers as a child of God. ($15)
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  • Autobiography of a Prophet. New Title! Nada-Yolanda (1925–2005), the cofounder of Mark-Age, presents her dramatic life story: "a true, modern saga, as dramatic as Moses before the Burning Bush and Saul on the road to Damascus." Includes: memories of past lives; growing up in New York City; writing and drama; early career in Miami; spiritual awakening, training as a channel; history of Mark-Age; fascinating extracts from her spiritual diary, and more! ($20)
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  • Anchoring the Light Body on Earth. Esoteric teachings and interdimensional communications present clear, unparalleled guidelines on how to recognize and work with the immortal, resurrected, light body of the I Am Self, as demonstrated by Christ Jesus. Includes 84 channelings from ascended masters, plus helpful visualizations and questions for all truth seekers. ($20)
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  • Life in Our Solar System. Extraordinary afterlife experiences of New Age channel Gloria Lee (1926-62), known now as ascended master Glo-Ria. Interdimensional communications describe her next-life experiences, what happens and how to adjust to the transition from this plane to the next, man's spiritual nature and heritage, eternal life for everyone, and life on other planes and planets. ($16)
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  • Contacts from the Fourth Dimension. Comprehensive guidelines on how to survive the current War of Armageddon. Interdimensional communications, 2001-2005, offer the necessary spiritual tools to remain steady with the light and to counterbalance the horrendous karmic cleansings with time-honored techniques to heal and to enlighten humanity. ($20)
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  • Cosmic Laws. Based on the channelings of the ascended masters through Nada-Yolanda, this masterwork reveals twenty-three laws of God, the fundamental building blocks for all spiritual growth. No matter our spiritual pathway, none of us can attain enlightenment without knowing and applying the universal laws which govern our lives and relationships throughout eternity. ($15)
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  • Metamorphosis: from Mortal to Immortal. Two thousand years ago Jesus of Nazareth laid down the pattern for our reevolution into Christ consciousness. Now, we are following his pattern for our personal transformation, or metamorphosis, into the light body of our immortal, I Am Self. Startling communiqués from etheric teachers and angelic guardians clearly explain the oftentimes fascinating, sometimes arduous process of metamorphosis into the light body of the immortal, I Am Self. ($15)
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  • Prophecies: 2000-4000 A.D. Through a world-renowned spiritual teacher, the ascended masters reveal critical guidelines for the next two thousand years. Includes astounding prophecies for the next twenty years about the Second Coming and the War of Armageddon, plus coming Earth changes. ($10)
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  • Facts of Life. Essential guidebook for the Golden Era introduces the higher possibilities for spiritual living on Earth. Attain insights into cosmic consciousness. Adapt to our rapidly changing world of the 21st century. ($15)
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  • MAPP* to Aquarius: *Mark Age Period & Program. Navigate the New Age with a tested road map for these Latter Days prior to the Second Coming. ($15)
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  • Birth of the Light Body. How to ascend into the light body: the immortal, resurrected body inherent to each child of God. Twelve apostles of Christ Jesus symbolize twelve divine powers of the I Am Self. Color visualizations & illustrations. ($17)
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  • 1000 Keys to the Truth. Guidelines for the Latter Days, Second Coming, mastership, karma, reincarnation, spiritual space program, healing, much more. ($7)
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  • Evolution of Man. Origin, history, destiny of man. Major evolutionary cycles of Earthman in past 206 million years. Nature & powers of I Am consciousness. ($15)
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  • Angels & Man. Seven archangels reveal nature & function of angels, unveiling cosmic relationship with & guardianship of man. Sequel to Evolution of Man. ($15)
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  • Visitors From Other Planets. Who they are & why they are here to assist our spiritual evolution into the New Age. Operation Landing Light. Federation of Planets. ($15)
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  • My Divine Love is a love story, but not of the typical sort. It is a love affair between two adepts and takes place on the inner planes. The story is told in the "stream of consciousness" style pioneered by James Joyce. We are shown not only a love story but a penetrating glimpse into the author's mind. ($15)
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Meet the Cofounders, El Morya/Mark and Nada-Yolanda.
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Meet the Coexecutive Directors, Phillel (Philip J. Jacobs) and Robert H. Knapp, M.D.
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We invite you to learn more about our teachings. Download the booklet
Reappearance of Christ Consciousness on Earth, channeled by Nada-Yolanda.
(Copyright 1995 by Mark-Age, Inc. All rights reserved.) Click HERE to download REAPPEAR.RTF.

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EN ESPAÑOL! Manual de Peligros Planetarios.
For our Spanish readers, here is a special translation of Nada-Yolanda's Manual of Planetary Dangers, published in 2004. Hierarchal communications warning of Earth in crisis. Spiritual guidance for: natural and man-made catastrophes; coming changes for all life forms on Earth; protection, balance, healing of self and others.
Click HERE to download Manual de Peligros Planetarios. (847Kb)


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I Am Nation News is your primary connection with the ascended masters and the linking of light workers. Keep in touch with a broad spectrum of topics that emphasize one main goal: achieving I Am consciousness and demonstrating I Am Nation citizenship on Earth.

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I Am Nation News offers Hierarchal Board news and education on Self-transformation. A forum linking light workers of all realms to lift ourselves and help each other create a world of love in action.


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