Birth Of The Light Body
by Nada-Yolanda

Quality hardbound · 214 pages · Illustrated · $17.00

Since his resurrection and ascension two thousand years ago, Christ Jesus of Nazareth, our planetary way-shower, has prepared us for our reevolution into the light body: the immortal, incorruptible, fourth dimensional, etheric or Christ body inherent to each child of God.

In this spiritual treatise inspired directly by the Master, Nada-Yolanda, executive director and primary channel of Mark-Age, presents a comprehensive, step-by-step approach for birthing the light body on Earth. She reveals how the Master's life portrays a cosmic drama that all may follow in demonstrating Christ consciousness through mind, body and soul.

There are twelve characteristics of the Christ or I Am Self. Metaphysically, these spiritual qualities are symbolized by the twelve apostles of Christ Jesus, and they outpicture as twelve major systems of the physical body (example: Faith/Cerebrum of Brain/Simon Peter; Love/Heart and Circulatory System/John). Each spiritual initiate must refine and eventually master each of the twelve characteristics in order to manifest fully Christ consciousness on Earth. For easy study, each chapter is divided into four categories:

Metaphysical Interpretation: Timeless symbolism of each apostle/characteristic comes to life through Yolanda's inspirations, received while in communion with the Master. New insights reveal clearly the road to I Am Self mastership in these Latter Days prior to the Second Coming.

Physical Data: Medical descriptions and illustrations of each correlating physical system -presented by Robert H. Knapp, M.D., director of Mark-Age Healing Haven -- provide valuable guidelines for using this system to bring healing to mind, body and soul.

Color Visualization: Received by Yolanda in high Self consciousness, visualizations offer creative methods for using light and color to anchor, refine and master each spiritual quality.

Song Inspiration: New Age song artists Deborah Jacobs and Janet Thiemermann provide lyrical poetry for personal meditation.


"At long last, Nada-Yolanda ... brings us a comprehensive and visceral portrayal for birthing the light body on Earth. 'Birth of the Light Body' is a bold and necessary view that is steeped in spirituality and metaphysics -- and a catalyst for your own rebirth. Nada-Yolanda presents the twelve characteristics of Christ (I Am Self) and charts each for us with its respective physical, chakra, disciple and color.... Robert H. Knapp, M.D., has provided the medical descriptions and illustrations and (for the first time) the paths to bring us healing to our mind, body and soul. Through all twelve powers -- faith, strength, love, wisdom, will, power, imagination, understanding, order, zeal, regeneration and elimination -- Nada-Yolanda clearly and successfully explains the words of the Masters -- the words necessary for us to understand light-body birthing.'Birth of the Light Body'. . . is an epic work about the preparation for our reevolution into the immortal and incorruptible fourth dimensional light body within each child of God. As such, in this reviewer's opinion, this is required reading for all of us looking to our futures." -- Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

"The body is mind made visible. A living symbol of one's state of consciousness at any given time. As consciousness changes, the body inevitably changes. Even this mortal meat wagon expresses divine and immortal powers and virtues -- though in a veiled way and only for a set number of years. If it didn't, it could not live at all.

"What are these divine functions that express through the body? Esoteric astrologers relate them to the twelve signs of the zodiac, each sign expressing something cosmic and relating to a different system in the body. Christians relate them to the twelve apostles of Jesus, each apostle a symbol for one of the virtues of the Christed body. The terminology, attributions, color schemes are different but the essential message is the same. The true body is immortal, created in the image and likeness of the Creator, and is essentially perfect. The true body is a body of light. It already is like that in superconsciousness; the challenge is in manifesting that here on Earth. How does one go about it? Where does one begin? What are the methods for doing this? This is what 'Birth of the Light Body' is all about.

"Our blessed author takes the Christian approach to these issues. There are no zodiacal references. Each system of the body is related to one of Jesus' apostles, to a virtue, a faculty, a color, a song, a visualization and affirmation. What distinguishes this work from other works on this subject are the intricate physiological descriptions of the different systems of the body. These were written by a medical doctor, all clearly explained. There is a feeling here of the intertwining, interconnectedness of spirit and matter -- one empowering, the other expressing. When Nada-Yolanda writes, we get a Bible lesson and an initiation into metaphysics. When Dr. Knapp writes, we get an initiation into anatomy and physiology. Two levels of the same thing. The word is made flesh.

"'Birth of the Light Body' is esoteric Christianity at its best, of interest to Christians and non-Christians alike. A must read for people interested in metaphysical healing. For she clearly outlines the incorrectly expressing virtue that underlies any physical ailment. So, if a person has brain problems, chances are that their faith is amiss. Let them read about Simon Peter and the meditations on faith. And so on and so forth for different bodily ailments.

"Beautifully written, beautifully bound and illustrated, 'Birth of the Light Body' is a true vehicle of light." -- Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire

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