Ancient, Biblical prophecies, Tribulation, earthquakes, tidal waves, pole shift,
earth changes, spacecraft, earth cleansing, renewal and return...
it's all part of the Great Plan.


Prologue: And Darkness came over the Earth
Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard!
Chapter 2: Home on a Mothership
Chapter 3: The Higher Plan
Chapter 4: Planning for a New World
Chapter 5: Politics and Participation
Chapter 6: Creating a New Geography
Chapter 7: A Rural Ride
Chapter 8: Home on a Hillside
Chapter 9: Life in the Atrium
Chapter 10: Growth and Learning
Chapter 11: Work and Economics
Chapter 12: The Rewards of Leisure
Epilogue: Take heed of yourself

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Whenthe ancient prophecies of major floods and earthquakes are suddenly fulfilled, many of Earth's people are rescued by spacecraft and taken to huge mother ships, where they are received as honored guests while Planet Earth undergoes a complete restructuring.

As they enjoy the enriching experiences of daily life on these giant spaceships, they debate and plan their New Society. Rejecting outright any form of aggression and planetary pollution, they develop new ideals of law and liberty based on one simple, all-embracing principle reflected in a full program of land and resources-use, economy, business, and personal liberties.

Just as many intrepid souls once crossed the Atlantic from the Old World to a new continent and a new life, so the time finally comes when Earth's people return to their 'new' planet, now cleansed, refreshed and replanted.

Take a full guided tour of a giant spacecraft 25 miles long and 5 miles high, follow the detailed policy and planning debates, and glimpse the ideal society we all dream of, yet never manage to create.

Planet Earth: Extreme Makeover

If Earth's 'evacuees', who by now consider themselves as permanent residents aboard the Shan Chea could look back and see, feel and experience themselves as they had been when they first arrived, they would hardly believe the difference, for they are now truly living on a higher evolutionary plane. Their own minds, bodies and emotions operate at a higher vibratory frequency, matching the spacecraft world around them. And indeed, this is how things will be on the New Earth, as their space friends have explained to them. The heaviness of the old, dense physical plane will be gone, the air will be lighter, the atmosphere brighter, colors more brilliant, gravity less heavy, and it will be generally easier to 'get things done'.

Mankind will have many forces and powers at its disposal, ranging from the almost free and limitless generation of electrical power, to the ability to re-form the atoms of matter electronically into new materials and shapes.

The physical 'lightness' is paralleled in people's attitudes towards themselves, their environment and one another. There is a pervasive sense of warmth and affection between all people, those one knows, and those one has never met before but whom one immediately treats as if they were part of one's own family. Yet at the same time people hold one another's privacy in deep respect. No one would approach or address someone seen to be sitting quietly on their own, being clearly in meditation or deep in thought. People speak quietly and conduct themselves politely in public, and among the now reunited families there is always mutual caring yet without any interference, judgment or criticism.

The enjoyment of this developing 'togetherness' aboard the Shan Chea is not limited to Earth's people, though it is for them a new and wonderful experience. Their space brothers too are enjoying their new friends, not just for their company, but also for the pleasure of watching them gradually raising their spiritual awareness.