Review of El Morya/Mark Age’s How To Do All Things
by Joseph Polansky
Editor, Diamond Fire

Mark-Age produces many wonderful books, but this one is among the best (perhaps the best). I had read it many, many years ago and liked it. Now that the book has been reissued, I’ve read it again and like it even better. Like all spiritual books, you never get everything from just one reading. (My teacher, Isidore Friedman, used to say that any real spiritual book needs a minimum of seven readings.)

The book starts off with a koan-like statement. If you want to do all things, you must first realize that you, of yourself, can do nothing! That’s right. Spirit (God) is always the doer. Actions can happen through you (but not necessarily) but these actions are also the “side effect” of the working of Spirit. Once a person realizes that Spirit is the doer and drops all personal responsibility for the doing, he or she can do all things. At least in theory.

Before one can start to “do all things” there is much psychological “waste product” – sewage – that needs to be cleared. These wastes will obstruct the flow of spiritual power through the person – and by the same law that produces manifestation, will produce “anti-manifestation.” So these things need to be cleared out – a big job – and instructions are given for how to do this. (It is a day-by-day, moment-by-moment process.)

The other key element in “doing all things” is learning to identify with your spiritual nature. It is your own spiritual nature that “does all things” and is capable of more than a person can imagine. This too is a long-term process and much psychological debris needs to be cleared.

There is so much knowledge and information packed into this work that no review can do it justice. There is a discussion of the many levels and types of prayer. There is teaching on how to pray effectively. And, how to arrive at the ultimate stage of prayer – decreeing that such and such a thing shall happen. The more a person evolves spiritually, the greater his or her use of spiritual power will be.

The section on “50 How-To’s” is perhaps the best in the book. Here there is practical spiritual instruction for dealing with almost any problem one can have in life - healing, supply, love, the attainment of peace, and much more.

This is channeled material given by the master El Morya though Mark Age (Charles Boyd Gentzel). In general it is good to be a bit skeptical of channeled material. But this is authentic. If a person puts these teachings into practice, they will see results. Ultimately we worship truth – wherever it may come from.

It should also be mentioned that this is the kind of book you read prayerfully. You read it from the heart and not just the mind. If you take a purely intellectual approach to it, you will miss 90% of the message.

Highly recommendable to both beginners and advanced students. There is something here for everyone.

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