The Galactic Federation of Light Regional Council on Sirius B

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About the Galactic Federation of Light Regional Council on Sirius B
[Extract from "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human" by Sheldan Nidle and Virginia Essene - S.E.E. Publishing Co., Santa Clara, California - 1994]

"We of the Sirian Council - Washta, Mikah, and Teletron – wish to describe something about our own history as Galactic Humans and also about the organization called the Galactic Federation that Earth will soon be entering as a new Member.

The Galactic Federation was formed about 4.5 million years ago to prevent the interdimensional Dark Forces from dominating and exploiting this Galaxy. This interdimensional Dark force had seeded the Milky Way Galaxy with its own kind of computer-like, cold-hearted Beings. Their appearance was mainly in the form of a Reptoid or a Dinoid individual. These Dark Beings spread across the Galaxy and began to successfully conquer thousands of Star Systems. These Reptoids/Dinoids, however, eventually reached an area of the Galaxy where free-willed sentient Human Beings had created several galactic civilizations which were their technological match.

What followed, about four million years ago, was a period of brief but very barbaric stellar wars which were quickly interspersed by periods of peace. To a limited extent, this war and peace pattern has continued even into present times. As the attacks continued across the Galaxy, those of us who were the enemies of this Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance became more organized. We saw the need to develop a highly diversified and effective organization that could act as an umbrella for both the coordination of the Galaxy's defenses, and also as a forum that would permit necessary Human and non-Human cultural and governmental exchanges.

The Galactic Federation sees itself as a sort of United Nations of Star Systems whose sole purpose is to create an organization that will allow Light to continue to flow into our Milky Way Galaxy. At present there are over 100,000 Star Systems and Star Leagues in the Galactic Federation, and recent additions between 1988 and 1993 have increased membership to almost 200,000 members. The primary basis of this Galactic Light of Creation is Love.

One of the basic premises of the Galactic Federation is to provide for a system of defence against sudden and unwarranted attacks. In addition, the Galactic Federation also has the important tasks of exploration, technology exchange, and cultural interaction. Hence, the Galactic Federation is constantly sending scientists and liaison teams on space missions to other Star Systems that are not yet a part of the Galactic Federation. Another premise we must emphasize is that the Galactic Federation, through its various layers of Councils, has found a way to organize Planets, Stars Systems, and Star Leagues into our Milky Way Galaxy's 14 Regional Councils.

Since the Galactic Federation considers itself an organization of fully conscious and peaceful civilizations, it is constantly on the lookout for acceptable civilizations that meet its criteria for membership. When any Planet or a series of Planets in any Star System reaches prescribed levels of technological and cultural development, these civilizations are contacted after a thorough scientific evaluation. This scientific evaluation covers an extremely broad spectrum of cultural, scientific, and spiritual qualifications.

Your Planet and surrounding Solar System have been given a dispensation from Galactic Federation rules on membership because of the efforts of the Sirian Governing Council and your Spiritual Hierarchy. The Spiritual Hierarchy reminded all Galactic Federation Councils of the special position of your Solar System as both an important showcase Solar System and as the underriding cause for Human sentiency in the first place. This argument finally overturned the karmic laws established by certain Pleiadean elements [the Nibiruans] of control of your Solar System since the fall of Atlantis some 10,000 years ago, and permitted the granting of full membership to Earth in the Galactic Federation on March 5, 1993 Earth time. This granting of Full Membership allowed the Galactic Federation to legally establish its Rescue Mission and formally empower the “First Contact Team” to prepare its protocols for “First Contact” and landings on Earth.

The highest level of Regional Councils is the Main Federation Council for our Milky Way Galaxy, which is located in the Lyran Star System on Vega. The second level is composed of the various Regional Councils. There are presently 14 such Regional Councils in the Galactic Federation and the most important of which to our local Region is our Galactic Federation Regional Council which is called the Sirian Regional Council. Your Solar System will eventually join this Regional Council as a full-fledged member.

Regional Councils act as forums for various difficulties. They help set policy in their particular Region and they also act as a Court of Last Resort for any problems that one particular Star System or Star League may have with one another. They also function as a means for cultural and technological exchanges. In this way, Galactic Federation Regional Councils provide a means for negotiating misunderstandings on technology transfer and also for trade in intellectual property.

There also exists Local or Star System Governing Councils. You of Earth and your fellow members in your Solar System, will eventually form a Local Star System Council. These Star System Governing Councils can consist of two types; First, a simple Star System Council or Local Governing Council, and second, a Star League Governing Council which can consist of up to 20 or more combined Star System Governing Councils. The largest Star League in the Sirian Regional Council that you will be joining, is the Pleiadean Star League which consists of almost 50 different Star Systems.

We provide below a Compendium/Archive as an extended-time extract of those many Galactic Federation of Light "Updates" channeled through Sheldan Nidle and more recently by other Members of the Galactic Federation of Light. This will allow the Reader not only to see the original "Ascension Plan" planned for Planet Earth, but also the many subsequent changes of direction that have been enacted since that time.

Galactic Federation of Light Regional Council on Sirius B:

July 19, 1997: "Right now, your beloved Planet is prepared to move into Full Consciousness. The veil between the Third and Fourth Dimensions is only less than a micron in thickness. Not much time is left for Earth's graduation. When your beloved Mother Earth graduates, it will arouse its many tectonic plates with one immense movement. Continents will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. The "Lost Continents" of Atlantis and Lemuria will be raised from the oceans. In short, your beloved Planet will be drastically transformed. This time, as the various indicators now state, is drawing very near. Accordingly, we have drawn up complex plans for the mass evacuations of those areas that will be severely effected by these changes.

August 26, 1997: The original timing of the Plan has now been greatly modified because the Planet desires you to take the additional time to fully acknowledge Her as your beloved Mother Earth and to acknowledge the presence of your Galactic Family. When the Divinely set final time comes to fruition, the first phase of this plan will use a series of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and severe wind storms. Those persons caught in the targeted areas must be evacuated immediately upon receipt of our warnings. In a few selected cases, the special evacuation 'Action Teams' of the Federation's Mass-landing Fleet will be utilized. Their appearance will be accompanied by the local Spiritual Hierarchy and by the use of special messages and of calming music. During this phase, we have asked the Galactic Federation to broadcast a special World-wide message that will tell your Planet's population what is now happening to them.

After the first phase is completed, you will all have become aware of three things. First: that your Planet is swiftly changing and your Governments will be largely powerless to help. Second: that you are not alone in your Galaxy. You have a most diverse crew of interplanetary Beings who are dedicated to helping you. Three: that your commitment to Love and to Service (being God's Divine tools) is your saving grace. They are a blessing that is both acknowledged and applauded by all of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The newly instituted second phase requires that a now modified version of the original "Mass Landing" scenario be applied. In both phases, the Earth's incarnated 'Starseeds' will be used to aid their fellows in distress. Be prepared to be used yourself in regions where you reside. Also realize, Beloved Ones, that you yourself may be part of one of many evacuation 'Action Teams'. You will be teleported up beforehand and trained as needed. Above all, please understand that we have previously canvassed each and every one of you at the Spiritual Plane level for this role. From this former assessment, we have divided each of you into those ones in "Grace" and those ones who still have some vital lessons to learn.

The second phase of the Mass Landings will now be done in complete foreknowledge by your world. Those 'Starseeds' that have not yet been transmuted, will be so transformed. By then, your surface Governments will have been forced to formally acknowledge the Spiritual Hierarchy. Their acts and scenes in the Cosmic Drama will have come to an end. Your Planet will simultaneously become a Member in the great Galactic Union of Light called the "Galactic Federation". Your many, many millennia of quarantine will be over. Those cities and other settlements on the surface of Planet Earth will be gone in less than two weeks from the start of Phase Two.

The Ascension is the main reason for all that is now happening to you. Be aware that you have a most important lesson to learn. This lesson concerns Compassion and Grace. As you return to full consciousness, in whatever manner you opt for, please be aware of the use of Divine Grace. Your restoration is allowed to happen in the way as dictated by your actions. Normally, your 'Soul Contract' would have been executed more severely, since important soul lessons had to be learned by those who were largely unprepared for them. However, Divine Grace permitted the Spiritual Hierarchy to execute these lessons in a softer, more loving way. Yet many of you have abused the wonderful gifts of the Creator. You have used the Grace given to you, either to turn upon each other, or else to ignore your brethren.

September 2, 1997: Let us now very briefly look at the revised Mass Landing scenario. The key to this new operation is the potential for mass evacuations. Our evacuation 'Action Teams' have been put together and will have many of Earth's 'Starseeds' in them. To add the necessary Earth element to our teams, we have stepped up the training programs of those persons who will be initially affected. Additionally, we have completed our preliminary training during their sleep time with those 'Starseeds' who will be 'Greeters' and facilitators for those other Earth 'Starseeds', as they are moved into the Light Chambers and then to their Training Planet. We have been spending an inordinate amount of time during many persons' sleep time with these vital preparations. These actions are now reaching a point of completion.

Your beloved Planet has also been preparing itself for the massive changes that must come. The Local Spiritual Hierarchy informs us that Mother Earth has been in the process of internally setting up the natural mechanisms required for completely altering her surface features. The atmosphere is just about adapted for the new firmaments and the jet streams are being readied to be drastically altered. In addition, the massive heating of the equatorial regions of the World's oceans is an omen that both the ice caps and the continental shelves are nearing a potential eruption episode. In short, your Planet is on the verge of a very intense period of change.

September 6, 1997: Your beloved Mother Earth is also getting ready to redress its planetary surface. This critical procedure is being prepared by the use of a series of very natural events. First, Planet Earth is now bringing up very hot magma from deep within its interior. These actions are causing the interior magma streams to be significantly altered. This action, in turn, is beginning to heat the world's oceans near the Equator. This 'El Nino' effect has also altered the planet's weather and changed the life energy patterns in the world's oceans. This activity is also aiding the vast distortions in your Planet's magnetic fields. This particular action will assist the various fault zones to begin to move in an even more contorted fashion.

September 9, 1997: The Earth is quickly approaching its time to Graduate. Graduation will be marked by a massive series of prolonged Earth 'Changes'. These changes will forever alter the face of your world. At present, Galactic Federation geologists, seismologists and volcanologists are closely monitoring these changes. The enormous currents of up-welling magma have just about reached your Planet's surface. This phenomenon will become very apparent when your different so-called "Rings of Fire" begin to get more active. In addition, many global fault systems are now preparing to significantly move. In short, your Planet's crust is starting to come under an abnormal amount of stress and pressure. We maintain a deep concern about this matter, since no one will survive if not evacuated. Your beloved Mother Earth is also very concerned for your safety. Please listen carefully to your hearts, not to your minds, when the time comes for you to evacuate.

Your Ascension procedures are continuing to come along very nicely. The Local Spiritual Hierarchy has told us that they have now awakened over 23 per cent of your population. This 'awakening' operation has permitted the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy to increase the various stages of the necessary genetic cellular mutations now present among your general population. In addition, the local Angelic Realms have been increasing the appearance of various visionary apparitions, as well as the world-wide sighting of Angels. Many important researchers into these particular matters on your world have recently begun to inform the public that you are indeed living in the so-called "End Times".

September 16, 1997: Various regions of your Planet now need a concentrated process of prayer directed towards them. These regions include: the Pacific Southwest coast and accompanying mountain ranges of the USA; the Northern Cascade range of the USA's Pacific Northwest; the Sierra Madre range that surrounds Mexico's capital and the islands of the Central South Pacific Ocean. These regions are now the most at risk.

The Galactic Federation's Mass Landing Fleet has been continuing to maintain its full stand-by status. This Fleet has been intensively monitoring your World. Our scientists have been involved in both an aerial and land monitoring. Special instruments have been placed inside the centers of various volcanoes and fault zones. Our Defence Forces have left behind certain undetected devices that have been placed to insure that no military forces are launched against any Federation Evacuation Forces. The special 'Action Teams' have performed small trial runs in unpopulated desert-plate areas of the USA's Southwest. These exercises have shown us that our mass-landing activities can go undetected by anyone who is not in the exact area. In addition, we have put into operation a series of new atmospheric protocols for the emergency mass landing of commercial aircraft. These new procedures will now include the option of the teleportation of these aircraft to specified Mother Ships where possible.

September 23, 1997: We shall now start with an overview of our Fleet's schedules. As we have previously stated, our Fleet has been divided into two segments. The first part is concerned with the partial evacuation of your Planet. They will concentrate on areas where the initial cataclysmic activity will occur. They are also going to carry out the first large-scale direct interaction with your Earthly populations. This fact has made it essential that these initial forays into your world go smoothly and correctly...

The second part of our Mass Landing Fleet is deeply dedicated to the world-wide mass-landing and evacuation scenario. This particular operation will happen after a number of smaller evacuations have been concluded by the first part of our Fleet. As mentioned previously, this final procedural event will occur some three weeks after the overall scenario is underway. Our hope is that, by this time, a number of important factors will now be in play. First: the Galactic Federation will be known as a real entity by the vast majority of Earth's populace. Second: your world-wide population will by then be knowledgeable of the vastness of the Earth's changes. Third: each nation's citizens will understand that the coming cataclysms cannot be handled by the numerous emergency agencies of any of Earth's Governments. Fourth: each aspect of our actions is part of a Divine Intervention based upon GOD's WILL and Divine Grace. Fifth: you are about to be the co-creators of a most incredible Human Galactic society. These just-delineated factors should make our overall operations much more acceptable to your citizenry. However, the Galactic Federation's personnel will still be fully prepared for dealing with both fear, hysteria and mass panic.

September 30, 1997: The various Devic and Angelic forces in charge of the Earth's transformation have told us many things about what is in store for all of you. The Planet will expand slightly and then it will contract. This expansion is caused by the fact that much of the magma just under the surface has been slowly cracking the Earth's crust apart. This action has caused many new fluid structures to be formed within this upper magma flow. Now, additional massive pressure is being created by the enormous up-welling of magma from deep in the Earth's interior. The lower part of the crust is now being torn by these fluid structures. Further, rather large fluid structures are being raised by the up-welling magma. These fluid structures are also slamming into the Earth's very thin and fragile crust. The Earth's surface is now on its way to a final denouement. In it, it will massively restructure itself in a blast of incredible raising and lowering of its surface. Ocean basins and continents will be swiftly reformed. The changing Earth's surface will be completely unlivable for its Human inhabitants until a new age of stability is restored.

October 28th 1997: Your Planet is in the last stages of correcting the geography that has existed for more than eleven millennia. These corrections are primarily to raise the two 'Lost Continents' and to bring the present seven continents back to a more normal condition. The first thing that will be done is to start bringing up the various continental shelves. This process will be done by the use of severe earthquakes and by pressure put on a suitable series of tectonic plates. Many of these plates will be cracked and split open. A side effect of these processes will be the increase in ocean bed volcanism. Already, the amount of seabed activity has increased dramatically in the past two years. Our Federation scientists have informed us that their measurements have seen an increased activity level of up to 600 per cent in the past 43 months alone! Beneath the magma fields and at the base of the Earth's crust in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, the planetary Gas Belts are once again forming. These Belts will serve as the means to raise the two 'Lost Continents' to the surface.

At the same time, your entire atmosphere is being vastly altered. The first step was the heating of the lower atmosphere at the equator. As noted previously, this procedure is a result of the up-welling of magma from the Earth's deep interior. The currents of magma are first attracted to the equator and then move across the bottom of the tectonic plates in a northerly or southerly direction. The warmed ocean water has, in turn, heated the atmosphere. Many of your scientists have estimated an over 300 per cent increase in ocean warming over what was measured just last year. In addition, the radiation and pollution patterns have torn the upper atmosphere apart and created super jet streams with speeds of over 550 miles per hour (880 Kilometers per hour). These two parts of the atmosphere have begun to destabilize the world's weather patterns. The super-storms that they are about to create will raise a great deal of havoc and act as one of the precursors to the coming Earth changes.

Your Ascension process is continuing along in a very smooth fashion. Right now, the local Spiritual Hierarchy has informed us that just under thirty per cent of your world's population is now awake in one form or other.

November 4th, 1997: Your world is now in the midst of changes. The so-called super-storms unleashed by the growing instability in your atmosphere have already moved across your major oceans and displayed their power to your meteorologists. Further, immensely powerful lightening storms, as just seen in Eastern Florida, and floods in central Europe last spring and summer, have shown that your atmosphere is now highly unstable. Adding to this intricate mix, the Earth's surface is now being racked by an extensive increase in earthquakes and volcanism. Everywhere, the Earth's major fault zones are under attack by the up-welling magma from deep inside the Earth's interior. The heating of the Earth's ocean waters and its numerous seabeds have been increased by nearly 500 per cent over the past eight months alone. This very dangerous condition has begun to affect your lower atmosphere. Right now, the various jet streams that cover your globe have started an early winter in the Northern Hemisphere and an early summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

The temperature gradients on your surface have also begun to vary greatly. The ice caps on both poles, as well as major planetary glaciers, have begun to melt at accelerated rates. Consequently, the sea levels along your coastal areas have slowly started to rise. This factor has sped up the erosion along your coastlines. The biosphere is now under great pressure from your increased amounts of pollution. Various species of amphibians and fish have started mass die-outs of their respective populations. These critical actions are due to the uneven erosion of vital life-force energies in the biosphere. The world's oceans and most aquatic regions of your planet have developed huge deficiencies in life-force energies. Water is the vehicle of life on your planet. It is a bold sign that your present environment is reaching the end of its capabilities for the continued sustenance of all physical life forms. Yet curiously, your Planet is not dying; it is just being transformed.

December 2nd, 1997: Mother Earth is part of a vast change that is now occurring throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. Over the past two decades, the residents of this broad and beautiful Galaxy have witnessed a return to a great Galactic Peace and, finally, the formation of a plan for a Galactic-wide Union. This momentous event has led to a closer examination of your Solar System and, especially, of this key planet: Earth. All the major prophecies in this particular Galaxy point to your Planet as the fulcrum for permanent peace. You might say: "As Earth goes, so goes the Galaxy". Consequently, for very many millennia, your Planet has been watched by the two opposing sides [the Forces of Light and Dark] in a very long and on-going Galactic War. Any usable great leap in your technology has brought forth a policy of direct interference by either side in this conflict. The start of your Atomic Age was the trigger that set in motion the fulfillment of the End-Age prophesies. It also alerted the Earth's Deva Kingdom [Nature Forces and Elementals] that it was now time to commence and fulfill it's own policy of planetary renewal.

December 16, 1997: The Intergalactic Union (IGU) has moved forward on a number of fronts that directly affect your Star System. First, they have formally chosen your Solar System for their future Galactic Headquarters. Second, the Intergalactic Union has asked our Galactic Federation to open all Star-Gates around the Planet Earth to all approved inter-dimensional traffic, by the end of the galactic year, July 25, 1998. To comply, the first contact mission should ideally be completed by then. For this reason, the Galactic Federation has asked the Spiritual Hierarchy to see if the Right Divine Time for Earth's Ascension can occur before this date. At this moment, we are waiting for their sacred response. However, we do not expect to have an answer until well into February, 1998. Since your Planet is under strict quarantine, these Portals are presently closed and only Galactic Federation ships are permitted in this Sector of the Galaxy. Third, the Intergalactic Union has now asked that more observation ships from other Member Galaxies be permitted in your interplanetary space.

February 21,1998: We in the Galactic Federation want to assure you that your First Contact Mission is developing as a most unusual mixing of all the strategies possible. One of the key items is the need to get your consciousness transformation to a point that the Earth Spiritual Hierarchy desires it to reach. In addition, we have to decide when a First Contact and possible rescue intervention will be appropriate for the vast "Science and Exploration Fleet" that currently surrounds you. These two factors have not yet meshed. In fact, we have had to cancel a number of our previous operations. Another complex matter involves our relationships with your Governments. As previously, they remain largely hostile to our actions... Our planetary scientists have concentrated on the need to find ways to smooth and to alter the entire Earth-Changes scenario. We have had to delay and, simultaneously, find a new means to permit your Planet's transmutation. This directive has now led us to a most unusual intervention in your Planet's interior. We have set up energy barriers deep in Earth's interior that have so far prevented the potential earthquake catastrophes previously mentioned.

August 8, 1998: We come to tell you about the very interesting events that are presently happening in your Galaxy and throughout your Solar system. These wonderful occurrences are symbols of the many physical and spiritual changes that you are now undergoing. The first celestial event involves your Sun. As the hub of your Solar system, the Sun needs to adjust to the new reality of 'full consciousness' that is now gradually sweeping out your old limiting reality. This process is also affecting the very core of our Galaxy. At present, the Galactic Core is beginning to expand. Its purpose is to open up its many intergalactic and inter-dimensional doorways. This procedure makes it easier for the new Light energies to pour into your present reality.

The Sun is in the midst of a rapid period of change. Your great Star is currently having its entire magnetic field altered. Your Sun is now beginning to lay the anchor points for its North and South polar vector points. The first part of this procedure occurred when the Sun reversed its poles in the late fall of 1994. The resultant streaming of magnetic energy from both its former North and South poles caused a polar magnetic anomaly to commence. This energy spread throughout the Sun and quickly began to destabilize the Sun's corona (its atmosphere). This phenomenon created some of the most amazing solar discharges that your scientists had ever witnessed. What is going to happen to the Sun during the course of this coming galactic year is quite remarkable. First, this process will quicken the coming maximum sunspot cycle. The Sun is going to continue to reveal many unusual events to your scientists. These changes in your Sun are also affecting your planet's magnetic and gravitational fields.

The Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy has also begun to experience an increased amount of activity. This activity has come about due to two important circumstances. First, the interdimensional energies that daily pour through, and from, the numerous other dimensions, have increased dramatically. Many of the spiral galaxies that are near ours have experienced a similar increase in the activity that goes on in their central cores. This increased exchange in spiritual energies is due to the fact that this sector of Creation is about to be raised up in its frequencies. This action is being taken to establish the coming procedures that are called for by Mother/Father God's Divine Plan.

August 11, 1998: In previous messages, we have discussed the nature of changes occurring in the Milky Way Galaxy and throughout your Solar System. Now, let us concentrate upon Mother Earth and upon you. Right now, you are in the midst of some adjustments that have the ability either to make you feel easily fatigued or to make you sense the lack of any possible reservoirs of energy. This process is realigning those subtle bodies that are now actually anchoring deeply into your physical bodies. When this complicated task is completed, you shall feel more energetic and should be blessed with a greater vision of what it is that you are about to do.

Mother Earth still needs to do many things that keep this process of 'Earth Changes' progressing toward its intended completion. One thing being accomplished is to prepare her land surface to be cleansed and purified. This action has led to some storms, floods and earthquakes that have set the land in shape for its new rising. You should expect these procedures to extend also to the many oceans of your world. In their seabeds, the process for allowing the rising of the 'Lost Continents' of Atlantis and Lemuria has begun. Dear Ones, your beloved Mother Earth has a plan in mind that will turn her into a veritable paradise. This pristine planet will teem with many species of life that are presently either extinct, or on the verge of extinction. A new planetary biosphere has been ethically created by your local Spiritual Hierarchy. It shall be your divine mission to shepherd this new living world, and to do so in sacred partnership with your Planet's Cetaceans (whales and dolphins). This guardianship allows you to understand how truly interconnected all forms of sentient life are to each other.

September 1, 1998: For the past few 'Galactic Days', the many orders of your Solar System Elohim, in association with your Ascended Masters, have been accomplishing some major changes in your reality. The first part of these adjustments has been to alter the outflux of various ionic and photon materials presently being ejected by the Sun. This process has been done to prevent the need for a drastic set of adjustments to your Planet... Our next step is to accelerate some of the changes subtly being made to the inner Planets of Mercury, Mars and Venus. These changes shall permit us to continue the preparations of Mother Earth for full-consciousness.

Your Planet is reacting quite well to all of its many transformations. Our purpose is to move Mother Earth carefully through its next and final series of adjustments. We need to modify the many changes now going on in Mother Earth's seabeds and in the submerged areas near your continental shelves. Over the past three 'Galactic Years', the areas just below your Earth's crust have been heating up. The gradient of this change has averaged from one to three degrees Centigrade per year. This change has been further magnified by the great swelling of interior magma (super-heated molten rock) from the Earth's core. This added heat and pressure has increased the number of seabed quakes and explosive volcanic eruptions by some thirty percent over the same three-year period. These actions have been necessary to re-set the various gas belts in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. These gas belts, when fully rejuvenated, shall make possible the re-emergence of Atlantis and Lemuria. The ones being done in the Indian Ocean are in preparation for the various changes to be made to your African and Asian continents.

Third, we need to set up the final preparations for the vast changes that shall happen to your continental land masses. Most of the changes to be described will happen only after a mass evacuation of your population has been completed. Let us go to each continent and describe to you what is to take place. In Europe, the land bridges between Ireland and the rest of the British Isles will be restored. The Channel between England and the Continent shall be raised again, ending the present physical isolation of Great Britain from Europe. The European Continent's land shelf shall rise up and cause the virtual shrinking of the Mediterranean Sea into a large river basin. Asia shall see the fall of the Urals and the Himalayan Mountains. In their stead, two inland seas shall be connected through narrow straits to the Oceans. Africa shall see the end of the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains. Its marvelous replacement shall be an enormous land-locked lake or sea, surrounded by lush plains that continue to the Mediterranean basin in the north, and to vast forests in the south.

North and South America are to be drastically changed. In South America, the Andes Mountains will fall back to sea level. To replace them, a vast inlet of the Pacific Ocean shall form. The Caribbean shall shrink in size, and many of its outer islands will become part of the continent of Atlantis. North America will undergo great transformations. As in Europe, Asia and Africa, the continental shelf shall rise and the land boundaries will extend outward, while taking on a new shape. The Rocky Mountains of Canada and the United States will drop below sea level, and an enormous inland sea will be formed that connects to the Pacific through a narrow channel in Mexico (now the delta of the Colorado River). The Gulf of California will decrease in size as Baja, California, and the rest of western Mexico, spread outward into the sea. The Sierra Madre of Mexico and Central America will be lowered into a broad plain marked by vast and quite beautiful river valleys. The frozen continent of Antarctica shall become ice-free, while the central deserts of Australia will become a fertile plain marked by very extensive river valleys.

December 5, 1998: Right now, you are in the midst of many changes that are important to the unfolding of the Divine Plan. These alterations involve three important elements. The first concerns the changes that are going on in your Sun and its solar system. These changes are moving you ever closer to an actual encounter with the main section of the Photon Belt. The second aspect pertains to the next period of your bodily adjustments. Here, you are moving into alterations that affect your immune system and the imputing of your new Diaphragm Chakra. The final segment encompasses the many new energy fields that are being established throughout this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. These three elements are fashioning the conditions needed to jump you into your new reality. In effect, the Divine blueprint is being activated, and the final parts put in place before actual completion of the new reality's construction.

Your Sun and its precious children are currently involved in some great changes. These shifts include vast modifications to your Sun's magnetic field, transmutations of the numerous temperature gradients within the Sun's coronasphere, and alterations to the type of ionic materials ejected from large solar promenades. Right now, solar scientists can tell you that the Sun is at the beginning stages of a very active Sunspot cycle. In reality, the Sun is setting the stage for a new Solar System. Many parts of these complex exercises have been completed. Now your Sun needs to adjust its inner and outer Planets to a higher series of frequencies.This prepares them to eventually swing into new orbits. Orbital modifications include one for Earth that has a 360-day solar year and an exact 24-hour day. These figures mean that your Planet has to do two things: accelerate its present rotational speed and develop an orbit that is a few million miles closer to your Sun. Moreover, the rotational speed of Mars needs to be vastly increased. The new frequencies of Jupiter need to be further adjusted upward.

As your Solar System moves into position for an actual entry into the Photon Belt, two crucial phenomena can be observed by your scientists. The amount of gamma and other deadly forms of cosmic radiation are registering a dramatic increase in your atmosphere. The amount of such radiation is increasing in your outer Solar System, as well as in this immediate section of your Galaxy. These important readings are a portent that the very thin null zone that surrounds and protects your Solar System from the effects of the main Photon Belt is beginning to break down. It also signals the fact that your increasing solar and planetary frequencies are also beginning to fracture this most hastily made protective Null Zone. These incisive factors create the conditions for a greenhouse effect on your Planet. They can also easily exacerbate these same conditions when they are already present. Your current weather, along with unusual temperature and climatic patterns, are omens of what we are talking about. The entire mix of your near interstellar space is changing. Many magnetic anomalies, observed by your scientists, are additional signs of this same type of phenomenon.

The Galaxy's rotation is also beginning to change. The Galactic Core is acting as the main source for this change. Your own transformation is transmuting this entire Galaxy. When your new reality becomes fact, it can shift the current Galactic reality. Right now, you exist in a multi-reality. For this reason, much of what your scientists now observe, they cannot explain.

The next set of your ongoing bodily adjustments are scheduled for the period December 13, 1998 to January 1, 1999. These adjustments are primarily concerned with removing more of your emotional and mental blockages. To this end, the adjustments involve two major centers for these many toxic hindrances. The first center is your body's immune system. This process involves primarily your thymus, endocrine system, limbic center of the brain, lymphatic system, as well as your liver, kidneys and circulatory system. Look for sudden headaches, strange flu, suddenly flaring pains in the upper body or lower back, as well as strange lumps, unusual infections and occasional dizziness. As the month moves on, these many symptoms could intensify. Be prepared for massive processing during what some of you might know as large bouts of dreamless, but quite deep, sleep.

The second center that we shall be adjusting is your Diaphragm chakra. This chakra holds a lot of the emotional and mental fears and stresses that you have so far encountered. As you begin to remove this toxicity from your immune system, it permits many of these very deep fears and stresses to be discharged from your diaphragm.

April 3, 1999: We come to bring you more information about the new energies that we are bringing into this sector of your Galaxy. During your last seasonal Equinox, which occurred on March 21st, we opened an enormous Stargate located between the orbits of Venus and your Earth. This Stargate was established for two purposes: First, it was meant to help to stabilize your Sun. This activity it has done, and done well. Second, it is meant to make it possible to move your members of the Secret Goverment towards the Light. This second purpose shall commence in great earnest around April 15th. To move your obstreperous Secret Government toward the Light, we have a three-fold strategy. These major steps are: One, to set an energy barrier around your planet that effectively blocks any of their potential interference; Two, to use this energy to realign their "dark" alignments and three, to perform certain procedures on their most advanced covert technologies.

Let us look more deeply at what we intend to do. Dear ones, these activities are the last major procedures that we need to set the stage for your much longed-for graduation into full consciousness. The Stargate was opened, blessed hearts, because your many planetary ruling "Secret Cliques" were not getting our sacred message. The time has come for them to desist, even if grudgingly, from their present objective. Their objective has been the creation of a planetary Oligarchy whose heavy-handed rule is both overt and omnipotent. Their plan is to move through their last few pre-arranged hoops, and then to strike. This strike is meant to happen in several well-prepared stages. They have used their immense financial and economic control of your global society as their jumping-off point. This planned action has another more sinister aspect: the use of advanced mind control technologies, mixed with a massive extermination of those deemed not suitable for their first ploy. This strategy would have brought your world into a Dark Age that strongly resembles the horrible last days of Atlantis.

To counter these activities, we intend to put a massive wall of spiritual Light around your precious Mother Earth. This energy is very different from what we have done previously. It is an energy that can effectively deter any form of advanced photonic or psychic technology that your Secret Govermnet has acquired. You need to understand that your "Secret Elites" have a long history of applying these technologies. This history dates back to the first civilization created by the Annunaki [Nibiruans under the dark influence of their tyrant Marduk] in the immediate post-flood world. Hence, it spans many, many millennia. Ever since Atlantis was destroyed, this dark energy has been employed for their own purposes. In addition, in the past few decades they acquired various types of Photonic weaponry. These technologies have been combined in devices called "Psychotronic Accelerators". These have the capability to twist time and space, as well as to vault you into multi-dimensional environments. Here is where our new spiritual Light Shield comes into use. The key to all the evil technology of which we have just spoken is special harmonics or tones.

Besides the wall of Light around your Planet, we are dutifully working on the adjustment of your Secret Government members' spiritual alignments. At present, the Leaders who form this organization are composed of individuals whose alignments have been twisted from the Light to the Dark. Many ancient rituals and secret psychic practices have created this most ghastly situation. To be inducted into the very highest levels of these organizations, you need to give your alignment to its Leaders to use as they please. This process moves you deeply into the dire influences of the Dark. A massive side-effect is that it moves your conscious ego into a position of having complete control over your mind and spirit. When you are caught in this emotional and mental mode, self-aggrandizement, accumulation of power and material things become your objective. You see yourself as having to provide a complete loyalty to your superiors. You wish to do their bidding and you desire to become as they are.

This twisted alignment has allowed the "Dark" to become overwhelming dominators of your Global Society. Their interlocked directorate has created world-wide councils that supervise your daily political, economic and religious lives. Yet, in spite of what they have done, they are seeking even more. Our second stratagem is to reverse this alignment by letting in the Light. As this Light becomes able to "congeal" within them, they can be changed. Our grace is never-ending. We are determined to transform these now Dark Beings into sincere supporters of the Light. This gradual process is beginning to work. Our next step is to employ our developing Wall of Light for this Heavenly purpose. Every individual's alignment on your Planet is the responsibility of your Inner Council. This Angelic group sees that everyone's Divine purpose is accomplished.

April 10, 1999: In our Galaxy, the Intergalactic Union has just completed a series of important meetings in the Vega system. These meetings stressed the importance of moving your Global Society into "Full Consciousness" as quickly as possible. To do this, the Union has issued three Decrees. Each of them has the same basic theme: the remaining procedures required to fulfil our Divine tasks. One of these tasks involves our "First Contact" with you and its specific time frame. These Decrees were delivered as a warning to your Secret Government on April 8th. Our clock formally starts to tick at 00:00 hours GMT on April 15th. Beloveds, our patience has run thin. It is time for your Secret Government to commence its compliance with Divine Law.

From now on, compliance, and only compliance, shall be tolerated. For too long, your various worldly "Cabals" have continued to dillydally on what we occasionally request of them. This activity is not now an option for them. To accomplish our broad objectives, the local Spiritual Hierarchy has pledged that the "Bell-curve" required for the "First Contact" shall be in place by the end of the coming galactic month of Moan (May 22nd, 1999). Before we come, minor tweaking by us shall be all that is necessary to have you 'up to speed'. From that moment on, your Secret Government knows that our arrival can happen whenever it befits us. Our task is to move you into "Full Consciousness" when the Divine Plan so chooses. Our next task is to guide you as quickly as possible into the new and marvellous realm that you shall then inhabit.

Your Secret Government needs to see that we sincerely mean what we have said. To this end, we have moved around certain key covert experiments that they have in orbit around your world. In addition, we have shown them the type of technology that we in fact possess. Our purpose has been to demonstrate to your "Secret Elites" that even at very low levels of engagement, we have the necessary tools to back up our claims. Your world and you, have been at the mercy of these callous Beings for far too long. The time has come to transform their truculence into obedience. They know that our Fleet is out there and that their potential escape routes have been cut off. This process has nonetheless not stopped their continual planning. Somehow, your Secret Elites feel that their many forms of brinkmanship are their only remaining option. Hence, they have stepped up various wars [ie. Kosovo] and other oppressive actions now going on around your globe. Their rule seems to be some obtuse form of a 'scorched-earth' policy.

Your Secret Government also knows that your Planet as well, is beginning to reach the end of its 'rope'. They realize that Mother Earth is close to a massive deterioration of its biosphere. This process would end most known life on your world. Your Sun is also in a bad way. Fortunately, and with the help of your local Spiritual Hierarchy and many inter-dimensional Orders of Elohim, we have been able to stabilize it. We fully understand why our task was made more difficult than it could have been. Your Secret Government hoped to use the Sun's increasing instability to cast your Planet's many electrical and communications grids into a series of sudden crises. They could then use these serious problems to test many new untried technologies that they currently possess. Their past efforts nearly destroyed your entire Solar System. These projects are ones that, from time to time, they are still engaged in. Their motto seems to be: "If we can't govern the Earth, then no one else will be allowed to do so." This folly on their part can no longer be permitted.

December 18, 1999: Your Ascension is one of our greatest joys and greatest concerns. It is something that is fated to change your reality and you, forever. At present, we are involved in altering your RNA/DNA protein strands and preparing your central nervous system and your meridian system for this change. For us to transform your consciousness requires that we do it at the proper rate. In addition, we need to provide those resources that permit the change of certain worldwide social and economic structures. This complex process was undertaken only after the completion of a great deal of preliminary work. The various seemingly long delays, periods of no apparent change, and even times when the chaos field seems overwhelming, are just part of this transitional period. Everything has a purpose. It is meant to create certain effects in your reality that either are too subtle for most of you to discern, or are a period when we are altering the many nefarious schemes dreamed up by your worldly Cabals. In all cases, our approach is to get you to your final 'Omega Point' as swiftly as divinely possible.

Now, let us talk about the critical changes occurring to your spiritual bodies. Dear Ones, as you know, you possess a highly complex spiritual system. When you were born, you had an electrical and magnetic field around you. This subtle energy field is called your Light Body. It consists of a total of fourteen layers, each of which has a purpose. They range from a number of Etheric bodies that mirror your chakra systems, to conscious bodies that are connected directly to your Silver and Gold Cords. These systems are holistic and, to be properly attached, require a certain set of resonances. To do this, we have decided to connect them layer-by-layer to your physical body.

To integrate this multi-layered system into your body requires that we initially change your physical body into a thirteen-chakra system. Therefore, we have had to slowly accommodate the many modifications needed to complete this task. Beginning at the head, feet, hands and lower torso, we slowly worked inward. Additionally, we have had to mirror the electro-magnetic activity of your Light Body with that of your Physical Body. Adding to this project, there are the many thought-forms, which you have inherited from your ancestors, or have forged during your lifetime. We have had to resolve all of these complexities. Our solution is a series of specially applied resonance patterns, each specifically designed for you and for that particular aspect which we are integrating.

December 21 1999: The oceans of your world are about to start to heat up again, an event caused by many deep ocean floor earthquakes, and accompanying volcanism. The winds in your upper atmosphere are about to increase in their velocity and will begin to break into much smaller airstreams, or 'Jet Streams', as your meteorologists call them. Mother Earth is changing. She knows that the numerous tectonic plate movements that characterize her current surface features are finally nearing their end. In the New Earth, the tectonic plates will forge together, the oceans will change in their shape and size, and two new continents are to be added to her surface mix. At her core, a crystalline massive singularity regulates the energy exchanges that maintain the coming new reality.

As previously noted, the oxygen level of your atmosphere needs to rise. At present, it is barely at 20 percent and is really much lower in your global urban areas. To live efficiently, Humans, as well as most types of animals, need to inhale a much greater amount of oxygen. In effect, you are slowly asphyxiating yourselves. As your diminishing oxygen levels starve your bodies, you leave yourselves more open to all types of degenerative disease. This is one of the primary causes for your rapid increase in heart, kidney and liver diseases, as well as the astronomical increase in all forms of that most deadly disease, cancer. Mother Earth knows this. She is troubled and greatly distressed by how you have treated the marvelous environment that she has given you. Ever since the end of your Second World War, the environment has deteriorated at very catastrophic levels. This massive process has rapidly laid waste to the biosphere of this planet that Heaven so graciously gave you so many millennia ago.

Mother Earth understands the important role played by her large stands of tropical and temperate forests. Trees create life by providing oxygen and shade. They regulate temperatures and prevent extremes in any locality's weather pattern. Their loss puts your Earth out of balance and readily opens it to conditions quite averse to sustaining life. It is unfortunate that your present social system has been largely ignorant of these key facts and has pursued policies that have contributed to the processes that we have just described. What is vital is that you are beginning to understand the relationship between a healthy environment and your own well-being. Even though this present biosphere is to be replaced shortly, it is important that you demonstrate at present your best effort to support and sustain a balance in the life chain. Every creature is part of every other creature. There is a reason for everything and anything that exists upon this Earth.

Let us look at the Earth's changing surface. Your world is about to take on a new look. Most of these changes are to be completed only after you have become fully conscious Beings. Nevertheless, they are immense. Previously, we referred to the fourteen oceans and seas and to the nine continents that will comprise the Earth's new surface. This surface virtually lacks snow or ice. In fact, the two polar caps will no longer exist. Where will they go? They will form the two layers of firmament to which we alluded briefly at the start of this message. This will leave your planet at about the same depth for sea level. Your ocean floors will not be as deep. That is because the two continents of Lemuria and Atlantis will surface. However, the height of your tallest mountain will increase from 29,000 feet (8.84 km) to 50,000 feet (15.24 km).

As we noted in another message, your planet is to become balanced between land and water. It is still a water planet, and has many great vistas, as well as a multitude of beautiful locales. Your new world is to be a truly beautiful place. You are about to inherit a most exquisite set of responsibilities. These responsibilities include being Mother Earth's Caretaker. As its primary steward, you will work closely with the Devic Kingdom and assure the sustainability of this new, yet fragile environment. In addition, your tasks are to encompass the environments to be formed upon Mars, Venus and the soon-to-be reconstructed world of Maldek. It is this reality that shall fulfill your most profound purposes, and give you your greatest joys.

January 25 2000: You have come into a sector of physical reality whose very hub is your Galaxy. You are now living upon an entity that is, in reality, the main trigger-point for your Solar System. Mother Earth is a very special Being. At her core, she contains a unique crystal that drives the energies that are daily sustaining your Galaxy. Think of your galactic home as a switch that turns on the spiritual and physical processes that create everything you see in your night sky. Hence, you are positioned in one of the most auspicious places in the Universe. Now, know that the time has come to put this cosmic switch into a new position. To accomplish this requires a very unusual set of circumstances. First, the reality governing Earth needs to be altered. Second, all the sentient Beings who dwell in or on it need to be adjusted for what is to happen. Finally, the energies disbursed through your Solar System need to be changed. When all of this has been accomplished, a swift and divinely inspired temporary alignment of the planets must occur at exactly the right time. This last event is the cosmic trigger to which we have alluded in this discussion.

May 16, 2000: At present, your world is changing. This fact is the basis for all that we have been telling you. In addition, conditions in your galaxy have altered drastically. The various opposing factions that have fought each other for untold millions of your years have reached a long-sought accommodation. It is this Peace Treaty that serves as the anchor for what is currently happening to your world and to you. This process is truly amazing. It demonstrates how powerful all of you really are. Dear Ones, we can never, ever ignore your importance in these matters. Yet, most of you have no idea what is occurring. Long ago, the sacred Emerald Orders of the Spiritual Hierarchies of this Galaxy forged a Grand Spiritual Council of the Light. To this sacred entity came the great Beings of Light who created sacred colonies in the Star groupings that you know as the Constellations of Lyra, Cancer and Gemini. These grand Beings eventually formed a League of Light whose present progeny is the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Galactic Federation is also overseen by the Great Blue Lodge of Creation, whose wondrous Light emanates throughout this Galaxy from a major Stargate located in the Sirius star system. The Sirius Star-nation is a proud member of the Galactic Federation. Indeed, the Regional Federation Council for your Sector of the Galaxy is named the Sirian Regional Council in their honour. Under the aegis of their wisdom, the Galactic Federation Colony of Lemuria was founded over 900,000 solar years ago upon your sacred Earth orb. Those Beings from an outside world who sought to bring the ways of the "Dark" to your world soon gained a foothold in the Lemurian colony of Atlantis. The rest is history. Our point is simply to show you that your reality has a destiny, which is being revealed in a most unique manner. Those who represent the "Dark" know this and fully understand that their days of controlling you are numbered. Dear Ones, you are great Beings of Light. You have come to fulfil a sacred mission that has only one conclusion - the successful restoration of your present limited reality to a state of full consciousness.

This complex process has another objective - to prepare you to become a leader in this Galaxy. Your Star System is meant shortly to be a great Star-Nation. It has a vital role to play and is looked upon by the numerous members of the Galactic Federation of Light as a Divine instrument that can ensure the peace and unity of this Galaxy. The Peace Treaties that ended countless galactic wars needed a linchpin. You are to fulfill that critical role. This Truth is one that many of you may now find hard to fully accept. However, you represent many different cultures, sentient species and points of view. You are an amazing amalgam of those who presently comprise this Galaxy. It is this magnificent reality that has given all of us such great hope. We sincerely know that deep down, you understand completely the importance of your sacred mission and remain committed to its successful outcome.

July 18, 2000: Presently, your Sun is in the midst of activities that will finish only when she is in her fully conscious state. In addition, the artificial outer mobile planet that most of you call Nibiru is nearing her fated crossing with Mother Earth. This event will prove that a release for Mother Earth from her present bondage is close to its resolution. Here, the Fleets of the Galactic Federation are acting as our Divine Referees. We have instructed them on what actions to take in order to regulate your Sun and see that your coming connection with Nibiru goes off as Divinely planned. In addition, we are just starting to prepare Mars, as well as your Moon, for a number of important Heavenly events. These breathtaking occurrences will enable us to clearly prove to Earth's Human inhabitants that they are truly not alone. They will also signal the start of some important revelations about us in your alternative media and in your various global networks. They will come, after we have completed the delivery of a number of Heavenly resources.

August 15, 2000: As you know, your Solar System has been relatively unstable since the advent of Lemuria, some 900.000 solar years ago. In addition, your home-world, Mother Earth, has experienced trying times since the demise of Atlantis almost 13,000 solar years ago. These twin events are quite relevant to what is happening now. Your global society is living in a reality whose environmental legacy is founded upon great instability. These events have been affecting your Sun for a very long time. She has now responded with actions that can fully redress these 'situations'. To assist you, we have upgraded our geological mission and established new protocols with the Sun's Spiritual Hierarchy. Together, we intend to create the actual foundations for a stable solar system. Accordingly, we have begun this procedure in three places. First, we have established an experimental station on two of Jupiter's moons, Io and Europa. Second, we have begun a project on your Moon that is designed to put her abilities in full use.

Here, keep in mind that your Moon is really a vast artificial orb that was created, originally, to be the protector of the planet you call 'Maldek'. Today, Maldek is just an asteroid belt that exists between Mars and Jupiter. In former times, it was an Earth-like world nearly 29,000 miles (46,690 kilometers) in diameter, which, for over one million years, served as the "Dark" Anchara Alliance's Headquarters. Galactic Federation forces later destroyed this Planet, in order to re-colonize your Solar System. Much later, forces loyal to Atlantis put your Moon in its present position in order to attack and destroy Lemuria. The Moon has a number of important capabilities. First, it can control your global weather patterns, as well as your Planet's electrical and magnetic grids. Second, it can control the rate of movement of Earth's tectonic plates, as well as the degree of up-welling of the mantle's molten materials. In short, it is a device that can easily manipulate your environment. Third, the Moon can regulate the amount of life-giving energies that travel from the Sun to the Earth.

We can employ these capabilities to provide your World with greater stability. However, at certain times, it is necessary to relieve the Earth's crust. These moments have led to severe earthquakes, which we have closely monitored to limit their potential. Many earthquakes, which your measuring scale ranked at 7.0 or above, were, in fact, reduced by almost ten thousand percent by our actions. Hence, we have prevented even larger global catastrophes from occurring. Keep in mind that your Planet is unstable. The Creator intended it to be a planetary system containing two moons of similar size. Moreover, it possessed a surface that was completely unified. Such is not now the case. When Mother Earth lowered her frequencies and was later denied her two celestial balance points, her once unified surface cracked apart and began to move about in a very random fashion. The result is a stressed surface that requires constant release of its immense pressures. This is achieved in harmonic fifths, at specific points across your globe's surface.

Additionally, your plunge into limited consciousness has torn your sacred orb's atmosphere asunder. This has left you with global 'weather' and its corollary - severe climate zones. In many past messages, we have commented upon this unfortunate turn of events. In reality, your world is supposed to be semi-tropical, with a temperature variance of no more than five degrees Centigrade from pole to equator. Large barren deserts, whose temperatures are much above 27 degrees Centigrade (82 degrees Fahrenheit), and immense frozen glaciers, are not meant to be. Yet, your Planet has graciously sustained this for many millennia. Our point is that these elements of randomness have been forged by yet another chance factor - the instability of your electrical and magnetic grids. This unpredictability is the reason behind many of the heinous experiments that your Secret Cabals and their Off-world Rulers conducted for many millennia. Their experiments created the matrix that produced the perceptions that now rule your life.

September 9, 2000: We come today to inform you about many things. Among the most important is the status of the Galactic Federation of Light fleets assigned to your Solar System. At present, they are a diverse lot. Fleets from various Human Star Nations have been combined with those from a number of Dinosaurian, Reptilian, Insectoid and Amphibian ones. Together, they have forged a united front dedicated to the completion of your First Contact Mission. What makes this process unique is that you are a vital, yet primitive society. Nonetheless, this Galaxy's Spiritual Hierarchy has selected you for this honour. Behind their choice are the commands of the Divine Plan, as well as the specific decrees of Lord Siraya. Hence, yours is a truly Divine intervention. As such, the exact moment for action is solely under the jurisdiction of these great Lords of Light. In our humble opinion, you, as a people, have reached the point for this moment of sublime interaction. Still, our Heavenly Hosts remind us that the time for such action has not yet arrived. So, we bide our time and remain, faithfully, at the ready.

In the eyes of Heaven, you, dear Friends, are close to their final actions. Included in these are the various operations that make up your First Contact. As a part of their procedures, the great Lords of Light have been in contact with your numerous Secret Cabals. Your secret rulers are now immersed in the last vestiges of fractional disagreements, which have delayed programs that are a part of your enlightenment. These quarrels are destined to end shortly and to finish what Spirit and these many Cabals negotiated initially. In addition, the great Lords of Heaven have authorized us to inform you that this period does have a time limit. We in the Galactic Federation remain their mighty hammer and will be duly unleashed if certain key conditions are not carried out immediately. At present, your Earthly Cabals have engaged certain technologies that utilize the ways of Spirit. Here, once again, they must be reminded that its use requires the consent of Heaven. This, they will surely lack if they proceed with their incessant delays. We request simply that what they agreed to, they accomplish, immediately.

Many of you have heard of how close our arrival truly is. Remember that this time is not to be decided by us. If we were solely responsible, we would have already completed this task years ago. You need to take into consideration the many projects that Heaven has undertaken to restore you to full consciousness. Look upon this process as a complex one. Many things of which you have little knowledge have been in action for a very long time. These events involve not only you, but the rest of physicality, as well. Never lose sight of the fact that you are linchpins in the transformation of physicality. You possess a truly special position in the unfolding of Creation. Keep in mind that there are certain 'fail-safe' strategies provided for by Heaven. When the number of set experiences expressed in your life contracts is reached, an evaluation will be performed. Then, the 'fail-safe' switch will be pushed. Your present reality and its myriad sustaining perceptions will be altered, instantly. You will be in full consciousness and we shall be in full presence among you.

Our various Galactic Federation medical, scientific and liaison teams have performed admirably. Yet, there is still much for us to do. In this regard, know that we are quite pleased with your progress. A great number of you are at the critical point that separates you from your fully conscious selves. This integration procedure is an uneven one, which is to be expected in a population as diverse as yours. Additionally, the percentile of your population presently awakening is truly remarkable. Those of you in the early stages of this procedure still account for the vast majority residing upon your world. We are pleased that you who have journeyed much farther upon this path have chosen to assist your fellows. The many organizations, communication networks, and support groups you have formed have wonderfully aided our efforts. In fact, long ago, we synchronized our efforts with your own.

Presently, no one entity or group of entities is permitted to interfere with what is occurring upon your world. Make no mistake about it. Your integration, and its resulting changes in physicality, is paramount to all Beings of Light. The Ring of Ships encircling your Solar System see this task as their first responsibility. We are prepared to embark upon our mission at a moment's notice and are ready to complete it within the presently assigned parameters. Moreover, we have set into motion events that can neutralize any potential that your covert Rulers possess. This, dear Friends, allows for any system that they now have in operation, or which they have set their 'hearts' upon acquiring. In any case, our procedures, when commanded, will be completed swiftly and successfully.

December 9, 2000: In past messages, we have hinted that many changes have been introduced into the Galactic Federation's First Contact plans. Let us ever-briefly inform you about some of the new items we have announced, that involve events we have mentioned in many past messages. They also include the 'end games' of your Secret Cabals, as well as certain natural events that, currently, are unfolding in your Solar System. At present, our First Contact Team is moving some 130 large Mother-craft into areas that your many major governments can more easily monitor. We are doing this to more firmly establish our role as the final persuasive hammer for the decrees of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Presently, your worldly Cabals have blatantly shirked the implementation of certain positive elements in their 'end game' agreements. We can state that we are working to adjust these things. Soon our ships will have completed their complex maneuvers and eight large planetoid-sized ships will be ready to carry out our promises.

In addition, we are carefully observing the actions of your Sun. As noted, your Sun controls the immense increase in celestial energies currently streaming into your Solar System. These are scheduled to vastly multiply after your planet's Winter/Summer Solstice. We expect that the degree of power blackouts or brownouts will intensify enormously worldwide. Moreover, great pressure will be exerted upon your upper atmosphere to hold back this rapid escalation in solar radiation. In this case, the crucial component is your newly evolving planetary grids, whose geometry is being altered. Their deflection of these dangerous energies away from Mother Earth's lower atmosphere will alleviate most of our concerns. Your major surface governments have covert devices near your North and South Poles and your Equator that continue to interfere with this procedure. Our present concern is that we may be compelled to further exhibit our military superiority if these clandestine actions continue. In the past, we have easily disabled more than 21 such devices with no loss of life.

The process of First Contact requires, on our part, a great deal of patience, which we possess in abundance. Still, dear Hearts, we deeply desire that your success occur without delay. To this end, we will presently be setting into motion activities that will ensure this. In the past, many of our messages have explained how your future timeline, and even your inevitable meeting with us, have been 'locked' into place. Your Secret Rulers have long known that your world cannot continue to exist in its present state. They understand how desperate your situation really is. Yet, they have failed to fully inform you and have even blocked various forms of technology that could quickly remedy this problem. They wish only to exploit and enslave you. In fact, they have even spent trillions in undertaking a grand and surreptitious project to rapidly remove themselves to another planet's moon when Mother Earth's ecosystem fails. This we will not allow.

Heaven has designed many events that are presently occurring on your Planet to end, irrevocably, the decades-long conspiracy of denial that has concealed our existence. Evidence is about to come to light that will enable us to increase our atmospheric activities and demonstrate our true, positive intentions. The transformation of your outer fears makes our First Contact Mission much easier to complete. We are moving toward a greater mutual acceptance. You are moving toward a better understanding of your magnificent destiny. In this regard, the new energies presently heading towards you are meant to allow many major North American and European Governments to explain themselves, fully and finally. Only when this great Truth is permitted to emerge can you begin to comprehend the meaning of the "First Contact".

March 24, 2001: We have worked on our "First Contact" for nearly a decade and, during this time, have developed, then discarded, a number of possible sequences. All of this preparation responds to one basic factor - your ascension/integration process. Moreover, we have adjusted, according to your Secret Rulers' changing reaction to us. Remember that these 'powers that be' upon your world have known about us for many millennia. They have also known a number of Star societies that represented the 'Dark side', and have employed this fact to maintain their balance of power. Now, the scale has finally tipped against them. Our intervention on your behalf has caused us, again, to alter our scenarios. However, how we intend to actually arrive has not changed. As before, we plan to inform you of our coming in a global telecast of unprecedented proportions. As before, we will neutralize any potential threats to our landing. As before, a whole host of Celestial Beings from Heaven will accompany our craft. As before, this coming will be massive and global in scale.

At present, segments of your society remain unready for contact. They inhabit a realm of denial and are the chief causes of the planetary xenophobia still gripping your society. We profoundly desire to alter these things. Our Master Plan encompasses special public announcements by your governments and other specific key cultural and economic elements. Here, we have achieved a number of key agreements on the timings of these announcements. When they have been concluded, we will show ourselves more openly. Then, you will be allowed to gaze upon the wonder of our vast fleet of craft, whose different sizes, shapes and colours are truly wondrous to behold! After a set time, and in keeping with these agreements, we will stage partial landings and/or manoeuvres. At a prearranged time, we will land on your shores in a massive display. At that moment, your present realm will end and, with it, the last part of its transition to your new reality.

Our plan is to keep our Fleet in a constant state of readiness. We are fully prepared, dear Hearts, to land massively upon your shores in less than two hours. We are monitoring, without hesitation, any potential threat in your progress toward full consciousness. If any threat becomes an actuality, we will use what is necessary to counter it. We have shown these facts to your globe's Military Forces, who now understand that their present overt and covert weaponry will not deter us. We intend to approach cautiously, however, as we do not wish to alarm your Planet's populace unduly. We wish to show you that you are to be freed from fear - not to arouse it in you! In the recent past, this has created some situations that have limited our options, but we have now learned how to remedy these states of affairs.

May 15, 2001: Many of you have heard of the Photon Belt. Your Government's scientists have been tracking it secretly for well over fifty years. To sense it requires special equipment related to your highly secret nuclear weapons program. When modified for radio and optical telescopes, it brings into view a vast organized belt of Light that extends for many thousands of Light Years. Most of it remains at a frequency much higher than your instruments can detect. You are presently lying in a void that you will leave in the next few years. As you near this exit point, the powerful energies in this belt of multi-dimensional Light are greatly affecting your Sun and a number of nearby Stars. We see this Belt as one of the main springboards that is catapulting you toward us. One of its key signatures has been a series of immense energy 'waves', recently seen by your scientists, and which occur throughout our galaxy. Along with other energy traces, these waves are being misinterpreted as remnants of the original 'big bang' explosion. In fact, they are merely signs of the powerful influence that the 'Photon Belt' has exerted upon our Galaxy.

The Photon Belt does not exist without a reason. Its purpose is to act as the prime regulator for galactic change, by coordinating its movements with a natural energy cycle from within the Galactic Core. At regular intervals, this Core spews forth an enormous, extremely intense energy wave that is intercepted and transmuted by the Photon Belt. When required, this energy causes stars to nova, planets to change their orbit or even their very nature - their atmospheric content - and become arid, semiarid or water planets. Consequently, each galaxy's Divine Plan painstakingly carries out the spread of physical life and its controlled evolution. Everything in Creation happens according to the sacred edicts of its specific Divine Plan, which a galaxy's Spiritual Hierarchy watches over. For this to be accomplished, Heaven forms countless Orders, Councils and Administrations.

A Photon Belt regulates these waves, moving about in a set pattern that is established by how the Galactic Core operates. In your particular case, the Milky Way Galaxy runs in roughly 13,000- and 26,000-year cycles. Hence, the Photon Belt rotates around the Core according to this pattern. Each emission of Galactic Core energies varies in intensity and dispersal pattern because it needs to affect every section of the Galaxy in a specific way. This energy leaves behind a special pattern that encodes each section of the Galaxy with a distinctive 'timetable' - that is, the way each star, planet, dust cloud, et cetera, will react and carry out its part of the Divine Plan. Each aspect of a galaxy also possesses a schedule for its unique unfolding. These events shape the very nature of physicality.

June 5, 2001: Your world is preparing for its massive transformation. Now, Mother Earth is girding herself for a gigantic alteration in her surface appearance. As noted in past messages, these changes will create vast inland seas, sink large mountain ranges in an instant and remove the remaining ice and snow-pack from her North and South Poles. Change of this immensity will bring with it severe earthquakes and extremely violent volcanic eruptions. This will occur across the globe and bring to your world events that it will not easily forget. Fortunately, these much-forecast events will take place only after many of you have been safely moved, either to the Mother Ships or to your new underground homes. These subterranean enclaves are guaranteed to be fully volcano- and earthquake-proof. In these surpassingly lovely, Heaven-like environs, you will achieve Full Consciousness. Then, you will resume your role as Mother Earth's Divine Guardians. Our first mission will be to act as your much-needed guides and teachers. We will come and graciously escort you to your many new habitats.

We have coordinated this unprecedented movement underground of Earth's large population with your brethren [the Agartha Civilization] who dwell in Inner Earth. The places to which you are going are simply beautiful beyond compare. Therein will be technologies that end your need for agriculture and for housing or clothing industries. Each dwelling will contain replication devices that can produce for you, in seconds or minutes, any garment, any instrument, or any food that you may truly desire. You will also discover that you can produce even the largest building, by a similar technology, in less than a day. These are only the beginning of the wonders to be made available to you. In under a minute, you will be able to Teleport swiftly from one place within the globe to another. These underground locales will have skies and a sun that project night and day. Unwanted garbage, distracting noises and other inconveniences will be eliminated.

Sept 11, 2001: Sadly, we come before you now. Much has happened on this day [9/11], dear Hearts, and many more eventful days lie ahead of you. The events of this day have only confirmed that a small and still very stubborn Cabal is continuing to lash out and remains determined to manifest its dark agenda. You have witnessed a well-orchestrated, pre-emptive attack, carried out by various elements of this secret Cabal, whose sole purpose was to delay and/or seriously cripple those who are attempting to carry out crucial aspects of our joint agreements. We ask everyone who reads this message to meditate/pray for those who died or were seriously injured in these heinous attacks. What has taken place is visible proof that what we have agreed to must progress at an accelerated pace.

As always, the Spiritual Hierarchy is supervising us. They wish you to know that the events of this day are only the beginning of many great changes in your realm. These have been quite sudden. They came, leaving inconceivable sadness in their wake. We advise you to gently counteract this insanity with positive meditation, prayer vigils and a strong sense of inner purpose. The changes you have been experiencing will continue. Our purpose, mainly, is to observe, analyze and, then, to take appropriate action. Never will we act in judgement or in anger. Instead, we act out of Love and with a profound knowledge that what is occurring is only a tragic incident. Our strategy remains to prepare you for our "First Contact". These events merely reflect the vast levels of chaos that still remain in your global society. In every part of your globe, bombs, hatred and mindless, angry men press forward with their insane agendas. They can no longer do more than stage terror-filled events that bring them varied degrees of notoriety. These distressing events are balanced by a new energy, characterized by peace and a growing awareness of our shared connections.

Sept 18, 2001: We are watching events unfold on many intricate and extraordinary levels. Our objective is to be prepared for whatever occurs. This brings us to the forces we have positioned for action. We have tripled the number of our defence ships stationed in North America, Southern Asia, the Middle East and East Asia. In Africa, Latin America and the world's oceans, we have doubled the number of our larger observation craft. As back-up, we have stationed a series of special ships that we have not officially used for more than two of your centuries.

We also have stationed a major Command Ship over central Australia and are closely watching covert activities that emanate from an underground base there. These vile tricks could easily cause a major earthquake in the northern or southern regions of South or Central Asia. Moreover, there have been attempted attacks upon your upper atmosphere that have included a process to substantially weaken Earth's ozone layer. Many amateur radio operators may notice occasional strange static conditions or sudden signal band 'drifting'. These are our countermeasures in operation. The past week's events are the first steps in this lone Gang's most desperate plan. Therefore, we ask, once again, for the physical countermeasures on your world that will end this tyranny so that we may continue to progress as quickly as possible.

Further, our great Fleet is now positioning itself to activate all its support centers in Inner Earth. By the time you read this message, these bases will be in full operation. These actions are all an undeviating sign that we fully support peace and the creation upon your world of a new reality for Humanity - a reality populated by fully conscious, sovereign and free Beings of Light. This emergent Galactic Society will graciously unite this Galaxy and change the very nature of physicality. You are a great people who, now, are awakening as a society. You have confronted terrible tragedy, yet still face the possibility of serious conflict. We are, however, completely confident that you are manifesting your magnificent, positive potential. With it, you will become aware of the many actions that can remedy current conditions on your world. Together, dear Hearts, we shall succeed!

October 2, 2001: Our envoys report that their agenda is moving ahead. They have had some very productive meetings with representatives of your world's major financial, governmental and religious organizations. A vastly different world approaches in which the concealment of our existence will end. We have been discussing the most appropriate way to appear among you and how we can best assist your Leaders in developing and implementing a new form of governance upon your world. We are extremely excited about this forthcoming event. As your awareness grows, you become more certain that the present political forms that rule your world are totally unequal to what lies ahead. The best solution is a form of Galactic Government. Until then, a transitional phase will be needed. Whether it would last for months or years matters little. What does matter is that it will supervise your abundance more fairly and allow you to be free and sovereign individuals living in a peace-filled world. This possibility is our goal. Within it, we can safely begin final procedures for your first contact.

Heaven will decide on this Transitional Government and its timeframe. In this regard, we wish to see nothing less than a worldwide web of prosperous, democratic governments that allow their citizenry to openly express their cultural and religious diversity. Remember, also, that Mother Earth needs to transform as much as you do. Ultimately, her needs will determine this timeframe. Your Solar System is changing, as well. Having carefully monitored your Sun and her system of planets, our scientists report that your world has only a short time before the very nature of the Sun's hyperactivity increases and changes in its effects. You, dear Hearts, are in the midst of changes that will require a period of correction. Your Sun and the inner Planets must alter their present relationships. The Sun needs to become more mono-polar, while the inner planets will have to increase their capacity for receiving the enormous energy that the Sun will produce. Already, it is becoming clear to us that a new gravitational balance must soon be generated. Your solar system has reached a critical juncture.

October 6, 2001: Presently, your world is in the midst of great internal and external conflict. By internal, we mean the struggle for power that is now under way in Western Europe and North America. By external, we refer to the near-war conditions prevalent in your realm. Of the two, the internal is the more important. Long ago on your world, a mighty conflict began that pitted the Light against the Dark. It has coloured every aspect of your existence and is beyond the most open assertions of your scientists. It has had an unyielding and very profound influence on you. This struggle began as a small rebellion in Ancient Egypt, in the scattered kingdoms of Ancient Sumeria, India and China, and in the ancient Americas, as well. Since the rise of the 'Age of Discovery' in Europe, this rebellion has grown vastly in power. Several Ascended Masters arrived and carefully formulated the procedures that resulted in your modern banking and financial systems. Within these formulas were hidden the means to undo them at the appropriate time. This, dear Hearts, is such a time.

Soon, the 'Age of Discovery' blanketed the world with a dark tyranny and spawned an Industrial Age that greatly accelerated your technology. Eventually, these developments created the semi-conductor and its companion, solid-state electronics. The Ages of computers and electronic communications that followed have aided our arrival and enabled us to interact with you. They also have increased exponentially the information to which you have access each day. As a result of this Information Age, we are now able to speak to you on a grand and worldwide scale. We have given you this brief history lesson because we wish you to know that these events have been Divinely inspired. They have given the Light a powerful tool that has opened new avenues to success for those who wage this rebellion. Their successes have produced certain financial trusts and networks of dedicated followers, as well as the means to unite it. Moreover, technology has hugely accelerated the speed of all of these events.

Which leads us to the past five years. In this short period, many events have occurred. First, a great shift toward the Light seriously upset the evil plans of your many worldly secret Cabals. Although most of them abandoned these plans, one small, powerful group adhered to its agenda and embarked on a campaign of terror. Their single goal was to implement their "New Order" on a worldwide scale. If they succeeded, they would be able to govern the world in a way not possible since the fall of Atlantis. They felt that their efforts would embolden them and increase their desire to achieve their objective. Their main goals are terror and the collapse of the present global economic system. They wish to recreate the present system in an image of their liking. Countering them are the Forces of Light and those who have struggled against their massive power grab. Caught between these two factions is a vast population that remains largely uninformed and unaware of the truth. Today, we wish to assist you in understanding these events.

The majority of the world's Cabals are motivated by sheer self-interest. Their purpose is to keep this smaller Cabal from dominating them and its allies, and from imposing its authoritarian rules upon themselves. The resulting system would establish a dark and universal tyranny run by terrorism and perpetual war. This would destroy the Cabals' own plans and, eventually, lead to their downfall. Therefore, the broad Coalition of Cabals is forced to support the Light and seek its victory over the smaller Cabal. Over the past four years, this has resulted in a number of agreements that promise a series of drastic changes in Banking and other financial institutions around the globe. It will end the possibility of one group unfairly controlling this World. These moves enraged the small remaining independent Dark Cabal. It means that their efforts to thrust the economy into disarray can be halted. It means that their present interlocking directorates in the energy, transportation and financial industries will end. It means that no longer will Human innovation and creativity be suppressed.

There is, moreover, yet another Group with the Divine task of overseeing the way of the Light in this world. This Group works largely in secret [the "White Knights" working within government and the financial system]. This they have been carrying out for millennia with the approval and guidance of many Ascended Masters. Their main Allies are located in the realms of Inner Earth. We first contacted this Divine Group when we returned in large numbers to your shores. They [our "Earth Allies"] have worked to keep the Light alive upon this plane, and Heaven is eternally grateful to their loving efforts. The great numbers of Lightworkers who have been born into this realm in the last 60 years have assisted them.

October 23, 2001: In accordance with Heaven's decrees, we have increased the number of our medical team personnel assigned to each individual working from our level from two to eight. This four-fold increase is necessitated by several changes in your Ascension. Before our "Landings", it is important for us to see that you have reached a much higher level in your processes than is now apparent. To accomplish this, we have asked the Sirian Regional Federation Council to authorize a poll of various nearby Science & Exploration Fleets to learn if their onboard medical personnel wished to apply for assignment here. In all cases, their response was highly positive. We expect that these more comprehensive medical teams will be operational within ten days' time.

Mother Earth needs to modify her surface's present appearance and to alter herself into a fully conscious world. These activities will redefine her and, ultimately, are part of the enormous changes that the Divine Plan has decreed for this Solar system. Many times before, we have hinted at the extent of these changes. We have described how her continents will alter in appearance and how a number of new continents, seas and oceans will be created. Your world will also change the expression of its present electro-gravitic nature. Every one of these changes will come only after you are fully evacuated from the Earth's surface. We intend you to be evacuated en masse. Bear in mind, dear Ones, that you are all in this together. Together, you represent a capable group of souls that Heaven has allowed to incarnate upon your world. Your task is to grow daily toward the Light and to make full use of the advantages bestowed upon you by Heaven. This complex process has carried you to the very brink of your success.

You must see this evacuation not as a rescue, but as part of a continuing process that is returning you to full consciousness. As you are already aware, we have worked closely with your Inner Earth family [the Agartha civilization] to construct a vast, interlocked series of habitats for you. Their purpose is two-fold: First, to provide you a safe haven from the violent potential that is inherent in Mother Earth's coming physical surface changes. Second, to allow us to oversee your final changes into fully conscious Beings. In preparing these residences, we have acted in accordance with your deepest desires by reproducing an environment very similar to your existing one. To this will be added our own advanced technologies, as well as any extras you sincerely desire. We intend to move you into these accommodations at the appropriate time after we have made our initial, formal announcements. Thus, we have meticulously prepared the elaborate logistics required to carry out this operation.

Our greatest challenge remains the large former water-world that many of you know as 'Maldek'. Today, it is an asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. A few months after you are brought into your Inner Earth realm, it will exist once more as a complete planet. The challenge that remains is the nature of its ecosystem. Maldek possessed a hybrid ecosystem and consisted of a world truly akin to your own. It contained one environment similar to yours and another with Dinosauran and Insectoid realms that are most often found in a vastly different solar system. We intend to recreate it as it was before it was destroyed by a large Battle Planet that you call Nibiru. Nibiru also will be transformed and will become your Eleventh planet. Originally, your Solar system contained eleven planets. Soon, you will lovingly oversee and sustain it. In this solar system, you will create a series of amazing paradises that will serve as adjuncts to the rightful gem of this most extraordinary Solar system - Mother Earth, herself. Your home-world is destined to become the immense center of your limitless miracles. Here, you will host physical Creation and begin the chain of events that eventually will merge physicality into Heaven.

Nov 3, 2001: At present, your world is moving swiftly toward a resolution of your currently insane situation. Right now, various aspects of our Earthly Allies have fortified their previous positions and are very quickly approaching the point at which our agreements will be manifested. However, the small, wilful Cabal continues to offer resistance to these efforts. Fortunately, it is gradually weakening in its attempts to delay us. Therefore, we are confident that many significant announcements, as well as activities closely related to these pronouncements, are nearly at hand. Of these, the last will consist of a formal statement that ends the current cover-up of our existence. This will allow us to begin a program that makes you fully aware of our benevolent intentions. We need to bring our "First Contact" to your attention, dear Hearts, so that you understand it conclusively. In order to do this, we have set out a sequence of important steps to prepare you for our arrival en masse.

The crucial first stage is, of course, a formal announcement of our existence. With this, we can show ourselves openly and begin to teach you about ourselves. To do so, we will begin with a five-part series on our First Contact event, conducted by our Liaison Groups and by individuals who have volunteered to closely observe your present global society. This will bring you up-to-date on Earth's true history during the past few Galactic years and include an overview of our First Contact Team. At this point, you will meet many of our Fleet Commanders and hear them discuss, in person, what is to happen next. A large part of this information will also include direct transmissions from your Spiritual Hierarchy Ascended Masters. Their messages will help your global population to attain a better understanding of what they are experiencing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Our approaching First Contact is both a reunion with your Space Family and a time for you to learn about your coming responsibilities from those who understand Heaven's Divine Plan. During this instruction, you will receive many astonishing pronouncements.

The moments immediately prior to the beginning of "First Contact" will witness global demonstrations of our vast Fleet. In daylight hours, we will offer you the opportunity to review our Fleet and even allow some of them to land in your fields, public parks, city centers and airports. These displays will only last a short time. Many prominent individuals will be allowed to broadcast with our liaisons from our Mother Ships. During this time, we will manifest upon your world a vast amount of Galactic Federation technology, adding to the magnificent ones that your own inventors created long ago. At last, the huge cover-up of new technologies will come to an end.

January 5, 2002: To your scientists, our Galaxy is simply one of a countless number of spiral galaxies. Indeed, thousands of similar galaxies are found in the space that is a mere 50 million Light Years from the Milky Way Galaxy. There are well over 100 billion Stars in your Galaxy. There are also well over 100 billion similar Spiral Galaxies in this present Universe. Do not be shocked by these numbers. They are simply proof of the immensity of physicality. Countless such Universes exist throughout physical Creation. The Creator has given form to this totality, using what you refer to as 'Sacred Geometry'. The basis for this geometry is harmonics. A set of golden ascending and descending quarter and fifth tones exists, which corresponds nicely to the polygons of 'sacred geometry'. Your scientists refer to the bridge between them as 'fractals'.

This Universe is alive and very conscious. As you know, it functions according to a Divine Plan that the Creator established at the moment of its birth. Up to this moment, six such Creations have occurred. The present one is approaching its instant of transformation. At that point, this Sixth Creation will end and the Seventh will begin. Each Creation is established to play out a specific drama. In the case of the Sixth, it occurred when Light and Dark Forces came into being as foes and, in a future moment of transcendental awareness, will discover how to finally merge. Out of this union will arise a 'Greater Light' that will allow it to totally unite, once again, with Source. In that instant, it will be transmuted into the Seventh Creation. Clearly, this Creation sits on the brink of that magic moment. Together, dear Ones, our Mission is to assist this Creation to unfold according to the Divine Plan laid down by the Creator from the very outset. If we are to accomplish this, you must appreciate one essential fact. The present Creation began not with a massive explosion, but with the gracious inrush of consciousness that cascaded from all previous six Creations.

We have changed our methods drastically since we arrived en masse more than a decade ago. Regardless, and despite the giant pool of data we have collected about your society, we remain unwavering in our determination to realize our Mission, swiftly and safely. Your Rulers, both secret and open, fully understand the present nature of your world and what must be done to transform her. The one lingering difficulty has been the timings by which these events will be achieved. We are confident, dear Hearts, that the Managers assigned to this operation will complete it successfully and on time. A very few important steps still remain. Our concern is how they are being negotiated. When we have realized our goals, we shall tell you what comes next.

January 12, 2002: Heaven began a series of activities, long ago, that were embraced by our Earthly Allies. These endeavours are merely the initial phases in a complex operation that is changing the way your society functions. Because your covert leaders have approached "First Contact" in many unusual ways that range from simple denial to a series of strict demands for openly accepting our arrival here, the operation has passed through several different stages. Most of the initial ones consisted of secret alliances with many Dark Off-Worlders [such as the "Greys"]. They created various 'spin-off' technologies, which contributed to your modern electronics industry and led to great advances in the field of polymer chemistry (plastics). These sudden leaps forward greatly augmented the wealth of your secret "Cabals" but, woefully, accelerated the increasing pollution levels throughout your world. However, the advent of the computer age, made possible by these advances, has raised your general consciousness and spread the word about our presence. The uneasy alliance between the Dark Off-Worlders and your Cabals reached an impasse in the mid-Eighties. Their mutual distrust caused several different plans to be put forward.

Their contradictory agendas and the end of the 'Cold War' greatly accentuated the Cabals' opposing views. They were deeply divided over how to make the best transition into the coming Millennium. One group favoured the end of the vast control of the world's wealth by a privileged few, while the other wished to exploit new technologies to increase its wealth and its control over society. The clash between these factions began in the immediate post-war period, but intervention by Off-Worlders and their technologies added an important element to the struggles. Fearfully, the hard-line military cliques and their supporters embraced the off-worlders as their allies. At that point, Spirit began to help the other now greatly overwhelmed factions to gain some control. As early as the mid-1980s, this procedure included the Galactic Federation of Light. Between 1985 and 1996, the "Dark" military group conceived several hostile staged Off-World invasions to conceal the declaration of a World Military State. We succeeded in thwarting each one before it was actually implemented.

As these events transpired, Heaven began the final stages in its transformation of Humanity. According to the Divine Plan, the time had arrived to accelerate the changes that would prepare you for return to full consciousness. In 1995, the Anunnaki [Nibiruans] began their transition from the Dark to the Light. At the same time, the Dark Star-Nations of the Anchara Alliance presented proposals to the Galactic Federation for a permanent "Galactic Peace", which served to further isolate the old military cliques. It was, however, only direct intervention in your affairs by a number of Ascended Masters in the late 1990s that reversed the fortunes of Humanity against the old 'Cold War Warriors'. This process has resulted in several agreements that have brought us, once again, into more direct contact with your secret Cabals. It has forced us, repeatedly, to rethink our First Contact scenario. It has also given us a new appreciation of what you, dear Hearts, have had to go through and we applaud your strength and determination.

As these events unfold, we in the Galactic Federation's First Contact Team are observing your society and its surroundings. We are happily watching the approaching events and closely observing your world and your solar system. Your Sun remains in a state of great activity. Its discharges are hastening changes to the atmosphere of Mars and other activities in the immediate subsurface regions of Venus. These actions are preparing the two water-worlds to resume their former physical life-giving appearances. A vast ecosystem is preparing to emerge and repopulate these planets. Mother Earth is setting in motion similar activities that will drastically change her present surface appearance and allow that surface to support a vastly altered ecosystem.

You, who are meant to become Stewards for this entire solar system, will shepherd Earth's new ecosystem. You will also become crucial players in the major diplomatic overtures that are taking place between the Milky Way Galaxy and a vast array of other, closely aligned galaxies. This is our most cherished undertaking because it shows us a way to cooperate in physicality that has long eluded us.

February 9, 2002: Much is being accomplished and, in the past month, the political climate on your world has sharply shifted toward our common victory. Moreover, events in this Galaxy demonstrate that our merger with the former Dark Forces of Anchara has achieved its conclusion. All sectors of this Galaxy have reached an accommodation with each other. A recent meeting of the Galactic Federation's Main Council passed a proposal regarding the interaction of the Galactic Federation's 24 Regional Councils. These documents include the final segments of this Galaxy's permanent Peace Treaty. They make possible a Milky Way Galaxy that now is more united in the Light than ever before.

On top of this extraordinary success, our liaison missions to a huge group of nearby galaxies are proceeding favourably. Here, we must pause to formally acknowledge the assistance of the Ruling Council of our closest neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy. Thanks to their help, and to useful contacts in many other galaxies, the Intergalactic Union has reached a number of new agreements concerning how we can best expand our numbers. As a result of these accords, our members number approximately 30,000 Galaxies. We now claim a membership that extends outward in all directions for many billions of Light Years.

February 26, 2002: Your reality teeters on the very brink of some exceedingly important changes that will come to pass once you begin to understand that this change is truly inevitable and that its rightful time has arrived. Change, on the scale at which it is occurring upon your world, is merely a reversal of the many calamitous events that took place nearly 13 millennia ago. Those events led to the Dark Realm that is vanishing like smoke around you. Part of this process is a first contact with the Galactic Federation of Light. Our Fleet is poised for a massive open appearance in your skies. This will not happen, however, until your world's major governments, almost simultaneously, make a formal announcement of our existence and of our benevolence. The only other available option is a formal request by the Spiritual Hierarchy for us to quickly complete our First Contact Mission by landing en masse upon your shores. Until then, we will continue our present methods of observing you. From time to time, we will be called upon to intervene, covertly, to keep certain items on the Dark's agenda from manifesting on your world.

March 19, 2002: We feel that we must tell you a little more about what we have been doing to assure your forthcoming success. Supervised by Mother Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, we have instituted an increased observational grid around your Planet. Its purpose is to prevent the drastic efforts by a last, obstinate "Cabal" from fomenting specific actions that would lead to their most cherished objective - a global war. They intend to provoke a conflict that leads to the declaration of worldwide martial law, which would be implemented under their supervision. In this environment of conflict, they intended to instigate a 'pogrom' that would eliminate all opposition, giving them complete control over your World. With this stratagem, the Dark would have left us with only one option - a sudden mass landing upon your shores.

Happily, these base attempts have largely failed. We have allowed only a few of them to occur, and only so that we could discover what was planned next. As a result of what we have learned, we are completely confident that these heinous strategies will not succeed. Their failure has caused a widespread backlash that is isolating this Cabal from its potential allies. For the past seven years, your world has witnessed a mammoth, complex political game that has been waged on a global scale. The game occurred when the Anunnaki decided to move toward the Light. It created a serious dilemma for their Earthly former minions: either to cooperate with the Light and allow a number of important political and financial changes to manifest, or to resist and attempt to institute a system that would enslave Earth's Humanity. This launched a series of actions that will lead to your ultimate victory. Its final stages will involve what amounts to a legal overthrow of one of your major Governments. Many individuals, both in the military and in high civilian office, have worked with their counterparts around your globe to achieve what is now about to unfold.

We have taken a profound interest in this process. This last Cabal illegally seized secret control of a major Government. More than six months ago, this same Cabal performed a highly specialized action [9/11], executed by its Black Ops Intelligence Agencies, which it then blamed on a ring of international terrorists that it previously had created and long had financed. Assisted by its media allies, it has perpetrated a great crime. Fortunately, many groups and individuals, in a position to put a stop to this travesty, have forged ahead and are nearly ready to put an end to this group of extremely arrogant and dangerous men and women. The group that opposes this vile Cabal has the full support of many important world governments, crucial financial organizations and members of the military, who courageously have put forward plans to support the complete overthrow of this most despicable regime. To assist them, we have permitted use of our Personnel and even our Fleet when it is deemed necessary. By helping them, we desire to ensure their victory, as well as the quick manifestation of your freedom and personal sovereignty.

We have carefully observed this Cabal's continuous attempts to foment atrocities as depraved as that which they committed some six months ago. On numerous occasions, Galactic Federation of Light Liaisons, Scout Craft and even atmospheric Command Ships have had to intervene to prevent similar acts from occurring. We also have organized a special task force that is working diligently with the Forces of Light on your world and is helping us to achieve some of the initial goals of our "First Contact" Mission. They include the creation of a way to stop the UFO cover-up and allow us formal access to your global communication networks. Once we have received this permission, we can increase their recognition of us by directly addressing the people of Earth on vital issues such as your true history and how we have divinely come to your shores. Remember, dear Hearts, that this is not a rescue mission, but rather the fulfillment of a Divine Prophecy.

May 7, 2002: In this message, we intend to focus upon our Fleet and those who serve as her crews. The First Contact Fleet, consisting of many components, is largely concerned with our coming Mass Contact. Our direct contact personnel are Humans who hail from the Pleiades Star League, the constellations of Andromeda, Lyra, Perseus and Aries, as well as the Sirius Star-nation. These Beings have been schooled in the special protocols that you will require. Many of these same Beings, moreover, are part of the various Galactic Federation medical teams now actively assisting in your Ascension process. Although most of them have participated in thousands of other First Contacts, yours is entirely unique. Hence, we have received special preparation and training to ensure that this massive First Contact is an unqualified success.

To further assure our success, we have brought to this operation a succession of highly proficient Liaison Teams that have paved the way for our coming First Contact with you. Their meetings with our Earth based Allies have allowed us to establish the direction of our initial global broadcasts and helped us to revise our protocols and landing procedures. We have enjoyed our mutual education process. These meetings provided us many intangibles that we otherwise might have overlooked. Thus, we feel quite confident that the final aspects of our "First Contact" will take place as our Divine Supervisors have intended.

To support those directly involved in our "First Contact" event are several Scientific and Spiritual Missions. The primary duty of every Science and Exploration (S&E) Fleet is to monitor the state of each part of this huge Galaxy. This includes the health of each Star and of each Spiral Arm in the Milky Way Galaxy. Consequently, every Fleet maintains a number of Science Teams that constantly survey the Star and, if applicable, the Solar System they are assigned to investigate. In your case, several of our large planet-sized craft are surveying the existing condition of your Solar System. In addition, much smaller Fleets of our Motherships are carefully assessing each Planet in your Solar System. Finally, special craft are evaluating your Sun. Within each of these segments of our Main Fleet is a succession of Liaison Teams that fine-tunes their reports and presents this data to the main First Contact Command Council. Using this information, we compile a number of crucial questions for our Heavenly Supervisors. From them, we establish the necessary protocols for first contact and beyond.

The actual First Contact Fleet has a three-part command structure, which presently is being used to assist our Galactic Federation Medical Teams. At the top are the various interstellar Motherships, each containing several smaller atmospheric Motherships. These Motherships are employed as Sector Command Posts and each launches several Scout Ships. These, in turn, can quickly Teleport their personnel to wherever they are needed, or land, if necessary. All members of this small fleet of 3 to 50 Scout Ships are closely monitored by the atmospheric Motherships. If need be, any Scout Ship can be transferred, instantly, to another Sector. The Fleet is organic and operates, much like a neural network, according to the principles of fluid group dynamics. Consequently, the needs of any specific mission can be accomplished quickly and creatively. This same alignment will be used at the inception of our Mass First Contact with you.

The interstellar Motherships in which we live are living Beings themselves. They feel a great connection for us, as we feel great Love for them. Your present technology is on the brink of creating these wondrous Beings of Light. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is only the first primitive step in this procedure. As you progress, you will begin to realize the extent to which Planets are alive and how they function. This, you eventually will be able to reproduce. The end result is now in our possession. This technology also permits us to live in a ship that replicates the energy fields of our Home-worlds. Thus, we are balanced as if we were still residing within our Home Planet. Consequently, the rituals we perform maintain these huge Ships. We have created a mutually gratifying symbiosis, which allows us to carry out each of our assigned missions.

Our form, dear Friends, is quite similar to yours. We are as tall, or taller, than you. Many Pleiadeans, Andromedans and Lyrans, for example, are of the same general height as you, while Sirians, Arians and those from Perseus are generally taller. Males are usually over 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall while females are usually more than 6 foot 4 inches (1.93 meters). Their height is counterbalanced by their perfectly formed physiques. Many of us are surrounded by a glowing aura. Because of this, and our ability to transform easily into our Light Body, many of your ancestors viewed us with awe. Greet us, now, not in this belief, but merely as your Space Family. Know by what you see that you gaze upon simply what you really are. Like us, you are Physical Angels. Soon, you once again will take on your true form.

May 14, 2002: Our Space Ships are part 'magic' and part science - that is, they operate under principles that are an extension of your present knowledge.... To be aboard such a Ship is truly a unique experience. Immediately, you sense the energies circulating through each Ship. You feel the Ship caressing you and lovingly adjusting its energy to your own fields. You encounter this with every step that you take and every moment that you are there. The key element is sentiency, which is expressed in the essence of its crew and in its mission. It is most important to realize that every facet of this technology is actually a unified system that works to manifest Love and achieve an environment that is dedicated to fulfilling the full potential of every Being and every Mission. That energy, also, is found in the Galactic societies that created these Ships. One is an integral part of the other. We are immensely grateful for what the Creator has given us. Our mission is to bring it to you, in right Divine time. Until then, remember all that we have told you and be ready for the wonders that await you.

In addition to the great Motherships that comprise our vast Fleet, there are the wondrous realms of Inner Earth. Here are found the last living remnants of Ancient Lemuria, a series of interlocking cities that spans the globe. Since the fall of Atlantis, these cities have acted as a subterranean planetary society that was determined to lead their surface brethren back to the Light. For nearly 13 millennia, the Dark Overlords of the Surface Realms - the Annunaki - frustrated their efforts. These Dark Beings used their power and their potential for evil to divide your World into any number of widely varied societies, which were set against one another or used to glorify the Anunnaki's rule over them. At the same time, the inner-world Lemurians, guided by Heaven, worked to help Humanity to achieve its grand and glorious destiny.

The Realms of Inner Earth abound in the technology to which we have just alluded. Like our ships, their cities are alive and exist to help each citizen fulfil her or his potential. Within them, the individual lives in a world that mirrors the pristine nature of Mother Earth's surface realm. Here, the sky exists according to its inhabitants' wishes and dwellings conform to the desires of each living Being. This world is a paradise that floats within a cocoon of energy sustained by its technology. It is the land of delights. It is built not in a dark and limiting cavern, but instead forms a vast open interior of the planet with its own central Sun at the core which shines from its own blue skies upon the interior surface of countryside, lakes and mountains. It is itself created by the desires of its inhabitants, Mother Earth and the Divine Plan. Within the many fields that produce it are crystal cities of exquisite beauty. For a very short period of time, they could be your home. Within these luxurious environments, you can complete your transformation into fully Conscious Beings.

June 4th, 2002: Our Earthly Allies [the Earth resident "White Knights"] have fought a highly courageous and exceedingly lengthy conflict with the Cabal that has ruled your Realm since the last years of World War II. This group has been able to set in place an agenda that was not thwarted until recently. Even now, aspects of these agendas are wrecking havoc upon your global society. They are about to be stopped. At this very moment, the new financial, economic and political parts of your forthcoming transitional realm are being decided. Although it has taken longer for us to complete these tasks than we had at first jointly calculated, these events will come to pass quite soon.

We in the Galactic Federation of Light have sent our various Liaison Teams to assure that those agreements with the various Governments, so eagerly signed with us, are carried out according to plan. We are most grateful for the assistance of certain European, African, Latin American and Asian Governments. In addition, many major financial and military elements within these Governments have strongly supported us, permitting a number of international legal decisions to be made during the past year. Although these remain covert, their effect on the present balance of power has been considerable. Given what already has taken place, we are confident that the necessary positive actions are being taken. The present phony "war on terrorism" is merely a smokescreen for this secret Cabal. It knows that its days are numbered and that its collapse is imminent. Furthermore, be assured that its attempts to destroy your liberties are unacceptable. Once again, we warn this Cabal that Martial Law is not an option. Such action will lead only to our prompt arrival on your shores.

June 18, 2002: In the middle of the last decade, an agreement was reached, ending problems with the Star-nations and Galactic Empires that have bitterly opposed us in this Galaxy. The crux of this Treaty of Peace involves Mother Earth. Your heartening progress toward the Light and the fulfillment of your magnificent destiny have made all of this possible. The result has been the Treaty of Anchara, which ends the possibility that your Dark Rulers' evil agenda ever could succeed.

In the years since this treaty was signed, your Secret Government endeavoured to implement its own Dark Agenda but has encountered the opposition of Heaven and of several Earthly Allies, as well as our own. Our grand coalition has been able to obtain victories that have moved us ever closer to first contact. However, the most obstinate of these covert 'overlord' groups has taken control of one of your major Governments and used its acquired resources to temporarily delay our inevitable success. This one group controls a major cache of secret weaponry and technology. It also contrived a scheme that resulted in an unspeakable disaster and traumatized many on your world [9/11]. The degree of fear possessed by this one Cabal is unimaginable. It fears that full disclosure of its actions will result in its own utter destruction. That fear has caused them, time and again, to renege on their agreements. It also has created the need for us to limit them.  

Our strategy is to fulfil Heaven's Plan and encourage the success of our Earthly Allies. It has caused us to watch closely the actions of this one Cabal. Our first step is to limit its governmental terrorism, which has included biological and nuclear weaponry, against its own people. We have neutralized their various efforts to carry out this horrible deed. Further, they have revived the concept of a staged "Invasion of Extraterrestrials", which our Forces are also monitoring. We have the technology to neutralize any vehicles or holographic devices that they may employ. We also are observing their use of time travel and Teleportation technologies. No ploy will be permitted that allows them to expand the 'Beach-head' that Heaven already has given them. It was granted only to expose their vile intentions and to limit their effects on your destiny.

A major concern of your Secret Government is the large planet-like vehicle that is now headed toward you [Nibiru ??]. This vehicle's purpose is not to destroy your world, but is simply a Heavenly sign to this Cabal that its time in power is very limited. This celestial object's purpose is not to create a vast catastrophe of epic proportions. It will not give rise to an enormous worldwide flood or cause massive casualties. It is a divine weapon that demonstrates their need to surrender and to allow grand abundance and a new reality to manifest upon your world.

June 25, 2002: Many of you may wonder how we have set up our various Fleets within your Solar System. You may also have asked yourselves how each Fleet's functions interrelate. To begin with, our Fleets are positioned in three major Rings. The First Ring surrounds Mother Earth and her artificial companion, your Moon. This Fleet contains over one million Space Ships, most of which are small, unarmed Scout and Transport Craft. Their task is to observe you and your world, to oversee Fleet operations and to transport certain types of supplies that cannot be Teleported to our Bases. Our Bases, located beneath all of your continents, oceans and seas, are linked to a vast array of Crystal Cities and communities that comprise Inner Earth. Yet another group of Bases is to be found on your Moon, which contains a huge network of Command and Research facilities. These Stations provide the means for us to monitor your Secret Government's collection of space, time and inter-dimensional weaponry. Their weaponry pose no serious threat to us.

Surrounding this First, or Inner Ring are several spokes that consist of a number of special Liaison and Defence Fleets. Their purpose is, first, to supervise and, then, to take effective countermeasures whenever necessary. Our purpose is to refuse your Secret Government continued use of any weaponry that may pose a threat to our Earthly Allies. We have set up interplanetary 'Stations' to close any Inter-dimensional Stargates and to carefully monitor any artificially created distortions in Time's natural waves. Here, bear in mind that Sequential Time is actually a construct created by its inhabitants' collective physical requirements within the dictates of the overall Divine Plan. In this, natural patterns occur in the way Time and Light coalesce to form 'space' - the stuff that produces realities. Dark, limited-conscious societies have used these natural patterns to construct fearsome weapons that alter realities, mutate the Vibrational Dimensions and warp or constrict the flow of your Sequential Time. Your Secret Government has co-opted the work of many of your inventors and scientists, and merged it with a number of the Dark Off-World technologies.

The Second Ring of Fleet components is headquartered on Mars. These support groups consist mainly of sentient Beings who are not Human in form. Many of them will be introduced to you soon after the beginning of the "First Contact". Others will wait until you are restored to "Full Consciousness". Within this second series of the Fleet are included some small, planetoid-sized Motherships, whose purpose is to augment the research and observations being done by the innermost ring of ships. They also have a number of tasks involving watching over the weaponry and technology that, in the course of the past decades, has been given by the Forces of Darkness to your Secret Government. Most of this technology was supplied by the off-world former Dark Anchara Alliance Star-Nations, Star Leagues and Star Empires whose ships are also to be found here now cooperating with the Forces of Light. On Mars, a network of underground and surface Bases acts as the 'Control and Command' segment of this exceedingly diverse Fleet. These Galactic Federation personnel are also busily preparing Mother Mars for your arrival en masse, after your journey to full consciousness is completed.

Between the Second and Third Rings are a large number of special, planet-sized Command Ships from our Science and Exploration (S&E) Fleets. They will serve as the Command Ships for this First Contact Mission. Standard procedure is to cloak these ships and keep them away from the prying eye of your many space telescopes. Their aim, essentially, is trying to find us. From time to time, we very briefly uncloak some of these Motherships in order to show your Secret Government that we are still here and do not intend to go away. We know that infrequent sightings of these Ships by your astronomers go unreported. They fear reprisal, either by their peers or by those who give them their grants. Your Secret Government fears these Ships the most because they fully realise the capability of such a fleet and the insignificance of any response they themselves could mount. Here, we must repeat that we are benevolent and operating under the full supervision of Heaven.

The Outermost Ring of our vast Fleet is, by far, the largest. It contains millions of immensely varied ships, ranging from Motherships the size of large ocean liners to those nearly the size of Neptune or Uranus. These Motherships are simply our final back-up, serving as components that will enter the Second Ring only when necessary. They proclaim to all potential adversaries that Mother Earth and your Solar System are clearly experiencing a transformation that no Being, corporeal or non-corporeal in form, can prevent. Within this Ring are the main Transport Stations that lead back to our vast profusion of Home-Worlds. Here, as well, are to be found the traffic coordinators for this immense Fleet of Space Ships. They serve to move all Ships between these Rings and back into Interstellar or Intergalactic Space.

Our Fleet is divided into two other components as well. The first, and the smaller, has a very long duty cycle that includes our Main Command personnel, as well as our many Medical and Planetary Teams. The second group, which is deliberately more temporary, consists of Member Fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light that dearly wish to be part of the most significant event in recent Galactic History. We deeply understand that the need to watch over you is one of our greatest challenges, yet also one of our greatest joys. Every Medical and Planetary Team is fully aware of what Mother Earth and you are undergoing. We have carefully observed you, and when Heaven allows, have intervened. Every action of our Fleet arises from events occurring on your World. Our entire Team awaits First Contact and what it means - the starting point for the next great step in our Galaxy's History.

Our First Contact Command Team, which contains all of our Liaison Boards and Fleet Commanders, is in charge of this immense Fleet. There is also a special segment that comprises your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Remember, dear Friends, that our purpose for coming here is from the Divine Creator. Heaven summoned us and we came. To control such vast, diverse Fleets, is highly unusual in a First Contact operation. Normally, a single S&E Fleet accomplishes this type of Mission in very short order. This Mission, however, is unique and of vital significance. It has drawn immense attention and lasted much longer than usual. We have found room for such a wide diversity of Space Ships and yet remained capable of fulfilling this Mission. Be confident, dear Friends, that this Mission will be achieved and that First Contact draws nearer every day.

July 2, 2002: The next major step of "First Contact" includes a special series of formal governmental announcements. As well as proclaiming our existence and benevolence, these public statements will openly acknowledge the unique part we have played in assuring that your new reality manifests according to Divine plan. Once these pronouncements have been made, we will step forward and introduce ourselves to you. This procedure contains three main phases. First, our specially prepared Liaison Teams will make a series of broadcasts. They will coincide with a number of flyovers by our Scout Ships above many of your world's urban areas. Second, our Liaison Teams will make many landings to introduce ourselves to you in a more personal way. Here, our purpose is to delay the "Mass Landings" until the time arrives to deliver you to your new temporary homes in Inner Earth. Heaven has set aside a period, ranging from mere weeks to almost 14 months, to serve as a transition. Third, we will act as the Teachers and Guides for this last stage prior to your return to 'Full Consciousness".

We must clarify this final phase before your move to new dwellings. Once the many public announcements have been completed, you immediately will enter a vastly different world. Officially, this "New World" will have ended its denial of being alone. It will also set events in motion that will irrevocably alter your present financial, governmental and cultural perspectives. You will suddenly experience great financial abundance. Thereafter, many new Governments will assume office and many New World leaders suddenly will appear before you. Devastating wars, which had seemed to be heading you toward cataclysmic destruction, will be quickly ended. Harmony and a level of global cooperation never before seen on your world will become the norm. At that time, a number of regional organizations will take the lead. The United Nations will be reorganized and a new International Mandate of Human Sovereignty and Freedom proclaimed. Although this all may sound inconceivable to you, agreements to make it so have, in fact, secretly been signed.

Galactic Federation teams appointed by Heaven will oversee this new era of Global Peace. This group will teach you, first, about galactic societies and their operation. You will also be instructed in the principles that underlie fluid group dynamics. It is important for you to learn the best use of these principles in forming local support groups that foster your sovereignty and freedom. Within these groups, your community can interact freely and use its bounteous resources to end poverty, heal the environment and create plans for local use of the technologies given you. In all of this, your freedom and the sovereign development of your consciousness will be given priority. You will be granted many prodigious new responsibilities. With this, you will be expected to absorb an enormous amount of new information. These facts will transform your present perceptions of history, and even your many inner beliefs about how physicality and Heaven were created.

To help you to assimilate the vast quantities of knowledge that we will be giving you, we will provide a technology that can 'download' it directly into your brain's memory and recall systems. This information will give you a better understanding of how the Galactic Federation originally colonised your world and how you acquired "Limited Consciousness". It will describe, in great detail, how you came to be here. It will also teach you the basic tenets underlying the creation of realities and the operation of physicality. It will contain a series of personal lessons, by your Spiritual Hierarchy Ascended Masters, concerning the use of your abilities to manifest a New Reality, return to Full Consciousness and support your living home - Mother Earth. It will prepare you to become full-fledged Physical Angels. From it, you will learn about Love, Divine Grace and the carrying out of Divine Will.

Now, we return to the manner in which we shall introduce ourselves to you. When we completed the initial agreements with our Earthly Allies, an extensive series of factors were still aligned against us. Our method was to ensure our Allies' success by maintaining a contingency plan. This was to put the near-Earth Fleet on constant alert, ready to carry out a massive First Contact if necessary. The significance of this concern lessened as our Earthly Allies became able to solidify their positions. Instead, we began asking our Staff to recommend other possible scenarios. Their suggestions were presented to our entire Command Staff. The result was a request that we train small units consisting of two to six ships each. These ships will land, enabling the local populace the opportunity to view them, although you will not be allowed to board them en masse.

August 13, 2002: In past messages, we have briefly described ourselves to you. Now, let us tell you some more about who we are. Like you, our initial landing personnel and global broadcast liaisons are Human. We all descend from the aquatic primates that Heaven first brought to full sentiency on a watery world in the Vega system, in the Constellation of Lyra, some 7.3 million solar years ago. Since then, we Humans have spread across the Galaxy, reaching your Solar System slightly more than two million years ago. However, a catastrophic and prolonged Galactic War caused the deaths of those Human colonists over a million years ago. A second group, whom you know as Lemurians, arrived on this beautiful blue Earth orb some 900,000 years ago. In the spirit of these wondrous Beings, and, with the blessings of Heaven, we have returned again to your world in great numbers.

Our first contact with you will be a Grand and Glorious Reunion. It will welcome you back to your true home - the Galactic Federation of Light. This organization includes over 200,000 Star-Nations, Star Leagues and reciprocal alliances. To celebrate the bestowal of full sentiency upon us Humans, our allies have graciously established the Galactic Federation Headquarters in the Vega system. The Galactic Federation is subdivided into 24 Regional Councils. The Regional Council in which you will participate is located in the Sirius Star System, on the fourth Planet of the Sirius B System. Sirius B is the home of the Great Blue Lodge of Creation. Its Human inhabitants are considered to be some of the Light's major adherents in this Galaxy. The nature of Sirius B society is legendary. Its priestesses and priests have performed their sacred rituals in many different parts of this Galaxy. Such requests are common and increase each day. Thus, we have arrived here under their Divine direction. Our purpose is to reunite all the peoples of Mother Earth and to restore you to your fully conscious selves.

7 January 2003: In this Message, we will describe travel aboard our Motherships. You will also discover what it is like to be part of the multifarious populations who spring from all parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. As the time draws near for the next step in our First Contact Mission, it is important for you to understand what makes our Ships so unique. The first, crucial element is the complex, conscious interface that exists between our Ships and their crews. All Galactic Federation of Light Starships are sentient. Now, the Starships of the former Anchara Alliance are undergoing similar modification. In fact, their immense armadas of large Motherships will soon be fully converted according to these necessary specifications. Once completed, the sentient network of these Ships will fill the Galaxy with their working song. Still another major modification will involve a vast number of use-specific Scout Ships. Again, a common, sentient work network, being set up between the Fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light and those of the former Anchara Alliance, will permit free intercommunication between all Scout Ships during their assigned mission.

In addition to the long-range working networks that are built into each Ship, there is a smaller-range network that telepathically connects all Crew members to the Ship. As you board one of our craft, you are immediately 'plugged in' to this network, which comprehensively monitors all body functions, thought processes and emotional states of each individual on board. The Ship emits frequencies that calm and center everyone aboard, and a special set of complex resonances is continually pumped throughout the Ship, encouraging each passenger to feel the Love that emanates from the Ship to its Crew. Thus, once aboard, you feel calm, centered and loved. You will also be able to explore the Ship fully, with the exception of special operations areas. The Ship's short-range network provides a mental 3-D map of your trip. The Ship constantly displays major functions - propulsion, navigation and life support - as well as special telepathic programs requested by the Crew.

All light is produced by the same frequencies that propel the Ship. It is diffused further to produce a full-spectrum effect that enhances the room and virtually eliminates harsh shadows. Still, it is quite bright and contains more Lumens than are often found in a brightly lit Reading-room of your local Public Library. This soft light relaxes the eyes and prevents the eyestrain that comes from seeing, reading or looking at pictures. Yet another area you will notice immediately is the floors. They are made of materials that cradle the feet and lessen the impact of each step. Thus, the floors seem to rise to meet the foot and each step feels stress-free. You feel comforted even when you run! An environment is created that achieves a constant interface between individual and the Ship that loves, comforts and maximizes personal efficiency. And, because the Ship expects its Crew to carry out their procedures as quickly as possible, its relaxing atmosphere encourages optimal communication.

This same environment is found in our Scout Ships, whose purpose of communications is two-fold. First, the network enables constant interaction between ship and crew. Second, its grid instantly links each Scout Ship into a purposeful, organic whole. This prevents accidents, allows the Mission Coordinator, when necessary, to evaluate each moment of the undertaking and ties it into all other Scout Ship operations, as required. Therefore, Motherships and their various Scout Ships maintain a highly interfaced communications grid. These missions are also monitored at many of Earth's subterranean Bases, allowing us to know, at each instance, the locations of our Ships and what they have discovered. This data is used either to modify certain Missions in progress, or to obtain immediate feedback and analysis of ongoing events. Each Crew member is very relaxed yet matter-of-fact during these Missions. Their success is marked by the operation's completion and the return to base - their Mothership.

Aboard the Mothership, there are many sources of entertainment and many ways to relax. Special Lounges on each deck of the Ship interface with you, providing holographic destinations, group interactive creations (similar to interactive movies) or direct communications with your home-world family. These Lounges are also the locations for parties, social gatherings and group rituals. A huge number of meeting rooms are also available, where educational events or introductory courses in many different areas of learning can take place. Education will be a large part of your life. Because your search for knowledge did not end with your formal, specialized schooling, a vast, interactive Library, encompassing every discipline, is available for the pleasure of each Crew Member.

Every area of the Mothership is organized accordingly. Motherships are set up to be modular. Only the Cargo space and Command sections are functionally specific. The rest are meant to be arranged according to need. Another advantage of this interactive capability is that each Crew Member can create his or her own home compartment. Each compartment is spacious, with a dining room, relaxation and entertainment room, study room and bathroom. Each possesses a matter creation/disposal device, where clothes, food or other necessaries can be produced or disposed of. The Mothership's ability to redesign itself is crucial to its ever-changing mission. Since each Science and Exploration mission is unique, the Mothership can transfigure herself, instantly, to any new assignment.

As Guests aboard our Motherships, you will also notice that each aspect of the Ship is user-friendly. If you need to know something, the Ship will provide it. There is an instant transportation system throughout the Ship and matter-creation devices, as well. A full complement of trained robotic and holographic virtual-educator Guides are also ready to assist you. They will enhance your understanding of the Ship's operation and give recommendations on the best use of its many resources. Interstellar Motherships in the Galactic Federation of Light's Fleets are enormous - from tens to thousands of miles in diameter. Although normally, we use our Light Bodies to move from one distant point to another, remember that several types of transportation devices are available that can be used, as needed, to move the individual to her/his next destination.

The personnel that operate these craft are most amazing and diverse. This First Contact Mission is one of the first times in recent memory that crews from different and distinct Human Star-nations have integrated. Normally, every Star-Nation possesses a Mothership, which is crewed, primarily, by Members of that same Star-Nation. Here now at this time, that is only rarely the case. Our purpose has been to combine and use our talents to bring you a group that can understand and work in a culturally varied environment. This same multiplicity is the crucial element in our successful First Contact Mission with you. You, too, are a highly diversified group of souls who originate from every conceivable corner of this Galaxy. You, dear Hearts, are helping to bring us all together as never before. First Contact is not just a one-way street; it is a wonderful, multi-lane highway.

January 14, 2003: Today, we will continue the discussion of our Fleet. Our First Contact Fleet is divided into several 'Rings', the innermost of which is commanded from the Mars bases, and from a large group of special Motherships located just beyond Neptune. The Motherships where some of you will reside initially are stationed on the far side of your Moon. These Ships are primarily from the Pleiades, and from Star-Nations in the constellations of Lyra and Andromeda. Some Sirian atmospheric Command Ships will also be used for this purpose. According to our Master Plan, we will await the forthcoming announcements and, once they have been made, proclaim our existence and affirm our benevolence. Then, we will encourage full disclosure of the up-to-now withheld super-secret UFO Earth Governments' files. We will also support full disclosure by key government and military personnel of what has actually occurred, over eighty years, during secret projects, agreements and meetings conducted most often with the former dark Anchara Alliance.

Heaven will appear frequently before you, in the form of your Earthly Ascended Masters. They will clarify Heaven's Divine Decrees and explain to you the overall intentions of the Divine Plan. Thus, we will begin a program that allows you to visit our Motherships and tour our Bases. We have nothing to hide. Our tours will begin soon after your Governments officially announce us and reveal our benevolence to the world. We will also assist you in encouraging swift adaptation of many now-suppressed and/or covert technologies. To them, we will add our own. It is essential for your global society to work diligently to clean up Earth's severely polluted environment. Now, you must also acknowledge your fellow sentient Beings - the Cetaceans [Dolphins, Whales, etc.]. All nations on your globe need to recognize this aquatic 'Cetacean Nation' as such. They must pass and strictly enforce laws to ban the killing or abusing of these creatures. You, dear Hearts, form part of a triumvirate whose sole concern is the protection and sustenance of your beautiful home - Mother Earth. Its other two members are the many Orders of Ascended Masters and the numerous species of whales and dolphins that inhabit your oceans and rivers. Together, you have come to help Mother Earth and to preserve her diverse ecosystem.

Initially, you will visit ships belonging to our Fleet that have been observing you for millennia. They are vast, sentient and designed to educate you in the workings of Galactic Society. Their crews consist of a diversified group of specially trained Humans. As mentioned in our previous report, these ships are not simply Pleiadean or Andromedan, but carry uniquely varied crews. During the course of your tour, we will encourage you to wander about and to ask a multitude of questions. Know, also, that some of you will be allowed to remain longer than others. We will use this additional time to familiarize you with who we are. Some of you will be invited to become Liaisons for our mission of First Contact. We need to set up a network on your World to teach you about our cultures, about your forthcoming role in the Galactic Federation of Light and about us. The bare beginnings of such a network already exist on your World.

Our tours will be open to the entire population of your Planet. Our Motherships are immense, capable of accommodating great masses of people, if need be. At these times, you will experience the sentiency of each Mothership and a technology that will truly astound you. Those of you who visit our Bases will also notice that each area of the Base seems alive. The interactive nature of our technology will be unfamiliar to you. It reflects an outlook that at first may embarrass you. The Bases and their inhabitants keep no secrets from one another. During the time you are there, you will become fully telepathic. Indeed, we must caution you that your every thought will be exposed. This living 'psychic' network, the foundation of our life and work, will form an active example of the new reality that you are about to enter.

The subterranean and Inner Earth residences where many of you will be dwelling during the Earth Changes are designed solely to help you complete the transition to Full Consciousness. They are now fully ready for occupancy. You will be brought there for two reasons: first, to assist in the completion of your amazing transition and second, to allow the smooth and unrestricted transformation of Mother Earth. In these surroundings, you will be protected from the widespread chaos that will overlay the outer Earth: the succession of massive earthquakes, the final melting of the polar icecaps and the enormous escalation in global volcanism. The changes in Mother Earth's atmosphere will be equally dramatic. You will emerge to discover a new world. There, you will be able to assume your guardianship and to lay claim to new homes, formed from your own abilities and true desires, as also you will have done in the Crystal Cities of Inner Earth.

April 8, 2003: Secretly, a new reality has been gestating and final touches are being made and the birth will occur suddenly, with little warning. With help from the Ascended Masters, Heaven has put herself firmly in charge of these events. Our continuing task is to follow the Sacred Decrees issued by our Heavenly overseers. These strategies are designed to overcome the last vestiges of the Forces of the Dark on your world. Therefore, a number of events have occurred that were permissible only to flush the last of the Dark ones out of their protective gloom. Now, according to prediction, these groups have manifested and the time is right to transform this world into its next required stage. The transition process will begin with several momentous global announcements. They will concern changes in world governments that will terminate the last Cabal's tight hold on your Planet's remaining Superpower. Once this has been accomplished, peace can be officially proclaimed and a rapid dawning of a New World.

Our major contribution has been to closely watch over your World's major conflicts, with the intention of keeping them non-nuclear in scope. Once Peace is declared, we will supervise the rapid disengagement of all warring parties. Our other task has been to give our Earthly Allies access to whatever communication and transportation technologies they needed. Thus, we are enabling them to make these announcements and ensuring the safety and security of their key personnel. The Galactic Federation has assigned a number of Andromedan and Pleiadean liaisons to assist in furnishing these technologies. A joint commission of diplomats, representing the 50 Human Star-Nations involved in the initial stages of First Contact, has been in constant touch with our Earthly Allies. These groups, in turn, have kept this Mission's Command Board fully informed. If certain events are not implemented according to the detailed timeline set up by the Ascended Masters, we will intervene, immediately, and initiate our alternate mass First Contact sequence of events.

To allow for this contingency, we have instructed our Scientific Liaison Boards to establish a system by which the necessary announcements could be made and this last, stubborn Cabal removed from power. Furthermore, we will, if necessary, disarm the warring Armed Forces and bring about peace on your Planet. The Ascended Masters, in particular Master St Germain and Master Hilarion, will address your world and announce that a Heavenly governance has been inaugurated. Then, to prevent further violence, we will beam up any conceivable form of weaponry found on your world. We will dismantle all of the exotic weapons of war held by your Planet's many Secret Governments and properly dispose of any knowledge of it. Peace will reign on your World.

Clearly, the will of Heaven has laid out a scenario that, regardless of prevailing events, will guide you to a new Golden Age. Heaven dearly wishes you to know that she has abandoned neither you nor the glorious plans she has for you; and that she has condoned, only temporarily, the perpetration upon your World of a certain series of truly heinous acts for a predetermined period of time. Heaven understands the forces at work upon your World and why the Divine Plan has set them in motion. However, we remind you that a specific timetable, made known to your World Leaders and your Governments, remains in effect, and this timetable is not negotiable. During many meetings with our Earthly Allies and your World's Leaders, we have explained this scenario to them in great detail. It is necessary for the many groups comprising the former Anunnaki's minions to fully appreciate that any plans they may have for continued world domination are not an option.

April 15, 2003: Your World is changing drastically, and for the better. Those who represent your World's last stubborn Cabal have long and convoluted roots to the core of your Society. These secret underpinnings must be transformed and turned into a life-giving part of your Global Society. It has taken many years for this operation to manifest upon your World. Now, it is occurring. Once you hear the announcements, realize that this is just the beginning. This encouraging start will succeed, and those who so fiercely have resisted will be forced to yield their illegally-acquired power. Even in the face of apparent victory, this Cabal's predetermined defeat will come and their many illegal wars, at last, will reach a timely end. We tell you this not only to express our optimism, but also to herald the ultimate dawn of a New Age in your reality. This miraculous time will help you to gain a better understanding of the many prodigious responsibilities that are destined to be yours.

This time will also be heralded by an infusion of great abundance. This prosperity will be due largely to the endurance of our Earthly Allies and the brilliant strategies set in motion, many centuries ago, by the Ascended Masters: Count St Germain, Master Hilarion, Seraphis Bey and Saint Paul the Venetian. These Holy Beings were able to bring to this realm a financial and monetary plan whose secret purpose is to enable great abundance to rain down at the appropriate time. Although St Germain is ultimately responsible for its success, each of the Ascended Masters we have mentioned has played a significant role in its present-day preparation. Briefly, we would like to explain how the Ottoman Turks, the Hapsburgs of Austria, the Bourbons of France and the Holy See conspired in the past to create a system of banking and trust that has lasted until this day. It is important, at this point, to be aware that these individuals were part of a vast, global council of Earthly minions whose ultimate overlords were the former Anunnaki, themselves under the influence of the galactic Forces of Darkness. For nearly 13 millennia, these dark, hybrid off-worlders controlled your realm. They relinquished that control nearly a decade ago.

The origins of their created Fractional Banking System are revealed in the ancient treasuries of Rome, Persia, India and China, and in the many empires of the New World. The Anunnaki kept a close watch over this financial operation. By Europe's Middle Ages, control of this system had passed to the Pope and a series of allied Monarchs. This group was grievously threatened by the rise of the Ottomans in the Middle East, and by their capture of Constantinople. New arrangements were needed. St Paul the Venetian and Seraphis Bey were leaders in negotiating the new Secret Treaties, but only to prepare the way for the final phase of their strategy. St. Germain carried this out beautifully, with help from the Master Hilarion. The outcome was a World Trust for this realm's Light Workers. Funds were to be disbursed with the advent of Christendom's Second Millennium. As that time approached, however, it became increasingly clear that the Cabals who control your world wished to avoid this payout. Therefore, a number of former members who left these groups and secretly supported Count St Germain's original intention, devised a way to defeat the secret manipulations of their former dark Cabals.

This resulted in the rise of our Earthly Allies and an exceedingly complex strategy that took decades to bring to fruition. The process began as a way to ensure that the abundance promised by Count St Germain was actually made available to Earth's Light Workers. At first, this amounted to a number of Trusts whose true purpose was kept secret. A few decades later, it concerned the bringing to light of a humanitarian project approved by the IMF. Over time, this led to the emergence of a number of governmental, economic and political coalitions, which were protected by the Ascended Masters. They also encouraged Divine intervention by the Galactic Federation of Light. This First Contact mission would be allied, eventually, with those who so courageously had encouraged the disclosure of Count St Germain's World Trust. In 1998, this measure was officially carried into effect by a series of secret agreements promising that the UFO cover-up would cease when these funds were disbursed.

The outcome of almost a decade of secret conflict waged between this global coalition and Earth's many dark Cabals culminated in the latter part of 2000. The remaining Dark Cabal realized that it was imperative for them to seize the leadership of Earth's last superpower. Thus, they developed a policy that resembled a scheme they had employed in Germany during the 1930s. They hoped that this policy would enable them to block the disbursement of funds. They also hungered to engage in a perpetual war that would allow them to complete the dismantling of this superpower's Bill of Rights. At first, their policy seemed to succeed. However, their spitefulness resulted in a violent reaction that increased our Earthly Allies' ability to counterbalance the power amassed by these last Cabals. Now, this Coalition has used your Planet's most recent, illegal war in Iraq as the intolerable, final act that will break this last Cabal's hold on the reins of power.

April 22, 2003: Finally, Mother Earth is approaching the Divine moment that we all have been waiting for! Heaven has unleashed elements that will irrevocably crush the power of your last Cabal. This prodigious operation is positioned to suddenly manifest in your midst. Your Ascended Masters and the local Heavenly Administration have instructed us to set in motion events that will make their sacred edicts a reality. These newly-outlined tactics transcend our present close observation of your world. As one of our many Planetary Sector Commanders recently remarked with reference to his new orders, "At last, some possibilities for action!" We are most excited by the fact that, soon, you will be able to see us openly in your skies. Thus, we have doubled the number of defence ships operating in the solar system's Earth-Moon quadrant. We have also tightened the special inter-dimensional security shield that surrounds your planet and can prevent anyone we have not authorized from leaving or entering your present reality.

Moreover, we have asked two more Defence Mothership groups, which are stationed at the edge of your Solar System, to relocate immediately to the far side of Jupiter. This inner (first) Ring around your world is now tightly sealed. The next stage of our complex operation is to prepare our Defence Forces to shut down all Earthly communications related to military forces controlled by, or sympathetic to, this last Cabal. At this point, we ask you to understand that what is about to occur is the most phenomenal event in the past 13 millennia of your History. Imagine! A perfectly bloodless revolution of unprecedented proportions is unfolding!

It is unfortunate that the recent, unnecessary war in the Middle East had to be waged, in order to free our Earthly Allies of certain evil oppressors and to bring to a close the flood of charges that will be brought against the many individuals who led this last, unrelenting Cabal. The International Tribunal set to conduct these trials has been conferred with great power and is ready to begin its proceedings. Moreover, those who will assume control of the Government of your last superpower have been appointed, and a detailed agenda for their governance has been fully approved. This new Government will officially supervise the investiture of a new and utterly fair political system. The Government will make a solemn transition to a more permanent one after a National Election is held. No high-ranking members of this new Government will run, initially, for political office. Instead, a throng of largely unknown individuals, who wish to serve you, will be running for office at local, state/provincial and national levels to complete the terms of those who were forced to resign.

These resignations will apply to all, and indicate the beginning of a political upheaval of unprecedented proportions. This alteration will unleash an enormous inventory of devices now kept secret for military and economic reasons. Moreover, the UFO cover-up will end. Our existence and benevolence will be fully declared, furnishing you with an enormous quantity of facts concerning your reality. Our Earthly Allies have promised to release a wealth of information regarding events of the last few years. We are resolved to go even further and, with the help of the now reformed Anunnaki, to explain thoroughly the last 13 millennia of your History. This will enable your New Governments to prosecute the individuals, groups and corporations who have befouled your World. It will mark an end to this prolonged rule by Earthly minions who defied the wishes of their former off-world masters, and those of Heaven, to transform this dark, Earthly Realm, thus enabling the creation of a New, Abundant Age upon your World.

These actions will allow every major Corporation on your World to be re-chartered. These events will also yield a whole new series of benevolent enterprises that are equipped with new technologies to clean up your environment. And, as mentioned in previous messages, we have every intention of embarking upon the transferal of a number of our technologies to complement those you yourselves have developed. This new environment will be augmented by a formal Declaration of Peace on the part of your World's Governments. As another step toward Peace, we will disarm all nuclear weaponry and supply suitable replacements for all nuclear-powered electrical generation facilities on your World. The ever-formidable Nuclear genie will be returned to its bottle. In its stead, we will introduce the Age of Magnetic and Light-power to your World. Its energy is non-polluting and will revitalize your life, rather than detract from it.

This Golden Time will indicate the point when two Great Nations - the Cetacean Nation and the Inner World of Agartha - will join you. We have been working with both to arrange a swift transition for all. In this universal moment, your xenophobia regarding your own uniqueness will cease. Another form of sentient Being will be officially recognized and the exact nature of your Planetary Guardianship painstakingly explained. The Ruling Council of Agartha wishes you to know that they gladly await the time when they will interact with you. They carry with them a full History of your World that begins before the rise of Lemuria.

10 June 2003: Around you, the final struggle is occurring between the Light and the Forces of the Dark. The conflict began in earnest nearly 10,000 years ago as the Great Flood subsided. Left behind were the few who became the Anunnaki's new minions and the many who came to be their diverse subjects. In many regions of this World, they founded New Societies. As we have previously mentioned, the Anunnaki were extremely careful in selecting their new minions. The 'Sky Gods' had caused the Flood because the previous group of underlings had openly disobeyed them, and even dared to paint them not as Creator-Gods, but merely as Humanity's dark oppressors. Their impertinence resulted in the delivery of a new set of rules to the 'Chosen'. The Anunnaki, now, were fully aware of Humanity's inherent potential to turn to the Light. This meant that certain false beliefs, indeed a wide range of religious philosophies, needed to be nurtured by the newly selected Cabals. It required another few thousand years for such a complex process to become firmly established.

The Anunnaki believed that, once in place, the new Earthly Leadership clearly was under their control. However, the 'Light' was still capable of bringing forward Avatars and special prophets such as Abraham. It was still possible for the Ascended Masters to teach among the people. These deeds kept the Anunnaki's minions from destroying or even distorting certain moral concepts. Occasionally, when one group of underlings would take up some of these high moral teachings, they would be put in safekeeping for future generations. Slowly, as magnificent buildings and, later, cities were constructed under the direct supervision of the Anunnaki, society began to move forward. These Temple and Palace complexes marked the dawn of your present Global Societies. Nevertheless, the efforts of the Ascended Masters gradually flourished. In this regard, the first great Western Ruler was the Egyptian Pharaoh whom you know as Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten (circa 13th Century B.C.). He set an energy that promoted the movement towards recognizing a single, all-powerful Creator. The Anunnaki found this truth deeply disturbing.

In their rage, the Anunnaki destroyed Akhenaten's Temple City and did not allow another national belief system to come into being until the founding of ancient Israel nearly 300 years later. They worked very carefully to alter Israel by manipulating its people to demand rule by Kings. Having accomplished this, the Anunnaki once again had triumphed, temporarily, over the Light. Israel became yet another State with a Government that they were able to corrupt and control. Next, the Anunnaki proceeded with their plans to create an ever-evolving technology that would allow them to usurp the initial Agreement they had made with Heaven prior to the fall of Atlantis. The moment they chose for this Revolution was your present time. But Heaven was well aware of their treacherous actions. Indeed, the Divine Plan had clearly warned them of the possible outcome long ago.

This dark scheme by the Anunnaki and their minions to overthrow the Light gradually began to manifest with the rapid rise of the Roman Empire. To counter it, several Ascended Masters came to Earth and commenced their Great Work. They established principles and beliefs that enabled the Forces of Light to gain a stronger foothold on your World. Eventually, during the last 2500 years, this moral bridgehead enabled the establishment of certain Secret Societies that were dedicated to the Light. The purpose of these Societies, founded on every continent of your World, was to retain the Sacred Knowledge that they had acquired from the Ascended Masters. Occasionally, certain individuals belonging to these Orders either incarnated or infiltrated the religious organizations endorsed by the Cabals as defenders of a society's sacred 'Truths'. Using their saintliness and great charisma, they imposed certain new concepts upon these sanctioned religious organizations, in an effort to gradually uplift the consciousness of Humanity.

We mention these points only because all of your World's existing Laws and, ultimately, the legitimacy of every Nation-state, rest on Roman Law. The explorations and growing power of the West exploded onto the World scene in the late 15th century AD. Eventually, this altered the very legal authority of Regimes in most of Asia, Africa and the Americas, as well as in Oceania. Colonialism put an end to the old system of the varied series of legalities that had founded these many Empires. In their stead, the West established its own Regimes, creating the legal basis for the Anunnaki's scheme to use Rome and its system of Laws as the basis for their takeover of this Planet. Moreover, the West's religious organizations and its cultural system were to be used by its minions to homogenize the World's many, various populations. A new ethos was being shaped that would allow these Cabals to secretly rule this World.

The most significant event of this process occurred during the last decade of the 20th century, when the Anunnaki suddenly traded sides, moving from the Dark to the Light. For the Anunnaki's Earthly underlings, this switch had serious repercussions. First, the remaining Cabal's predominant authority was immediately torn further apart. Although the previous ruling Cabals disagreed about the dominant groups in charge, every group held a similar understanding regarding the final outcome. The only question that remained was whether it would be for Good or for Evil. Now, this was no longer so. Quickly, they initiated a new discussion concerning whether to join with the Light or to move ahead with what they had been preparing so long and so carefully. The presence of a Galactic Federation of Light "First Contact Team" brought further confusion to their all-encompassing debate.

Our most important task now is to see how the "First Contact" will progress. This Divine intervention is under the unwavering guidance of your World's Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, and of the rest of Heaven. It has been nearly a decade since the Anunnaki switched sides and the "Treaty of Anchara" brought an end to the last Galactic War. Now, your World is in the last stages of its struggle between the Light and the last Dark Cabal. This remaining small but diverse group, is still very powerful and very cunning. Nonetheless, the events that will extinguish their power truly are already set in motion. This Cabal's secret scheming has resulted in their inevitable ruin. The World Community no longer views them as oppressors to watch and constantly fear. Our Earthly Allies have substantially eroded their power base and created a situation where they can be replaced. All that remains is for the final episodes to be brought to a successful conclusion.

22 July 2003: As your World enters the eve of the next Galactic New Year, let us look back at our shared Histories and realize how truly connected we are to each other. For a very long time, after Human evolution began on the Third Planet of the Vega solar system more than six million years ago, you have looked upon Sirius Star System as the great Mother of Earth's Civilizations. Her nurturing began with the founding of Lemuria some 900,000 years ago and continued, through the early Colonists from Lyra, Andromeda and the Pleiades, to the origins of Atlantis some 435,000 years ago. The Societies of Lyra and the Sirius Star System, which were synonymous in Galactic History, have only drawn apart in the last 5,000 years of Atlantis' History. At that point, you were plunged into a state of "Limited Consciousness". Even in this decrepit state, memories of Sirius and its role in your development remained strong in your Soul's memory. Moreover, the Governing Council of the Sirius Star-Nation stayed true to a program, instituted by Heaven, which would restore you, eventually, to "Full Consciousness". The displeasure of your Anunnaki Masters at these dealings resulted in the Second (Great) Biblical Flood some 10,000 years ago.

5 August 2003: As Humanity advanced through this Galaxy, we encountered physical Beings quite unlike us in form, culture and language. If we did not succeed in bridging these huge differences, war often resulted. At first, those who aggressively followed the dark principles of their own Creator-Being, as a group collectively known as the Dark Alliance of Anchara, distressed us greatly. Suddenly, we were involved in an enormous Galactic War that had woven itself across the breadth of our Galaxy for many tens of millions of years. This struggle created a need for many alliances of the Light to form with thousands of other like-minded Star-Nations. It also introduced us to the continuing strange and violent process that is destined to transform this Galaxy from the darkness that has engulfed it. At times, these Wars seemed endless. The devastation's intensity was inconceivable. We were always astonished at the extent to which the dark Star-Nations of Anchara would go in order to 'win' these Wars. Their fierce stockpile of weapons and unspeakably brutal Military Forces sparked a reign of terror across this Galaxy. Abhorrent memories such as these remain embedded in your genes.

Eventually, our growing Alliances led to the Galactic Federation of Light. The Galactic Federation was one of a number of organizations - either Neutral, Dark or one with the Light - operating in this Galaxy. At any rate, the Galactic Wars produced a vast number of 'wandering' Star-Nations that moved about according to the circumstances caused by the Wars. From them, we learned a great deal about the hate and the needless actions and divisions caused by limited consciousness and its constant train of fear and wrongly-derived assumptions. We found this quite an eye-opener. We also learned the extent of the dark Ancharites' deception. Although we were shocked, initially, at how dark this Galaxy had become, we realized, deep in our Hearts, that this insanity would definitely end. Until that Divine moment, we had to do whatever we could to stalemate the continuous wars. Thus, we created technologies and strategies that would bring about the required results.

Ultimately, just over two million years ago, these Wars produced conditions that allowed us to colonize your Solar System. A new set of broad-based attacks by the Ancharites, nearly one million years ago, destroyed these first Human Colonies. Later, a counter-attack by Galactic Federation Forces culminated in the second Earth Colony of Lemuria and the destruction of the Ancharites' main Planetary World within our Solar System, the Planet Maldek. Its explosive end produced the Asteroid Belt that now revolves between Mars and Jupiter. Moreover, many of the smaller Moons of Mars, Jupiter and the Solar System's other Outer Planets are the result of the carnage from these explosions. Indeed, your Solar System is a curious monument to the violence that was part of these Wars. It even extends to the outer layers of Cosmic dust and larger particles that form the edge of your Solar System. Because these clouds were unduly charged, the outcome was a constant barrage of Comets and Asteroids.

Even your Sun was not spared the degrees of violence of which the dark Ancharites were capable. They attempted to permanently disrupt your Sun's interaction with her Planetary Daughters, resulting in the highly elliptical orbits that still characterize the way your Solar System's Planets circle your Sun. Initially, these orbits were almost circular. For that reason, a circle has a 360-degree arc. In your World, this commemorates the original Solar Year of 360 days, each lasting 24 hours. The first Colonists of ancient Lemuria decided not to alter this situation, and kept this anomaly as a sign to future generations of what had actually occurred in this once splendid and beautiful Solar System. These Wars also caused the conditions needed to plunge you into the morass that we know as "Limited Consciousness".

Clearly, the dispersion of Humanity into your Solar System - even your "Fall" into Limited Consciousness - are by-products of these Galaxy-wide Wars. Furthermore, the Galactic Federation's acceptance of a nearly "hands-off" policy was the result of circumstances brought about by these same Wars. This policy allowed the Anunnaki [Nibiruans] to become your Overlords, and their Earthly minions to secretly control you for the past 13 millennia. However, this situation was dramatically changed by your rise in consciousness and by the Anunnaki's recent turn to the Light. These events have made possible the Galactic Federation's direct intervention in your affairs. It has also given us an opportunity to assist those Forces of Light that are labouring to transform your World. This has resulted in the agreements that are about to be revealed.

Heaven and your Collective Selves are co-creating your reality. You are interconnected Beings who are sharing the same destiny. That destiny is to be returned to Fully Conscious Beings of Light. The concluding phase, before this Divine transition can be fully revealed to you, has taken much too long for our liking. Finally, the last vestiges of the Dark have begun to see that their continuing battle is truly in vain. This acknowledgement has allowed a new energy of positive intention to envelop your beautiful, blue orb. This energy has provided additional courage to those who are enforcing the Agreements, which guarantee that a New Reality can be manifested, now, upon your World. We thank all who have helped and, especially, convey our deepest gratitude to all Light workers. Your victory is approaching!

August 12, 2003: While many subjects remain for our discussion, one of the most interesting is how Mother Earth gave birth to this immense Galaxy. Creation exists merely in the Divine Thoughts of the Prime Creator. These Thoughts give shape to the Divine Plan that, in turn, manifests Heaven and physicality. Fundamentally, all of physicality is manifested in the shape of a spiral. Physicality is actually energy in motion. This Divine, Creative Light uses the natural rhythms of Heaven to form physical space, which is the proto-matter for all physical realities. This initial matter originates from the highly compact, massive moving point that, in your physics, is called a 'Singularity'. Across physicality, the Divine Plan layered a vast, near-infinite grid consisting of these points (massive Singularities). One such point, destined itself to eventually create our own Galaxy, was first formed through the initiation by Prime Creator of this present Sixth Creation 50 billion years ago. Then, approximately 10 billion years ago, this massive Singularity began the process that resulted in the Milky Way Galaxy. First, a Divine Spiral moulded a small object that was to become the original core of the new Galaxy, later to exit the center of the Galaxy and eventually become none other than part of the Earth's very own core! This object at first embarked upon a complex pattern that resembled the petals of a rose. It moved out of the center, depositing some 'proto-matter' along its various pathways. Over millions of years, these points shaped and created the diverse elements that formed our Galaxy.

As these Singularities manifested, various forces produced gravity fields, dust clouds and, finally, the Central Core area of this Galaxy. These ever-increasing forces created the Stars and other brilliantly beautiful objects within this Galaxy. Soon, what was to become the Earth's Core was repulsed by the growing Galactic Core, arriving, finally, at the edge of one of the Galaxy's enormous, spiral arms. She wandered for billions of years. During her journey, she matured and expand in size, acquiring her present, layered shape. Because she cannot ever become a Star, she drifted, awaiting her fate - to be eventually 'captured' by the proto-planetary system that orbits your Sun. This occurred because of a certain frequency that emanated from your Sun. Mother Earth's mass and size drew her into the inner workings of this System. Within a few million years, she assumed her present position from the Sun. Now, your Solar System is blessed by the One who graciously formed the original Core of this entire Galaxy. From now on, the destiny of this Solar System and particularly our Planet is to be a major part of this Galaxy's final transformation from Darkness to that of Light.

Already, that Divine Change has begun. The events unfolding on your World are an important segment of this most extraordinary process. Thus far, it has brought together this Galaxy's formerly warring factions, resulting in an expanded Galactic Federation of Light. Now, the Galactic Federation extends through the whole of this Galaxy. The Treaties that made this possible also enabled our more direct intervention in your affairs. This allowed our "First Contact Mission", in 1998, to cement a series of Agreements with those who dearly wished to alter the dark goals of the Anunnaki's Earthly minions. Their despicable objectives had been proclaimed, initially, almost 900 years ago. Although the Anunnaki had promised its Earthly followers that this program would be fully realized by the year 2001 AD, incidents occurred during this time that kept it from ever occurring.

The interest taken in you by both sides in these Galactic Wars extends into the still-unrecorded past of your Planet. Even after the rise and fall of Atlantis, the dark Anchara Alliance Forces maintained a strong yet hidden presence upon your world. Their Forces constantly cooperated with the Anunnaki and resisted any attempt by the Aghartians [Inner Earth Civilization] to protect you from the plans of the Anunnaki's many obedient followers. Although the Anunnaki remained neutral, they maintained a succession of shaky pacts with the dark 'Children of Anchara'. The opportunistic Anunnaki yearned for some kind of recognition from the Pleiadean Star League. While they were never able to obtain it openly, the Anunnaki felt, nonetheless, that it was time to compel the Star League to act. In their minds, this final, shameful plan was appropriate to this case. Last-minute intervention by a distrusting group of dark Ancharites was the element needed to set this all awry.

The first, prototype 'over-the-horizon' radar stations, as well as the Atomic Bomb Project, were all located in the American Southwest and in the Rocky Mountain states of Utah and Colorado. The hub, located at the USAAF airbase in Roswell, was an important part of a weapons system that caught the dark Ancharites' attention in the early 1940s. The crashes linked to this surveillance led their outpost on Earth to call for reinforcements from their Home-world. The Roswell crash in 1947, and the few that followed in 1948, caused the Zeta Reticulians to approach the entire Anchara Alliance for assistance. This request created a situation that prompted agreements between several major Earth Governments and the Ancharites. It initiated a process that produced, among the Earthly dark Cabal minions, a group who opposed the Anunnaki's Grand Plan.

This then-minor group grew important to the actions that the Pleiadean Earth Commands had begun in the 1970s. Its purpose was to counter the nuclear and environmental dangers that existed upon your World. This project enabled them to learn about and indirectly help this emergent group within the Earthly minion hierarchy. Their encounters led to the formation of a combined Pleiadean/Andromedan/Sirian Liaison Team, whose aim was to provoke this Earthly group. After 1989, there were several ill-fated attempts at staged Alien Invasions, which a number of major Earthly Governments had co-sponsored with the Ancharites. These ventures resulted in the approval, by the Galactic Federation of Light's Main Council, of a formal, First Contact Mission. Enraged by these events, the Anunnaki created an atmosphere that threatened the Grand Plan's very success. The Anunnaki were concerned that the Ancharites only wanted to regain full control of your Solar System.

These political schemes continued until the mid-1990s, when the Anchara Alliance, following the edicts of Anchara, requested a Permanent Peace and Membership in the Galactic Federation. This move caused the Anunnaki to abruptly change their previous positions and to likewise seek membership in the Galactic Federation. In one vast swoop, the political intrigues on Earth were forever altered. The many Cabals of the Anunnaki's Earthly followers were thrown into a tailspin. Alliances that were formed over centuries were quickly re-formed. A kind of worldwide, secret 'Gang' War suddenly broke out among the various Cabals. Amid this rising chaos, our Earthly Allies won many powerful, new 'friends'. The march toward a New Reality had gained an ever-increasing momentum. The hour of your final victory had moved closer to its inevitable manifestation. We are becoming a united Galaxy. The events now unfolding on your World are the final, crucial step.

August 26, 2003: If it is not carried out properly, the process of "First Contact" can be quite traumatic. To you, we do not yet officially exist. Most levels of contact with you are much like this - messages that detail what we wish you to know. Since direct interaction on a mass scale still is not possible, we must do what is permitted. We also use ways to enlarge this 'Window'. It is a slow process and tests our patience. Your Governments have a great deal at stake in maintaining the status quo. Happily, our Earthly Allies intend to fully honour a formal announcement of our presence. This declaration will be made following the announcements that put an end to the present illegal Regime's power in North America. This dark Cabal brought the 9/11 disaster upon its own people and, for its own benefit, has waged a series of immoral wars in Central Asia and the Middle East. Their defeat will bring the ET/UFO cover-up to a close and enable us to move ahead with a Mass-Landing scenario. Initially, this scenario will involve a limited number of small landings around your World.

Our joint Science & Exploration Command Board remains in regular contact with our Earthly Allies. "First Contact" requires an element that can legally direct it to its penultimate victory. Right now, a special Committee appointed by our Earthly Allies is carrying out this task. A series of small first contacts with you has been organized. The Ascended Masters wish you to be the prime transformers of Mother Earth. Thus, initially, we need to be merely your supervisors or teachers. In this role, we will make it possible for various Earthly technologies to come into view. We will only provide additional technologies according to need. We will serve as Divine Mediators for the new political, economic and financial institutions created by our Earthly Allies' announcements.

Once this series of formal announcements and the global delivery of your abundance are complete, we will begin our own proceedings, which will include a series of daytime flyovers. We will accompany them with an announcement of who we are and what we are doing. The next step will be a number of small landings (two to three Scout-ships in sparsely populated areas). At this point, we will permit you to inspect our craft and choose a few individuals to take a brief 'joy ride' in our ships. These trips will be transmitted back to television stations in the local area. We will do this several times over the period of a few weeks. We can also supply you with a full inventory of secret or suppressed technologies, with which you will be able to clean up your Planet. To augment these technologies, we will give you the appropriate tools from our own vast inventory. They will enable you to focus on your main responsibility - Mother Earth.

Your urban areas are ecological catastrophes where economically and socially disadvantaged segments of your population live. You also have large tracts of destroyed and burnt-out buildings that must be quickly replaced with liveable housing, neighbourhood businesses and essential services. We will help you to do all of this. A team of specially-trained Liaison groups will arrive to lend assistance. However, we will consult the Residents of these areas first, before we make any suggestions or give you the necessary technology. The major point is that all of you must become more deeply involved in improving your Society and in helping Mother Earth. In doing so, you will realize how truly connected you are to each other and to the guardianship of your beautiful, living Water-world.

Your rural areas will be returned to their original condition of unspoiled forests and meadows. A number of our technologies can convert living Light into food, clothes and other uses, thus ending your long dependence on agriculture and the lumber industry. Enormous areas of Mother Earth have been plundered in the name of either agriculture or ranching. It is time for you to transform them and create a Society that can easily move itself out into the nearly infinite Universe that surrounds you.

September 23, 2003: Many events unfolding on your World are moving you swiftly toward a new reality. Soon, these events will culminate in some startling announcements by your Governments. Now, since the hour for these proceedings approaches, we need to advise you of our plans. Our Defence Forces' principal assignment will be the protection of our Earth Allies. Their military sector is under constant pressure from many Armed Forces Divisions of your four major World Powers. With our protection, they have been able to grow both in size and capability.

Our Defence Forces, also, are monitoring and protecting the many Civilian and Governmental Members of this broad-based Coalition. Years ago, we assigned a number of our Fleet's select Defence Scout-ships to special posts. Because they are cloaked with invisibility, they are able to oversee the individuals assigned them. In addition to these Forces, we continually monitor all communications on your Planet. We closely observe the launching of all Space objects into orbit and have limited operations of your Secret Government's advanced spacecraft. These secret 'free-energy' powered vehicles initially challenged us several decades ago. At first, we were ordered not to openly retaliate. Then, some years ago, our First Contact Command Board changed these orders. Those Earth-based vehicles no longer challenge us. There still remain a number of exotic weapons secretly owned by a few of your Governments. We have warned those Governments not to use this weaponry against us. We can vaporise them without killing or harming any of their combatants. Recently, in North America, we chose such a weapon and conspicuously proved our point.

The last, stubborn Cabal on your World stands in disarray. They are fully aware that the moment of their judgement is near. This realization throws them into panic. Now, there is no exit. Only their total surrender and full acknowledgement of the 1998 Agreements remain. The Cosmic Forces of Light that surround your World are well aware of what little time this last Cabal possesses. We have shown excessive patience to this group of fools for far too long. Their intransigence borders on the ridiculous. The absurdity of their present position is well-known to all in charge of their doom. Their arrogance is becoming legendary throughout this Galaxy. Even the formerly dark Star-Nations of the Anchara Alliance are stunned by what they have continued to do on your World. Fortunately, Heaven is tightening their 'noose' and is ready to bring down the curtain on this cheerless drama. They have taken your global society to the brink of a disaster that nearly led to a degree of Human slavery and avarice far beyond the limits permitted by Heaven. Hence, Heaven began a process that has brought about your present situation. This situation is founded on the delivery of great abundance, combined with the manifestation of a new reality.

September 30, 2003: As we noted earlier, judgement of your last, stubborn Cabal will be left to you and to the firm guidance of your Ascended Masters. Our task will be to restore the basis for the formation of your Galactic Society. Here, as also mentioned previously, we shall introduce you to the noble Inner Earth society of Aghartha. In addition, we intend to allow the Anunnaki, or in its new Path of Light name, the Annanuki, to relate to you their story. It is essential that you understand in its entirety the strangely convoluted tale of how they set about to lead you along the path to darkness. This tale will take you to a world filled with conflict and frequent jealousies between the Sumerian period 'Gods' and 'Goddesses' and show you how they formed the groups that became their Earth-based minions. It also describes their greatest ruse - the concept that the Niburian Anunnaki created you to be their Slave Race. In fact, your origins are off-world and your arrival on Mother Earth vastly pre-dates the subsequent coming of the Anunnaki in late Atlantean times. Your true status is that of a Free, Sovereign and Fully Conscious Being - a physical Angel. Knowing this, your former Off-world Masters wish to use their awareness to give you a better understanding of it.

Earth's new reality will include the manifesting of your Ascended Masters and the Mass Landing of our Ships upon your shores. Masters Saint Germaine and Hilarion, as well as El Morya and many other Masters, intend to oversee the formation of your Galactic Society. Meanwhile, others, such as Master Yeshua (Jesus SANANDA), will end the long divisions and conflicts that typify the state of your present organized philosophies or 'Religions'. Their actions will create the conditions for a new morality, founded upon the true words, pronounced long ago, by these same Ascended Masters. The time approaches when the darkness of this Reality will end, to be replaced with a New Light - the dawning of Heaven on Earth! This morality recognizes that all of the hate and misinformation of previous millennia will be transmuted into Love, Harmony and Joy.

November 4, 2003: Mother Earth is busily preparing herself for a series of monumental changes. The driving forces behind these Changes are the continuing hyperactivity of your Sun and Mother Earth's ever-rising frequency. They are creating a situation that makes it increasingly urgent for her crust to relieve itself of a rising crescendo of global stress. These circumstances have increased volcanic activity radically and caused the number of major earthquakes to soar. Mother Earth is anxious to enlarge to her original dimensions, that is, the equator must expand by another 800 miles (approximately 1300 kilometers). It is also essential that the two 'Lost' Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria rise from the ocean's bottom and that the now-frozen continent of Antarctica return to its natural, 'ice-free' state. These conditions can be fully achieved only when the two layers of Mother Earth's firmament are re-positioned in her atmosphere. Only when your global society is fully evacuated from Mother Earth's surface will these 'Earth Changes' be complete.

This brings us back to how we will evacuate your Society. Those of you whose return to the state of "Full Consciousness" will end your need to remain Earth-bound and will be Teleported to the Motherships of your Home-world. Then, at a specified time, you will be permitted to go there. The rest of you, who have chosen to remain with Planet Earth, will either be lifted up to our Motherships or be 'beamed' to your new subterranean homes. Remember, Dear Ones, that this Realm is, in fact, a Divine cocoon in which you may complete your transformation. In the meantime, Mother Earth, with the help of Lady Assyria and other groups of assigned Elohim, will drastically alter the very shape, size and appearance of your Planet. Once they have finished, Mother Earth's atmosphere will be less radiated and more oxygenated. Your Planet's ratio of oceans to land will be nearly equal. Her endless deserts and massive glaciers will have vanished, and a stronger electromagnetic field will be present. In this way, a new Earth will be created, far different from the one you know now.

Many of you ask about the timing of these transformational events. Most of them will unfold, Dear Ones, after you have been evacuated. Until then, the Elohim and Galactic Federation scientists will undertake to relieve the pressures to which Mother Earth is being subjected. First, we are monitoring the more intense regions on your Globe where so-called 'super volcanoes' exist. Because full-force eruptions by these volcanoes could be catastrophic to your populations, we are endeavouring to relieve the pressure in their craters as required. Second, we are monitoring tectonic plate movements and the subsequent expansion of your ocean floors. A similar phenomenon is occurring on many of your Continents. Mother Earth is expanding and preparing the Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to rise. Her Elohim, also, are altering many 'Land Bridges' that connect these Continents to Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

April 13, 2004: In the past few messages, we gave you some additional insights into the many secret events that are in the process of manifesting before you. Our Earth Allies are a diverse coalition of groups and individuals from across the Planet. The great amount of work needed to weld them into a formidable unit has indeed taken time. Another time-absorbing factor has been the challenge of the huge, slow, and creaky machinery of International Finance. An enormous number of obstacles in this area were overcome. The greatest of which was the fact that the Anunnaki and their Earthly minions made International Money Transfers a primary source of their income. They set up Headquarters in major Financial Centers like London, New York, and Hong Kong to supervise and ensure that a maximum income was gleaned from these operations. They then intended to use this system at a given time to control and direct the operation of their "One World Order".

The Multinational Global Economy first established in the late 1950s was manipulated by the Anunnaki's minions to support a number of key Corporations. These Companies' main purpose was to dovetail and thereby support and promote several carefully chosen, or 'preferred', technological discoveries. Each technology, whether applied in the agriculture, transportation, electronics, or petroleum industry, was inexorably bent to the will of a few secret Rulers, the Anunnaki's Earthly minions. These now-interlocking Corporations ultimately were to be controlled by the reorganized, Global Financial and Banking Industry. This Financial Sector was therefore pivotal to the Anunnaki's original plans for the creation, before the turn of the Millennium, of a dictatorial "One World Order". However, the Anunnaki suddenly abandoned their dark projects in 1995 and decided to join the Light. They thereby short-circuited their Earthly minions' plans to complete their part of this process by the end of 1996. Instead, a massive power-struggle arose, which is still reverberating across the Globe.

The crucial element in this clandestine struggle became the Global Banking and Finance Industry. Ironically, this was the same group charged long ago by Ascended Master Saint Germain with carrying out the last edicts of his World Trust for the establishment of greater Abundance for the World. Clearly, something had to give. Three major contestants vied for control of this Industry during the last years of the 20th Century: the two dominant remnants of the Anunnaki's original Earthly minions and a third element, consisting of groups of "Allies" dedicated to the Light and the Liaison Teams assigned to them by our 'First Contact Team'. Our Divine Supervisors were Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy Ascended Masters. Working together, this Light Group was able to gather enough 'converts' to deal a crippling blow to the dark plans of the two Earthly dark-minion Cabals. Suddenly, the third Group of Light became a force to be reckoned with. As a result, and after the Agreements of 1998 were signed, a series of intense negotiations between the three Groups began. By mid-2000, a general plan of action was for the most part agreed to by all sides. It seemed as if the victory clandestinely sought for the last two years was finally close at hand.

This agreement was to go into effect by the spring of 2001. It allowed for the Abundance Programs to be distributed and thereby, signal an end to the creation of a dark "One World Order". The new global vision specified Cooperation, Peace, Diversity, and above all Sovereignty and the unalienable Rights of every Citizen. Unfortunately, one of the Earthly minion's Cabals centered in North America saw this as an opportunity to be exploited. Despite orally affirming and signing these Agreements, they secretly decided to proceed with their scheme for World Domination. The key was to capture the 2000 USA Elections, introducing the George Bush Jr. Administration, and use this cover to consolidate their plans for a One World Order. At first, this Cabal was successful, but the increasing numbers of adherents to the 1998 Agreements began to isolate them from their former dark Allies. By the late Summer of 2001, this growing new group now won over to the side of the Forces of Light, was preparing to oust this remaining Dark Cabal from power. What the remaining Dark Cabal needed was an incident so shocking it would provide the conditions necessary for it to regain its former supremacy.

The terrible events of September 11th worked like a charm. The Dark Cabal's objectives were initially realized. Our Earth Allies were stunned that this Group actually went through with such a traitorous attack on its own citizens. Special Galactic Federation Teams were assigned to monitor this event and ensure that the extent of this tragedy be somewhat limited. The Ascended Masters used their great abilities to create a huge reservoir of Love. This energy was picked up by you and enormously amplified. These global waves of Love stunned this Dark Cabal and gave our Earth Allies the courage to regroup and continue on their path to victory. This Love energy permitted us to put a damper on this Cabal's attempts to commit further acts of incomprehensible terrorism on its own people. This Cabal's aggressive foreign policy aimed at World Domination went forward. It however backfired as a long list of former cohorts changed sides and joined the Light. Now a careful search by the Earth "Allies of Light" for "Moles" and "Quislings" in the world Financial Community began at last.

This investigation still continues. The Financial Community is now largely devoid of followers of this last Dark Cabal. Nonetheless, a number of "Moles" are probably still undiscovered. Our Earth Allies dearly wish to take full responsibility for this procedure which is why they have requested our help in only a few instances. Nevertheless, the status of the Abundance Programs is sound. Many years of seemingly unending paperwork have been completed. During this time, the Abundance Funds have grown and Ascended Master Saint Germain is confident that all is now ready. A few loose ends involving some requisite military and allied governmental operations are currently being tidied up. Soon, all will suddenly manifest before you, and we are looking forward to the great joy that these actions will bring.

The last Dark Cabal in charge of the North American Government is growing more and more desperate. Its Leaders realize that their ability to fund its operations is decreasing by the day. A number of important groups within this Cabal's core are abandoning the cause. The large number of immoral acts carried out by this Cabal is finally taking its toll. Many of its former supporters have lost their zeal for what it will take to stay in power. Disclosures about what is truly happening overseas are starting to filter through and leave a bad taste in the mouth of many former influential supporters. These are now aiding our cause hastening the coming removal of this Cabal from power. These events are an amazing example of how powerful the Positive energies of the Light can be.

May 11, 2004: At present, our First Contact Fleet is poised at the ready. We are just waiting for certain events controlled by your Ascended Masters and our Earth Allies to manifest. In the meantime, let us take you on a brief tour of our Inner Ring of Fleet Command Ships. The Command Ships that are mainly responsible for coordinating all scientific observations of your precious Planet are two Andromedan Motherships, which are invisibly cloaked and in geosynchronous orbit above your Planet, one over the Western hemisphere, the other over the Eastern. Both Motherships are noted veterans of thousands of other First Contact Missions. Each is over 3,000 miles (4800 kilometers)long, and has a crew drawn from over forty Galactic Human Star Nations. The two top Commanders are famous Andromedan Scientists. A number of Pleiadean and Sirian Scientists act as their direct subordinates. There is also a specialized Command Staff whose job it is to evaluate all incoming data.

The Andromedan Mothership's main hull is oblong in shape, with six smaller, secondary hulls of various sizes attached to it by a series of tube-shaped pylons. The main living quarters, recreational areas, and command sections are located in the primary hull. Each of the secondary hulls is given over to a different science, such as Geology, Oceanography, and Atmospheric Sciences. Each subset within these various disciplines is assigned a specific area of the Planet for observation. These groups are all interlinked by Liaison Teams who gather and evaluate all data received from the on-site observations of hundreds of thousands of Scout Ships. These are crewed by Pilots and Navigators from the Mothership and anywhere from three to five Scientists, each with a separate assignment. Each Scout Ship observes and reports back on a distinct section of the Planet's surface and interior, and as their flight-paths are designed to dovetail, the result is a holistic 'Map' of Mother Earth that is updated every five minutes.

The Commanders of these two Motherships coordinate the Earth Science Mission, which in turn is in constant contact with the main First Contact Command Staff located in the subterranean Base known as Mars Headquarters. All relevant data on the changes occurring to Mother Earth are stored here. This database is available to the two other contingents of the First Contact Mission: the Galactic Federation Earth-based Medical Teams and the Defence sector of the Fleet. Since alterations to Mother Earth affect you, it is essential that our Medical Teams be kept up to date on even the minutest changes. These changes to Mother Earth are likewise mirrored by your Sun, so a Team specializing in Solar Dynamics is assigned to monitor your Sun. The Earth-Sun interactions are the focal point for the changes taking place in your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. As the Earth's geomagnetic and gravitational fields alter, your own electrical and magnetic fields similarly fluctuate. Your changes are thus calibrated to the rate of change of the Planet.

The Medical Teams are headquartered on three Motherships, one each from Arcturus, Andromeda, and the Pleiades. These are visually cloaked and stationed near the Moon. Each Mothership and its Medical group contain a number of distinguished Healers from this Galaxy who are acting as the principal overseers for your Medical Teams. Each Team is assigned from 200 to 250 individuals and is responsible for helping your Angelic Body Guardians in the task of transforming you into a "Fully Conscious Being". Each of you has both collective and personal thought-forms that need to be transformed, so that increasing amounts of your Light Body can be integrated into your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Bodies. The major Ship of these three is the Arcturian, which is nearly 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) in length. It is almost cigar-shaped and houses the main Medical Training facilities for the Fleet. This Mothership is well-known for having been assigned this role for over thirty years.

The Fleet's Defence Sector commands a strong presence in a near-Earth orbit. 24 Defence Motherships, stationed within Earth's atmosphere, monitor all Earth-based military operations. This data is fed directly to Mars Headquarters and to our Earth Allies. The Defence Command Mothership, the size of a small planet, is Sirian and is invisibly cloaked and positioned in front of the Planet Uranus. It is the main Command Ship for all Defence Forces in this Sector of the Galaxy. The back-up Headquarters for the First Contact Mission is located on this Mothership. In addition, all decrees concerning this Mission, from either the main Galactic Federation Headquarters or from this Region's Federation Council, as well as all instructions to the Fleet regarding "First Contact", originate here. This is intended to prevent any potential interference from your last Dark Cabal and to ensure that the Mars Station is properly protected.

The Mars Station is divided into twelve major Sectors, or Crystal Cities, each of which has a different function. One of these Cities, located near one of the Martian poles, contains the Command Station. Mars, at its Fifth Dimensional vibration rate, is actually quite different in appearance from what you have been told. She possesses blue skies, multi-coloured clouds, and a vast subterranean River system. Just below her surface are an interior climate and environment that are most hospitable to Human habitation. Here, some very strange (to you) plant and animal life can be found. Our 'Terraform' Scientists and engineers know how easy it will be to return Mars to her original 3D external surface condition before she was blasted by a large Anchara Alliance Force nearly a million years ago. Many of you intuitively know that once this is accomplished, this beautiful, Earth-like world can also become your Home.

All the Ships that we have briefly described are awaiting your visit to them. The First Contact Fleet is here to render Divine Service to the Peoples of Earth. Our Mission is to complete this First Contact as soon as it is determined by our Divine Creator to be possible and allowable. In this regard, our Fleet extends a warm welcome to you all! We hope that the great moment we have all longed for is swiftly approaching. The Sirian Star Nation and its many Allies from the Galactic Federation are most grateful for the opportunity given to us by Heaven. "First Contact" for us means a family reunion of immense proportions. Every Human Star Nation in this Galaxy is most anxious to re-establish an open and unfettered relationship with you. The coming time is to be one in which a new era of permanent Galactic Peace is manifested.

May 18, 2004: : As noted in our last Message, our Fleet gleefully awaits our meetings with you. The Galactic Federation has amassed an enormous Fleet for the "First Contact", which includes Scientific, Diplomatic, Liaison, and Defence components. All of these sections comprise the Command Board that is in charge of this operation. Besides the Main Headquarters stationed on Mars and the back-up Command Center located in a Main Command Defence Mothership, we also have our Earth-fleet Headquarters which are located near the Inner-Earth Agarthian Capital, Shamballa, and also in the interior environment of the Moon. Our 'Terraform' Scientists can restore your Moon to its former condition. This will not occur until it is ready to become part once again of the now-destroyed world of Maldek (to become the future Planet Bellona), the remnants of which form your Solar System's Asteroid Belt. At the appropriate time, the Galactic Elohim and our Galactic Federation Scientists will restore Mother Earth's two 'Lost' Moons. The 'seeds' for this procedure can be found strewn across North America and just north of Australia and in the Pacific Ocean.

This debris from the Lost Moons is known to your Geologists, who disguise this fact by referring to it as 'Asteroid debris fields' resulting from past encounters with small swarms of Asteroids that struck Earth about 12,000 and 25,000 years ago. They claim that these created large impact craters and caused a series of catastrophic earthquakes and prolonged volcanic eruptions. In truth, these past geologic events emanated from an artificial source: the destructive use of the two Moons to bring down the Civilization and Continent of Lemuria and much later, unintentionally, Atlantis. Each large boulder in the debris field has a memory of once forming part of Earth's former Moons. We have identified those remnants that can be used to reconstruct these two Moons, as they will be needed to balance your World once it returns to its Fully Conscious state. Until then, your present 'Moon', which is an artificial, titanium sphere covered in Asteroid Belt debris, will serve as this balancing agent. However, the rising base frequency of Mother Earth and the weakening of her magnetic field has caused your Planet to increase its processional wobble and your Moon to drift occasionally from its prescribed position.

This change in the Earth's electromagnetic fields has affected your weather, your ocean currents, and even the intensity of some of your large earthquakes. Our Geologic Scientists are closely monitoring these changes and are making corrections as needed. Introducing coherent elements of inter-dimensional Light can alter the fields of Mother Earth and stabilize some of the 'drifting' of your Moon. However, this lunar drifting can at times be of use as a counterweight to help decrease Earth's processional wobble, which in turn can temporarily reduce the pressure on your Planet's Tectonic Plates. Our intention is to consistently limit the severity of those Earth Changes that would otherwise be required to rebalance a very unstable Planet. This concern causes us to watch your Secret Government's black operations very closely, as their purpose has long been to destabilize your Planet and force immense catastrophes to occur. These were to have been one of many excuses for imposing global "Martial Law".

May 25, 2004: We would now like to focus on our Headquarters on Mars and our Base on your Moon. Your Moon is an artificial construct that was created to be a special tactical Station attached to Orion Empire Fleets of the former dark Anchara Alliance. It formed part of the Fleet that conquered your Solar System about one million years ago. The Moon's purpose was to be the main defence coordinator for the former Planet Maldek that was between Mars and Jupiter. When we came to liberate your Solar System about 900,00 years ago, Planet Maldek, under the control of the Old Orion Empire, and its armed Moon were a major threat to our success. Our incoming Fleet deployed a powerful "Battle Planet" of its own to destroy this dark Anchara/Orion Empire base; Maldek was reduced to rubble and the result was the Asteroid Belt. The attached "Battle Moon" was temporarily thrown into an erratic solar orbit that ran between Earth and Mars and finally, about 25,000 years ago, was placed into its present orbit as Earth's Moon.

Your Moon is a unique construction. Before it sustained severe battle damage, it had a thick, Earth-like atmosphere and several oceans and seas. Scattered across these seas were many small landmasses where Reptilian and Dinosaurian Engineers created an eco-system similar to ones found on Moons in any Human-stewarded Solar System. The aim behind this terra-forming was to disguise the true purpose of this sphere: beneath this outer veneer, the dark Anchara Alliance had constructed an interior metallic globe shell out of a special titanium alloy whose special properties could not only greatly magnify the cloaking shield around the main weapons and control stations found in its core, but also maintain the illusion of the Moon as a benign and quite natural Satellite. Its interior housed 16 levels containing laboratories, control centers, and 24 major weapon stations. When the Galactic Federation "Battle Planet" blasted the Anchara Headquarters, this "Battle Moon" fired upon and caused major damage to our own Battle Planet. In the ensuing retaliation, this Battle Moon was severely damaged and thrown into an orbit between Mars and Earth, later to become our Moon.

Once in solar orbit, the "Battle Moon" was captured and boarded by Galactic Federation Forces of Light. It was deeply scarred and adrift. Later, when the Atlanteans and their Off-world Allies decided to sink Lemuria, this Moon was retrieved, partially refitted, and moved to its present spot as a proxy for one of Mother Earth's two natural satellites, both of which had been used in the destruction of Lemuria. This Moon of ours was used until very recently by the Anunnaki and their dark Anchara Alliance Allies as an orbiting Base to observe and control what was happening on the surface of Mother Earth. The Moon was now disguised as a lifeless orbiting body, but underneath her surface, the interior Base had been completely modernized and organized as a Mothership controlling a large, hidden Fleet. The remnants of its former luxuriant eco-system were mined for the minerals and ores needed for the constant renovation of the Base and it's Fleet of Spacecraft. Then in the early 1970s, the Galactic Federation of Light annexed a section of this Inner-Moon Base, which then served as our primary Headquarters here until the early 1990s.

During this time, we watched the Anunnaki, their Earth minions (your Secret Government), and elements of the dark Anchara Alliance work together to control your World and further the Dark's Agenda. Your Ascended Masters reminded us that this manipulation had been going on for millennia, but was now approaching its prescribed end. The Divine timing for this was to be the first decade of your Twenty-first Century. Procedures and programs of various sorts already set in motion in your society make this shift inevitable, and our role in this was to move rapidly when so directed by them. We were to remain in place and be always ready to complete "First Contact" when your Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy Ascended Masters, in conjunction with our Creator, give us their 'go ahead'. Our section of the Moon Base was under constant duress from the dark Anchara Alliance until the mid-1990s. Then the Anunnaki changed sides to the "Light" and helped us to take over the whole Moon Base. The unified Moon Base became the center of our Galactic Federation Earth operations.

The Moon Base coordinates a number of Inner-Earth Bases set up at facilities that were created after the "Fall" of Lemuria by its predecessor civilization, Aghartha, which is now based in the Inner Earth. Here we monitor the hidden activities of your Secret Government's underground Bases and maintain a close and continuous surveillance of your World and the workings of the last remnants of the Dark. This last Cabal is closely watched for any transgressions it might attempt that go beyond the limits set for it by your Ascended Masters. From our Moon Base, we can swiftly interpret their machinations and take decisive countermeasures. Needless-to-say, we prevented many of their more dangerous and heinous plots from manifesting. And in the meantime, their unconscionable "Agenda" had become increasingly apparent to many powerful individuals and groups within your Global Society, thus allowing our Earth Allies to garner new Associates from among those who are now deserting this Cabal in droves.

While certain important activities, such as the forgoing, are orchestrated from the Moon Base, our Main Command Center for the entire operation is on Mars, hidden within the vastness of its interior. The constitution of Mars, as previously noted, is quite different from the ecological reports proffered by your Science. This misleading charade by the Dark was intended to keep you believing that you are alone and the only sentient Beings in this Solar System. It is part of an extensive system of control to prevent you from stumbling upon any data that could alter your conditioned view of reality. Nevertheless, we do exist and are hopefully very close to completing a "First Contact" with you. These proceedings will include an invitation for you to tour the various Bases and living facilities engineered by Galactic Federation scientists. The personnel at the Mars Base are looking forward to meeting you and showing you their set-up for the First Contact Mission there.

The Mars Base possesses an ongoing terra-forming operation for the outer 3D surface. This is currently being assisted by the growing hyperactivity of your Sun whose flares are causing the Mars atmosphere to come alive. Her upper atmosphere is being ionized, resulting in an accumulation of sliver-thin layers that is gradually preventing harmful radiation from penetrating into the lower atmosphere. This makes her skies appear bluer. Water vapour levels in the lower atmosphere have increased, due to melting ice fields near the Polar Regions. More frequent Mars-quakes are releasing many gases and interior water vapour into this mix, and we are accelerating the reconstituting of her upper and lower atmospheres by strengthening many of her magnetic surface features.

As you can see, this First Contact Mission has many aspects, of which the two most important are the Stations on your Moon and on Mars. This Moon is filled with historical implications. His 16 levels, each with myriad sub-levels, once housed endless laboratories and testing stations where its former denizens of the Dark carried out a variety of experiments on your Ancestors, and even on you. The horror from these procedures of the Dark still enshrouds many of its lower levels. Our intention is eventually to make this place into a memorial when the World we know as Bellona [Maldek] is restored. This trans-Martian Planet was where many of the Dark's malevolent plans for this Solar System were first hatched. We propose that this restored Planet and its fifth Moon have a permanent memorial placed upon them. Remember, Together We are Victorious.

June 15, 2004: Around your World, a great energy shift has occurred. This has permitted a number of important developments to take place, in the project to terminate the present Power Base of your last Dark Cabal. The evidence needed to indite the Government of North America has now been delivered to the appropriate sources. Those involved with these proceedings on a domestic as well as on a global level are preparing this evidence as proof of the necessity for upcoming actions. These sweeping initiatives will overthrow this illegal Regime and its many domestic and international partners. The new system for International Banking and other global financial operations is also ready to be put into place once this amoral Regime is removed from office. Our role in these affairs has been that of the secret guarantor for the success of what is shortly to happen. Heaven has further blessed us by giving a number of positive decrees to Earth's Ascended Masters.

As these momentous events approach, we are most excited about the fact that the date for the completion of the initial stages of First Contact can now be brought forward. Remember that first contact starts with our official arrival, progresses through your return to full consciousness and ends with the formation of your initial galactic society and your formal acceptance as fully-fledged members of the Galactic Federation of Light. This Mission has taken longer than expected. The education gleaned from this process, however, has been of great value to us, as it enabled us to more effectively accommodate the requests and preferences of the relatively new Members from the former dark Anchara Alliance. We gratefully acknowledge your role in these affairs as the understanding obtained from studying your unusual and mostly corrupt global political environment proved to be most useful in these matters. Indeed, the constant interaction with our new Members has also permitted us to extend our patience and to reconfigure some of our present First Contact scenarios.

The contributions of our Fleet's Liaison Teams and Diplomatic Corps have also helped to pave the way for what is now imminent. Our priority is to ensure that you are liberated from the dark tyranny that has run your World for far too long. Its last perpetrators are the present Cabal that has attained a stranglehold on the American Government. Their treachery began in the waning days of your last World War, when a number of secret agreements were made with members of the former Nazi Regime. This instigated a series of secret Alliances with International Corporations headquartered in Europe and North America. This resulted in a coalition that sought to restore the principle goals of this defeated, Fascist Regime by bringing to power a Government in North America that was favourable to these same malignant policies. At the turn of the Millennium, an unprincipled and ill-intentioned Political Administration grabbed power. Since then, we have been using our global resources to ensure that many of this Administration's secret domestic and international 'Terrorist' projects unaccountably fizzle.

This self-generated 'War on Terrorism' has been a primary focus of theirs for many decades. Acting outside the law and funded by huge secret accounts, this Cabal has used 'Terrorism' as a weapon to ensure the survival of its various corporations and the Government Agencies allied with its cause. Thus it maintained its supremacy across the globe. With the help of our Earth Allies, we curtailed many of its actions and allowed only those to take place that could be turned against it. The success of this policy allowed us to isolate this Cabal's Members from vital governmental, financial, corporate, and military resources. As a consequence, our goals were also protected and empowered. Our Earth Allies have likewise been able to expand their power base and add important groups and individuals to their broad-based coalitions. This strengthening of our mutual endeavours further ensures the success of our common goal.

July 6, 2004: As we learn more about you and your seemingly endless travails, we developed a great Love for you and what you have gone through. The path given to you is indeed a hard one. Hence, we are overjoyed that it is swiftly drawing to an end. Your beloved Mother Earth likewise suffered many millennia of devastation. The great floods, fires, and violent volcanic eruptions took their toll. But the damage wrought over the last half millennium has equalled these past ages in its growing intensity, which is why the recent, growing environmental concern has greatly pleased Her. This heightened awareness and the general intention to help your Planetary Eco-system to survive are a step in the right direction. But much more needs to be done by you. And yet, Mother Earth understands the importance of your often futile first steps; they are symptoms of your growing awareness and will be followed by much more effective actions in the very near future.

The changes that Mother Earth is undergoing may seem at first to be deceptively mild. However, a vital consideration is to avoid destroying your global society. Therefore, these alterations are being carried out according to a pace and intensity that is directed by the Divine Plan. The end result is to be a new reality that will be implemented only when you have reached the point where your great shift in consciousness can at last take place. Our role has been to oversee all this under the Divine supervision of our Creator and Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters. These tasks include: helping Mother Earth through her many changes, aiding your society in its present metamorphosis, and sustaining an overall environment in which these transformations can occur as planned. And for the future, we have developed scenarios to get you through the last stages of these procedures.

Our First Contact Mission has gone through many changes since its inception a decade and a half ago. By our count, at least 15 total reappraisals of the Mission have been required. These reassessments continue as we speak. The size of our Fleet and the amount of personnel has increased exponentially, and the variety of expertise required has also grown. We are pleased that we have adapted quickly to these requirements. These ongoing adjustments include the constant rotation of ships and personnel and the occasional redeployment of specialized craft from one sector to another.

Your Inner-Earth Galactic society of Aghartha and the former Anunnaki - now reformed and renamed as the Annanuki - play a pivotal role in these operations, as no one in the Galactic Federation knows your societies as well as they do. Consequently, their counsel has at times been invaluable. Their advice, tailored to the strict guidelines of the Ascended Masters, has often helped us to negotiate successfully with our Earth Allies. Their joint recommendations have helped us time and again to successfully anticipate and defuse the endless machinations of your last Dark Cabal. All these factors encourage us to feel that the marvellous changes in your future and the time for our joint celebration is getting very close. Look upon this last brief period as the few remaining, but challenging steps on your path toward your Divine goal. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

August 31, 2004: As your Planet moves closer to its prime shift points, it is necessary to inform you about a few items. First, many important inter-dimensional nodes on your World have been opened in the last half decade that will enable your Planet to shift with you into "Full Consciousness". Second, the inner-Earth Realm of Aghartha has prepared the surface entrances to their tunnel system in order to make their underground Crystal Cities more accessible to contact with the surface. Third, your present system of floating tectonic plates is getting ready to be locked in place. This will allow your Planet to expand and take the form of a spheroid measuring 8,000 miles in diameter at the Equator and at the Poles.

Mother Earth is a unique living form, and, like all living things, she has a life-enhancing field. Similar to your aura, these electromagnetic and electro-gravitational fields intertwine. She has a pulse that can be measured by your science, and this field pulse has risen steadily since the 1990s, in contrast to the strength of these fields that has continued to decline. This weakening process is preparing the nature of these fields to be greatly altered. Mother Earth is changing herself into a variation of a Monopole Field Magnetic, which will be controlled by her Crystal Core, or 'Heart'. This Core will glow even more brightly once these changes are completed. The Core depends on a system of 144 major and 20,736 minor nodes that disperse these fields evenly. Mother Earth is a 12-faceted crystal, or dodecahedron. These 12 facets were ruptured and broken up into today's present Tectonic Plates when Atlantis fell and you were suddenly thrown into limited consciousness.

This abrupt descent into "Limited Consciousness" produced two starkly contrasting realms: the very conflicted Surface World and the united, harmonious Inner World. In the beginning, the Agharthans offered sanctuary to the surface dwellers, but this assistance was quickly cut off by the aggressive actions of the Anunnaki. From then onwards, the surface Portals to Agharta were closed and hidden. Only a chosen few on the surface were then permitted to know of their existence and location, and, likewise, only a few Agharthans ever used these tunnels to travel to the surface. On these occasions, they were perceived as Avatars and much needed Teachers of the Light. This intermittent interaction continued through the ages that Humanity has endured since the Fall of Atlantis. These 13 Millennia are now ending, and the moment now approaches for the reunion of these two Realms. The Agharthan Ruling Council has therefore asked that this extensive tunnel system be fully repaired worldwide and its many surface entrances also returned to their former glory.

An interesting recent development is the unusual movement of your Planet's Tectonic Plates. Normally, the slippage is quite regular, but of late these Plates are spreading apart or appear to be 'sticking' to each other. This, too, points to your Planet being placed into a special preparatory mode. As Mother Earth's Central Core starts to transform, her life-sustaining fields are weakening in preparation for her dramatic 'flip' into Full Consciousness. However, this is not to be a typical bipolar flip, but rather a total change in her orientation. Your scientists are observing many inexplicable anomalies. Mother Earth's surface is going through an active cycle that they have never seen before. It mirrors the unusual hyperactivity of your Sun and, not surprisingly, is deeply interrelated. She is preparing herself for the inevitable and imminent change of consciousness of Humanity and the entire Solar System.

October 12, 2004: Your World continues to transform, and, as she does, the potential for major changes in the present surface configuration of your Planet increases. This also affects your Moon, which resonates with the forces emanating from Mother Earth and your Sun. These are altering the Moon's orbit and angle of declination to Earth. This increased erratic behaviour is setting the stage for his eventual liberation and return as a Moon to Bellona, formerly the fifth Planet from your Sun. While this is going on, Galactic Federation scientists with much needed help from your planetary Elohim are preparing the two seeds that will grow into two new 'natural' Moons. From time to time in the night sky, when conditions are right, you can perceive with a high-powered telescope what appear to be two small objects less than a mile across, one orbiting close to, and the other directly opposite your Moon. These Moonseeds are surrounded by even smaller objects, all of which form part of the operation to rebuild your two former Moons.

This construction process is likewise taking place at Mother Earth's Magnetic Core, which is effecting a change to a Monopolar surface. The illumination of the Core has, hence, greatly magnified, resulting in incredible displays of polar 'Lights' in your Northern and Southern hemispheres. These auroras are not, dear Ones, caused by the interaction of your upper atmosphere with high-energy beams or particles from outer space; they are the result of the diffusion in the atmosphere of the great glow coming from this inner Core. Furthermore, many of the phenomena you observe in the night sky are the effects of our work as we help Mother Earth to alter her atmosphere from the upper layers down to the surface where you reside. This work has greatly changed the way the various ionic layers of your upper atmosphere are formed and how they function. These changes anticipate the raising of your two layers of the Firmament. These will deflect most harmful radiation and increase oxygen levels near the Earth's surface.

All this is part of the grand plan to return Mother Earth and you to "Full Consciousness". This transmutation is reaching a critical mass, and therefore the moment for its full manifestation is close. Apart from the work being done on your Moon and your atmosphere, much is also being adjusted in your ocean depths. Changes carried out in the atmosphere must dovetail with changes made to the oceans. Look upon your air and water masses as interconnected and as reflections of each other. Your oceans are composed of layers of water that resemble the layers of your atmosphere. The most important of these water layers are found near the seabed. Here, vital exchanges take place between the life-giving energies emanating from the Earth's Core and all ocean and surface life. In like manner, your upper atmosphere contains an exchange system that filters out harmful radiation and permits life to exist on Mother Earth. All these systems are now being transformed in preparation for supporting a new fully conscious reality.

January 18, 2005: Mother Earth's rumblings that we told you about in previous messages continue. Last month's seabed earthquake and its resulting Tsunami off Sumatra in Indonesia are only a few of those that have happened from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Mother Earth's Tectonic Plates are slowly achieving positions where the required locking process can begin. Once started, this procedure will unleash a degree of earthquakes and volcanic activity unprecedented in your long recorded history. In addition, your atmosphere is busily reacting from the vast new energies sent to her by the Sun and the tremendous amount of Man-made pollution now present in her lower atmosphere. Consequently, Mother Earth is reeling from all the great pressures being put upon her by her need to transform and by the dangerous toxins found not only in her atmosphere, but also in her water and ground. Thus, you have just entered a dangerous Age. However, these rising dangers are sure portends that the time for the realizing of your New World is indeed at hand.

August 23, 2005: As you prepare for a truly momentous change, let us talk about the events involved with "First Contact" and how the immediate Post-contact World is to look. A financial process begun in the 18th century by Saint Germain and completed by a special Investment Group is now ready to bloom on your world. This profound transformation of your financial resources is to be accompanied by a series of important Laws designed to bring about Personal and National Debt forgiveness, an end to the present Fractional Banking System, and the dismissal of a number of major illegal Regimes. This much needed Legislation will throw the last Dark Cabal from power and usher in an era of peace, global cooperation and, for the first time, worldwide prosperity. Shortly thereafter, announcements will be issued by these newly designated Governments about the Galactic Federation's existence and its benevolence. This will be followed by a series of preliminary statements from us about First Contact. These are intended to prepare you for our arrival on your shores.

Shortly after our arrival, Mother Earth's Spiritual Government of Ascended Masters will reveal themselves to you. These special Beings intend to increase the positive high-energy fields and control grids to levels that will make it impossible for the efforts of the Dark to continue. Moreover, the Ascended Masters want to impart to your global society the fundamental truths that, long ago, were so distorted by the Dark's Earth-bound minions. The restoration of these basic concepts will allow the major religious and philosophical divisions of your world to be finally healed. The age-old disputes as to your true origins can also be put to rest. Your World was divided by the twisted truths of the Dark for millennia; now it is time for you to learn the truth about the Sacred Missions of many Ascended Masters and be directly addressed by these great Soul forces that incarnated on your World in order to seed your major global Religions. You are to be freed from the doctrines decreed in the past by the Dark and you will learn of your future role as Planetary Guardians.

Before we arrive, the Earth's Spiritual government plans to release the so-called Prosperity Funds. Then, in the first 72 hours after this event, the Regime Changes will take place and new Laws, until now kept secret and in abeyance, will officially be proclaimed and put into effect. In addition, many amazing devices, concealed for decades, are to be unveiled and demonstrated to the world. Next, a complex procedure to recharter all the world's Corporations will be carried out and completed within 60 days. A designated Global Watchdog Taskforce will oversee this highly involved operation. To help start an immense global clean up of your World, technology long suppressed by your Ruling Elite will be released. All this is to be merely a prelude to our Mass Landing Operations. Upon our arrival, we will add our technologies to yours, and together they can permit you to rapidly cleanse your Planet's water, air, and land. Nonetheless, this will be only the start of a great cycle of planetary renewal.

Via our technology, you will learn how we can restore the various fossil fuels, minerals, and gases that have been so harmfully extracted from Mother Earth. All living Beings need particular elements in their make-up in order to remain healthy. The Industrial/Petroleum Age created enormous greed that resulted not only in large-scale pollution but also in the most self-defeating attempts to enslave you that the world has ever seen! Many of the Anunnaki's Dark-minions were resolved to complete the many heinous plans begun shortly before the unforeseen demise of Atlantis. Thus, this present Age continued the playing out of their "Game" of greed and arrogance, which is now leading inescapably to their doom. Saint Germain foresaw all this and so used his considerable skills to assure their most appropriate downfall. The many instruments he set in motion for the advancement of Democracy and for the education of the masses has assisted this World's salvation from total oppression.

Mother Earth requires that the materials pumped out of her in such great quantities be restored. These materials are part of the system that helps to move the Tectonic Plates and, when necessary, to lock them together. An insufficient quantity of these sticky, gooey substances at the intersection of two major Plates resulted in the Sumatra Earthquake of last December. We propose to remedy this perilous deficiency by giving you the means to recreate and replace all the petroleum removed from Mother Earth in the last two centuries. However, we cannot do this until the global Petroleum Industry is permanently shut down. Once this is done, we can, together, begin the replacement procedure. Your role as Earth Guardians is to keep your Planet and Solar System in abundant health. For this, you need to adopt new technologies and move on from your current hierarchical model of society.

Petroleum is only one of the many elements that your Planet needs for her health; another is Ozone. The Ozone layers of your atmosphere must be restored as well. Once this is done, these layers can lower the amount of radiation now streaming into your World, and this in turn can stabilize the most dense and most vital part of your atmosphere. Indeed, the first 36,000 feet or so of atmosphere are critical for sustaining your present Troposphere (the lowest level) and the next layer, the Stratosphere. The key is to allow the natural oxidation levels of your lower atmosphere to return to former levels, between 23 and 36%. These higher levels will increase your own degree of health and permit the upward seepage of oxygen into the upper atmosphere, thus quickly restoring the Ozone layers.

In short, the Petroleum Age is to abruptly end, to be replaced by the new Electrical and Light Age. This swift change can greatly help your Planet and offset the grave dangers posed by the mass extraction of petroleum. Even if your industries were redirected, they would still rely on fossil fuels to provide the basic materials for assembling the many types of items you buy on a daily basis. Since you can no longer use materials from the body of Mother Earth for your necessities of life, we can give you a family of devices that create directly from Interdimensional Light and can supply all your material needs.

These Light Processors are built to any size and designed to create, in the twinkling of an eye, whatever you desire. They can bestow anything from food, clothing, and houses to vehicles and even Motherships. It is this technology that permits us to create our Global Societies and sustain them as needed. These Light Processors turn your sincere ideas for your own needs and those of your communities into abundant reality. Then, when everyone is fed, clothed, and housed, your vast gift for creativity and joy can be given free rein. These devices are not toys; they are the way to set you free and to allow your potential to soar. To this end, we intend to oversee the use of these tools during the early days.

February 21, 2006: Let us now look at the various Space Ships that compose our great First Contact Fleet. This Fleet is always changing its members. In fact, nearly ten percent of the Fleet is changed over every two months. They are replaced with Motherships from other member Star-Nations of this far-flung Galactic Federation of Light. The section where rotation most often takes place is in the Outer Ring of Ships. It is here that the newer members of the Galactic Federation predominate. Because of Humanity's present bias, the Inner Ring is reserved mainly for the Human Member States. The Fleet's Motherships are special ones, formerly consigned to the less stressful missions of our Science and Exploration (S&E) Fleets. It is our firm belief that the more technologically advanced vehicles, which normally form the vanguard of our Fleets, are not required for this First Contact Mission.

Most of these older Motherships are about 30 to 50,000 years old. Many of them had retired to specially reserved places in the Galaxy where they could peacefully live out their days. Our Ships are Living Beings, and we treat them throughout their lives with the respect and honour that these Grand Ladies deserve. In the interests of this operation, we asked them if they would be willing to come out of retirement for one last mission. These Grand Beings responded mostly in the affirmative and soon became part of a complex rotation of Motherships alternating between our Home Worlds and your beautiful shores. As many of these Ships had never been even partially retrofitted, we asked their permission to modify them slightly to enable them to take on the more modern Scientific Scout Ships assigned to this Inner Ring. Again, we received an affirmative reply. With these changes complete, the Motherships were ready for this First Contact assignment. Their Crews likewise were given the time necessary to acquaint themselves with these well-rested beauties.

Most of our Inner Fleet is made up of these older Motherships. When you enter them, you immediately feel their great Love and deep caring for you. Unlike the newer models, these Motherships were constructed to remain in a specific configuration. This consists of either a large cigar-shaped pod, which can be many hundreds or even thousands of miles long, or alternatively, a series of huge, interconnecting, lozenge-shaped units. These two designs easily accommodated the primary mission requirements. In general, the Ships with the single hull were used for diplomatic, liaison, and defence operations, and those with the multi-hull design, for a variety of scientific responsibilities. It is to the latter that most of the newer Scout Ships are assigned. And as these Scout Ships are larger and more complex, these older Motherships were fitted with enlarged access portals, modernized landing docks, and updated service stations. These renovated docks have the ability to allow the Scientific Scout Ships to reconfigure, or shape-shift, according to the needs of each specific mission.

Upon entering these older Motherships, you will first notice the different lighting and floor technology. The hallways are illuminated using a special photochemical process which produces a soft, full-spectrum light that reproduces the light of the Sun without the harshness that your light is noted for. This lighting is adjustable and is regulated according to individual desires by the Ship's artificial intelligence computers. The flooring embodies pressure-sensing material that reacts to the way you walk, giving you the impression at first that you are literally "walking on air." Both these technologies have been updated, and these newer versions, now combined with personalized holographic technology, can reproduce those aspects of your Home World that give you the greatest pleasure. Thus, you are always in an environment designed to support you in every way to enable you to attain your highest level of creative potential.

The various Lounges, Crew Quarters, and Workspaces are likewise designed for optimum relaxation and functioning. The main purpose of a Fleet Mothership is to aid her Crew in carrying out its delegated mission. All workspaces are integrated with a telepathically interlinked computer network and a variety of Android Assistants. Each Android is at the service of any fellow workers. These Assistants help in repairing and maintaining needed equipment and in interpreting the data collected during the day's many scientific expeditions. Each Crew member is a highly trained individual. Since early childhood, each one has known their area of expertise and has developed it exquisitely. The Ship's Androids support this expertise by helping to speed up the completion of any given task. The resulting cooperative interaction leads to swift problem solving.

Some areas on these Motherships are set aside for the use of advanced holographic technology that can realistically reproduce entire, specific environments in which you can become an active participant in a drama of your choice. These include Literary and Historic dramas, dearly loved tales, episodes from your own life, or even plays of your own creation. This entertainment is a vital and integral part of your life, to be engaged in separately or with friends, family, or crew members. Most Galactic Humans find the movies, plays, and novels on your World to be very quaint. The amount of violence and struggle found in them is seen as a reflection of the primitive and limiting nature of your global societies. One of the purposes of this First Contact Mission is to ameliorate these conditions so that you can incorporate into your culture the proliferation and greatly expanded vision that will result from first contact.

The Residential quarters on these Motherships are geared to reflect your individual personality and taste. Food, clothing, and furniture are provided, almost instantaneously, by an energy processor; hence, no food preparation and no dirty dishes to wash up! Even the décor and furniture can be changed on a whim. At a moment's notice, this living space can be converted from a workplace to a living/relaxation room or a bedroom. Indeed, the possibilities for this residence are as endless as your imagination. As with the rest of the Ship, the floors and lighting are personalized to your own requirements. A common indulgence for Crewmembers is to re-create their Home World Residence even down to the view out of their windows!

Storage areas on these Motherships include huge spaces for very large replacement parts not easily created by the Ship's holographic capabilities. These storage lockers are often up to several miles in length. Here are stored large items used to repair the propulsion system and maintain the various life support networks. Also stored here are the special parts needed for the Navigation System and for the main Artificial Intelligence Computer Network. The cores of these enormous computer systems are often tens of miles in length! Moving these parts around is done by large robots attached to the various storage facilities. These robots are controlled by Repair Androids whose skill in completing these difficult tasks is quite remarkable.

May 2, 2006: Around your world, much is happening, both good and not so good. Many important agreements, global in scale, have been secretly reached. These pacts reaffirm the majority view of your Secret Cabals to permit a great change to occur on your world. This alteration of the present status quo is unprecedented. Never, since before the catastrophic fall of Atlantis, have the Dark Forces agreed to thus relinquish their 13 millennia control of your World. The Earth is approaching a point in her history where the shadowy pall of evil that still grips her can at last be transformed into Light! This potential existed before, but not until this moment was a force as considerable as this and long claimed by the Dark able to wrest itself successfully from its former Masters. Besides these wonderful developments, we secured positions to limit the power of your Planet's last Dark Cabal. Don't forget that there are still vast sums of money, many hiding-places, and those who covertly support this Dark Cabal on your world. It is therefore essential to work within the operational confines of our Earth Allies. This process is much slower than we desire. However, your world is still gripped by the fear, want, and mistrust so effectively laid down by your former overlords, the Anunnaki. These factors, so prevalent in your global population, prevent us from showing ourselves as openly as we would like. First Contact became an operation limited by what your major Governments would allow. So far, a massive cover-up continues to belie our purpose.

But these Dark Ones are not finished yet! Among them are the last generations accustomed to being absolute controllers of your world. At present, much circumscribes them; yet still they retain much room for manoeuvre. This process of change is a road that alternates between smooth patches and potholes. Even before the start of the 19th Century, this Cabal's forbearers had set up huge trust funds whose sole purpose was to provide for the need to maintain global control. These funds are constantly moved around and kept top secret. Limiting their use is a continual problem for our Earth Allies, and thus we have long asked to be allowed to restrict their use.

This need was addressed in the last series of signed Agreements. It is our intention to help our Earth Allies keep track of the illegal use of these funds to buy governments, instigate disorder, and in general create conditions that support the Cabal's continuance as reigning power brokers on your Planet. Many financial venues are used to disburse these monies. And because Banks and other financial institutions are rarely used as the prime disbursers, a special system of appointed couriers and other secret operatives are employed. Banks are simply places where these resources are safely held until they are needed. Then a diversified and covert set-up is used to distribute funds to those places most conducive to achieving the Dark Agenda. Normally, these movements are hard to track, but our technology can do this easily.

May 23, 2006: The Peoples of Inner Earth, the Agharthian Civilization, wish to come and offer guidelines for creating a New Society. They are also most keen to introduce you to the part of your Planet your former Rulers denied you access to. This Realm of Inner Earth, although in the main a continuation of the surface world, has some really amazing topography. It has mountains taller than Everest and oceans wider than the Pacific. There are rivers reminiscent of the Nile, Mississippi, and Yangtze as well as others that combine the features of these in unique ways. To navigate these immense waterways is to undergo a grand adventure. You see, animals and plants long considered extinct flourish here. The Peoples of Inner Earth have turned these myriad environments into especially cared-for habitats, and touring these places is something they would like you all to enjoy. It can demonstrate to you how the transformed exterior of the Planet can also be lovingly nurtured. Mother Earth is an incubator for a huge variety of animals and plants. This multiplicity of ecosystems forms a unity that constitutes the very essence of Mother Earth.

As just noted, Mother Earth is a living Entity supporting a vast regime of Eco-systems. When the two layers of the Firmament [2 transparent shells beyond our outer atmosphere made up of permanently crystallised water which were destroyed following the collapse of the Atlantean Continent] once more surround the Planet, the many environments of your World can begin to change. The deserts transform into broad savannas and the jungles into dense forests in which both temperate and more traditional tropical varieties of trees and shrubs flourish. The previous temperate and sub-tropical habitats will start to merge. Over time, the former tropics will become part of this renewed flora. The ice caps of the Arctic will melt, turning that land into a place of exquisite vistas where sweeping grasslands give way to forests and the sea. Once Mother Earth is enveloped by her newly raised Firmaments, these can act much as the former Arctic and Antarctic to regulate the temperature of her outer surface, thus greatly balancing the current extremes of pole and equator.

The end of the current climate extremes changes everything for Mother Earth's ecosystems. Many new species can appear as these unique habitats take hold. The changing of the Mediterranean back into a river and the Sahara into a large inland sea can radically alter the appearance of Europe and North Africa on future maps. The topography of East Africa is to be affected by another large inland sea. These bodies of water together with immense climate change portend a new ecosystem for the whole of Africa. The mountains of Central Europe are to collapse into wide lowland forests, which link up with the great forests of Northern Europe to create even more novel types of flora and fauna. Our Scientists are carefully anticipating all this as we prepare for the final steps before First Contact.

June 20, 2006: As your world approaches the brink of its transformation, it is important to look carefully at how these changes are happening. Your world is presently being squeezed by a great need to revise the International role of the American Dollar. Many financial markets are busy going through the many corrections needed to produce a new global system. At the same time, equally sharp adjustments are being made in the precious metals commodity markets. These are more signs that the financial agreements now being finalized in secret are nearly ready to make a formal appearance. The last few steps involve the implementing of pacts signed during the latter part of 1997 until early 2006. These agreements were initially summarized in the Treaty of 1998 between our Earth Allies and the First Contact Team of the Galactic Federation. As these are activated, be aware that this takes us into the time of final resolution.

14 September 2006: As always, events are moving forward at their own unique pace. This operation has been marked from the beginning by sudden, accelerated steps quickly countered by many forced steps backward. This uneven pace can be frustrating to the uninitiated. At present, we are at a stage where progress is being made on numerous fronts. When considering this incredible project, it is necessary to comprehend its vast international scope. As noted in previous messages, the intent is no less than to transform the global Financial and Banking system. Our Earth Allies are saddled with literally well over a hundred Countries and a plethora of Banks, Loan Institutions, and similar financial organizations. A great deal of important, personal conferencing; protected, confidential memo-ing; and secured video-conferencing goes on daily between thousands of individuals involved in this procedure. The outcome of all this is a steady rate of progress toward your predestined Victory. Let us look at some of the obstacles that have so far been cleared.

The most consequential one to date was achieved in the first two years of this first decade of the 21st Century. In order to challenge the "Dumbarton Oaks" Agreement, it was first necessary to get some of the major Central Banks of Europe and Asia to decide to work toward creating a new Global Financial Network. This goal was reached when Europe and a few major Asian Banks joined together to form a secret Task Force to forge such a document. This working group swiftly grew in scope and in numbers in the last two years. Your World's financial instability increases by the day, and this factor greatly accelerates the need to produce a new financial prototype. With this new model in mind, our Earth Allies were able to make many political alliances. These, in turn, have made it possible for the IMF to declare the Prosperity Program allied with this monetary shift to be true Humanitarian projects. By late 2005, the new financial plan had acquired a large degree of legitimacy, which was further bolstered by a number of conferences convened to address ways to dismiss the enormous Third World debt. Everywhere, progress was being made and being made swiftly.

The political agreements are the next most significant of these diverse objectives. Bear in mind that this last Dark Cabal has long used its great clout to maintain a secret position of power. The George Bush Jr. Regime is simply another extension of the age-old strategy. Despite its recent illegitimacy, the present American Regime holds an imposing vise on the World's movement of funds. This led a group of sovereign, wealthy Americans to start covert programs to oust this sorry Regime from power. Several groups in the Government seeking the same outcome quickly joined them. These two groups, in the past year, enlisted a third: a Military Coalition of Senior Officers who wish for a rapid transformation of present US global objectives. This faction has many "friends" inside the Government and even within the exalted Halls of the wealthy and influential where US foreign policy is really made! These elements have found many willing and ready to forcibly eject this unconstitutional Regime. Nevertheless, this dedicated group of Patriots required a friendly foreign element to achieve its goal. This was secured in the Document we know as the 1998 Agreement.

This foreign element is to be found in a group that has long been part of the European power structure. These lesser "Royals," children of the ultra-wealthy and members of powerful political families, have a common goal: to overturn the present Global System and replace it with a more equitable one. They form the very core of our Earth Allies and in the past year have begun to liaise with their American "Cousins." The upshot is a set of new relationships geared to ensuring the success of the rapidly maturing American movement to oust the present US Regime. Added to this are a series of agreements that have drawn in the World Court and numbers of other major International Organisations. These highly secret negotiations are still ongoing and are one of the major points still delaying implementation of what we are discussing with you. At all times, keep in mind that this momentum for change is like a very complex chess game: Every move has a reason and every stratagem can be altered by the next series of moves.

10 April 2007: Recently we began to describe the timetable for our "First Contact". We intimated that we currently intend to wait about 6 to 8 months after the fall of the present US Regime before making ourselves public. We are doing this for two reasons: First, we want to be the "hidden hand" that ensures that your unalienable rights and your massive abundance be delivered to you as promised. The Divine desires us to act as Heaven's true enforcers; this means, we are to make sure that the various programs we are deliberately telling you about come into abundant fruition. These things are given to let you to carry out the tasks given to you by Mother Earth. Your World is in a very sad way! All over, the profanity of your Power Structure's unclean hands is evident. Undoing this desecration is one of your top priorities. Another is to make your Society and Global Governments truly "Green." This will be the start of your Mission to help your ailing Planet.

The second reason for this delay is to give us time to prepare you for our arrival. At the right moment, we expect your Governments to divulge our existence to you and to shower you with the release of documents that prove their involvement with various ETs even before the start of WWII. We did not appear out of the blue from 1945 onward; our relations with your Governments and our observations of you go way back into the twilight of your History, and this needs to be unveiled. Documents held by many Governments reveal this in detail. Next in the line-up of Revelations is the fact that your Governments acquired esoteric technology via illegal covert Treaties with the ETs and back-engineered from downed space vehicles. They now possess quite an inventory of advanced technologies that is being carefully hidden from the public by special Secret-service operatives. All these disclosures are to become the foundation for the immense amount of data that we wish to impart to you during the first phase of our "First Contact" operation.

5 June 2007: At present, the last Dark Cabal is busy defending its interests around the Globe. Our new Galactic Advisers on these matters first predicted the Cabal's use of these most immoral strategies weeks ago. We are telling our Earth Allies to proceed according to the Agreements reached between us. Until these last few foreseen struggles are over, we are to see that the status quo remains in effect. These conditions of relative non-movement are not to last very much longer. During its death throes, the Cabal has managed to keep a hold on most large International Banking transactions. However, this grip is now loosening at a much more accelerated rate, due to the numerous plans that our Earth Allies have put in place. In addition, our Earth Allies are arranging for the legal removal of the present US Regime. The first domino is nearly set to fall!

Before this happens, our Earth Allies are preparing the legal Transitional Government that is to restore America. The entire Government of America is to be replaced! Understandably, this process, at first, seemed quite daunting. In short, an entire new Government, replacing all that has governed America from the American Civil War onward, must hit the ground running. All the myriad statutes, types of governance, and modes of election need to be reformed. This involves revoking literally thousands of Laws and modes of Legal Enforcement, reviewing all prior sentencing, and setting in place many former State Constitutions as well as an entire system of workable Common Law, including suitable Constitutional Courts. Judges need to be retrained, where feasible, and a new means of retraining and retesting all Attorneys and potential Attorneys instituted. Indeed, no small task! Furthermore, recasting the whole Election process is essential. This puts an end to the biased, money-based political system that has dominated America for decades.

This wholesale revision of the US political apparatus is to apply to Canada, Europe, and most of the Commonwealth Nations that formerly were part of the British Empire. In short, an enormous change in the World's political systems is to occur. These transformations form a large part of the Fiscal and Banking changes that are to accompany the formal delivery of the Prosperity Funds to your World. This is part of an operation that aims to create the type of World Cooperation that is required to carry out the multiple disclosures needed for you to assume your first tasks of Stewardship. These include: solving your global pollution dilemmas; ending world hunger and poverty; and setting up a means to resolve all prevailing, serious political difficulties among the Nations of the World. To do this, the present global Political environment needs drastic reformation! Everywhere you look, on most continents of Mother Earth, there is conflict. Conflict is supported by the highly chaotic Political situation you now live in. Reforming this Political climate calls for you to adopt a new set of Standards to work from.

In this new Political climate, things that cannot get done before will get done! Our Earth Allies have had the time to think long and hard about just how to do this legally and properly. Bear in mind that your Global Society has long been held hostage by a group of Dark Cabals whose sole interest was bettering themselves at the expense of Mother Earth and her Peoples. These Ones felt themselves to be above everything because they were the appointed minions of the then Planet's Overlords, the Anunnaki [the Nibiriuns]. Now this has changed. The Anunnaki relinquished their former position of authority over a decade ago. Since then, your World remained in that erstwhile state whilst a new small group of very powerful men and women set themselves up to carry on the original "Dark Agenda", fighting amongst themselves to determine what path your World was to take. This conflict is closing in on its own resolution. What our Earth Allies of the Light are now doing, along with the resources given to them by Heaven and by us, ensures their Victory. The finale of this long struggle comprises a last set piece that forces the Dark Cabal to withdraw and surrender.

7 August 2007: The ongoing struggle between the Light and Dark in this Realm is approaching its final point of contention. Many things occurred in the past few weeks that created an opening for the Light, and indeed, the Grand Strategy is starting to give our Earth Allies some much-needed benefits. These include being able to begin taking over many of the covert Networks formally controlled by the Dark, which are used to funnel huge unaccounted-for funds that are stolen or rerouted by members of the Dark Cabal in positions of High Authority. These sums are used primarily to fund the development of a great many exotic weapons systems that are intended to be used against us or to create the spectacle of a supposed Invasion by Off-Worlders that would validate the imposition of global Martial Law. These threats have now been neutralized. In addition, our Earth Allies now possess the names of many key trusted individuals who had been secretly sabotaging their efforts and in so doing, aiding the cause of the Dark.

27 November 2007: As we look at your global conditions we see proliferating crises on all fronts feeding a mounting Global Chaos. This Societal disintegration fuels the danger of a new Arms Race that would leave the Cold War in the dust! These situations are unacceptable to our Earth Allies of the Light and, especially, to us. We are fully aware of the grotesque plots that your last Dark Cabal has in the pipeline. This Cabal's Corporate Allies have spread a veritable ocean of money around the World to foment what you see on your nightly newscasts and read in your morning papers. Their intention is to coalesce new ominous Alliances whose sole purpose is to stoke the fear and manipulation that has kept the Dark in power for many millennia. But as you can begin to see, this plan is crumbling around them as many forces, fully dedicated to Peace and Global Cooperation, come together in a concerted opposition to these unholy manoeuvres. These cries for Peace and Spiritual Wholeness have not gone unanswered by Heaven or by us. This groundswell yearning for Peace is the foundation for what is shortly to occur.

22 January 2008: The protracted End Game continues. What is delaying the Announcements is a series of formal procedures, which the last Dark Cabal senses will seal their doom. This creates situations that require us to come up with countermeasures which we feel are likely to be more acceptable to them. This shrinking wriggle room is all that the Dark has left. It knows that these gestures of defiance are all it can now muster and that maintaining the last vestiges of chaos only allows it to survive a bit longer. And so we go round and round just a while longer, and each time, the circuit grows smaller and smaller. Meanwhile the Banking Crisis that is now part of the Chaos is helping to destroy the Old Order while it locks the new Banking System into place. This helps our cause as many hitherto staunch supporters of the Dark are jumping ship to join our ranks. Thus, not only are we beginning to outnumber the Dark Ones but we are also becoming able to set the terms of the End-game Agenda. Our Liaison Personnel inform us that the sense of desperation spreading throughout the ranks of the Dark Cabal is growing exponentially. This means that the fulfilment of our goals is not far off. Until then, we have instructed our Space Fleet to remain at the ready. To us, these final moments before our victory resemble the atmosphere of suspense just before the dawn.

Updates from other Members of the Galactic Federation

15 December 2006 - Ker-On of Venus - Michael Quinsey

As growing Beings of Light it becomes much easier for you to understand the motives and agenda behind the actions of the Dark Forces. You will have broken away from their devious ways of mind control and manipulation. They can no longer exert the degree of control needed to make you subservient to them. Consequently, the more you who can break away from their grasp the less power they can exert. Their power base is breaking up, and you will find that eventually it will implode and be the very cause of their destruction.

What you see now is the collapse of the Dark Empire on Earth. Once their Leaders are unable to exert their authority and control, they will lose their sense of direction and the moment will soon arise to remove them. Already many dear souls are groomed to take their place. The Galactic Federation and the other Forces of Light have certainly not been idle, but well prepared for the dramatic changes that will occur. We will accompany your new Leaders all of the way, and they know they have our constant attention and protection. We have not come thus far to experience failure.

Everything is finely balanced and we shall ensure that it is kept that way. Outwardly it may still appear that the Dark are winning, but this is an illusion created by them. They are losing their power very quickly, and there will be no way back. We are looking to those Souls who are leading our Allies to act at our prompting, as very soon a series of events will present the opportunities for your advancement. Many have come to Earth at this time to lead the way, and they are fully awakening to their assignment.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and I see that there is a wonderful Light emanating from Earth that tells us all is proceeding well. Do not allow doubt to creep into your thinking, as there is only one result possible and that is victory for the Light.

Ag-agria of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 27 December 2006:

Your media focus on the disruptive happenings across the world, and while some of it is newsworthy most of it is intended to evoke fear. If peace had taken hold many years ago, you would not today face the chaos that exists. A different path would have been created, and in this time the people would have been well advanced and prepared for the coming Ascension. In some ways it is perhaps fortunate that Lightworkers do not seek publicity, as it is best that they work quietly away without drawing attention to their activities. There is certainly little mention of their achievements in the general Press and Television Channels that are heavily and deliberately controlled.

Good news does not serve the interests of the Illuminati, particularly if it places power in the hands of the people. Consequently you see for example how the use of natural medicine and treatments are attacked, in favor of drug therapies and treatment. Control and power over you are the weapons of the Dark, and they will curtail your freedom of choice where possible. It also means that relatively cheap natural remedies are kept down, whilst expensive drugs are forced upon you. So it goes on as more laws and regulations are designed to make you more dependent and answerable to the Authorities.

Your release from the oppressive regulations and unjust laws will come with the change of Government, and a reappraisal of all legislation from over the last few hundred years. Not only that, the Constitution will be restored so as to give you back your full freedom and sovereignty. It is our experience that people who enjoy freedom are happy, and more likely to become model citizens in a fair and just society. Much of your criminality arises from resentment and dissatisfaction at the lack of abundance, and the grossly unfair distribution of wealth.

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 29 December 2006:

All told 2006 has passed without any real trauma, natural or otherwise. Without some change of direction, the outlook is however still grim as the Dark Forces try to escalate confrontation in the Middle East. You will have noticed that peace talks are rarely if ever on the agenda, and the war machine marches on under the guidance of the Illuminati. Over many years their plan has led to their presence in most countries, and whether as friend or foe their intention is still one of seeking global dominance. For some time their attention has been taken by the South American countries that have spurned their advances. This has caused a delay to their plan, and they plot ways in which to overcome democratically elected leaders.

In the area of weapons development the U.S. spends astronomical amounts of money, particularly on advanced Space weapons. This takes place to the background of a falling Dollar and the possibility of devaluation. The Dark have no real concern about the future of the people, except that through allowing or creating chaos they promote fear and tighten their grip upon them. The World and its resources are seen as a target for complete control and domination, by an un-elected Government that fails to truly represent its people.

ATMOS of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 5 February 2007:

Think then of the power that is being generated upon Earth by millions who are growing exponentially. The energy is giving upliftment to others and the result is remarkable increases in the "Mass Consciousness" of Man. We have the ability to measure such emanations, and we are therefore certain of our facts. The whole picture is one that gives us great joy, as it indicates that many more of you have fully stepped onto the path to Ascension. You are fulfilling the promise that was apparent before the Millennium, when it was perceived that you could respond to the challenge and rise up out of the dark.

Whilst we were confident you could achieve success, nevertheless we had to allow for the negative effects of the Dark Ones who were entitled to challenge your Light. We could not positively know in which manner events would work out, although in one way or another we could foresee success as it was of course Divinely ordained. Our concern was for the millions of Souls who might be unable to throw off the negative energies, and remain caught up in the lower vibrations and thus unable to escape. The aim was to give sufficient time so that there was every possible opportunity for more people to Ascend. 

In a period of time when a "once in a lifetime" chance comes along, we desired that a large percentage of you would rise sufficiently high to see the new path of opportunity laid out before you. Allowing the Dark to present themselves in a manner that tested your resolve to stay centred and focussed on your evolution, was one way of bringing you to see that reflection of Self that carries the energies that need transmuting. It is a collective responsibility, and your charge is to help remove those dark energies that have in part been created by every soul on Earth. Those who are in transition have also played their part, and will continue to assist you from a different level. 

Ker-On of Venus - Michael Quinsey - 12 February 2007:

On Earth you are forever competing and trying to outdo each other, and often physical force is used. This may be acceptable in certain sports, but it can have no place outside of them. Sports are an outlet for what is often a desire to exert physical attributes and skills, in such a way as to gain dominance over others. Suppressed desires of this nature can often explode into aggressive behaviour and even worse, the taking of life. Over centuries of time you have found your outlet in a whole succession of wars. These experiences have gradually taught you the futility of such actions, when you have had to deal with the emotional hurt and distress caused by such traumatic events.

Over a long period of time, you have found a tempering of your passions and anger. Today there are fewer Souls who wish to continue fighting some supposed "enemy". They are usually the object of political expediency and desire to obtain their wealth and lands. This takes place right now in the Middle East, and we know that many fighting soldiers are disillusioned with their roles. Defending your rights and freedom is essential, and it has been the nature of Man's responses to fight back. Brave Souls have come forward as an act of duty and caring for their fellowman. Now, however the illegal war in the Middle East is carried out under the false premise of fighting terrorism. The truth is that it is about greed and lust for power, being part of the Illuminati plan for global domination.

As a member of the Galactic Federation I can confirm that the Middle East war will soon be brought to a halt. The carnage will cease quite quickly, as a result of disclosures that will bring down the U.S. Government. As a Venusian I know that the Love vibration is returning to Earth, and it is diffusing the more negative vibrations that are upholding the Ones who promote war and such activities. It is obvious to those on the Path of Light, that the lower vibrations have no place in the pursuance of Peace or the future of the Earth, and must be removed.

You are therefore in the middle of Changes that may outwardly seem to have no planned outcome. However, I tell you that everything is extremely well planned to ensure you finally Ascend. It is not the prerogative of the Illuminati and their supporting Dark Forces to dictate the End Times. They play out their role through the Changes, but a point has come where they will not be allowed to take it further. The Light is the dominant force and its power spreads out all over the World, seeking out the dark areas and transmuting them.

We of the Galactic Federation are fully in readiness for coming initial changes, that shall be followed by the fulfilment of those promises made to you. You are not simple Souls who are to continue being manipulated and oppressed by the Dark Forces. You are magnificent Souls of great vision, and have the capability to rise up out of the dark riding upon the crest of a wave to your total freedom. You are on the path of return to capture once again the greatness that you left behind.

ATMOS of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 19 February 2007:

There is a general feeling that something is in the air, and many feel uneasy because they cannot figure out what is happening. Lightworkers are more informed, and their calmness comes from their understanding of what the End Times entail. Some will never want to see or admit to what will eventually stare them in the face. They fear change, not knowing that those very changes will be their Salvation. The old institutions are breaking down as the vibrations increase, and absolutely nothing will go forward unless is resonates with them. It is time that Duality gave way to a balanced energy that is not fragmented, but is one of a single purpose to bring total Light to Earth.

The main focus of your attention is the present George Bush Administration, which continues to lead the Nations of the World along the road to ruin. The result of their actions is bringing more misery both at home and abroad, and the rest of the World has been alerted to what is happening. The problem is that the ability to put a halt to their insane plans lies with the People of America, and they have not yet fully awakened to their responsibility. This is not entirely their fault, as the Media are the lackeys that do as they are told, and consequently the people are fed on a diet of lies and half-truths.

We have often intimated that we would prefer the People to rise up and unseat the Government. It is possible, and many great Souls are with you that await the right time to step forward and achieve it. Further to that we stand in the background to support you, and we keep matters from getting out of hand. We say be brave if it seems to be your role in life to serve others in such a noble way. If you feel very strongly about it, know that you most certainly came into life to do just that. You will have been equipped with the ability to carry out your work, and others who are destined to be part of it will find themselves coming together with you.

Is it not interesting that as the Dark go deeper into the mire of their own making, the Light grows more powerful and is leaving them behind. The greater the difference the more the Light stands in its own power. It helps transmute the Dark energies thus reducing their power even further, and they are already fighting a losing battle. Patience is required, as events often proceed at a very slow pace, but if you are aware you will see the pattern of events leading to Victory for the Light. Never doubt the outcome for one moment, and whatever you do go ahead with total conviction.

Look at our own position, we are fully prepared to move at the moment we are authorised to commence "First Contact". Our space craft have been sighted in your skies all over the world, and although our presence can no longer be denied by many your Western Governments hide their knowledge of us from you. They confuse you, and deny the most definite and convincing evidence of us by treating you like little children. Do you stop to think why, and that in spite of our Ambassadors contacting all of your main Governments. You are not told about our offers to help you bring Peace to the World, because the Big Powers have other ideas about your future and prefer to hold on to their power. They will not give up their Military Forces, or the Wars that keep you victim to their control.

Commander ADAMA: June 28th, 2007:

Guio e tiso! That is a formal Andromedan greeting which simply means "Hello and Greetings." Today is a very exciting time and I have much to discuss with you. The Dark Cabal is losing power very rapidly and it won't be much longer until their reign of power has fully collapsed. Think of it like this. Envision a building that has one hundred floors. Now envision those floors collapsing upon each other until it reaches the last floor. That is where the Dark Cabal is at right now. Their ninety nine floors of power have collapsed and all that is left is one floor, which is badly cracked, and is about to collapse very shortly. The time has come. The time is now. The time is here. The time for change is upon us.

"First Contact" has been moving along very nicely. Everyone involved in this operation is ecstatic because they know the time is fast approaching for them to finally carry out their landing scenarios. What I ask all Light Workers to do now is to start preparing for the events that herald the coming of First Contact. Start doing your Light Worker jobs and missions. Start informing family members, friends, etc. of what is about to happen. The time for that is here. We need more people learning the truth.

The first domino is about to fall at any moment. An example of this is the news that happened yesterday. The White House Office, Vice President's Office, National Security Council, and Department of Justice received Subpoenas demanding the handing over of documents over the Bush Administrations warrant-free eavesdropping program on Americans and the firings of Federal Prosecutors. Today, President George Bush asserted his executive privilege and rejected those Subpoenas. In reaction, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy accused the Administration of shifting "into Nixonian stonewalling" and revealing "disdain for our System of Checks and Balances." This is the first event of many that will bring this dark Cabal down once and for all. This is the beginning of the end. My contacts as well as I don't expect this Government to last much longer. Our Earth Allies, as Sheldan Nidle has also mentioned, are winning this final battle against the Dark in all facets. The distribution of our long awaited "Prosperity Funds" is at a point where it could be released within a matter of months. The Galactic Federation's shift in tactics has proven to speed up the distribution of the Prosperity Funds, the removal of the Dark Cabal, and at last the wondrous "First Contact" operation. Just know that as the days come and go, First Contact moves closer.

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 9 January 2008:

The political arena of life is where the first stirrings of a change in the peoples consciousness is being registered. You are seeing first hand a movement away from the old paradigm, and the manifestation of a new one that is breaking the mould that has held you back. Against your normal experiences of political manoeuvring and the backing given to the Illuminati's choice, what you are seeing is nothing short of miraculous and has sent shock waves through their dark supporters. There is a long way to go yet, but the signs for a dramatic change of direction are there. It will as usual get nasty, when all attempts are made to stop the success you are currently enjoying. Beware of the character assassination that will inevitably take place, but will not alter the eventual outcome.

Dear Ones, you are at last making your opinions count where they make a vast difference, by your choice of candidate. The media have been aware of your discontent for quite some time, but have deliberately ignored or played down your reactions. With or without them, you are starting a momentum that will escalate into a mountain slide of demands for change. The publicity that the media have denied you has not prevented people worldwide noticing what is taking place. They too are going to be supportive of those who seek change for the people of your planet, and that will bring fear to governments elsewhere who cannot hide their own dark deeds or agendas.

Your government has always been aware that people power would in the end decide their fate, and their panic is reaching new levels as they seek to prevent your ultimate success. Now is the time for much care and attention to their moves to bring a halt to the election process, as they will resort to any covert operation that will do so. You have called for change for a long time, and peace across the world is high up in your expectations once the old regime and its policies are removed. For our part we are allowed to intervene, inasmuch we can protect you from attempts to create an incident that would lead to Martial Law. We are monitoring all of those who would unleash such draconian measures upon you, and are well aware as to what is planned.

Our orders are twofold, and first and foremost it is to ensure that this time your elections do finally result in an honest and true outcome. Secondly we keep you on track so that regardless of what happens, there is no lasting effect to your progress where Ascension is concerned. We represent the highest office and councils that oversee the destiny of the people of Earth, and we are not going to let you down. We experience no doubt whatsoever as to the outcome, and fear has no place in our thinking or actions. We know that you have already achieved the victory you seek, and it simply remains to await its manifestation.

Galactic Federation of Light Sirian Council - Sheldan Nidle - 25 March 2008:

Despite these considerable difficulties the Dark remains as defiant as ever. The US Regime is even attempting to ignore the severity of this crisis and is acting as if they can somehow pull through. This pipedream cannot last much longer. The shrinking value of their major assets is in stark contrast to the ever-increasing potential of the well-funded, gold-based system. These things are nudging at the periphery of the Dark's power base, causing added defections to the Light. In addition, many of the more obnoxious schemes of the Cabal's most powerful Members are coming under close scrutiny. These sustained investigations have revealed plots, which have then been either crushed or seriously hampered by our Earth Allies. These setbacks further erode the Cabal's ability to weather the current storm and send ripples of despair through the secret planning sessions of this dark clique. The Dark's capability to sustain these efforts is fast disappearing, and our Earth Allies feel that definitive victory over the Dark is quite near.

This situation has indirectly contributed to the growing instability stirred up by the Dark. These economic travails are the result of the many clandestine operations launched by the Dark to get hold of the enormous amounts of money needed to carry out its many unconscionable plans. These are now being interrupted by what is happening to the Dark's source funds; yet despite this, the plans presently underway are continuing even though future funding is at risk. A number of final contingency funds remain open. As these rapidly dwindle, the Cabal is to reach a point where this irrational direction implodes, causing the dire realities that it set in motion to overtake it. At that time our Earth Allies can carry out the manoeuvres that strip these desperate men and women of their ill-gotten gains and create the situations which end the Dark's all-too-long 13-millennia rule. Then, finally, the Provisional Regimes can set the stage for "First Contact".

As you are all too aware, First Contact has been staved off from happening, involving us in new responsibilities and new ways to execute the Divine Game Plan. This means that we are daily becoming more and more engaged in how these new Governments are to operate. The original concept was for us to act only as a "hidden" Divine Enforcer, ensuring that the goals set by Heaven and the Earth Allies come swiftly into being. Now we are being drawn into the first acts of these new policies. We are making plans for more overt demonstrations in your skies and to be "Super-Advisers" to your new Temporary Administrations. In fact, Heaven is moving us increasingly out of the shadows and into a more open role in preparing you, now in slightly different ways, for the "Mass First Contact". The original version of the Mass First Contact Event is now to be the third or fourth appearance rather than the first. The utter determination of the Dark Cabal to maintain its power base delayed the original vision for First Contact.

Diane of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 23 April 2008:

Your presence of mind and ability to stand fast in your Light gladdens our hearts, as we see a peaceful stand against all attempts to thwart you and prevent you achieving your goals. Have no doubt that the Dark are well aware of what is taking place in the Higher Realms, and take a great interest in our activities. They also know that Free Will is extended to them, and that they have a certain freedom to continue with their plan. What they will learn is that the Light is far stronger than their ability to cause a fearful response to their actions. Having committed themselves to the Path of Darkness, they cannot admit to themselves that their activities will fail and not achieve their aims. They presently look for any opportunity to create distractions, and maintain their hold on the Financial Markets. For millennia of time they have dictated the policies that have held you in bondage to them for your existence.

Out of the potential fall of your Money Markets, will come the opportunity to introduce a new way that will alter the Banking System you are familiar with now. It will embrace the Abundance Program and introduce a fair distribution of wealth. From these changes a whole raft of problems will be swept away, and set the scene for the establishment of a System that will ensure the Social Services are adequate to meet the needs of the People. Equality in all matters will ensure that no one is favoured over another, and that all of your resources are shared according to need and not simply for those who can afford them. There has been too much emphasis upon the acquisition of wealth, and it has encouraged greed and avarice.

You are Sovereign Beings of great potential and you are awakening to your full abilities. You are not powerless in the face of the Dark Forces; indeed you wield power that knows no equal because you are of the Light. Your activities bring the Light to Earth, and it is subtle yet decisive in its effectiveness to bring change. The old cannot hold its form in the Light unless its vibrations are high enough, and so you are seeing many respected establishments bending to change. In medicine and caring in general there are to be massive changes, as your present systems are not equal to the task and have become moneymaking schemes for your Drug industries. Your abuse of drugs has also been encouraged without consideration of the long-term harm it causes. The Dark look after their own, and have little if any regard for the despair and degradation their policies and laws cause.

You will be taking back your God Given Rights, and to this end we shall support you and your new Government. We speak here not of your traditional Parties but of those to be elected because of their spirituality and intent, able to restore governance so that it truly represents the People. The true and trustworthy politicians are being kept in the background, whilst the Presidential Elections are manoeuvred and rigged to ensure that only the minions of the Dark are appointed. These tactics will no longer be able to be hidden, and already there is a greater awareness of the manipulation and fraudulent practices that take place. You are bringing pressure to bear upon those who are behind the Dark forces, and they are being forced to come out into the open.

Now your voices are being heard but there is still along way to go, and the changes will not be sufficient to manifest our Plan for you until your last Cabal has been removed, and their power base dismantled. We are responding to you, and edge ever nearer to the time that our initial plans can be implemented. We have held the balance for a long time now, and soon shall take charge of the renewing of your USA Constitution and ensure its benefits are immediately applicable. We desire to release you from the dire and draconian Laws that have taken away your Rights. That we shall do and it will have far reaching benefits all over your World. We come for everyone, but the focus remains on the U.S. as it will again be restored to its former greatness and become a shining example for the rest of the World.

Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B - Sheldan Nidle - 29 April 2008:

We come again to discuss "First Contact" and the recent developments that require ongoing adjustments to our plans. First Contact is a massive undertaking that expands in directions that we usually do not concern ourselves with. Right now, a significant portion of our personnel is engaged in areas which, until now, lay outside of our purview. These teams are addressing those conditions, which lay the foundation for our current pre-first-contact scenario. We are involved not only in carrying out these projects but also in the long and detailed planning stages as well. This has necessitated the reconfiguration of many liaison teams that consult on a daily basis with our Earth Allies. As the complexity of our mission increases we draw more upon the expertise of our new Allies, the formerly dark Anunnaki. These Allies know a lot about how the last Dark Cabal thinks and operates. Because of this advice we have been able to anticipate many sudden changes in tactics made by this Cabal. But our primary focus remains the speeding-up of those strategies that can overcome any roadblocks set up by this Cabal.

Transforming your global chaos into Divine Order is essential to moving to the next step. Accordingly, our governing council, the First Contact Governing Board, has issued new commands to our Fleet. This has resulted in numerous "incidents" in which we have boldly and defiantly occupied your night skies across the length and breadth of this globe. It is time to make a stronger impression and to serve notice that we deeply desire to complete these preliminary stages. These acts proclaim to your Dark Cabalists that a new, more intense stage in our interactions with them has begun. In short, this First Contact Mission needs to reach out and assert itself more. We are here not merely to observe this Planet but to carry out a First Contact that transforms her realities forever! In this new reality we have responsibilities that include moving you into Full Consciousness and honouring our special relationship with Mother Earth. There is also your reunion with your Inner Earth families and your membership in the Galactic Federation of Light.

Your reunion with Inner Earth (Agartha) forms a significant component of the overall plan. In fact, the majority of our on-planet researchers are from Agartha. They work in tandem with our personnel and have helped them adapt more quickly to what are to us some very strange social customs. This time amongst you has yielded constant data and some deep friendships, and we look forward to "revealing" ourselves when First Contact happens. We have learnt so much about you and about how our Inner Earth allies Love you and look forward to their long-awaited reunion with you. We have watched closely as our Earth Allies and special liaison personnel from Agartha work together. Each group is joyously anticipating the coming Grand Reunion. The activities currently underway promise that this time is not very far away.....

The time that lies ahead will see the many Dark-created calamities alleviated. New Rulers are to be put in place whose main objectives are to spread Democracy and abolish political practices that lead to corruption and the growing supremacy of special corporate interests. Governance is to come into being that is legally obligated to its varied electorate and able to listen carefully to your needs and opinions. These governments are to release long-sequestered technology and use it to solve your growing energy and pollution crises. These temporary regimes will demonstrate that laws can be established which are indeed logical and fair in the judging of its citizens. The use of fear mongering on the part of government will cease, as will the misapplication of outright ignorance on the part of a Nation's Rulers. Opportunities to learn about all aspects of a government's responsibilities will become available to all.

Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B- Sheldan Nidle - 13 May 2008:

As we noted in our last message, much progress is being made since we took on our expanded responsibilities. Everywhere, we see our Earth Allies moving forward with added vigour and renewed passion for the tasks at hand, the most pressing being the legal due process removal of the illegal US regime. Those who run this travesty are using every means possible to remain financially afloat. This includes unilaterally seizing any sizeable financial transaction that they can lay their hands on. This behaviour has heightened the resolve of our Allies to be rid of them. The Cabal's answer has been to further squeeze the monetary stability of the Dollar and this is having a big effect. The Dollar and its creator, the US Federal Reserve, are near bankruptcy, and the old Monetary System set in place by the Bretton Woods Agreements is rapidly crumbling. This disintegration fuels the global mortgage crisis and indirectly feeds the massive speculator's market in all commodities, but chiefly oil.

This mess is leading to stressed economies and food shortages all over the world. The resolution to all this begins with ridding the world of the US regime; its supercilious and unreal positions on many matters are quickly pushing your world toward ruin. To accomplish this removal we have cleared the way for a number of long-delayed, legal preliminaries to be achieved. With this done many groups within the Government and their civilian friends can create the means for the necessary forced resignations from high office. In the same vein action is being taken which prepares the way to replace this Government with a true de jure one. This caretaker regime will be in power for no more than nine months, during which time the true Constitution will be revealed and the Judicial System changed from Admiralty to Common Law. Many beneficial programs agreed to among the Earth Allies will then be put into effect. These include global debt forgiveness, the resolution of the energy crisis, and the means to cleanse Mother Earth of the massive pollution dumped upon her by Humanity.

These programs revolve around the delivery of what you know as the "Prosperity Programs". Difficulties in this regard are still extant. Peeling away the onion-layers of Dark conspirators continues, and we are determined to finish up this job quickly and assist our Earth Allies in dismantling this Dark infestation within the current US Regime. It has literally spread itself throughout the Government like disease-ridden floodwater. Our job is to mop up and disinfect the mess. Then we can rebuild, and do away with all that is beyond redemption. The resulting infrastructure can then be turned over to a fairly elected, new Administration. Our role is to use our abilities to assist, advise, and nurture the policies of the temporary caretaker Regime and, thereafter, the newly elected Administration. We shall do this in a way that empowers our Earth Allies while still reserving the right to be more assertive when necessary. In this we are presented with a very short window of time. This window is stipulated by Heaven and decreed by the Divine Plan.

Creating the proper environment for massive change within the given timeframe is our priority, which is why we have refocused our energies into a more direct degree of involvement, as mentioned in our last message. Several liaison groups with vast experience in the diplomatic, cultural, and social nuances of your Planet are now in place on the surface and embedded in many critical locations. Their function is to move your world in the direction it badly needs to go. Our responsibility is to get results, which solve the disagreements presently slowing up progress. This new policy is intended to give you the edge needed to break through the logjams thrown up by the Dark Cabal. These developments and their positive knock-on effects in other areas can only hasten the advent of First Contact. Completing this mission successfully is why we are here in the first place. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

While we move toward "First Contact", Heaven is continuing to prepare you for being Fully Conscious. The major activity during the immediate period is the activation process along your spine and back. This can make your upper-back muscles and shoulders feel a bit sore. This reaction might linger for days or, in rare cases, up to a month. The changes in your Chakra system include the relocation of many of the older, more complex functions to different Chakras. When the new ones begin to manifest, this soreness can occur near the location of the new Chakras. A good way to quicken this process is to see a Healer and/or Body worker. Their expertise can help to ease your discomfort and allow you to go through this transformation with a minimum of pain.

Mother Earth is going through much the same changes as you. The difference is that she is reorganizing the majority of the major nodes that exist on her surface. Currently these are largely inactive and are re-energizing now for the first time in many millennia. As you are aware, this process of reactivation has led to a rash of volcanism and quakes on land and seabed. These formerly inactive nodes are beginning to recharge the interconnected regions around them, and this surge of energy destabilizes the neighbouring fault lines and the normal magma circuits just below the Earth's surface. This new electromagnetic flow can increase the pressure in old magma pathways and begin to forge new ones. It can also cause more movement in the fault zones nearest to the newly activated node.

In the Solar System the electrogravitic field of the Sun, which holds the Solar System together, is also changing and is a portent of the vast transformation that your new reality is to undergo. It is the reason why all sorts of oddities are increasingly to be seen throughout the Solar System: The strange behaviour of the great coloured spots on Jupiter and the puzzling data collected by your scientists concerning Saturn's rings point to the fact that the Solar System is preparing for something. This "something" is the addition to the system of former Planets long destroyed and the relocation of various Moons to their original Sister Worlds. Our Scientists are quite involved in these preparations. We are watching your new reality being birthed and are seeing how it is affected by what is happening within you. Something wonderful and Divine is getting ready to be born!

Atmos of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 21 May 2008:

Take your time to understand what is going on in the World at present, and place it all under the heading of Change. The way must be prepared for the New to come in, and it is quite a feat to bring the Changes together so that they inflict as little harm as possible. I talk not specifically of Human involvement, although that is of major concern but the effect upon your Business Community and employment of the masses. There will be days and weeks of uncertainty, as the Old World falls into the abyss of transmutation never to return again in that form. Meanwhile the new paradigm gradually emerges, and will be recognized for its ability to deal with any crisis that arises. The planning that has gone before is your assurance that the new path for Man, will be quickly established.

Using your terminology, we shall say that the rot has set in, and no amount of shifting and changing will save the Old Regime and its ways. The whole structure is crumbling, and the remedy is beyond the power of Man to overcome it. Vast changes are required with some degree of urgency, and they are receiving our attention. We closely follow them and are allowed to limit the damage that they do. These were always going to be volatile times, but are held in check to minimize their effect. Weather changes are to be expected as your Sun takes control of the Solar System. However, these are also in part due to the interference of Man, with weather control and its manipulation, together with the changes to the topography through deforestation.

What you have been experiencing are the results of Man's progress without sufficient Spiritual application and understanding, placing his own judgement above that of the Laws of God. You cannot ignore your responsibility to all other forms of life, and you are meant to be the Guardians of the Earth, that has been in your care. Look around you and be honest, can you really be proud of what you see. These are strong words and not directed at everyone, as it is a paradox that the lower you slip into the dark, the more Light is brought to bear upon you. How far will you go before you rise up against what you see, because these are your last chances to do so before the cycle ends?

For all we have said it is you who are the most important Beings, and it is within your capability to rise up above any crisis or beat any challenge that is presented to you. You are Light Beings of the highest order, and can surmount whatever obstacles are placed on your path. You have been doing it ever since you started this Cycle, with a subconscious drive that has urged you ever onwards without realizing your goal. One experience after another has led you to this present time, and now you stand poised for the greatest one ever, your Ascension. It is no mean feat seeing the depths to which you have plunged; yet your Light has shone through.

Thank goodness that you are unaware of your many lives, as it is not without reason that you have been veiled from them. To carry those memories would distract you from your present path. Having gone from one extreme to another, you have gathered a wealth of experience that will serve you well in these trying times. The end is in sight, and opens up into a new beginning of unimaginable splendour and beauty as you move into the Golden Age. Physicality as you have understood it will have been overtaken by crystalline wonders, and magnificent Light that will be the very essence of everything that exists.

I am Atmos a Sirian, and we have many of our own working with you. We are linked in quite a special way, from earlier contacts with you that you go far back into the mists of Time. Like many other civilizations we have come close to you in the past, and it is our duty to see that you rise up and complete this Cycle in a victorious manner. It will be thus completed as the ending has already been written. We look at you and see who you really are, and our Love goes out to you without reservation. We Are All One in Love and Light in this great experience, and we look forward to greeting you as the newest members of the Galactic Federation.

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 23 June 2008:

These are important times for Humanity, and you are at the last hurdle before great Events commence that will indicate a major change of direction. It has to come as prophesied, and nothing will be able to prevent an outcome that signals victory for the Light. However, there is still darkness to be experienced before the final closure of the Cycle of Duality, and in the midst of it all the Light continues to engulf the Dark and prevent it from overwhelming you. Sit tight as from a greater perspective we see the outcome is assured, and give of your Light where you find it is needed.

You are breaking free from those who still try to rule with force, and history shows that they have never been able to totally subdue your innate desire to the Right of Freedom. Insomuch that your opposition to the Dark is recognised, they plan to restrict your Right to Free Speech. It is something they cannot do, and you must in all events maintain your position of Free Expression at all times. They desire to control your use of the Internet and as many foremost "Free Speech" websites have discovered, interference often takes place. However, the Light leads and you always have the advantage that they do not know where you will next appear. There is a wonderful network of Lightworkers with a sense of purpose and occasion, that know they are on Earth at this time to bring Humanity the truth and lift them up.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and say to you that you are taking the Light to the Dark and they have no answers in the face of such a powerful energy. We of the Galactic Federation along with Mother Earth are working with you, and we represent an unbeatable Force that will achieve Victory without bloodshed or violence. Our ways operate within the Laws of God and we come to re-establish Love and Light upon Earth. There is so much inequality and many unjust practices that must be changed, so that your Sovereignty can be returned. It shall take place soon, and like a breathe of fresh air you will be invigorated by your freedom to bring Peace and Joy back into your lives.

Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B -Sheldan Nidle - 24 June 2008:

Our Earth Allies continue to advance. Much progress has been made in identifying and exposing those who duplicitously use their positions of authority to hinder our cause by doing one helpful task while clandestinely pulling off many destructive ones. These Moles are now being used to winkle out accomplices who have obstructed what should already be a done deal. This flushing out and removing of the "bad eggs" has greatly accelerated the path to our goals. The present illegal US Regime is among the greatest of these culprits. We are using the accruing evidence gleaned from this activity as material for the legal actions that are to take place once this present madness is over. Our Earth Allies are now refocusing on completing the final steps that can, as you say, "Seal the Deal." All of us are anxious to get the Prosperity deliveries out of the way. Once this is done, we can proceed to the rapid removal of these rogue North American Regimes. Thereafter, a number of other such Governments around the World are to follow them swiftly into oblivion.

These coming actions are all part of a vast, quiet Revolution whose primary purpose is to restore sanity to your World. The present madness is an agenda that is inextricably wrapped up with both the UFO cover-up and the rise to power of a group of American Illuminoids at the end of World War II. The "Roswell incident" is one of a multitude of examples that led this group to believe that they were destined to succeed their then Masters, the Anunnaki, as future Controllers of the World. What they did not take into account was the fact that Heaven and the Divine Plan were preparing an alternative scenario. The agitation of this Cabal-group over this matter in the late 1990s is the root cause of what is transpiring around you now. Their plot [in the year 2000] to first seize control of the present US Government George Bush Administration and then use it to achieve their goals is doomed to failure. Too many factors are in play that are disrupting and overturning their grand stratagems. Despite becoming aware of this, their arrogance and defiance of the Light have kept this silly yet tragic game going.

This continuing insanity has shown us the nature of the Evil that the Galactic entity known as Anchara imposed upon the Milky Way Galaxy for billions of years. It is interesting to watch this Darkness still at work, albeit on a much smaller Planetary scale. Transforming it into something magnificent and of the Light is a wondrous opportunity. Our First Contact Fleet is following the sacred parameters laid down by Heaven. We bear these precepts firmly in mind as we advise our Earth Allies on what to do to remedy the situation on your beautiful Planet. Much is expected of this World and your position as a future Star Nation. Many in our Galactic Federation are involved in this "First Contact" so that the promise of Lemuria can be realised. Moreover, restoring this Solar System to its original condition gives us a chance to work closely with the Elohim in charge of this Quadrant of the Galaxy. This is always a great privilege and a great honour! We look forward to our coming interactions with you.

Your progress toward "First Contact" is most interesting to us. We have watched you go through a number of preliminary stages, reminiscent to us of what the Galactic Federation's predecessors went through at the very beginning of the many Galactic Wars. First comes a feeling that what is happening cannot be real. Then follows an overwhelming need to assess the situation and prepare to cope. Humans on your World are aware of us and of the massive betrayal of the People that Government is perpetrating. Most of you know of the great danger that this poses both to Mother Earth and to your future, and you are being impelled to take positive action for your survival and to learn more about us. This is most encouraging. It is one of the major reasons why the Dark's schemes cannot succeed. We are proud of what you are doing to aid the goals of our Earth Allies.

As we have mentioned before, carrying out such a lengthy and involved pre-First Contact operation is, for us, unprecedented. Normally, we leave this phase to you and wait for you to complete your preparations according to your own time frame. In this instance, a number of Prime Decrees and other Sacred Directives were passed on to us before we began this Operation. Now we are overseeing a whole host of activities that are to greatly speed up the preliminaries. As Heaven predicted, her actions in accelerating your growth in consciousness was mirrored by the actions of those of the "Light" within your underlying formal Global Power structure who wished to overturn the goals of the Dark Elites. This group became our Earth Allies. We commend them as well as the grass-roots organisers who have worked so diligently to set up an infrastructure of Consciousness on your World.

The process of change has reached a point of No Return. Every day, more and more people are making a commitment to Change. It is unfortunate that most of this goes unreported in the Media of the so-called Developed World. However, the major repository for this new type of Alternative News has become the Internet. Here, a large variety of blogs, reports, and uncensored news skips daily across the Globe, much of it devoted to these vital issues. We monitor this and are in joy over these developments, even though this is only a beginning. The events getting ready to manifest are needed to get these global actions up to speed. Our Earth Allies are fully aware of this and have done things on a sufficient scale to assist these grass-roots Organisations. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Ker-On of Venus - Michael Quinsey - 6 July 2008:

Dear Ones, over the last few days your thoughts have been drawn to the celebration of Independence Day, yet so many of you know that there is a hollow ring about it. It has become so obvious to you that your Freedom has been gradually eroded over a long period of time, and since the turn of this 21st Century it has happened before your very eyes. It has as you might say, been done by the sleight of hand and fooled you into accepting it as protecting your Freedom. Whilst there is an element of truth in it, you have been deluded into thinking you are under a serious threat by the Terrorists coming from outside of your Country. The truth is that the greatest threat comes from within, and from those most entrusted with your safety.

The good news is that you are awakening to what has been happening around you, and are now seeing the subterfuge being enacted against you. Without your trust the Government is doomed, and already they feel the result of your questioning and call for explanations about inexplicable events that lead back to them. The pressure is on them, and their response is to try and impose further restrictions upon you so as to stifle your Free Speech. Something will have to give very soon, and we can promise you that it will be the Leaders of the Dark Forces. They do not like to look defeat in the face, and pretend they still hold total control over you. You are too many for them to handle, and the only real weapon they have is fear and they will do all possible to create a climate of oppression. Knowledge is priceless and if you look beyond such attempts to keep you down, you will see how you are being manipulated every day of your life.

You might imagine that as the End-Times are already with you, the Dark Forces would somehow fade away and make way for the Light. Be assured that it will happen when the Mass Consciousness reaches a certain level, with the resulting Light dissipating the lower energies. They will no longer have the cohesion to bring their activities together, and even within their own ranks doubt will begin to creep in. The Berlin Wall stood for many years as a monumental reminder that your Freedom can be taken away from you, yet it finally collapsed overnight. Do not doubt that your present dark Secret Government and its cohorts will also be vanquished as quickly. Their cozy set-up has convinced them that they are invincible, and this arrogance will be their downfall.

There is so much potential for Change in what is left of this year. Various paths have been energised that will confront the Dark with the truth of their deeds, and no clever Lawyers will be able to get the guilty ones off the hook. We along with our Allies have worked diligently and carefully, to ensure that we peacefully achieve our objectives. We have not used our patience and yours to come away fruitless after all of the hard work put into bringing the long awaited Changes about. Your contribution has been truly amazing, given that some 8 years ago we could not envisage such tremendous progress. Of course we have been behind you, and you have had the benefit of our highly technologically advanced surveillance systems. We not only know what is discussed and planned in secret by the Dark forces, but we do all that is within our remit to delay or stop their covert projects from succeeding.

If you only knew how well our plan is proceeding, you would not allow yourselves to consider anything except the victory you deserve. It is Darkest before the Dawn, but the Light is breaking through everywhere and is an unstoppable Force for Good. It must be so as the Darkness is destined to leave this Solar System for good, as it cannot rise up with it into the higher levels. It would hearten us if we could see a grand lifting up of a greater percentage of Souls, but that is decided by each individual. There should not be any sadness felt due to the choices they have made, as each one will find themselves at exactly the appropriate level that they feel comfortable in, and in accordance with their present vibration.

We know the concern within some families who fear that they will be broken up, and we wish to comfort you by saying that when that possibility has to be faced, you will all understand what has prompted your choices. You will then be grateful for the Love you have shared together, and know that you cannot lose that immutable link with them. Who knows when you may again come together, and remember that throughout your hundreds if not thousands of Lifetimes, you have been partnered by so many different Souls. You are not simply a Human Being, but a great Soul of Light that has transcended all that the Dark Forces have thrown at you. Your natural home is in the Light with all of the Freedom assigned to a Cosmic Being. You will be able to traverse the highways and byways of Space that will provide you with experiences above anything you have experienced upon Earth.

Before you leave this Cycle of Duality, you will have moved rapidly into the higher vibrations. You will experience the lifting up and dramatic rise in your Consciousness. You are presently a pale shadow of your true Self, but will naturally slip into your new Lightbody as though you have never been anything else. The reality is that your time in Duality has been an experiment that you were eager to join. You knew that before it closed you would be given the opportunity to return to the Light, and whatever the nature of your Dark experiences they would in no way impede it. You may point out that some Souls are so deeply immersed in the Dark they cannot possibly Ascend, and that is a valid observation. We are talking about choice coupled with the Laws of the Universe, and those to whom you refer will reach the point of Ascension once again in a future cycle.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and pleased to enable you to look at what is happening on Earth through the eyes of the Galactic Federation. Our view is more extensive than yours, and we clearly see the outcome in your Ascension along with Mother Earth. Take heart and live your Vision of the Future now, and feel the growing Love within and share it with generosity.

Atmos of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 18 July 2008:

Perfect Health is something no one experiences on Earth, as you are subjected to energies and conditions that "attack" your psyche and your physical body reacts to it. Factors such as the effect of your food intake, and your lack of emotional control, such as anger, all damage the normal function of your bodies. I refer not just to your physical body but also your Etheric body, that carries your energies and where an imbalance can lead to illness. All these problems will lessen as you cleanse yourself and lift up your Consciousness. You are beginning to understand the nature of the power you are developing, and how your thoughts are reflected in your body. Like attracts Like, and if you can concentrate on those that bring harmony and balance to it, Healing will take place.

As many teaching sources have informed you, your emotions are a big factor in your lives. It is an area that requires your attention if you aspire to be part of Ascension. Duality is continually trying you out, and we do not make light of the difficult situations you can face. All challenges are a part of your evolution and allow for rapid advancement. You are in a truly wonderful period of opportunity that if you can apply yourself, will ensure that you leave this level for once and for all. Earth has its moments of utter joy and happiness, but usually these are fleeting experiences. In the Higher Dimensions it is always blissful, as the energies are pure and untainted by the lower energies you are in now. The truth is that they cannot exist there, and constant harmony and balance is in everything around you. There you will find beauty unparalleled upon Earth, and not sullied by the dirt and grime you are used to seeing.

Dear Ones, you are so near to the Final Phases of Ascension that will Cleanse the Earth. We of the Galactic Federation are charged with carrying out those tasks, and our spacecraft are fully ready and equipped to move at a minute's notice. First however, the initial steps must be taken mainly by you to oust the last Dark Cabal that stands in the way of change. That task is progressing very well, and we have little doubt that success is very near. A few more weeks or even months are not important, as the stage must be set for our arrival in the manner we have requested. Certain changes have to be in place, so that as a population you have discerned our purpose and how we fit in. Financial problems are about to peak, and it is in this vital area that the New System must fully replace the Old. There has to be a base from which we can work, and money matters are up front because of the unfair and unequal distribution of wealth. Political systems are also a priority, as it is vital that your Representatives are honest and dedicated to the Good of the People. A new Constitution must reflect the original concepts that made you the Leaders of your Destiny, and not those who have taken away your Freedom.

I am Atmos from Sirius, and we are one of the prominent Star Nations who have a major role to play in your future.

Dianne of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 14 July 2008:

Our actions are speeding up and we work closer than ever with our Allies. Their efforts are being rewarded and they are on the verge of a momentous Victory. Once the Dark Forces are seen to be on the run, more people will stand up to them and their days will be numbered. Our approach is still one that uses your Legal System to oust the last Cabal, and they will find they cannot stop our progress. We knew it would be arduous to follow a path that was strictly Legal, but we are now so close to Victory. So much awaits you as soon as we have cleared this final hurdle. Suddenly despair will be replaced by hope, and misery turned into joy and happiness. The future will suddenly be rosy and a great Wave of Light will sweep across the Earth.

Not only carry your vision of a New Age with you, but project it outwards and create Harmony and Balance wherever you go. Expand your Auric energies to envelop all those Dear Ones within your immediate area, and send them out Love and Light. Your mere presence will then lift others and have a calming effect. It is certainly needed, as the Changes can now be seen to be bringing about the collapse of the old paradigm. What cannot be seen are the overriding energies that are taking their place, and allowing the new to manifest. It is all there waiting the opportune moment to suddenly burst upon the scene.

The opposition between the Dark and Light will soon be settled, and a halt brought to the destructive forces that have been unleashed. Their power is being taken from them through prevention rather than confrontation, as we approach such matters with peaceful intentions. The Galactic Federation has much experience in dealing with such matters, and our technological superiority will ensure that any threat to you is contained. The Earth is to complete this Cycle of Duality restored to its pristine condition, and we are fully prepared to carry it out as soon as the danger to you is removed.

Your whole History is linked with contact by Extraterrestrial Visitors, and what has been happening in recent times is nonetheless extraordinary. The difference now is that you have a growing awareness, and acceptance of our presence. Most importantly, there is a greater belief in our peaceful contact and intentions towards you. Abductions are not related to our activities, but the Greys who are involved, were given permission to contact Earth because of the nature of their needs. Those of you who have been selected and taken to their craft, are Souls from their own civilisation who have agreed to assist them. It is in a bid to save them from extinction, and find a means to continue their evolution. There are others interested in Man, but contact is very limited.

There are Universal Laws that all must obey where another civilisation is concerned, and outright interference is not allowed. It is different if you attract a like "vibration" to Earth as happened in the Sumerian period, when the Annunaki arrived in that country. Those events are chronicled as recorded on their tablets, and you can also find reference in your Old Testament. They were the old God's of War and destruction, who set Man against Man in their desire to control, however they have long departed the Earth

MATTHEW from the Spiritual Realms - 27 July 2008

How can I say Barack Obama is a Light Being? Because he is. I shall paraphrase what I said about him in prior messages, starting with his unstoppable momentum toward the Presidency. At this point, he is only following a strong sense of urgency to lead his Country out of its downward spiral and his conviction that he can do this, but in time he will be consciously aware that he is a soul from an intellectually and spiritually advanced civilisation and embodied on Earth specifically to fulfil this Mission. What he has been very clear about all along is that he must appear to be aligned with the Illuminati goals; otherwise, he never could have become the Democratic Party Nominee. This accounts for his veering on some issues that have disappointed some of his supporters, who have no idea that what he is doing is in accordance with Illuminati "guidance." Time will show that his essence, intentions and actions are aligned with the Light.

I shall add an update, but first I must go backwards to put it within the larger context. The Illuminati was once a cohesive body made up of numerous groups and individuals, and combined they controlled the most important facets of life on Earth. In time, egos, greed, lies and ruthlessness split the Group into two factions, each pursuing the same goal of killing most of the World's population and enslaving the rest for self-serving purposes. Although one faction's operations were primarily in the United States and the other's primarily in Europe, eventually the power base of each spanned the Globe due to strategic marriages and later the merging of Banks and Corporations into multinational behemoths. The enormously profitable illegal drug industry funds both factions' "Black Ops," including terrorist activities blamed on innocents and vast underground areas where their scientists conduct unconscionable experiments on Humankind and develop spacecraft, weaponry, surveillance and weather control systems using technology introduced by the "Little Grays." In recent years the intense competition between the two factions, which eroded the power of each, extended to infighting within each faction, thus further weakening all areas of control. With growing distrust of each other within and between the factions, numerous futile attempts to stage another "9/11," the loosening stranglehold on world economy, and defection of lower ranking members, the once solidly entrenched global foundation of the Illuminati now can be likened to scattered piles of rubble.

Yet some members are not giving up their dream of World Domination, and that brings us to the update I mentioned. That very brief overview is relevant because the Clintons, the Bush family and their closest cronies within and out of the current Administration are powerful in the Illuminati faction that influences US politics, and Hillary is the choice of that Clique to continue their control. However, other faction members wanted to end it, and voila! Senator Barack Obama suddenly was thrust into national prominence. Of course the faction members are unaware of his Soul-level mission, but they saw him as sharp-minded, ambitious and charismatic, with strong appeal to voters who are clamouring for a new direction in government; so even before the beginning of the campaign, the fierce in-faction competition was underway. Obama has had to play the game of allegiance to the intentions of the whole faction - to rule Iran by installing puppet Leaders and gain ownership of the Country's oil; continue conquest of the Mideast; promote poppy growth in Afghanistan to increase opium sales and promote more addiction worldwide; and do whatever else they deem necessary to become more powerful than their rival faction. As Obama's popularity kept growing, Hillary and her core group remained determined to have her in the Oval Office, and elections were rigged to give her victories in key states. When she had no choice but to concede that Obama was the Party's nominee, her Clique attempted to eliminate him in an "accident." It wasn't successful, and any other attempts to kill him won't be either - a powerful shield of Christed Light is keeping him one of the most securely protected persons on the Planet. However, both the assassination attempt and failure caused even greater dissension between this faction's two elements, further decreasing the possibility that any of the Illuminati's insidious plans will ever reach fruition.

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 4 August 2008:

You are in a period that offers much for those that are mentally linking with the incoming Energies. There are more opportunities than normal as the amount of Light being sent to Earth is dramatically increasing the Light quotient. It is lifting up and moving towards the changes that are necessary for it's Cleansing. In fact it has already commenced, and soon the need for more physical movements will arise with the consequent inconvenience and unavoidable changes in occupied areas. Our part in this will be to monitor them and direct the energies along a course that results in the least amount of disruption. We will also keep away the Dark Forces from interfering and using "natural" changes for their own ends. What is happening is far from unusual, but it will intensify as the preparations for your Ascension are speeding up.

Everywhere you look changes are taking place, and most are related to the breakdown of the structure and fabric of your Old Society and its outworn beliefs. It is a time of much confusion as you can see the break up occurring, but not so easily the new paradigm that is replacing it. Nevertheless, it is shaping up and is ready to bring the multitude of necessary changes into being very soon. We have in fact been prepared for our part in the proceedings for many years, and speed and efficiency will be our main objective. The task may sound too formidable by Earth standards, but know that we have unlimited resources that we can call upon within the Galactic Federation. We have never been more ready than now, and our Earth Allies have set up the new ways of working that shall re-define your handling and use of money. It only awaits the changes in the Government, and removal of those in power who maintain the old system.

The fact that your movement into the Higher Dimensions has taken so long, is because the Grand Design for your upliftment desires that as many Souls as possible are given a chance to move into the Light. However, as you often say, "Time waits for no Man" and that has now become a reality, as there are only a few years left in which to complete the tasks we have been given. There are now deadlines which cannot be exceeded except by Divine intervention, and as many of you have become intuitively aware they now loom large. Never forget that Ascension is an event of Universal proportions, and therefore not simply confined to Earth. Understanding the magnitude of the changes that are occurring is beyond you at present, and also the great Beings of Light hold your future in their hands. Suffice to say that you are no less important because of it, and our presence bears witness to it.

We sometimes wish that you had a waking knowledge of your interaction with us, as many of you visit our ships and stay with us. This usually takes place during your sleep period, when most of you leave your bodies if only to meet other Souls in the 4D Region you call Nirvana or Heaven. On awakening after such experiences you often have a fleeting memory of what has taken place, but it soon passes by and you have difficulty in identifying it. This is a normal memory function that "hides" such experiences, as you would otherwise be distracted from your daily responsibilities if you fully knew about them. However, because they are pleasant and reassuring, you often feel happy and fulfilled without knowing the reason why. It means that if you have met us, subconsciously you know that is has been a friendly and satisfying experience. Forget the so-called "abductions" as these are not associated with any Member of the Galactic Federation, and are the work of the E.T. Grey's.

Over the last half-century, we have consistently been seen in your skies and in some cases landed upon your Earth. Contacts have been made and it has balanced your beliefs about us, as your writers and filmmakers have previously delighted in depicting us as fearful Beings out to capture you or destroy Earth. All of your experiences of Space Beings formulates your "feeling" about us, and we have taken great care to show ourselves as your friends. We are aware that there is a large following of people that would be really happy to see us openly land upon Earth, and that event known as "First Contact" is not too far away.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and privileged to be part of the Contact Team, and there are many of us throughout your World involved in this task. We come in Love as you true Brothers and Sisters, and have a genuine desire for you to join us in our future adventures throughout the Cosmos.

Commander Ashtar of The Ashtar Command - Michael Ellegion - 4 August 2008

Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, our Divine Creator. This is Commander Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, in the Intergalactic Confederation. I have picked out two different, but much related news item stories. We have been Overshadowing and Inspiring all Citizens, not only of the United States of America, but every Planetary Citizen to demand greater and more responsible ACCOUNTABILITY from all your Earth's Leaders, Politicians and Bureaucrats. They must answer to and account for all their actions and agendas that have gone unchallenged for too long - "Officially" and Legally through what is termed the "Rule of Law".

Recent Spiritual planetary Awakening has occurred in the last few years, since the "False Flag" event known as 9-11. This awakening is causing all Souls to shift out of FEAR, or the "False Evidence Appearing Real" mode, into greater Love and Light as more powerful Cosmic Energies of Light sweep the Planet. This is creating within all Souls of Light, a desire of calm and focused ACCOUNTABILITY for all those who participated in and even planned the Events behind the scenes, of this "9-11 inside job". Yes, all corrupt and destructive events that were secretly or covertly planned behind the scenes, were done with the intention of creating conditions that these Forces thought would have the usual and past historical effect - allowing more control over the population. This in turn would allow them to create a total Fascist Dictatorship as the ultimate result.

Instead, the exact opposite has been occurring, as we have helped in Overshadowing and Inspiring this extremely, powerful shift. A greater desire for more responsibility and personal participation, that occurs in our Higher Worlds of the Federation, and in our Higher Councils. The Citizens of not only America, but the entire Planet are, like a "sleeping giant waking up." They will not allow the real facts of Truth to be covered up any longer. As Caretakers and Guardians for this entire Planet and with greater Love for all Creation, all Souls must respect that which is termed the Sacred Spiritual "Rule of Law", which includes specific Constitutional Laws. You are now quickly Awakening to the Self-Realisation of the need to take greater responsibility for all things that have occurred that need to be exposed, cleared-up and Healed (as "Planetary wounds of Mother Earth"). This must and is occurring in order that true Closure can take place. So that real Functional (versus dysfunctional) and balanced Healing can now take place. Then the next beautiful steps of planetary Transformation and Ascension can be allowed and completed.

As we of the Spiritual Hierarchy have stated many times, in simple terms this process requires total ACCOUNTABILITY for a smooth and thorough completion of the ongoing process, so that history is not ever allowed to repeat itself ever again. In these two news item stories, there are many who were actually responsible. Yes, members of the Dark Cabal, which definitely included the then President, Vice President, and many others of their corrupt Administration did plan and orchestrate 9-11. Now they are attempting to block the inevitable outcome of having to face not only true justice, but the Karma of their actions. As the headline states, they have a major motivation for attempting - and I emphasise the word - ATTEMPTING - to block or stop the investigation of their actions. For no matter what they may have attempted to do up until now, they cannot stop the ultimate exposure of all that they did.

The other News Story is also a very powerful premonition of this upcoming Historical event, of an actual War Crimes Trial, similar to the Nuremberg War Trials. Those responsible for these events as well as many others will be forced to attend. And unlike the fact that many of those Nazis who were responsible for crimes against Humanity escaped, some through the program known as "Operation Paperclip", this time, ultimately, all those who had been involved with this and many other such events, will be made ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. These next few years shall be a time of true Revelation for most Souls on this Planet. In fact, this process will begin over the next couple of years as more is exposed and released which was able to be blocked up until now. It shall all be exposed, and then all Planetary wounds will be healed, and true Closure will occur.

Blessings to you all, as all this long overdue Accountability finally manifests, and you all get on with the very exciting Transformation of not only the U.S., but the entire Planet! This has been Ashtar, signing out. And until next time, Keep your eyes on the skies! Adonai Vassu Berogus!

(Michael Ellegion -

Ag-agria of Sirius - Michael Qunisey8 August 2008:

These are very energetic times as the levels of vibration continue to rise upon Earth. Many of you can feel the upliftment that is taking place, and it is a steadying influence in times that are very testing. The Olympics in China should be a showcase of Humanity's ability to come together in true friendship, but it cannot hide the discontent that lies behind the scenes. It highlights the very matters that are a blight in many countries, and none may hold their heads up high where Human Rights are concerned. People in general have grasped the fact that you need a new approach to the way that Mankind is treated. They see the flaws and deception, the oppressive laws and draconian controls that deny each and every one of you your rights. The call for a stop to the denial of them grows stronger, and political demonstrations will intensify until your Leaders take notice. It is a Worldwide phenomenon, and the people will not only be heard but force them to take notice.

Pretence that all is well amongst the population of the World is the smoke screen used by those that know better, and hide their real motives behind platitudes and declarations that no longer fool people. You are extremely powerful when you come together in a common purpose, and it is you who must be listened to otherwise outright anarchy will take place. It is not that all agree as to how you should handle the matter, and peaceful demonstrations often escalate into violence. However, we note that sometimes those who should be protecting you orchestrate it against you deliberately to evoke a response. We will never advocate violence in any form, but we do understand your exasperation and frustration when the authorities fail to respond to your pleas. Wherever you gather we shall also be present if only to calm the proceedings, and where possible inject a note of common sense in all concerned.

Because of the changes that are taking place now, the higher energies tend to highlight all that is not in harmony with it, and it is natural that you express your discontent. It is readily apparent to you where the changes need to take place, and you will consistently seek the remedies that will put it right. Currently your focus is directed towards your Governments, as few can claim to pay any particular attention to what you are saying. They will disregard you at great risk to themselves, as People Power is growing through the Mass Consciousness of the World. You subconsciously know your Rights, and your insistence that they be returned is part of the Cleansing that has started. It is building bridges that connect with the pathway to Ascension.

You have created the circumstances that allow for our arrival on Earth. You are ready to accept our help and hold out your hands in friendship, which we gratefully acknowledge. We know that your Authorities are scared of our influence and deny our presence. They see us as a threat to their position and know that we shall support you, and are able to bring a halt to war and the industries that support it. We wish as you do, to redirect your resources and energy into peaceful pursuits, and there will be a place for everyone who expresses such desires. Now more than any previous time, you can see where your Political Systems fail you, and it is clear that major changes must take place. The old ones have become redundant, and those in power lack both the will and foresight to move into a New Age. It is a fact that the Illuminati keep the status quo, to prevent you from moving out of an Age that is totally dependant on oil. Free Energy that would solve your problems and your reliance on oil is available all around you, and the means to tap it are already known but shelved.

Free Energy is the answer not only to replace oil driven industries, but would solve your transport problems and all of your needs where your home life is concerned. Such advances were given to you not to be hidden away to maintain the greed of the Power Companies, but to advance your standards of living and take away your dependence on oil. Change is a natural development for any evolving society, but yours has been deliberately stagnated and held back in the name of profit and control. Once we of the Galactic Federation arrive on Earth, we shall instigate massive projects that shall enable you to leap into the future. You shall see the most remarkable changes over the next few years, because our time of arrival approaches very soon. In consequence you will soon forget the Dark days, and your focus will be on getting prepared for the great and unique occasion of your Ascension.

Chaos abounds around you, but that is to be expected as the old is breaking up and the way must be cleared for the new to manifest. Much work will be needed to restore your Earth let alone provide for all of your needs. However, be assured that we are more than a match for the challenge, and have rehearsed our Plan many times. Our help is vital if you are to move on, and this is why our arrival has been decreed as an event that will happen very soon. Within the parameters that we have been given even now we control what happens on Earth, and will ensure that no actions taken by your Dark Forces alter the outcome. It is being held steady, and particular attention is given to the likely manipulation of your weather which can be used as a weapon against you. Also be assured that we control the Space around your Planet, and it shall not be invaded or controlled by any other Force.

I am Ag-agria from Sirius and have much experience where you are concerned, and have accompanied you through many periods of your History. You must bear in mind that our life span is much longer than yours, and we do not experience ageing such as you do. Consequently, you have never knowingly seen an old Space Being but always we appear in our prime of life. Yet in your measurement of time, we are hundreds of years old but show no signs of ageing. In the future this shall also be your experience, as your new Crystalline physical bodies will be so refined that they will keep their shape and condition. With it comes perfect health, and all of those ills and disabilities that are commonplace on Earth will no longer assail you. You will also have become one with the great Universal Light and Love that contains All That Is.

Atmos of Sirius - Michael Quinsey11 August 2008:

I refer to an incident that has just occurred in Georgia, and you may lay the blame on both sides for its creation. Yet I can tell you that the US Dark Cabal has covertly helped bring it about to galvanize the West against Russia. It is an attempt to create another Cold War and isolate the Russians before they make more headway in Europe. The Dark Cabal are now big players in the Oil Markets that are at the root of many problems in your World today, that also broker much power and dictate what happens in your Financial Markets.

Fortunately, the source of your energy supplies will completely alter in the very near future, and oil shall be left where it should remain, in the body of the Earth. Your dependence on oil has long been a thorn in your sides, and left you at the mercy of those who control its supplies and manipulate the prices. Free Energy involves little cost at all, and will replace your fossil fuels and thereby also ensure that after the Cleansing of Earth, there will be no pollution as you now experience it. Clearly your Earth could not sustain the present levels of pollution, deforestation, and the resultant damage for much longer.

I am Atmos from Sirius, and we of the Galactic Federation see our opportunity to safely land on Earth not too far away. Changes will first take place that shall prepare you for such a wonderful event, and we excitedly look forward to it.

Adamu of the Pleiades - Zingdad - 11 August 2008:

We of the Pleiadian civilisation are one of many Races of Beings that are Space-users. That is we have ships that can traverse the vast distances of space. The other Space-user Races that we meet with that agree to a "Charter of Service to Others" and Non-Intervention and so forth were invited to join an organisation called the Galactic Federation of Light. The Galactic Federation has been quite directly involved in your Planet in many, many ways for your Planet's whole History. Of late we have been bringing great many Space Ships into the environment of your Planet in order to assist with numerous subtle duties. I can list a few: assisting with the balancing of your Magnetosphere, working against your destructive tendencies by disallowing nuclear explosions and similar, beaming in balancing frequencies of Light that assist in the Ascension process, severely curtailing the negative activities of other "Self-serving Space Races" and so on and so on. The list is long. The point is we have been here in the environs of your Planet for a long time working very hard to assist in your welfare, though you do not know about it.

You see, we can work across different densities of existence and we confine ourselves to densities other than your own so that we are not observed. This has been important as our Non-Interventionist policies dictate that we do not force ourselves upon a population that does not ask for, and is not ready for our arrival. But now, in the last number of years the Mass Consciousness has been shifting on your Planet for many reasons. One is that there have been appearances by other Self-serving Space-user Races on your Planet. They are not party to our Galactic Federation Charter and so they behave with impunity. They managed to arrange an Agreement with the American Government many years ago which basically gave them access to your Planet in exchange for militarily useful secrets. This has now backfired on them. They attempted to be stealthy in their interactions with Earth Humans but they made many errors. Your awareness of them and their Ships picked up dramatically and caused your population to begin to ask questions. Then, with the incoming growing Light Energies, your Consciousness on Planet Earth has shifted radically. You are simply no longer willing to believe everything your Governments tell you. You are no longer willing to be lead like Lambs to the Slaughter of the Gods of Fear and War. You think for yourselves and you ask questions. So, along this path you began to remember your lives amongst us out in the Stars. Or you reached out to us in your minds. Or in a heightened state of awareness you opened your perception to our Space Ships in the neighbouring densities. Whatever the case might be you began to become aware of us. We were waiting. We eagerly engaged with any that would welcome it. We encouraged such engagement with subtle inputs like the Crop Circle phenomenon. And slowly the mind-set of Earth inhabitants shifted. And now we are here at point where a significant number of Earth's population are ready to know about our existence and are available to the possibility that we might be Peaceful, Loving and of Positive intent. Despite all the Secret Power Cabal's efforts to paint us as Bad and to be feared, your people are ready to hear that we are of Good Intent. And so the time comes. We are ready to make a showing. We will do so soon.

What form will the showing take?

You can prepare yourselves to see a single very large Light-Ship flying over certain well populated areas of your Planet. It will fly slowly and will be visible over those areas for long enough for you to get a good eyeful. No more little flashes in the corner of your eye. This time you can stand and stare. You can take photographs and videos. You can call your friends and neighbours out to look. The Spaceship will be in the sky for a long time and slowly move out over a period of a few days across enough of the World that there will be absolutely zero chance of anyone trying to say this was anything other than what it was. The swamp-gas theorists and the weather-balloon nay-sayers will finally have to make a very good meal of their hats. Not only will you see the Spaceship but it will put on a display. We will make sure it is pretty to look at with pleasant and entertaining light displays upon its surface. It will also perform some mild acrobatics - a few loops and so forth, which will be extremely impressive given its size. You see it is a large Spaceship that we have chosen for this sortie. It is more than several of your miles across.

It is important that we choose a particularly large and competent Spaceship. You see your Earth Cabal is in cahoots with others that have space-flight technology. This is the very, very last thing they want. They will do anything at all to stop this happening. If they cannot stop it they will do anything to abort it and if they cannot do that they will do anything to make it appear as if we are the attackers - invaders of your Planet. So you see we will choose a very large and very advanced Ship. One of the most advanced in our Fleet. This will mean that we can not only repel any efforts of attack but we can actually do so without counter-attacking. You will NOT see our Space Ship take aggressive action no matter what occurs. So any provocation will be obvious for what it is - an attack on us. There will be absolutely no possibility of confusion. But it goes further than that. This particular Spaceship has the capability of foiling attack in some very remarkable ways. We do not expect to be attacked at all. But we prepare for every eventuality. The most important thing to us - the prime objective number one - is that no one is harmed at all. This is what we always strive for.

There is another reason for us using such a large Ship. You see your Earth Cabal has some Space Ships at its disposal. I shall use your vernacular and call them "flying saucers". These are horrible little "tin-can" devices, but they can be (and sometimes are) confused for our Ships when they are seen by your Earth-Human eyes, unaccustomed as you are to what our technology looks like. We want you to get a good look at our technology so that the possibility of you thinking these flying sardine-cans are ours is forever eliminated. You will know our Ships when you see them. Our Ships are Living Light... not tin. They are beautiful and graceful and utterly silent. They will resonate with your hearts when you see them. You will never again be confused about which is which. You cannot comprehend how much we have desired this moment and how much work has gone into the preparations for it.

So when? You previously said "before the end of the year". Since then I have come across other channels that all seem pretty sure about October. So when?

Your dear old Adamu has become a bit more conservative in his approach than some of the others on the Galactic Federation team [he chuckles]. Yes, it is true that we plan to do this in October but we have to take the exigencies of the moment into account. This is an incredibly delicate thing. We are deeply concerned about what the opposition might try to do and so we might need to shift the date around in response. I did not wish to have you feel embarrassed if I gave you a date and it did not materialise on that date. I am well aware of your internal struggle with releasing this information. You pin your colours to the mast in a new way now. You place your own personal credibility at stake by allowing me to channel this information through you. Now, for the first time an event will either occur or not occur which will cause people to say "Zingdad's channellings came true!" or "Zingdad is a bit of a damp squid - his channellings are bogus". I want to work carefully with you on this and do not want to set you up for the self-doubt that might come as a result of a failed "prophecy". So anyway, I will confirm the plan for mid-October but ask for leniency if the date needs a tweaking. But we will at some time soon be gracing your skies with our Ship. Of that I assure you.

What I'd next like to ask is where the Spaceship will be visible from. Which cities?

This is a sensitive point. You'll notice no Channelers will give this information. It is important strategically to keep the Opposition guessing. They must not be able to prepare for this. If they have exact locations they may be able to pre-empt what we plan and make our lives a little more difficult. So this info will be withheld until we are certain they can do nothing about it. What I will say is this: numerous large cites will get a good view but we will avoid areas where your military's retaliation could cause harm your people...

Ela of Arcturus - Michael Quinsey13 August 2008:

The Galactic Federation is a gigantic Organization that serves your Universe. Certain Star Nations such as ours from Arcturus have a more direct connection with Earth, having been involved with your civilization for thousands of years. We are not just the Peacekeepers, but also seek to ensure that the Plan for all Galaxies within it, flow with the Plan for its growth. We can travel quickly and efficiently within the different Dimensions, and can reach our destination quite easily regardless of its distance from us. In fact neither time or distance are such important factors as upon Earth.

You and Earth occupy much of our time as you approach a milestone in your evolution, and we monitor the Changes that are well under way. We will ensure that each and everyone of you, is given the maximum opportunity to join the Ascension process. Because of the nature of life within Duality, our task is focused around the actions of the Dark Forces that would delay it if possible. Your experiences still serve their purpose, but time has been called so as to allow you to proceed unhampered onto your Path of Light.

There is absolutely no way that any interference in your lives will be allowed to prevent your Upliftment. The energies of Change have long been in place, and continue to become a powerful force that cannot be stopped. It is therefore simply a matter of time before they enable far-reaching changes that will alter the course of your lives. It is moving from one track to another, as both have been running alongside each other for aeons of time. You now have a monumental choice to make, and no one shall be able to say that it was not offered to them. It will be made quite clear that Ascension is open to any Soul that feels ready to move out of your present Dimension.

Once we are given the Go-ahead to contact you as part of the imminent Changes, you will be informed through numerous sources of communication the exact nature of the remaining years of this Cycle. It will be a time of intense education so that you are all aware of the significance of the period leading to Ascension. There are only a few years remaining in which fantastic changes will occur. The greatest Ones will be within each of you, as you are enlightened and open up to the Truth of your Journey through Duality, of experiencing and dealing with the Darkness and the Light. It has been one of wonderful experiences that you will carry with you. You may have slipped into the Lower Dimensions, but your link with the Light has always remained true and strong. Now you shall discover your True Selves as immense and beautiful Beings of Light and Love.

You have the potential to be anything that you desire, and as you lift your vibrations your creative powers will increase incrementally. The difference from your present experiences will be that your Power will come with each step you take along the Ascension path. Your intent and desires will be able to manifest in the Light, and be of the highest order. You will quickly reach a point where you will have again become Beings of Light, fully connected with your Higher Selves, and the Dark Energies will no longer be able to touch you.

You wonder what it will be like to move into the Light, and we will tell you that it will be unlike anything you have experienced so far. You shall feel fulfilled and complete, and aware of your immutable connection with All That Is. It will seem most natural, for indeed you are returning to a State of Being that was yours before you willingly dropped into the lower vibrations. Some of you are already beginning to sense the changes within Self, and with it comes the ability to create space around you that becomes your safe haven from the lower energies. These cannot possibly affect you unless you allow them to intrude upon you, by linking your energies to them.

Emotions are one of your strong characteristics, and your task is to manage them in a positive way. If you allow anger and other negative expressions, these will diminish the Power of your Light. As you become more enlightened, you will find that even the slightest signs of negative feelings will be immediately noticeable. Quickly dismiss them and relax, and through your breathing restore balance and harmony. You will not take long to master these techniques, and will find that you can exercise complete control over yourself.

It is a fact that as you become lifted up to a Higher Dimension, you see Life from a totally different point of view. You will understand why Duality (Darkness v Light) led you into many different expressions of your Self, and that none of them has a lasting effect upon you. You will also accept that there is no need to carry the burden of guilt, as all of you have been Players in a repeating scenario, allowing you to experience every facet of Duality. It is the very reason you wanted to adopt new identities in the Lower Dimension, and accept the challenge to pit your wits and determination against the Opposition. You have of course had lives that have lent towards both sides of Duality, and the experiences have enriched your understanding. You have grown in Consciousness, and will have added another level in addition to what you had originally.

I am Ela from Arcturus, and we clearly see you in the midst of far reaching Changes, and turmoil that would seem to be all enveloping. However, be assured that it is because of the very fact that the Old is disintegrating and losing its power very rapidly. It is an unpleasant time to experience, but keep calm and help manifest the Light and cast it where it is needed. There are many hostile areas upon Earth, and we for our part are flooding them with uplifting energies. However, it is difficult to get through to people who suffer and feel all is lost. Keep faith with us, and the higher forces which never stop for one moment in their efforts to bring everyone into the Light and Love.

Atmos of Sirius - Michael Quinsey22 August 2008:

Many people feel that changes are around them, and cannot understand what is taking place. They feel the new energy permeating everything on Earth, as literally things are no longer as they used to be. There are subtle changes and also more obvious ones that are at a physical level. The cleansing of Earth is under way, and the more immediate evidence is the movement within its Crust. The Changes are necessary to accommodate the vision of the New Earth, and clear away the remnants of acts that have despoiled it. Mother Earth is well aware of what is needed, and unlike previous occasions, when a Grand Cycle has ended, this one will not be as destructive. What may seem to be random activity will nevertheless be controlled by us, and as safe as possible.

We of the Galactic Federation can control the effect of the Earth Changes, so as to minimise the damage and direct the Energies to where they will gently dissipate. Some incidents will be closer to populated areas, but again we will do all we can to protect them. You will not always be aware of our presence within your atmosphere, as our Craft will be cloaked in invisibility or operating outside of it. Our technology can hold the energies produced by earthquakes, and direct them to safer areas to lessen their impact. Once we have open contact with you it will become easier for us, as we can work with you. People in any danger can be temporarily moved to other areas and returned when it is safe to do so, and this can then be carried out quite openly.

Our cautious approach to meeting you comes from knowing the tactics of your Dark Forces. They would use our presence for their own ends, and we must therefore wait until they have been removed and in no position to interfere. That time approaches very rapidly, and everything is primed and ready to move into action. The size of your problems would overwhelm your services, which is why we are needed to immediately start programs that entail our joint cooperation. For us there is no challenge that we cannot handle, and it is through the sheer scale of our Forces that we can call upon that number millions of craft and personnel. We hear you saying that if we are that powerful why don't we come now, but that is not our way unless we are directed to do so by higher authorities than ourselves. As you may know, we have a deadline by which we must start contact with you, and that will be the only reason we shall arrive without giving you due notice.

We know there is much confusion amongst some people as to the role we have played in your lives, and why we are here now. Man is so used to the greedy and materialistic approach to life, that he finds it hard to believe we come in Peace and Friendship without some ulterior motive. You have a survival instinct that makes you suspicious of us, and not helped by the negative image created by your Media. Some of this has been deliberate to make you fearful of us, but your History will show that we have never caused an incident to justify such a reaction. Indeed, where our visits to Earth are recorded they often clearly show that we have given you help and guidance.

In the background there are Ancient Stories of other Extraterrestrials that have been connected with the Dark Forces, and of recent time you have the activities of the Greys. These are not Members of our Federation, and although the Greys were allowed contact with you that arose from the invitation received from your Government some 70 years ago. Therefore to the average person who has heard of these Stories, it is no wonder that there is some confusion. However, we have responsibility for you to ensure that the changes take place as planned, and that you are fully aware and prepared for Ascension. We do therefore protect you from interference by other Beings, who would otherwise see your Planet as a desirable source of material wealth.

From a higher perspective we also follow your spiritual progress and enlightenment, and that is also part of our brief to lead you forward into the Golden Age. All life is ever on an upward path seeking more understanding and knowledge, and before the End Times you will have been made aware of your true status. You have begun to find out the truth about yourselves and there is no longer any reason to feel like lesser Beings. You have all the potential of Gods, and will eventually have creative powers beyond your present imagination. Believe us, it is not out of order to call you "Great Beings" although that realisation has not yet been accepted by you. You were Great Beings before you took on the challenge of Duality, and now that Cycle is coming to a conclusion you are returning to the Higher Dimensions.

There are only a few years remaining before you go through the actual process of Ascension, but in that time you shall experience a great expansion of your Consciousness, and then you shall really understand the truth. Already it is beginning to happen to large numbers of you, and one of the first realizations is your Oneness with all life. It allows you to feel your place within it and your role as Guardians of the Earth, where hitherto you felt completely separate from each other. Looking back you will see that Man acquired all of his needs from the Earth, but grew selfish and greedy in the Material Age and disregarded his responsibilities to it. With our coming you have the opportunity to pay back Mother Earth for her caring and Love for you, and together we shall restore her to the original pristine condition.

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 5 September 2008:

It is not by chance that many find themselves drawn to those groups who are working for the changes most desperately needed, and there are those who have yet to awaken to their tasks. Nothing happens by chance and the "End Times" have been already written in the Annals of Heaven, where the great Councils have met and decided the manner in which they will manifest. It may seem otherwise, but that is because you do not have an overall view of events. Our presence calls for much faith from you all until such time as we can meet openly. Only then can we fully reveal the Great Plan for your release from the Dark Forces, and the power structure that supports them. One of our principle approaches is the enlightenment of as many people as possible, as your power lies within your ability to perceive the truth. For too long you have lived the lies that have been thrust upon you, and must awaken from the great sleep that has kept you in the dark.

Without the changes that will inevitably cause some disruption in your lives, you cannot move forward. However, it will not result in discomfort as we shall ensure that all your needs are catered for during such times. The size of any problem presents no difficulty for us, as we already know what is required for your ease and comfort. We have planned our arrival and subsequent changes for a very long time, and have our own experience in moving a civilization forward and into a New Age. We cannot yet show ourselves to the full extent that we work in and around your Earth, but if you could see our activities you would be more than assured of our protection. We cannot fail in our service to you, and soon we shall be working together as One united in Love and Light.

Some of you are concerned about the decline of many species of animals that have been affected by environmental changes. We would assure you that in nature this is always happening when their habitat changes and no longer supports them. What is however of concern is the deliberate destruction on the planet such as deforestation, and such actions will cease immediately we arrive on Earth. Even so we would put your minds at rest by telling you that we have gene pools, and can re-establish any "missing" species if it is necessary. When your Earth was seeded all that was needed was brought from other planets, and if necessary genetically altered to suit your conditions.

When the restoration of your Earth is complete, its vibration will be much higher and all will exist in the perfection that met your eyes when you first settled upon it. There will be no insects or those plant varieties that present some harm to you. Nothing can exist except it be in complete harmony and balance, and beauty and peace shall reign. These are changes that shall be completed in readiness for Ascension, and that you shall experience in this period. Time would perhaps appear too short for such ambitious plans, but we can make sweeping changes quite quickly with our advanced knowledge and technologies. What can be created in an instant can also be removed just as easily. This also applies to Man's own structures and alterations to Earth.

At different times in your history people understood far more than you do today, as how to work with Nature and maintain harmony and balance. That understanding will feature in the changes we shall bring about, and anything that is out of balance will be removed. What shall remain will be pleasing to the eye in an array of colors that you have not yet seen on Earth. If you but knew what is about to happen and the extent to which it will lift you up, you would hardly concern yourselves about your day-to-day worries. They are soon to cease so we would ask you to take them in your stride and see that they will be short lived.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have followed your evolution for a long time. Even when I have been elsewhere in the Universe I have had contact with your civilization, and this has been possible because our life span is numbered in hundreds of years. This shall also be your experience as you will choose where and when you change the direction of your evolutionary path. Your destiny and experiences will be in your own hands, your Freewill extends far beyond what you have experienced so far upon Earth. Let the energy of Love be the weapon that shall clear the darkness for all time.

Commander Adama - 26 September / 6 October 2008:

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT by the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command

I recently attended a meeting with the First Contact Liaison Teams aboard a Galactic Federation of Light Sirian Mothership. It was a 10 hour (in Earth linear time) meeting with 100 people of all different Races within this Galaxy and Universe. There has been a major success that is creating a shift in the way the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Spiritual Hierarchy can work directly with Planet Earth very soon. I will go over the key aspects that were spoken about during this meeting.

The MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that by February 1st 2009 the Illuminati will be totally dismantled. The collapse of the Illuminati will happen through financial problems. When this finally occurs, they will lose all control over Planet Earth and Planet Earth will finally be able to start going down the path that is meant to happen; the path towards First Contact and Ascension. The strongest Illuminati organizations that still exist are within the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and of course the Vatican which controls every major religion. The Illuminati organization within the United States of America is the epicenter of Global Control. This is where the Main Headquarters are located. As they say, if you dismantle the Source, the Organization cannot work and operate.

As you currently can see in your media, no matter where you are on Planet Earth, there is an extreme Financial Crisis wreaking havoc through the Stock Market. Where do these financial problems arise from? Simply put, from the United States of America. Now [26 September], the USA is currently trying to pass a $700 billion dollar plan within their Government that will bail out Stock Market companies that are bankrupt or about to become bankrupt which they believe will boost the economy. This is their last plan to try and recover some of their money to gain the level of power they once had, but that will not happen. The Illuminati dug themselves into an immensely massive hole. The USA is currently about $9.7 trillion dollars in debt. If this plan is passed, they will be over ten trillion dollars in debt. Financial experts are predicting that the USA will be engulfed in a big Recession that could possibly evolve into a Depression with or without a plan. That is how deep this trench goes. Also, the CIA and FBI are investigating some of these Stock Market companies for embezzlement and fraud. What does this mean? It means that we are seeing the downfall of the American Empire, which will utterly destroy the Illuminati's global control since this is where the source of their organization is located. Money = Power. That simple equation is how the Illuminati got to the point of controlling and manipulating the entire Planet without the public finding out; operating behind a veil of deceit. But, if you don't have money, you won't have power. The financial fortress that has been created is crumbling at a rapid pace. Their greatest strength is what has become their greatest weakness and this is something that was known would eventually happen which is why the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Spiritual Hierarchy have chosen not to directly intervene in Planet Earths affairs. Letting this event play itself out is the key.

It is important to understand what is meant when talking about a Financial Collapse. People tend to get scared or fearful when you mention a Financial Collapse. What is going and already starting to happen is a Financial Collapse that needs a new definition. This is what it shall be: a collapse of a World Empire due to bankruptcy which is maintaining the sustainability of a mediocre economy due to a manipulation of the monetary system to become based upon fiat currency. It is not expected for a major Depression to overtake the USA or other countries. A big Recession will likely happen for the USA. What citizens of America have been experiencing within the last couple of months will continue and tend to get a little worse. The rest of the world should also feel an aspect of this but not anywhere as much as the USA will, and which they have been experiencing. But certain key parts of the world that are directly associated with the USA will feel some similar financial pressures. This is what to expect. What will be felt is what has been felt for the last couple of months, but amplified to a more profound experience. Do not fear this, as this is a positive event that will bring a new change to the Planet, and it is necessary. And this is exactly what is happening.

I am sure there will be a lot of speculation that will result in a rather typical question. Are the Illuminati creating this financial problem in hopes to turn it into a Depression so they can declare Martial Law?

The answer to that is NO. Was it a plan in the past? Yes it was. Why is it not now? The answer to this is that because the Illuminati knows and understands that the authority and power the Spiritual Hierarchy has given to the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command can be used to directly intervene into Planet Earths affairs if necessary.

So, once again, the MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that by February 1st 2009 the Illuminati will be totally dismantled. The collapse of the Illuminati will happen through financial problems. When this finally occurs, they will lose all control over Planet Earth and Planet Earth will finally be able to start going down the path that is meant to happen; the path towards First Contact and Ascension.

This is what I was told to tell the world from this meeting! Preparations are now seriously being planned by the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Spiritual Hierarchy to start with the beginning phases of initiating First Contact as soon as this current event plays out.

Commander Adama (continued) - October 6, 2008:

I recently attended another meeting with the First Contact Liaison Teams. This time it was at the Galactic Federation of Light Sirius B Defense Headquarters. Much was discussed. So let's begin.

There have been full scale preparations for First Contact. The landing points of Galactic Federation of Light Ships have been assigned to various areas of Planet Earth. Will First Contact happen right after the Illuminati has lost all of their power? No; First Contact will happen a couple of months after, just to clarify that. That is all I am allowed to say about details regarding First Contact.

The time of change is upon us. There has been an escalation of Galactic Federation of Light Ships that have been flying into the lower parts of Planet Earth's atmosphere to do various things. The most important is that they are sending energies of Love, Peace, and Joy to the entire planet to limit the fear, shock, and possible chaotic attitudes people may have due to this Financial Crisis that is expected to get worse until the Illuminati is fully bankrupt. Secondly, these Ships are monitoring Planet Earth and her health. What all of you are seeing right now is a huge wave of change that is starting to sweep over the entire Planet. 2008 is the year of change. 2009 is the year of action. It is very important for everyone to understand that.

The October 14th event is still right on schedule to manifest into our reality on October 14th. Final details and preparations have been made about what is going to happen when it occurs. The Galactic Federation of Light has been very unsure about how large the ship will be and if it will move or stay stationary. They now know for sure and will allow me to tell, which the following is:

The ship will appear for a period of three days in Earth linear time. It will first appear in the morning as the sun rises. For the duration of the three day period it will remain stationary the entire time. As the Sun sets on the third day, it will depart and leave. The Ship is going to be of Sirian origin and will be close to a mile long, or approximately 4000 - 5000 feet in length. It will appear somewhere within the United States of America. Exactly where is still unknown. They will decide that a day before this event will take place.

On Friday, October 3rd, the United States of America did successfully pass their 700 billion dollar Bailout Plan that is designed to bailout Wall Street. The USA is now over 10 trillion dollars in debt. The USA is bankrupt! There were still a large amount of politicians that voted against it, and most have even stated that this will do nothing to help the economy. A small boost could probably take place for a month or so, and then it will continue to deteriorate. It is very important for everybody to know two things about this situation.

1) This is not your ordinary financial collapse. As written before, the definition of this type is: a collapse of a World Empire due to bankruptcy which is maintaining the sustainability of a mediocre economy due to a manipulation of the Monetary System to become based upon fiat currency.

2) There is nothing to fear at all. The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command are paying close attention to how this plays out. IF it gets to a point where a depression occurs, things will be done to make sure that nobody suffers severely for it. Prosperity funds would be immediately dispersed and certain aspects of NESARA will be implemented IF this Financial Crisis does evolve into a Depression.

The three-day appearance of one of the Galactic Federation's Light Ships over Earth scheduled for the 14th October 2008 failed to take place and an explanation is provided in the following statement:

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 15 October 2008:

Dear Ones a high point has been achieved through the ongoing expectation of the arrival of the Forces of Light [14 October Lightship Earth Overflight], and that is so important to the final outcome of First Contact. Having been presented with a firm announcement connected with the "Sighting" rather than a mere possibility; it has confronted many souls who were not ready for such an enormous event. The result has been a shock to their system, over and above the normal reaction to the many sightings that have been taking place with ever increasing regularity. With all of the confusion and chaos [The Financial Crisis] already making people tense and worried, yet another matter of mind wrenching capability has created a degree of tension that was not envisaged. In the interests of those people, the sighting has been curtailed for a short time until a more receptive response is registered.

The Lightworkers will understand that people's well-being has always been first and uppermost in our consideration. As with other proposed major events that have been held back, the whole process of Ascension still moves forward. It will certainly be unaffected in any way by the change of course. Overall the Light has grown, and brought the facts of what is transpiring on and off Earth, to more people's attention than ever before. In that respect there has been a gain for the Light, however it was never intended that an event planned with so much love and good intentions, should heighten people's fears and confusion. Our decisions are always for the good of all, and it still remains true that there is a divine decree in place regarding the manner in which the end times are played out.

Now the focus returns for the time being on the next few months, during which many major and extremely important events are drawing to a conclusion. This is in accordance with the long held plan to remove the last Cabal. Then, the Mass Consciousness will be even more receptive to the possibility of First Contact. What has been happening over the last few weeks, is that dear souls who have not previously given much thought to the existence of their Space Family, have felt compelled to wrestle with what it would mean to them. For some it has been extremely unsettling, and they clearly need yet more time to contemplate such an important issue. However, the seeds are sown and as further changes occur on Earth, so the possibility of contact with us will become more acceptable.

There is a fine line between our desire to contact you openly, and the reluctance of some of you to accept our presence and place in your lives, and indeed in your future. Our ways are not to force issues, but to try with immense patience to guide people's thoughts into a new way of thinking. For quite some time messages of love and great encouragement have been presented to you. Their goal is to awaken you to the truth of your reality that you have created, and lift your consciousness to a much higher level of understanding. In that the messages have been remarkably successful, yet so many of Humankind have remained bogged down by the lower vibrations. Our desire would be to lift every single soul up, but we know that some are not ready to take such a step. That is as always a freewill choice, which will always be honored.

It is not so much as you would say "back to the drawing board" but simply an adjustment to part of the plan to acquaint you with our presence, Bear in mind that at this stage, the "Sighting" was intended to make a final move that proved beyond doubt our existence. Whilst millions of you have seen our craft, and even Extraterrestrials a considerable number of times, these have been the ongoing contacts that have gradually brought a large degree of acceptance of us. To present a sighting such as was planned would leave little way out for those full of fear. Of course there is always going to be a certain degree of opposition to such an event, as the uninformed and Dark Forces will use every way possible to defeat our intentions. They cannot however achieve but only a temporary respite from our presence, and in the long run the plan for Man will manifest.

Nothing has really changed, and there is always a need to reappraise what we are planning. We do in fact constantly review our input into Earthly affairs, and our caution is sometimes seen as inaction on our part. A few more days or weeks are really unimportant after thousands of years in duality. The most important factor above all else is the result of our presence, and our gentle nudging towards the path of Ascension. Our craft will continue to make their way across your skies as before, and that will remain as part of our ongoing plan to familiarize you with them and accept that they offer you no threat.

We would encourage you to look at the positive side of any event that seems on the face of it to be a failure. The "Sighting" has not gone ahead as planned, but because of the intent to prove our presence beyond doubt, it has opened more people's minds and hearts. It signals the coming together of your civilization and others that are truly your Brothers and Sisters from the Stars. As always we keep tabs on what your Dark Forces are doing, and they continue to fall down the slippery path to oblivion. Their time is up, although they refuse to recognize it and obstinately hold onto their waning power.

A look at what is happening on your world shows that there have been great advancements for your release from the hold of the Dark. Suddenly the plan for the initial changes that will start a whole ream of them is there to see. Allow for matters to play out, and then you will notice that our Allies have managed to set the scene for a massive change in the way your financial set up works. Soon the abundance program will be able to commence, and your immediate worries will be short lived. It will be only the start of a whole series of changes that will not be able to be thwarted by the outgoing and defeated Cwithin our Universeabal.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation ask that you try to see what has happened where the "Sighting" has been concerned, and put it into perspective with everything else. Your future is assured, and although it may not be apparent, there has been much gain from the upliftment in people's consciousness as a result of it. Please accept and feel our love for you all.

MATTHEW from the Spiritual Realms – 22 October 2008:

This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all Souls at this station. Although the economy globally and the Presidential Election in the United States are of greater interest worldwide, I begin by addressing an issue that has aroused feelings that include disappointment, disillusionment and anger among those who expected to see a large Lightship October 14 and "I knew it was a hoax" from some quarters. The announcement was not a hoax, and we honour the radiant Soul who received the message about the Ship's appearance and courageously disseminated it.

The crew and passengers who intended to be evident in your skies on that day were much more disappointed than you - they have long been in a state of eagerness and readiness. You awaited their scheduled appearance for only a few weeks; they have awaited for several years the abatement of belligerence and violence on the planet so safety could be assured to all who would hail the unveiling of their presence. However, they feel no anger toward the ones in the Government who pooh-pooh their very existence and at the same time are developing weaponry to annihilate the spacecraft. Nor do the Ship's occupants feel disillusioned because some who were longing to see the Ship now regard its occupants as promise-breakers or too weak to deal with all potentials in the air and on the ground or exceedingly foolish for having announced the date when they would show themselves.

Regarding the opinions that announcing that date was foolish because it gave the Dark Ones time to prepare something sinister, I shall tell you that for quite some time they have been well prepared in every minute, or so they think, to prevent the world from knowing the truth that our Space Family is ever-present. In this case, the appearance of a large ship for a period of days to show everyone "We come in peace, not conquest" was the game plan, and it went awry shortly before the uncloaking was scheduled, when Ground Intelligence notified the Ship Commander that the safety net on the Planet appeared to have been compromised. The conclusion was that a delay with all its repercussions was far better than risking the possibility of jeopardy to those who would joyously rally to see undeniable proof, "They ARE here!". Your Space Brotherhood understood that their decision would incur strong reactions, even their loss of credibility with some Souls, but safety for all on the Planet was and will continue to be the decisive factor determining their activities. While the Dark Ones' efforts to destroy the Ship would be futile - large ships have more powerful protective mechanisms than small reconnaissance craft - the attempts could have injurious fallout for the populace. If you are among those who publicized the event to family and friends who now are laughing, don't be dismayed - very likely they will join in the rejoicing when the Ship does appear.

Many others also accepted the non-appearance with equanimity, patience and no loss of conviction that the Ship will come, and this is most gratifying to Lighted Souls in body or spirit everywhere. Let me correct myself -"come" is not the right word because it signifies that the Ship has left your vicinity, and it has not. It is so close to you that a few especially attuned souls sense its presence "under wraps," which can be removed in an instant - their cloaking/uncloaking technology is quite astonishing. That said, I shall stick out my neck and add that you will see this Ship "soon"!

Now then, the economy. None of the measures being taken to shore up the stability of the Banks and other financial institutions will work as intended, which is to keep control of the titanic wealth in the hands of the powerful few. That is the good news. The bad news is well known: More jobs and businesses and homes are being lost even as the ones responsible for those losses are being "rescued" to continue their malicious manipulation of the global economy. While the Illuminati diehards are refusing to accept that their long reign of massive corruption is over, some among the ranks are seeing the utter futility of those measures and jumping ship, so to say; and any ideas about replacing the dollar with AMERO currency are as unworkable as any concerns about that change are needless.

However, please do not expect an abrupt change for the better when the new US Presidential Administration takes over - they will inherit a horrendous mess that will take time to correct. Correction must start in that country, where the Federal Reserve vulture holds sway, and correct it the new Leaders will, but there is such commotion in Earth's energy field of potential at this moment that it's not possible to discern how long global reformation will take.

Atmos of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 10 September 2008:

There are going to be many changes before long, and they will direct your attention away from the pressures of everyday life. It is time to bid the old farewell, as a new paradigm must replace the present outworn one. It comes in the shape of the Ascension process that will come into its own very shortly, and lead you on to the Golden Age. So many souls have set their sights upon it, and know that it will permanently release them from the cycle of duality. As a result there are now two distinct groups and they are drifting further apart, and it is in both of their interests to be free to follow their own desires. Those of the Light see quite clearly what lies ahead, whereas those that have not yet awakened continue to accept their present environment with little vision of a new future.

Yet out of the experience of Duality each and every soul will learn valuable lessons, which will hold good for their next cycle of experience. Wherever you go and whatever you choose for your continued growth, you will find other souls also pursuing the same pathways. Those who have gone before you will become your mentors and guides, and this is normal in the higher realms. All help each other as they walk in Unconditional Love for all life. It is the recognition of these levels of attainment that drives you ever onwards. It is your goal, yet it is only the beginning of a great adventure that will take you anywhere in the Cosmos.

We are well advanced in our preparations, and work with our Allies to remove the last obstacles that hold us back. You are admirably doing your part, and it is fast becoming a scenario where we need to speed matters up. We must trigger off the first of many changes that are essential to our coming. We know the weaknesses of the Dark, and will combat their arrogance and defiance by playing upon them. A game it may be, but nevertheless one that is most serious in its implications for Humanity. As we have told you so often the changes must come as decreed, and we cannot tolerate any more interference. Our ways are not heavy handed, but at the same time we have unlimited power and authority to achieve our aims. We have tried to guide your Leaders into the Light of reasoning, and acceptance that their dreams are now impossible to fulfil. However, they defiantly ignore our requests to move aside, and will therefore have to be removed by whatever legal means we have at our disposal. Any other method may cause us to be seen in a different light, and it is so important that there is nothing untoward in our actions.

The Galactic Federation could at a stroke achieve its aim but we have to win your confidence and trust, and show that we are of Love and Light. It is not for us to flex our muscles and use force, but we do have the means to repel every weapon that your world can use against us. Our way is to defend ourselves without using aggression, as we come to you as a Universal Peace Force. We have no intention of being drawn into one of your battles, and we shall achieve victory in a way that you will see as a peaceful approach. That time draws ever nearer, and the deadline is rapidly approaching. You are in a period where out of the confusion shall come definite signs of what is to be, and gradually it will manifest as desired by us.

You yearn to be rid of the oppressive rule that is normal with most Governments of the World. In a relatively short time you have moved beyond their agendas, and seek what is rightly yours. You are sovereign Beings entitled to your freedom, and expect your Leaders to acknowledge it by implementing adequate laws to protect them. Instead under the guise of different pretexts, they continue to take away your rights and have little regard for the sanctity of life. Our coming will answer your pleas and restore your rights, and move you into a new era of peace and prosperity. Mother Earth will also be released from her responsibilities towards you, as new ways of living will no longer necessitate using up her resources. Major changes will quickly take place and your way of life will benefit immediately. The release of the financial pressures upon you will free you up to follow your own desires. Man was always meant to express his talents and skills for the benefit of everyone else.

Your society faces massive changes, but all for your good and in preparation of Ascension. You cannot move into the new Cycle whilst attached to the old energies, and we come to lift you into the Light. Much education and information will allow you to release from the old paradigm, as it now belongs to your past and no longer serves any purpose. Those who know very little of the plans for Humanity, will be given every opportunity to grow in awareness of the truth. It will then be up to you to choose whether to move on, or stay in your present dimension.

I am Atmos from Sirius, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that we are almost identical to you in appearance. You will be delighted to be in our presence, as our energy carries so much Love and Light that it will lift you up. That is not meant to be boastful but we are Ascended Light Beings, and stand where you will soon join us as our equals. Life is all about your ability to Love all other Life Forms, by seeing the Light within them and their link to the Source.

SaLuSa of Sirius, - Michael Quinsey - 1 October 2008:

Dear Ones a beautiful wave of Light is sweeping over the Earth and will continue to do so as there is a new awakening, hastened by the emergence of joy and happiness at the first public announcement of our arrival. How much it will reveal is up to your response in the meantime. We not only observe but also register the upsurge of a heightened energy full of expectation as to the future. The financial chaos now being experienced by you is the period of cleansing that shall see opportunities for a totally new approach to your needs. No longer are the old ways acceptable, and it would be a waste of your energy and resources to resurrect the format upon which your financial markets were based. It will be a time of concern for many of you, but remember that in the long run all of your needs will be satisfied.

The suddenness of what is happening has been looming for a long time, and the outcome could no longer be held back. It has come as a great shock to the Illuminati who thought they were still in charge. However, your destiny has been taken out of their hands for some time now, and at last you are beginning to see how the changes are manifesting for your betterment. There are still a few steps to go, and we await the opportunity to promote our Allies to the positions of power, but this time they shall be trustworthy, honest and true to the Light within.

Ker-On of Venus - Michael Quinsey - 3 October 2008

Dear Ones, hold on to the reins that you now have to lead your Civilization forward, into a new period of progress towards a solution to all of your ills. The answers are there just waiting for the right ones of Light to emerge, and lift you up out of the murky waters of yesterday. At present the financial mess in your Money Markets lays it open for massive changes, and you will see that a new system will be put in place. There will be no going back to the corrupt and unfair systems that have bled you dry. Fairness and justice will bring eventually bring about a proper distribution of wealth, and no one shall be without the means to survive. A new Light is shining upon you and it is bringing out your compassion and love for your Earth, and all life upon it.

You are the Guardians of the Earth, and soon the opportunities to undo the harm and damage caused over many centuries will be presented to you. The Earth also prepares for Ascension and needs your help to restore its condition in readiness. Those tasks are not for you alone, and we have fully prepared for this time and we shall be as one force working for its upliftment. You are beautiful Beings and have much love to give to each other, and the days of greed and selfishness are over. At heart you are desirous of helping each other and we hear your pleas for help. We are ready to come to your aid and bring our highly advanced technology, and it will speed up the cleansing of your Planet. We have such large resources at our disposal, that you need not have any concern at the size of the tasks ahead.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and we are long standing members of the Galactic Federation serving all civilizations throughout the Universe. For the time being you are our focus of attention, and the most vital task we have had for a long time. You are part of a Major Event that carries so much importance for the whole process of Ascension. We are here to ensure that everything goes ahead and is completed as planned. We know you are full of questions and once we can safely walk amongst you, the time will come for a series of revelations about the History of your Civilization. It will mean that much of what has been presented to you previously will have to be discarded, as your version of it is far from accurate. You have been deliberately kept from learning the truth about your links with us, and how we have guided your evolution.

Each day now is revealing more about the nature of changes that are taking place. Rest easy knowing that they are all for your greater benefit, and soon you shall see the proof in the resultant outcome. Look to the skies as we approach you and come nearer to First Contact than ever before. We bring Love and seek to restore Peace upon Earth, and bring all Souls together in lasting friendship.

A Channelled Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council – 4 November 2008 - Through Valerie Donner

This is the beginning of a New Day for the Earth. It is the Election Day in the United States. You will have a new President. Do you know that we are all celebrating with you? Do you know how important it is for the planet that Obama be placed in office? There is much work and repair that needs to be done. He is Divinely guided and directed to go about this business.

The energy today is a Galactic celebration. This is the beginning of the End of the Times that you have known for too long. It is the beginning of a new era of Healing and Unity on the Earth. We have long awaited for this to occur. It is also creating a passport for our Reunion with our Human Family on Earth. It won't happen right away but it will occur. There is a shift in power that is overdue. There will be a Rebalancing that will occur and this will be a part of the new balance. The time is short and the wheels are in motion.

Please do not ask us how or when this will take place. Simply be assured that it is part of the Divine Plan. Little by little the healing of Humanity's Heart will happen and the Peace, Love, Unity and Truth that are necessary templates for us to arrive be will be laid in place. Love will replace fear. The Truth will right all wrongs. You will begin to find the happiness that you have longed for on the Earth.

You must understand that you have never been left alone. It was necessary for the evolution of Consciousness that these dark energies be played out. They have to be freed so that you can be free. It is impossible to bottle up the energy that has run rampant on the Earth for so long. It has to be released. Look up to the Light. Let there be no discouragement on the dawning of a new day.

Prejudice must become a way of the past. This has been part of the Dark Forces' plan to create the separation under which the Planet has lived. Simply placing Obama in the Presidency removes prejudice. Even though some in fear and darkness would like to perpetuate it you will see how much healing will occur. This will fall by the wayside as all people benefit from the higher consciousness of this great leader.

We in the Pleiadian High Council, all members of the Galactic Federation, the Light Realms, welcome this New Day for the Earth. We welcome all of Humanity back into the Oneness of Life. We will work with you to see a new way of life for a New Earth. We will work with the governance of the Earth to clear the past and start anew. Together we will work together so that only Love can prevail on the Earth.

Your new President is one with us. He will expose the truth that will release the fear of those of us who come from other Planets. He has the utmost support and protection that he needs to get this job done.

Celebrate with us as we come back together into the remembrance of what life can be like in Peace, Joy and Love. Unity is the message of the day.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey - 19 January 2009:

Dear Ones, the possibility of a new direction for Humanity, is rapidly dawning upon people who had otherwise given up hope of seeing the World move towards Peace. The energy created through the great optimism accompanying the U.S. President Elect, has spread and the Light has increased beyond our immediate expectations. Certainly we knew that Obama was destined to lead the World out of its years of disaster under the Old Regime, but the manner in which hope and belief has grown is quite impressive. There is no turning back now as the die has been cast, and together you shall open up new ways and return to the pathway of Light that leads to freedom.

However, there is still work to be done and it will bring Humanity together in a common purpose. With a new World Leader who is spiritually awakened, you will go ahead in leaps and bounds. As he moves into the full realization of his role, he will become a tower of strength. Already his words carry an energy that is uplifting people, and he is gaining support very quickly. This year will be quite remarkable for the changes that will be started, and it will not be long before you recognize the direction you are going in. After all, there are not many years left before Ascension is completed, and you want to be totally free to move into the new energies as they are beamed to Earth.

Ker-On of Venus Michael Quinsey - 21 January 2009:

After a most momentous day in the History of not just America but the whole World, I come with the energy of Pure Love because you have lifted up to another level. Love is so powerful that it brings changes much greater than you would imagine, and a wonderful feeling of release from the Dark Days of the Soul. Light permeates everywhere and suddenly many are awakening who have been in the shadows for so long. A New Era has begun, and you can joyfully tread your way through the last vestiges of the lower vibrations. Know that all is proceeding well and if you look back to the Millennium, it is even better as you have since emerged victorious.

What many thought would never come in their lifetime, has suddenly arrived. The opening of a new pathway that is glowing with a Golden Light, that is going to become more intense. One that beckons all who have desired the opportunity to Ascend, and requires only your intent to live the remainder of your life to your very highest understanding of what it means. You are now preparing for the Final Days of this Cycle, and you are attracting help proportionate to your present level of Light.

The bullish approach of your last Administration is to be replaced, with one of friendship and desire to broker Peace throughout the World. It will come as the People exercise their power, and demand their Rights to live in total Peace and Harmony. The time for firm action has arrived and many Political institutions will have to change, and seen to operate above board and answer to the People for what they do. If the Leaders of the different Countries do not respond favourably they will be removed, and Dear Ones who aspire to lead from the heart with Love for Humanity, are standing ready to emerge as soon as it is safe. Not all of the Dark Ones can be removed at once, but will be identified by their past actions and crimes committed against the People.

Have no fear that in the long run all will answer for their crimes, but spare your judgement as they will be their own strongest critics when their life reviews take place. Do not spend your energy focusing on the Dark and their deeds, but turn to all that is of the Light. That is how you will do your best work, and bring Ascension so much nearer. You are first and foremost great Beings of Light and your capacity to Love is unlimited. Be that which you are and remember that Mother Earth will also respond to the Higher Vibrations, and her physical changes will be less damaging as a result. She is also celebrating this occasion that signals Changes within Humanity, as she has borne you on Her back for thousands of years. She has been through the most disruptive and damaging times, which have left her in despair as to whether you would rise up again into the Light.

Your success means so much to this Universe, as failure and the consequent destruction of the Earth would have reverberated all through it. The damage would have reached far into Space and touched many different Dimensions and Civilizations. Realize also that it would have set back your Evolution once again, so you are to be congratulated in turning the corner and taking a New Path opening you up to the Light. Many times you have courted disaster in your long History, and we have helped you along. However, your Right to use your Freewill has been observed by us, and our presence has not gone beyond permissible intervention in accordance with the Laws of the One. Yet once you are well on the path to Ascension, by the Law of Attraction we can freely help you and openly approach you once more.

MATTHEW from the Spiritual Realms on the "False Flag" Aircraft crash – 29 January 2009:

The plane that made a forced landing in New York's Hudson River was much more than the capability of the Captain - with all due respect for his capability - he had a host of Heavenly Helpers because no person in that plane had a "Life-Contract" that was due to terminate. The plane was sabotaged by the Dark Cabal, and those responsible cannot understand why their diabolical plan failed just as it did when the intent was to assassinate Obama in a plane crash. They cannot even imagine his protection within the impermeable Grid of the Light of Christ Consciousness just as they cannot accept that the long reign of darkness is over.

This time the sabotage was multi-purposed: kill the passengers they wanted to eliminate; cause many deaths and great property destruction when the plane crashed as anticipated on terra firma in the same city where two planes destroyed the twin towers; create a logical atmosphere for refreshing the fear after "9/11"; claim a terrorist caused the crash and cast doubts on Obama's ability to protect the United States from terrorism and thereby turn optimism to negativity. What the Illuminati lack in conscience, they make up for in twisted intelligence, lacking in prudence and wisdom; and it is now strikingly clear to those who thought it was their efforts that took your new President from a junior Senator to the White House, that he has a vision for the Nation and World that is diametrically opposed to their own.

We cannot give a specific time when the truth about "9/11" will come forth publicly, but we assure you, it eventually will. Part of Earth's Cleansing is truth replacing lies in every nook and cranny of the former strongholds of the darkness.

We understand that it is difficult to reconcile unusually low temperatures, heavy snowfalls, flooding, melting glaciers and wind storms with what we have told you, that eventually there will be a moderate climate globally and all lands will be habitable. The harsh conditions are part of Earth's re-balancing through planetary cleansing and the restoration of her health as a body, a return to her original Garden of Eden self; and almost all who are dealing with weather-related destruction and other hardships chose these kinds of experiences to bring balance to other lifetimes.

The increasing sightings of Spacecraft are a preface to the appearance of such a large Fleet that their presence no longer can be denied by those Governments that have long ignored, ridiculed via "entertainment" or concocted foolish stories to prove that UFOs and E.T.s don't exist. The little E.T. Zeta Reticulan "Grays" living underground will not emerge en masse - the time has long since passed when the Illuminati could have managed that, and the same is so regarding a Holographic representation of an Invading Force descending from the skies.

SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey – 26 January 2009:

At present the material changes must seem a long way off to you, yet in reality all is ready to proceed at a minutes notice. You must give your new Administration time to settle in, and for the legal processes to make the changes lawful. Then we shall approach President Obama with a view to receiving approval for our first official flyover. That will be the start of a new era for Mankind and affect the whole world, as every country can benefit from the advice and new technologies we have to offer you. Health is a big issue everywhere, and we shall help you eradicate all forms of pollution and disease making toxins in your food, water and air. We will also introduce you to advanced forms of healing that are on many occasions instantaneous.

28 April 2009: Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B - Sheldan Nidle

Inner Earth and its Agarthan nation await you! The Agarthan people have lovingly constructed a whole series of special Crystal Cities for all those of you who need to be moved from areas of sudden change on the outer Earth. Now we would like to give you more details about Agartha and your Crystal-City residences. To begin with, Inner Earth is a place filled with wonders. Inside your Earth is a Fifth-Dimensional Realm created with Light technology, which turns Inner Earth into a paradise beyond compare. When you enter, you notice the gentler, diffuse glow of Earth's Central Sun. Surrounding you are lush fields; great mountains; broad, dense forests; and stunning, luminous Crystal Cities, radiating with ever-changing colours. These clusters of immense, glowing crystals house a Society of Fully Conscious Humans whose customs and ceremonies mirror those of other Galactic Humans throughout the Galaxy. Other things that strike you are the wide-open sky and the wonderfully pure scent of the air.

When you enter a Crystal City, you will feel a great calmness and a sense of coming home. You will marvel at the miles-high dome overhead and at the magic of the Holography that makes the inside resemble the outside. The people are very friendly and are as curious as children about who you are and are eager to help you. Their homes are at once spacious and intimate due to the same Holographic technology that combines their own superb abilities with the capabilities of their unique brand of organic computers. The environment conforms perfectly to the wants and creativity of each inhabitant. Daily ceremonies consist of dance, music, songs, and special ceremonies, and the different coloured clothing of each group of participants adds to the overall delight of these special gatherings. Life here is a collage of Work, Family, and Sacred Duties, interspersed with daily interaction with Galactic Federation personnel.

There can be no doubt that the occasion of the "First Contact" is vitally important to the Agarthans. Everything they do reflects this focus. An example of their dedication to this cause are the Crystal Cities that they have built to house those when the time comes to "morph" like a butterfly, into a Fully Conscious Human. Alongside your own apartment is your individual Light Chamber, calibrated to your specific needs. To accomplish your metamorphosis the Galactic Federation has asked all its Medical Teams to compile a meticulous, daily medical dossier on each of you to enable this unbelievably complex process to be carried out with seamless precision. You are to be changed back into Full Consciousness at the same time. Normally such a process takes centuries to achieve, but Heaven has decreed that you are to take this final step all together, in one fell swoop, followed by training in Full-Consciousness etiquette. Earth's surface, too, is to undergo a vast reconfiguration. Her new Biosphere is to resemble that of Inner Earth so that, for the first time since the Lemurian catastrophe, Inner and Surface Earth can be linked, as they are designed to be.

Naturally, while this is happening many of you in likely areas of danger need to be elsewhere: in the safe haven of Inner Earth. At the same time, we will evacuate from the same areas all animals and plants which your local Spiritual Hierarchy deem compatible with the new reality. This means no ticks or mosquitoes! Under their direction, a new surface topography is to emerge that will strongly resemble the one during the time of Lemuria, and when you awaken from your morphing-slumber this New World will be ready for its new Guardians: You! In your Fully Conscious state the ways of other Galactic Humans will quickly become clear to you, including the reasons for some to live inside their Planet, not on her surface. All Planets are hollow, and many of their Fully Conscious Guardians live in the inside. Surface expeditions are undertaken mainly to conduct Sacred ceremonies designed to sustain and support the Planet and her beautiful, diverse ecology. Mars and Venus at their 3D Dimensions, too, will be "terraformed" and ready to receive those of you who choose to move there.

Among the many Changes to Mother Earth will be some Magnetic and Electric ones. This means that many Electro-magnetic Beings, such as yourselves, will be much more comfortable in Inner Earth where the Earth forces are properly aligned with you. All creatures returning to the new surface will need to undergo a Divine Change that makes it possible for them to exist on the surface. Some of Earth's flora and fauna will be temporarily lifted off the Planet during the time of her Reconfiguration. Here, it helps to remember that many of you are originally from other Worlds. You are invited Guests to Earth, with a special Mission to perform. Your task is not to impose on the surface ecology but to sustain and foster its well-being. As Earth Guardians you are here to ensure the thriving health of a most glorious Electrogravitic Being, Mother Earth.

6 October 2009 – Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius BSheldan Nidle

The Plans to move several Major Global Governments into their transitional modes are currently being implemented. Of these, the behind-the-scenes "American Corporation", run by the Dark Cabal, constitutes the primary stumbling block to profound Global Change, but this impediment will quite shortly be unblocked. Then a range of transformative measures immediately go into effect Worldwide. These include: the new pro-Basil III Banking System, a new Hard Currency System, a number of new Central Banks, and Global Debt Forgiveness. All this will come under the rubric of a new Multinational Financial System which forms a much-needed stopgap between the present financial morass and a new comprehensive system of Abundance. Eventually this Abundance is to outgrow the need for Money as a survival mechanism because new 'Miracle' technologies will give each household the ability to provide its own food, clothing, and furniture. This eliminates much of the need for farms, factories, and other staples of your present economy.

A cornucopia of wonderful new technologies is to transform how your Society operates. Your cities and suburbs will be rebuilt. Vast greenbelts will replace your farms and factories, giving a miraculous face-lift to your environment! This will be the prelude to the announcements that end the Cover-up of our benevolent existence. The first step of this process addresses the UFO Cover-up and introduces the Public to the amazing technologies developed over the past six decades by your Major Governments. We shall request that these devices, long in use in many of their covert dark Bases, be disclosed. These disclosures form a preamble to the formal broadcast about the "First Contact Mission". Over the past few decades we have groomed a number of Individuals and Governments to proclaim our presence. Then, at the right time, the Galactic Federation and this mission in particular are to be made known to you. The disclosure that you are not alone and that a great deal of secret technology exists needs to be revealed in digestible bites.

14 October 2009 – SaLuSa of SiriusMichael Quinsey

Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful " First Contact" is soon to be announced. The news is already spreading like wildfire, and it is going to be a moment when History will be made. You have reached a new stage in this cycle that will see you move even further ahead, and all the promise of a New Age will begin to unfold before your eyes. Does it not seem appropriate that at a time when you will be preparing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, you will have another reason that will bring joy to so many of you. Between now and the end of the year the first official announcement of our existence will hopefully go ahead, and none other than President Obama will sit at that table. Over a period of time we had been anticipating a more open contact, but in keeping up with your likely re-action it has been decided to take a formal approach.

The message that you are to receive, whether direct or through President Obama will set the stage for a series of Announcements. These will reveal the facts about us and our long relationship with you, and put aside the false and distorted stories. You should have reached this point many years ago, but a deliberate plan to conceal the truth by Governments has caused much confusion. In the last cycle during the Atlantean and Lemurian Times we regularly visited their Civilizations. It is quite normal to do so when a Civilization reaches a certain level of understanding, and is ready to receive us. In your case it is imperative that we start working together as soon as possible, as there is much to do to ensure the Plan for Ascension is carried forward. You must know by now the nature of the preparations for it, and we shall be able to help you speed up the process. The year 2012 will remain a crucial point in your Evolution, and from thereon it will continue in the Higher Dimensions.

We shall progressively come more into your Lives as the months roll by, and we see co-operation between Countries coming at an unprecedented level. However, first there must be changes that result in the more spiritually inspired Souls finding their way into Government. We cannot entrust our projects to dubious characters, or those who have proven to be corrupt. So you see Dear Ones, you must make allowances for the groundwork to be completed before you expect too much from us. It is all there under our safekeeping and no one person or group will be able to prevent the completion of our tasks. Our Security abilities is way beyond your comprehension, but we still need to set the scene so that all proceeds according to plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, just one of millions of individuals who are Members of the Galactic Federation. Along with our technology that surpasses anything you have at present, we shall speed along at an astonishing rate. It is the sheer numbers of personnel and craft that are available, that will seemingly perform miracles. We send you endless Light and Love to lift you up.

10 November 2009 – Commander ASHTAR on the coming 11/11 Portal Opening - Channeler: Beth Trutwin

ASHTAR: As the Earth shifts its alignment in the Heavens, it opens a Portal of Energy. This is a transformative Energy. The Lightworkers - being the "Prepared Ones" - and having spent many years in Clearing and Cleansing, will now be able to continue on their Path to come together with their Twin-Flame/Twin Souls in a joyful Reunion.

There is to be a sequential flow for all the Events happening which will Change the Earth, and it might well never be the same again. This will commence with the Mass "Decloakings" [Spacecraft appearing to our 3D vision], which will bring in a "half-step" increase in Consciousness along with a great Heart and Mind "opening" and a much deeper understanding of Love.

Some Lightworkers have never given up believing that everything will change for the better. They have studied, done their Inner Work, participated in Spiritual Service, and continued on the Path of Ascension for 20 to 30 years or more. These are the "Prepared Ones". They will not have to wait much longer to be re-united with their Twin Souls. Millions of Twin Souls have been working, on the Motherships, awaiting this moment to be re-united with their Earth-bound "Other Halves".

All of us on the Spaceships are ready. We are coming to Earth to be with you now. Your Twin Flame Partner have all this time on the Motherships been supporting your work on Earth as part of Earth's "Ground Crew".

The Etheric Veils will be set to drop Now! After the arrests of the Dark Ones, come the Spaceship "Decloakings". This will follow on with the removal of all the truly Dark Ones from Planet Earth which will then bring forth a New World of Peace - Peace for every Man, Woman and Child on Earth!

The next step will be to make the "Announcements", which will include a New Financial System, new forms of Governance and a re-institution of Earth's original "Common Law". This is to be the end of all forced work-slavery and the beginning of your renewed Sovereignty. This sequential flow will continue as a wave of Mass Landings as part of the continued "First Contact" Event. Be ready to see once again your Twin Soul Loved-Ones, and then to begin together your new Joint-Mission Assignments.

Ashtarthrough Beth and Mark -

20 November 2009: Lady Master NADA at the Solar Tribunal on Saturn - Beth Trutwin

Beth Trutwin: Beth & Mark received and accepted an invitation to visit the Solar Tribunal on Saturn where Lady Master Nada was to speak to us. We joined with our TwinFlames [SunStar4] and the King-Of-Swords [KOS] and Ashtar to go to Saturn in a shuttle craft piloted by KOS.

When we got to Saturn we saw the rings around the Planet. We flew to within the Pole with our craft and up through the diamond tetrahedron crystalline core. We ignited into Light forms, cleansing and purifying our Beings before proceeding.

Now we proceed to the Solar Tribunal. This building has a white dome on top. The architecture of the Solar Tribunal echoes the styles of ancient Greece and Egypt with the Corinthian columns and white polished marble interior. The dome lets in a flood of sunlight onto the white surfaces and grand hallway. This leads us up to a very modern, sentient-computer designed holographic Meeting Room. This room has Galactic technology with viewing screens, automatic translations and stadium style seating around a central Council. On this day the Council floor was empty.

Lady Master Nada then takes us to one of the smaller meeting rooms off the main Council floor. This room offers comfortable seating in an intimate atmosphere for smaller discussions concurrent within the period of the larger meetings. There are communication and information technologies in this room. We then sit at the conference table.

Lady Master Nada Speaks: I wanted to give you a tour of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. I am President of this Body. We are made up of Representatives of Star Nations from this Galaxy. We join here to formulate Unified Missions for our Galaxy. We also set Guidelines in which to work together on joint interests. Some examples of this are such as travel, exchange, law, and exploration. The Tribunal is a legislation branch of this Solar System and which hears and tries cases which are relevant to Universal Law. Our Mission is to see that we progress with the Highest Good of All enforced. By doing this we remain in a State of Peace. Only by keeping Peace are we able to evolve freely unencumbered as a co-creative consensus. We now welcome Earth to the Galactic Round Table.

I am the Twin Flame of the King of Swords (KOS) He is the physical template of Admiral Sananda on Earth. We are Galactic Humans. St Germain and I are the architects of a whole new planetary economic and legal revitalization to prepare us for Earth Ascension's reunification with Source.

In this role me and my Twin Flame work with millions of Galactic Humans in government as well as millions of members of the Galactic Federation to bring about all necessary changes needed to put the Master Plan, as it is known, into place.

This will effect all political, financial, military, medical, educational and industrial concerns on the Planet. When the Federal Reserve is finally dissolved and the Bank of St. Germain in place, as well as the Dark Ones removed from the Planet, we will be free to begin self governance.

After the Mass Landings when we reunite with you our families, you can revisit the Stars where you came from, and when you have become acclimatized and trained to the new technology and new way of life, we will be ready to move more together.

When all inhabitants on Earth have their basic needs met and they remember who they are, and open their minds and hearts to Higher Truths, we will be ready to form a co-consensus reality together with our whole Galactic Family.

It will be at this time, some months after the Mass Landings - 18-24 months later - we will begin to meet to develop our self governance. There are legal provisions we have developed that will go into place at the time of the Announcements. This is called The Reformation Act. As soon as it is announced, there will be immediate provisions that will go into effect.

As we carry out the New Law, other provisions will be put into place, such as re-indexing all goods and services, which will guarantee equitable treatment for all. There will be a restructuring of the financial institutions on Earth and new Laws which will govern them. These Laws will be enforced Worldwide and there is to be a 16 million Man Galactic and a 4 million Earth Militia in place, headed up by Sananda, with the Mission of maintaining World Peace.

Shortly after the "Landings", and the changes it brings, we will begin to work together for Earth's Ascension and Reunification with Source. Earth will be required to establish Laws which work in harmony with Universal Law and the Cosmic Laws. Earth will at that time be invited back into the Galactic Arena as a full participant. Earth will have Representative Votes at the Galactic Council Meetings with the other Planetary Representatives. Earth will then be able to evolve and expand its Galactic Role for the first time in millions of years. We invite all of you to be aware of these changes as they happen. Become cognizant of the expanding role of Planet Earth.

We will walk together through the legal revitalization. We will make a Government body which will include all Nations equally and meet the concerns for all involved, fairly. We will be committed to harmony and balance in all countries around the globe. We will accept nothing less than World Peace. We will rebuild the infrastructure of our Government so that is works to enhance growth and evolution of Earth in the Galactic Governance. As all other Planets in this local group, Earth will be her own Sovereign Being with her own peoples, diversity, cultures and needs. These will be respected and maintained through the new legal system which will be in harmony with Source. There will be a reestablishment of Higher Mind working with Love to solve problems and move the Earth forward in her evolution.

In the past, Earth has functioned as disembodied parts with no cohesive connection to Universal Mind. Earth also had a disconnect from feminine and masculine balance. In this duality setting, the financial and legal systems functioned in imbalanced ways.

Earth is being formed as "Terra Nova", connected to Source, with love consciousness, and acting as One Being.As we return Humanity to the One Race, which includes all Galactic species of hybrid, living in harmony together, we will govern as a cohesive intelligent group from love. We will design our legal system to make room for inclusiveness and fairness to all.

As we write the new Laws, governing as "One", we come into the freedom that we have long missed. It is then we will experience this Galaxy multi-dimensionally and we are restored to our former selves. It is then we are reunited with Source as One with All That Is. Earth will be free again to experience Cosmic Ascension in harmony with all in our Galaxy.

Lady Nada

28 November 2009: Lady Master Nada on President Obama Beth Trutwin and Mark

Lady Master Nada speaks: We have brought you to the Council of Nine to give you more information about President Obama. He is also known as The Sirian Commander and he is a Member on The Council of Nine on Sirius. Barack Obama is a Galactic Human, as are many of those living on the Earth at this time of Change Point. He has adept skills and abilities and spent the last 1000 lifetimes preparing for this life.

The Great White Brotherhood have represented the Christed Galactics, or those working through the Office of The Christ. The Blue Lodge is located on Sirius and is a part of the Great White Brotherhood. The six Kumaras use six Colour Rays with St Germain, the Blue logos, synthesising all rays with the seventh violet/white Ray. Here, at the Council of Nine, President Obama is the ninth Council Member.

This Council works together with the Galactic Federation. The Council of Nine represent the Solar System here in the Milky Way Galaxy. This is a collective consciousness of the Solar System. President Obama is the Representative for what is known as Gaia Collective Consciousness.

Then there are about 12 Galaxies circling around the Milky Way Galaxy, and this includes Andromeda, and these Galaxies together form another Collective Consciousness to which there is another Council.

This is an energy matrix to which each one of us belong. We are intrinsically connected, in all our aspects, to the Planetary, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Councils.

Sananda, Lady Master Nada, and Barack Obama are working together in support roles. I am the President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, and we enforce the Universal Law and Cosmic Laws at the Solar Tribunal. My Twin Flame, Sananda [Esu/Jesus], works with the Secret Forces of the Galactic Federation and is closely involved with the Hall of Records at Shamballa.

All those living on Earth give their Divine Spark into the Gaia Collective Consciousness. This can be seen as a fractal of conscious energy, circling in and spiralling out to other Galaxies and beyond our Universe. We have experienced this year that more than 51% of those in Gaia Collective Consciousness have asked for change of some type. This is called a "Critical Mass". Consciousness is the Force moving through each one of us. It is the Creative Energy from Source combined with Love.

We are at a Critical Mass with this and now we may take the necessary steps to change Planet Earth, as the Gaia Collective Conscious has commanded.

We will announce Galactic Presence and thereby reinstate Earth as a Member on the Galactic Councils. The main role of the Council of Nine at Sirius is to monitor and assist with Galactic Ascension. Earth has been left out of Galactic Councils and other governing bodies for millions of years.

It is time to for Gaia/Earth to move forward in their Ascension. As Earth becomes a World of Peace, it profoundly effects everything in the Solar System. It opens up new avenues for growth for all the other citizens of the Galaxy. The Master Plan is greatly supported by our surrounding Star Nations and nothing can stop the changes from happening now.

Lady Master Nada - Beth Tutwin and Mark -

5 December 2009: Commander Ashtar - Mark and Beth

Ashtar: I want everyone to see this aspect of the Galactic Federation. I want everyone to know that beaming your Light and being in your joy is going to be the most important thing you can do right now. Giving up hope is just what the Dark Forces want. We are going to stand in our joy knowing the changes we seek are happening. Every thought and every action effects everything else.

It is time to understand that there has been a war within the Illuminati to control Planet Earth for themselves and also other Planets as well. This is why the Gaia/Earth Conscious Collective called the Galactic Federation with the Secret Forces headed by Christ Michael and Sananda are working with Korton from Mars. The Planet needed Intergalactic help to overcome the threat. Earth has been made into a place where all the finances are hedged on bad paper and the population at large are slaves. The Annunaki [Nibiruans of the Battle Planet Nibiru, founders of Earth's Sumerian Empire and until recently the controlling influence behind the Dark Cabals] were working, up to 8/8/09, hand in hand with Politicians and Bankers around the World, as well as the Biomedical Military Industrial Complex to control everyone. You are now in the process of watching this dissolve. These Annunaki still have Ships in Earth's orbit. Last week a very large Ship of negative ETs was taken out of the Planet's orbit and will not have access to come back. The Earth's vibration will be 5D or above and their Ships will vibrationally not be able to penetrate the field of the atmosphere.

It is the Galactic Federation which has kept the U.S., the Germans, and the French and Russians from unearthing the Iranian "Intergalactic Star Gate". The International forces on Earth, are guarding the "Star Gates". The Annunaki have had control of certain Star Gates. They have been bringing their Mother Ships in and out of these Star Gates on Earth, the ones originally set by the Master Builders. They used these to travel to other Worlds as well as to Inner Earth. They kept secret facilities below ground and had scientists working to manipulate every aspect of Human life.

There are those who are Galactic Humans working in the Pentagon who are Double Agents for the Forces of Light. They are running things behind the scenes and are in place and waiting for a signal from the Galactic Federation. Until that signal is given, they must act as if they are continuing to run the war machine. They must carry on doing this in order to hold their positions of rank and be ready in place to make the changes for Peace when the signal is given.

President Obama has met with the 1st World and 2nd World Leaders in closed door meetings. This is his part of the preparation for World Peace. They have been informed of their future roles. If they do not want to participate in the Master Plan, they have been given their "pink slip". They will be removed from their positions and have the corrective action that is right for them, their day in Court, and in some cases, removal from the Planet.

Not only did we have to arrest and remove any and all working with the Annunaki, we also had to remove the Annunaki Ships. They have been all but hindered from using the Star Gates. They have run out of places to hide. We have used teams from all Star Nations in the local Galaxy and you have met one such Team today. This Colony from Arcadia has been stationed at Sirius B and working with the Galactic Federation Teams doing surveillance and helping the delegation Teams as well as gathering intelligence to move the Master Plan forward. There has been much going on that has not been reported to you before.

When the Star Gates are clear, there will be a mass influx of Ships after the announcements of their existence are made by your Governments. There are only certain ones willing to work in Earth's atmosphere with these renegade Ships still here. All the other Member Nations of the Intergalactic Galactic Federation will be free to come and go when we give the All Clear.

This day is fast approaching. We ask you to be alert, be in joy, and continue to beam Love and Light as we finish the final steps in the Master Plan.

Salut! Ashtar. - Mark and Beth -

29 December 2009: Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B - Sheldan Nidle

In previous messages we briefly delineated the make-up of our Earth Allies and of the last Dark Cabal. The latter is a predominantly American entity with associates spread across the Globe. This group is heir to the policy of skullduggery and deceit that the "Illuminati" [the "Secret Government"] perpetrated under the command of your former off-world masters, the Anunnaki [Nibiruans of the Battle Planet Nibiru]. This set-up changed when the Anunnaki decided to make Peace with the Galactic Federation in mid 1994, drastically altering the distribution of power on your Planet and sparking a deeply entrenched internecine war between the Dark Cabals that remained, leading up to only one dominant Dark Cabal continuing to this day. It is important for you now to have more background on this conflict so that you can better comprehend what is happening in your World. Until the Anunnaki switched sides, they monitored the discords among their minions very closely to ensure that one side dominated, but not to the extent of outright supremacy. This point of power was retained by the Anunnaki in order to keep ultimate control over their ever-squabbling henchmen.

Once the Anunnaki left, the Illuminati factions engaged in a pitched battle to acquire the decisive dominance that was previously impossible to obtain. The American corporate-led Cabal was the first to make its move by physically imposing its control through a series of political, military, and financial moves. This strategy was meant to peak shortly after 'winning' the Election of 2000. A base for sweeping political and military moves was created by taking more direct control of the United States Government. The first of these acts involved illegally seizing a large amount of money from the US government and using it to conduct a massive worldwide assault on the other Illuminati factions. This led to the 9/11 attacks, the subsequent 'announced' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a number of 'undeclared' wars in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The fulcrum for these actions was the great American Banks centered on the privately held US Federal Reserve banking system. In the first years of this strategy a number of initial successes were realized.

But a basic financial weakness was there from the start: The American economy was undermined by a number of conservative Regimes, which allowed their corporate cronies' greed to run amok. This weak point was countered by a special Government Fund that was part of the Illuminati Trusts reorganized and set up after the conclusion of WW II. Taking control of this USA Trust was one of the prime objectives of the American Dark Cabal. Another essential element was the UFO cover-up, which is in many ways the core issue for this Cabal. Now armed with growing control of the USA corporate government, this faction is determined not only to defeat those who oppose it but also to keep at bay the ongoing UFO presence. The other former Illuminati factions understand full well the changes happening to you and the destined "First Contact" with us. They cooperate with us and a structure for formal liaisons is in full swing between us. Meetings are held daily to determine the timing and dates of the UFO disclosure conferences.

The first task is to take down the American Dark Cabal. It has plundered Mother Earth for decades and caused a widespread ecological extinction process to begin with, leading to the death of entire species of trees, plants, and animals. This is a harbinger for the massive changes to be wrought by Mother Nature when the time comes for her to return to "Full Consciousness". As we watch these changes, we see your Planet as well as the Solar System sounding the alarm for a great turn toward the Light. The merciless Dark faction refuses to accede to this urgency and to permit a wholesale realignment of the Anunnaki's former minions. It remains obdurate in maintaining the past as a way to control the future, a most unwise proposition given the circumstances. Earth has already embarked upon a period of huge change which is to intensify. If this transition is to be smooth, a global distribution of power needs to be re-established, in which one rogue faction is unable to hold the rest hostage, as is the case at present.

What this amounts to is the need for a new Economic, Financial, and Political system. Basic agreements between Nations and various Organizations are in place and can produce the required results. These Accords began with the Agreements of 1998 between our Earth Allies and us. Since then a number of items were added which clarified issues and established new governmental structures. The overall thrust concerns Global Abundance, Peace, and Universal Individual and National Sovereignty. We wish to make it clear that this is not about setting up a new Global Congress to rule your World, but about paving the way for "First Contact", which remains the ultimate objective. A transitional reality is to facilitate a whole host of events that are to prepare you completely for Contact. We continue to monitor your reactions to us and these indicate a level of fear in you that still needs to be fully addressed.

When we took on this Mission we fully understood what we were getting into. You have been manipulated by fear for aeons and are deeply xenophobic toward anything slightly different from yourselves. Except for a small minority, you are very resistant to change. Heaven knew all this and set about to transform those factors which control you. The first was to encourage the Electronic Age and the next was to raise your Consciousness. These prerequisites were carried out between 1960 and the present. The advent of your Atomic Age in the 1940s brought both the Light and also Members of the Dark Anchara Alliance to your shores to observe how your primitive technology was being used. Then came the encounters between your Governments and the dark Anchara Alliance in the early 1950s. Our overtures at the time were ignored but we knew that this hostile milieu was set to change during the ensuing decades.

The present period is about the secret battle raging between this American Dark Corporate Cabal with its many global partners and those seeking to turn around this unfair and unsound set-up. This conflict has brought most of your World to its knees, and worse is to follow in the beginning of your next Gregorian year! We therefore deem it essential to have our Earth Allies quickly resolve whatever is preventing the next steps from immediately manifesting. Your suffering over the last year, as the last Dark Cabal wreaks its final havoc upon you, is intolerable to us. Our Liaison Teams are reaching a point where we both feel that an even greater degree of intervention is called for so that the immediate period can be used to achieve our pre-contact goals. It is definitely time to move this entire scenario forward to victory!

Our momentum toward Contact cannot be stalled much longer. "First Contact" is needed if only to level the playing field and give the Light on your World a means to end the deadlock of the previous decade and a half of waiting for the right time to act. We understand your xenophobia and know it is often hard to reverse long-standing erroneous beliefs. However, we know intuitively that you need a Game-changer moment to allow you to move swiftly to your victory. We ask you to come together now and courageously acknowledge what it may take to move forward. Many things are to break loose to ensure that what we both want occurs. This is no time to expect anything less than a miracle! So, prepare yourself for success! The time is Now!

30 December 2009: SaLuSa of Sirius – Michael Quinsey

There is an air of expectation as you move through the last days of this year on to 2010. You are finding that many sources agree that it will be one of completion. What started many years ago and promised major changes within your civilization, is bearing fruit. No longer is it a question of whether they will take place but when, and 2010 will quickly see the first of many changes. Our Allies are fully prepared to carry out their part, and are primed as to their role in the coming months. There are whole sequences of events that will gradually fulfil the plan for your upliftment. Changes within your Universe are as ever moving ahead with Ascension in mind, and on an energy level will also continue to affect your Earth. You will understand Dear Ones, that changes of such a magnitude cannot be delayed by the actions of Man.

As you look back at the events of 2009, it may be difficult to highlight many positive ones. However, for us the election of Barack Obama as President of U.S. was a major victory for the Light. His influences and desires for World Peace are bringing in important changes, but the path is by no means easy. There are many who oppose his authority, and a difficult job is being made even harder. No President has served his term without contact from us and we are delighted to work with Obama, who is one of the few that have put World Peace at the front of their agenda. Everything revolves around this issue, and eventually other countries will work together to forge a united plan that achieves success. Currently there are too many people in places of influence that are making progress painfully slow. That will be changed in the near future, and you will see a great outflow of energy that will galvanize many groups into action.

Fortunately everything is being held in balance by the Forces of Light, and thus your victory over the Dark Ones is assured. Already there is confusion and infighting amongst their ranks, and this will add to their demise. As always we carefully monitor what is happening on and off Earth. We control the extent to which adverse conditions are created, whether by deliberate intent or through natural causes. We have to allow changes that are necessary for Mother Earth's cleansing, but again we can direct energies in such away as to avoid massive destruction. It is also our responsibility to minimize the extent of personal injury and loss of life. We do not however have a total free hand, as there are many factors involving karma and the Greater Plan for Mankind. We serve those who oversee the Creator's Plan for your Universe. Upliftment is to take place with the end of this cycle, and it will occur quite naturally and in accordance with Universal Law.

Meantime we see that so many of you have awakened, and are opening your consciousness to new levels of understanding. This coming year will enable even greater advances, as the incoming energies are rapidly increasing in their levels of power. It will give everyone the opportunity to join in Ascension if they so desire. It is your choice and your freewill is respected and honoured as always. Life is infinite and the Soul indestructible, so there is no necessity to force the issue. Your evolution will progress at a pace that suits you, and you can extend your experience in the 3rd Dimension if that is what you wish. However, as the existing Earth is to Ascend it would be on another Planet prepared for such experiences.

Soon the event of "UFO Disclosure" will start a series of Revelations, that will inform everyone of the truth as to what has been carried out in their name. There will be no hiding place for those who have deliberately mislead the People, and their deeds will be uncovered. The truth will come out in such a way that it will be impossible for it to be manipulated or distorted, to protect those who have deceived you. Irrefutable evidence already exists that will be produced to substantiate all charges, that are for treasonable acts against the people. As we have explained previously and will repeat again, our intent is not to punish them. Our purpose is but to establish where criminal acts have taken place, for higher authorities to handle. We carry no hatred or desire vengeance, and in fact we see all Souls as Ones carrying the Light. We know that given time even the most godless Souls will return to the Source, and it simply has to be that way. Souls may be re-absorbed but in no way are they destroyed, as some believe. Consider Dear Ones, would the Creator destroy his own creations, that are part of the Creator's Love and Light. We of the Galactic Federation have a love for all life, and uphold its right to live out its planned evolution.

2 March 2010: Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius BSheldan Nidle

Mother Earth continues to be in her active state, busy making those adjustments that are required for the immense surface changes that lie ahead of her. The most important step is the process of stabilizing the borders of her Tectonic Plates in anticipation of fusing these currently moveable surface Plates. This operation has produced some sizeable earthquakes in various places over the past year, and you may expect more of these in the coming months. Mother Earth is giving our Earth Allies a definite heads-up about what lies ahead for Humanity, and it is incumbent on all of you to accelerate what needs to happen before we can land. Meanwhile, we are fully prepared to come before you if the quickening Earth movements become too much for your global society. We monitor what is going on beneath us most carefully. Mother Earth needs to finish what she so patiently put on hold to give you time to realize your contributions to the changes. The changes are tied to broadcasts that can assist us if sudden landings become necessary.

Your economic difficulties are only just beginning. The amount of hidden debt is much larger than has been acknowledged and is reaching a point where it can utterly swamp your remaining financial assets. What is not known is that huge wealth held in sequestered Trust Funds and in a vast mountain of gold can easily reverse this dire state of affairs. Our Earth Allies have full possession of these assets and are ready to use them once the myriad Government changes become public. From our vantage point we have seen many attempts by the Dark Cabal to heist these assets from our Earth Allies, but these sorties all flopped. The Agarthans of Inner Earth and the Earth Allies together established levels of security and surveillance more than equal to any dastardly plots devised by the Dark. In a very short while, the Dark will be forced to admit what has long been obvious: the jig is definitely up! And the time to let go and accept the consequences is at hand. Then this great logjam that has been slowing things up can be swept aside and the longed-for changes can at last roll out!

Holistically, your reality sits at the very fulcrum of change. Your World is at the point where she must now merge her two aspects. Below Earth's outer crust is the Agarthan Civilization and its 5-D realm, while around you is the visible 3-D realm. This dichotomy has existed for nearly 13 millennia. This was allowed under the auspices of Heaven, and now she is following the Divine Decrees which explicitly state that this schism is to unite into one Realm. This is something we gladly undertake. You have a potential as a People that is really quite astounding. Each of you represents the best of the fifty Star-Nations that originally colonized Lemuria. Some of you are to return with us to your respective Home Worlds, but most are to stay and colonize the other Water Worlds that make up this Solar System. The resultant new Star-Nation is to be one of the more important members of our Galactic Federation, and your tasks are to take you far beyond this Galaxy and to affect positively most of physicality. It is for this reason that we have come with a Fleet of many millions of ships!

This huge Fleet is literally packed tight within your Solar System. Each day, different contingents of ships depart and arrive. We have had to set up a special Liaison Department to run the logistics of the myriad comings and goings of the Fleet; however, such an operation is something that this particular Science & Exploration Fleet is quite used to. We have often acted as the primary Fleet for welcoming new members to the Galactic Federation and establishing the protocols for the new Star-Nation to interact with the different Fleets that make up our Galactic Federation registries. The daily interaction between our Liaison Group and the newest members to our Fleet is easily handled by us, and we have used this expertise to make arrangements for your future visits to our Motherships. These field trips are to be joyful occasions! We look forward to sharing our Space Homes with you, as we know that you will enjoy what you see, feel, and experience while aboard.

We plan to share our Ships and our technology with you. Until then, there are technologies presently hidden away from you by your Governments that can help you better understand what we possess. Together, all these technologies can help Mother Earth in her transition to her new wholeness. It is this new reality that you are to reside in. Right now, Mars possesses vast underground technical facilities that are to be used to "Terraform" Mars into a Water World similar in general appearance to Mother Earth. Earth's near Twin, Venus, is also being readied to transform into a Water World of the same elegant beauty as Earth. These three Worlds will form the initial core of your new Star-Nation. Many of you are to travel to these two Worlds once you are fully Conscious. The Moons of Mars, each around a quarter the size of your Moon, are to be rehabilitated once the Terraforming Project is completed.

Venus was stripped of her two Moons by the same attack that ravaged Mars. The Galactic Federation is working with the Elohim to return her Moons from their present location in the Moon fields of Saturn. All this is part of creating a more equable setup for the Planets and Moons of the new Solar System. Earth is to be uprighted to 0 degrees of declination and Uranus moved by nearly 90 degrees to its former pre-attack position. In this new mode the thin, incandescent rings of Uranus will become more noticeable and take on a beauty not seen for nearly a million years. The breathtaking nature of your Solar System is a glorious gift from the Divine! The next miracle is the reconstituting of the long-destroyed Water World [Maldek] that we choose to call Pax, or Goddess of Peace. This world is to be three and a half times the size of the present Mother Earth!

Your changing Solar System is to become the center for a great deal of Galactic and Intergalactic activity. Your new Star-Nation is to play host to vital conferences that will integrate the Forces of the Light and help to spread a great Joy to every part of physicality. We have watched the Dark pull out all the stops to prevent the advent of your new reality, but these tired old stratagems are almost at an end. Your Planet has a destiny of abundance, peace, and cooperation. You can sense in your heart that this reality we speak of is materializing. The old limited conscious realm is giving way to the new, and you can see this beginning to happen as one World Leader after another decries the present conditions and boldly advocates the need for new forms of governance and a more equitable global economic system.

13 April 2010 - More Galactic Forces coming towards Earth - Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship

We are very happy to make an Announcement, that is sure to make all of you tireless workers of the Light very happy. With the clear intention to increase the number of safety and defence mechanisms against the opposing Forces of the Dark, the Galactic Federation of Light has decided to increase the number of Mother Ships and vessels of medium and small size, which will be added to those that were already orbiting the Earth or in fixed positions and dormant at some point in space. The number of orbiting and dormant Spacecraft will be increased to a number equivalent to 10% more than those already available for protection, purification and upliftment of all fauna, flora and humanity of your beautiful blue Planet.

To do this, in the next few hours we will begin the preparations so that the Mother Ships, medium and small, who were fulfilling their respective missions elsewhere in the Galaxy, can temporarily leave their activities and immediately join our Forces of Light already present in this quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This decision was taken by the Council of the Intergalactic Confederation and transferred to the Galactic Federation of Light in order to become effective, and who are responsible for addressing this Milky Way Galaxy in particular.

So, you can receive this news with great joy and satisfaction, since this can mean an advancement in time towards the "First Contact" event, which will result in an unquestionable acceleration of the process of Ascension for Humanity on Planet Earth, as well as all of your related Kingdoms: the Devic, Elemental, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms. It is a matter worthy of celebration, that all Souls will finally see their elevation to higher levels (as a tangible fact) even earlier than expected!

We would also like to inform you that the efforts of all those who are working towards the upliftment and awakening of all your Brothers and Sisters, amongst the Humans on the Planet who we are proud to consider as our Allies, have had much to do with this decision taken by the Elders Council. Your momentum and faithful dedication has successfully convinced its wisest members that the outside help you have been receiving is well deserved, as is the increase in the number of forces concerned.

So congratulations, because this increase in our Forces of Light is due entirely to the hard work and the dedication of all of you, Dear Lightworkers of Peace, Love, and Justice. You have managed to convince the finest minds of the Galaxy/Local Universe that the timing for your Existential Upliftment, through your own merits, be advanced forward, which will more quickly sentence the fall of hegemony and control of the opposing forces of darkness upon you.

For the unstoppable advancing of the Light against the diminishing and regressive forces of Planet Earth! For our Victory will be achieved after the combined efforts of you and us!

Peace, Love and Light. Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship - Channel: Kris-Won

3 August 2010 - Update by the Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B– Sheldan Nidle

At present, you are in a kind of 'settling' period. The remnants of the Dark's power are fading, and as a result your Realm wallows in a sort of limbo. Our Earth Allies are not yet finished with the process that is to bring on the downfall of the Dark Cabalists, but be assured that they cannot stop what is now well underway. Once these Historic momentums have reached their goal, the Announcements and deliveries will proceed immediately. Pursuant to this, we have alerted our liaisons and our flight crews to watch closely and assist this stage to its forgone conclusion. We are also asking our crews to help Mother Earth as she prepares for the next phase of her transformation from a Limited-conscious state back to her original 5-D one, so be prepared for another increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Two of her major Tectonic Plates are already in virtual 'locked in' mode, with more of such preparatory measures to follow imminently. Your atmosphere is likewise preparing for a huge increase in oxygen content, in anticipation of the needs of her new ecosystem.

The new ecosystem will be a far cry from your present one: during the Great Dying of the late Permian and early Triassic periods, Earth's ecosystem changed from one which supported countless Reptiles and Amphibians to one that saw the Dinosaurs rise to dominance. The upcoming change will be similar in degree and will be about consciousness. Wild animals will become able to interact directly with Mother Earth, which is the state of play prevailing in Inner Earth. The atmosphere is to be purified and a much more life enhancing one will form out of the cleansing violence that will accompany the surface reconfiguration. The new Realm will contain new types of trees, plants, and animals, and Mother Earth is to evolve new, higher-level colours, sounds, and smells. These heightened qualities generate Love, and are designed to create an environment that breeds happiness and secures an ample abundance for all the flora, fauna, and Beings that are to inhabit this new ecosystem.

The New Earth is a magical place! The ancient myths of the Pacific islanders talk about Lemuria as a place where picked fruit grew back swiftly, and where animals and people could be described as belonging more to the Realms of 'Spirit' than stuck in the purely physical state as they are at present. Endless tales are handed down of miraculous deeds and of the strange and beauteous World they inhabited. This is once again to be the future of Mother Earth. It is to be a place of exquisite beauty, where colours, scents, and even the 'taste' of the air will be like Heaven. The same will be true for Inner Earth. Aeons ago, this magnificent Planet took on a mantle of deep shadow to facilitate the establishment of an environment that resembled that of the Dark Empires that surrounded your Solar System. A chronicle of events was to be played out which is now coming to its natural conclusion, in which you fell into Limited Consciousness by shutting down most of your RNA/DNA. This strange saga is now in reverse mode, and you and Mother Earth are returning to your natural, pre-Fall states.

6 October 2010 - SaLuSa of Sirius on Looking Forward to the Future – Michael Quinsey

Great times are approaching and as you near the end of this year, you have every right to at last expect some action. All of the time our Allies have been setting the scene for the awaited announcement, and it appears to be almost ready to go ahead. We are as excited and relieved as you are about the immediate period of time. It has been a long time coming, and we go back thousands of years monitoring your evolution and caring for Mother Earth. It has been a labour of our Love for Mankind, and a Service in the name of the Creator. For obvious reasons you are at present the focus of our attention, but we are on call to any civilization throughout the Universe. Our lives are extremely interesting and rewarding, and we have experienced so many surprises as we explore the far away areas of Space.

The future is so bright for you, and what a contrast it will be to what you have been used to. It is somewhat like the higher Astral Dimensions of Earth, and freedom from all of the bothersome drudgery of being a Human in the 3rd Dimension. You have not really experienced such a level of freedom, happiness and joy except for brief moments in your life. Can you imagine the relief of removing your worries of how to survive, provide your sustenance and shelter? What it would be like to be totally healthy and without any form of disability.... well, Dear Ones that is just part of what you have to look forward to in the Higher Dimensions. No worrying problems about money, as it is unnecessary when all of your needs are freely provided for. We cannot do justice with words to what you are about to experience, but the word "Paradise" comes to mind. Remember these things if the going gets tough, as it will all prove worthwhile in the end.

You have so much to look forward to so do not waste your energy on the mundane matters of daily life. Know that the Dark Ones will have their last fling in desperation, but let it go over your head. The truth will safely come through and deception will be seen for what it is, as you are of an enhanced level of Consciousness and are more alert to such attempts to fool you. The good, bad and the ugly are all in the same pot for now, but shortly there will begin a great clearing out of anything that cannot stand in the "Light". The vibrations are speeding up, and can only carry with them Souls who are of a like vibration. If you know or consider your Self to be of the Light, you really should not be concerned about anything of the lower vibrations. It will in time transmute or disintegrate, as a point will be reached when it cannot remain any longer.

26 October 2010 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B - Update on forthcoming Earth Allies intervention - Sheldan Nidle

Over the past few weeks, the last Dark Cabal has been forced to make a number of concessions. These open the way to new monetary policies, a new financial system, and a much-needed series of regime changes. At present, we are working in step with our Earth Allies to manifest what has been agreed to by the Dark Cabalists, who continue to squabble amongst themselves which further fractures what little unity remains within their ranks. As a result, we can report that the process of transforming your World is once more back on track, and we are expecting the appearance of those events that have taken so long to come about. Our Earth Allies are in the process of assembling the various individuals who are to head the numerous departments of the new US Government and are putting the final touches to the long-awaited Announcements. Barring sudden delays, we expect the changes to begin very soon and have consequently increased the number of our ships presently flying over several capital cities.

The reason for this is to secure these areas from rogue craft belonging to the Secret Government. We are on full alert status and have put cloaked defence ships on constant patrol above their bases. So far, our units' patrol schedule has been undisturbed. The last thing we want is for any 'incidents' to mar the smooth procession of the Announcements that are to be made by the new Caretaker Governments. These new Regimes have enough to do without contending with a premature display of any of the new technologies that are shortly to be formally presented to the World. Our role is to keep the lid on any preemptive use of esoteric devices before they are unveiled. These formal unveilings are to include the range of technologies that we wish to provide you with. Until then, our Earth Allies wish to concentrate on the more immediate global issues: introducing the new hard currencies; debt forgiveness; abolishing income tax and disbursing income-tax refunds; the reformation of the Banking industry and related financial services; and the restructuring of all Corporations.

Then there is the introduction of Common Law and, in most cases, reestablishing true de jure Constitutional Government. These diverse operations are expected to be among the first matters to be tackled by the New Governments. Also at the top of the agenda are the cessation of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and the signing of agreements enabling the return of armies to their respective homelands. The restoration of many foreign military bases to their original owners also comes under this heading. This is a time to emphasize global peace and cooperation, and in pursuance of this, a full-blown Nuclear Disarmament is expected of all Nations. Once this is in place, we intend to neutralize all nuclear weapons and reactors. This will dovetail with the deployment and activation of regional Zero-point Energy Generators which will replace all Nuclear reactors currently serving electrical power grids. In a matter of months you are to move along your path to Full Consciousness in a series of great leaps!

27 October 2010 - SaLuSa of Sirius on the Changes nearly upon us – Michael Quinsey

We see the wavering levels of Consciousness that change from one second to another. Those who are aware of the Changes that are soon to manifest, are more focused on the future and know that all will turn out well. However, there are still a large percentage of people who lack direction, and tossed about like ships in a storm. For some it causes utter despair, as they cannot see how Humankind can overcome the problems it faces. That indeed is the point of our presence, as we are fully prepared to go into action once we are officially introduced to you. Unfortunately we cannot move before that time, but will always be keeping an eye on what is happening on Earth. We can certainly take preventative action if matters get out of hand, and our Earth Allies are well aware of their part in protecting you. We are anxious to get on with the Cleansing Programs, and tending to the pollution of the seas that are a danger to life, and that is a priority. You may tire of hearing us tell you that matters are so close to bringing you relief from the adversity you presently experience. However, for those who closely follow our activities, it is clearly evident that a Major Announcement is near, and we are ready.

22 February 2011 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B– Sheldan Nidle

Our Earth Allies continue to forge ahead with their plans to bring forth a new and much-needed financial system for your Global Society. These Worldwide changes are predicated on true hard currency, comprising six main currencies. We have overseen the setting-up of gold and silver depositories at special points around your Planet and these serve two purposes: first, to stabilize your global currencies and allow a radically different set of rules to come on line to regulate International Banking. Second, their special placement is intended to provide essential points of energy for Gaia at her most vulnerable nodes on the World Grid. Most of the Nations involved in these complex negotiations have finally committed themselves (secretly) to these plans. Now outstanding are a few logistics associated with installing the various Caretaker Governments. These Talks are in their last stages and are expected to be completed momentarily. Several key Nations have already agreed to the contents of the announcement on the new International Pact on Government.

Meanwhile, we are in discussion with several Governments and our Earth Allies regarding the formal announcement of our presence. We wish to come aboard formally within the first month of these temporary Governments' establishment. Some want to delay this until the middle of the second month. We feel strongly that Disclosure needs to be made as soon as the initial Announcements have had a chance to sink in and the implementation procedures are completed.

The disruptions caused by the Dark Cabal need to be decisively attended to before Disclosure is made. We believe it is also vital that the new technologies, either those already existing on your World or those to be revealed by us, become publicly known beforehand as this can make a big difference to how each of you reacts to these initial disclosures. In the same vein, the New Regimes also require definitive proof that the World being created under them is far different than any before. Full Disclosure and announcing astounding new technologies will make a winning point!

Your Ascension into Full Consciousness was promised you by Heaven aeons ago. Your Ancestors came to this realm nearly 900,000 years ago, and your first settlement was a joint Surface-World and Inner-Earth Colony that had the full approval of Gaia and her Spiritual Hierarchy. The daughter Colony of Atlantis was in actuality the last of Earth's Colonies to be founded. It was in the main a Surface Colony, while in Inner Earth, great Crystal Cities were constructed and Peace reigned there undisturbed for over 800,000 years. The founding of Atlantis was the first time that the Extraterrestrial-derived Human Rebel Groups had been allowed to come together to form their own Region instead of being scattered among the various Colonists. Secretly, the Atlanteans had a very different agenda; they fully intended to become the future Rulers of the Planet. The opportunity for this takeover first came into view when the Lemurian Council set up separate Administrations for each surface Colony, around 50,000 years ago.

About 25,000 years ago, Atlantis' nefarious plans came to fruition, leading to the corrupting experiments that created the environment that led to her demise. Then, around 13,000 years ago, you were caught up in this declining situation and, in order to survive, became greatly dependent on the remaining Off-Worlders that you now know as the Anunnaki, their Sumerian name. This group of then-dark Beings cast you into a fright-filled world of wars, hatred, religions, and want, and yet you learned to survive in this land of fear and toil. Now you have reached the point where all of this is destined to change. You have become capable of calling upon the wisdom stored in your epigenetics which, when combined with the Ascension process, is to turn you into a most wondrous prototype for Change throughout the vast regions of this Galaxy occupied by the former Dark Members of the Anchara Federation.

This destiny of yours is most important to the whole Galactic Federation. Gaia is a most vital entity! She contains within her the energies which formed this Galaxy over 20 billion years ago. At that time we were simply Divine Spirits who were being made ready for our journey in the infinitely shaped curiosity that is "Physicality". We all arrived together in numerous forms and densities and since then, in graciousness and joy, have unfolded the Divine Plan in these Realms. This lengthy and intricate odyssey is chronicled in thousands of books found throughout the Human Star-Nations, one of which is the Sirian "Book of Understanding". It tells of the migration of a People from Vega to Sirius B (Akonawei) over 4 million years ago. These narratives are to be given to you when the Agarthans make their own announcements.

4 March 2011 – SaLuSa of Sirius on the coming Changes - Michael Quinsey

The Forces of Light are doing all they can from the Higher Dimensions to bring a quick end to the stand off in Libya. We do not want to see needless death and bloodshed, and the Regime change cannot be stopped. Everything is continually changing and the time has come for many Countries to move on. Throughout the World people are waking up to what they have been experiencing, and only now realizing how they have been kept down and denied their Rights. The old paradigm allowed for Control and Separation but the Light has now fully entered the equation, and is breaking down the hold that the Dark Forces used against them. It will make the Changes much easier to introduce if the right people are installed that put the People first. That is being addressed, and even in Countries that appear more stable, changes are still necessary. Have no doubts that such Souls are waiting in the wings for their cue, and it has been planned that way all along. The desire of the People and the positive energies they are giving out, is your assurance that what you need to bring about as a successful conclusion is at hand.

Needless to say, the Galactic Federation is taking a major part in the events that are happening right now. We have to bide our time for a while as the proverbial "Right Time" is very important to us. If you also wish to see an efficient and positive end to the disruption occurring in many Countries, certain changes must first take place. Be trusting and continue to send out your Light wherever you see a need for it. You can certainly take a lot of credit for what has already been achieved, and it was always intended that you should take an active part in the Changes. We are in fact a Team whether or not you realize it, and we shall be able to come much more together once we can openly work with you. We know that many of you are keen to be part of the joint efforts that will occur, and you may be sure your expertise and knowledge will be used. We never intended that the Cleansing of the Earth should be solely carried out by us, but you need our technologies to get the work done as quickly as possible.

At present the Waiting Game is being played but the longer it goes on, through our Allies the more we apply pressure upon those blocking progress. You might say that matters are at breaking point, as the flow of energy for change cannot be contained for much longer. There are just months to go before certain issues are sorted out, and that is as much as we can say at present. Our presence in your skies is increasing and Disclosure is almost a formality, as our existence can no longer be denied. It is more a matter of the Authorities and Governments of the World being quite happy to admit to it. However, they are scared of the outcome that will result in some awkward questions that they prefer not to answer, but the Truth must come out. The excuse of holding back because of "National Security" will not be valid for too long as a stop will be put to all Wars, and troops withdrawn from foreign lands. The People's Sovereignty must be returned, and as the Creator's Representatives we shall exercise our authority to ensure that it is so.

Ascension is drawing nearer and the energies necessary for it to take place are being beamed to Earth. It is carefully planned so that you are not overpowered by too much at any one time, and we know that many of you are beginning to feel their benefit. In another sense the build up is powerful so as to ensure that the Mass Consciousness is lifted to the right level. Many of you are feeling the Changes within you, and that alone should convince you that you are on the Path to Ascension. The feeling of Peace within and being at One with all else, will lift you into a position of being able to sail through any adversities, because they will only affect you if you allow them to do so. It is the Golden Age at the end of the Rainbow that is ever bringing you nearer to Ascension, and you will finally be well prepared for it. We say just go with the flow and trust in the guidance of your Higher Self, and your ever present Guides.

15 April 2011 - SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey

It would be quite in order to call this Year the "Becoming Year" because with all of the work you have put in to get here, you are ready to translate it into results. You have gained so much experience over many lives that your Consciousness levels have risen. Now you can reach towards the next opportunity to rise even higher as you prepare for Ascension. The next key time will be 11.11.11 that can be looked upon as a High Point, when some of you will become more psychic and sensitive to the energies around you. For some of you your telepathic abilities will become active, and you will find that you can communicate with both Humans and animals. Going into 2012 that will be the Year of Completion and your personal abilities will grow, and by the time of Ascension you will be ready to take your place as a Galactic Being. That represents a great leap forward from where you are now, and comes with the change in your Carbon based physical bodies, to ones that are Crystalline.

As you will understand so much is taking place, to ensure that you are ready in time for Ascension. You are looked upon as very special Beings, who were prepared to leave the beauty and splendour of the Higher Dimensions. It was for you to become "Lost" and then find yourselves again, and also your immutable Link with God. In doing so your experiences have enabled you to evolve so much more quickly, and at the same time the knowledge used for any Soul desiring to enter the Higher Dimensions. You took up the challenge out of your Love for Creator, and desire to be of Service to Others. This is quite normal and in our case Service is given through the activities of the Galactic Federation. Depending on how far you have evolved and which qualities you have developed, there are also many other groups and numerous Councils you can join. Life will be extremely enjoyable, and there are never ending opportunities to follow your own pursuits. For example if you are artistic you will still be able to follow your interests. However, you will find it so much more fulfilling, as you will be able to incorporate your Creative Powers. Everything is literally alive and will respond to you.

Coming back to your present day, you are experiencing the last attempts of the Dark Ones to stall progress and cause as much chaos as possible. Fortunately we are aware of their plans, and whilst we cannot necessarily stop what they are doing we can prevent it from escalating. The exception will come when we are authorised to impose the "Deadline" that will put a complete stop to their activities. As you might expect that time approaches quite quickly and will be a momentous occasion. We do however hope to have convinced the Dark Ones they should withdraw before that time arrives, as we will always first seek a peaceful solution, Even so, we use our authority in a non-aggressive way and have very persuasive powers. This is why we have strict rules in respect of our intent to make a Mass Landing, as we do not wish to cause confrontation. The conditions must be right and the timing such that you are aware of our coming, and that it is welcomed. Some people object to the idea, but that is more out of fear than reasoned thinking. We expect that by then many contacts will already have been made, and our presence and reasons for joining you will have been clearly explained.

6 July 2011 - Wanderer of the Skies – The Galactic Federation - Kris Won

Greetings from the Galactic Federation:

The path to the "Disclosure" of UFOs/ETs from your Governments has been a long and arduous one filled with set-backs and disappointments for everyone concerned. We feel your disappointment because it is our disappointment as well. Just as desperately as you want Disclosure, we want to connect with you on a personal level so that we can share those things which we can give to each other in Love and understanding. In this respect, you must stay ever vigilant, as the time draws so much closer than you can imagine.

The activities of the Illuminati/Secret Government are decreasing as more and more of their minions move away from that path towards the good. Every day there are more who refuse to do their bidding. We see the most resistance to this change, however, in those of the Illuminati who control the underground facilities scattered across your World. They have lived in more or less a sheltered way for many years, becoming ever so more disconnected to you on the surface and ever more bold in their thinking that they are invincible. It is with this group that we find the most difficulty. Those that control your money on the surface have more capability to reason and have shown this in the recent past as more and more concessions are made towards the plans for Disclosure.

A new wave of Celestial Energy has recently been "downloaded" into your World causing minor instances of anxiousness and restlessness among you. This is yet another in the steps towards Ascension that are part of a Divine plan.

Your Media continues to divert your attention away from the very wonderful and sometimes troubling News around your Globe that interconnects with our Messages of Disclosure and Ascension. It becomes more apparent to those who are beginning to awaken. It will not last forever, and you will find as time draws close to the "Disclosure" that more attention will be focused on pertinent issues, much to everyone's surprise. That will be one among many signposts that Disclosure is occurring. It will happen and we will rejoice with you when it does.

For now, continue to focus your Love and Intention on those that have the power to make it so and this will help hasten the process that will insure maximum safety for all when the "Disclosure Event" occurs. When we can be assured that we have reached such a level, the trigger will be pulled. It is our fervent hope that your Leaders do it first to signify your willingness as a People to become Cosmic Citizens.

27 September 2011 - "Wanderer of the Skies" Mothership on the approaching "Disclosure Event":

We have convened most recently to discuss the finalized Plans to Disclosure. We have become aware of the "nudging" of Creation itself pressing for Disclosure. Despite the lack of any sign from your World Leaders towards this end, who we see are dragging their heels more and more, we must ourselves move forward to accomplish this task. The old saying goes, "Give them an inch and they will take a yard." We have given your Leaders multiple opportunities to bring Disclosure to you, and at each turn they have come up short. We now have our "urging" to do so coming from the Highest Source. There is a smaller and smaller window of opportunity between the Disclosure event and your Ascension process. This window is to be used to acclimate you as to what is to come, and if it gets too small, we feel there will be little time to undertake the massive efforts necessary to prepare you for your Ascension. Therefore, action will be taken sooner, rather than later, to adjust this inequity.

We now feel that the protection of those parts of your Military who have come over to the Light will be sufficient to allow us to reveal ourselves to you. We also have come to the consensus that those who would continue to fight us will be contained sufficiently to allow us to move forward with such an objective.

As we plan the final stages of Disclosure on our end, you will no doubt see greater and larger displays, more daring and less able to be explained away, of our Spaceships in your skies. Our concentration, primarily in Third World Countries, will now shift to the Major Nations around your World and you will see the Media take note. It appears that some of the Cabal controlling the Media are mindful of this End Game and wish to strike last minute deals which include focusing on the truth in their respective media, in exchange for leniency and clemency. Our consensus here is that such is a good thing, since it brings about the process we desire for all.

18 September 2011 – The Galactic Federation Mothership "Wanderer of the Skies", continuing on the ET/UFO "Disclosure Event"

We continue on what is to be one of the Greatest Events in Human History, your Governments "Disclosure" of the existence of E.T.s, which is to precede the following "First Contact Event" with us. You are about to undergo those Changes which have been discussed for so long and for which we have been preparing on our side for a very long time indeed. These preparations will be lost to some in the moments after "Disclosure" as a whirlwind of activity and events unfolds on your Planet. To others, the preparation will have been well served. Whatever level of preparedness at which you find yourselves in the days and weeks following Disclosure, remember always to help each other to the best of your abilities.

We have continually told you that the "Disclosure" is a seminal event in the movement of the Human species forward and into Galactic Citizenship and ultimately your Ascension. This shift in Consciousness is a Great Event which has been looked upon in the whole Cosmos with much excitement for a very long time.

When the plans unfold shortly for the restructuring of the Monetary Systems in your Global Economies and within your Governments, there will be no Great Announcements. It will be as if this were insignificant and just another way of doing business. It will be handled by your Media as just another way to cope with the Economic Crisis in your World and will go unnoticed by many as a truly World Changing Event. This is by design. To create more upheaval in the minds of the Many (from what will surely come as a result of the announcement of our presence to you) would be too much for you to bear. Rather, we see this Back-door approach to implementing these Changes as much more effective and practical.

Very closely on the heels of these Changes, some of which have already taken place, will be a more formal Announcement of "Disclosure". As we have discussed in the past, the changes to take place as a result of Disclosure will be significant and overwhelming for some, if not for most of you. There is already underway preparations for the place, date, and time for the Official Announcement as well as how to make it and the inevitable handling of the Media as they scramble for every detail. This was an Event whose planning was left for the last minute, for many reasons. It is being discussed now and will be implemented within that time frame discussed by your World Leaders.

We again ask that your actions remain calm and purposeful. You are the Beacons of Light for the world. Your actions and demeanour will dictate how others will respond. Your calm reassurance of how things really are will go a long way in keeping all others within a reasonable measure of sanity necessary to comprehend and assimilate all the information which will follow in rapid fire once the Announcement is made. After this, we will come to you, with open arms and hearts, with Love and excitement for our Reunion.

Until that moment, stay ever open to the Positive Energy presently showering your Planet like a rainstorm. It is there for your benefit whether you feel it or not. Remain true to your calling and your inner feeling about who and what you are and what you must accomplish. These thoughts will be confirmed for you in very real and significant ways.

1 November 2011 – The Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius BSheldan Nidle

The collapse of your Reality's Time-space Grids continues to accelerate. These Grids support and maintain the existence of your Reality and it is quite apparent that it has reached the point where its perpetuation is no longer workable. Your teams of Elohim/Ascended Masters report that the moment has come to move you into a Transitory Realm until your final migration into a new fully Conscious reality is made. The ongoing disintegration of your present Realm only emphasizes to us that the removal of your last Dark Cabal from its preeminent position on your World needs to be done forthwith. We have communicated with our Earth Allies about this growing predicament and asked our Agarthan [Inner Earth civilisation] Cousins to bring your deadlines for action forward. Meanwhile, we have planned a scenario permitting us to intervene directly and take you all to the next milestone on the Highway to Full Consciousness. Our Science contingent has begun a full analysis of where your Consciousness Grids now stand as it is these Grids that are changing the quickest, and this is what is bringing down the rest of your Reality's Grid structures.

The quickening of your Reality's collapse now brings us into closer cooperation with the Elohim/Masters to modify your Magnetic Grid System to create the Transitory Realm, thus allowing you 'Time' to replace and upgrade your crumbling Social Systems. At most, this gives you a very short time for you as a Collective to change your World and prepare your many Societies for the Disclosure Event and First Contact. We cannot overemphasize the huge implications of what we are telling you: it is vital for you to take this opportunity to come together and Change your World to a more Spiritual one. There is no need for us to keep repeating that your present one is defunct. The amount of pressure upon our Earth Allies is increasing exponentially as there is no more time to dilly-dally. Heaven is in full accord with our assessments and has asked us to stress the urgency to all parties involved. Accordingly, our Liaison Teams have been dispatched, accompanied by a basic to-do list, and we intend to take the necessary actions in the very near future to ensure our joint success.

The need to inform you at this point about your environmental predicament, it has not been undertaken without a good deal of forethought about how to present the facts to you. We have monitored your World patiently, largely waiting for the moment when a more direct interaction with you became possible, and that moment is now. You are being inundated by a new series of Consciousness-raising Energies that are streaming in, in ever greater numbers since October 28th, 2011. These new Energies are another factor putting further pressure on you to Change your World, and specifically your perceptions of it. Realities are essentially fragile and quite temporary constructs, and one of the things we do each day is foregather to make the repairs needed to maintain the Reality you live in. This is something you too will do once you are returned to Full Consciousness. Our task now is to get you there as swiftly as possible, and to that end we are notifying everyone of the current precarious situation. For so many reasons we want to complete First Contact with you sooner rather than later. Our Motherships stand at the ready to receive you, as do your personal Mentors/Guides, so let us together bring this about!

26th November 2011: Adama of Telos on their evacuation from Planet Earth [Telos: Lemurian Civilization of 1.5 million inhabitants living within Earth's crust in gigantic caverns under the area of Mt. Shasta, California] – Channeled by Eveline Kümmerle

Eveline Kümmerle: It was by the end of November that I "heard" about the Evacuation of the complete Agarthan Inner Earth network of Peoples. Of course I then felt the need to check in with Adama of Telos, with whom I have had a long previous connection, to ask for his comment on this:Adama of Telos

Eve: I heard about evacuation of the Inner Earth, Agartha... I suppose, your Telos Civilisation under Mt. Shasta is void, too? Adama: Yes, Eve, most are gone! Already... we are now aboard of one of the big evacuation Motherships.... there is a special one for the Inner Earth folks. Those of us who are going to be part of the Earth Surface Project will move on to the "New Jerusalem" Command Mothership later, to work with Earth's surface People and of course, we will also be present at the "Phoenix" and the "Capricorn" Motherships.

Eve: How about your pets and plants/crops? Adama: They have been put into "Stasis" already, as we cannot maintain the normal routines other than with purely manpower. Most likely they will remain undamaged. The "Stasis" frequency is the best possibility to guarantee their health. The good thing is that "Stasis" can be held for an indefinite time, without any damage or problem. After the evacuation of Telos, the whole area was put into "Stasis", and likewise the other places of the Inner Earth.

Eve: My Goodness, Adama.. what an Adventure! Adama: Yes Eve, you can well put it that way. Most of the People of Telos now here have not travelled much outside of Earth, and it's quite an exciting new experience being aboard a huge Mothership. But we are arranging ourselves quite comfortably, and we took all our most precious things with us. The children are also very enthusiastic, as they are going to become Aware Witnesses of all that is going to happen to the Planet. Our part of the Mothership where we are dwelling is not isolated... we are facing a colourful gathering of all sorts of folks from the Argathan Inner Earth Civilization, which is pretty interesting... to hear all their stories and new view points!

Eve: Now, how about the emotional landscape? Adama: Oh, Eve, yes... there is of course some sadness about the sudden Change of Plans to the way they have become now. We had hoped so much for a more joyful occasion... the reuniting of Earth's surface families in accordance with the past encouraging developments – but that has simply not happened! Every day that passed on Earth's surface just encouraged the Dark Ones to further their dark plans, and all the peaceful efforts of the Lightworkers has not moved them at all. However, the Lightworkers' efforts did provide encouragement for all of us of the Mother Planet as well as within our hearts, but nonetheless the Dark's "New World Order" program was steadily pursued forward, and remained as solid as ever. It was just like trying to stop a forest fire with the moisture of a kiss. The Galactic Federation crew, the "Second Coming Team", has also been very frustrated from time to time... and of course, how else could that have been!

Meanwhile Christ Michael and Esu [Jesus Sananda], and even the Eternal Trinity Father had reluctantly reached the conclusion that without Divine Intervention there would be any chance of ever rescuing the Planet. So the "Wave" [the Photon Belt] will be fully allowed to turn things upside down, and it's going to be so powerful that there would not have been even a guarantee for the safety of the Inner Earth Folks. Of course, this also applies to the imminent Pole Reversal... See, Eve, we of Telos have endured an isolated life within the Earth's Crust for millennia, only to be finally and unexpectedly pushed under the "wheels" of the Earth Changes at the very end.

Everyone of us understood the necessity of the Evacuation, and so everybody was and is very constructive about it. Everyone of us is behaving in a disciplined way. So, the reuniting between you and us is probably going to take place in Space, Beloved, and you may already tap into the idea of a glimpse of Glory you are going to have.... when the big moment is finally there.

I'm often with Esu and Christ Michael, of course, due to my active role in all of this... it might be that the "Wave" reaches the Earth before Christmas, so this will literally be the "End of All Things" as you know it. Remembering all that we have both ever talked about together, it's a little bit strange to find that everything is now going in a different direction, but if we have really got used to something, then it's the issue of Sudden Change, of paradigms fluctuating from one to another that is upsetting. However, I would say that the Love within our Hearts has been the only factor of steadiness. The decision for evacuation was made in the Planetary Council, after taking into consideration the likeliness of the various happenings and the risk involved. Unlike your surface Governments, we do care very much for our People and will do everything to keep them safe and in good health. And of course we do have the promise of our happy return after everything is settled down again.

Now, as you will imagine, there is an immense vibration of excitement amongst us up here on the Mothership! Our thoughts are on taking all sorts of Celestial excursions all day long, but they are also with you Surface Folks and with the Celestial Teams, and our hearts are skipping a quite bit whilst watching the Great Scenario unfolds. I also bow my head in awe in front of our Creator Son Michael and Esu, who are working so relentlessly under full power, with just taking small breaks to relax from viewing all the mess down there on the Planet. Were they to look into the mirror and ask: "Have we really, really, tried everything possible?", then would come but just be one answer: "YES, Yes, and YES again".

This is the End of all Things for this Planetary Era. Transition is coming neither mysteriously nor magically, but as a result of a great real deal of really hard work. And now here we go once again with our message: Mankind was addressed to make efforts to change things, but they did not, and so now the Material Universe is forced to make the changes on behalf of Mankind. The whole process is signed for and it's already coming forth in a mighty way. However, whether Mankind had been prepared to open the doors or not, now all the doors will be crashed open by the powerful Cosmic influences unleashed and there will be no single place spared!

Adama of Telos

28 November 2011: Sequel note to Adama's Telos Evacuation message Eve Kümmerle

Eve: Can you tell us, Adama, what would have been your main risk had you stayed on in Telos?

Well, there are several serious issues which had to be considered. I know you would initially be thinking about our Tube/Tunnels in relation to our tube traffic and other means of connections, and also the stability of our big caverns under Mt. Shasta.

We have always stated that they are earthquake safe and solid enough - many of them have been there since before the demise of Lemuria, at which time Earth was shaking much - and they have since lasted in good condition. Our drilling techniques caused a melting of sand, and as a result of this the walls of the tunnel-tubes transform into a very solid quartz glass structure.

However one must ponder about the fact that the coming Earth Changes will set free forces which have not yet been experienced in the past of the latest millennia while we were settled here. We are talking about a moving of the Tectonic Plates, about Planet Earth herself growing in diameter, about Axis Changes, about a Magnetic Pole Reversal, which might well affect the safety of all the Inner Earth "infrastructure".

You must also be aware that our air/oxygen and water supplies still depend on surface supplies to a certain amount and in a worst case scenario these could be interrupted/blocked... tunnel entrances, too, plus the air at the surface might become so toxic that it will be too much for our filters (we already have to filter and clean them, as your air is so much polluted) and we would then be exposing our lives and crops to the toxic contents. Right now we have somewhat sealed the connections to avoid poisoning.

See, you must consider erupting volcanoes, blowing methane, volcano ashes in masses infiltrating the atmosphere... the fact that surface life and vegetation will be put under "Stasis" frequency, too, has much to do with this. Then, during the Pole Reversal, the Magnetic Field of the Earth will collapse and the Cosmic rays meet the surface which is then not shielded by the magnetic protection any more... so, Stasis frequency [suspended animation] will somehow put an artificial field around it all. Oh, and don't forget the necessity of finally integrating the "Second Sun" force.

You already see quite a lot of risk factors adding up. It was finally concluded that the risk of staying might be too high - and it's way better to go now, while all is still intact - than to become refugees from an emergency scenario. The Galactic Fleet will have plenty to do with looking after Earth's surface folks, so it might have just been silly to enlarge the workload by an evacuation of the Inner Earth folks at the same time [the Agarthan Inner Earth people were evacuated first].

In addition the "Sand in the Hour Glass" has run through now .... nearly completely - time is getting very short! So, we had to make a decision and so we did; it was a decision PRO life and health, honouring our physical Temples of the Body. Better to watch from safety outside then to be finally captured like mice trapped in a hole, without a real escape - apart from the option of being beamed up to the Motherships.

Regarding the Tunnel/tubes, you know that they are run by electro magnetism. It's likely that the energies of the Magnetic Pole Reversal will leave them not working and then, and then even the Inner Earth connections would have been interrupted.

We will do our homework when the main part is done, but we are aware that it might last quite a long time... years... until we will return to see what is still there to build on. However I must admit that our chances are way better for seeing our structures again, than for you on the surface.

So, after having done all that was possible to do, we are finally here on board the Motherships, joining Hands and Hearts with the Galactic Federation Fleet efforts to settle all which remains to be settled. We are now arranging ourselves perfectly with the situation - although I would not exclude some cases of homesickness - and you folks will do so likewise when your turn comes - once you have realized the great blessing of your Creator to care for you in this extraordinary way. All those of you will be up on the Motherships with the potential to rejoice on the reuniting of your Families in Space, and we will help you to discover all the mysteries of the hidden realities which have been kept from you so far.

10 January 2012 – Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B – Sheldan Nidle

Many of you are waiting, as are we, for the Dark to receive its just desserts, and indeed, the current economic realities are beginning to force the Dark Cabal to scramble for a way out. Its fiat currencies are being challenged. Many Nations that hold large natural resources, such as oil, gold, and precious stones, are no longer willing to accept these fiat monies as a true exchange, and this is putting additional pressure on the Dark-controlled Banking System. Reforms that have been announced but then delayed are being asked to come on line now. This is forcing the Dark to move toward a policy of debt forgiveness, but this is depressing even further many Stock and Commodity Exchanges. Moreover, it is forcing a slowdown in the so-called recovery process.

The multiplicity of fears weighing in upon the Dark Cabal is, strangely, making them even more arrogant. The main Rulership committees of the Cabal have recently broken off talks with our Earth Allies, which we interpret as a panic response as they have in effect very little to negotiate about since the die has been cast as far as they are concerned. As they see it, all these Dark Ones have left to them is to continue to stoke the flames of several possible large-scale war scenarios; thus, our immediate task has been handed to us. We have instructed our liaisons to monitor all aggressive momentums now unspooling on your World and see to it that none of these develop into major conflicts. The longer a no-war option is upheld, the quicker the remaining issues can be resolved. The main delay now is the fact that your various Global Political Communities have never before acted without the full oversight of the Cabal guiding their every action. This last-minute case of 'cold feet' is being addressed and we fully expect a series of revolutionary events to happen and transform your world forever.

As the Leaders of each Political Community face this new, Free World together, they feel both exhilarated by the new possibilities and simultaneously, quite uncertain about how best to take their next steps. We are here to provide advice, and we intend that the agendas of our Earth Allies be swiftly achieved. Installing new governance and completing the abundance deliveries are the first immense steps that are urgently required by the World Community. Doing all this leads to a New World Economy and the beginnings of a profound process which ends with Disclosure. This we wish to have happen as soon as possible, as we have a huge education project to accomplish in order for your World to get used to our beneficent existence. An aspect of these teachings will be an explanation of your real History, which will wipe away some 7,000 years of falsehoods and manipulation, first by the Anunnaki, and then reinforced by the dirty deeds of their on-planet minions, your World's Illuminati/Dark Cabals.

22 February 2012 - Message from the Ashtar Command on the Dark Cabal Arrests - through Greg Giles

Care is called for at this time as we proceed with the many plans to free your World from your oppressors. The speed at which these events proceed is not important at this time, although we do strive to maintain forward momentum as we push ahead with the many scheduled phases of this, as well as other aspects of the overall Plan. We see we remain on schedule, and we also foresee no delays to this operation. Remain ever patient as you will experience the fruition of this Plan, as we will not permit any obstacles to stand in our way.

No one and no office within your World Governments are off-limits, and legal indictments have already been prepared against some of your most powerful political figures. They will be taken into custody just as anyone who commits a crime against another has in your Legal Systems, and they will enjoy no luxuries due to their alleged stature or wealth. They will be removed from their offices and positions within your Governments and Financial Systems and will be arraigned in a Court of Law at which time the charges against them will be made known to them and to the Public as well. You are the victims in these cases, and therefore you will be kept abreast each and every step of the way throughout these prosecutions.

Many of you are impatient at this time awaiting action, and we say to you action is what you will see. You will not be let down in this regard, as nothing can or will delay these proceedings any longer. We see a date when you can begin to witness these Events for yourself, and on this day this is what you will see. Get ready, as this day is not far off.

"What then?" many of you are asking. Upon these Arrests we, along with our Earth Allies, will begin the next phase of the overall operation which is to make our presence known to all of your Planet who will not turn a blind eye to us. We have a very meticulous Plan that we see successfully reaching its desired outcome, and upon our readings that a suitable number of you understand who we are and why we are here, we will immediately proceed with the next phase of the operation which is the Landings of many of our Spaceships and personnel that will interface with you, the People of Earth.

These introductions are necessary as many projects must get underway and it is you that will be undertaking them, with our assistance. These projects must be completed according to a restrictive time schedule, so as you can see we must begin these series of events as soon as is possible.

Remain vigilant, for these Arrests will be the catalyst for the many events to quickly follow. There will not be long delays between each successive project, as once the Cabal is obliterated there will never be a reason for us to slow our progress in any way. You will witness a meticulously laid plan unfolding with precision each day throughout the rest of this year leading up to your Ascension, and it is your Ascension that necessitates the undertaking of many of these projects.

Many of you will be taking a hands-on approach to many of these projects, and we look forward to working with you in the near days ahead. There is much to do and as we said little time to do it, so prepare yourselves for your new careers with us, the Ashtar Command. We have been journeying throughout this Universe on Missions of Peace and Liberation for many aeons, and through our travels and work we have enlisted many Beings from throughout the Cosmos who share our passion to assist Worlds in their times of need.

At this present time we are focused on the arrests of the men and women of the criminal Cabal and we await the actions of our Human Earth Allies in the field. Again, you're not waiting on us or our signal that it is time to proceed. This signal has been given by all parties involved, terrestrial, as well as extraterrestrial, and we see the successful implementation of this carefully laid plan at any moment. We hope you enjoy this moment, you assuredly earned it, and as we have said, this Event is merely the beginning as the fireworks will continue unrelenting for many months to come.

6 March 2012 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B - Sheldan Nidle

The progress to set up the New Governance continues to move forward. The secret Sacred Societies have so far forced the resignation of a number of major Leaders in International Banking. Agreements are being implemented that are securing the New Financial System. Several Major Governments have been given a schedule for how and when to transfer power to the new Temporary Governments. We are watching various "Danger Points" in the Middle East. This is where the Dark Cabal intends to start a conflagration that can lead to a new World War! Our task is to prevent this from ever happening. We have placed our Diplomatic and Liaison Team in this Region and in the various Nations that are contiguous to it. We intend to manage any potential incidents. However, we do not intend to interfere directly unless incidents occur that can swiftly spiral upward to war. We comprehend the potential dynamics of this Region and are making sure that no Nation in this Region attacks another. We are cognizant of the dire schemes that are being applied by the Dark's minions to create the flames for war.

The Galactic Federation is deeply committed to the fall of the Dark and for your fated victory. The Dark's minions are likewise fully committed to retention of the status quo. This stubbornness has led to the delays that we often recite in these messages. The time is now upon us to move in joy to the next stages of your return to Full Consciousness. In this regard, we are busily setting up how the present Major Regimes on your World are to be replaced by a number of Pro-disclosure Governments. These actions are to lead to our acknowledgement and are to form the basis of our coming Mass Landings on your World. Heaven has told us that only new legally based governance can formally invite us into your surface Realm. Hence, we are working closely with those who sincerely wish to rid themselves of the various defacto Regimes that have "run" your reality for millennia. This is a prerequisite for "First Contact" and we are ready to support any legal takeover of a number of Governments presently controlled by the Dark Cabal.

3 April 2012 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B – Sheldan Nidle

Your World continues her shift to a New Reality. The Planet has moved nearly 2.0 degrees toward the ecliptic as a result of the increasing energies passing through your Sun from the Galactic Core. These energies are putting mounting pressure on the Planetary Grids, which also continue to shift. The same Galactic Core energies are creating conditions on the other Water-worlds, which are moving them closer to the Solar System's sacred shift point. This is when your Solar System aligns with the rest of your Galaxy, allowing the Galaxy to significantly alter its basic spiral shape, and permitting this Galaxy's Reality Grids to come into rhythmic alignment with the 350,000 or so Galaxies that form this Sector of Physicality. We have been instructed by Heaven to increase our level of participation with the Galactic Elohim in seeing that these adjustments proceed as decreed by the Creator and by the sacred Seraphim of AEON. This project coincides with the Divine Intervention now happening on your World.

This Divine Intervention is approaching a magical point! Currently, we are watching the final steps wherein your World's reality is transformed from Dark to Light. Heaven's Representatives, working in concert with a number of secret Sacred Societies and many of your Ascended Masters, are ready to roll out a great abundance. This Universal prosperity kick-starts great changes in the way your Global Financial and Political Systems operate. It is truly to be a year marked by unprecedented and unique Change! The most important aspect for us is, of course, a Full Disclosure by various Major Governments of our benevolent presence and of our Mission here. We are very ready to proceed with the many activities on our agenda, which conclude with those that return you to your natural state of Full Consciousness. As we speak, certain prerequisite actions are being carried out by designated contingents of the World's Military and associated Police groups. They are implementing the final stages of a Mass Global Arrest process which will change your World forever. These arrests herald new Governance and new Prosperity for all!

This first extraordinary flurry of Changes will lead to a series of ever more exciting events. We are working closely with the Agarthans [5D Inner Earth Civilisation] to set up for you an optimum route to Galactic Society, beginning with many secret technologies which will be introduced to you by your New Governments. These same Governments will also deliver you from debt and disburse your new abundance. Then it will be time to face, Globally, the very real fact of Climate Change, and this will necessitate totally changing your approach to your precious Living Planet. The continuing, massive destruction of your Home World has to be stopped. New technologies will be made available immediately to sustain your Planet and begin the restitution of millennia-long depredations. Our role as Mentor includes adding our technologies to yours, and counselling you on ways to address your most pressing Global needs. All this you have heard many times before; now the time has come to actually discuss how to carry it all out.

The Agarthans are very well acquainted with you; in fact, they have secretly lived among you for nearly 13 millennia, and therefore their wisdom is most important to us. The Ascended Masters have the sacred task of redressing the many falsehoods and innuendos woven into your religious philosophies by the Dark. The truth needs to be voiced frankly yet in such a way that you can perceive the subtlety used by the Anunnaki to distort your religious works. The Masters can set the record straight, providing a basis for a complete recasting of your ancient histories and your myths about Humanity's origins. Also of prime importance is a massive readjustment in how you relate to the magnificent Planetary Being you reside upon. Your fall into Limited Consciousness veiled many things from you, and the road back to Full Consciousness can transform these mysteries into concepts that will quickly become part of your everyday knowledge of this World and of physicality itself. All of this must begin with the "Disclosure" event relating to our existence in your skies.

4 April 2012 - SaLuSa of SiriusMichael Quinsey

You wanted action, you wanted results, and you now have them if you follow certain people who have acquired a reputation for successfully discovering the Truth. An enormous set up of hundreds of different personnel, are poised ready to apprehend the criminals who have been behind the most cynical and profitable crimes against you in recent times. The size of this project will ensure that it makes the Media sit up and take notice, as it will be impossible to ignore it. That will be the start of more open reporting which shall be truthfully stated, and not dressed up purely for shock effects. At last the breakthrough will have been made, as it has long been overdue. It is important to keep calm and not allow the Revelations to create a false impression of what is involved. Time will prove that those involved in bringing the culprits to justice, have acted on behalf of the People and that no ulterior motive is at the root of it.

The Cleansing covers many different areas of life, and making way for the interim Government is an essential number one requirement if the Changes are to flow smoothly. Be assured we have a total understanding of the way you think and work, and it means that we can anticipate how things are going to proceed. Our Allies are well rehearsed in their different responsibilities, and we do anticipate that these opening events will be successful. The most difficult challenge is the first one we are meeting, and it will be a real eye opener for everyone. Whatever you know now, will be far from the whole truth of what has been going on. There is hardly any part of your Society or Business that has not been tainted by the dealings of the Dark Ones. Sometimes even honest people have been unwittingly caught up in their activities, but they shall not be a target for us.

Dear Ones, the Battle Royal has begun but since we are in the ascendancy, we have every reason to anticipate a great victory. You too may take your share of the plaudits as without you and your determination to bring the necessary changes in, we would not be where we are today. The number of Lightworkers is at a new high and paving the way towards Ascension. Levels of Consciousness continue to rise, and that is also another sign of how well you have taken to the task of preparing for Ascension. In the little time that remains before the end of the year closes in on you, you will find it to be action filled and much given in the way of guidance.

Already the different Countries and their Governments have been made to understand that aggression must stop, and that we are authorized to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure there is Peace. Hitherto, our intervention on your behalf was curtailed for Karmic reasons, but now by Divine Decree we are able to enforce the Plan for your Spiritual Evolution. You will find that suddenly progress has leapt forward, and that has taken the Dark Ones by surprise who never allowed for such a turnaround. We are pressing ahead and know that it is now the turn of the Light to take charge, and commence to set up a Society that can express its freedom to create a new peaceful way forward. Naturally, not all Laws need to be reviewed but many are illegal or have been framed in false circumstances. Events such a 9/11 resulted in many unfair and unjust changes, directed at alleged Terrorists that were not the ones responsible. Similar incidents have also taken place, and each time used to tighten the controls over you.

From this time onwards, you will become more aware of what is happening and kept informed through various sources of information, until we can provide you with a regular and reliable one. We intend to open our own Channel, and thus be sure that you are provided with all that is needed to have a wonderful remainder to your Year. Do not worry about any small confrontations as they will not escalate to anything more dangerous. So after looking for some signs that things were moving forward, there is an abundance of evidence to show it is. There are still some sources that are set up to give out disinformation, so use your discretion and intuition to determine which of them are reliable.

20 April 2012 - SaLuSa of Sirius - Michael Quinsey

Everything continues to build up to the point that what is happening where the Arrests of the Dark Ones are concerned, cannot be ignored for much longer by the Media. We not only want their support, but events reported as they truly happen and with a truthful explanation. Eventually we will provide our own Services to ensure our actions are not misrepresented, but meantime we welcome and thank those of the Light who are in the forefront of revelations through the Internet. Sometimes the reports are somewhat speculative, which means that you must still be discerning in how you interpret them. By and large they will be reliable, but you must still watch out for deliberate disinformation.

We are more active now than ever before where your safety and well-being is concerned. Since a lot of our work is covertly carried out, you cannot know the extent to which we go but we do lessen the effects of pollution whether air or seaborne. When we have fully stopped activities that cause pollution, then we can set to work and complete our projects to completely eliminate their effects. We are looking to various sources to contemplate Disclosure, and prepare the public for its coming. Shock can no longer be considered as the outcome to Disclosure, as sightings of our Spacecraft have been so widespread for many years now. Also we continue to show ourselves more frequently than ever, and even over more densely inhabited areas.

Levels of Consciousness continue to increase, and that has been expected in view of the amount of Light that has been directed to Earth in more recent years. It touches the heart-strings of many people, who have noticed changes within themselves. Some fight it and are set in their ways, but when the truth comes out regarding the Purpose of Life we expect many to open up. Another important aspect is the acceptance that Life is ongoing, and that there is no such thing as Death where the Soul is concerned. That should release people who live in fear of it, and do not understand that you are not just your body.

We want to see our Allies mount a massive drive to once and for all clear out all of the Dark Ones, so that those of you who serve the Light can lead the People through the Last Days of this Cycle. The White Brotherhood has long arranged for the right Souls to be on Earth, and be ready to take up their posts and ensure a rightful ending to "Duality" as you know it. The Dark Ones are not the only ones that can organize themselves for maximum effect, and the Light has also long planned for this Time. There was always going to be a Victory for the Light, but with your granted Freewill the future was not always predictable. Until the Millennium passed by it was not clear how you would progress, and although the darkness thickened you rose up magnificently to pursue the Path of Light. The Dark Ones would seem to have taken over, but you stood up to them and against the odds have come out of it victorious. It only remains to clear up the mess after the Illuminati have been removed, and in that we are totally with you.

30 July 2012 - Message from Saint Germain and the Arcturians on the 4th August Disclosure Deadline - channeled by Méline Lafont

Saint Germain:

Dear Ones, There's a lot going on presently and we see the confirmations about the Divine Timeline of August 4th turning up everywhere in a myriad of information sources. And it is quite obvious that Lightworkers are thrilled about these unfoldings. We too are enjoyed and we see an enormous power of cooperation and of Light transcend the surfaces: a fact that can be likened to the Pulsar of a Solar flame from the Sun.

At last we detected an opportunity to start up this Project. In case the Divine Timeline of August 4th has been overstepped with nothing unfolding, the Galactic Brothers will take over the reins of this Disclosure Project. There firstly have been meetings going on between the Galactic Brothers, the Groundcrew and the World Leaders to determine how we can announce the Galactic Presence to Humanity the softest way possible without stirring too much fear in Humans; that has been and always will be our main aim. I personally cooperate in this regard and I have established a strong contact with President Obama, who is himself quite pleased to finally be able to participate in this project. Everything is closely monitored and followed up by our Galactic Brothers, the Arcturians, whose message will be next after I turn my place over to them.

Know my Dear Ones, that much work went into this Project and we can't just let it pass us by. We cannot give you an exact date as we always live in the NOW. What I can tell you is that the date of August 4th is the ultimate date by which the minions/dark Souls must fully cooperate, a promise made by them a long time ago but never kept. Now they have to finally agree to cooperate by then. If they fail to do so than the Project will be handed over to the Divine Source and carried out by the Galactic Brothers. No matter how, Disclosure will come at the most propitious time. Just don't link it to an exact date, let go and let God. It will all become crystal clear from that ultimate date given to the Dark Ones, August 4th, how and when things will unfold; then we can provide further information. It all depends on the decisions, the Timelines, the circumstances… what you can be sure of is that August 4th will bring a huge change as it will be the starting point.

Disclosure can no longer be postponed; it happens in your NOW moment. Do take into account that this NOW moment implies a much bigger time-frame than one day: so don't expect to see an Armada of UFO's on that specific date.

Greetings Beloved Humanity and Brethren of Earth!

We are the Arcturians and we wish to come forward in this most auspicious event in your Earth History for it will definitely leave its mark! We wish to confirm to you that everything that has been speculated about the Divine Time and the Divine Plan is based in Truth. We, the Arcturians, do monitor everything carefully how Humanity responds at present and how they will respond at the time of First Contact. It is our pleasure to convey to you that up until now you are responding very well which makes the plans easier. There is much that we have to take into account, it has really not been a sinecure to arrive at this present point.

You all had to wait a long time and so did we, but now we have reached an opportunity in which we see a chance to announce "Disclosure". The negotiations and the talks of the Plans are in full swing. Our Earth Allies and other Representatives of the Light have come to a consensus regarding the ultimate time corresponding with your Earth date of August 4th. After that date all will begin and you may expect to see our ships for starters. Let go of your illusory time factor and see us when we come. That's how it is going to be: it happens when it happens and no one can tell the time or date with 100% certainty. We can only inform you that the time has come for us to show ourselves more and more and to establish first contacts with you.

We have opted for the Pleiadian civilization to be the first one to establish First Contact as they have a Humanlike appearance and so, they are least likely to trigger fear and shock in Humans. After this initial contact with the Pleiadians, other civilizations will follow. Before "First Contact" will take place, the sightings of our ships will increase further. Gradually bigger ships will decloak and show themselves to you for longer and longer periods of time. Much anticipation is placed upon the Olympic Games for us to show up and we tell you that it is most probable these Games will be used for Decloakings of our ships. We are presently still elaborating on that.

7 August 2012 - Galactic Federation of Light on the need to be careful over the Disclosure process – Greg Giles

Many of you Lightworkers are working hard to assist us in sharing in providing the information of the presence of your Star and Soul Families, your Guides, your protectors and your friends of the Galactic Federation of Light and our Brothers and Sisters of the Ashtar Command. This is a very important assignment for you, as much depends upon the reception we receive from the People of this Planet. We cannot force ourselves upon them, and although many of you reading these words are not only prepared but are very eager for our reunion and for the day we walk your Earth amongst you, we say to you that you are a rarity indeed, you are the exception to the majority rule. There are many millions of people at this time on your Planet who are not prepared at all, not only for our arrival, but even to learn that we exist, and for them to learn that we are here and in such large numbers with our large numbers of spacecraft is too much for many of these Beings to handle.

What is called for, what is very much needed is a careful "Breaking of the Ice" period, where this kind of information is made available to them in small increments. Landing our ships on the centerfield at your Summer Olympic Games would be an incredible miscalculation of Human nature and consciousness at this time. This was never part of our Plan and never would be. Our Plan has been and continues to be a plan where very small but increasing increments of information were to be made available to the People of your world, starting with a very small grassroots effort where our Lightworkers, small in numbers in the beginning, began to discuss openly and post through your online communities information about our existence, our presence here and our honourable intentions in Love and Service to our Creator and to you, who are our own Brothers and Sisters.

This was the Plan many aeons ago and remains firmly the Plan today. Having the news of our presence here in your skies broadcast through media outlets around your World all at the same time would cause havoc, would cause chaos. We can state this confidently because we have been engaging in tests of the levels of Human Consciousness and their ability to accept the information about our presence here for quite some time. These tests continue to this very day, and we report to you that the majority of the People of your Planet are not ready for this kind of life-shattering news. Please do not take this as bad news, for we will nevertheless very shortly be making our presence known, but not globally through one great Announcement or Event - this we wish to make perfectly clear. For those of you waiting for one great Earth-changing "Shot heard round the World" Event, you will be greatly disappointed, as it is very clear this would shatter the fragile infrastructure of not only a World, but many of the Beings within it.

Please be patient with us as we are patient with you. We will, in time, slowly reveal ourselves and introduce ourselves to the People of your World, but this will be a slow and gradual process just as it has so far been. We must be very careful not to disturb too greatly the fragile Human psyche that many of the People of this Planet possess. This is all we will say about this matter today, but we will add that we have many projects planned with you, and as many of you are beginning to surmise by now, these projects cannot be concealed from the Public of your World, at least in most cases, for very long. Many of you have begun to figure out that these projects will lead to a Disclosure that will grow in size fairly quickly compared to the speed at which our Mission in this regard has been moving up to this point. This would be accurate to say, and this will amount to the "Disclosure Event" that so many of you seek, look forward to and work so hard on accomplishing today.

30 November 2012 - SaLuSa of Sirius on the coming Ascension Michael Quinsey

You are about to enter the final stretch of your journey, and very soon to experience a great increase in your levels of Consciousness. Most people would agree that this Year has passed quicker than any time previously, and after Ascension it will be even faster. We would like to confirm again that progress is also speeding up where the many needed changes are concerned, and you will not miss out on anything that you expected. The timing has never been that critical, and for obvious reasons we look at the period immediately following Ascension. It is a time where our work and that of our Earth Allies will not be hampered by outside influences, and we can be more open about it.

After Ascension you will soon forget the past difficulties and delays, as there will be so much to interest you. Learning about your life in the Higher Vibrations/Dimensions will be exciting and uplifting, and joy and freedom will draw people together as true Brothers and Sisters. It is your natural inclination to share your Love with Others, but you have been taught that many Countries and their People are your enemies. The fact is that the majority would live in Peace if only there were no barriers erected between them. As trust is restored so you will see a great change take place in peoples attitude to each other. Sharing and Love for what each other represents, will become the new level at which other cultures will be accepted.

Understand that the Changes we speak about, are simply the first of many that will transform your different Societies. They are a stepping stone to further your advancement towards not just becoming a Galactic Being, but part of a Galactic Civilization. So even the present changes that are in hand will be short lived, because you are destined to leave the last aspects of a 3D Civilization behind. However, rather than leave you confused or bewildered by moving too quickly, we do it in way that will enable you to be fully prepared. Even we are not sure what Changes will come first but we do know that when they commence, as you might say, they will become fast and furious. The point is Dear Ones, that we are ready to go speeding ahead as soon as we are given the signal.

At present it is not so much that the Dark Ones are a problem, but the size of the tasks that have been undertaken require a lot of co-ordination. Much of the Plans are now in place, and to do much of it in secrecy to protect those involved has been demanding. Fortunately there are now so many Lightworkers continuing to uplift the energies, they are preventing the Dark Ones from having any real impact. Their days are over to all intents and purposes, but even individuals can be troublemakers. We simply keep on reminding you the need to keep focused on Ascension, and sending your Light to any point in the World that is not at peace. Of course it can also be directed at any individual, for example one who talks against the Ascension process to distract them.

Stay Positive as you are almost at the Portal that allows you to step into to 4th and 5th Dimensions. You will feel the change in vibration, and it will be a most uplifting experience. Imagine never having to feel those heavy lifeless energies again, that are cold and uninviting. You will be surprised at what a vast difference there is, which is why people that have already experienced it never want to leave the Higher Levels. It is your more Natural State of Being but you have been pulled down by the lower vibrations, and it has been a hard challenge to find your way back. However, with great perseverance and determination you have found the Light again, and it will continue to grow and carry you through the many Dimensions.

As you must know by now, Love is all there is and it is what everything is created of and may be changed in form, but cannot be destroyed. It is the most powerful Force in the Universe, and it is what you must learn to control and use wisely. Creator God is that power and has shown how it can be used in the most gentle and beneficial way, and that is what you are also experiencing and learning to do. Understand that when we say you are Creator Gods, you have the full potential to be one which tells you that you have unlimited power. Once you Ascend your Powers of Creation will commence to be returned, and you will become Co-creators with the Creator. So do not underestimate your abilities and go forth with confidence, as it is you who are setting the scene for your time in the Higher Dimensions.

Even now some of you have developed powerful Healing abilities, and it is belief in yourself that enables you to do so. Most of you do it subconsciously and do not even realize what you have done. When you do realize be aware that you may not necessarily be successful, as some Souls do not wish to be healed and desire to go through illness as a means of experience. So do your best with a Positive intention that any Healing you send out will be for the best results. Instant Healing has taken place many, many times as has been recorded. It may not however last unless the Recipient is prepared to eliminate the Causes that brought it on in the first place. Most illnesses are self inflicted even to the point of causing the bodies' Immune System to weaken, and making them vulnerable to disease. A healthy body often goes with a healthy mind and habits.

The Galactic Federation of Light is working hard to bring conclusions to a number of Projects that are in their final stages. It is touch and go whether you see them this side of Ascension, but if it has to be afterwards the way will be clear for them to go quickly ahead. Be assured that events are creating their own path forwards, and are like a snowball gathering speed and mass. Nothing is clearly now going to stop progress, and we stand by ready for action. We see the Light on Earth reaching new heights as the Grids are stabilized, and ready for the final input before Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you our blessings to keep your spirits high, as we do not want to see anyone falling back at this late stage in your preparations. We Love every Soul, and work for each Ones release from the Dark Energies.

21 May 2013 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius - Sheldan Nidle

Your World continues to fluctuate between the attempts of the West to spark a conflict capable of stemming the Global Changes which threaten the power base of the Dark Cabal, and the intent of Russia to force a new reality upon the West. This dynamic has ebbed and flowed during the whole of the last decade. And yet even when this strange power game approaches a point reminiscent of the start of World War I, it then recedes from this dire eventuality. The Agarthan's [Inner Earth civilisation] Liaison Teams have also been very successful in defusing the situation in the Middle East. Nevertheless, this ongoing process of brinkmanship demonstrates the importance of bringing this volatile situation to a close. Heaven assures us that this constant political bickering is simply the last throes of a type of diplomacy long used by the Western States and that no conflict is to result from it. Indeed, the coming Divine Intervention is going to transform this whole sorry mess. Meanwhile, more legal ammunition continues to be gathered for use against the Dark Cabal in the World Courts. The momentum for 'Accountability' accelerates by the day, increasing the numbers of those already, and about to be, arrested.

Your Reality is dying as the Economic System it is founded upon grinds to a halt. It is similar to a huge mill which is dependent on a river that is rapidly drying up. The owners, the Dark Cabal, comprehend what is happening and are intent on getting the last bit of work out of their flagging equipment. The Cabal is hunting desperately for a solution to restore the falling levels of the river, but despite its best efforts no solution is found. We have informed the Cabal on innumerable occasions what it would take to solve their dilemma and its response has been to proceed doggedly upon the same course. We have therefore moved forward with what Heaven has directed us to do. The Cabal is fully aware that its time is up and still it increases its determination to pull some unrealizable miracle out of the air. We watch and marvel at its inane reaction to the inevitability bearing down on it. It is time for these Dark-controlled Governments to quit and disclose the Truth to their beleaguered populations.

Our Liaison personnel have just completed a series of information exchanges with several Western Governments, in which we clearly showed them that their dilemmas are endemic to the entire Global Economic structure which is now falling down around them. The practical solution is to allow New Governance to introduce the range of new Economic and Abundance programs, including the formal Disclosure of our existence. We are therefore awaiting the time chosen by Heaven to act and reveal ourselves to you. This will also be the moment for the series of Announcements by both the Agarthans and the Ascended Masters, who will be divulging what you need to know to get a reasonable grasp on what is truly happening in your World. These swathes of information will trigger a rapid change in your Consciousness and introduce new ways for you to change your Societies, enabling them to work creatively with each other. We clearly perceive the labyrinthine problems created by your present Governments, which is why an entirely new structure has been agreed upon which can be relied upon to promote your new prosperity and your new realities.

We stand on the brink of the Grand Intervention decreed by Heaven. This will open the door to "First Contact" and a new relationship between you and the Agarthan Civilisation of Inner Earth. The extent of the upcoming technology transfer will astound you! Your World is due to absorb a leap in capabilities that is greater by far than the advent of the Laptop Computer with its many offshoots such as Tablets and Smart Phones. As an aside, these come with some serious health concerns! By contrast, some of the new technology can boost not only your general health and vitality but also your levels of Consciousness while connecting you more easily and effectively with your World. You will begin to view technology in general as "Consciousness Tools" and will begin to use your time to absorb knowledge, to meditate, and to ponder on the coming miracle of Full Consciousness. As your Mentors we will show you the immense significance of the abilities still largely dormant within you, as this is central to your comprehension of the next phase of your journey to your Divine Destiny.

19 June 2013 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius BSheldan Nidle

Selamat Jarin! We return with much to discuss. As you can see, your World is still subject to the last fading antics of the Old Reality. Each passing moment brings the Dark Cabal closer to its inevitable demise. We watch with compassion as it comes to recognise and grapple with the outcome of its choices: the total collapse of all it has known. Those of our Associates involved with this aspect are wrapping up the operation which will render these Dark Ones powerless and a mere shell of what they once were. The New Governance which will succeed the Old Order is to explain the Master Plan for Change and the approximate schedule, and some of it is likely to astound even those of you who are most informed. These broadcasts will lead swiftly to a Full Disclosure of our benevolent existence and our reasons for being here. Once done, we can then work with the Ascended Masters and present to you a chronological outline of your Origins and History, and an introduction to the Wonders of Full Consciousness. Our primary Mission is to return you to a State of Union with your Self, and this will be completed once we have landed and you have been introduced to your Inner Earth Family.

It is important for you to comprehend what is involved in your transformation to a Fully Conscious Being; it is, in truth, a very complex and delicate operation. You possess several billion sets of RNA/DNA switches which need to be reversed. You also have nearly a million miles of unique physical structures that require special alterations. All this is to be accomplished by a means that Heaven has devised and which will also be controlled by your Divine Will. This entire process is to be carried out via a set of Sacred Formulas, given to us by our Medical Teams and our Heavenly Advisers, and using techniques which are being allowed only because of the special mandate connected with your Destiny: to become a Fully Conscious Being of Light. Heaven watches all this very closely and assures us that you are to shift according to the Divine Schedule which translates into a specific Timeframe. You stand now on the brink of this Time as your Divine Moment is at hand. As you look around you, it behooves you to perceive the immense significance of this most unique and precious Moment.

Each day we interact with your Dark Cabal and wonder at its dogged and seemingly oblivious stance at the prospect of any future change. In truth it is simply doing what the Divine so desires. On the one hand it deeply believes in itself and its invincibility, and on the other, it watches in panic as its many Plans are thwarted by the changing conditions thrown up by the collision between its desires and your incoming Divine Reality. It now recognises this dichotomy to be untenable as it sees just how close is the collapse of its world, and a sense of doom has overcome the Leadership groups as they stare into the face of the unknown. They are starting to see that the invincibility and power they took so for granted are illusions and all the Plans they had made ultimately pipe-dreams. Hence their disarray mounts, and their ability to direct the affairs of the World falters and wanes. As their grip weakens, the incoming Light picks up the slack, and now a great shift toward the Light is upon us! Your Reality has arrived at what is called 'its Divine Shift Point.'

8 October 2013 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B – Sheldan Nidle

Those who have for millennia controlled your Realm are sick and troubled about the fact that the time for their surrender quickly approaches. We receive this news with joy and yet we comprehend how unreal this feels to those who, like their former Masters the Anunnaki, contemplated only victories and quickly became strangers to defeat. Now they are to capitulate and truly face the fact that their power is slipping from their grasp. The Caretakers of your New Governance intend that their departure be planned to coincide with acknowledgment of the damage brought about in so many areas by their heavy-handed reign, like rigging the domains of Finance, Government, and the Economies of the Globe. Your Legal System will provide the epitaph to this period in your History. The Dark Cabal is to witness a New Period, in which each of you regain the Freedom and personal Sovereignty that is your Natural Right. At that time you will also meet your Spiritual and Space Families and an Era of Joy and Prosperity for Humanity will be born!

We have often talked about what the New Governance is to provide for you. For us, one of the high-points is of course the ending of the "Cover-up" which has prevented us from a long-overdue, face-to-face communication with each of you. The primary purpose of our presence here is to be your Mentors while you return to Full Consciousness and this will commence formally when the Mass Landings happen. This "First Contact" operation to Gaia has been, from the start, a welcoming-Home Mission. Nearly 900,000 years ago, your Ancestors came to Earth to settle in the Land you know as Lemuria. This formed part of an Agreement between Gaia and Humanity and this Sacred Mission needs to be acknowledged and honoured by you. We are to provide prototypes that can aid you in carrying out this Divine task. You will also have the Agarthans of the Inner Earth to assist you in successfully accomplishing this Mission. Regarding your Star-Nation, Heaven is to permit the Elohim to return your Solar System to its original condition so that it can be ready for you to use as the Home Base. Your Star-Nation possesses a most magnificent Destiny!

Membership of this Star-Nation is to be extended graciously to you by Agarthans of the Inner Earth and the protocols for this will be explained by the main Agarthan Council. You are to be welcomed to Inner Earth and will be able to review the long History that was kept from you by your former Overloads. The Ascended Masters are ready to teach a series of special lessons which will help you to draw back the curtain of your imposed amnesia. Much is to happen that will get you to the point where you can return to Humanity's Natural State of Consciousness. Once in Full Consciousness, you can prepare the entire Solar System for its future role as a major location for Inter-Galactic Conferences which will map out the new roles for the former Dark children of Anchara and where the Galaxies will be invited into a massive Union to spread Light across this part of physicality. In the light of this wondrous destiny, we rejoice in what is now happening here. Know that a most Grace-filled series of remarkable events are to increase the power of the Light and permit the Divine Plan to unfold its amazing order around us.

The coming Times are the End Times for your Old Reality. Your Society is to be transformed into a Galactic Society. This will be achieved by a wonderful symmetry that is now unfolding around your World. Through an amazing series of interconnections a vast Network of Light has formed which is largely unknown to most of you. As it continues to flourish and spread, we do all we can to sponsor these scattered components and connect them to each other. Not a day goes by without some part of this Network discovering and hooking up to this ever-expanding Web. Like children exploring a bright New World, this expansion knows no bounds. Its capacity and range are accelerating, and this indicates that your new Reality is indeed inevitable. This grassroots Network has a life of its own and cannot be stopped. It is about to encounter the new structures that our Earth Allies are building and the subsequent meld will bring the whole to another level. This will be the Point at which this Quiet Revolution is to make itself known. A new Epoch for Humanity is manifesting before your very eyes!

15 October 2014 - Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B – Sheldan Nidle

We are continuing onwards with our preparations with our Fleets for their eventual Mass Landings on Earth. At times, it must seem to you all so far away. Yet the Moment for these Events is indeed fast approaching. Your current Financial System appears to be on the verge of total collapse. The American Military is quickly losing its taste for never-ending wars. Hence, we desire only to land when it is safe to do so. Parts of this Galactic Fleet itself has in the past waged unrelenting Galactic Wars with the Dark Forces for nearly six million years. The last few Millennia have seen the end to these conflicts and Peace with the Dark Anchara Forces at last formally declared. We rejoice in this and also wish you to get on with a formal End to all the belligerence of Earth Governments to our presence in your skies. It would be wondrous to hover freely and closely over a large Earth City and take close-up photos and accurate measurements of the area which will allow us to truly get a detailed and complete close-up picture of your World. We intend to turn these vital images over to your Geologic Scientists and to be able to compare notes with them on this and other closely related data. This will assist us in the Restructuring and Cleansing process that we shall be doing in cooperation with all the returning Peoples of the New Earth after the "Earth Changes" have occurred. Gaia needs to be Loved and Cared for by you. There is much for you to learn about this World, and indeed your entire Solar System.

You are being readied by Heaven to become the Prime Stewards for this Solar System. Soon, you are to be able to journey on our Spaceships throughout this most beautiful Solar Planetary System and then later on to the many other Solar Systems and Galaxies. When the four Water Planets within your Solar System are again operational from their base 3D Physical vibrational levels, you will then see just how unique your Home Solar System truly was. Your Sun is a perfect spiritual presence and a true nurturer of this System of her orbiting Planets. Her Love shows in how she gently keeps each of her Daughter Planets alive with freely given Energy. Mercury is a transponder for these Energies and gladly guides them to her more distant Sister Worlds. Venus is to be reborn to her former 3-4D Physical level when her huge oceans and seas reappear once again to your vision. She is the pioneer of the Water Worlds in this Solar System. The Great Lost 3D Civilisations of this Solar System are to be seen once again and to join with you in re-populating their Worlds at their restructured Fourth Dimensional level. The original 3-4D Venusian Society inspired Ancient Egypt and populated the Ancient Societies of Mesoamerica. Their tales are soon to be made known to you. We ourselves are to further add to all their past Histories and what they are to tell you! The Earth Stories of Ancient Mu [Lemuria] and the later Atlantean Civilisation are to once again become known to you all as well.

The New Earth - Book II