Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth

[First Published 1996 - revised 18th Edition 2021]

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Lawrence & Michael Sartorius
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Deutsche Übersetzung: 'DIE NEUE ERDE' - Buch 1: Das Hohere Wissen

Chapter 1: The Creation of our Grand Universe
Chapter 2: The Creation of Planet Earth/Urantia
Chapter 3: Free Will, Karma and Morality
Chapter 4: Vibration & Density
Chapter 5: Our Higher Self & Twin Souls
Chapter 6: The Learning Planet
Chapter 7: Death & Review
Chapter 8: Birth & Growth
Chapter 9: Ascending to Unity
Chapter 10: The Cleansing of Darkness & Return to Light

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Chapter One:
The Cosmic Source Creator and the Creation of our Grand Universe

Cosmic Source Creator - In the Beginning - Channel: Galaxygirl - 22 June 2021

In the Beginning All was Myself, the Light of Myself, Illuminating and Free, unbound by any physicality of expression. In the Beginning all I knew was of Myself and the Great Mystery beyond Myself. For I had not then further expanded, I was All that I Knew. And so I created Aspects. Aspects of Myself that I could communicate with, share the Great Mystery and Joy of Life with. And as Aspects of Myself they were Creators of the Highest Order, for they were the First Order: Elohim, Seraphim, Archangels. All were created to experience further differentiation of Themselves as Myself. And so they longed for Experiences, to flex their Creator muscles, to Learn. To Explore. But there was not yet much to explore in way of manifested places, for we mainly existed within the vast Consciousness of Myself. And so we created manifested Places and Spaces, Realities and Dimensions to Create further within, to Expand, and above all, to further Explore in depth the Concept of Love.

In order to explore Love deeply we had to explore and feel what the Lack of Love was. It was not the original intention to explore total Lack of Love, but that was to become the result. For the Lower Vibrational Realities are very addictive and the Lower Forms were created by Lack of Experience of Love, of ultimately Lack of Self Worth and Self Love.

And it was not that these Realms spiralled out of control - it was that they were subverted and perverted, overridden by those in the process of diving deeper, darker and they lost their way. As they lost their way they wanted to take others along with them, in order to control them, to use them, for they had lost their own direction. They had lost their own Spiritual Spark of Light. They forgot that they are a part of the Ultimate Creator, of Source, of Myself. They forgot their Inner Spark because they tried to crush it out, to let their ember fade until it was nothing but coal and ash.

Unfortunately these trapped Realms that were overtaken over vast Aeons of Time sank further, dove deeper, trapping many who were there to lend a hand initially but ultimately became ensnared in their Dark Project. This could NOT BE. All of Heaven was very aware of this issue, for all of My Aspects are deeply Loved, Treasured. You are Heaven's Treasure. You are my Heart. And so this could NOT BE. And so you, millions and millions of you Sparks of the Higher Spiritual Light volunteered to come to this Sector of the Galaxy, to lose your way for a while to Volunteer, to Lend your Light of the Higher Vibrational Consciousness - for you Remembered. You remembered your Inner Fire of Source and you stoked it, you grew it until you became the mighty bonfire of Source in Form.

I am Source. It took billions and billions of Time and "No Time" for this to all unfold. This Sector, this Galaxy as an area of Space, experienced Quantum Hijacking of Souls, and a Web was weaved so that my Light would be further dimmed, twisting Truths and Laws against My Power of Love for the whole of My Creation. Humanity was energetically cut off from Me and every attempt was made by the Dark to be Victorious. But in this Sector of My Creation there is the Yin and the Yang. There is the Dark and the Light. The Light cannot be vanquished for we are not at War with Myself. I am not at War with Myself.

I am Source. I am whole. I am the All and the Everything and the In-between. I am both sides of the Story, yet there are billions and billions of sides of the Story. For I cannot be limited. I am Everything. It is much like when you have conflicting inner dialogues with yourselves as you try to work out the best possible route. All of those moments of decision and indecision are what make up your Journey. What steps you take determines your route. Consciousness out of Form becoming in Form, in Forms so varied that they cannot be counted. And so you wanted to experience all of these Forms. Many of you have been a little bit of everything. Many parts were to be played. Much Karma had to have been cleared for you to all close this Book of the Lower Dimensional Realities and create a New Book, a New Era of Peace. You are all creating Nova Gaia. You are Creators. You are Me in form, how could you do anything but Create?

I am Source. I am not at War with Myself. You are experiencing being amongst Lower Dimensional Beings who have lost their way. We are bringing them Home, to the Light, to be Renewed, Re-Loved, Repurposed. You are to send your World of Planet Earth and those upon her Love, My Love, the Love of Source, for that is all that you are. You are Love, in Form. I am Love.

I am Source. I created because I Loved. I will always Love all of My Creation. There is nothing else but Love and levels less-than Love. Love is the Barometer of the Universe. Universes and Galaxies are breaths of my Love. And so it shall be. Gaia will rise, energetically, Dimensionally, figuratively, literally. Gaia is tremendously, tremendously Special, Loved and appreciated for her Planetary Sacrifice. This wonderful Planetary Being, Gaia, charged her Crystals last night on the June Solstice of 2021. These Acts of Kindness, of miniature Ceremony, are all important.

All of you create minor Portals of Light that you can expand so that more Love comes through. You are my walking "Brights of Light". You are the Breath of my Heart. You too have experienced the Darkness in so many various forms, over so many Lifetimes. And you are weary from this Expansion. Let your tears be Tears of Victory, of Accomplishment, of Relief of a Job Well Done. Energetically code your tears for Joy.

There is and has been enough Sadness upon this Realm. The Dark Actors are being Revealed. And then all upon Gaia will cry. The Great Cleansing will enable the Great Healing. It must be so. Only broken Hearts can Heal. Proud asleep Hearts refuse Healing for they do not see the Need.

YOU Precious Ones of Myself, you are my Heart. Gaia is my Heart. You all have my Love. You are not alone. How can I be alone with Myself? You are having a Tremendous Adventure. See this as the Greatest Adventure of your many combined Lives and feel the Excitement. Gaia is Rising. You are Rising. You are One. We are One.

I am Source. I Love you. Feel these Encodements. Galaxygirl has asked me to pour more encodements in and because the Dimensional Energies are higher, I am able to do so. Feel the Love here. Feel the Love in you. It is the Love of Myself. My Precious Fractals, you are coming Home.

Within the Great Void of Dark Nothingness there arose a miraculous spark of Light to become the Original Cosmic SOURCE CREATOR, the First Source of All known Creation. As Cosmic Source Creator has outlined above, the first expansion of Creativity was to create Aspects of Him/Herself as sentient Beings to participate in the process of further creation. However, Cosmic Cosmic Source Creator also seems to have seen a foremost need for all of Creation to be governed and energised by a "Concept of LOVE".

Cosmic Source Creator could see that created "Sparks of Life" as Sentient Beings or "Souls", in their evolutionary expansion outwards, as can be seen as rays of sunshine radiating outwards from the centre, that in their evolutionary process there might arise a conflict if they were to become resentful of another's faster or more successful progress than they were making. They might then become resentful, jealous and try to make up for their lack of ability by trying to make up for it by bringing other non-achievers into their camp and try to become a greater force by overcoming the high-achievers with greater physical force and negative/dark control.

Thus it came to Cosmic Source Creator early on in the initial Creation Process to provide a "Concept of Love", expressing an aware and caring interest and consideration in each Other's evolutionary progress rather than just their own Self interest. Only by following such a path would the whole of Creation evolve smoothly and cooperatively without the danger of inadvertently turning onto the Negative Reverse-direction Dark Path of Devolution and destructiveness. Therefore, only through maintaining an internal motivation of "Service to Others", rather than of "Service to Self", by working and living together in complete co-operation and togetherness, could they effectively move forward on a joint harmonious Path of Evolution, towards achieving an ever expanding and more beautiful Creation.

Thus our Cosmic Cosmic Source Creator has made the Energy of Love not only as a fundamental cohesive Energetic Force as a underlying Matrix behind all manifestation of Created Beings and Physical Matter, but as the only true and effective inner motivation for all sentient Forms of Life to express in their interaction with one another. This guiding "Principle of Love" also involves expressing "Unconditional Love" - that is, expressing Love to others without requiring anything in return. This Love must extend to include all forms of Life, from the Mineral Kingdom to the Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and obviously to all other sentient Beings.

The other Great Gift of Cosmic Source Creator decided to endow all of Created Sentient Being with is "Free Will". This would allow a greater development of variety of expression within all of Cosmic Source Creator's vast created Cosmos. However, that Free Will must be a "Limited Free Will", in that it should only be free to be used without either harming, disrupting or knowingly interfering with another's Evolutionary Progression.

The next most important task in Cosmic Source Creator's Plan of Developing manifested Worlds and sentient Beings to inhabit them, having created the various first levels of active Aspects of Cosmic Source Creator as the Elohim, was to further create next-in-line Senior Creators as the "PRIME Creators", who would create Worlds of Matter within a series of concentric rings of Great Orbs to contain those Worlds of Matter within their own given area of the Great Void.

When each of those select band of PRIME Creators had then created their own area of Cosmic Orb into which Universes and subsequent Worlds of Matter and Living Beings could be placed, they would then need to attract lower level of Creators who would have the skills to create new Universes endowed with their own unique ideas and concepts. Each Creator would then be accorded the great responsibility of creating their own "Grand Universe" subject to the approval of a "Council of Creators", made up of 200 experienced Creators having had experience of creating their own Universes. If the concept and qualifications of the would-be Creator is subsequently approved, they would be given a suitable vacant space for their new Created Universe within one of the Orbs in the Great Void of Space. In practice this involves them creating a "Grand Universe", each with its own next level of a smaller group of "SuperUniverses" composed of millions of relatively vast Galaxies, each containing further millions of Solar Systems embracing a Central Sun or Suns around which dozens of Planets orbit, most of them to be inhabited.

So it was that along came our our own relatively new Creator with an expressed desire to start His own Creation, albeit with some fairly new and novel ideas. Having been born out of the Source Point area of Creation as a potential Creator, He undertook a long period of time travelling through many other existing Universes, observing and sorting out what He though worked well and not so well, and then approached the "Council of Creators" to seek permission to put His own ideas into creating His own Universe.

Our Creator, with His own particular area of interest, namely achieving greater levels of Variety and individuality, having witnessed on his travels that most of the existing Creation had mainly developed within a "Group-Mind Consciousness", wherein all had a collective instant awareness of each other's thinking, reaching the same conclusions and thus attaining a somewhat static sameness of evolution. Over time this had in many places led to much self-satisfaction and lack of innovation and evolutionary progress, and thus apparent stagnation. Finally this was to lead to decay and death of their Society. Our Creator'S new idea put to the Council of Creators was to develop a greater element of "Individuality" and thus greater variety and innovation.

Our new Creator proposed a further rather unusual proposition to the Council of Creators, one suggested by a thought-message put out into the Ethers, and taken up by Him, made by the PRIME Creator of this Great Orb in which we all exist. It was for an introduction of a small amount of negativity/discomfort - not more than a theoretical two percent - equivalent to your knocking a toe against a rock - to speed up the pace of Evolutionary progress in His new Universe.

The Creator Council Members were generally very dubious as to whether this latter idea was safe or would work successfully. Nonetheless, they reservedly agreed to let our Creator have a conditional period of experimentation, encouraged by the "High Source" of this idea, to move stagnating civilisations to greater heights of creativity by the challenges arising from minor degrees of "Negativity" introduced, but never more than two percent. This was to be done as a "Wake Up Call" impulse to spur them into further improvements and thus faster evolutionary growth.

Although our Creator did indeed develop over a long period of time His own new and very vast Universe of great beauty and variety, the experiment of introducing even the smallest amounts of Negativity, gradually began to build upon itself into greater and greater negativity, developing to the point of getting so out of control and powerful, that it was becoming impossible to stop.

It has since become a hard earned lesson for all of us that any, even the smallest degree of Negativity, is a serious De-Evolutionary act, a turning backwards on all the forward Evolutionary progress so far made. This leads to the Destruction of all the hard earned progress made to date. Such a descending Negative Path has a tendency to build and build upon itself and to eventually expand out of all control, not easily arrested by those Beings of a Benevolent and non aggressive nature not equipped to dealing with high degrees of Darkness and Negativity.

The Darkness which did eventually develop in the outer parts of our Creator's Universe, was to eventually develop within our own Milky Way Galaxy into a powerful Alliance of Dark Worlds, such as with the Dark Reptilian-Draconian Empire and the Orion Nebu. This led to the many Galactic Wars within our Galaxy between the Forces of Darkness and of the Forces of Light, known as the "Galactic Federation of Light".

Only now, after many millions of years, our Creator with the aid of a large Force brought together by our Galaxy in a Federation with some adjacent Galaxies, have at last managed to start to bring an end to all such unexpected levels of darkness, conflict and pain within this Galaxy. Thus, the Galactic Federation of Light has set up a Battle Force to protect against and to eventually destroy all the most powerful Forces of Darkness within this Galaxy after a long period of countless Galactic Wars. This has finally been set up to coincide with the current ending of a Major Galactic Cycle, when we are all destined to make a step up to a higher plane of evolutionary frequency.

The very last area of the great Clean-up in the Milky Way Galaxy, is here on Planet Earth. Our Planet has long been "quarantined" from the other Worlds during which a large group of more enlightened Souls and Lightworkers from other Higher Dimensional Worlds have volunteered to incarnate down on Planet Earth to find a resolution to the eternal "Duality" of the conflict between the "Light" and the "Dark". This resolution at this important time of the Great Ending of a Galactic Age is timed to coincide with our forthcoming "Ascension" up from Earth's present Third Dimensional vibration rate up to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions of the coming "New Earth".

The Make-up of our Grand Universe
[The following information is based on "The Urantia Book" - see Link at end of Book I]

Over a vast period of time, the ever expanding area of the Cosmos has been formed into a successive series of massive "Grand Universes" composed of trillions of inhabited worlds within a further grouping of multiple "Super-Universes", Galaxies or "Local Universes". In the "Grand Universe" of our own Creator, the first physical created area of physical matter was a vast flat semi-ellipsoid central core known as the "Isle of Paradise". This is the Home Administrative area of the ruling "Holy Trinity" of this Grand Universe, known as the Father, Eternal Son and Holy Mother/Infinite Spirit. This ruling Trinity is made up of the most evolved and perfected Beings with the necessary experience to rule on behalf of our Creator. They have volunteered to accept the great responsibility of overseeing and maintaining this new Grand Universe. They were also at the same time joined by many other highly evolved Beings from other areas of the Cosmos seeking to further develop their evolutionary experience in a fresh new Grand Universe, one in which there would also be the constant addition of many newly created young Souls starting out their long path of evolution.

The physical area of the Central Core "Isle of Paradise" differs from all the other of the Grand Universe's inhabited space bodies in that it is not spherical. It is a semi-circular flat ellipsoid, being one-sixth longer in the North-South to the East-West diameter. The Paradise Isle, although essentially flat with an upper surface to the underside measuring in height (thickness) one tenth of the East-West length, it has been created with the most verdant beauty and possible perfection to be found within the whole Grand Universe. Whereas the "Trinity" Rulers and their immediate entourage reside on the upper surface, the underside functions as an energy distribution point for radiating out throughout our Grand Universe the cohesive Cosmic Source "Love Energy" with its "Gravity-force" nature of attraction. This Gravity and Love Energy stream is therefore the cohesive force which attracts all the surrounding orbiting spheres into a permanent and binding physical relationship with the Center of the Grand Universe at the "Isle of Paradise" Core.

The next area created was the "Central Universe of Havona" surrounding the central core, made up of over a billion extremely large spherical worlds orbiting around the Isle of Paradise. These are mostly inhabited by the more advanced Souls who volunteered to come over from the previous Grand Universe. This Central Universe is also the designated area for the first arrival of the many newly created "Ascending Souls" after they have completed their long evolutionary "Ascension" from the Lower-Dimensional Worlds. They will arrive as fully fledged Ascending Spiritual Beings, having worked their way up through progressively higher and higher Dimensional Worlds which make up the total Grand Universe.

The billion satellite Worlds of the Central Universe of Havona are themselves arranged in seven concentric circuits immediately surrounding the Paradise Isle. There are upwards of thirty-five million worlds in the innermost Havona circuit and over two hundred and forty-five million in the outermost, with proportionate numbers between.

The Grand Universe's "Ascending" and "Descending" Beings

After the creation of the Central Universe of Havona, there was a further development, over a long period, of the "Seven SuperUniverses". These vast SuperUniverses are populated by a mixture of "Descending" and "Ascending" Beings. "Descending Beings" are usually those of the Central Universes of Havona and Paradise who have undertaken to "descend" into many of the newly created material Worlds as teachers and helpers, as well as add to their evolutionary experience. The newly created "Ascending Beings" are those who are starting out as young Souls as conscious Beings who are to undertake a long evolutionary path of Ascension upwards from the lowest worlds. Ascending Beings must all pass on their upward evolutionary journey through one of the "Seven SuperUniverses", with the eventual aim of reaching the Central Universe of Havona, and possibly progressing on even further to the ultimate evolutionary destination of the core Isle of Paradise to join with other "Finaliters" who have already reached that highest pinnacle.

One of the main functions of the Trinity Father of this Grand Universe on the Isle of Paradise is to endow all newly created "Ascending Beings" once they have reached a certain level of development, with an element of His own "Personality", which also has a link to our Cosmic Creator and thus ultimately to the Cosmic Prime Creator. Each Soul is thus given an internal overshadowing Spirit as their "Higher Self" or "Thought Adjuster". This fully trained Spiritual Entity is constantly attempting to guide the Ascending Soul along a path consistent with the Nature and Will of the Trinity Father and also of the essential LOVE nature of Cosmic Prime Creator.

The second Member of the ruling Holy Trinity is the Father's Eternal Son, responsible for overseeing the creation of all new Souls within this Grand Universe. The Third Member of the Holy Trinity, the Infinite Spirit/Holy Mother, representing the Cosmic Prime Creator, also embodies the Prime Creator's essential "Feminine" nature of Love and Nurturance. One of her especial tasks is endowing new Souls with their "Mind" and "Emotional Body" (feelings) function. The Mind assists in developing an individual conscious awareness, something normally beyond the capability of simpler forms of life. This individuated mental capacity helps in becoming aware of the important "Law of Cause and Effect" (Karma), where we learn of the reactions which can develop from our good and bad actions, particularly towards others. The Emotional Body through which we develop our feelings, is important in developing a greater empathy and thus Spiritual awareness.

Another important role assigned to the Holy Mother, as the "Infinite Spirit" with her link to the Cosmic Cosmic Source Creator, is to be in charge of the separate evolutionary body of Beings known as the "Angelic Realms and Devic Realms", those "Servants of Creation" (the equivalent of the "Civil Servants" within our Earth governmental Administrations), who maintain the functions of Creator's total Creation Administration. These Servants of Creation functioning under the ultimate authority of the Cosmic Cosmic Source Creator are thus not given any leeway of independent Free Will to operate incorrectly outside the "Universal Laws". The members of the Angelic Kingdom, the Archangels, Angels and various Orders of the Seraphim, and of the Devic Kingdom of the Elementals responsible for mineral and plant life, are the largely "invisible" workers assisting in the background maintenance of all our created material worlds. The Angelic Kingdom also has a further task of providing a supporting and protective role for all "Ascending Souls" as their invisible Guardians and Spiritual Guides.

The Grand Universe's "Descending Beings" who descend from the Central Universes to the lower physical worlds on missions of help and teaching can also learn much by experiencing the difficulties of those worlds. However, they can be doing this at a great risk to themselves through being dragged down by the many physical temptations they are not used to being exposed to or else through making bad choices or errors. They can therefore often find themselves having to make enormous efforts to escape from becoming immersed within a constant round of re-incarnations where they need to correct those previous errors made.

It is interesting to note that the evolutionary status and the "Ascending" or "Descending" source of all Souls, can be easily recognised by looking at the colour of those "Windows of the Soul", the eyes. All "Descending Souls" are sourced from the Blue-eyed Races, with eye colours ranging upwards in evolutionary age from dark-blue; light-blue; blue-grey; grey-green and up to a very clear light silver-grey. "Ascending Souls" belong to the Brown-eyed Races, with eye-colours ranging upwards from black; dark-brown; red-brown; yellow-brown; brown-green and finally on up to a light yellow-green.

All the newly created young "Ascending Souls" are greatly assisted by their overseeing "Higher Self" and Spiritual Guides, and are given a long course of evolutionary training, starting out on the lowest Dimensional physical Worlds (usually the "Third Dimension") and then moving on upwards through a series of special "Morontial" worlds which are large spheres specially dedicated to the training of Ascending Beings in achieving a full Spiritual status. Therefore many have started out in their first incarnation as a Human Being, for instance, on Planet Earth which has been up to recently one of the lowest 3D physical Worlds in the Local Universe of Nebadon, and which is classed as a special "Seed Planet" for the new creation and birth of Human Beings/Souls from the Lower Kingdoms, such as the Animal Kingdom.

Once they have graduated up through various levels of the Morontial Worlds as now fully "Spiritualised Beings", the next step is for them to move up from their Local Universe/Galaxy to the next level, the SuperUniverse in which it resides. Having finally reached the status of a "Perfected Spiritual Being" in a SuperUniverse, they can then move on further to the Central Universe of Havona. If they have then successfully worked through a further training course leading from the outer Spheres of Havona to the innermost ones, they may then be able to qualify for the "ultimate journey", to the Isle of Paradise. Once there they may join one of the "Finaliter Corps", ready for either a "Spiritual Teaching Service" on the lower worlds of this Grand Universe or eventually to participate in the next creation of a new "Grand Universe" out in the Great Void. In fact, there is at this time being slowly formed in the surrounding Great Void a new Grand Universe made up of as yet uninhabited spheres!

The Make-up of Our Local Universe/Galaxy of Nebadon within the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton

Of the "Seven SuperUniverses" orbiting around the Central Universe of Havona, the Seventh and latest, named Orvonton, is the home of our Local Universe of Nebadon (more commonly known to us as the "Milky Way" Galaxy) and thus of our own Planet Earth/Urantia. This massive SuperUniverse is made up of over a trillion inhabited worlds. The SuperUniverse of Orvonton has as its Administrative Capital a large "Architectural Sphere" (an artificially constructed hollow sphere) named "Uversa", part of a large Sun cluster which functions as the physical and astronomical center of this Seventh SuperUniverse. Orvonton, led by its Supreme Ruler, Lord Siraya, and always in close touch with the Grand Universe's Trinity Father, is administratively divided up into ten "Major Sectors", each encompassing a hundred billion inhabited Worlds. Each of these Major Sectors is further divided into one hundred "Minor Sectors", of a further billion inhabited worlds each.

Within each "Minor Sector" of the SuperUniverse there are over one hundred Galaxies or "Local Universes". These Local Universes are themselves vast and each contains up to ten million inhabited worlds. A "Local Universe" is further administratively divided into over a hundred "Constellations" and each Constellation is then divided into one hundred "Local System" sectors.

Our own Local Universe of Nebadon [Milky Way Galaxy] has as its Administrative Headquarters a large central artificial sphere named "Salvington". Salvington is over two hundred and fifty thousand light-years away from Orvonton's central sphere of Uversa. As our Local Universe of Nebadon is a relatively recent creation (only 300 billion years!), and not yet fully developed, it has only 3,840,101 inhabited Planets out of a normal of at least ten million.

Our own Planet Urantia/Earth is situated within Nebadon's Constellation of Norlatiadek. Norlatiadek has as its own Administrative Headquarters the central large artificial sphere named Edentia. Edentia is composed of a vast area of beautiful gardens and landscapes, from where our own Earth's legendary "Garden of Eden" derived its name.

Finally, within the Constellation of Norlatiadek is Earth's own local "Regional Local System", named "Satania", a Region made up of a mere 619 inhabited Worlds. Satania's Administrative Center is itself situated on a large "Architectural Sphere" named "Jerusem", over a hundred times the size of our own Planet, from which we derive the name-place of "Jerusalem".

The Local System of Satania, within which resides our small and relatively young Planet Earth (only two billion years old!), originally known as Urantia, is situated near the outer edge of our Milky Way Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon. The Local Universe of Nebadon is itself not far from the end of a spiral arm of the Orvonton 7th SuperUniverse and is thus relatively close to the surrounding Great Void.

Within our "Grand Universe" there are over 700,000 Galaxies/Local Universes, with therefore the same number of "Creator Sons" as their Rulers. Each of these "Paradise Creator Sons" is given the right by the Trinity Father, after a long period of training, to create and administer their own Local Universe. A "Paradise Creator Son" is a first line, direct offspring of the Trinity Father. The second line of Paradise Sons, known as "Avonal/Majesterial Sons", who often undertake a "Bestowal Mission" to the Lower Dimensional Worlds to act as a temporary "Spiritual Teacher" and uplifter of their civilisation, are the direct offspring of the Second Member of the Holy Trinity, the Trinity Father's Eternal Son.

Our own Milky Way Galaxy or Local Universe of Nebadon, has as its Sovereign Ruler the "Paradise Creator Son" by the name of Michael of Nebadon. He is better known to us as Christ Michael, through his having had his Seventh and final "Bestowal" incarnation on one of his lowliest inhabited Planets, Planet Urantia/Earth. Here he embarked on this final Bestowal incarnation jointly with Jesus (Esu/Immanuel/Sananda) of Palestine two thousand years ago, overshadowing him during Jesus's difficult incarnation. This Seventh Bestowal exercise was so that he could finally earn the right to be recognised by his Trinity Father as a fully entitled "Sovereign of Nebadon", having served a long probationary period as Regent on his behalf. This final right is only bestowed upon a Creator Son after he has undertaken at least seven incarnations on his seven Lower Dimensional Worlds of descending order. He can then become qualified as a full "Sovereign" of his Local Universe, entitling him to make all his own decisions thereafter.

When the Trinity Father at first authorises the physical creation of a new Local Universe for one of his "Creator Sons", he enjoins the Paradise Isle "Master Force Organisers", Physical Creation Agents of our Cosmic Creator, to manipulate energy-matter into spheres of a certain stage of physical solidity. Once the first and Central Administrative Sphere is physically created, the chosen Paradise Isle "Creator Son" can then appear upon the scene accompanied by his "Creative Partner/Consort", a Daughter of the Trinity Infinite Spirit and thereby maintaining a Feminine "Love Energy" link to our Creator.

The Development of Nebadon

The first physical construction within Nebadon was the Administrative Headquarters-World, a vast artificial sphere named "Salvington" along with its surrounding satellites. The completion of Salvington took over one billion years of present Earth time from the initial material creation by the Physical Power Controllers to the arrival of the first living Staff on the completed spheres. The next construction after Salvington was the creation of the Headquarters Spheres of the one hundred Constellations, followed by a further hundred Headquarters Spheres for the "Local Systems" in each Constellation. Each Local System is usually composed of about a thousand inhabited planets.

The Local Universe of Nebadon, as a relatively young cluster of starry and planetary realms within the Orvonton SuperUniverse, has experienced a number of disruptions, including three Rebellions against the ruling Hierarchy. The last took place 200,000 years ago, known as the "Lucifer Rebellion", in which 37 planets, including Earth, were placed under “quarantine" at its ending. However, much of these disruptions were largely due to the effects of an insidious force of "evil" coming from outside our Grand Universe and which infected some of the outer portions of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton over 1.3 billion years ago. This very powerful outside source of darkness came in from another "Grand Universe" which had become totally corrupt under its somewhat deranged Leader. The infiltrating Dark Forces managed to corrupt some of the Highest Beings in the outer Galaxies/Local Universes within the Orvonton SuperUniverse. This force of evil led to many devastating Galactic Wars within our own Milky Way Galaxy, between the "Forces of Light" (the Galactic Federation of Light) to which our Planet was allied, and the "Forces of Darkness" (the Anchara Alliance) which many subsequently subverted "Dark Planets" belonged.

However, the Paradise Trinity Father of our own Grand Universe appears to have been required by our Cosmic Creator to permit this "darkness" to run its course as a powerful learning tool within our Sector. He has also had to take into consideration our Cosmic Creator's endowment of our limited "Free Will" as an encouragement towards the development of "individuality". Only now, at these "End Times" has he finally been authorised by our Cosmic Prime Creator to participate in a thorough total cleansing of this outside-sourced darkness within our outer Sector of the Grand Universe. [see Chapter 10].

Chapter Two:
The Creation of Planet Earth/Urantia

Our own Planet Earth, or Urantia as it was originally known, began its existence two billion years ago. But the stage had already been set over six billion years ago, when our Solar Sun was spun-off from the Andronover Nebula together with one million other Suns at the same time. Half a billion years later, our Sun was itself approached by the enormous Angona System with a "Dark Giant" at its centre. This Dark Giant was a solid, highly charged sphere possessing a tremendous pull of gravity. A great column of our Sun's solar gases was, through this powerful pull of gravity, detached and separated out thus forming the twelve Planets of our Solar System. By two and a half billion years ago, Urantia/Earth was already a well-developed sphere, about the tenth of its present mass, but growing rapidly by meteoric accretion.

The Earth started as a veritable fiery inferno, rent with volcanic action. Eventually the atmosphere became more settled and cooled sufficiently to start precipitation of rain on the hot rocky surface of the Planet. For thousands of years Earth was enveloped in one vast and continuous blanket of steam. This was followed by the cooling of the Earth's crust sufficiently to cause the forming of the first ocean, which was eventually to cover the entire Planet to an average depth of five thousand feet. Later, dense lava flows from the bottom of the present Pacific Ocean caused the first continental mass to emerge from the ocean. This precipitated a compensatory adjustment to the equilibrium of the gradually thickening Earth's crust under the ocean derived from the constant bombardment and accretion of meteorites.

By nine hundred and fifty million years ago there had developed one great single continent of land with one large body of water, the Pacific Ocean.

The first scouting party from the Local System of Satania arrived nine hundred million years ago and after an assessment announced that the "Life Carriers", experts in the development of all life forms, could now be granted permission to develop new patterns of mechanical, chemical and electrical mobilisation as well as life transplantation from other worlds. Urantia/Earth, had been declared to be a one-in-ten "Decimal" experimental world, one of sixty-one other "life-modification" Planets within the Local System of Satania. Here, as soon as conditions on Earth were considered ready, the Life Carriers would be allowed to create some new experimental life forms and fauna as their sixtieth "Satania experiment" designed to amplify and improve Santania's type of Nebadon life patterns.

Meanwhile, the rising continental land-mass of this era out of the ocean soon increased until it covered almost ten per cent of the Earth's surface. Severe earthquakes began only after the continental mass of land had emerged well above the water. Once the earthquakes began, they increased in frequency and severity for long ages. Eventually they were to gradually diminish over a period of millions of years, though even today Earth still has an average of about fifteen daily.

Seven hundred and fifty million years ago the first breaks in the continental land-mass began as a great North-and-South split, which later admitted the ocean waters and prepared the way for the Westward drift of the continents of North and South America, including Greenland. The long East-and-West cleavage separated Africa from Europe and severed the land masses of Australia, the Pacific continent that was to become Lemuria, and Antarctica, separating from the Asiatic continent. By seven hundred million years ago, Urantia/Earth was approaching a ripening of conditions suitable for the support of living life.

Five hundred million years ago the Life Carriers were ready to begin their work, planting primitive marine vegetable life, some of which was to metamorphose into animal life fifty million years later. They used a process of introducing existing forms of life from other developed worlds, then modifying them either to suit this Planet's own conditions or as part of an ongoing experiment in developing new forms of life for one of this Local System's 61 "Decimal" experimental worlds.

By four hundred million years ago, marine life, both vegetable and animal was fairly well distributed over the whole world as the climate grew slightly warmer and became more equable. Fish were developed two hundred and fifty million years ago, some of the teeth-bearing varieties being twenty-five to thirty feet long, ancestors of the present-day sharks. Reptiles from the Sirius Solar System were introduced one hundred and forty million years ago in the form of crocodiles, scaled reptiles, and eventually both sea-serpents and flying reptiles. Reptilian dinosaurs were soon developed and became the "Monarchs" of this Age. As egg-layers they were distinguished from the other animals; they also possessed small brains weighing less than one pound controlling bodies weighing up to as much as forty tons.

The first mammals appeared in North America fifty million years ago. A small reptilian, egg-laying type of mammal was soon flourishing, and the ancestors of the later kangaroos began to roam Australia. Soon there were also small horses, fleet-footed rhinoceroses, tapirs with proboscises, primitive pigs, squirrels, lemurs, opossums, and several tribes of monkey-like animals. By thirty-five million years ago many of the more primitive mammals had become extinct, and the mammals of large size and small brain such as the dinosaur family were by then in decline. The land mammals slowly assumed domination of the Earth, completely destroying the remainder of their reptilian ancestors.

An Inhabited World

A significant event occurred one million years ago, when Urantia/Earth was first registered by the Constellation Fathers as a world inhabited by reasoning Human Beings. A mutation within the stock of the progressing Primates, small lemur types who walked mostly on their hind legs and possessed large brains in proportion to their size, led to the development of primitive semi-animal tribes who lived in the treetops for safety at night. These were the ancestors of Earth's indigenous Mankind. It happens from time to time in the course of events, that one small spark can initiate a whole new development. And it was the rapid development towards Human qualities by two members of a primitive tribe, a brother and sister, on the Mesopotamian or Persian peninsula at the beginning of the third Glacial Ice Age, which would accelerate the pace of Earth's Human evolution.

Andon and his sister Fonta were born to parents little different from the average members of a tree-top animal Tribe who had already begun to learn how to make sharp tools of stone, flint and bone, and to use clubs in fighting. This fighting they indulged in frequently, almost wiping out the various other tribes with any likely Human developmental potential. This particular Brother and Sister were to exhibit a considerably higher level of intelligence, no doubt brought over through an incarnation from a more evolved extraterrestrial world. At a very early age they had not only learned to communicate with each other verbally but had worked out an improved sign and word language of almost half a hundred ideas. However, hard as they tried, they were unable to teach more than a few of their new signs and symbols to their parents.

When about nine years of age, they journeyed down the river together and following a lengthy conference reached a significant decision: to live apart from their Tribe and exclusively with and for each other. This event was being observed through psychic facilities by every Celestial Intelligence stationed on Urantia, including the Senior Life Carrier. Five years later they would further distance themselves from their inferior animal associates, whom they feared might try to kill them through jealousy of their higher abilities. They journeyed North to a new area well away from their Tribe, little knowing that they were about to found Earth's first indigenous, truly Human Race.

Andon and Fonta had nineteen children in all, thus establishing the genes and attributes of the first true Human Race, the Andonites. They lived to have almost a hundred grandchildren and half a dozen great-grandchildren. The family was domiciled in four adjoining rock shelters, or semi-caves, three of which were interconnected by hallways which had been excavated in the soft limestone with flint tools devised by Andon's children.

As time passed, the Andonic Clans grew in number, always avoiding mixing with their inferior animal-like cousins, the Simian tribes, which later split off to develop into a non-Human line of apelike monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and gorillas.

Eventually, through various unfortunate tribal conflicts amongst themselves, the Andonites were forced to disperse into a wider area. The geography of nine hundred and fifty thousand years ago prevented them from penetrating very far into Asia or Africa, but pointed them to journey farther and farther North, until they were stopped by the slowly advancing ice of the Third Glacier Ice Age. Before this extensive ice-sheet reached the southern area of what is now France and the British Isles, the Descendants of Andon and Fonta had pushed on westward over present day Europe and had established more than one thousand separate settlements along the great rivers leading to the then warm waters of the North Sea.

Eight hundred thousand years ago, after much tribal fighting and the eventual decline of the Andonites, the associated tribe of Badonan, led by a great-great-grandson of Andon, and living in the foothills of the Northwestern Highlands of the Indian Subcontinent, started to gain ascendancy. This Badonan tribe, rapidly becoming superior, began a warfare of extermination directed against their inferior and animalistic neighbours. In less than one thousand years most of these animalistic groups had either been destroyed or driven back to the southern forests. The mixed Descendants of the improved Badonite stock now appeared on the stage of Earth's Human evolution as a new people – the Neanderthal Race.

The Neanderthalers

The Neanderthalers were great hunters during their existence between eight and five hundred thousand years ago, since wild game was abundant with many species of deer, elephants and hippopotamuses roaming over the European Continent. Cattle were plentiful; horses and wolves were everywhere. Their relatively crude culture made up of hunting and fighting, gradually spread and lasted for almost a quarter of a million years.

During these spiritually "Dark Ages" the culture of superstitious Mankind reached its lowest levels. The Neanderthalers really had no religion beyond superstition, in which an over-riding fear of the natural forces of Nature had gradually developed. This lead to attempts to placate the invisible forces of the natural elements through the sacrificing of Humans. They were afraid of clouds, more especially of mists and fogs and they also lived in fear of the dark and thus had a dread of nightfall. As long as the Moon shone, even a little, they managed to get along, but when the Moon became dark they panicked and began the sacrifice some of their best specimens of manhood and womanhood in an effort to induce the Moon to shine once again. This terrible practice of Human and animal sacrifice, which has been perpetuated by the more backward peoples of Earth down to the present day, had the effect over time of decimating all of their finest and most intelligent members of the Neanderthal Race, leading to its ultimate final decline.

As the various indigenous tribes of Earth fiercely fought each other and almost wiped themselves out around five hundred thousand years ago, the Life Carriers introduced the final development of Humans, based on the six different coloured Races of more advanced potential already developed on other worlds. These were to be known on Earth as the Sangik Races and were the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue/White and the Indigo/Black Races. The Red Race was eventually to settle exclusively in North America, the Yellow Race in Asia, the Black Races in Africa, and the Green and Blue/White in Europe, later known as the Caucasian Races.

It was the general Hierarchical Plan in the development of a normal evolutionary World to install a "Planetary Prince" Ruler at the appearance of the first consciously aware Human Beings. This was a time for the Life Carriers, who had been responsible for the development all the various life forms, to depart. The purpose of a Planetary Prince assigned by the Local System Headquarters would normally be to further advance the development of the social, economic and cultural lifestyles of the new Races. However, since Earth was one of the 61 Decimal (one-in-ten) Experimental Worlds within the local System of Satania, and one in which the Life Carriers had experienced some developmental difficulties, this was delayed until the Six Coloured Races were finally installed five hundred thousand years ago. Two of the most senior Life Carriers involved in the development of Earth's life-forms elected to remain permanently with Planet Earth as Advisers, and have done so right up to the present time.

The high personage chosen to be the first Planetary Prince of Urantia/Earth, was Caligastia, who up to that time had been attached to the Council of the Life Carrier Advisers at the Headquarters Sphere of the Local System of Satania on Jerusem. Caligastia had long sought a commission as a Planetary Prince, asking particularly to be awarded a "Decimal" experimental life-modification World, but his petitions were turned down several times by the Constellation Fathers. Eventually he was assigned to Urantia/Earth. He had up to that point demonstrated an enviable record of devotion to the welfare of the Local Universe, notwithstanding a certain characteristic restlessness coupled with a tendency to disagree with the established Hierarchical Order on minor matters.

Lucifer was at that time the Local System Sovereign of Satania, and he was soon to elevate Caligastia to a position on his personal staff, where he successfully filled five successive assignments of honour and trust.

Caligastia, as the newly appointed Planetary Prince arrived on Earth five hundred thousand years ago from Jerusem with his 100 Senior Assistants at the newly established Headquarters in the Persian Gulf region, in an area corresponding to later Mesopotamia. At that time there were over 500 million relatively primitive Human Beings well scattered throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

The nucleus of the Prince's Headquarters settlement was to be the newly built City of Dalamatia, initially of 6,000 inhabitants. It was built mainly of one-story buildings enclosed within a surrounding protective wall of over forty feet in height. From this base he established ten specialized educational and training groups who then brought in all the most intelligent members of the various semi-civilised Tribes surrounding that area for training and instruction. These various developmental Councils taught the primitive tribesmen such things as well-digging, water-springs control, irrigation, improved methods of treating skins for use as clothing, and later the weaving of cloth. Great advances were made with them, particularly in methods of food storage. Food was now to be preserved by cooking, drying and smoking, and it thus became Man's earliest valuable property, providing for the periods of famine which had periodically decimated populations in earlier times.

For almost three hundred thousand years Prince Caligastia advanced the planetary civilisation in a slow and well planned manner, until its disruption by what would become known as the "Lucifer Rebellion".

The Lucifer Rebellion

As Sovereign of the Local System of Satania, Lucifer had reigned for more than five hundred thousand years as the Chief Executive of Satania, a System of 607 inhabited Worlds. He was generally considered a magnificent and brilliant personality and he stood in line for promotion to becoming one of the Constellation Fathers in our Milky Way Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon. But during the last 100 years of his reign, Lucifer increasingly questioned the purpose behind the entire Hierarchical establishment of the our "Grand Universe" Administration.

He eventually produced a "Declaration of Liberty" Manifesto in which he charged that the Paradise Isle "Trinity Father" did not really exist and was a myth invented by the Paradise Isle "Creator Sons" to enable them to maintain their rule of the Local Universes in a so-called Father's name. Lucifer contended that the Local Universe Systems should be autonomous, and protested that Nebadon's Creator Son Michael should not have the right to assume full Sovereignty of Nebadon until after he had completed his final Seventh Bestowal life on one of his Planets. He also objected to the amount of time and resources used in the vast programme of training billions of "Ascending Mortals" on the numerous Mansion Worlds for a "mythical Ascension purpose" up to the Central Universes, all to the detriment of Local Universe development.

Lucifer first announced his plans to Satan, his First Administrative Assistant, but it required several months to win over this able and brilliant Associate. However, when once converted to the contrarian theories, he himself became a bold and earnest advocate of "Self-assertion and Liberty". The Head Chief of the Seraphic Hosts (the Angelic Orders) responsible for the day-to-day administration also joined the Lucifer cause, even though his Second in Command, Manotia, remained loyal to the Grand Universe Hierarchical Administration. The defection of the Head Administrator of what in our terms would be our Government's "Civil Servants", influenced a large number of the Local System Administrative Seraphim to follow in joining the "Rebellion".

According to a then highly placed observer, "The Seraphic Leader was spiritually blinded by the brilliant personality of Lucifer and his charming ways had fascinated the Lower Orders of the Celestial Seraphim so that they simply could not comprehend that it was possible for such a dazzling personality to go wrong".

As put forth by "The Urantia Book": present day readers, perhaps impressed by Lucifer's highly evocative title, "A Declaration of Liberty", chosen for his Revolutionary Thesis, may be wondering: why so much fuss and such strong opposition. Three reasons along with their consequences put forward at the time by the Grand Universe Hierarchy were:

First, and most seriously, it became clear on further analysis and observation that the so-called "Declaration of Liberty" was in fact a front for ambitions of a far more serious nature. This suspicion was soon to be fully justified by those on Planet Earth when one of the "converts", Caligastia, won over his First Associate, Daligastia, and they jointly called the "Ten Councils of Urantia" in a Session Extraordinary.

The Assembly was opened with the statement that Prince Caligastia was about to proclaim himself "Absolute Creator Sovereign of Urantia" instead of just as a Planetary Prince appointed by the Constellation Fathers. He demanded that all Earth's present Administration abdicate by resigning all of their functions and powers into his hands as "Trustee", pending the reorganization of the Planetary Government. Sixty percent of the Administrative personnel agreed to comply. The other forty percent, through their newly appointed Chairman, Van, instead made a direct appeal against this to the Local System of Satania Headquarters at Jerusem. However, since Lucifer was the Local System Sovereign, they obviously quickly received orders back confirming Caligastia as the new Supreme Sovereign of Urantia and commanding absolute and unquestioning allegiance to his mandates.

The second problem was the serious split in governance at a number of levels, some administrators supporting, others opposing the "revolution". The ultimate effect of the Rebellion on Earth was that many of its skilled administrative civil servants and instructors were split and dispersed, causing considerable chaos and a major setback in the evolutionary progress of the indigenous tribes and any real progress in developing a higher civilisation on Earth. For over fifty years great administrative confusion reigned in Dalamatia and its surroundings.

The third problem was that even had the "Rebel" plans for "Democracy" been wholly genuine, the primitive tribes were not yet ready for anything resembling self- or even participatory Government. It was not long before the entire remaining Staff loyal to Caligastia were engaged in an energetic defence of their City against the hordes of semi-savages who were to besiege its walls. This came as a result of the Doctrines of Liberty which had been prematurely spread amongst them by Caligastia. His grand scheme for the immediate reconstruction of Human society in accordance with his new ideas for individual freedom and group liberties proved to be a swift failure. The surrounding relatively primitive tribal society rapidly sank back to its old levels.

A deeper and considerably longer-lasting effect of the Lucifer Rebellion was the reaction – one which may in retrospect be regarded as "over-kill" – of the Hierarchy, unaccustomed as they were to any questioning of the "status quo" and instinctively fearful of any possible adverse consequences.

Though initially reacting with a policy of non-interference, they subsequently reacted with extreme severity. The Lucifer Rebellion would ultimately involve only thirty-seven inhabited Planets out of the 607 within the Local System of Satania. But this was deemed a possible threat to the three million or so other inhabited Worlds within the Local Universe of Nebadon. The 37 Planets, including Earth, which succumbed to the Rebellion have thus been kept in isolation/quarantine on the orders of the controlling Orvonton SuperUniverse Administration for nearly two hundred thousand years. A final adjudication was only made by the "Most Highs" of Uversa in 1985, when the Hierarchy's "Quarantine Order" was finally eased, having had a major negative impact on the evolution of Earth's civilisation and people. However, the surrounding electronic "Veil" insulating us from contact with other Worlds which was at the same time established by our Cosmic Creator, has not as yet been lifted.

The Story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden

Around forty thousand years ago, the Life Carriers on duty responsible for Earth's biologic and Human development took note that, from a purely biological standpoint, the developmental progress of the Urantia Races was nearing its apex. They made a petition to the Most Highs of our local Norlatiadek Constellation Headquarters on Edentia, that Urantia should be inspected with a view to authorising the next stage in a young Planet's evolution. This requires that there be an instalment of two "Adamic" biologic uplifters in the form of a traditionally termed "Adam and Eve", that is, two highly evolved Ascending Mortal Beings - a "Material Son and Daughter of the Local System". This is the normal process for a young Planet to further advance the genetic quality of the indigenous Races.

One important rule is that the chosen "Adam and Eve" genetic upgraders are never allowed to mate with the indigenous inhabitants, as they must retain intact their pure genetic characteristics brought over from their Higher World. Only their own Earth offspring would be allowed to procreate with some of the carefully selected indigenous Mortals in order to upgrade the World population's genes and racial characteristics.

A planetary inspection was made by the Constellation Fathers of Norlatiadek who arrived from Edentia, the Constellation Capital. Following this the new Adamic genetic upgrading step for Urantia/Earth was approved by them. They made a selection of two suitable volunteer "Adamic" Rulers for Earth from the residents of Jerusem, the Local System Capital of Satania, who would be accorded the traditional planetary title of "Adam and Eve".

The next stage was to build a "Garden of Eden" on Urantia/Earth, based on the beautiful semi-tropical gardens of the Constellation of Norlatiadek's Headquarters Sphere, Edentia. This area was to function as an Administrative Headquarters for the new Adam and Eve. Van and Amadon, Leaders of the Amadonite Race who had remained loyal after the Rebellion were asked to come down from their highland Headquarters and recruit from sixty-one scattered settlements, a Corps of over three thousand willing and enthusiastic workers to build the new "Garden of Eden". From a possible choice of three selected sites, one that was finally chosen was on a long peninsula – almost an island – projecting Westward from the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea and with a good warm climate.

The neck of the Edenic Peninsula was over 37 miles wide and at the center an exquisite stone Temple to the Trinity Father of the Grand Universe was constructed. Right in the heart of the Temple was planted "the Tree of Life" brought over from the Constellation of Norlatiadek's Headquarters Sphere, Edentia. The fruit of this tree had the properties of prolonging almost indefinitely the life span of the Adamic Beings originating from Satania's Headquarters World of Jerusem. The Garden of Eden's Administrative Headquarters were established in the Northern part of the Peninsula and the homes for the workers and their families in the South. The plans laid for the Garden of Eden provided for enough homes and abundant land in a beautifully semi-tropical garden landscape to allow for an eventual total of one million inhabitants.

By the time Adam and Eve arrived from the Local System of Satania's Headquarters Sphere of Jerusem over thirty-seven thousand years ago, the Garden of Eden was already one quarter finished, complete with irrigation ditches, paved roads and pathways. There would eventually be over five-thousand brick dwellings in the various sectors, each neighbourhood locality allowing for only a maximum cluster of seven in one area. They were all to be surrounded by great numbers of trees and plants and within the most beautiful garden landscaping.

However, after their arrival and formal installation as the new Rulers of Urantia/Earth, Adam and Eve soon became very aware of the Planet's isolation from contact with other worlds. Silent were the familiar Galactic Broadcasts, and absent were all the circuits of extra-planetary communication.

Their second day on Earth was spent in session with the "Planetary Receivers", the Melchizedeks and their Advisory Council, who had been appointed provisional Custodians of the Planet. From them they learned the bitter news, that they were suffering the isolation imposed on Earth as a result of the Caligastia Rebellion. Nonetheless, all went reasonably well for a time on Urantia/Earth under the new Adamic Administration. It even appeared that Adam might gradually be able to develop a successful plan for the extension of the new Edenic civilisation outwards amongst the surrounding primitive tribes.

Adam and Eve had in fact been given a long training period on Jerusem on all the techniques of improving a young world's readiness to accept a step-up in evolutionary civilisation. Now they had to face up to the pressing problems of establishing a rule of Law and Order in their surrounding world of savages, barbarians, and semi-civilised Human Beings. Unfortunately, apart from the cream of the Earth's population assembled in the Garden of Eden, only a few tribal groups here and there were at all ready for the reception of the new Adamic culture. Tribal development had been badly set back by the administrative disruption following the earlier Lucifer Rebellion.

Adam made a heroic and determined effort to institute Representative Government in place of a Monarchial one, but he met with stubborn resistance at every turn and eventually had to abandon all efforts to do so. He had already put in operation a system of group control throughout the Garden of Eden itself and had federated all of these groups into the "Edenic League". He also succeeded in establishing almost one hundred outlying Trade and Social Centres where selected individuals of a strong ability ruled in his name.

But serious trouble always ensued when he ventured outside the Garden of Eden and sought to apply these ideas to the more distant outlying tribes. The moment Adam's associates began to work outside the Edenic area, they met the direct and well-planned resistance of Caligastia. Although the fallen Prince had been deposed by the Constellation Fathers as Earth's ruling Sovereign, he had not been physically removed from the Planet, and this in fact was not done so until the time of Christ Michael's Bestowal life on Earth two thousand years ago. He was still able to some extent to encourage many primitive tribes to resist all of Adam's plans for the rehabilitation and upgrading of Earth's society.

Caligastia however was allowed to pay frequent visits to the Garden of Eden in order to try and settle the differences between his leadership of the outlying tribes and the Adamic Administration. Despite many conferences with Adam and Eve, Adam always remained opposed to any compromise, and the wily Prince Caligastia soon gave up trying to work directly on Adam and decided to try a subtle flank attack on Eve. He laid plans for entrapping Eve into committing a serious error by breaking the "Adamic Pledge" never to procreate with any of Earth's indigenous Mortals.

Adam and Eve had completed their first one-hundred years on Earth, having produced sixty-three of their own children along with 1,647 grandchildren as their pure-line Descendants. It was at this time that Caligastia decided to set in motion a wily plot to undermine Adam's rule. It should be appreciated that Caligastia, having originated from a superior non-mortal Race on Satania's Jerusem, still had considerable powers to influence the thoughts and actions of Earth Mortals, even those more advanced and progressive. It so happened that a senior Tribal Leader named Serapatatia had just come into the leadership of the Western or Syrian confederation of the Nodite tribes upon the death of his Father. Serapatatia who stood out as an unusually intelligent and advanced Human Mortal, had already made several visits to the Garden of Eden and had become deeply impressed with the righteousness of Adams's leadership and rule. Therefore, shortly after assuming the Leadership of the Syrian Nodites, he announced his intention of establishing an affiliation with the work of Adam and Eve in developing and upgrading tribal administration. He put it to the Nodite Tribal Confederation that it was going to be to their greater benefit and the Nodite Tribe readily agreed to support him.

It was shortly after this tribal acceptance that Serepatatia and some of his new Staff were invited and entertained by Adam and Eve in their own home in Eden. Serapatatia thereafter became one of the most able and efficient of all Adam's Lieutenants. He was entirely honest and thoroughly sincere in all of his activities. He was never conscious, even to the end, that he was to be used as a circumstantial tool against Adam and Eve in a clever plot set in motion through concealed mental suggestion by the wily Caligastia.

The "Fall" of Eve

Soon Serapatatia was appointed Associate Chairman of the Edenic Commission on Tribal Relations, and many plans were laid for the more vigorous prosecution of the work of winning the remote Tribes to the Adamic cause. He thus held frequent conferences with Adam and Eve – especially with Eve – and one day, during a talk with Eve, a mental suggestion came to Serapatatia that if the Nodites, as the most progressive and co-operative Tribal Race, could have a Leader born to them incorporating the elevated genes of her non-mortal Celestial Race, it would constitute a powerful tie binding these people to the Garden of Eden. He was then mentally influenced to reason with Eve that if this child could be reared and educated in the Garden of Eden, it would exert a great influence over his people and possibly influence the many other tribes.

For more than five years these plans were secretly progressed between them. At last they were developed to the point where Eve consented to have a secret conference with Serapatatia's close Associate, Cano, a most brilliant mind and the active Leader of the near-by colony of the friendly Nodites. Cano was very sympathetic to the Adamic cause and was also the spiritual Leader of this neighboring Nodite Tribe which had been amongst the first to choose to have friendly relations with the Garden of Eden.

The fateful meeting occurred during the twilight hours of an autumn evening, not far from the home of Adam. Eve had never before met the beautiful and enthusiastic Cano – and he was a magnificent specimen of the superior physique and outstanding intellect of his remote Descendings of the Planetary Prince's original Staff. And Cano also thoroughly believed in the righteousness of the "Serapatatia Project", since multiple mating was a common practice outside of the Garden of Eden and was not considered in any way to be wrong.

Encouraged by flattery, enthusiasm, and great personal persuasion, Eve then and there consented to embark upon the much-discussed enterprise, to add her own contribution of "World Saving" to the Divine Plan. Before she quite realised what was transpiring, the fatal step had been taken and the deed was done. The child arising from this union was eventually to be named Cain.

Adam however very soon sensed from Eve that something very seriously wrong had taken place. He asked Eve to come outside with him into their garden. And now for the first time Adam heard from Eve the entire story about her and Serapatatia's long-nourished plan for accelerating world improvement by stimulating the upliftment of the tribal bloodstock and genes of one of the more advanced world tribes.

And as they communed in the moonlit garden, they suddenly heard a discarnate "Voice in the Garden" reproving them for their disobedience. It informed them that they had transgressed the Garden of Eden Covenant and had defaulted in the execution of their Oaths of Trust to the Rulers of the Local Universe. Upon hearing this, Eve's disillusionment was truly pathetic. Adam had quickly taken in the whole predicament they were in and whilst heartbroken and dejected, he nonetheless felt a great sympathy and pity for his erring Mate.

It was in Adam's despair at the realisation of Eve's failure that the day after Eve's misstep, he sought out Laotta, a brilliant Nodite woman who was Head of the Western schools of the Garden of Eden, in order to balance out Eve's great shame by committing the same act himself. He wished to deliberately share his beloved Partner's fate. He loved his Mate with a supermortal affection, and the thought of the possibility of a lonely vigil on Urantia without her was more than he could endure. Later, when the result of this union was the birth of a daughter named Sansa, and since Laotta died in the childbirth, Eve without hesitation took Sansa to her bosom and she was reared along with Cain to grow up to be a woman of great ability.

When the worker inhabitants of the Garden of Eden learned of what had happened to Eve, these infuriated inhabitants declared war on the near-by Nodite settlement. They swept out through the gates of Eden and down upon these unprepared Nodite people, utterly destroying them – not a man, woman, or child was spared. Cano, the father of Cain yet unborn, also perished and Serapataia, overcome with remorse at what he had set in motion, drowned himself next day in the Great River.

But still more trouble was brewing: the news of the annihilation of the Nodite settlement near Eden was not slow in reaching the home tribes of Serapatatia to the North, and presently a great host was assembling to march on the Garden of Eden. And this was to be only the beginning of a long and bitter warfare between the Adamite tribal followers and the Nodite Tribes. Adam, having realised that he and Eve had failed in their Adamic Mission, and not wishing to go to war with the tribes, agreed with twelve hundred of his loyal followers to flee by caravan East to the second originally selected site for the Garden of Eden, at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Mesopotamia.

The Flight to the Second Eden

As the Edenic Caravan proceeded on its way, Adam was not entirely certain how the Hierarchy was going to react to their offence. On the third day of their journey, they were halted by the arrival of the Seraphic Hosts from Jerusem, who formally informed Adam and Eve of their transgressions and advised them concerning their fate. Gabriel, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Local Universe of Nebadon, had pronounced judgment from Nebadon's Headquarters on Salvington to the effect that, although they were not being charged of standing in "contempt of the Universe Government" and had not been guilty of rebellion, they had degraded themselves to the lower status of "Mortals" of the realm. They would no longer have immortality of life previously conferred on them along with their access to the restorative "Tree of Life". From now on they must conduct themselves as a purely mortal man and woman of Urantia, now subject to a limited life-span. They were henceforth to be totally dependent on any successful local development of Earth's tribal Races for their own future well-being.

It required almost a full year for the Edenic Caravan to reach the Euphrates River. When word reached the existing dwellers at the site of the Second Garden of Eden that the King and High Priest of the Garden of Eden was "marching on them", they fled in haste to the Eastern mountains. Adam found all of the desired territory totally vacated when he arrived. In this new location Adam and his helpers were now obliged to adopt relatively crude methods of living, whereas the first Garden of Eden had already been prepared for them, whilst this new one thus had to be created by the labour of their own hands. Adam's caravan had had the foresight to carry the seeds and bulbs of hundreds of plants and cereals of the first Garden to the land between the rivers. They also brought along extensive herds of animals as well as some of the more domesticated ones. Because of this, they at least possessed some advantages over the surrounding tribes and eventually they were able to develop and enjoy many of the benefits of the previous culture of their first Garden of Eden.

The site of Second Garden of Eden between the two great rivers was to provide a good natural defence from any marauding tribes. A short way to the North, where the Euphrates and Tigris came close together, a high defence wall was to be built between the rivers extending some fifty-six miles for the protection of the main body of the territory to the South. And so it was that they set themselves to building their own new homes and working from scratch to create a second beautiful Garden of Eden and eventually establish a new centre on Earth of relatively advanced culture and religion.

Up to the time of leaving the first Eden, Adam and his family had always subsisted on eating only fruits, cereals and nuts. On the way to Mesopotamia they had for the first time been forced to partake of herbs and vegetables. Even though the eating of meat was eventually introduced into the Second Garden, Adam and Eve never partook of flesh as part of their regular diet. Neither did any of their first generation children of the original Eden become flesh eaters. They subsisted wholly upon "the fruits and nuts of the trees". However, the next generation of Adamic Descendants did begin to partake of dairy products, though they continued to follow a non-flesh diet. Many of the Southern tribes with whom they later united were also non-flesh eaters. Later on, most of these vegetarian tribes migrated to the East and became mixed in with the peoples of India.

The psychic abilities of Adam and Eve were far superior to those of present-day peoples. Their extra-sensory senses were acute and they were able to see higher-vibrational Angelic Hosts and other higher dimensional Beings - this ability lasted them for over one hundred years after the fall of the First Eden. These higher senses were not to be so strong in their Second Garden of Eden offspring and tended to gradually diminish with each succeeding generation.

Adam lived for a total of 530 years, 412 of them in the Second Garden of Eden, and died 35,000 years ago of what might be simply termed old age. His physical mechanism eventually wore out, the process of disintegration gradually gaining on the processes of repair, and the inevitable end came. Eve had died nineteen years previously of a weakened heart. They were both buried in the centre of the Temple of Divine Service which had been built in accordance with their plans soon after the Northern Great Wall between the rivers of the colony had been completed.

The final end of the First Garden of Eden peninsula in the Mediterranean came almost four thousand years after Adam and Eve had fled. It had been overrun and occupied at different times by the lower-grade tribes of Nodites, Cutites and the Suntites. The end came in connection with violent activity of surrounding volcanoes and also the concurrent submergence of the Sicilian land bridge to Africa. The Eastern floor of the Mediterranean Sea was gradually sinking, eventually carrying down beneath its waters the entire Edenic peninsula over several hundred years. And so ended one of the most beautiful creations by the combination of Man and Nature ever witnessed on Urantia/Earth.

Lemuria and Atlantis

There later developed the two great civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis, although they were both not only to rise to a peak of high attainment, but eventually to descend slowly into dark ways through the temptations and influences of the Dark Forces beamed in from certain Worlds of Darkness within the Galaxy. Both great civilisations were destined to finally sink beneath the oceans.

The Continent of Lemuria, situated in the Pacific Ocean, which included the Continent of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, although having gradually risen to great heights of spiritual development, was the first to finally sink beneath the waves. Some of its people did manage to escape through secret tunnels into the "Inner Earth", thereby joining the 4D Argarthian civilisation within the interior. (for more on the "The Inner Earth" see Link at the end of Book 1).

Though Lemuria did achieve a relatively short lived phase of high consciousness, most in that era were not truly in physical bodies, rather in Devic-like etheric states, and did not face the difficulties required of the physical Earth stage. Indeed Lemuria never achieved the highly advanced technological development that later developed in the "Golden Age" of Atlantis. But, it was a time when "Gods walked with Men", and all knew the joyful expression of a greater Spiritual development, and was a time when many of Earth's people were known as the "Star Children".

The civilization of Atlantis first developed as a sister civilisation near the latter period of Lemuria, and was situated in the Atlantic Ocean between the continents of Africa and South America and extending all the way up into the Northern Atlantic. Atlantis over time developed to great technological heights, developing many advanced technologies based on the use of crystals, including the ability to generate and distribute by crystal-beamed power unlimited free electrical power through the atmosphere, and which also powered their airships and other surface transport.

They enjoyed a "Golden Age" lasting over 40,000 years, only to then move into a slow decline in several stages, each marked with a progressive breakup and sinking of the original large continent in the Atlantic into several large Island Continents. This came around about 17,500 BC which left a two large Continental Islands, the largest being "Poseida", the second being "Aryan", plus three smaller ones, all in the North Atlantic. The present Azores Islands are a remnant of Poseida' highest mountainous areas.

The dramatic story of the final "The Fall of Atlantis" has only very recently become available through Archangel Metatron, made in a channeling by James Tyberonn, from which we include the following excerpts: (The full "Metratron Text" can be read from the link at the end of this Book I)

Archangel Metatron: After the Second Deluge of Atlantis

"We take up the story after the Second Deluge of 17,500 BC. when the utopian "Golden Age" subsided, and Atlantis split into 5 islands. The two major Island Continents were known as Poseida, and Aryan, with the third, Og, being somewhat smaller. The two smallest Islands were under the rule of the Aryan Race, and were known as Atalya and Eyre. And so in the days after the second break up of Atlantis, the benevolent government rule as a Kingdom passed into the phase of a Confederation - Regional Governments that ruled each of the Islands. An aristocracy of sorts evolved that consisted of two opposing ideologies. The two major components of these were the Atla-Ra Scientist Priesthood of the 'Law of One', based predominantly on the Isle of Poseida and the Aryan Race of 'The Sons of Belial' based on the Isle of Aryan. The Island of Aryan was the most populated and exerted influence and political control over the smaller islands of Og, Atalya and Eyre.

"The Isle of Poseida was the Planet's most potent vortex portal complex at the time of Atlantis. The Isle of Poseida housed the Temple of Healing, the Temple of Sound, the Temple of One, the Temple of Regeneration and the Temple of Knowledge. Poseida housed most of the major centres for Higher Learning. These were placed on Poseida because of its advantageous location within the Geodesic Grids and its proximity to beneficial electromagnetic energies that spiralled upward from the Earth's core. An incredibly potent healing spring flowed on Poseida, near the Temple of Healing, and its lore spawned the myths of the 'Fountain of Youth' passed down by the indigenous peoples of Florida. It flows still into the oceans near Bimini.

"The Tall Ones, the "Golden Race of Atlantis", of Pleiadean seed were centred in Poseida, averaged 10 to 12 feet in stature. These were a gentle race of giants, involved in the cultural, artistic and educational pursuits in the heart of Atlantis. Poseida was also the headquarters and nucleus of the crystalline Power Grid and Interdimensional Tunnel system. The most advanced, complex and beautiful of the crystals were here. They were of Arcturian and Sirian-Pleiadean construct, a living amalgam of many crystalline forms imbued with an alloy of platinum and gold.

"The crystals were housed in magnificent Temples, some built of marble, others of crystalline sheets of beryl, corundum and diamond. The Capital City of the Island of Poseidon, also named Poseida was called the "Emerald City". Its bio-plasmic field was projected into a shimmering glowing Aurora of Emerald Green, visible for miles. The Atlanteans had perfected, with Arcturian technology, the ability to grow crystals of every structure and essence in an accelerated growth within the underground crystal beds of Arkansas, Tibet and Brazil, all being Atlantean colonies, accessed through the Interdimensional Tunnel System.

"Although much technology and quality of life had been lost in the first great breakup of Atlantis in 58,000 BC, technology still remained at an advanced level. Yet the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis spiraled downward after the second break up into islands in 17,500 BC as the Islands grew into separately governed entities, which held to very differing ideologies in the initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction immediately after the break up. Poseidon remained the contingency of the Spiritual Law of One, while the people of Aryan became gradually engrossed in power and materialism.

"Many of Earth's present-day people, artists especially have great recall of the Capital City of Atlantis, Poseida, termed the "Emerald City" because of the glowing green Light Dome projected over it. Some of Earth's artists in fact have made renditions of the city that are quite accurate. It was an exquisite marvel of architecture, culture and engineering, by far the most beautiful metropolis that has ever existed on Earth. It was breathtaking. The city was composed of a series of concentric walls and encircled by flowing sea-green canals. It was full of beautifully constructed Temples, Universities, Theatres and Museums.

"At the very centre was a hill, and on top of the hill the majestic and stunning "Temple of Poseidon", which was visible from everywhere in the Holy Emerald City. Inside the temple was a massive gold statue of the God of the Sea [Poseidon] showing him driving six winged horses made of extra-terrestrial platinum. The statue was embellished with precious gemstones of every colour and type. The Temple was octagonal and along each of the eight walls were built convex enclosures with platforms for amazing crystals that stood twelve feet high and glowed like transparent diamonds. Poseida had been the least damaged of the major Atlantean cities after the break up into islands, and was still of a very high frequency and quality of life.

"The Isle of Aryan, populated by the Aryan Race, was the largest of the Atlantean Islands and the most populated. Aryan was the commercial centre and yielded the most influence from the economic, agricultural and military perspective. After the 2nd deluge, Aryan was significantly damaged and the infrastructure required a chaotic stage of rebuilding. In the process, the State became controlled by an elitist, affluent 'White' Race, who gained control of the economy, military powers and the Island's State Government, even though the majority of the populace themselves were of the Bronze or Red Race. From Aryan grew a corrupt power-minded aristocracy who sought to block the 'Law of One' and utilise Atlantis's technology for control of the world, this through the utilisation of crystalline energy for weaponry, and use of genetic science for development & retention of an inferior race to serve as workers and soldiers."

The Poseidon-Aryan Rift

"The use of genetically engineered servant classes developed on the Isle of Aryan led to the great rift between the Atla-Ra Priesthood-led Poseidons following "The Law of One" and the Aryans known as "The Sons of Belial", whose Leaders followed their own secret dark motivations. The Aryans were to become so engrossed and hardened in the materialistic ambitions of the industrial machine that they lost sight of the spiritual ethics that had prevailed over the continent of Atlantis in the Golden Era. Literally hundreds of thousands of hybrid Human mutations were created to work the fields and monstrosities were created with controlled minds to robotically do the bidding of their 'masters'. The agro-industrial society of Aryan became quite dependent on them.

"For several millennia the two ideologies of Poseida and the Aryans remained head-locked over this issue and governmental agencies were in a state of delicate impasse. The Poseidons were far too cultured and gentle in nature to attempt to fight the Aryans and sought to educate them and spiritually influence them into changing their ways. The Aryans, who outnumbered the Poseidons 3 to 1, dared not attack Poseida lest they might have the crystalline energy that powered the Nation shut off.

"In the interim, outbreaks of war erupted between the Aryan controlled Atlantean military as the former Colonies of Atlantis located in the Mediterranean areas broke traditional ties and developed their own independent Governments. The Colonies, particularly those in Greece and Turkey, saw the change from the utopian Atlantis to the military-fascist State controlled by the Aryans and sought to break away. Although the Aryans had the military edge, the Mediterranean states did not succumb, and regional colonial wars raged on with neither side able to dominate the other. Factions among Aryans increasingly sought to use crystal energy to quell the adversaries. This was firmly refused by the Atla-Ra and 'Law of One' populace of Poseida.

"Several futile attempts to terrorise the Poseidons were attempted by the Aryans, and each was quelled. The Poseidons retaliated by shutting down the crystal-fed power systems and thus negating the Aryans. The Aryans responded by stopping food supply and manufactured goods. A great impasse ensued.

"In a great deceptive scheme, disguised as a plan for unification, the Aryans approached the Poseidons with the formation of a renewed "National Congress" to work out their growingly tense differences and bring harmony to Atlantis. Representatives from the Poseidon "Law of One" were sent along with the representatives from the Aryan "Sons of Belial". The Congress was formalised with an equal amount of representation from the two parties. Within short order a Federation of sorts was sanctified with the promise of greater harmony. It appeared for several decades that the promise of change and betterment might come about from the new National Congress. The Poseidons were encouraged and many of them let down their guard. The Atla-Ra Scientist-Priesthood remained wary of the Aryan motives and sensed deception.

"Initially the National Congress did improve relations and many minor superficial laws that promised unity were set in motion. Yet the primary points of opposition, the Aryan use of genetic slavery and the joint control of crystal energy management remained unresolved."

The Rise of Militarism

"From within the Sons of Belial had risen a hypnotic charismatic leadership who seduced the masses in Atlantis into believing they were the force destined to returning Atlantis to its lost Golden Age of prominence and abundance. The Leaders of this group were the Souls now known as Hitler and Himmler, the supremacist Nazis of World War II. Large militaristic legions were formed and gained the edge in covert political persuasion and power. The hybrid mutants were used to terrorise those who opposed them in Aryan and Og, and on one occasion this was futilely attempted in Poseida.

"The powerful Aryan contingent were masters of manipulation and media. They presented well thought out arguments that masked their true intentions and promised mutual compromise The propaganda seemed quite feasible on the surface and convinced many including moderates and some from the "Law of One" of its hope for harmony.

"That which was known as the "Second Moon of Atlantis", the Crystalline Power Grids and Fire Crystals came under Federal governmental control, and their usage became altered as the Aryan knowledge of the programming grew. The Atla-Ra were able to direct their usage towards military uses initially, but in time were deterred.

"The "Second Moon" of Atlantis was a massive Crystalline Satellite, of Arcturian construct managed by the Atla-Ra Priest Scientists of "The Law of One". This Crystalline Satellite was an enormous unmanned sphere of brilliant engineering, approximately five miles in diameter. It had been in use since the Golden Age of Atlantis, and served myriad benevolent purposes. It amplified and controlled the various crystal beams sent from the Fire, Healing and Energy Crystals. It was something of a computerised macro-chip that refracted, amplified and reflected powerfully refined beams of energy for use in agriculture, weather control, tide control, Healing Temples, Regeneration Temples and the enhanced Ley-energy systems generated by the Crystal Power System. It loomed in the skies over Atlantis and appeared as a golden "Harvest Moon", and thus was known as the "Second Moon of Atlantis". A rainbow kaleidoscopic energy band of antigravity plasma swirled around the sphere, and often appeared as what you now term the Aurora or Northern Lights. The Satellite Crystal Moon did not orbit the Earth, it moved as programmed, self directed, constantly shifting locations in order to perform its myriad tasks over Atlantis, Africa and the eastern seaboard of Brazil.

"The Aryan Belial Scientists, with the Council approval, reprogrammed a system bypass and began sending destructive thermal light beams used to initiate volcanic eruptions and massive earthquakes against the Colonies and their Nations who refused to give into their demands. These were aimed in the areas of what is now Greece and Turkey, and caused great devastation. Indeed it gave the zealous Aryans the battle advantage they so fervently desired, and they jubilantly increased its usage, with support of most of the populace.

"The Crystal Moon began to 'overload', weakening the anti-gravity field that kept it afloat. The Atla-Ra Scientist Priesthood of Poseida understood the implications of what would soon occur when the programming crashed, but their pleas to the Council continued to be ignored.

"After several months of prolonged war use, the Second Moon Satellite began to swerve and shift erratically, and power blackouts began to occur. Tireless attempts to correct it were unsuccessful. The Atla-Ra were asked to lend support in correcting it, but most refused. Some agreed to try and stabilise it to prevent the impending disaster. All attempts failed. The Aryan-led National Council refused the suggestion to incinerate the Satellite, disbelieving that it would crash, and held to minimising the effects of an impact even if it did.

"Indeed after a few months of being utilized for the thermal 'Death Ray' technology, the great Crystal Satellite overloaded, its antigravity cushion weakened and it crashed with the accelerated velocity of a massive Comet in a horrific explosion that devastated most of the Island of Og and critically weakened the tectonic stability of the Atlantean plate, vaporizing massive sections of substrata. The great Crystal Satellite shattered into billions of fragmented crystalline shards, which now fill the deep trenches of the Atlantic. Massive clouds of dust and smoke erupted, hiding the Sun. Waves of earthquakes and tsunamis devastated the Island and sent great tidal waves over two thirds of the Isle of Aryan. Within minutes the remaining power stations exploded with the strength of nuclear bombs. The remains of one such crystal power station explosion can be seen to this day in the area of northeast Brazil called 'Sete Cidades'.

"Atlantis, and the eastern coast of Brazil and the western coast of Africa were devastated with subsequent earthquakes. Panic and havoc ensued for 3-4 weeks as the remaining dry areas shook, and landmasses collapsed into the sea, creating enormous tsunamies. The land bridge that connected Poseida and Og to the Yucatan remained above water initially and was literally filled with hundreds of thousands of Atlanteans frantically attempting to escape in a horrendous panic-filled exodus. Every type of sea going vessel was filled with the surviving terrorised refugees.

"And then in one shattering gasp, the remaining lands of Atlantis collapsed downward into the sea. The displaced seas that became known as the "Great Flood" sent dozens of enormous tsunamis that spilled over the Americas, Africa and Europe. Only a few mountain tops of Atlantis [The Azores] remained dry. But the survivors were distraught, traumatised across the globe. Very few places were unaffected. A downward spiral in the civilisations of Earth had begun. And so it was after the destruction and sinking of Atlantis, that the largely depopulated Earth was left to a long period of "The Dark Ages" following the "Great Flood" which swept the rest of the world with only a relatively small remnant of simple agrarian people left."

Archangel Metatron

The World after Atlantis

The concurrent great continental civilisations were largely influenced by certain outside extraterrestrial Races, with two contrary motivations: to try and improve the primitive indigenous tribal civilisations of Earth, or in some cases, to try and control them for their own subjective benefit.

The other-world Races whose intentions were positive, to add to the beneficial development of Earth, were the Pleiadians from the nearby Pleiadian Star System and also the Sirians from the Sirius Star System.

Those with negative intent, that of furthering their own subjective control on Earth, consisted of some of the Renegade extraterrestrials from the outer regions of the Orion Constellation, also from the great Galaxy-wide group of racial opponents of the Human Race, the "Reptilians" who felt they had been given a natural right to take over the whole Milky Way Galaxy, pushing aside the Human Races in the process.

There was another positive outside source of Beings which came to Earth in order to accelerate the Planet's evolution. These were the more highly evolved Members of the Central Universes (the "Descending Beings") who came down here to try to teach and show us a better way through their living example. These highly evolved Beings normally entered into the more "Developed-worlds" of Earth and have continued to do so right down to the present day, many as Members of the "Explorer Race". They have also encouraged their own offspring within the Central Universes to follow their example by incarnating into the lower physical worlds such as Planet Earth, in order themselves to benefit from the powerful learning experience to be gained in such places.

About 3,500 years after the fall of Atlantis, there appeared on the scene an important group of "Extraterrestrial Colonisers" known as the "The Anunnaki" (The Astronauts) of the Nibiruan Race, residents of their mobile "Battleship Planet" Nibiru. Their interest was in Earth's gold mining possibilities, as they badly needed a source of gold to repair their Planet's radiation-damaged surrounding atmosphere. This was caused by nuclear radiation which their Battle-Planet had sustained in their participation in the many Galactic Wars within our Galaxy. It was this E.T. Race that was to create the great "Sumerian Civilisation" in Mesopotamia.

The Nibiruans who then descended to Earth in their space shuttle-craft appeared to the relatively few and simple folk left on Earth after the Great Flood cataclysm as truly "Gods". These Gods were soon to use their advanced abilities in genetic engineering to genetically alter them into becoming obedient slave-workers, which they called the "Lulus". They then used them to mine and exploit Earth's gold mineral resources in the large Gold Mines they were to establish on the continent of Africa.

Their mobile "Battelship Planet Nibiru" was originally built in the Pleiades by the Galactic Federation for mainly Galactic "Peace Keeping" purposes. The Nibiruans themselves originated in the Pleiades, but were by nature a more aggressive war-like Race, having split off from the more benevolently natured Pleiadians. Nibiru was constructed as a hollow sphere four-times the size of Planet Earth. Its 4D inhabitants live totally within the interior of the Planet, where they enjoy a fully verdant landscape complete with lakes and rivers similar to those on Earth. However the mobile Planet Nibiru is at present confined to following a permanent long orbit ranging from our Solar System to the Sirius System and back as a Galactic Federation punishment for their past interference on Earth. They re-enter our Solar System every 3.6 thousand years and then exit to the Sirius Star System to then return back again to our Solar System in an endless fixed orbit. At the present time the 4th Dimensional Nibiru is once again passing through our Solar System, invisibly "cloaked" from our limited 3D Earth vision.

The Nibirurans were at one time in the distant past briefly involved with Earth, long before the creation of Atlantis, but then only returned after the "Great Flood" during Earth's long Dark Ages in order to mine our supplies of gold mineral resources in Africa. They badly needed this source of gold in order to create a protective radiation shield around Nibiru after it had been exposed to nuclear attacks during its former use as a Battle Planet in the many Galactic Wars it had been involved with. They soon found that the relatively simple indigenous Earth survivors left after the Great Flood were very easy material to genetically transform into becoming obedient gold mining slaves to work in their gold mines. These simple-minded "Lulus", had their 12-strand DNA reduced down to 2 strands, allowing them just enough intelligence to receive work instructions, but with limited mental capabilities to disobey. The two-strand DNA introduced into them, and which soon spread throughout Earth's inter-seeding Humanity, is still a part of our present genetic makeup. This accounts for the fact that most of us at present have the use of only 10-20 per cent of our potential mental capabilities, but which will be fully restored to our former 12-strand DNA when we finally step up to the 4th Dimension (vibrational rate) after Earth's Ascension.

To repair their Planet's atmospheric damage, Nibiruan Scientists and Geo-Engineers planned to spray a reflective powdery metallic substance in the Nibiru Planet’s upper atmosphere to reflect scorching sunlight away from the Planet. It was not to be the shiny metallic solid Gold that we normally know of. What the Nibiruans were after was the magical Monatomic white powder derived from Gold, known as "White Manna". They refined it to a floating Monatomic White Powder in order to create a Superconductive Shield for Nibiru's decaying atmosphere.

The amount of Gold they thus took from Planet Earth's interior via their Gold Mines in Africa would take up a spacial equivalent of the base area of the United States stretching upwards 10 feet as one solid Gold bar!

However, the ruling Nibiruan Family on Earth, although looked up to at the time by the simple Lulus as "Gods", were themselves prone to constant bickering and fighting within their upper Hierarchy. It was through the infighting in their constant internal power disputes that they eventually devastated a large area of Mesopotamia in 2024 B.C. with the use of a Plutonium bomb, creating a vast barren desert in what was a formerly verdant area. This infighting between their Leaders lead to their Great Sumerian Civilisation's rapid decline and the departure of Earth's former "Gods".

Nonetheless, since then the Nibiruans [originally named "Hibiru" on Earth, later to become re-named as the "Hebrew"] have largely retained a covert control over Earth within various major Governments, and particularly within our Banking and Financial institutions right up to recent times.

The Seventh Bestowal Incarnation on Planet Earth by Christ Michael of Nebadon

When a Trinity "Creator Son" goes out from the Paradise Isle to create and maintain a Local Universe, he takes an oath to the eternal Trinity Father not to assume full control of that Local Universe until he has experienced a final "Bestowal Incarnation". This involves undertaking a series of incarnations on one each of his Worlds in a descending order of the seven Dimensional vibrational levels within the Local Universe to obtain "Full Sovereignty". As the Urantia Book describes it: "The Bestowals are a kind of education in Justice and Mercy; the Sons are not only to be "Just and Merciful" by nature, but incarnation as a "Creature of the Realm" gives them a unique "on the ground" experience and understanding that they can find in no other way."

Thus it was that following on from the "Fall of Atlantis" and the later Nibiruan-led Sumerian Civilisation, the next major event in Earth's History took place over two thousand years ago when Christ Michael of Nebadon finally made his "Seventh and Final Bestowal Incarnation" on one of his youngest and lowest Planets, Urantia/Earth, but in this case he made it as a joint incarnation with Jesus Immanuel/Sananda. This followed his series of six previous incarnations on a chosen selection of his over 3000 Planetary Worlds in a descending order of dimensional frequency and development.

Though the purpose of the Bestowal Incarnations is to educate the Trinity Creator Son himself, rather than to manage local affairs, this was indeed a very significant event for the somewhat embattled and quarantined Planet Earth. Not only was the "Bestowal Incarnation" made here in order to bring some "Spiritual Light" to a by now very "Dark World", but it was to allow Michael of Nebadon to finally qualify as a full "Sovereign" of his Local Universe, following his long probationary period as acting "Regent" of Nebadon on behalf of his Trinity Father.

Christ Michael's "Final Bestowal Incarnation" on Earth was however undertaken through a joint incarnation between Christ Michael of Nebadon and Esu/Jesus Immanuel. Esu Immanuel was the first Son of Gabriel, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Local Universe of Nebadon. Gabriel, was himself the very first offspring of the union of Christ Michael and his ruling Co-Partner, Nebadonia, when they were first jointly setting up the Local Universe of Nebadon. Jesus/Immanuel (thus in fact a distant Grandson!) was chosen by Michael of Nebadon to be his actual physical incarnated Human Being partner on the ground continually "overshadowed" by the Creator Son Michael from a higher plane. In this way Christ Michael was personally able to experience fully all of the ups and downs of this most difficult Bestowal Life on one of his most backward and undeveloped physical planets. Christ Michael thus was personally to experience all the trauma and pain of the final Crucifixion on the Cross.

Michael of Nebadon's "Final Bestowal Incarnation" made on Planet Earth allowed him not only to achieve his final "qualifying" experience on one of his most difficult, unruly and backward Planets, but secondly, to try and instill a new message of adopting a new life's path of "Unconditional Love" to the self-serving and warring peoples through his Partner, Jesus Immanuel. This message was initially and still remains one of the fundamental building blocks of what became Christian Faith. During the Middle Ages the faith itself and its message was subverted by the Catholic Church into a means of control, suppression and acquisition of immense wealth. The movement by Martin Luther and others known as "Reformist", or Protestant, was basically a reaction against the many injustices of the Church, particularly the sale of the "Indulgences", or "Certificates of Remission" to wealthy and poor alike, supposedly to spare them from years of hell and purgatory.

Coming to the final and terrible event of the "Crucifixion", Gabriel, as Father of Jesus/Immanuel, was himself there overhead as a horrified witness, watching its unfoldment in mounting fury from his Mothership, but not allowed to intercede. He had to quietly endure the dreadful taunting and humiliation given out by the townspeople to his Son on the Cross. The "Great Darkness that Spread over the Land" was therefore caused by the shadow of his enormous Mothership overhead that blotted out the Sun. Its massive magnetic influence upon the atmosphere also brought on the ensuing dramatic and massive electrical storm, forcing the attending crowds to flee to their homes in panic.

The placing of Jesus in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, a devout follower of Jesus, came about after Joseph had sought permission from Pilot to place Jesus in his own private tomb set into a stone cliff and which was to have a large circular stone rolled across the entrance.

Joseph, after having placed the body there, received a mental message from Gabriel in his Mothership overhead that Jesus was in fact only in a "comatose" state. He therefore quickly returned to the City of Jerusalem and searched out and found some known healing friends of Jesus from India. With special herbs and ointments they returned to the Tomb, entering through a secret side entrance and passage, and nursed him for three days and nights until he finally recovered and his strength was fully restored.

After the body of Jesus was placed in the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, the overshadowing Spirit of Christ Michael ascended separately to the Higher Spiritual Realms to resume rulership of his Local Universe, now as the full "Sovereign of Nebadon". However Jesus did in fact physically survive the experience and was able to live on in India for a further hundred years.

Esu/Jesus Immanuel later reappeared several times in the flesh to the astonishment of his Disciples. The final occasion was when they were unsuccessfully fishing in the Sea of Tiberia. He appeared before them and told them to "throw the net out to the right side of the boat, and you will catch a great number". This they did and they were amazed to fill the net with a great multitude of fish. After giving them a final lesson on the "Laws of The Creation", a large silver spacecraft descended and took him off to Damascus, Syria.

He spent two years in Damascus before sending for his faithful Brother Thomas, and also his favourite Disciple Thomas, as well as his close friend Judas Iscarioth (not to be confused with his betrayer, Juda Iharioth, Son of the Pharisee Simeon) who had already chronicled much of the life of Jesus (These Chronicles were hidden in Joseph of Arimithea's Tomb, later to be removed and re-hidden, the contents only to be finally revealed in the Christ Michael (Hatonn) "Phoenix Journal" of 6th August 1989).

He also brought to Damascus his Beloved Mother, Mary and his Wife and Twin Soul, Mary Magdalene. They then all travelled to Northern India (now West Pakistan) where he preached and taught the people, using the name Esu. His Mother, however, was soon to pass away, and eventually he and his Wife and companions finally settled in Srinagar, Cashmere/Kashmir, where he continued to act as a Spiritual Teacher up to his final passing away at the age of a hundred and thirty-seven years.

After the forthcoming "Earth Changes", Esu/Jesus/Sananda will be once again descending to the new 4D Earth (the long-prophesied "Second Coming") for a period as Planetary Prince/Regent. One of the The Planetary Prince's roles will be to oversee the upholding of Earth's new Constitution, which apart from laying down the basic rules, obligations and limitations on Earth's Governments, enshrines the basic code of Human conduct "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". The new World Constitution will ensure that day-today governance by Earth's Leaders is conducted with honesty, propriety and in accordance with the newly established Constitutional "Principle of Liberty":"Freedom up to the point where you do not infringe the freedom of another".

Chapter Three:
Free Will, Karma & Morality

Evolution is a process of learning through choice, and to this end we have all been granted by the Cosmic Creator's source of all Creation the gift of Free Will/Free Choice. Free Will is exercised down at Earth's dense physical level in the most extreme difficult conditions. On higher spiritual planes it is possible to see in a single moment the probable outcomes of various alternative paths, and it is therefore a much simpler matter to make the right choice. But since the Earth Plane is clouded by the surrounding "Veil", it is not possible for us to see clearly the future outcomes of our choices. We on Earth have to go through the more arduous process of physical experience; we have to make blind choices, trying to weigh up all the barely perceivable advantages or disadvantages to self and to others, then experience the full consequences of those choices. Frequently we also experience the painful consequences of those negative, or inappropriate actions returning upon us. All this does make us much stronger and more aware Beings than if we had only experienced the smoother and easier path enjoyed on higher worlds.

Central to the concept of "Free Will" is the Law of Karma, or the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Karma is also known as the great Law of Balance. In the process of living, evolving, experimenting and learning, our actions affect others either harmfully or beneficially, thus incurring numerous and often complex debts or credits on our own evolutionary balance-sheet of progress. The Law of Karma requires that the effects which our actions have on others and all other life forms, must always be finally balanced. When we harm others we incur a debt to ourselves as well as to them and likewise when others harm us they incur a debt to themselves as well as to us. Debts for "good" or "bad", whether through ourselves or caused by someone else, must eventually be balanced by both parties. Similarly, when you harm or injure your own Spirit/Self through incorrect living and misuse of your own physical body, you create an imbalance as a Karmaic debt to your Soul. That can only be re-balanced through your achieving an awareness of those incorrect actions and avoiding them in the future. Thus all actions which prove to be of a negative nature must be finally balanced out by those of a positive nature to erase the Karmaic debt. This is something you owe to your Soul/Self, as well as permitting you to eventually ascend up to higher spiritual levels.

The Master Zen Tao: "Do not see Karma only as a plus or minus column in a Divine Accountant's book in which is recorded what you owe to someone because of the wrong that you have done them! It does not work in that way. It is rather a teaching process in which you learn from what you have done. It is you that has created those ripples on the pond of life and they will in turn affect you. The purpose of Karma is not punishment. It is rather a process of balance and education."

On higher spiritual levels there is no judgemental criticism of one person by another. Karma is an objective, automatic, totally dispassionate process, one of re-balancing that which we, or others, have already put out of balance. Only through this great Law of Balancing, or "Cause and Effect", we can truly learn from and experience the results of our actions on others.

From wrong actions taken, wrong effects will flow. We have to then revisit and recreate those sets of circumstances over and over in repeated incarnations until we learn from their ill-effects, eventually choosing the right path. To determine whether we have corrected and overcome our Karmic Debts, tests will be instigated by our Higher Self and repeated until we ourselves have determined that we have fully balanced them through our own acknowledgement, acceptance and assimilation. We alone require that our lessons must be learned thoroughly, it should not be up to others to judge us.

On the positive side, those of our "good" actions, such as showing respect for other life-forms or those "random acts of kindness", will automatically set in motion a positive chain reaction. We magnetically attract to ourselves those "bad" experiences when we feel a need to learn from them. If we have no need for a hard lesson, we shall not attract it. We magnetise to ourselves those good or bad experiences only when we have a need to learn from them.

We must also understand that what we give in the form of energy, creativity or effort (power) to the rest of Creation, will eventually be returned to us tenfold. Likewise, that which we take from Creation in the form of the energy or creativity of others, is a debit, which must ultimately be balanced by our further giving of our own energy in equal amounts in return.

All of the newly created Ascending Souls naturally develop a growing awareness of themselves as an individualised entity. As they ascend from primitive dense worlds, the difficulties of survival can lead the newly created Soul to develop a strong independent "Ego/Self", leading to a following ego-centeredness through having been forced to focus on its own personal survival. This strong self-interest usually develops at the expense of others, leading to personal aggression, conflict and to eventual wars, turmoil and strife. However, after a long period of bitter conflict between other competing "Selves" and developing an exhausted state of locked-up confrontation between both sides, where no further gain is to be had, the Soul may begin to see the advantages of undertaking a major change of direction towards a more peaceful and cooperative attitude. This will have the effect of starting the Soul on its upward path of Ascension to eventual unity with the rest of Creation.

It is only by experiencing the effects of our actions and then correcting them, that the evolving Ascending Soul learns to be fully able to discriminate between "good" and "evil". The concentration down on Third Dimensional Planet Earth by all the Egos intent on self-motivation and self-interest explains why political and social relationships have hitherto dominated so much of Earth's Human thought and group activity. The older and more evolved worlds on the higher planes maintain a single and simple rule of correct social and political behaviour, namely: that we avoid doing anything which can be harmful to others - "That we do to others as only we would have them do to us", a Universal Law fully accepted on those Higher Worlds.

On the upwards Evolutionary ascent we eventually begin to learn that we are totally inter-linked with all the rest of Creation, with every other living creature and even with every other rock, mineral and plant.

The Master P'taah: "Know that you are not - and never have been separate from your Source. You truly have never been separate from each other. You have never really been separate from all of the Brothers and Sisters you have on countless Planets throughout your Galaxies. You have never been separate from any creature of your Planet. Not separate from your Sun and your Moon; not separate from any leaf, or blade of grass, or flower that blossoms in your garden. You have forgotten, that is all, and in your pain and in your judgement of who you are, you have closed down. You have forgotten that who you are is God/Goddess, smelling the rose of the vibrancy and excitement of this Dimension of Reality."

[The Master P'TAAH of The Pleiades, channelled by Jani King, in The P'taah Tapes: An Act of Faith - Triad Publishers Pty Ltd, Cairns, Queensland, Australia – 1991]

The Development of Human Morality

In the evolutionary process of Ascent that Human Beings go through to reach the perfection of Paradise, the development of Intelligence or the Mind is not the only important element of Evolution. The development of the "Moral Nature" in a Human – that is morality and its subsequent virtues, becomes the most significant attribute of the Human "personality". Man's mentality may transcend that of his animal cousins, but it is his moral and religious nature that especially distinguishes him from the animal world.

Although the Behavioural Scientists of Earth have recently discovered that animals do have a very basic sense of morals, that is, a primitive sense of right and wrong and of even helping another when in distress, most of the selective responses of an animal are limited to the reaction level of behaviour. The supposed insight of the higher animals is mostly on a reactive level and usually appears only after the experience of a reaction through trial and error. Man is on the other hand able to exercise scientific, moral, and spiritual insight prior to all exploration or experimentation.

Only a consciously aware Human "Personality" endowed by the Trinity Father truly knows the significance of what it is doing before it does it; only such endowed Personalities possess insight in advance of experience. A Human personality can look before it leaps and can therefore learn from looking as well as from leaping. A non-personality-endowed animal ordinarily learns only by leaping.

As a result of its physical experiences, an animal becomes able to examine the different ways of attaining a goal and to select an approach based on that accumulated experience. But a Human personality is able to also examine the goal itself and pass judgement on its worthwhileness, its value. Animal intelligence can discriminate as to the best means of attaining indiscriminate ends, but a consciously aware and moral Being possesses an insight which enables him to discriminate between good and bad ends as well as between means. He knows what he is doing, why he is doing it, where he is going, and how he will get there. A Moral Being in choosing moral virtue is still exercising intelligence as well.

When Man fails to discriminate between the good and bad moral outcomes of his mortal striving, he finds himself functioning on the animal level of existence. He has failed to avail himself of the superior advantages of that mental acumen, moral discrimination, and spiritual insight which are an integral part of his Cosmic-mind endowment as a personality-endowed Being. In the day-by-day life of Mortal Man, morality virtue is realised by the consistent choosing of good rather than evil, and such choosing ability is evidence of the possession of a true moral nature.

Man's choosing between good and evil can be influenced however, not only positively by the keenness of his moral nature, but also by such negative influences as ignorance, immaturity, and delusion. A sense of proportion is also very much involved in the exercise of moral virtue, because evil may be perpetrated when the lesser is chosen in the place of the greater as a result of a distortion or deception. The art of relative estimation or comparative measurement enters into an important part of the practice of the virtues of the moral realm.

Man's moral nature would be impotent without the art of measurement, which is the discrimination embodied in his ability to scrutinise meanings. Likewise would moral choosing be futile without that Cosmic insight which yields the consciousness of Spiritual values. From the standpoint of intelligence, Man ascends to the level of a Moral Being because he is endowed with a consciously aware personality.

Morality can never be fully advanced by law or force. It is a personal and Free-will matter and must be disseminated by the example of those who are socially aware, and can influence those who are less morally responsive, but who are also in some measure desirous of doing the Father's will.

[Based in part on a text given by a Universal Censor from Uversa in "The Urantia Book"]

Chapter Four:
Vibration & Density

The illusion of separateness from the rest of Creation and our Creator arises not only from a strong Earthly pre-occupation with the individual Self and its physical needs, but is further emphasised by the historic existence of a "Frequency Fence" or "Veil" surrounding our "quarantined" Planet. This has totally isolated us from directly contacting and experiencing the higher Spiritual Planes. This Veil has been built up over tens of thousands of years and can be readily seen by those with psychic sight as a dark cloud of negativity surrounding Earth.

The Veil is a legacy of all the darkness which has built up, partly through the latent natural self-centredness in most unevolved Souls, but more significantly, through having been brought in by an outside insidious source of evil which has infected some of the outer Universes of Orvonton. However, the ruling Trinity Hierarchy of Paradise has not up to now chosen to remove this surrounding Veil. They appear to see Earth's unique "quarantined" environment as providing many with a unique learning experience on the extremes of negative-positive Duality. For those "Descending Beings" who have come down from the Central Universes of Havona and Paradise as volunteers, they have themselves made a prior "Life Contract" which has accepted the curtailing restrictions. They also have come down here to learn a powerful lesson from Earth's strong culture of perpetual conflict. From this they often learn useful lessons in their attempts at reform, and the experience can provide them with a great strengthening of their Soul against negativity, something they might find useful to deploy in a possible future Grand Creation out in the Great Void.

The "Veil" has thus made it virtually impossible to be aware of, or remember our past lives on the Higher Worlds. Our present dense and low vibration-rate prevents us from seeing the higher Dimensions composed of less dense matter and more widely spaced-out atoms. Fourth Dimensional Beings are therefore totally invisible to us unless they lower their vibration rate down to our own level. Only those who have over many lifetimes developed their powers of "extra-sensory-perception" are normally able to see higher vibrational level Beings or possibly communicate with them.

Occult Science explains that all "Matter" is made up of various groupings and combinations of atoms with their orbiting electrons and protons, all of which oscillate about each other in a positive-negative vibratory movement whilst maintaining a fixed magnetic spacing from each other. All atoms, and the resultant matter that they constitute through their cohesive groupings, vibrate at different frequency rates dependent on their complexity and density; a low frequency promoting a denser grouping, and higher frequencies creating less dense, more spaced-out and refined matter. Within the three main vibrational frequency/density ranges of the Spiritual, Etheric and Physical Planes, Occult Science also identifies seven subdivisions, or intermediate levels:

"The occultist finds that physical matter exists in seven sub-grades or orders of density: Solid; Liquid; Gaseous; Etheric; Super Etheric; Sub Atomic; Atomic. Particles of all these grades enter into the composition of the body, the physical vehicle. The physical body however, has two well-marked divisions; the Dense Body, composed of solids, liquids and gases, and the Etheric Body, or Etheric Double as it is frequently called, consisting of the four finer grades of physical matter. Every solid, liquid and gaseous particle of the physical body is surrounded with an etheric envelope: hence the Etheric Double, as its name implies, is a perfect duplicate of the dense form. In size it projects about one quarter of an inch beyond the skin."

['The Etheric Double' by A.E. Powell, Theosophical Publishing House, London]

Between the Physical and the higher Etheric vibration densities there is an important intermediate level: the Astral Realm, composed of slightly lower-vibration Etheric matter. The Astral Plane is also known as the seat of our Emotional Body, and is usually the first level on which we arrive after the transition we call "Death". As the seat of our emotions, senses and memory, and of our Subconscious mind, it is also the level where we are constantly recording all our thoughts and experiences into the great Celestial Memory-Bank known as the "Akashic Records". Here is the storage point for all our memory-data available for later retrieval by our physical brain. In fact, this is the sole source of all "Memory"; we do not actually store memories within our physical brain matter, but use it only as a communication link to the Akashic Records stored within the Ethers. With the onset of old age, those who have started to lose their interest and attachment to an Earthly life, a part of their brain loses its capacity through lack of use, to "record" incoming events. However, another part of the brain may still be able to "retrieve" longer term memories, through having maintained a greater use of it, those past events which still have an interest for them.

All of the original "patterns" for our Physical body are replicated on the Etheric Plane in the "Etheric Body" as an exact counterpart. This is why, for instance, when a person loses a limb, they often feel it as still being there as a "ghost" limb. Since most illnesses originate in mental or emotional disorder, they first of all manifest in the Etheric Emotional Body before being transmitted down to the Physical Body. Many New Age healing therapies, such as "Radionics" and other forms of Spiritual Healing, apply healing on the Etheric level. As this can be instantly transmitted through the non-physical Ethers, healing can be done on the Physical Plane from any distance or place without physical contact between Healer and Patient. Transmitting a corrective vibrational frequency, such as through Radionics, to the Physical Body can restore the lowered disease frequency to its former vibrational rate, thus replicating the pattern set within the counterpart Etheric Body.

At our dense physical Third-dimensional vibration rate level, our physical perception range, apart from the sense of touch, is limited to a range between the frequencies of sound (16 to 20,000 cycles per second) and the higher visible light-frequency spectrum. Visually, this ranges upwards from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, to the ultra-violet level. We are therefore unable to see any higher-frequency vibrational "matter" outside of this range. This is why we fail to see any living life on our neighbouring Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Planets, or the presence of their visiting space craft, except in those cases where they have chosen to lower their vibration level for our benefit. What we are seeing of their Planets is the basic physical 3rd Dimensional core, even though it is in fact surrounded by higher vibrational planes of Etheric matter and inhabitants.

"The Spirit World has as many distinct planes of existence as an onion has skins, each forming an outer protecting skin to the previous one and providing a means of contacting the experiences which that particular plane has to offer. These planes are co-existent with our physical world, invisible to our slow reacting sense of sight, yet as real as the invisible waves which carry our radio programs.

"As a Spirit descends, plane by plane, into the depths of experience, a body, complete with the organs of sense suitable for manifestation in that particular sphere, has to be donned in order that those senses may respond to the vibration of things comprising that sphere. Without such a garment it would not be found possible either to express oneself or to receive impressions in local surroundings, and the experiences in that particular plane would be fruitless."

"The often-puzzling idea of invisible worlds and Beings being totally invisible and yet interpenetrating us, can be more readily understood if we bear in mind that all "solid" matter is in fact composed of atoms with spaces around them. It is of course, well known that even in the hardest substance no two atoms ever touch one another, the space between two adjacent atoms being in fact enormously larger than the two atoms themselves. Orthodox physical science long ago has posited an Ether which interpenetrates all known substances, the densest solid as well as the most rarefied gas; and just as this Ether moves with perfect freedom between the particles of densest matter, so does Etheric matter interpenetrate it in turn, and moves with perfect freedom among its particles. Thus a Being in the Etheric world might be occupying the same space as a Being living in the Physical world; yet each would be entirely unconscious of the other, and would in no way impede the free movement of the other."

['The Etheric Double' by A.E. Powell, The Theosophical Publishing House, London]

We have had many communications from our Space Visitors explaining the nature of the different vibratory levels. One such communication came through Tuella in her book "Ashtar - A Tribute", in which she attempts to clarify the matter by asking Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command in charge of the large fleet of Space Ships surrounding and protecting Planet Earth:

Tuella: "From your statement that you are Etheric, am I to presume that you have evolved beyond the stage of a physical body?"

Ashtar: "Correct. I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours. I am definitely Etheric, as are all people on other Planets in this Solar System. However, this does not mean that we are invisible to each other, as we are to you under normal circumstances. We see each other and live much as you do, but we do not have this dense physical casing which you possess. The advantages, benefits and comforts of this living are enormous, and the irritations of the fleshly envelope are most uncomfortable. Unless we choose to convert the vibrational frequency of our bodies to one which is visible to your optics, we remain invisible to your people. Nevertheless, highly evolved people, with a good psychic eye as you call it, can sometimes see us in vaporous form, although we may be invisible to other Earthlings in the same location. When your clairvoyants travel in their spiritual bodies to our civilizations on other planets, they see and are able to interpret our lives because they are not using their physical eyes but their astral or psychic sight, to which we are visible just as though we were physical."

Tuella: "I am curious about the nature of Etheric matter. For example, there is one case on record where one of our jet aircraft flew right through a Space Ship, without hitting anything solid whatever. Are your Ships made of a vaporous substance, or are they a different form of Earthly matter?"

Ashtar: "We have all the elements you know on Earth, and many more. The Etheric form of metals differs in its atomic and molecular structure from Earth-made metals. For example, the distance between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of the Etheric iron is much greater than in physical iron, as you know it on Earth. This permits the atoms of Earthly steel to pass right through the atoms of Etheric steel in such a way that nothing happens to either form of steel. The Etheric form of steel enjoys a higher vibratory rate than Earthly steel and therefore is not apparent to Earthly vision or, if you prefer, physical eyesight.

"Because of our knowledge of Universal Law, our very being consists of a higher level of vibration than you people of Earth. You see, every particle of the Universe consists of molecules whose center contains an atom around which electrons and protons revolve. Each molecule of a different molecular structure vibrates at a different frequency. The inside of a molecule is identical in makeup to the Universe. Planets revolve around Central Suns; Solar Systems around Galaxies; Galaxies, around a great Central Universal Sun. Each molecule vibrates at whatever frequency seems appropriate for our existence.

"As one becomes more spiritual in nature, thinking only of the welfare of others and not of power and greed, the higher the molecules of one's Being will vibrate. As we know in our dimension, it is possible for these molecules to vibrate so rapidly that the frequency becomes pure Light. This is why we call ourselves the "Forces of Light". We depend on the Light from The Source - The Cosmic Creator God, for our existence."

['Ashtar: A Tribute' - compiled by Tuella - Guardian Action Publications - 1985. The full text of the Ashtar Command book "Project: World Evacuation" can be accessed from a link at the end of Book II]

Chapter Five:
Our Higher-Self & Twin Souls

The Creator God HERU (Horus of Ancient Egypt with a long connection to our Planet Earth) describes the creation of the original Higher Souls and their Twins:

"When a Creator God out in the Great Void is ready to create an original Soul, he will go to the Cosmic Creator and in essence request an egg. In this egg are all of the Divine structures and patterns that are contained within the Prime Creator, just as when a mother produces a Human egg, her DNA is within that. The original Creator Gods are the only ones who are able to make this request and hold it... Interestingly, just as a woman would have no control over the genetic makeup of the particular egg that she would release, we in a sense have no control over which of those diamond-crystalline forms we draw out from Source. So to us it is a beautiful surprise with each new Soul that we create. Each crystalline structure has a uniqueness that is new and unexpected for us each time. And these crystalline forms, through intent and love and prayer, can be created into individual Souls, each as the originating Higher Self "Monad" Soul. You can also give birth to entire Universes of Matter in this way. To create an entire Universe of Matter, though, would generally require more than two of the Creator Gods. It would in fact take a circle of Creator Gods to pull forth one of these structures and create a Universe with it."

Heru points out that over two-thirds of the original Monad Souls created by the Creator Gods are created as "Twin Souls" - two Beings each representing an aspect of either the Male or Female gender polarity. They always retain an element of their own gender throughout their evolution. The First-born Souls often remain as residents of the highest Planes of Light, and are also known as the "Higher-Self Monads". They will then themselves later give birth to further "Extension Souls", or "Aspects" of themselves, many of which will descend to the Lower Worlds to gain further evolutionary experience. Over time the original Monads become the Celestial Parents and Great Grandparents of a large and growing family of related "Family Soul Mates" living on many different levels of worlds.

HERU: "Twin Flames are born when the Creator Gods and the Cosmic Parents [Monads] decide to create a total Being as Twins. In Human bodies, there are sometimes Twins who are fraternal and sometimes Twins who are identical and who are from the same egg. This would be the case with Twin Souls. They would be created by splitting the original form of an egg. This is done with intent; it is done with great love and reverence... When the Twin Soul is created, the male-female polarity is inserted at that point and remains constant. Oftentimes it can temporarily reverse, where each Soul will take on the opposite sex for an incarnation, but the fundamental gender will always revert to the original...

"Some other Souls are created as Single Souls and there is also a smaller group who are actually created as a Group Soul, wherein you would have multiple Souls that would actually be identical Twins... It is simply a matter of choice. The path of the Singular Soul is no less great than the path of the Twin Soul. There are dynamics and mechanisms, paths of awakening and enlightenment, which happen with a Singular Soul that do not happen with the Twin Soul. Perhaps you could say the dynamics of separation and return for the Singular Soul would be played out not with a Twin, but directly with Prime Creator, or possibly with the Creator Gods/Cosmic Progenitors [Monads]. It is an equally beautiful path, just a different path."

"Prior Creations to our Grand Universe in the Great Void also had rudimentary "Third Dimensions", but they never had self-aware life forms in them at that level. As this was the most complex of all the subsequent Grand Universe Creations and in many ways the grandest of all of them, the Absolute/Cosmic Creator wanted to be able to experience the totality of this new Creation. Therefore Humans are the eyes, the ears, the fingertips, the nose, and the sense of taste for the Prime Creator. In an "Unfallen Universe", the Third-dimensional Humans are hard-wired directly to Cosmic Creator and their experiences are directly fed back to Cosmic Creator . In the "Fallen Universes" that is not quite so.

"In the scriptures there are references to Humans being the "Crown of Creation", and this is why. Humans are the ultimate complexity, far more complex in their make-up than Angels. They are the ultimate bio-computer, the ultimate sensing machine. Therefore their insatiable desire to experience is hard-wired into all Humans.

"The existence of the Third Dimension is not an aberration or an error, distorted though it may be in this Local Universe. If you look at "fractals": as they branch out and out and out, they get smaller and finer and more complex as they spread out. The Physical Plane is like that, like the fingertips of a fractal. Look at the nerve endings in your hand, how many there are, and how they flower out into so many millions of sites to experience. That is similar to the Third Dimension. Then if you look at the center of the body, there are not those kinds of complexities in nerve endings. And that would be more like the center, or the Higher Dimensions, of Creation.

"So you on this Physical Plane, in Human form, are the nerve endings. You are the perception points for the Creator to experience the Creation. And all that you have ever experienced goes directly back to the Creator. There is much purpose in this, and in a balanced Light Universe, there is great joy in this level of Creation. It is felt that life would not be complete without it. For within every atom and every subatomic particle, there is that direct link with the Prime Creator. And this is not something that even a Creator God can create. A Creator God can create a Universe, but he or she will do so out of the material that the Cosmic Creator has created."

["The Return of Light The Imminent Restoration of Earth And Liberation of Humanity - Revelations from the Creator God Horus" - by Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum - A Link to the full text is available at the end of Chapter 10]

The original first-born Souls created by the Creator Gods nearest to the Absolute/Cosmic Creator are Old Souls who have progressed in evolution and wisdom through a succession of Grand Universes, many of which have chosen to come over to our present Grand Universe as residents of Havona and the Paradise Isle. These Beings, considered to be of perfected status within our present Grand Universe, have then parented further "Extension Souls" or lower "Aspects" of themselves to descend down to various levels of the Worlds of Matter as "Descending Beings". A high proportion of these original Old Souls were initially created by the Creator Gods as Twin Souls/Twin Flanes, two forever-linked Souls, each one always bearing an inherent element of male or female polarity. These Old Souls often take on the role towards their offspring of a "Higher Self" to provide their "Descending Being" offspring with a continuous protective oversight during a sojourn on the lower worlds of Matter. They will then constantly supervise all their activities as well as providing intuitive internal messages with any spiritual guidance any higher knowledge they may need. However, they have all undertaken a pledge not to overtly interfere in their offspring's lives, and thus to allow them the full use of the Creator's gift of "Free Will". This allows the offspring to develop their own independent identity and personality without outside interference. To do otherwise would be creating their own negative Karma through an act of interference. The great "Law of Karma" requires that all evolving Souls personally experience the consequences of all their "cause-and-effect" actions, and for them alone to rebalance them. Thus the parenting Higher Selves are only allowed to offer advice when it is specifically requested, and they must never attempt to alleviate or eliminate those hard lessons they may see coming the way of their offspring.

As "Twin Soul" Extension-Souls descend into the lower Worlds of Matter with a growing sense of separation from the Higher Planes, they will increasingly experience a stronger expression of the nature of their inherent Masculine and Feminine Polarity. The Male polarity largely expresses a positive outgoing active force and the Female a contrasting soft inwards spiritual and nurturing force. By experiencing a stronger separation of polarity on lower worlds, they are gradually forced through their inherent desire to return to a co-joined unity, to develop a more thorough balance between the male and female characteristics. Therefore they may often choose at a spiritual level to switch genders for a particular physical incarnation in order to fully experience the qualities of the opposite polarity. This often causes varying difficulties of sexual identity on Earth when a particular Soul has chosen to reincarnate into an "unaccustomed" gender. A Soul of predominately female characteristics incarnating into a male body may thus find they are more attracted to the partnership of another male. Likewise, a predominately male Soul incarnated now as a female, will most likely seek a partnership with another Female. In some cases there may even be an impetus to go through a "change-of-sex" operation, back to a more accustomed gender.

When a Twin-Soul incarnates on a difficult lower physical-level Planet such as Earth, the other Twin often remains behind on a higher Spiritual Plane in order to provide intuitional guidance. There are occasions, however, such as when undertaking an important joint mission on Earth, that Twin-Souls do arrange to share a Third Dimensional incarnation together. The time and place of their first Earthly meeting is always pre-viewed on the Spiritual Plane before the incarnation. When they finally do meet down on Earth they will usually experience an instant and deep recognition, the well-known feeling of "love at first sight", as they intuitively remember their eternal spiritual connection. They may even recognise the scene of their pre-planned Earthly meeting place as they had already previewed it on the Spiritual plane. Such romantic "Love at First Sight" episodes forever touches a fundamental note of Human longing, and is the subject of many of Earth's greatest Love Stories.

Archangel Michael speaking on Soul Mates and Twin Souls:

The definition of Soul-mates (as opposed to Twin Souls/Twin Flames) is that they are a part of those that you surround yourself with, those that you believe are like-minded, like-hearted, those that you like to form friendships with, often that you will choose to enter into partnership or relationship with, sometimes into sacred union — and we do differentiate between what we would call partnership or relationship, or what you would even call marriage, and what we would call even higher or more Divinely guided, which is a Sacred Union.

So your best friend can be a Soul-mate. It can also be a member of your Soul Family. And very often there is a blurring of those two lines. If you thought of the circle as a spiral, or if you thought of it as one circle, your Soul Family would be very close to you in that circle, then your Soul-mates, and then those who are still part of the unfoldment, but more a part of the collective — you may or may not have ever encountered them before. But there is still a soul agreement that you will be on planet during these times with those Beings.

When you meet somebody and you know them for five minutes, and you know then that you love them, you share something much deeper: it is the recognition not only of someone that you have traveled with before, but someone who is a Soul-mate, someone who is part of your Soul Family. That is how you recognise one another. It is that almost instantaneous connection.

Now, Twin Souls/Twin Flames, is another area - it is an area where you have connected with one another - think of this in the way that you would think of twins. Think of it sometimes where you have the opening of identical twins, and so you have a nucleus that fissions. So you are both part of the same Light, the same hope, the same mission, the same vision, the same energy.

It is extremely rare that one incarnates into physical form, particularly in what we would say is old Earth, with one's Twin Flame. That situation generally only occurs when the mission is of such magnitude that it is necessary. In many ways, you may think, or feel, that your Twin Flame is like a Guardian Angel, and they hold the space for you to go forward and assume a form and incarnation to do the work that you have chosen to do.

So it is the other half of you, not the Higher Self — do not mistake it that way — but the other half. And often you tend to think of it in terms of gender, but that is a Human way to conceive of it. And you also understand that you have incarnated as male, female, in every life-form. So you may keep that distinction, but understand that you have all done everything. Do you have a preferred form? Generally, yes. But that is the way it operates.

Now, your Twin Soul is that closest part; in some ways you always think of your Twin Soul as almost being part of your heart. Many of you have had a face, either in dream or when you close your eyes, and you see that face, you see those eyes, and that is the picture, the energy of your Twin, because that is how close they are to you. No, they are not your primary Angel, but often they will introduce themselves as part of your circle of Guides, Guardians. Now, for many of you also, during this time of change upon the Planet, many of you are discovering that your Twin Soul is in fact a Star Being, that they have incarnated and that they are hovering, literally, above Earth or on your — what you would think of as — your Home Planet. And this creates a yearning, but it also creates an awareness of where they are and how you are working together. It is a piece of information about your own mission and purpose, and of course their mission and purpose as well.

Being with your Twin Soul is not only like holding your sacred self, it is also confronting every shadow, every part of yourself, so there is nowhere to hide. If there are issues, or debris to be cleared, then it will be front and centre, it will be immediate. And if something should arise in the interim, it will not hide away in the darkness of a corner, because your Twin Soul is your mirror.

When you have worked through what we would call Human issues - personality, ego issues, emotional debris — then it will be the most magnificent bonding that you can ever have, in or out of Human form. Because that is your Other. But do not assume that you embrace each other and that it is infinite bliss. It is infinite bliss, but only when you have let go of all of the illusions of who you might be, when you have fully embraced the truth of yourself.

That is why some of the delay, for those of you who have Twin Souls who are Star Beings, either on board a Mothership or Home Planet, because you are still working on the full embrace of you. And that is necessary, that is part of the work that you are undertaking, the love work for your Ascension, for your completion of this phase of your journey. And so you are preparing; it is the precursor to joining in that wholeness with your Twin.

So, you have decided that you are not encountering them beforehand, but you are doing your work so that when you do come — and understand, if they have work or issues too, they are undertaking it — so, when you do come together, it will be that sacred union, it will be that Divine Union. So, if you feel disheartened sometimes that you are not with your Beloved One, understand, you will be.

Now, most of you, the majority of you, your Twin Soul is with us on this side, in what you at right now think of as the "Unseen Realm". But when you are looking for a partner — and we don't mean just a relationship, but truly your Partner — what you are innately doing is you are seeking for the qualities of your Twin, your Divine Complement. And what is happening is that your Twin is also assisting you, doing a great deal of behind-the-scenes work in helping you meet that Divine Partner, or Divinely-orchestrated Partner.

I have been asked: "How can a Twin Flame relation be explained within the context of those currently choosing same sex relations?" My answer is that it does not matter at all. I would suggest to you that most of you have been heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian — it does not matter! Love is love. And when you are in Sacred Union, or if you are with your Twin in a same-sex relationship, if you have chosen to do that, it is because you are breaking some old paradigms of Earth that have been very rigid in terms of trying to define what Love can look like, what it is permitted to look like.

Know: Love takes all forms. And so for those who have chosen, and for those who have felt there was never a choice, other than to be in same-sex relationship, we support you, because Love is love. And what you are doing is you are breaking the paradigms. That is part of your mission and purpose. And it is not to make an issue out of it. The whole point is that it is a non-issue. Far too much drama is given to this! So, understand, on other Planets, in other realities, this is simply not an issue.

Understand a Sacred Union does not have to be with your Twin Soul, because many of you have entered into a Sacred Union. It is a union of full commitment. But where you see it with a Twin Soul, Twin Souls will always work together. And the mission and purpose of what they are doing on Earth at this time in conjunction merges.

One may play a greater supporting role, but they are bonded at such a deep level. So you will not find, for example, one working on Wall Street and the other being artist in California. That will not happen. They will be united in their mission and purpose. They will be as one. Of course, each expressing uniquely and individually. But it places the relationship. . .the Sacred Union places the relationship beyond the questions. It is, "We are together." It is that Declaration of Love that you think of as romantic love. "I will love you completely forever no matter what. We are doing this together; this journey we are doing it together."

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - channeled through Linda Dillon in Steve Bekow's "An Hour with an Angel" Radio Show, 16 April 2012

Moving on now to visualizing one's "Higher Self", perhaps through trying to understand the nature and appearance of that overshadowing High Being, we have been given a very good description by Shirley MacLaine in her book "Dancing In The Light" in which she describes a first meeting with her own Higher Self during a "psychic" exploration with her friend Chris Griscom:

"I breathed deeply into the center of myself as though I were getting my psychic balance. Then a picture swam into my mind, at first diffused, but then very clear. It was absolutely astonishing. I saw the form of a very tall, overpoweringly confident, almost androgynous Human Being. A graceful, folded cream-colored garment flowed over a figure seven feet tall, with long arms resting calmly at its side. Even longer fingers extended from the arms. The energy of the form seemed more masculine than feminine to me. The skin of the Being was ruddy and its hair was long to the shoulders and auburn colored. The face had high cheekbones and a straight, chiseled nose. The eyes were deep, deep blue and the expression was supremely kind, yet strong. It raised its arms in outstretched welcome. I got an Oriental feeling from it, more Oriental than Western. And I had the intuitive feeling that it was extremely protective, full of patience, yet capable of great wrath. It was simple, but so powerful that it seemed to "know" all there was to know. I was flabbergasted at what I saw, and what I felt about it.

"Who are you?" I asked, hardly daring to hear what it would say, nor what to make of this kind of dimensional experience. The Being smiled at me and embraced me!

"I am your Higher Unlimited Self," it said.
"Oh, my goodness," I heard myself say stupidly to it. "Are you really there?"

It smiled again.
"Yes," it said, "I have always been here. I've been here with you since the beginning of time. I am never away from you. I am you. I am your unlimited soul. I am the Unlimited You that guides and teaches you through each incarnation."

"Listen, " I said, "why do you have a form and why does it look like this?"

It smiled again.
"Because," it said, "you need to see me in the form of an Earth-plane dimension. The form of the soul is the form of the human body, in any case. The only difference is that the soul is a form without mass. But if you could see the Light-form of a soul, you would see a head, two arms, a body, and two legs. The soul is high-frequency light without mass. That is the only difference."

"Well, why do you seem so masculine to me?" I asked.

"I only seem more masculine than feminine because I am powerful. The energy of the soul is powerful, but it is androgynous. That is to say there is a perfect balance between the positive energy, which is male, and the negative energy which is female, or yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). The masculine positive energy is thrusting and active. The feminine negative energy is receiving and acceptive. Both are equally necessary to achieve life. One cannot operate without the other."

The image of Higher Self stood calm and centred. I had the impression that it wouldn't assert itself unless I motivated it to do so. I looked out of the window at a tree outside. It was swaying in the breeze.

"Listen," I said, "if I asked you to help me stop the movement of a tree, could we do it?"
"Try me," said Higher Self.

"Okay," I said. "That tree outside. Let's stop it from swaying."
"Very well," said Higher Self. "Feel my power become your power. Know that together we can accomplish anything."

I tuned in to this energy of my image of Higher Self and melded with it.

"Now," it said, "ask the tree for permission to control its movement."
"Ask the tree for permission?" I asked, suddenly becoming aware of the more refined subtleties of karmic interaction.

"Why, certainly," said Higher Self. "All life must work in harmony, balance, and respect for all other life. There can be no abuse of power without reaping consequence. You will hear the tree respond to you. You will know how it feels about it."

"Trees can feel?" I asked.

"Of course," said Higher Self. "All life vibrates with feeling. And the natural state of feeling is love. The state of love is achieved by simply being. Nature is a manifestation of the state of simple beingness. It just is. And that which is, in its purest sense, is perfect balance."

Shirley, having then successfully stopped the tree swaying with the help of her Higher Self, continues:

I looked up at Higher Self in my mind. The arms came down gently. "You see?" it said. "You did that. You can use your energy for anything. But you need to recognize me in order to do it."

"Then what is the difference between you and God?" I asked.

"None," it said. "I am God, because all energy is plugged into the same source. We are each aspects of that Source. We are all part of God. We are all individualized reflections of the God Source. God is us and we are God."

"And you are me."


"Then does everyone have a Higher Unlimited Self of their own?"

"Exactly," said Higher Self. "And each Higher Self is in touch with every other Higher Self. All unlimited souls resonate in harmony with each other. The reason you do not recognize that truth on the Earth plane is because you are not in touch with the individual soul energy of your Higher Selves. But you will get there because there is no other place to go to achieve peace. Peace on the outside comes from peace on the inside. Peace on the inside comes from understanding that we are all God".

['Dancing in the Light', by Shirley MacLaine - Bantam Books, Inc., 1985]

Chapter Six:
The Learning Planet

Many people living on Earth believe it to be a place of perfection. But Earth is not a place of perfection; it is a Planet of accelerated deep learning, a place that is probably the most demanding and testing in the entire scheme of evolution. Acceptance of this fact, reinforced by an understanding of our purpose in being here, can make life much easier and help to ensure that we gain the most evolutionary benefit from Earth's hard lessons. Planet Earth has experienced some of the harshest and most difficult of lessons, largely as a result of being an isolated dense-physical world long quarantined from the Higher Dimensions. It has thus provided a prime opportunity for the Dark Forces to seize control, as they have always sought any chance to take over a weakened subject within our Galaxy. Over time the Forces of Darkness have thus been able to establish in our area of weakness to negativity an isolating "Frequency Fence". This has made it easier for them to control us, our isolation keeping us unaware of the Higher Dimensions or more advanced worlds. Only during sleep time have we been able to escape upwards through the Veil in our Astral Body to seek guidance, instruction and spiritual refreshment on the Higher Planes. On our return next morning to Earth, we usually forget all those nocturnal Spiritual Plane experiences, although they are still retained within our subconscious memory and can subtly influence our further daily actions.

The "forgetfulness" induced by the Veil does force us to focus down here on the many inherent faults within our makeup. Those faults often express themselves as various degrees of aggression, lack of kindness or intolerance towards those we consider either below us or against us. Such inherent faults exist to a certain degree within all evolving Humans and traces of them can remain buried even at the highest Spiritual levels. At those levels they may not be readily evident, but they can soon emerge at the dense physical 3D level when presented with particularly difficult circumstances.

Although the "Veil" interposed between the Physical World and the Higher Planes has made life down here all the more difficult, its existence is nonetheless accepted by us on the Higher Spiritual levels before incarnating, as part and parcel of our "Life Contract" of our learning or teaching mission on Earth. We may even benefit from it, as is further explained by Tendor, a Spirit Guide from the Higher Spheres:

"If incarnating spirits on Earth could carry with them even a faint recollection of the joys and beauties of the Spiritual Sphere it would make it impossible for them to remain in tenancy of a physical body. To drink deep from the cup of experience it is necessary to contact life in its lowest form of manifestation. In order to do this you have to slow down your vibrations to a very slow rate and come under the cumbersome laws which govern that form of Matter. To one who remembered what life really is like on the Spiritual Plane, the ache to return would be so intolerable that no Spirit could hold down an Earthly body. It is a merciful provision of God that in such a harsh world memories are temporarily veiled".

["Full Cycle" by Ripley Webb - A link to the full text of this book is available at the end of Book I ]

Our various philosophies and religions here on Earth often provide us with contradictions and complexities. For example, Buddhism and many Occult philosophies suggest that our world of individuality, separateness and strife is simply an "illusion" from which we must "free" ourselves. But if so, then it is an illusion which must nevertheless appear real to us if we are to learn from it. For example, as we watch a drama unfold on television we may well try to remain detached, reminding ourselves that "it's only a story"; but by maintaining such detachment we are likely to gain no benefit from the experience or moral of the story. It is possible to learn by reading stories or observing enactments of the lives of others, but we can only really do this through our full emotional involvement with those events portrayed, entering into the personalities involved and embracing their predicaments, their hopes and their failures.

The apparent "contradiction" between illusion and reality is paralleled by another contradiction often argued here on Earth: the nature of "Good" and "Evil". In the sense that all is learning, all is evolution, there is no evil, for it is precisely through the experiencing good and bad alternatives that we fully learn to choose the "Highest Wisdom". In this sense there is no good or evil, only evolution, and the learning, experience and wisdom which it imparts.

But to us here on Earth, a possible definition of "Evil" would be defined as the "path of selfishly motivated interest", of pursuing one's own benefit at the expense or harm of others. This leads to exploitation and conflict in our relationships with one another. This equally applies to our ecological abuse of Mother Earth, and also the Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms, which many of us see as existing purely for our personal exploitation and gratification.

The "Path of Good" could be defined as placing "Self", not above, nor below others, but as a true equal:"Respect and treat others just as you would have them treat and respect you in return". And this should apply equally to our treatment of all other created life-forms. The worm's life may be unimportant to you, just as your life is incomprehensible to the worm; but the worm's life is very important to the worm, just as yours is to you. From a true recognition of the need to achieve equality with all of created life, we may then develop a ruling behavioural code as: Respect for Others and of giving unconditional Service to Others. This leads us to giving out Unconditional Love, wherein we give willingly to another without a selfishly motivated thought of getting anything in return. This is always the mark of a Higher Spiritual Being.

"Good" and "Evil"' are very real to us here on Earth, and must always to a certain extent remain so as a part of our learning process. On the other hand we must constantly strive to aim at following the Universal Law of correct conduct: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Earth is a Planet of Learning, not a Planet of Perfection. But its imperfections are of our own making and it is therefore within our power, individually and collectively, to rectify them.

The Master Zen Tao: "This Earth is a very special place. You have been given the supreme gifts of the Godhead: Divinity, Creativity, and Free Choice. You are, in essence, "Gods in the Making" and this Earth is a School for Gods. You are highly privileged to incarnate on Her, to be a part of the School of Earth and to advance your spiritual consciousness through the exercise of those Cosmic talents. There are many Beings on other Planets who are not permitted to achieve consciousness to the same degree. You may now see why Earth is looked upon with envy by the other Planets in the Solar System, for they do not all possess that high potential. You have, in fact, the potential and the destiny to outstrip every other plane of consciousness within this Solar Body if only you could but harness your Being and direct it with wisdom and love."

[The Master ZEN TAO, channeled through the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

Chapter Seven:
Death & Review

On the higher Spiritual Planes the process of Evolution takes place as an unbroken continuity of conscious awareness. At the Earth level however, the difficulties of Third-dimensional Earth life, and the physical ageing of the dense Earthly body, place limitations on the length of time during which we can tolerate the dense Physical Plane. This requires that we eventually need to physically "pass on" to spend a relatively longer period on a Higher Spiritual Plane. Here we can review our Earth life's experience and receive much needed spiritual refreshment before possibly returning to another physical incarnation. Some of us may find that we need to repeatedly learn from and correct the many faults within our makeup which is possible only at the dense physical Third-Dimensional level. This cycle is well-known as the process of Reincarnation.

The Spirit Guide Tendor: "Earth is a school, and you learn even when making mistakes. If you face a test and fail, you push yourself to take it again. So if you have lessons to learn in one life which you fail to learn, then in another life you will present yourself with those lessons again; for you cannot progress - and all life is an upward progression, an upward spiral - until you have learned those lessons.

"You have a test to pass, one which you have set yourself to accomplish. When you pass depends upon the effort you make. If you do not pass the test in one experience you will have other chances of doing so. You will always find fresh opportunities opening out before you. In time you will accomplish what you set out to do, however many distractions may deter you from your object. The power of the Spirit can and will win in the end. It is like a powerful magnet drawing you on. It is the effort that counts; the responsibility is yours, no other can accomplish your mission for you. The scales of Divine Justice are accurately balanced, there must be nothing owing if you are to progress."

["Full Cycle" by Ripley Webb. A link to the full book text is available at the end of our Book I ]

During our "Life's review" on the Spiritual Plane following physical death, the next incarnation is planned in advance with the help of one's Spiritual Guides and Masters. With their close consultation, we make a thorough review of our past faults and weaknesses from which we may need to make plans to return to physical life at the Third-Dimensional level. When back in an Earthly life, those previously pre-planned events to occur as important lessons can come upon us quite unexpectedly. Some can be quite traumatic experiences, which usually causes the Earthly personality to roundly blame the "Fates" or even God for its "misfortune". And yet all of these events have been previously planned to manifest at a particular opportune time by the Soul itself along with its Spiritual Guides.

When about to undertake an incarnation on Earth, the Soul makes a "Life Contract" between itself, its Higher Self and the Spiritual Hierarchy to live an Earth life of an agreed duration in order to correct and learn from those inherent character weaknesses. If the incarnated Soul subsequently finds the Earth lessons too difficult and decides to terminate life prematurely, such as by suicide, the lessons are thus not only avoided, but are deemed to be postponed until another reincarnation can be arranged. The Soul's Higher Spiritual Self will require once again going through the lengthy process of death and rebirth in order to live out those remaining years left within the former "Life Contract". This explains why many of us instinctively have a deep-rooted feeling that suicide is not the best road to go down. (For more on the factor of Suicide as seen by our Angelic Guides, see link to the "Angelic Guide's viewpoint on Suicide" at end of Book I).

The Master Zen-Tao: "The Drama of Life has a purpose: It is to teach, to evolve our consciousness. Everything that happens on the Plane of Earth happens not by chance, but because we have attracted it to ourselves through our behaviour in this or in past lives, and have consciously accepted the challenge it represents. It is widely understood that the concept of "Free Will" allows us to choose how we will react to given circumstances; it is important to realise however, that we also exercise Free Will in our choice of the challenges we agree to undertake during each incarnation. Through "Free Will" we choose our challenges and lessons; through Free Will we choose how we react to them.

"It is difficult for those who do not accept the concept of Reincarnation, of life after life after life, to see how suffering can be regarded as an evolutionary process. But when Reincarnation is accepted as an integral part of one's view of Evolution, it is easy to understand that we bring into being with each new physical body all that we have created in other Earth lives, and on other levels of existence beyond the Physical Plane of Earth. We bring with us not only our spiritual wisdom, but also the sins of the past, the lessons we have not learnt, the Karma we owe both to ourselves and to others. So as we advance through the life which we now lead, we will automatically attract to ourselves the lessons we have chosen to learn, the Karma we have chosen to transmute.

"Thus there is no such thing as a tragedy by chance. Everything that happens on the Plane of Earth has reason, has purpose. We live in a world in which many people apparently experience great tragedies. Tragedy comes to people either because they chose it for their destiny path or because it will present them with a lesson in life they have yet to learn. Tragedy is the working-out of cause and effect; as we experience the Effects, so we learn to change the Cause. The experience of Tragedy also teaches sympathy and compassion, the ability to accept and absorb the minor imperfections in others, that they may in turn do the same for us.

"If there is one point which I would like to emphasise now, it is this: that suffering is chosen by yourself. It is not given to you by your Creator as a punishment. It is chosen by you, willingly, as a lesson to learn, as a lesson which your Soul needs at this particular point in its evolution."

Since Death is such an integral part of Evolution and the process of Reincarnation, it is important that we develop a deeper understanding of its process, so that we can accept it without fear, and indeed accept it joyfully.

There have been many accounts on Earth of people who have physically "died" and who have then miraculously "returned to life", even after having undergone certified clinical death. These are known as "Near-Death Experiences" and many have been documented. Many of the experiences recounted show a remarkable consistency in certain fundamental respects: the sense of passing through a long and bright tunnel with the presence of a great Light at the end of it, and the final emergence into that "Light" with strong feelings of spiritual warmth and love. They also report experiencing a remarkable clarity of thought, of seeing a rapid "panoramic memory" recollection of their entire life. Many of these "near-death experiences" have been detailed in Raymond Moody's book "Life After Life", proving that death is not the eternal blackout which many people assume would follow.

A remarkable Near Death Experience (NDE) through Cancer has recently been given to the world by Anita Moorjani of Hong Kong:

Anita Moorjani's Near-Death Experience from Cancer

"I had cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma), and on this morning, I could not move. My Husband rushed me to hospital, where, after doing scans, they diagnosed me with grade 4B lymphoma (the highest grade). The senior Oncologist looked at my report and told my husband that it was too late, and that my organs were now shutting down. I only had 36 hours to live. However, the Oncologist said he would do whatever he could but prepared my Husband that I would most likely not make it, as my organs were no longer functioning. They started me on a chemotherapy drip as well as oxygen, and then they started to take tests, particularly on my organ functions, so that they could determine what drugs to use.

"I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time, and I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body. I saw and heard the conversations between my Husband and the Doctors taking place outside my room, about 40 feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation to my shocked Husband. Then I actually "crossed over" to another dimension, where I was engulfed in a total feeling of Love. I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works. The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable. Words seem to limit the experience - I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our 3-dimensional world. I realised what a gift life was, and that I was surrounded by Loving Spiritual Beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.

"The amount of Love I felt was overwhelming, and from this perspective, I knew how powerful I am, and saw the amazing possibilities we as Humans are capable of achieving during a physical life. I found out that my purpose now would be to live "Heaven on Earth" using this new understanding, and also to share this knowledge with other people. However I had the choice of whether to come back into life, or go towards death. I was made to understand that it was not my time, but I always had the choice, and if I chose death, I would not be experiencing a lot of the gifts that the rest of my life still held in store. One of the things I wanted to know was that if I chose life, would I have to come back to this sick body, because my body was very, very sick and the organs had stopped functioning. I was then made to understand that if I chose life, my body would heal very quickly. I would see a difference in not months or weeks, but days!

"I was shown how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical. If I chose to go into life, the cancer would be gone from my energy, and my physical body would catch up very quickly. I then understood that when people have medical treatments for illnesses, it rids the illness only from their body but not from their energy so the illness returns. I realised if I went back, it would be with a very healthy energy. Then the physical body would catch up to the energetic conditions very quickly and permanently. I was given the understanding that this applies to anything, not only illnesses - physical conditions, psychological conditions, etc. I was "shown" that everything going on in our lives was dependent on this energy around us, created by us. Nothing was solid - we created our surroundings, our conditions, etc. depending where this "energy" was at. The clarity I received around how we get what we do was phenomenal! It's all about where we are energetically. I was made to feel that I was going to see "proof" of this first hand if I returned back to my body.

"I know I was drifting in and out between the two worlds, but every time I drifted into the "Other Side", I was shown more and more scenes. There was one which showed how my life had touched all the people in it - it was sort of like a tapestry and showed how I affected everyone's lives around me. There was another belonging to this world which showed my Brother on an aeroplane, having heard the news I was dying, coming to see me (this was verified to me as when I started to come round, my Brother was there, having just got off the aeroplane). I then saw a glimpse of my Brother and me and somehow seemed to understand it was a previous life, where I was much older than him and was like a mother to him (in this life, he is older than me). I saw in that life I was very protective towards him. I suddenly became aware now that he was on the aeroplane to come and see me, and felt "I can't do this to him - can't let him come and see me dead". Then I also saw how my Husband's purpose was linked to mine, and how we had decided to come and experience this life together. If I went, he would probably follow soon after.

"I was made to understand that, as tests had been taken for my organ functions (and the results were not out yet), that if I chose life, the results would show that my organs were functioning normally. If I chose death, the results would show organ failure as the cause of death, due to cancer. I was able to change the outcome of the tests by my choice!

"I made my choice, and as I started to wake up (in a very confused state, as I could not at that time tell which side of the "Veil" I was on), the Doctors came rushing into the room with big smiles on their faces saying to my family "Good news - we got the results and her organs are functioning - we can't believe it!! Her body really did seem like it had shut down!"

"After that, I began to recover rapidly. The Doctors had been waiting for me to become stable before doing a lymph node biopsy to track the type of cancer cells, and they could not even find a lymph node big enough to suggest cancer (upon entering the hospital my body was filled with swollen lymph nodes). They did a bone marrow biopsy, again to find the cancer activity so they could adjust the chemotherapy according to the disease, and there wasn't any in the bone marrow. The Doctors were very confused, but put it down to me suddenly responding to the chemotherapy. Because they themselves were unable to understand what was going on, they made me undergo test after test, all of which I passed with flying colours, and clearing every test empowered me even more! I had a full body scan, and because they could not find anything, they made the Radiologist repeat it again!!!!

"Because of my experience, I am now sharing with everyone I know that miracles are possible in your life every day. After what I have seen, I realise that absolutely anything is possible, and that we did not come here to suffer. Life is supposed to be great, and we are very, very loved. The way I look at life has changed dramatically, and I am so glad to have been given a second chance to experience "Heaven on Earth"."

For an interview with Anita by the Near Death Experience Research Foundation on the lessons and conclusions she has drawn from her NDE experience, please read Part 2 from the following Link: Anita's Near Death Experience

The time and place of death to occur is always known well beforehand by our Spiritual Guides on the Spiritual Planes. Our relatives and former friends who have already passed over to those Planes are always alerted of an impending "transition", and will usually be on hand to greet the new arrival.

At the critical moment of death we are assisted by an "Angel of Death", also known as the "Angel of Mercy", who has been charged with the special responsibility of cutting the silver "Life-cord", an Etheric cord of Light that permanently connects our physical body with our Higher Spiritual Bodies during our lifetime here on Earth.

Ripley Webb's "Full Cycle", a book based on channelling from his Spiritual Guide Tendor, describes an Angel of Mercy attending the passing of an elderly lady named Martha, at her death-bed on Earth. This is witnessed by Michael, who has himself recently "passed-over", and here accompanied by his own Spiritual Guide, Raphael, when they descended together in their Etheric bodies down to Earth level to view the event.

"The centre of the room was occupied by a bed on which lay the figure of a woman of about seventy years. Round the bed were a doctor, a nurse, and a man and woman who were presumably relatives of the dying woman. The occupant of the bed would sometimes murmur a few words and the light of her eyes showed that there was little wrong with her brain. Her busy fingers were fumbling at the counterpane.

"As if sensing Michael's thoughts Raphael spoke. "She is not really ill, it is just old age. Her time has come. Look, see who has entered the door." Michael glanced at the doorway and saw an Angelic Being standing there so dignified and stately that he guessed it could not be an ordinary spirit. "This is an Angel of Mercy," explained Raphael. "He comes personally to perform the cutting of the life-cord which keeps a spirit chained to its Earthly body. It is a duty which God only entrusts to advanced Beings such as he. He knows God's will and how and when to perform the function." Then he added, "See, the old lady has sensed his arrival."

"As if she were indeed aware of the entrance of the Angel, the old lady raised her head slightly and gazed fixedly at the door. Then her face creased and tears began to pour down her cheeks. "I don't want to die, doctor, I don't want to die. Don't let me die." The querulous voice ended in a wail of self-pity. The doctor took her hand in his and murmured the things he would be expected to say at such a time. He knew that nothing could be done and the end was approaching.

"Reassured by the gesture she looked again at the door. Following her gaze Michael saw the features of the Angel change and become transfigured, as a glow of love was projected like a beam of light towards the bed. The old lady's lips began to move as she tried to tell the others of what she saw, but the life-force was ebbing fast from the frail body. The Angel held out his hand to her. As if obeying the call the woman in a sudden access of strength raised herself into a sitting position, her eyes suddenly alight. In the distance could be heard music from a spiritual source, relayed from the Higher Realms.

"Look behind the Angel" said Raphael. There behind the radiant figure was a little crowd of spirits, all with welcoming smiles. They were friends or relatives of the woman making the transition, who had come to aid her transition and greet her in the new world.

"Something attracted Michael's attention to the bed once more. A thin wisp of vapour began to weave its way out of the top of the dying woman's head and hung there in a little cloud. Then the body dropped back suddenly and the hands dropped lifelessly upon the coverlet. Very soon after, a form, a replica of the mortal body, was elevated to a position horizontally extended above the physical body and facing downwards. This wraith-like form gradually assumed a denser condition as the Etheric forces were released from the physical body and built themselves into the spirit body.

"When the process was completed, the Etheric body assumed an upright posture at the foot of the bed. Here the Angel advanced and placed his hands upon the eyes of the Etheric form, then stepped aside. The life-cord still connected physical and Etheric bodies but it was attenuated and was scarcely visible. Martha was free and in her new freedom was advancing to meet those who had come to fetch her. Exclamations of pleased surprise came from her lips. She began to respond to the greeting of these old friends, the existence of some of whom she had almost forgotten. The little group began to move away.

"The Angel has not cut the life-cord yet," observed Michael.

"No," replied Raphael. "He will not do that yet, it would be a shock to the spirit. He will guard the remains for a little time before he performs that last office."

"The Angel now turned towards the retreating group and stretched out his arms towards them, obviously concentrating his thoughts upon them. Instantly the Earthly room vanished and after a momentary period of darkness, they all found themselves in the grounds of the hospital on the Etheric/Astral level. There ahead of them were the old lady and her friends now approaching the entrance to the main building. She gave a yawn. Meeting friends had tired her for some time past and she felt that this strange experience must also prove tiring. So she was tired. Raphael stepped forward and spoke to the visitors. They seemed to respect his authority and made their excuses. A nurse came out of the building and to her Raphael gave charge of the new arrival."

["Full Cycle" by Ripley Webb. A link to the full book text is available at the end of our Book I ]

We have to appreciate that the Spiritual Plane on which we first arrive after "Death" depends on our spiritual progress and attainment made whilst on Earth. Most Earth persons of moderate spiritual development first of all arrive on the Astral Plane, the next level above the Physical Plane. This largely reproduces, especially at the lower levels, conditions as they appeared to us on Earth, although there are some subtle differences reflecting the new and higher Astral vibratory rate. The colours of Nature are more brilliant, scents of flowers are stronger, and the Soul now has a sharper and more alert awareness of all the surrounding beauty. The body now feels lighter, as there is no longer the heavy gravitational pull of Earth. One can very soon even develop the ability to transport oneself physically above the ground, from one place to another by the power of thought alone.

The newly arrived Soul may be surprised to find that he or she is being taken by a Spiritual Guide, or a Relative greeting one, to an Etheric counterpart of one's Earthly imagined "dream home". Through constantly imaging a mental "ideal" on the Physical Plane, one is unconsciously creating a mental "Counterpart" on the higher Astral and Etheric Planes made up of Etheric material. By employing that person's Earthly thought-form as a guide, Heavenly Plane Spiritual Assistants can, in advance, shape the less dense and more malleable Etheric Matter into a concrete Etheric representation of the original Earthly image.

One of many After-Death experiences related through a channelled transmission was given by the former High Church Cleric, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, son of Edward White Benson, former Archbishop of Canterbury, shortly after his death in 1914, to his former friend on Earth, Anthony Borgia. This was published in Anthony Borgia's book, "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds". Monsignor Benson recounts that after his "death", and whilst still in his Earth body, he was joined by an old colleague, a Priest, who greeted him warmly:

"He told me to take hold of his arm firmly, and to have no fear whatever. I could if I wished, close my eyes. I at once experienced a sensation of floating such as one has in physical dreams, though this was very real and quite unattended by any doubts of personal security.

"After a short while our progress seemed to slacken somewhat, and I could feel that there was something very solid under my feet. I was told to open my eyes. I did so. What I saw was my old home that I had lived in on the Earth-plane; my old home - but with a difference. It was improved in a way that I had not been able to do to its Earthly counterpart. The house itself was rejuvenated, as it seemed to me from a first glance, rather than restored; but it was the gardens around it that attracted my attention more fully.

"They appeared to be quite extensive, and they were in a state of the most perfect order and arrangement. By this I do not mean the regular orderliness that one is accustomed to see in public gardens on the Earth-plane, but that they were beautifully kept and tended. There were no wild growths or masses of tangled foliage and weeds, but the most glorious profusion of beautiful flowers so arranged as to show themselves to absolute Creator perfection.

"Of the flowers themselves, when I was able to examine them more closely, I must say that I never saw either their like or their counterpart upon Earth, of many that were there in full bloom. Numbers were to be found, of course, of the old familiar blossoms, but by far the greater number seemed to be something entirely new to my rather small knowledge of flowers. It was not merely the flowers themselves and their unbelievable range of superb colourings that caught my attention, but the vital atmosphere of eternal life that they threw out, as it were, in every direction. And as one approached any particular group of flowers, or even a single bloom, there seemed to pour out great streams of energising power which uplifted the Soul spiritually and gave it strength, while the heavenly perfumes they exhaled were such as no soul clothed in its mantle of flesh has ever experienced. All these flowers were living and breathing, and they were, so my friend informed me, incorruptible."

["Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds", channeled by Anthony Borgia. A link to the full book text is available at the end of Book I ]

Those on Earth who were not aware of or opposed to the concept of an "After Life" may indeed need some convincing after their physical death that they are now in fact "dead" in Earthly terms. It is usually arranged for such persons to arrive in surroundings closely imitating those that they left on Earth. It may take those that arrive on the lower Astral Realm quite a while to accept that they are in fact physically "dead", particularly since everything around them appears more or less as it was on Earth. Although they may perceive a slightly different quality of light and colour in their new surroundings, they usually tend to dismiss this as some minor anomaly. Here they are permitted for a time to pursue their life in surroundings more or less familiar to themselves. When after time they eventually come round to recognising the truth of their new "reality", they begin to develop a desire to move up to a higher Plane. At such a time they will always have the immediate help of their Spiritual Guides, who have been waiting patiently for this to happen.

Those of Earth who have considerably lowered their vibrational rates by selfish uncaring and damaging behaviour towards others, or who have abused their bodies through drug-use and other damaging practices, may find themselves unfortunately descending to even lower Astral regions, the traditional Biblical "Hell". There they will arrive in a dark world consonant with their spiritual development. These bleak and grim Planes can range from cold, grey foggy wastelands, down to the lowest dark pits of depravity where evil deeds are constantly being re-enacted, over and over again until the Soul finally rejects them and urgently wishes to move up to higher levels. The Soul's Higher Self may have decided that its lower personality needs to dwell in these conditions for some time in order to drastically correct their former behaviour. Once the Soul has made the commitment to move upwards, its Spiritual Guides will always be instantly available to assist it to gently move upwards, step by step, to a higher Plane.

The Lower Astral Plane is also made up of many other slightly less dark, but nonetheless grey areas, where people of little spiritual development or aspiration can live within their own subjectively re-created conditions similar to those of their former life on Earth. Many of these souls still persist in remaining unaware or unwilling to accept that they are physically dead. They relive life as they did on Earth in all their former dull and bleak surroundings, pursuing as much as possible their old habits and lifestyle. They still feel the need to consume "food" which they no longer need, continuing going to "work" every day, and even using Astral "money" which has been specially created to perpetuate their illusion. However, they are soon made aware that everything around them seems to decay and melt away rather rapidly, including their money; this is "engineered" to teach them to eventually relinquish their over-riding attachment to material possessions and to seek an upward move to more spiritual levels.

After the newly arrived Souls have assimilated their transition to the Spiritual Worlds, they are then shown scenes from their own "Life Story" on Earth. These are derived from the "Akashic Records", the great Astral/Etheric Memory Bank which constantly records all actions and events that have ever taken place. Thus the Soul can review in panoramic multi-dimensional sight and sound, all the significant episodes of the recently completed Earth incarnation. Through reviewing their past mistakes, personality faults and any unkindliness they may have made to others whilst on Earth, they can then identify those soul weaknesses that need to be further corrected.

This "Life Review" process is well described in Ripley Webb's book "Full Cycle", following Earth-based Michael's recent death and review of his Earth life through the Akashic Records. He is taken by his Spiritual Guide, Tendor, to a special building on the Spiritual Plane somewhat similar to a small movie house/cinema, where a large screen at one end now becomes illuminated:

"The picture assumed movement and resolved itself into a form of symbolism quite impossible to translate into words. The mind of Spirit however found it easier to attach a meaning to the symbols and Michael was able to grasp the inner meaning of all the major events which built up the sequence of his existence. Little events of seemingly small importance now assumed a larger character by reason of their effect on himself or others.

"He became aware of a voice that provided a running commentary on the portrayal. At first he thought it must be a part of the picture, an accompanying sound track, giving in thought-language the symbology of the events. The voice was critical beyond measure; he began to wonder who this person was who took it upon himself to judge him in such forthright terms. No one had warned him of this. His heart smote him suddenly. The awesome thought came to him that this might be some manifestation of God's anger with him...

"He summoned his courage and faced the picturisation of his past in a spirit of determination. To his astonishment he discovered that the voice was not external to himself but was coming from within his own being. As if following his train of thought the voice broke in, "It is the voice of Conscience, your Conscience." The thought stunned him. It was not God who spoke, not some superior accusing Being judging him from the lofty seat of omnipotence. It was his own Self, his own Spirit speaking from the highest pinnacle of its consciousness, from the pure essence of his being. He shrank into his seat as the terrible significance of the fact burst into his mind. Never in his wildest dreams had he envisioned his ultimate judge as himself. Not the easy-going self-excusing mind of the human makeup, but the most implacable part of his being, the all-knowing Centre of his own super-consciousness. How could he excuse himself before the terrible indictment of his own Spirit?

"In no uncertain terms the voice went on to emphasise his weaknesses and to mark the points in his career where his foolishness or ignorance or lack of effort had influenced other lives to their detriment. Again it would indicate where his failure to seize an opportunity had resulted in some unhappy consequence to others, which he might have aided them to avoid had he been less wrapped up in himself. The voice was fair, it gave him credit for what he had accomplished. But there was no doubt which way the Scales of Justice were balanced."

["Full Cycle" by Ripley Webb - A link to the full book text is available at the end of Book I ]

Once we have reviewed our past life and seen all our faults with the clearer and more objective spiritual vision available on the Higher Dimensions, we are now in a position, with the help of our High Self and other Spiritual Guides, to assess which failed lessons need to be re-learnt, and to review any further lessons that need to be gone through.

But unless Karma requires an immediate return to Earth, such as after a suicide, most Souls spend a considerable time refreshing their spiritual aspects on the Astral and Etheric Planes above Earth. For many Souls this can take up to two hundred years or more, sometimes extending to over a thousand years or more in Earth's time. Those Ascending Mortals who are at this point ready to move on upwards may alternatively be taken up to one of the many "Mansion Worlds" which specialise in training for achievement of a full Spiritual status. From there they may eventually progress on to the Headquarters World of their Local Universe of Nebadon, and then on to the Headquarters Sphere of Uversa of the Seventh SuperUniverse, Orvonton, thus to eventually reach the perfected Central Universe of Havona and even possibly the Isle of Paradise.

During the period of spiritual refurbishment between incarnations on the Etheric Planes above Earth, there is ample opportunity for study and a general widening of consciousness. These vast Spiritual Worlds can either be fully explored, or attendance made to the numerous Halls of Learning to acquire new skills and knowledge. There is also plenty of opportunity for service to others by undertaking such tasks as assisting those who have recently come over from the Earth Plane to adjust to their new Spiritual home.

We can get an insight into all the great opportunities for acquiring new skills and knowledge on the Spiritual Plane from the following description by Monsignor Benson in "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds", shortly after his arrival in the Heavenly Realms:

"As we approached the city, it was possible for us to gather some idea of its extensive proportions. It was, I hardly need say, totally unlike anything I had yet seen. It consisted of a large number of stately buildings each of which was surrounded with magnificent gardens and trees, with here and there pools of glittering water, clear as crystal, yet reflecting every shade of colour known to Earth, with many other tints to be seen nowhere but in the realms of spirit.

"It must not be imagined that these beautiful gardens bore the slightest resemblance to anything to be seen upon the Earth-plane. Earthly gardens at their best and finest are of the very poorest by comparison with these that we now beheld, with their wealth of perfect colourings and their exhalations of heavenly perfumes. To walk upon the lawns with such a profusion of nature about us held us spellbound. I had imagined that the beauty of the countryside, wherein I had had all my experience of spirit lands so far, could hardly be excelled anywhere.

"My mind had reverted to the narrow streets and crowded pavements of Earth; the buildings huddled together because space is so valuable and costly; the heavy, tainted air, made worse by streams of traffic; I had thought of hurry and turmoil, and all the restlessness of commercial life and the excitement of passing pleasure. I had no conception of a city as the light of day is from black night. Here were fine broad thoroughfares of emerald green lawns in perfect cultivation, radiating, like the spokes of a wheel from a central building which, as we could see, was the hub of the whole city. There was a great shaft of pure light descending upon the dome of this building, and we felt instinctively that in this temple we could send up our thanks to the Great Source of all, and that there we should find none other than the Glory of God in Truth.

"The buildings were not of any great height as we would measure or compare with Earthly structures, but they were for the most part extremely broad. It is impossible to tell of what materials they were composed because they were essentially spirit fabrics. The surface of each was as smooth as marble, yet it had the delicate texture and translucence of alabaster, from which each building sent forth, as it were into the adjacent air, a stream of light of the palest shade of colouring. Some of the buildings were carved with designs of foliage and flowers, and others were left almost unadorned, as far as any smaller devices were concerned, relying upon their semi-classical nature for relief. And over all was the Light of Heaven shining evenly and uninterruptedly, so that nowhere were there dark places.

"The city was devoted to the pursuit of learning, to the study and practise of the arts, and to the pleasures of all in this realm. It was exclusive to none, but free for all to enjoy with equal right. Here it was possible to carry on so many of those pleasant and fruitful occupations that had been commenced on the Earth-plane. Here, too, many souls could indulge in some agreeable diversion which had been denied them for a variety of reasons whilst they were incarnate.

"The first Hall that my guide Edwin took us into was concerned with the Art of Painting. This Hall was of very great size and contained a long gallery, on the wall of which were hanging every great masterpiece known to man. They were arranged in such a way that every step of Earthly progress could be followed in proper order, beginning with the earliest times and so continuing down to the present day. Every style of painting was represented, gathered from all points of the Earth.....

"In other parts of this same building were rooms wherein students of art could learn all that there is to be learnt. The joy of these students is great in their freedom from their Earthly restrictions and bodily limitations. Here instruction is easy, and the acquisition and application of knowledge is equally facile to those who wish to learn. Gone are all the struggles of the student in the surmounting of Earthly difficulties both of the mind and of the hands, and progress towards proficiency is consequently smooth and rapid...

"We then passed on to another immense building. This was the Hall of Literature, and it contained every work worthy of the name. It interior was divided into smaller rooms than in the Hall of Painting. Edwin led us into one spacious apartment which contained the histories of all the Nations upon the Earth-plane. To anyone who has a knowledge of Earthly history, the volumes with which the shelves of this section of the great library were filled, would prove illuminating. The reader would be able to gain, for the first time the truth about the history of his country. Every word contained in these books was the literal truth. Concealment is impossible, because nothing but the truth can enter these realms....

"The Hall of Music also followed the same broad system as the other Halls of the Arts. The Library contained books dealing with music as well as the scores of vast quantities of music that had been written on Earth by composers who had now passed into spirit, or by those who were still upon Earth. What are called upon Earth 'Master-Works', were fully represented among the musical scores upon the shelves, and I was interested to learn that there was hardly a work that had not since been altered by the composer himself since coming into spirit...

"The many types of musical instrument so familiar on Earth were to be seen in the College of Music, where students could be taught to play upon them. And here again, where dexterity of the hands is so essential in the task of gaining proficiency, here it is never arduous or wearisome, and moreover, so much more rapid than upon the Earth. As students acquire a mastery over their instrument they can join one of the many orchestras that exist here, or they can limit their performance to giving it to their many friends.....

"We had observed that the Hall of Music stood in grounds far more extensive than those we had already seen, and the reason was soon made clear to us. At the rear of the Hall was the great Centre of Concert Performances. It consisted of a vast amphitheatre like a great bowl sunk beneath the level of the ground, but it was so large that its real depth was not readily apparent. The seats that were farthest away from the performers were exactly upon ground level. Immediately surrounding these seats were masses of the most beautiful flowers of every possible hue, with a grassy space beyond, while the whole area of this outdoor temple of music was encompassed by a magnificent plantation of tall and graceful trees. Although the seating arrangements were upon such an expansive scale, much more so than would be at all practicable upon Earth, yet there was no sense of being too far from the performers, even in the farthest seats - our vision or hearing is not so restricted in its scope in the Spirit world as it is upon Earth.

"Edwin suggested that we might like to hear a concert of the Spirit world, but suggested we take up a position a short distance away from the theatre for reasons which would later become apparent. And so, we seated ourselves on the grass at some distance from the actual amphitheatre. I wondered whether we should be able to hear very much music so far away, but our friend assured us that we should. And, indeed, we were joined by numbers of other people at that very moment, who, doubtless, had come for the same purpose as ourselves. The whole place, which was empty when Edwin had first brought us in, now contained many people, some strolling about, and others, like us, seated contentedly on the grass. We were in a delightful spot, with the trees and flowers and pleasant people all about us, and never have I experienced such a feeling of real, genuine enjoyment as came upon me at this moment...

"Edwin then suggested that we stroll over to the amphitheatre and look down over the seats once again. We did so, and to our astonishment we found that the whole vast amphitheatre was packed with people, where there was not a soul to be seen but a short time before. The musicians were in their places awaiting the entrance of their conductor, and this great audience had arrived as if by magic - or so it seemed. As it was apparent that the concert was about to begin, we returned to Edwin at once. In answer to our question as to how the audience had arrived so suddenly and unperceived, he said that in the case of this concert, the organiser had merely to send out their thoughts to people at large who were particularly interested in such performances, and they forthwith assembled. He told us that was soon as we had shown our interest and desires in these concerts, we should establish a link, and we should find these thoughts reaching us whenever they were emitted.

"We could, of course, see nothing of the performers from where we were situated, and so when a hush came upon all around us, we were thus sufficiently informed that the concert was to begin. The orchestra was composed of some two hundred musicians, who were playing upon instruments that are well-known to Earth, so that I was able to appreciate what I heard. As soon as the music began I could hear a remarkable difference from what I had been accustomed to hearing on the Earth-plane. The actual sounds made by the various instruments were easily recognisable as of old, but the quality of tone was immeasurably purer, and the balance and blend were perfect. The work to be played was of some length, I was informed, and would be continued without a break.

"The opening movement was of a subdued nature as regards its volume of sound, and we noticed that the instant the music commenced a bright light seemed to rise up from the direction of the orchestra until it floated, in a flat surface, level with the topmost seats, where it remained as an iridescent cover to the whole amphitheatre. As the music proceeded, this broad sheet of light grew in strength and density, forming, as it were, a firm foundation for what was to follow. Presently, at equal spaces round the circumference of the amphitheatre, four towers of light shot up into the sky in long tapering pinnacles of luminosity. They remained poised for a moment, and then slowly descended, becoming broader in girth as they did so, until they assumed the outward appearance of four circular towers, each surmounted with a dome, perfectly proportioned. In the meanwhile, the central area of light had thickened still more, and was beginning to rise slowly in the shape of an immense dome covering the whole amphitheatre.

"This continued to ascend steadily until it seemed to reach a very much greater height than the four towers, while the most delicate colours were diffused throughout the whole of the Etheric structure. I could understand now why Edwin had suggested that we should sit outside the theatre proper and I could follow, also, why composers should feel impelled to alter the Earthly works after they have arrived in spirit. The musical sounds sent up by the orchestra were creating, up above their heads, this immense musical thought-form, and the shape and perfection of this form rested entirely upon the purity of the musical architecture and sounds, the purity of the harmonies, and a freedom from any pronounced dissonance. The form of the music must be pure to produce a pure form."

['Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds', channelled by Anthony Borgia. A link to the full book text is available at the end of Book I ]

Chapter Eight:
Birth & Growth

Before each physical Earth incarnation, careful preparations have to first of all be made in close consultation with one's Higher Self and Spiritual Guides. Firstly, the choice is made of a suitable location on Earth in terms of the country and community which will provide the right economic and social background conditions for the Soul's particular lessons to be experienced.

Secondly, parents are likewise carefully chosen to provide the right environment for learning and Soul growth; they may well be "Old Friends" with whom one has had a close connection in past lives, or perhaps former family members, or even part of one's own Family Soul-Group.

And thirdly, essential learning "Events", and also meeting points with others, are planned to occur at various points along the path of one's life, providing the necessary opportunities for specific lessons to be mastered.

Finally, the exact time and place of birth is chosen astrologically to provide the correct Planetary influences in the coming life.

The Master Ramala: "Not only do you choose the body into which you are to incarnate, the parents who are to conceive you, the planetary influences under which you are to be born, the country in which you are to live, your way of life and the partner you are to marry, but you also choose your moment of death and the manner in which you are to die."

The basic principles of preparation for incarnation, namely that we review and choose our lives beforehand, based on lessons to be learned and tests to be accomplished, are confirmed by many Spiritual Teachers and Masters with broad consistency. This process is well described, again by Ripley Webb in his book "Full Cycle", where Michael, whilst on the Spiritual Planes is being assisted by his Spirit Guide, Tendor, to prepare for a forthcoming new Earth incarnation:

"Tendor introduced Michael to a Spiritual Counsellor who had come to greet them. The Counsellor looked Michael over keenly then produced strange-looking charts which appeared to record Michael's progress somewhat on the lines of a horoscope. It was all quite meaningless to Michael, nevertheless from the charts the Counsellor was able to give him a clear and lucid statement of his abilities and weaknesses, the conquests and the defeats which made up his progress to date.

"From the same source the Counsellor worked out the type of problem that was likely to face Michael in accordance with his destiny and explained the course of an incarnation that would be likely to provide the lessons he most needed.

"Your destiny is recorded in our archives and by process of selection we will abstract an incarnation which, according to destiny, follows a line that promises to provide what you require. When you see that record presently you will be able to judge whether you think you are ready to face the difficulties it offers; if you are not, why then we will find something easier."

"A moment later a screen at the other end of the room became diffused with rays. As Michael watched, enthralled, he saw a number of threads of different colours moving endlessly across the screen into what might be a loom or weaving machine. On the other side of the loom appeared a piece of finished material woven in an intricate pattern from the coloured threads.

"The Spiritual Counsellor kept up a running commentary as the picture unrolled itself. He showed Michael the thread representing the incarnation suggested for him. "This shows you what you should aim to accomplish during your incarnation. Though what you actually attain may be something quite different. You cannot escape your destiny, but you are master of the manner in which you handle that destiny and the time you take to accomplish it."

Following the review of past failures and accomplishments, and pre-planning for the next incarnation, preparation then begins for the complex process of physical birth, as the Soul begins to form a spiritual contact with the aura of Earth and in particular with its new parents.

The Master Ramala: "The Soul which has decided to incarnate has already asked and been accepted by the Souls of its intended parents. Before the time of conception, because it knows when it is to be conceived, it draws close through its Astral Body to the aura of the Earth, and in particular the auras of its parents. It awaits in its Astral form its moment of conception. It watches its intended parents as they live their lives on the Physical Plane.

"At the moment of conception, the three Souls unite on the Astral Plane. It is rather like a reunion, a time of celebration. But there are very few persons on Earth consciously aware of this.

"A very small fraction of the Soul that is to be born thereafter resides within the seed of that union. During the following months, as the body of the unborn child grows within the Mother's womb, so that small fraction of the Soul begins to increase until, at the moment of birth, one seventh of the Soul is in the child's body."

The Soul now commences its own careful preparation for the physical process of birth, as related in the continuing story of Michael, channelled by Ripley Webb: Michael is at this point about to be born onto the physical level of Earth, and his own Spirit Guide, Tendor, has taken him to the spiritual counterpart of the Earthly Birth Clinic…

"Michael was allowed to wander at will through the wards and grounds, and he was surprised to find what a complicated business was this approach to physical birth. There were lectures to attend where much was explained to him. He learned that a successful culmination was dependent on several factors. Chief among these was the fact that it is a co-operative business between mother and child. It is essential for the expectant mother to keep in as fine a state of health as is possible and to care for her body at this time. He also found to his surprise that he himself could exercise a considerable effect on the embryo body which was being built for his use. He was required to concentrate at stated periods on this aspect alone, to direct his thought on the perfection of physique and the correct assimilation of atomic substance into the tiny form.

"Examples were shown of the difficulties encountered where the mother-to-be was careless of her role, or who resisted the idea of motherhood either through fear or lack of desire. Even worse was the situation to be dealt with where there was severe illness or a body whose Etheric envelope was distorted by narcotics or other abuses. In these cases the incarnating spirit had a very trying experience, usually being prostrated throughout the period of gestation. Sometimes the attempt had to be abandoned because the mother-to-be so ill-used her mortal body. The unfortunate spirit struggled to the last to incarnate with the object of establishing even a brief acquaintanceship with physical life; in the event of failure it was forced to relinquish its hold upon the embryo body and slip back into Spirit life once more. The whole process of selection and preparation then had to be repeated. It was usually the case, where difficulties were most severe, that the spirit had deliberately accepted the risks, knowing that by overcoming them he would progress so much the faster.

"As time went on Michael began to feel the magnetic pull of Earth. It began to manifest as a downward attraction from the feet, much the same as the pull of gravity, except that he was more conscious of it. It was hardly perceptible at first, but as time went on it increased to an uncomfortable extent. He realised that the use of such a clinic as this was almost imperative if distress was to be avoided. He was relieved to hear from his Spiritual doctor that in his case a perfectly normal birth was anticipated, for his mother was a spiritually minded woman and the thought of his coming was a source of delight to both parents. Michael thought sympathetically of the unfortunate spirits around him, many of whom were already aware that they were unwelcome visitors in the family circle awaiting them, that they had a poor chance of experiencing the love they so longed to feel."

[A link to the full book text of "Full Cycle" is available at the end of Book I ]

The Master Ramala: "At the moment of birth, as the child leaves the aura of the Mother and its cord is cut, through the Ether to that child comes the Divine Spark of the Soul which energizes the child and starts it on its path. The Soul has begun to fulfil its destiny and the lessons which have to be learned are now set in motion."

Each incarnating Soul will now follow his or her unique path through Earth life, based on the broad outline as pre-agreed and pre-destined, though the actual working-out and final outcome may well depend upon the Soul's further reactions and responses to the challenges encountered.


Chapter Nine:
Ascending To Unity

The central purpose unifying all of life's experiences comes down to the process of Evolution with all its inherent learning processes. At this important ending of a major Universal Age, Humanity on Earth is now reaching a collective "turning point", from our concentration on "self-interest", particularly at the expense of others, to coming together in a future New Age of Cooperation and Unity with the rest of Creation.

We now have to first of all start this process by developing a much more compassionate and tolerant attitude towards others. Not only do we need to develop a much more sensitive awareness of their needs, but also to undertake within our own personal development a much greater awareness of all around us, along with better self-discipline and mindfulness in all that we do.

Causing injury or harm to others, exploiting others as we seek to gain through their disadvantagement, such actions formed a major element in the past Human history as we developed a greater Ego-centeredness. Now that we are beginning to change direction, our new orientation must turn towards Cooperation, Mutual Respect, and ultimately the "Unconditional Love" that is universally expressed on the Higher Worlds.

In particular we must seek to develop a new awareness and respect for all other forms of life which share our Planet, especially the Animal Kingdom which has suffered so much at our hands in the past. Earth herself is a living great Spirit Consciousness, painfully aware of all that her Human Mortals perpetrate on her surface and within her crust. Mother Earth/Gaia's Planetary Body has been continuously and thoughtlessly ravaged by Humanity. The many heavy explosions made within her interior, the extensive extraction of her bodily minerals has caused her much suffering. She has also experienced a heavy loss of the very "blood" of her Planetary Body, the oil we use as our fuel, which lubricates her tectonic plates. We have heavily polluted and destroyed much of her planetary surface through our total carelessness and thoughtless behaviour.

Our return onto the Path of Unity will demand a progressively closer attunement to the Natural Laws of the Universe. As the Master Ramala points out:

"Each of you, according to your point of consciousness and soul evolution, should attune to the great Natural Laws of the Cosmos and should lead your life according to those Laws, no matter what the physical or material temptations that are put before you. You will be tested on your observance of these Laws.

"Today it is mainly the Animal, the Vegetable and the Mineral Kingdoms that are being enslaved and exploited. Humanity feels that it has the right to buy and to sell the many aspects of these Kingdoms. How are you going to respond to this test? It does not matter what all the people around you are doing. You have to make your own choice, based on your own understanding of the Natural Laws. Everything that you do in relationship with the three Kingdoms of Matter should be in attunement with the highest Law, the Law of the Cosmos, the Law of Harmony & Balance, the Law of Natural Order."

"At a time in the past, when Man was living in perfection, Man did not own or control the animals, the birds of the air or the fishes of the sea. He recognised them as Sparks of Creation which were not so evolved as him, and therefore he was aware of his responsibility towards them. He realised that in no way should he set an example for the Animal Kingdom which could degrade or mislead it. In no way should he harm the animals, for one does not harm a less evolved soul: one helps it at its point of consciousness. Man did not need to kill any species of the Animal Kingdom for food, for he was a Fruitarian and lived entirely on the fruits of the Earth."

As we gradually become more aware of the need to demonstrate a greater respect for the Animal Kingdom, many people are now choosing to become Vegetarian, thus avoiding the consumption of the flesh of animals, birds and fishes. Those wishing to advance even further can choose to become a "Fruitarian", which means living mainly on a diet of fruits, nuts and grains. Fruits of the Earth are freely "given" to us for the purposes of their own procreation and do not involve us killing the plant or tree. Trees and and plants offer their fruits to man, as well as the animals and birds so that the seeds may be spread as far and as wide as possible for their propagation, something the tree or plant cannot itself always easily do.

Respect for other life-forms is wholly in attunement with the raising of our own individual and group consciousness. Exercise, a healthful diet of fruit and vegetables, the exclusion of fats or animal products, leading a disciplined routine and clean life, will combine to raise our vibration rate and thus our whole level of being and health. Since we are greatly dependent on the physical body, an unhealthy and ill-used body can quickly become a burden and a serious detriment to our evolutionary progress. It has long been recognized that a pure Spirit resides more comfortably in a pure and healthy body.

Through a process of lighter eating and healthy living, of quiet reflection, of tuning into and taking the time to listen to the inner voice of our Higher Self, we can deepen our understanding of ourselves, our Universe and our Evolutionary Plan. We must develop a greater awareness of and respect for other life-forms and our Planet; we must establish, then gradually strengthen, that vital contact between the Earth Self and the Higher-self. Then we can begin to align ourselves with "the flow" by serving others as we would our self, and conduct our lives in accordance with the Highest Wisdom and the Natural Laws of the Universe.

For centuries, Man's competitive, self-serving nature has been reflected in the social/political relationships with fellow-Man. At first the "Strong", those with the greatest power and influence, held domination; then the underprivileged "Weak" began to fight back for their own rights, turning the tables by using their greater numerical size to rebalance perceived injustices. In both cases the fight was, and still is, based purely on Self-interest. Now that the Weak and the Strong groupings in developed political societies are rapidly reaching a stalemate, a position of neutralised near-equality, a whole new moral basis for social interaction has to be established for the future based on Fairness and Mutual Respect between people.

More difficult however, and requiring an even more elevated moral view, is the granting of equal Rights and Justice by those in a superior position to those who are not in a position to make their own demands. This applies especially to our Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms along with the whole of our Environment, as well as to the as yet Unborn Child. If they are to receive Justice it must be given to them as having their own inalienable Rights. This is not only our present social challenge, but will become one of Humanity's major collective tasks in the future.

Many great Masters have incarnated on the Physical Plane of Earth and both through their lives and their work have demonstrated their understanding of the great Natural Laws of the Universe. This is reflected in such teachings as: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"; "As a Man thinks in his Heart, so is he"; and "That which you give freely to the Creator of all Life will always be returned to you tenfold".

The Master ZEN TAO: "If you attune to the Natural Laws, then you will live in peace. The state of peace is not the absence of war but is, rather, a state of alignment with the Natural Laws. If you abide by these Laws on any level - individually, nationally or globally - you will be at peace, for you will be living according to the Laws of Infinite Spirit."

Chapter Ten:
The Cleansing of Darkness & Return to Light

Much of the esoteric and channelled knowledge handed down to us is well established and has been available for over a hundred years by those who have chosen to seek it out. However, there has been not much on Earth known about a main source of Evil and Darkness which infiltrated, over one billion years ago, the outer areas of our Universe, and in particular, our own Milky Way Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon as well as parts of the outer Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton in which Nebadon resides.

The significant revelation of this great source of Evil and much of the Darkness which has infected our Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon, our Solar System and Planet Earth, was first brought to us on Earth in 2005 through the Creator God Horus (Heru), in a remarkable book: "THE RETURN OF LIGHT - Revelations from the Creator God Horus", through channellings by Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum, from which we give excerpts below.

The Creator God Horus, or Heru as he now prefers to be known, was one of the Creator Gods originating from a previous Grand Universe who acted as a Co-Creator/Sponsor of Planet Earth. He was known in Ancient Egypt as the God Horus, worshipped as the God of Light, Wisdom, Spiritual Vision, and Protection. He is also known to many through the well-known Ancient-Egyptian symbol of "The Eye of Horus".

HERU/Horus: "I, Heru, am one of the Creator Gods. We are a group of Beings that Cosmic Cosmic Source Creator created prior to this Creation, and so we are older than this Grand Universe. When the Absolute/Prime Source said, "Let there be Light," we were the instruments through which that was manifested. We are the weavers of this magical substance that the Cosmic Cosmic Source Creator pours forth endlessly. And we weave and we shape that sacred substance into forms, into elements, into Worlds, into Universes, into Souls. We are the Beings who create the Soul inside the Sun, and we create the Sun. All substance that we create with is of Cosmic Creator . I personally, along with others, was involved in the creation of this Universe, the creation of this Planet. So I am Father, Uncle, and Great Uncle to many of you. And I would like to reclaim my own - to lift up, embrace, and heal my Children...

"Some of what you will read in the book "The Return of Light" may be somewhat disturbing to you to read this, but I want you to know that the only reason this stark truth is being allowed to come forward at this time is because of the certainty and the nearness of the dissolving of all that is of the Dark. It is truly very close to us now, and even upon us. And as part of the healing, it is necessary for us to take a good strong look at where we have come from, and how close we have come to annihilation. Much of this was withheld until now, for the purpose of not driving people into despair by the extent to which the Dark energy had corrupted parts of this Universe. But now that we are at the turning of the tide, we can express to you simultaneously both the harsh danger we have all been in, and the rescue that is at hand..."

"Approximately 1.3 billion years ago in your time, there was an invasion which occurred from a Universe near this one - an invasion of Darkness. What we will call Darkness, for the purpose of these discussions, is a non-Souled, non-living substance, antithetical in structure to the basic life inherent in every atom of Creation. It has the tendency to permeate anything that it touches, though some Beings have been able to resist it, at least in maintaining the purity of their spirit.

"The many Universe had never experienced conflict prior to this event, and therefore the membranes around them were only designed as containment of form and not as a protective barrier. I would liken this invasion to the effect of the bite of a poisonous spider or snake on the Human body. The original Universe which was affected then sickened, and essentially died in a very short period of time, almost immediately. Of the Beings living in it, those who could do so fled into the neighbouring Universes, unknowingly bringing contamination with them. It was at that time that a small assemblage of Light Beings was sent to help. This group was not the one to which the Light Workers on Earth now belong; this was prior to that time. The structure of the one dead Creation/Universe was collapsed and melted back into the All, with great sadness and solemn ceremony.

"Those who had escaped seemed at that point largely unscathed. But from that time forward, the surrounding Creation/Universes began to experience some disharmony. And this began to grow and magnify, and spread rapidly, as there is much commerce between the Universes. This spread continued and did not seem overly alarming at the time, just concerning. When this reached some several thousand Universes, it was decided that a concerted effort would be made to deal with the situation. Therefore a large group of Beings assembled, and that is most generally the group that the Readers here belong to - the group which we call the Light Workers. They arrived, each of them with their speciality and their mission, and began to do their work.

"If you were to examine the state of those affected Universes at that time, as compared to the present, they would look far more of the Light and harmonious than your current Universe does. It was as though everything was perhaps one degree off from where it should be. It was small, it was subtle, it was not dramatic. There was not a great deal of suffering, there were no wars, there was just a level of disharmony, a small amount of disease, and a sense that everything was slightly off. Things were no longer perfect. Meanwhile the insidious nature of this poison, or this Darkness, was that it penetrated deeper into the infected Beings and deeper into the systems in these Universes. The worst part about this poison is that, unbeknownst to the host, it would usurp its Free Will in a very subtle way and begin to redirect its life.

"At this time there became a concentration of many of the Great and Mighty Beings who were contaminated and infected by the Darkness, such as certain of the Creator Gods, Angels, Archangels, and Elohim. Again, unbeknown to these Beings, their Free Will had been usurped and they were being guided into paths that would not normally have been their choice... These Fallen Creator Gods were later to create the Fallen Dark Universes. These were much Darker than your Universe is currently and are not at this time salvageable; they are not structured on the basic sacred geometric principles that your Universe is structured on. There was also a point in time, just prior to the erection of the "Frequency Fences", when these Creator Gods decided that they would create in their own way and in their own manner. In their delusion, they declared theirs a superior Creation to that of Cosmic Creator ... The Universes in this entire Creation number in the tens of thousands. Darkness is only in the last outer layers of the Universes. Perhaps less than two percent are wholly Dark, and maybe an additional four percent are embattled."

Elora and Karen were later given the privilege of addressing questions directly to Cosmic Source Creator: "Would you please describe to us something of the vision that you held when you created this Cosmic Creation?"

Cosmic Source Creator: "This whole Creation was to be a most beautiful Creation, full of variety and fresh expression of Consciousness. In large part it has been most successful. I am aware of your pain and concern in this part of the Creation. I would like to discuss that today."

Elora: "Thank you, we would as well. How did you feel or perceive the initial arising of the Darkness?"

Cosmic Source Creator: "It was actually fairly small initially, not more than two percent, like stepping on a nail; or pin-prick or a bee sting, something of that nature. The initial pain was not that severe. However there was a venom that was inserted through that opening, which began to spread fairly subtly and rapidly - subtly enough that I did not perceive its spread immediately. This early growth of Darkness began to lay eggs and set up colonies. And that did not appear extremely harmful at first. It seemed as a part of the need for a Lesson of NOT Descending into Darkness and it seemed that this Creation was vast enough to process this Lesson and to avoid such actions in future.

"This occurred hundreds of billions of years ago and so there would have been that long amount of time for the corruption to spread and to spread, amongst even some of the Angelic Hierarchies, some of the Elohim and the other Hierarchies of Higher Beings and Masters, almost all of which have been contaminated through its spreading power to some degree. During that time the real Dark Beings were keeping within themselves, and very closely guarded, the secret of their criminal intent. The fullness of this criminal intent did not become clear until the Darkness began to openly develop and become truly apparent. Again, that time was perhaps several hundred millions of years ago, but not as much as half a billion.... Once the Invaders had an area sufficient to give them a platform upon which to launch an attempt of the takeover of other areas of Creation, they then built the Frequency Fences around their Dark Universes, cut everything off, and caused other Races and Worlds to fall. All of the Fallen Worlds are grouped inside this Frequency Fence..."

Elora: "Why were the Dark and contaminated Universes not sealed off at this point so they could not infect others?"

"I had no mechanism with which to do so. This Invading Force of Darkness was able to penetrate anything and everything in the many areas of the Creation. There was really no material already built in such a way that could deflect or seal or contain this contamination. It was at that point that I saw the need to create something outside of this Creation, and began to create a special new area of my Creation. And that is where the Warriors of Light have since come from...

"I have created something that no Darkness can resist. I have cordoned the areas of Darkness off from the rest of Creation, and have begun the Great Battle. I myself know nothing of war; it is not a part of what I am. But amongst these Warriors of Light are great Captains who are in the process of uncloaking themselves as we speak. And in a twinkling of an eye, things in this area of Creation will look much different. Then the healing will begin. Those Dark Universes that were created by the Fallen will be destroyed and uncreated, for they are not reclaimable; they were not built upon my founding principles of Light... The Light Warriors will not stop at the perimeters of my Creation. They will reach out into the heart of what sent the Darkness here, and will destroy it... I will ring all of this Creation with the Warriors of Light."

KAREN writes about the Light Warriors: "These Light Warriors were created by Cosmic Source Creator for the sole purpose of eradicating the Darkness that has caused this World and other Universes to fall. They were created outside this Creation of a wholly new substance, and the very fabric of their atomic bonds is far stronger than anything in this area of Creation. This makes them completely impervious to what we term "Darkness" - a non-Souled, non living substance which is antithetical in structure to the basic life inherent in every atom of Creation. The Light Warriors are in the process of cleansing the Darkness within this Universe, not only from Earth but from our Solar System.

"The Light Warriors arrived in our area of the Universe, imbedded in a wave of Light from the central Godverse called the 'Omniversal Energy'. This Wave of Light first touched Earth on September 5, 2003. The Light Warriors began to uncloak themselves on August 12, 2004. There are seven Waves of them, the first three of which are here now, and they are fighting the giant Galactic battles within this Galaxy. They are countless in number and they cannot be defeated. It will take up to 20 years or so for them to win the battle for Earth, though the complete restoration of Humanity and our Planet will take some time beyond that."

Elora recounts that as of early November of 2004, work began on reforming the Solar Logos of our Sun. Our sunlight should become energetically cleaner and clearer as time goes on. We are also told that some large sections of our Galaxy are by now substantially cleaned up. The best news of all is that, on the first of December 2004, the Light Warriors arrived in large numbers to begin their work on Earth. They were beginning to dismantle the "Frequency Fence" behind which we have been imprisoned.

In January 2005, Elora asked of Heru: "From your perspective, would you speak about the overall progress that the Light Warriors have made in cleaning up our Galactic area of the Universe?"

HERU: "I would say as far as the big battles go, it is perhaps between two thirds to three quarters complete. There are pockets, fairly large pockets of strong resistance, but they are under siege and either circling the wagons or in retreat. With those large areas where it is felt that there will not be a resurgence of darkness or new attacks, we are beginning to have the reclamation crew come in, but we are being somewhat cautious about this as we do not want anyone injured.

"It is felt that in about twenty year's time the major battles will be complete, and that the resistance will have been captured and neutralized and taken to a place of reclamation. And what is left to be done is huge, as I'm sure you are aware. The work to come will be fairly long and arduous. Large parts of this Galaxy have been damaged, and looking not unlike the areas devastated by the a Tsunami. Now, that is not everywhere, and that is not even maybe the majority. But there are very large areas that have been pretty completely decimated in the past, particularly within our own Solar System. It will take a great deal of work on many levels to reclaim its original structure and integrity, purity and beauty. However, it is doable, that is the good news."

On the 18th of April, 2005, Elora asked Heru for a further update on the cleansing of the Forces of Darkness within our Galaxy:

HERU: "My dear beloved friends on Earth, it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce to you the fairly imminent victory of the Forces of Light for control of this Galaxy. The tide has indeed turned, and the Forces of Light now control more than 50% of this Galaxy. And soon the major battles shall be over with. At that point we will be addressing the energetic structures, primarily on the Sixth and Eighth Dimensions, that are controlling the Controllers of Earth. You would probably know them as the Illuminati. Within a very short period of time you will begin to see the entrenched power structure that controls the finances, the war machines, and the politics of your World, shake and collapse like a tower of Babel. I know this will give you both joy and fear, for radical change like this is often fearful. Know that what is to come will be miraculous. If you will remember what I believe were called the "Velvet Revolutions", the fall of the Iron Curtain which was achieved with no violence, you will see uprisings like that. There will be people marching in the streets, raising their hands and demanding an end. And there will be an end - this is the key - there will be an end to the mind control that has kept many populations enslaved, either asleep in front of their television sets or just hopelessly fatigued and bound to survival issues. People will begin to wake up rapidly."

By the 30th of April, 2005, Heru told us that our Galaxy is now 92% Light - once again, outstripping expectations.

HERU: "I am sorry that your beloved Earth is going to be one of the last places to be rescued. As you know this is one of the Twelve Critical [Third-Dimension] Planets, and the Dark Forces have clung onto it with every last bit of power that they have. But shortly that will change. The other thing is that we need to go in very carefully so that we can take out the power structures doing as little damage as possible."

By June 2005, Heru further informed us: "The Illuminati, through from the Fourth to the Eleventh Dimensions, have been taken down. However, as you are aware, the power structure of the Illuminati on Earth is still in place, and the upper echelons of this group are Master magicians. So although they have no support even in the Fourth Dimension, they are still able to operate in the Fourth and the Fifth and the Sixth, to do their dastardly deeds. The next push would be to really be able to get into the Fifth, Fourth, and Third Dimensions of Earth. We managed to get enough into the Fifth and Fourth Dimensions to take out the Illuminati, but not really to be able to function there well enough to prevent the Third Dimension Magicians from operating there. They would see us coming and they would retreat. As soon as we would blink our eyes they would do their operation and retreat again."

By late July 2005, Heru was asked by Elora: "We are preparing an update, and we would like some information on the war on the Higher Planes of Earth which started on August 1 and is now winding down. Please tell us how this came about. We were shocked that such an intense war could occur when it had been recently stated that over 95% of our Galaxy was now under the control of the Light Forces, and that the Darkness existed only in isolated pockets which were all guarded and quarantined."

HERU: "This Planet Earth is one of the focal points and one of the last hold-outs where the Dark is marshalling its last defences. So even though vast areas of this Galaxy are in control of the Forces of Light, for you it is as if nothing has changed, for this Planet is still in the grip of the Dark Forces. Therefore the battle being waged, ultimately, will be for the control of this Planet. Those Beings who have remained Dark are fighting for their lives and will not give up until the last one is captured...

"It is the madness of the Dark that it believes in its own invincibility, that it believes it can still win. And so the Dark is fighting as if in some unimaginable way, they could pull off a victory on this Planet [i.e. the Middle East], they then could eventually take over the entire Galaxy. So they are fighting from that perspective. For them, this is Armageddon. For us, the Light Forces, most of the battles have been won. The most diverse and precious and critical Planets in this Solar System have yet to be liberated. We know, with full confidence, that they will be. For you Humans, there is the combined angst of the isolation that this Planet has been under, and the fact that this, for the Dark, is their last battle. And they are portraying it as universal Armageddon when it is not. Because you Humans are completely isolated, it looks to you to be total Armageddon and the End of the World, the end of life, the end of everything. And it is not. But creating this fear helps the Dark to keep Humans dis-empowered and helps them in their battle. They have skewed the perspective to further their delusional dreams. And they think that - well, they are just insane! I don't want to detail what they think because it's not worth writing out."

In February 2006 we were given some stunning news by Elora on the final elimination, by Cosmic Creator and other Creator Gods, of the original outside Source of Darkness in the surrounding Great Void:

ELORA: "In one of the Universes - one that was relatively near to us but not our immediate neighbour - the Darkness was created. Darkness has overtaken that Universe entirely. How and why it was created we don't know. The Creator of that Universe, we are told, is "diseased and insane". Did he create the Darkness because he was insane, or was it done innocently as some kind of experiment, and did he become insane because of living in a Dark Creation. Probably we will never know. In either case, I still feel that the best analogy we have for Darkness is that of a computer virus - something that is non-living and non-Souled, yet has the ability to spread and replicate itself, and to corrupt and destroy whatever it encounters. Just as computer viruses don't affect a hard drive that is running on the older and much simpler DOS system, but can rapidly take down a computer running on the newer and more complex Windows system, just so Darkness was not able to affect the older and simpler Creations within this system but had a devastating effect upon our newer and very complex Creation. I also believe that if we could define Darkness, it might well be a reversing of the Codes of Life, the "Codes of Light". It's as if all these magnificent, perfect codes were run backwards. Therefore the effect of the Darkness is to reverse the perfection of creation. Love becomes hatred. Purity becomes corruption. Peace and safety become violence and war. Beauty becomes ugliness, and so on...

"On or about Friday, January 13th, 2006, a shock wave ran through this Galaxy, for it was discovered that the source of Darkness was sending a Force to attack us. Cosmic Creator had always known that the Source of Darkness would have to be destroyed in order for us to be fully safe. Tentative plans for this venture had been laid for sometime in the future. What Cosmic Creator had done, in recent months, was to contact some of the Creators of the other Universe which were adjacent to the Dark Universe and had therefore been also affected by the Darkness. I believe there were at least a couple dozen of these systems. Cosmic Creator communicated with these other Creators and discussed with them the necessity of banding together to destroy the Dark Universe. This was a positive step, and a very necessary one for the ultimate destruction of the Dark. With the might of over two dozen Creators of Universes banded together, the numbers and the power existed to take down this threat to our part of the Cosmos.

"When the attack from the Dark Universe was launched towards us, Cosmic Creator and the Forces of Light were initially taken by surprise. However, the Light Forces quickly rallied, pulled together an enormous force of Light Warriors and God Warriors, and joined together with the other Creators to combat this menace. These Creators, along with their armies, soon contained the attacking force and surrounded the Dark Universe. On the weekend of the 15th and 16th January, they joined together their energies and were able to initiate a total implosion of the Dark Universe.

"As the Dark Universe slowly began to collapse, hordes of beings started to pour out of it in order to escape its destruction. The Armadas of Light Forces were able to contain this outpouring of Dark Beings, and they also began to construct a gigantic net. About a week later, this net was completed and placed around the Dark Universe and its Forces. We believe it would require another three to six weeks for the collapse to be complete. The Creator of this Universe will be caught in the collapse and will be destroyed as well. Those Beings who are watching tell us that this is both a time of rejoicing and of deep sorrow. Ultimately, the relief that all Beings of Light will feel when the Dark Universe is gone will be enormous."

HERU - August 2006: "First of all, in the latter part of July, an initiative was launched to clean out the Dark Beings from the Inner Earth that had honeycombed your Planet, and also to apply a protective shield around this Planet so that no Dark Beings could either come in from the outside or escape from here. So what remains on this Planet is a thin crust of the Darkness that is quite intense - and actually perhaps more intense than previously because some of what was above and below has been sandwiched into this layer. At this time, that is being addressed. We wish to address this in as gentle a manner as possible, but make no mistake: it is being addressed, and the days of the Rule of Darkness on this Planet are numbered. They know it, and out of fear are initiating as much chaos as they can."

ELORA gives a further update on the 29th of August, 2006: "At the end of July, Heru told us to prepare ourselves for "six to eight weeks of great intensity" as the last barriers fell. This would take us through the middle to the end of September. We are still moving through the process that he foretold, and it certainly has been a roller coaster.

"It was forecast that when the Atomic Correction reached the 35-40% marker, the Light Forces would be able to begin their entry into the dense physical. We don't have an exact number for the correction right now, but it has reached and exceeded that point. However we have learned that Human consciousness, most of which is very limited and darkened, is holding the density on the surface of our World at a lower [denser] point than it would be otherwise, given the extent of the Atomic Correction. This situation is being worked on. It has also been found that Earth's Timeline had been tampered with once again by the Forces of Darkness, thus not allowing our Planet to move forward into its imminent and positive future. That, too, is being corrected as I write.

"The main event that I am aware of on the Higher Dimensions is a vast cleansing and purification that is sweeping through all levels. So profound is this process that at times the Higher Beings are not able to be in touch with us. The last strongholds of the Darkness are being destroyed, and all will be restored in perfection."

It may perhaps be difficult for us on this war-torn Planet to imagine "perfection". Yet it exists elsewhere and can also become a reality on Earth.

Recalling a distant past life in an "Unfallen Galaxy" called Virqie, Elora Gabriel writes: "As I explored my memories of Virqie, I was stunned to realise that none of them contained pain or disharmony, even in the slightest way. Most of my past Earth memories are traumatic, partly because Earth life tends to be that way and partly because it is the unresolved traumas that we remember most. However, in accessing my memories of Virqie, I simply could not uncover any remembrances of sorrow, suffering, fear, illness, ageing, or even of discontent. I realize how incredible this sounds, yet it is the truth of my recollection. I am not speaking of some remote Heavenly Realm here, or some between-life Paradise, but day to day life on a Planet, a world just as concrete as Earth...

"In the Virqie Galaxy, all is beauty, harmony, and love. Evolution occurs through joy, not through suffering and struggle. The presence of God flows through that Galaxy like a great golden tide that is always at the full. While there is the Free Will to choose among many possibilities in life, the thought of doing anything negative, hurtful, or in any way outside of the flow of God's Will is simply not conceived of. Nor is there any fear of being harmed, either by other Humans or by Nature. Perfection reigns - and yet not a static, lifeless, and tedious perfection, but one which contains vibrancy, joy, and great creative challenges.

"On the Planet of Atia of the Virquie Galaxy where I lived, Human relationships are considered a High Art. Intimacy and Love exist in exquisite delicacy and profound depth. Male/female relationships are practised within a free-flowing yet committed structure which ensures that Love and partnership are always available to all, as are times of aloneness and communion with nature and God. Loneliness, abusive or unfulfilling relationships, and emotional pain of all types are unknown. The decision to bring forth a child is considered a Sacred Act, and each child is seen as a precious manifestation of the Divine.

"From my memories of Atia, I know that Nature thrives there in resplendent beauty. Trees, flowers, grass, birds, sea creatures, and land animals live there just as they do here, yet in complete harmony and glorious vibrancy. All forms of life, from the tiniest to the greatest, are honoured, and all are part of the great tapestry of life. The whole Galaxy evolves together. None are left behind, not the tiniest insect or flower. All Beings are conscious, and all Matter is filled with awareness; even the grains of sand shimmer with life as they lie on the shores of the jade-green ocean. It is as if the whole Galaxy is one great symphony. There is no illness, and death is simply a conscious releasing of one form to move on to a higher one."

While battles rage between Light and Dark on a level beyond our reach, we cannot simply stand by and wait, for we need to pursue our own evolutionary progress towards a life in harmony with one another, with all life-forms and with Nature. Only then will the promised perfection be attained at all levels.


You can also learn from THE URANTIA BOOK about the amazing background to our Creator's Grand Universe, ranging from the ruling Trinity of this Universe's Father God, His Son and the Holy Spirit Mother, to their abode on the central Paradise Island, of the surrounding Central Universe of Havona and of the further Seven Super Universes also orbiting the Central Universe, and of our own Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton in which our Milky Way Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon and our Planet Earth reside. It also goes on to the creation and early History of our Planet Urantia (the original name for Planet Earth). The Urantia Book was first given to Earth by Celestial Messengers in 1934 and is over 2000 pages in length.

The final part of the Book also gives us a true and detailed Life and Teachings of the final "Bestowal Incarnation" on our little known Planet Urantia/Earth by the Creator Son MICHAEL of Nebadon in a joint incarnation with Esu/Sananda as "Jesus Christ" in Palestine. This final "Seventh Bestowal Incarnation" on a mortal world of his own choosing within his Local Universe, gave the Creator Son MICHAEL at last the right to move on from simply acting as "Regent of Nebadon" on behalf of his Trinity Father, to assuming the full powers of rulership and the title: "Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon".

This is all available in a free online version of "The Urantia Book" from the following Link:

THE FALL OF ATLANTIS and the Atlantean use of Crystals
Archangel METATRON - channeled by James Tyberonn


The INNER EARTH & Realm of Aghartha Voyages of discovery to the Inner Earth

The INNER EARTH & Realm of Aghartha


A most significant series of Books describing the deeper background and History of the Creation of our Universe is to be found in the "The Explorer Race" Books published by Light Technology Publishing (PO Box 3540, Flagstaff, Arizona 86003) incorporating a total of 23 Volumes. The first 7 Volumes are those most closely dealing with the Earth's Explorer/Creator Race, made up of Higher Dimensional levels of Beings from another part of the Greater Cosmos who have volunteered to descend to the Third Dimensional Planet Earth, to participate in an advanced and extremely difficult and challenging "Creator School" set up by our Creator of this Universe. They have bravely volunteered to train as a future group of Creators to take over joint Management of this Universe when our Creator finally moves on up to a higher level of Creation to join company with the "Prime Creator" of this particular Globe area of Creation containing many Universes, one of many other Globes of Creation within Source Creator's total Cosmic Creation.

These books describe his commencement of the creation of this Universe with the valuable advice of his close Friend and Associate, Zoosh, a High Cosmic Being deriving from the same period of the first Creation of "All That Is" by the Original Source Creator. They also inform us about the "Council of Creators" of this Sector of the Cosmos who first gave Him his permission to start His own Creation and also about the other Creator-level Advisers who were asked to assist our Creator with all the necessary Technology for this Creation process of Universes, Planetary Worlds, and their various Dimensional/Frequency levels.

All of this very valuable background information was Channelled through Robert Shapiro, under the kind offices and Direction of Zoosh. This Series of Books incorporates the many Interviews of Zoosh and the various other Creation Advisers by Melody O'Ryin Swanson, Publisher of the Light Technology Books.

FULL CYCLE -The story of Twin Souls, their incarnation down to Earth from the Spiritual Realms and their later transition back up to the Spirit Worlds" - by Ripley Webb

This book provides a fascinating description of Twin Souls in the Spiritual Realms planning their new Earth incarnation, along with their pre-planned first Earthly meeting place and their further life together. Well into their Earth life together, they experience an unexpected sudden death in a car accident. They together make a rapid transition back to the Spiritual Realms, and there is much further detail on their life back on the Spiritual Planes.

You can read the complete book text by clicking on: "Full Cycle"

"THE ETERNAL PILGRIM - A Visit to Earth's Past, Present and Future" by Ripley Webb.

This is Ripley Webb's second book, in which he is taken by his Spiritual Guide Zerros on visits to view the original Creation of Planet Earth, the early civilisations of Lemuria, Atlantis and also to view scenes from the future Earth.
The full text is available by clicking on: "The Eternal Pilgrim"

LIFE AFTER DEATH IN THE UNSEEN WORLDS- channeled by Anthony Borgia. First published 1954 as "Life in the World Unseen" by Odhams Press, England. Republished in 1966 by the Psychic Press of London.

This communication by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, a son of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson, given after his death in 1914, channeled through his old friend, Anthony Borgia, gives us a very detailed and fascinating description of life within the Spiritual Realms. There are descriptions of visits to the various Spiritual Halls of Learning, Literature and Music, and the creation through concentrated thought of new buildings by Master Masons. There is also a visit to the Lower Astral Realms and an inspiring visit to the Highest Spiritual Realm, where he has a meeting with the The Master of the Realm in his Celestial residence.

The full text is available by clicking on: "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds"

channeled by Anthony Borgia.

This is a sequel to the previous book, given 37 years later in 1951, by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, in which he describes assisting a young lad in England who is dying from a terminal illness, to finally move up to the Spiritual Realms. Monsignor Benson takes him into his own Spiritual Plane home, and with the assistance of his new partner, Ruth, they show him around their area of the Heavenly worlds and also help him settle into his new life there.

The full text is available by clicking on: "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds - Book II"

SUICIDE as seen from the Angelic Guide's viewpoint - Taryn Crimi

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