Operations Show Man & Landing Light
by Nada-Yolanda
Hardcover · 334 pages · $15.00

Welcome to Earth,
visitors from other planets!

Systematically we are being prepared for contact with extraterrestrials of the Federation of Planets. Via worldwide sightings for decades and a mass educational plan, our consciousness is being raised for the New Age.

Here is the complete explanation of who they are, where they come from, why they are here. Via telepathic messages, the visitors reveal their two strategies: Operations Show Man and Landing Light.

Interdimensional communications and experiences of Nada-Yolanda, Mark-Age channel, give confirmation and aid to the many who have had or will have similar beyond-the-physical encounters.

For millions of years, we have been aided by fellow beings from higher planes and planets. Now they are here to help us through these Latter Days, to prove there are higher civilizations, and to prepare all for the Second Coming. Topics include:


"Visitors From Other Planets has produced an instant anchoring in the awareness of our space brothers to a degree I never before realized. A whole new cycle of inner development has been heralded by this book." -- S.E.; Las Vegas, Nev.

"I read your book Visitors From Other Planets, and I am convinced in its truth and in the impending New Age of mankind. So many of my questions about our origin and our importance to God have been answered." -- J.P.; Magnolia, Mass.

"I truly loved Visitors From Other Planets. I don't remember being so excited over a book before. It left me feeling hopeful and joyous." -- K.S.; Gastonia, N.C.

"I recently discovered your book Visitors From Other Planets. I've been reading metaphysical material for over twenty years and the information agrees with the other sources I've found. But it takes it all one step further." -- J.L.; Arlington, Va.

Prepare For Space Contact

Visualization by Phillel of Mark-Age
Based on concepts in Visitors From Other Planets

Welcome visitors from other planets. In your meditations, use the following decrees and visualizations to translate the frequency of your four lower bodies, to bring them into synchronization with the fourth dimensional light body of your I Am Self. This will help stabilize your vibration for communion with space beings of other vibrational frequencies.

MENTAL: We are one with the race of mankind throughout the universe. We are one brotherhood under one God under one Federation of Planets in this solar system. Our mental body is now raised to conceive the pure thoughts and images of our Christ mind, which is one with Divine Mind. These thoughts are of truth, equality, brotherhood, and communion with the one Life Force within all life in our solar system. We visualize that free and open exchange with the Federation is now fact.

EMOTIONAL: Our hearts blossom to the divine love being gently poured upon us by our fellow citizens of the cosmos. Through love, all fear is dissolved. In love, we are attuned with the cosmic symphony of life in God's creation. With love, we extend our hand in cosmic friendship to welcome our visitors from other planes and planets.

ASTRAL: Psychically, we awaken to our soul memories of sojourns on other planets at other times. We remember, through the stirrings of our soul, the harmony and the fluid energy exchange we have had with all life in the past, even on Earth. We call forth now from the Akasha the full potential of interplanetary exchange. From the great reservoir of our soul experience, we materialize again on Earth our desire for space contact.

PHYSICAL: We establish the readiness of our physical body and dimension for contact with extraterrestrials. We see ourselves solidly grounded and balanced. We see our light body enfolding itself around the pivotal point of our physical body, sustaining it, transmuting it, translating it step by step into our higher light form. We are ready to hold the contact force of physically materialized spacecraft and beings.

Mentally, emotionally, astrally, physically
we call forth the transformation needed now on Earth
for contact with the Federation of Planets.
Spirit's will and timing be done. Om!

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