2000-4000 A.D.
by Nada-Yolanda

Trade paperback · 104 pages · $10.00

Through a world-renowned spiritual teacher, the ascended masters reveal critical guidelines for the next two thousand years.

Over six dozen prophecies for 2000-4000 A.D.

In the past 20 years many light workers have made significant progress in evolutionary growth. There is still hope for them to overcome soul errors.

In 2002 the core of negative resistance to the light shall be cracked, and will fall away as when the shell of a nut splits open. Everyone will be seen for what he/she really is -- either for or against the light.

A devastating earthquake will destroy New York City, shattering its grip as the capital of power for finances and media.

In 12 to 20 years the army of light shall win this last great battle of Armageddon. Sananda/Jesus the Christ has given the go signal for an all-out assault.

Vision in Nada-Yolanda's right eye will be restored by Archangel Uriel.

In 100 years humanity's ugly, encrusted, error activities and undeveloped possibilities will be eradicated. True healing will begin for all on planet Earth.

In the next 100 to 200 years many present-day prophets and light workers will have to reincarnate on Earth in order to heal what they have initiated in this lifetime.

And . . . over the next 20 years Sananda/Jesus the Christ will be involved daily in his Second Coming, returning to Earth in his resurrected body of light. Prepare now for the second coming of your own resurrected, light body!

Plus many more astounding prophecies for the next 2000 years!


by Richard Fuller
Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

"Nada-Yolanda is a visionary, prolific author and recipient of advice and wisdom from higher realms. In April 2000, she was directed by Lord Uriel to prepare to receive messages for the mass consciousness of the planet. . . . Lord Uriel and many other light beings gave Nada-Yolanda knowledge of the changes for the next 100-500 years, and how these changes will affect us to 4000 A.D. This information, written in Nada-Yolanda's trademark loving style, is the vital subject matter for Prophecies.

"A major development to take place, for instance, will be the gradual disappearance of politically-led states; replaced by a unified 'I Am' world. Further, 'The third dimensional Earth, going slowly into fourth dimensional consciousness by the end of the year 4000, as you record time, is unique, special, and an individualized conglomeration.'

Prophecies predicts that long before we reach fourth dimensional consciousness, cataclysmic events will occur. . . . Prophecies presents a promise of further teachings of the light body, and a path, through love, to a better way and a better place!"


by Joseph Polansky
Editor and Publisher, Diamond Fire

"Nada-Yolanda is one of our great spiritual pioneers. She has been channeling and ministering since the 1950s. . . . In Prophecies she treats us to another excursion into spiritual reality.

"Don't let the title of this book fool you -- this is much more than just about prophecies. This is a spiritual teaching in itself. It shows how the Spirit is dealing with an individual person, a group of people and the planet as a whole. Anyone who is puzzled about how Spirit is dealing with them will get many answers and insights from this work. . . .

"Familiar themes are sounded throughout the book: that Earth and humanity have a divine destiny; that we are not yet 'finished products,' but works in progress; that Christ consciousness (God consciousness) is our next step in evolution; that man has a 'body of light' which is immune to disease and immortal in nature and that man is destined to manifest this; that legions upon legions of heavenly beings are working joyously and powerfully to bring all this about; that there is a spiritual governance on the planet and in the universe.

"Reading Prophecies is a glimpse into the invisible; a glimpse into a truer and finer world -- and, as such, it is unparalleled."

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