President & Executive Director of Mark-Age, Inc.

NADA-YOLANDA (Pauline Sharpe) moved to Miami in 1953, after working in New York in various aspects of show business — little theaters, USO shows, television; with a concomitant career in journalism. In Miami she established Temporary Office Service, the first agency in South Florida to supply temporary employees.

In 1960 she sold the agency and, with Charles Boyd Gentzel, cofounded Mark-Age, Inc., an international nonprofit, spiritual-educational organization. Among their services were classes, seminars, and as sponsors for leaders in the growing metaphysical, self-help arena. In 1981 she became Executive Director and President.

Since 1960, Mark-Age has published books, booklets, courses, magazines, and audiocassettes for an international membership of individuals, churches, schools, universities, and independent study groups who network globally to bring a new level of spiritual consciousness to planet Earth. Headquarters are now in Elk Valley, Tennessee, fifty miles north of Knoxville.

Nada-Yolanda's books are considered the preeminent texts internationally for spiritual Self-development. Some of the best-known titles are: MAPP* to Aquarius (*Mark Age Period & Program), Evolution of Man, Angels & Man, Visitors From Other Planets, and Birth of the Light Body.

Facts of Life, published in November 1998, is an unparalleled guidebook introducing the higher possibilities of spiritual living on Earth. Beginners and advanced truth seekers alike will gain insights into cosmic consciousness.

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews, writes: "The principal reason this reviewer is so respectful of Mark-Age is that everything they do is uplifting and dedicated to truth. Facts of Life by executive director and president Nada-Yolanda continues that fine work. . . . Facts of Life gives truth seekers insight. Nada-Yolanda doesn't preach — she talks to you and me. And she believes in the I Am Nation, a congregation of all souls on the planet who would give allegiance to God and the I Am Self. So does this reviewer who recommends Facts of Life as a means to enlightenment!"

Her latest book, My Divine Love is a love story, but not of the typical sort. It is a love affair between two adepts and takes place on the inner planes. The story is told in the "stream of consciousness" style pioneered by James Joyce. We are shown not only a love story but a penetrating glimpse into the author's mind.

"My Divine Love is a magnificent book for everyone seeking truth and salvation. In other words, everyone!"
Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

Nada-Yolanda is listed in the 1998-99 worldwide edition of Kaléo Publications' Who's Who Among Top Executives.

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