My Divine Love
by Nada-Yolanda

Trade paperback · 152 pages · Illustrated · $15.00

My Divine Love is a love story, but not of the typical sort. It is a love affair between two adepts and takes place on the inner planes. The story is told in the "stream of consciousness" style pioneered by James Joyce. We are shown not only a love story but a penetrating glimpse into the author's mind.


NADA-YOLANDA is one of the great spiritual pioneers of the 20th century. Anything she writes is must reading for a spiritual seeker, as it comes direct from Spirit. This is her first work of fiction in 40 years.

My Divine Love is a love story, but not of the typical sort. It is a love affair between two adepts and takes place on the inner planes. To such people, there is little difference between "inner" and "outer" plane reality. And though she longs for the "physical manifestation" of their love, she is quite happy (and psychologically nourished) with the way it is.

This in itself is a big lesson for us. In reality, no one can ever be cut off from love, beauty, romance spirit calls to spirit continually. If people understood these realities, there would be an end to grieving about romance, an end to loneliness and unrequited love. In fact, we can make a strong case that these inner plane romances are better, more effective and less troublesome than the ones that are manifest on Earth. There is just pure love with none of the complications.

In this book, this certainly seems the case. Both the lovers have busy, hectic lives lived in service to humanity. The physical consummation of their union could have hurt the lives of many by distracting them from their true purpose. So, they were given the good parts of romance the love, the companionship and inner intimacy, without the downside. The world was certainly better off, too.

King Lee, her lover for tens of thousands of years, is in this life the scion of a wealthy and powerful family. He is enmeshed in a karmic marriage to another. There are children involved. He is embroiled in all kinds of sordid family politics. Though he loves Sharon de Paul, he feels he has to sacrifice his happiness to handle his family responsibilities dysfunctional children, a power-crazed mother, a scheming and manipulative wife. He is portrayed here as a Christ figure, sacrificing himself so that others may live.

The story is told in the "stream of consciousness" style pioneered by James Joyce. We are shown not only a love story but a penetrating glimpse into Sharon de Paul's mind. We get her insights into drama, the theater, theatrical personalities, and most importantly her spiritual perspectives on life and events. The love story will often digress into spiritual teaching, past-life memories, spiritual channeling, and then to theater.

As with all spiritual type books, every reader is going to take a different message from it. Each will get hit in a unique way. For me, the message was the "eternality of love," how it survives death, how we are never separated from it, and most importantly how two people should love each other. The author shows that perfect love is also perfect freedom.

Joseph Polansky, Editor, Diamond Fire

CAN YOU IMAGINE a book written in diary form about the love a man and woman shared for 40 years? Can you imagine this same book offering the beacon that illuminates the path to enlightenment, for them, for us and for the world?

This reviewer has just described a wonderful new book written by one of his favorite authors and visionaries. My Divine Love by Nada-Yolanda is an insightful love story that has also been scripted and made available as a two-act play and a television miniseries.

My Divine Love is written on several levels, as all great books are. Surely Nada-Yolanda offers a story of (unrequited) love, trust, compassion and blessedness that only a few men and women have shared. On another level, this love, trust, compassion and blessedness are metaphors for the author's relationship and communion with Spirit, and our roles in bringing peace and betterment to the world.

"You and me, we are responsible for what happens next. Get on your horns and start trumpeting this news," Nada-Yolanda writes. And while their verbal love affair ends abruptly and painfully, the message of the Lord's divine love is eternal, everlasting and ongoing.

My Divine Love, in its largest sense, is the story of eternal love versus mortal dysfunction. The brilliant truth that Nada-Yolanda brings us is "Amor vincit omnia . . . love conquers all things."

My Divine Love is a magnificent book for everyone seeking truth and salvation. In other words, everyone!

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

MY DIVINE LOVE is truly engaging. Each day of Sharon's diary pulled me to the next. I couldn't put it down. When I finished the last page, my immediate response was, "I can't wait for the sequel!"

Philip J. Jacobs, Managing Editor, I Am Nation News

THE VOICE of the main character, Sharon de Paul, rang out clearly. I plan a second reading to absorb the writing techniques.

Christa Couture, Film Writer-Director-Producer; Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN. What a story! What a roller coaster ride of emotions, expectations, then the inevitable. Interesting how Nada-Yolanda put it all together. Beautiful story! What a lift it gave me.

Audrey Saabye; South Lake Tahoe, Calif.


In 1960 NADA-YOLANDA (Pauline Sharpe) co-founded Mark-Age, Inc., an international nonprofit, spiritual-educational organization. Among their services were classes, seminars, and as sponsors for leaders in the growing metaphysical, self-help arena. In 1981 she became Executive Director and President. Since 1960, Mark-Age has published books, booklets, courses, magazines, and audiocassettes for an international membership of individuals, churches, schools, universities, and independent study groups who network globally to bring a new level of spiritual consciousness to planet Earth.

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