MAPP* to Aquarius
* Mark Age Period & Program
by Nada-Yolanda

351 pages Glossary Index

Softcover, $15.00 Hardcover, $20

Channeled by the Hierarchal Board

What is the divine plan for Earth? How can you survive these critical times?

Here is a road map for all who want meaningful answers about causes and solutions for personal and planetary challenges during this climactic transition period prior to the Second Coming.

Mankind of Earth has entered an entirely new level of evolvement. World and personal changes, mass upheavals, plus a global spiritual awakening have been signs or marks of the age. The Mark Age period, or Latter Days, a purification time from about 1960 to 2000, heralded the Golden Age of Aquarius. The new era has begun!

354 interdimensional communications are channeled via Nada-Yolanda by the ascended masters of the Hierarchal Board, or spiritual government of our solar system.

Among the communicants are: Sananda/Jesus the Christ, Maitreya, El Morya, Nada, Hilarion/Paul the Apostle, Mary the Mother, Djwhal Khul, St. Germain, Kut Humi, Archangels Michael and Uriel, and extraterrestrials of the Ashtar Command.

Topics include:

Mastership I Am consciousness Etheric or light body Prayer Personal and divine love

Spiritual initiations Seven Rays of Life Purification Healing Soul or akashic records

Karma and reincarnation Atlantis Cosmic plan for Earth Channeling Ascended masters

Universal laws Spiritual government Federation of Planets Interdimensional spacecraft

Second Coming New Age of Aquarius 144,000 light workers Much more!

by Joseph Polansky
Editor and Publisher, Diamond Fire

Mark-Age puts out many wonderful publications, and MAPP* to Aquarius: *Mark Age Period & Program is one of the better ones. These are channeled teachings from a wide variety of sources. It is simple, revelatory and covers a lot of territory. There is an answer to almost any conceivable question, doubt or vagueness that a seeker could have.

New students should approach it as a textbook on metaphysics and spirituality. More advanced students can use it as a source for specific guidance on a specific subject like the I Ching or the Bible. Pray, ask a question and open the book at random, and you will have your answer.

Also of interest is the story of how the Mark-Age organization began and how Nada-Yolanda got involved. The ways of the Higher Power are indeed "ingenious" and Its "methods are sure."

Readers' Comments

"I know of no other channeled book that holds so much information and promise for those eager to bring about the divine plan of love and brotherhood for mankind and our Mother Earth in these next critical years." E.P., Bookstore Manager; Mesa, Arizona

"This book reaches the innermost part of me. . . . It is refreshing and readable, also very direct! MAPP is getting through to me quicker than any other book has ever done." G.P.

"I truly loved MAPP. I don't remember being so excited over a book before! It has left me feeling hopeful, joyous, just so many wonderful feelings." K.S.

"MAPP has broadened my mind to an amazing perception, and makes me realize how little I have done to live up to my potential." E.R.

"This is the greatest channeling information I've seen or heard of on the Second Coming. Please send me three more copies. I want to share them with my friends and family. You are right on, and I feel very confident with this material." O.R.

"Fascinating! Confirms many thoughts and ideas I have had on the Bible, the life of Jesus, reincarnation, Atlantis and other areas." J.T.

"This is the fifth copy I've bought. I just can't seem to hold on to this wonderful book very long without finding somebody who would benefit from it." S.E.

"The book is a great blessing to me. I can feel God's healing presence with me. A.B.

"While reading in MAPP the other evening, it came to me that it is my all-purpose book." D.S.

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