1000 Keys to the Truth
Spiritual Guidelines for Latter Days & Second Coming
by El Morya/Mark

Softcover 155 pages Index $7.00

Based on channelings by Nada-Yolanda

Cross-referenced with study index

An invaluable reference book for esoteric teachers and students!

1000 spiritual truths, written in single, easy-to-understand sentences, offer comprehensive information on the Latter Days and the Second Coming. All keys are based on interdimensional communications channeled by ascended masters of the spiritual Hierarchy via Nada-Yolanda, cofounder of Mark-Age.

Concise keys to truth present authoritative guidelines concerning the plan of the spiritual government of this solar system to raise man of Earth into I Am Self awareness.

This guidebook is an indispensable tool for all who seek the official explanation of the Aquarian Age.

Spiritual keys, arranged in 40 chapters, reveal principles and facts about: God Seven Rays of Life Other realms Latter Days Second Coming Future Interdimensional communication Spiritual space program Incarnations of masters Lemuria and Atlantis Man's light body Karma Cleansing Spiritual initiations Healing Bible Error concepts.

Sample Sentences:

16 Spirit never gives anyone any test or work for which that person is not prepared and which he is not able to perform.

145 Extraterrestrial spacecraft which appear and disappear in the Earth's atmosphere do so because they lower or raise between our third dimensional frequency vibration and higher ones.

286 Jesus of Nazareth walked upon the waters in his light body, not his physical body.

386 The 144,000 elect are those who have elected and have been selected to teach and/or to demonstrate Christ consciousness and powers during this Mark Age or Latter-Day period immediately prior to the Second Coming.

423 Man of other planets is able to project his etheric and his astral bodies into the Earth dimension so as to appear physically present, but cannot remain for long in such projection.

746 Touch is next in importance to thought as the most potent of all forces, so touching should be done only with divine love.

867 The Battle of Armageddon does not refer to any final battle between good and evil forces upon the Earth, but to good and evil forces within man's own consciousness.

964 Heaven does not exist as any specific place; is a state of consciousness attainable anywhere.

Readers' Comments

"This book is like a bible for me. It gives me a lot of knowledge to help me understand the deep meaning of some of the many books I have read." N.W.

"I have been filled with joy when reading 1000 Keys to the Truth finding truths I believed long ago, and now find them to be shared truths!" K.G.

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