Volume 1: In the Beginning
by Nada-Yolanda

Trade paper · 169 pages · Glossary · $15.00

Essential Guidebook for the Golden Era!

Here is your unparalleled guidebook that introduces the higher possibilities for spiritual living on planet Earth. Beginners and advanced truth seekers alike will attain insights into cosmic consciousness. Learn how to apply simple, universal principles. Choose to adapt to our rapidly changing world of the 21st century now.


Chapters include:

Meditation: Easy steps on how to unite with your I Am or high Self, and experience communion with the pure essence of God within you. Tune in to Universal Mind, or Spirit, and tap the knowledge and the power to do all things. Seek guidance daily.

Thinking Spiritually: Act in spiritual consciousness by constructive PROnouncement of light and truth principles. Employ spiritual methods to eliminate the negative and implant the positive. Let go and let God.

Miracles of Love: Sages throughout history have exhorted us: Love is the key to heal humanity! Heed their powerful words, and put divine love into action now. Follow the commandment Love God and Love One Another.

Karma & Reincarnation: The law of karma as you sow, so shall you reap is a basic tenet found in all major religions and philosophies. An understanding of this law frees the human mind from harboring resentment against God or man. Discover the types of karma, personal and planetary, that affect your life. Via reincarnation, we experience Earth as a schoolroom for developing spiritual mastership.

Communication via Channeling: What is channeling? Who is a channel? How has this spiritual talent been expressed throughout history? Understand the different types of channeling, the need for interdimensional communication at this critical juncture of the Golden Age, and some crucial guidelines for protection and verification.

Cosmic Music: Sound, whether in the form of speaking the word or of music that uplifts and heals, is Spirit's energy and force become manifest. Recognize this power and use it to effect positive change. Also, channeling cosmic music is an I Am demonstration.

Spiritual Discernment: The increase of channeled communications is a sign of the Golden Era. But how does one discern what is true from what is partly true or completely false? Use sensible spiritual standards to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Church & the New Age: Reverend Francis Cuzon, Roman Catholic priest and respected educator, relates his personal story of spiritual awakening, and outlines the evolving understanding of the Church through the centuries, in preparation for the New Age of Aquarius.

Mary Heralds Second Coming: Via documented apparitions, miracles, warnings and prophecies since the early nineteenth century, the Blessed Mother Mary has been preparing all on Earth for the Second Coming of Christ Jesus and the birth of Christ consciousness in humankind.

Spiritual Space Program: Earthman's space race to the moon proved interdimensional coordination with the Federation of Planets. Manned spaceflight not only has made us space conscious, preparing us for extraterrestrial contact, but is lifting us into the fourth dimension.

Spiritual Relationship of Man & Animals: Humanity has a divine responsibility to nurture, protect, balance, and help evolve the animal kingdom on Earth. Via spiritual intunement with all life form, we can fulfill the higher law of love.

Harmony of Mind: Man, made in the image and likeness of God, is a triune being: superconscious, conscious, and subconscious. Metaphysical interpretation unveils the true scriptural teachings of male and female. By El Morya/Mark, cofounder of Mark-Age.

Spiritual Understanding of Sex: Interdimensional channelings via Nada-Yolanda reveal the mysteries of Spiritual Energy Exchange (SEX) for the Golden Era, including: conquest of the flesh, true sexual union, creative energy exchange, celibacy, soul mates and twin souls.

Spiritual Awakening of Youth: In the mass awakening of today's youth lies the promise of our future in the Aquarian Age. Discover your soul mission. Turn off drugs, turn to God.

by Richard Fuller
Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

The principal reason this reviewer is so respectful of Mark-Age is that everything they do is uplifting and dedicated to truth. Facts of Life by executive director and president Nada-Yolanda continues that fine work.

In the very beginning, to give you an example, Nada-Yolanda speaks of the Second Coming, expected around the year 2000. "The Second Coming is twofold: the second coming of each child of God into awareness of the spiritual, I Am, high Self, that divine spark within; and the return of the spiritual ruler or Prince of Earth, known as Sananda on the higher realms, but who is the same Master who incarnated as Moses, Elijah, Zarathustra, Gautama Buddha, Socrates and, lastly, as Christ Jesus of Nazareth."

Facts of Life is a guiding light to that achievement. Nada-Yolanda has given us universal principles to apply to our lives. Included are chapters about meditation, experiencing communion with our high Self, how to think spiritually, love as the key to healing, karma and reincarnation, channeling, cosmic music, spiritual discernment, the Church and the New Age, youth, sex, and many others.

As a further example of the depth of compassion and insight, here's a quote from the chapter about thinking spiritually: "God works by evolution, not revolution. God is love, not hate. God does not wantonly destroy that which is good just to eliminate that which is of error. The purpose of evolution is to keep that which is good and add to it, while eliminating that which is not desirable."

Facts of Life gives truth seekers insight. Nada-Yolanda doesn't preach she talks to you and me. And she believes in the I Am Nation, a congregation of all souls on the planet who would give allegiance to God and the I Am Self. So does this reviewer who recommends Facts of Life as a means to enlightenment!

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