Evolution of Man
206,000,000 Years on Earth
by Nada-Yolanda

Hardcover 160 pages Glossary $15.00

Companion to "Angels & Man"

Channeled by the Hierarchal Board

Uncover the fascinating history of mankind on planet Earth!

206 million years ago the sons of God, or Elder race, entered this solar system and began to experiment with life forms here. In their fourth dimensional, light bodies, they sought to experience and to govern the lower kingdoms: devic-elemental, animal, plant and mineral.

Increasingly, mankind became enthralled with experimenting with life forms on the third dimensional or physical plane of Earth, enjoying the sensations of this material, five-sensual world. Devolution into matter continued for many millions of years.

As the children of God became further enmeshed in matter, physical bodies were created for their use. By 26 million years ago many had become entrapped in the third dimension. This was the final fall of that segment known as the human subrace. A climactic battle ensued between two factions of the Elder race, the Cains and the Abels; in biblical allegory, Cain slew Abel.

Many of the Elder race, however, did not become entrapped in physical matter. Through a series of evolutionary plans, including Lemuria and Atlantis, the spiritual government of our solar system has continued to help the fallen humans to rise again into the fourth dimension.

The 206-million-year cycle of evolution ended by the year 2000, and a completely new era has begun. We stand at the threshold of reattaining our I Am Self consciousness and resurrected, light body!

Topics include:

I Am Self & Light Body Soul or Astral Form Creation of Man's Physical Body

Reincarnation & Karma Lower Kingdoms Abel & Cain Fall of Man

Lemuria & Atlantis Latter Days Second Coming New Age of Aquarius

by Joseph Polansky
Editor and Publisher, Diamond Fire

I would say that 95% of the confusion that plagues seekers of truth comes from a human self that sees events in a time horizon of months or years. More advanced minds see events in terms of a few hundred or a few thousand years. Thus it is understandable that the ways of the Higher Power would seem mysterious, unjust, and even cruel.

But once we get a glimpse of the grand sweep of evolution, of where we came from and where we are going, of the ultimate ends to which we are being shaped, the confusion falls away. One human lifetime is merely a snapshot of a work in progress that has been going on for hundreds of millions of years.

Humanity and the world we live in is a work in progress. We have come a long way from our primeval origins, and there is still much more to go. A Great Cosmic Sculptor is shaping the world into the ultimate work of art, and we cannot judge the final product from its early stages.

This is the great value of this book. It brings to bear a cosmic perspective on the world which of itself clears up much confusion. It explains the unusual turbulence of the times that we live in.

The Bible is interpreted in a unique and eye-opening way. For example, Cain and Abel were not two individuals but races of beings, with different philosophies. Different avatars were either from the Cain or Abel line.

Gender issues are dealt with. The next steps in the cosmic plan are revealed.

The material is channeled through Nada-Yolanda and comes from various [ascended master] and archangelic sources.

One must read this slowly and prayerfully, but the rewards are worth it.

Readers' Comments

"This book changed my life."

"I have read it four times."

"I can hardly bear to put it down. Illuminating instruction."

"It began a new phase of my spiritual journey."

"Profoundly affected me in a way other books did not."

"Studying Evolution of Man at this time is a good way to get it all together, especially when what is playing out on the world stage is known immediately all over the world."

"I have been using Evolution of Man as teaching material in class, and everyone sucks it up as fast as I can give it to them! A common statement is: 'Now everything is starting to make sense.'"

"Our group is meeting weekly now and studying Evolution of Man, which is most appropriate in helping us maintain our perspective and awareness of the truth in this time of redemption."

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