by Nada-Yolanda
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    Comprehensive guidelines on how to survive the current War of Armageddon. Interdimensional communications, 2001-2005, offer the necessary spiritual tools to remain steady with the light and to counterbalance the horrendous karmic cleansings with time-honored techniques to heal and to enlighten humanity.

We are in the crux of the Battle of Armageddon, judgment day, the purification period foretold by all major religions and philosophies. In interdimensional communications delivered through Nada-Yolanda since 1958, the master teachers of the spiritual Hierarchy have channeled guidance for this titanic conflict between the forces of light and darkness within the souls of humankind.

Understood metaphysically, the Battle of Armageddon is that struggle within our consciousness between the higher thoughts and intentions of the light, aligned with spiritual truth, and those mortal thoughts and feelings burrowed in the darkest recesses of our human nature. These latter must finally be judged, cleansed and eliminated in these end days.

Although the War of Armageddon will not be the worldwide conflagration of destruction that some imagine, it will continue to manifest in man-made crises and natural disasters, affecting every person on the Earth. There is no place on the planet immune from the man-induced and natural calamities of Armageddon. That is the nature of the challenge we face to cleanse our souls in preparation for the Second Coming.

During the last years of her life, Nada-Yolanda received numerous warnings that the Earth planet is in crisis. The channelings also revealed that the War of Armageddon has been heating up since the turn of the millennium, and will continue for at least another decade or more. Increasingly, we have seen the telltale symptoms. Personal and planetary turmoil has erupted onto the surface for all the world to see and to lament, but ultimately to address with the spiritual principles of truth, love, forgiveness. There is no one who can claim ignorance of the signs of the end times, the marks of this age.

The concern for planetary safety is real, not imaginary, as we, the light workers, scramble to bring balance and right thinking to a beleaguered mass consciousness. As broadcasting instruments of light, our responsibility is to project peace, love, cooperation and coordination. All light workers, who have been trained for many lifetimes, have been called to the front lines. For now is our time for unified action with the light, for the light.

This textbook presents a compilation of hierarchal communications received by Nada-Yolanda from mid-2001 through mid-2005. These instructions follow those of two previous books: Prophecies: 20004000 A.D. and Metamorphosis: from Mortal to Immortal, published in 2000 and 2001, respectively.

Contacts from the Fourth Dimension also heralds a new framework for interdimensional teamwork with the ascended masters. We have entered a new phase of the hierarchal program for the Second Coming. We have assumed a new level of responsibility as light workers to demonstrate cosmic consciousness through our daily activities.

These truly are the most thrilling yet challenging days of the last great battle of Armageddon. Contacts gives us the necessary spiritual tools to remain steady with the light and to counterbalance the horrendous karmic cleansings with time-honored techniques to heal and to enlighten humanity. As you study these guidelines on how to survive the Battle of Armageddon, keep your thoughts focused on peace, balance, and the right use of God's power for love in action.

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