by Nada-Yolanda
    Trade paperback · 380 pages · $20.00

    Nada-Yolanda (1925–2005), the cofounder of Mark-Age, presents her dramatic life story. Includes: memories of past lives; growing up in New York City; writing and drama; early career in Miami; spiritual awakening, training as a channel; history of Mark-Age; fascinating extracts from her spiritual diary, and more!

“A true, modern saga, as dramatic as
Moses before the Burning Bush and Saul on the road to Damascus.”

Nada-Yolanda's Own Words

“My unique contribution to the spiritual evolution of mankind in these Latter Days is to show a progressive, step-by-step development, as it may occur in an average, normal, extremely analytical woman such as myself. Each experience of my life contributed to my unfoldment as a communications channel for the Second Coming of Christ Jesus and the second coming of Christ or cosmic consciousness to all mankind on Earth.

“My life is a documentary of how man will go through the metamorphosis from mortal, third dimensional consciousness into spiritual, fourth dimensional expression. Spiritual students should examine, evaluate and understand thoroughly the arduous journey we each are destined to go through when the whole body, mind and soul are dedicated to the spiritual Self, the I Am individuality, as children of our Father-Mother Creator.

“In order to fully appreciate every event in my own life, it was important to reveal many past incarnations on this planet which had created the conditions I had to overcome. From that, the law of cause and effect, or karma, is very clear and obvious. Whatever you put into motion—good or bad—by thought, word or deed, comes back in like measure.

“My autobiography is a graphic detailed history for all mankind to observe and from which to learn. A wise man learns from other people's mistakes; a fool has to make his own. The most important thing to learn from the law of karma, as given in this autobiography, is that although I have failed my tests, fallen many times in various ages, been premature in my interpretations and actions, always Spirit, through my own I Am Self, gave another opportunity somewhere, somehow, sometime for those mistakes to be rectified. Out of my soul crucifixion came my resurrection as Nada!


I. Memories of Past Lives. Nada-Yolanda's soul progression through the ages; lessons learned, karma overcome. Incarnations include: Venus, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Palestine, India, China, Tibet, Siam, Rome, Bavaria and Germany, American Southwest, Portugal, Southern USA, Alaska and Klondike.

II. Growing Up. Family, friendships, school days, and adventures in Brooklyn and New York City; ambition to become a writer; formative spiritual training and experiences; searching for her Teacher.

III. The Loves of My Lives. Creative writing and drama; training in little theaters, off-Broadway playhouses, USO productions, radio and television; personal loves and losses; business career in Miami; reappearance of her soul mate; philosophy and psychic experiences.

IV. Discovery: Jesus Is My Teacher. Dramatic spiritual awakening in 1956; introduction to Christ Jesus; explosion of psychic development; channeling via automatic writing; meeting El Morya/Mark in 1959, cofounding Mark-Age in 1960; history of Mark-Age, 1960–2005.

V. Spiritual Diary Extracts. Visions, dreams, guidance and instructions to prepare for the Second Coming of the Messiah. Fascinating excerpts from her spiritual diary, Into the Fourth Dimension, 1957–1966.

Appendices. Appendix A comprises channelings on Nada's karmic relationship with her twin soul, Rama, and her role on the Karmic Board of our solar system. Appendix B recounts El Morya/Mark's background of spiritual awakening and initial intunements regarding Mark-Age, prior to his first meeting with Nada-Yolanda in 1959; gives a brief chronology of his life.

Text includes: Foreword by Phillel; Code of the Prophets; Introduction by Nada-Yolanda; Mark-Age Publications, a yearly listing; Glossary of names and New Age terms.

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