Relationships & Responsibilities
by Nada-Yolanda

Hardcover 138 pages Glossary $15.00

Channeled by the seven archangels!

In the very words of the seven archangels, heads of the angelic kingdom for this solar system, are revealed the true nature and powers of the angelic forces. In this companion volume to Evolution of Man, channeled via Nada-Yolanda, the angels unveil a cosmic understanding of their relationship with us throughout our history on Earth.

These divine truths correct many misconceptions about angels and their role in our spiritual development. They explain the nature, heritage, functions, powers, history and future of man at this pivotal stage of our entry into the fourth dimension and the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Angels co-create with God, and manage and direct, all forms that exist. In our solar system, they also have an additional function: to be our guardians and teachers until we assume our proper spiritual responsibilities and functions, via the resurrected, light-body form.

Man, also a co-creator with God, has a responsibility not only to the angelic but also to all other kingdoms: devic-elemental, animal, plant and mineral. We act as governors to the lower kingdoms and are responsible to aid them in their evolution. When we recognize and fulfill this responsibility, we will have proper relationships with God and all creations.

Now is the time to manifest our spiritual nature, powers and responsibilities as sons of God. As we do, we help bring all other kingdoms into proper harmony and balance. Earth once again will be a Garden of Eden.

Topics include:

Angelic Guardians Man's Light Body Creation of Physical Form

Thought Forms Devic-elemental Kingdoms Planetary Changes

Latter Days Good & Evil Luciferian Forces 144,000 Elect

by Richard Fuller
Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

The purpose of this book is to present a true evaluation of divine truths. The actual words of the seven archangels are used here, as channeled through Nada-Yolanda.

This reviewer was overwhelmed by the spiritual and loving content offered. Here are a few excerpts that really touched my heart:

"Man is not the only intelligent force on Earth. All life has intelligence and all life form has a supervisory intelligence above it. These are the angelic forces."

"You must share, and share alike. You must be responsible for and love all equally to that which you love most dearly in yourself."

These are words I can live by. So can you!

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