by Nada-Yolanda
    Trade paperback · 344 pages · $20.00

    Esoteric teachings and interdimensional communications present clear, unparalleled guidelines on how to recognize and work with the immortal, resurrected, light body of the I Am Self, as demonstrated by Christ Jesus.

Travel back in time two thousand years. Imagine yourself in the Upper Room, sitting at the feet of the Master, the resurrected Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. Bask in the radiance of his materialized presence. Hear his illuminating words, given then to a few disciples. Receive his inner teaching, the true meaning of his resurrection into the light body, the spiritual or ascended form of his I Am Self.

So it is now. Anchoring the Light Body on Earth reveals the sacred wisdom that Christ Jesus imparts to all who are ready to follow his pattern in reevolving into cosmic consciousness. Herein are the keys you need to understand, and to prepare for, the demonstration of your own immortal, etheric, fourth dimensional, resurrected, light body.

The time is ripe. In these Latter Days, light workers throughout the planet are undergoing a spiritual regeneration that will lead all mankind into the fourth dimension, a new heaven on a new Earth.

We are preparing the force field for the redescent of our planetary way shower, Sananda, in his light body as Christ Jesus. Copartners in the Second Coming, we are called to anchor our light bodies on Earth in order to lift mass consciousness for this prophesied event. As we ascend, Sananda descends.

In the Upper Room of your consciousness, the resurrected Christ, your own I Am presence, awaits you. Seated at the feet of the Master and at the feet of all ascended beings ready to instruct you open your mind and heart to the adventure of a lifetime: anchoring your light body on Earth!

Contents: Two Sections

  • Rediscover Your Light Body presents an unparalleled primer for understanding the nature and function of our fourth dimensional, immortal, resurrected form through which we express fully our Christ powers and talents as children of Father-Mother God.

    No other guidebook offers such a clear and succinct teaching on the light body. It provides important historical context, as well as guidelines on how to recognize and to work with light-body contact. Six chapters also contain helpful visualizations and questions for all truth seekers.

  • Channelings. Selected by El Morya/Mark in 1975 from among thousands of channelings delivered through Nada-Yolanda, 84 pertinent communications flesh out a basic understanding of the light body.

    The messages reveal how the ascended masters carefully have laid out a step-by-step program for the light workers, guiding them to anchor their light bodies on Earth in preparation for the Second Coming.

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