A civilized society recognizes one basic rule: Improve your own wealth and position through enterprise and initiative; but do so without harming or diminishing others. In short: Do No Harm.

The sole purpose of government is to prevent people from injuring one another.

The process of government involves open debate in which actions causing injury may be anticipated or identified, and thus, through appropriate guidance and legislation, avoided and prevented.

There are three areas of law: Personal, Resources, and Commercial.

Liberty, Government, and Constitution

  • Liberty in Constitution
  • The Legislative Process
  • Government Productivity
  • In the Personal Area, the law seeks to protect individuals from injury to person and legal property. In spiritually evolved societies this protection extends to all living beings. The law may not interfere in private lives except to prevent the injury of others.

    Government itself operates under strict disciplines. Its activities are confined to the prevention of injury. Where there is injury, government must act to prevent or minimize it. Where there is no injury, government has no cause to intervene and may not do so. The business of government must be conducted openly to ensure the maximum input and participation. Government as a "business", employing people and serving its customers, is subject to commercial law like any other business in that its operations must reflect maximum possible productivity, and its finances be totally transparent.

    Environment and Planning

  • Natural Resources Use
  • Planning and Transport
  • Land Price Inflation

  • The Natural Resources are natural, that is, not the creation of human agency. People need to use the Natural Resources, for living space, homes, sustenance and recreation. The duty of government is to ensure, through thorough analysis of availability and anticipated needs, that land-use is apportioned so that needs are fully provided for, but as economically as possible with minimum imposition on the natural environment. Two principles are at work: an efficient, fair and just apportionment between people and their needs, while respecting and husbanding the resources of nature. Any kind of pollution constitutes an injury both to individuals and to the Planet.

    Legislation in the field of Commerce aims to ensure that, while recognizing free, individual enterprise as the driving force of invention and productivity, such enterprise must be conducted in a socially responsible manner, taking into account the interests of consumers, contributors in all fields and at all levels, together with outside "stakeholders" such as host community. The law seeks to ensure fair remunerations and prices, open conduct of all accounting, and the maximization of productivity to ensure honest value. Government also ensures the efficient operation of essential infrastructure and monopolistic services such as the proper functioning and productive use of the nation's credit flow.

    Economics and Finance
  • Credit Regulation and Economic Development
  • Full Employment without Inflation
  • Prosperity and Productivity

  • Ultimately there is only One Law:
    Do No Harm,
    to which every individual and every institution including government is subject.
    The Art of Good Government

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